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Dan O'Lwiry w;ih bent en by amateurs
In a pedestrian r.n at (lalveston.
Ben Butler posnivt ly dccliiH's to be
come counsel for (Juiteau.
President Arthur Ivts rented from
John Hoev anew house :il ahus I'.rnnrh
Crow Doff, the slayer of Spotted Tail,
has been sentenced to be handed Mav II.
In the Laurel ILim mine-;, near
kesbai re, fa., an explosion of gas killed
live men.
Alexander II. Stephens states that on
the expiration of his term in congress
he will positively retirofrom public life.
Ex-Governor -.Moses, of South Caro
lina, lias again been arrested in New
York on charge of swindling.
Yon lhinsen. of Berlin, has been ac
quitted of the charge of slandering Bis
marck. President Arthur nominated William
Williams, of Indiana, to bo charge d 'af
fairs to Paraguay and Uruguay.
The penitentiary of Virginia opened
its maws Wednesday to forty-six oystei
pirates captured by Governor Cameron.
Edwin Booth has purchased seven
acres adjoining his present holding at
Newport, at a cost of $1,000 per acre.
The St. Louis directory for 1N8U con
tains nearly l!i,000 more names than its
The English daily at Constantinople,
The Lent), t llrnild, lias once more been
Francis Ashton, Sr., one of the pio
neer residents of Lima, O., died Sunday,
aged 87 years.
Commissioner Partman. of Michigan,
deposited 7.r0,000 whitetish fry in the
lake at St. Joseph.
Mr. Peele, a mining engineer at
Charleston, Arizona, was shot dead in
his ollice by two masked men.
Secretary Korster has gone to Ireland
to consult with the prison board about
larger liberty for the suspects.
The recent election for chief of the
Osages resulted in the victory of Joseph
Pawnenonauche over Hard Hope.
Four or the prisoners who broke jail
at Detroit have been recaptured, two of
them on the Canadian side of the river.
A federal detective captured at Mer
rillon, Wis., two counterfeit bank-note
plates and considerable unfinished scrip.
The destruction of the Ralstqn gin
house, near Lake St. John, La., resulted
in the drowning of 120 refugee negroes.
In the Noonday mines at Bodie, Col.,
a vein of gold and silver sulphurets has
been struck which averages $100 per
Esther Seymour, of Sterling, 111., has
been sentenced to the penitentiary for
one year for brutally whipping a small
The steamship Great Eastern is still
tied up in English dock. An earnest ef
fort to sell her at auction developed no
A merchant of New York complains
that Chicago wholesalers are cutting on
cottons to secure the southern and west
ern trade.
In a gale off Havre, while a life-boat
was attempting the rescue of a ship
wrecked crew, nineteen persons were
. James II. Spotts, rear admiral com
manding the South Atlantic squadron,
died two weeks ago, in the Falkland
islands, of apoplexy.
The residence of e-( oivernor Proctor,
of Vermont, at Sutherland Falls, with
its literary and art treasures, was swept
away by fire, Friday.
The purchase of a controlling interest
in The Advertiser, of lloston, by Oliver
Ames means that that journal is to be
even more than heretofore thoexponent
of Harvard College.
The state of 'I exas recently Ixiught in
$44 1! .000 of its 7 per cent, bonds, due in
1904, al 140. It has within a year re
duced its debts $1,000,000.
Dennis Kearney, the sand-lot agita
ta in St. Pauhand suspected of plot
tine mischief there. It is he who in
stigated the Omaha troubles.
Citizens of St. Louis have contributed
$8,000 in money and large amounts of
provisions and clothing for the sufferers
D.V overllow in the southwest.
"Charles K. Gordon, senior partner in
A produce commission house at Indian
apolis, has disappeared with a consider
able amount of the tirms funds
The annual cost of the star-route ser
vice in the Pacific states and territories
under General Brady was $Ls44,16r.
Contracts for the same service this year
have been executed for $l,12o,14!).
Ito, one of the leading statesmen of
Japan, is to visit America and Europe,
to recruit his health and study the work
ings of parliamentary institutions.
In the municipal councils in Utah
polygamies are resigning their seats,
and. monogamists are beuig chosen to
succeed them.
The Pacific mill at Lawrence, Mass.,
has given notice that needy operators
who did not engage in the strike may
apply at the ollice for aid.
The lino of the St. Petersburg and
Moscow railway is being searched for a
mine, ol whose existence some captured
nihilists gave information.
Ida Smith, a young girl of Grand Hap
ids, killed herself with arsenic because
of a reproof from her mot her.
Forty new cases of small-pox and five
deaths were reported in Cincinnati
Tuesdaj .
President Arthur has nominated Isaac
D. McCutcheon, of Michigan, to be sec
retary of the territory of Montana.
Troops crossed the Yellowstone at
Miles City, Tuesday, in pursuit of the
Sioux who stole the Cheyenne ponies
from Fort Keogh.
Prom a belief that the Fenians intend
to blow up the tunnel to North Wool
wich, the London docks are guarded all
night by six hundred policemen.
At St. .lames, Missouri, J. It. Jiow
man. late judge of Phelps county, llred
a load of buckshot into the body of Al
fred Hayes.
Gilley Bondick, a noted desperado of
Virginia, was killed near Lemont by
Ben oung, his rival for the affections
of a woman.
In the Massachusetts house, Wednes
day, a prohibitory liquor bill was only
defeated hy the refusal of Speaker Noyes
to vote for it.
Edward Peters, who tortured and
starved to death a lad of 7 years at Man
sonsville, Quebec, has been sentenced
to be hanged April L'S.
