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3 1:
A Strictly TJp-to-Date Store. :',
We carry ,a large line 'of
Leaders" in Teas, Coffees, Spices and!
Celebrated Boka Tea.
(Put up Id one-pound Sealed Packages.)
Crockery,61asswareyLampsf Etc.
Screen Doors and Windows,
........Hardware, Tinware, Etc.
TheBaraga Store Go.
Ccorge Berg Meets With Painful Ac
cldent 'While Jumping on
Moving Train.
"Friday afternoon George, the li
near old son of Mrs. Amalia
Berg,' of this Tillage, met with a
painful accident and one which will
cripple him for life.
lit appears from the story as told
toy several of youngBetg'-S compan
ion's, that he and six other boys,
namely, Ray Draper, Harry Hayes,
Thomas McMahon, Bernard Ray
mond, Fred Rose and William
Durand bad been riding on a freight
train, which was engaged In switch
ing in the yard at this station.
At the switch, about a hundred
jrards north of the depot, the lads
left the train. Upon Its return, Berg
made an effort to catch on again, but
missed his bold on the handle and
fell between the cars.
Several of the wheels passed over
the boy's legs, partially . severing
them from his body;
As soon as the accident occurred
willing bands lifted the injured lad
to a dray and he was hurriedly taken
to the office of Drs. Bucklaod A
Power, where be was given medical
Upon investigation it was foond
that the right foot and ankle were
'entirely severed, and that the left
leg from the ankle to the knee was
.ground into pulp, aid that the
amputation of both members a few
inches below the knee would be
From the facts learned concerning
the said affair it is understood that
this dangerous practioe among these
toys has been going on for some
time, despite the several warnings
-of the trainmen and others, and the
. mvi cf the aooldent did not come as
i sjerlse to those who were ae-
o r
Hull &: :
: : ; 4
Is always
Well supplied
quainted with the situation.
Parents should be warned by this
accident and lend their utmost aid
to assist the employees of the rail
road in the suppression of this dan
gerous practice.
: The sympathy of the entire com
munity is extended to the mother,
in her hour of affliction. '
Edward St. Arnold left Mon
day evening last for Louisiana On
business He will be absent for
three or four weeks.
The members of the Maccabee
lodge are planning to give a dancing
party in the near future. The date
has not as yet been decided upon.
S. W. Clements was at Marinette,
Wis., Tuesday on a brief business
John O 'Grady, of Sault Ste. Marie,
transacted business in town the fore
part ot the week.
Invitations have been Issued an
nouncing the approaching marriage
of Miss Ruby Ross, daughter of Mr.
and Mrs. Henry Ross, to John
Vaugban, Jr., both of Baraga, which
will occur in St. Anne's church in
this village Wednesday morning at
9 o'clock.
I. Abel, of Houghton, called on bis
trade here Wednesday.
Mrs. John Weiss, who has been
visiting for some time with friends
in Menominee, returned to her home
in Baraga Monday.
Messrs. Deffoe & Buirk, have re
moved their stock of jewelry and
novelties from the McGuire building
to the Schllts building. The new
store has been refitted to meet the
requirements of the increasing bus!
ness, and with the addition of con
siderable new stock which is bow on
the road from the market, it will be
one of the best equipped stores of
its kind in Baraga.. -
Robert Doyle returned Friday
from several days' visit in . the cop
per country.
James Xenefick, ef Houghton,
spent Wednesday in Baraga, the
guest-of II. T. Kenefick.
..vror Sale. ,:
My farm; located 'four miles west
of Baraga. Good buildings, water
and standing hardwood on the prem
ises. For. further information call
on Martin Cosgrove, Baraga, 'or.
V 'Mas. Mart Woschkib,
3-23-3t . Baraga. Mich.
Mrs. William Hand was the guest
ot Houghton friends Tuesday.
Miss Agnes Payne-, . who was
guest at the home of Miss Addie
Hillyer during the Easter holidays
returned to ber home in Hancock
Monday. .
John Boyle was at Houghton
The smoker given under the aus
pices of the Fraternal Order of Ea
gles in their lodge rooms Tuesday
evening was a grand success. A
large number of the members were
present and a most enjoyable even
ing spent.
William King, for a number of
years a resident of Baraga, but re
cently residing in Detroit, returned
to this village the fore part of the
James McEercher, of Spurr, was a
Baraga visitor Friday.
The Misses Bessie and Fannie
Byers. of Houghton, are guests at
the home of Mrs. Bert Funke.
Dr. R.'S. Bucland, who is at pres
ent located in Chicago, made a'brief
business trip to Baraga this week.
He returned to the Windy City
W. Frank James, of Hancock,
transacted business in town the fore
part of the week.
Ira Long was a copper country
visitor Wednesday.
Mrs. N. Stein and sister, Miss
Helen Theobald, left Friday evening
for an extended visit at their former
home in St. Louis, Missouri.
Gordon Heughens, of Houghton,
spent Easter Sunday at the home of
bis parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. C.
Heughens, in this village. He was
accompanied by Arthur Gibbs, of
The Easter Monday ball given un
der the auspices of the Baraga Fire
department Monday evening was one
of the most successful events ever
given by the department; There
were about seventy-five couples
present, many coming from Kewee
naw Bay and L'Anse. , Excellent
music was, furnished by the Ideal
orchestra, and the supper prepared
by Mrs. Geo. Theobald is spoken of
as being very fine. The fire laddies
are to be congratulated upon the
success of the dance.
The Baraga Lumber Company's
mill began operations Monday morn
ing, and it .is reported that every
thing In connection with the work is
running smoothly.
In the recent action of Montgom
ery Ward & Co., against the Mer
chants' Association of South Dakota
on the charge of conspiring to dam
age their business, the supreme
court ot that state decided against
Montgomery Ward & Co. and in
favor of the Merchants' Association.
Their defeat was owing largely to
the fact that Montgomery Ward &
Co. were unable to come into court
with clean hands, having sold a
large amount of goods in South Da
kota in violation of the pure food
law. One of the trade journals is
authority for the statement that
over 1,000 cases for violation of pure
food laws have been filed against the
well known firm of Sears, Roebuck
& Co., Chicago.
Draft Hones for Sale.
I have several draft and farm
horses for sale at moderate prices. .
M. Sxavot, L'Anse.
He Was Just Pilfering.
Deacon Bosworth always meant
well, even though he had a tendency
to use words of . whose meaning he
was not always cognisant, says a writ
er In the Boston Herald. When he
was sexton ot the Baptist church at
Putnam, Ct, he was seen coming
oat of the vestry, where he had been
pattering around at odd Jobs during
the day. ,
Miss Fannie Austin, who Is now
lira. P. H. Hntser, asked him what
he had been doing all day in the
church. The deacon's reply, "Just
pilfering around, miss, Jus pilfering
around," was received with some sur-
him i -
Judge's Clsvsr Rust Uncovered Trick
ery of Plaintiff.
Joseph Choate, the famous lawyer,
related at a dinner party at Lenox
some Interesting reminiscences of the -bar
and bench. I
"A striking case," said Mr. Choate,
"transpired In the '60's. It was a case
of a workman who claimed to have
lost the sight of his left eye In an ex
plosion. "There was no doubt about the ex
plosion and there was no doubt that
the workman's eye had been injured,
hut the physicians claimed that he
could see out of It, while he stoutly
declared that the sight was utterly
"The Judge heard all the evidence,
pro and con. Then, sending the work
man from the court room, he said:
" 'Get a blackboard and "write a sen
tence on It with green chalk. Also
get a pair of spectacles with ordinary
clear glass for the lert eye and red
glass for the right
"This, In the course of an hour or
so, was done. Then the workman
was brought back and he was ordered
to put the queer glasses on.
"He put them on and the Judge said
to him: -
" Turn the blackboard round and
see If you can read what Is written.'
"The man read the sentence without
hesitation, whereupon the Judge said
to him sternly:
- M 'Your case Is dismissed. You are
an Impostor. You must have read that
sentence ' with your left eye, for the
red glass over the right one turned
the green writing black and made it
quite Invisible on the blackboard.'"
President Buchanan Had Had All the
Visitors He Wanted.
President Buchanan's home " still
stands In the outskirts of Lancaster,
Pa. Buchanan wan a close friend
of Abraham N. Cassel. He was presi
dent of the turnpike company which
owned a road leading from Lancaster
past the Buchanan residence.
During the campaign which gave
Pennsylvania her only president this
turnpike prospered on the tolls of
the callers who daily thronged to the
candidate's home.
"Abe," said Buchanan one day,
can't you abolish the tolls, or give
a special rate, for all these people?
I want to encourage them to come
want 'em all to come."
Mr. Cassel promised to consult his
directors, and a concession was
After election came the. office seek
ers, and the home of the president
elect was compassed about like a be-
leagured camp. Meeting him, Bu
chanan again entreated the road
"Cassel," he said, "for heaven's
sake keep 'em away! Can't you build
toll gates clear up to the sky so they
can't climb over?" Saturday Evening
Couldn't Afford It.
About a year ago Sewell Ford be
came a resident of Rye, N. Y. He had
lived there only a short time before
he discovered that one of his neigh
bors was Simeon Ford. The revela
tion was made over the telephone.
"Hello!" said a voice, "Is this Se
well Ford?"
The author of "Shorty" admitted
that it was.
"Well," went on the voice, "this Is
Simeon Ford. Sone one's sent me
your meat bill."
'Good! Why don't you pay It?"
T will it you'll pay mine," said
At last accounts the bargain had
not been concluded. Simeon runs a
hotel. Exohange.
Carelessness About Firearms.
A few days ago at Brockton, Mass.,
a 8-year-old child blew a man's head
oft with a shotgun; at Bangor, Me.,
a small boy killed his Infant sister
with a load of shot and similar occur
rences have recently been reported
from other places. Ninety-nine per
cent of gun accidents might have been
avoided by the exercise of a small
symptom of common sense. The chil
dren referred to In the dispatches
found the guns In their homes and the
guns were loaded. To keep a loaded
gun In the house Is next to criminal
carelessness. To keep a loaded gun In
the house where there are children Is
Idiotic Washington Star.
Passing of Wedding Rings.
"Perhaps because rings as simple
ornaments are so completely out of
fashion, few married women wear the
symbollo gold band at present" said a
fashionable manicurist the other day.
"Of the several doten patrons who
frequent our establishment In . the
busy season every day not one In six
or seven of the married matrons Is so
distinguished. The fragile looking
circle which of past years has grad
ually been losing something ot Its
solidity - is carefully preserved, no
doubt with other Interesting souven
irs and keepsakes. It Is seldom worn."
- Too Careless.
"Did yon bring the engagement ring,
Henri r
"Yes, t have it here. But fair and
softly, Owendolln. Before I place ft
upon yonr taper digit I must ask for
sufficient security to cover Its fair
"8ewrity, Henrir -
For a Safe and
Profitable Invest merit
IN THE -:- -:- .
Northern Michigan Building and Loan
Association, of Hancock.
WRITE TO -:- -:-
i 302 Mason Ave.,
Dr. R. S. Buckland.
Dr. L. m. Power.
Office over Real's Pharmacy.
Long Distance Telephone Service,
B a bag a. Mich.
First-class rigs, single or double,
furnished promptly, day or night,
with or without driver. Special
attention given to hunting parties,
Guides furnished if desired.
Bars formerly conducted bj Mr. DnM
The I
Capital aod8urplu8,$120,OOO.00
United States Depository.
F.BfMaUd, President; D. McVichle.Vlce-Prerf-
dent: A. a. Miner, unaDler, U. U. AM,
AtelaUnl Caenler.
It is an excellent thing to have
money, but it is more excellent to I
nave it In a safe bank. r-
We pay 3 per annum on-interest
deposits.. ( '
A. II. MINEIt, Cashier.
"Aye, security. I lave lost no less
than three rings by being careless on
this point No security, Qwenay, no
ring." v
Poisonous Caterpillars.
Several kinds ot hairy caterpillars
are known to have a poisonous effect
on the human skin, notably the cater
pillar of the processlonary moth, so
called because the caterpillars marc a
In procession after their food. The
scientist Reaumur found that this cat
erpillar's hairs caused him consider
able suffering In the bands for some
days and when be rubbed his eyes his
eyeballs, too, were Inflamed. Even
approaching too near the nests or
these caterpillars has caused painful
swellings on the necks ot certain per
sons, from the caterpillar hairs float
ed by the winds.
Montezuma had offered the . con
quering Cortes a room full of gold
tnd silver If he would go away and
leave him In peaceful possession of
his kingdom..
"Don't try any of your Monty games
on me, old man," laughed Cortes.
Til have to ask you for more masnma
than that!"
As this was the next best thing to
offering him a Job as police Inspector,
the hapless monarch forbore to org
him any further, and died shortly aft
erward substantially as narrated la
the school histories.
Reading Through Salt
la San Domingo there Is a remark
able salt mountain, a mass of crystal
line salt almost four miles long, said
to eon tain nearly S0,0S9,0C9 tons, and
to be so clear that medlom-slsed print
can be read with ease throe gh a block
a foot thick. v
- . Hancock, Mich, J
Cash Heat market
. M. KENEFICK, Prop.
Fresh and Salt Meats
Flth andCaooed Goods, Kg and
Butter. Poultry, Etc., all ilect
stock. Also cbolee, fresh Celery,
Cabbage and Vecetables of all
Prices lieasooablo.
Calland be convinced.
Upper Peninsula Br g Co.
By all Means the Best
Beer Brewed.
Beer delivered in L'Anse and Bar
aga. All orders promptly filled and
attended to. Family orders may be
sent through the mail.
FRED CLISCII. Agent, Baraga.
and Sales
Flrnt-elM Rlr. atngi or doable, f iirolehe!
Amy or night mt rbasonablS SATIS. Perfect
nlUfnctlon funrnnteod. I ;
If you don't come and
get a few, of the bar
gains from our .
w and 10c
Here may be found bus-
t dreds of articles which
T are usually sold for 25c or
30c. Call and be con
vinced. GEO. DEFFOE
. 1
. . ,
You will hae va9
Brain 1
r Storm!

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