Secretary Lincoln has discharged Ca
det Whittaker from the military acade
mv, 'n the recommendation of the
board, because of deficiency in his stud
ies. The Wabash road reports for 1881
gross earnings of sd t.n;7.7's. operating
expengeeoi MO r9i!,M.t, and a deficiency
for the year i if - trains in meeting all
Some Russian representatives are ne
gotiating at Pittsburg for the building
of hulls and engines for a number of
steamboats, to be shipped in sections
and completed on the Volga river.
A man giving the name of .lames E.
Jones surrendered himself at Knoxville,
Tnn., as having embezzled $1,000 while
money-order clerk in the postofllce at
Walker Hall, the finest of the Am
herst college buildings, valued, with its
ron icnt s. at $,000, was swept away
b tire Wednesday evening.
The w idow of i Vmmodore Vanderbilt
will soon be married to lr. Nathan
Boysman, manager of one of the largo
ele.riiv LnamtaWttf New York.
A resolution is pending in the eon
gross of Colomhlaio give n year's notice
to the 1 uiU S Lates of a desire to abro
gate the treat of UMfl and make new
The entire Crosse fete sugar district
of Louisiana is about to be submerged
by the giving wav id' the Fordache
levee, and the cattle, sheep, and hogs
will lc lost.
Mr. Tidier h;us written out his resig
nation as senator from Colorado. It 18
understood at Washington that Cover
nor Pitkin will give the vacant seat to
General Routt.
By a vote of :'.s7to4l!,the British house
of commons granted Prince Leopold an
additional annuity of 10,000, and a pen
sion of 6,000 yearly to his widow in the
event of his death.
Judge Neilson, of Brooklyn, decides
that, suitable schools having been es
tablished for colored pupils, the latter
can not attend the public schools pro
vided for white children.
The distressing condition of affairs in
the southwest caused the abandonment
of the project to celebrate the anniver
sarv of La Salle's discovery of the
mouth of the Mississippi.
At 1 )edham, Mass., Saturday evening,
John Sullivan nearly beheaded his wife
with a razor, chasing her through the
streets for five minutes, when she drop
ped dead on her doorstep.
On condition that the favor be never
cited as a precedent, the Turkish govern
ment granted permission for a Russian
transport with convicts and troops to
pass through the Bosporus.
The India-rubber man is being exhib
ited to the physicians of New York, lie
can stretch the skin of his forehead over
his entire face, and tie the llesh on his
legs in knots over his knees.
Several persons were killed and two
churches demolished in the southeastern
portion of Alabama by a tornado. A
negro woman was picked up and carried
two hundred yards.
The police of St. Petersburg have ar
rested the chief of the nihilists executive
committee, who was connected with the
construction of the mine in Little Gar
den street.
Dr. Falkner, who has been vaccinat
ing Indians at Fort Randall, says a 19-year-old
son of Sitting Bull broke away
from him twice, when the old chief held
him up to receive the virus.
A stock-ranch in Texas, 40 by (X) miles
in dimensions, with 40,000 head of cat
tle, has been purchased by William
Young and Washington Becker, of Mil
waukee, for $610,000.
Jacob W. Kerr, formerly paying teller
of the Bank of the Republic, at Wash
ington, shot himself through the heart,"
having lost money of others in stock
On a ranch about eight miles from
Tombstone, Arizona, in a battle with
cattle-thieves, Deputy sheriff (iillespio
was kilted and the desperadoes sought
were both fatally wounded.
Polk Wells, w ho was arrested at Ran
dolph, Wis., for stealing horses and rob
bing a bank, was arraigned at Sidney,
Iowa, where he pleaded guilty to the
former charge, and was sentenced to ten
years in the penitentiary.
Bills are before thesenato of Wiscon
sin to appropriate funds for the relief of
Mrs. Coleman, whose husband was kill
ed by the Maxwells, and of Mrs. Baker,
who lo,st her protector in a similar man
ner. The Zuni Indian delegation were on
Tuesday conducted by Boston Officials
to the brink of the ocean, where they
Chanted songs and scattered the sacred
Hour which they brought from New
A mass-meeting has been called in
New York by Mayor Grace and other
leadingnien, to voice public sentiments
in regard to the Imprisonment of Amer
ican citizens by foreign governments
without trial.
Indictments for gambling In cotton
futures were brought against the Mem
phis board of trade and the Tennessee
Brokerage association. After a trial
lasting four days, the jury rendered a
verdict of not guilty.
The American Association of the Bed
Cross is about to send agents into the
overflowed region of the southwest, and
makes an urgent appeal for funds, which
can be sent to the secretary of thetrcas
urv or tin! secretary of war.
The report of Judge Advocate ( Jencral
Swaim In the ease of Sergeant Mason is
to the effect that the accused is illegally
confined in the penitentiary, because the
proceedings of the court-martial were
not strictly in accordance with the law.
Aleck Powell, a dashing darkey em
ployed by President Arthur as a valet,
abandoned a wife and three children In
New York. They called upon him at
the white house, Monday, and were
threatened with death.
The granulating-house of the Vulcan
Powder company, near Ban Francisco,
was blown to pieces Monday, killing
five whites and six Chinamen and injur
ing three ot hers. The pecuniary dam
age Is $26,000.
Tie1 foreign affairs committee of the
house has agreed to a resolution direct
ing the state department to insist on
the speedy trial of Daniel McSweeny
and other naturalized Americans arrest
ed by the British government.
An Irish and an English regiment are
stationed at Cal way, and are constantly
at war. The pickets of the Fnglish or
ganization were recently attacked by
members of the other regiment, anil
several men were bayoneted.
The czar has refuted to carry out the
recommendation that the Jews bo ex
pelled from the rural districts of Bus
sia. General Ignatieff is said to have
ordered all Hebrew chemists .in St.
Petersburg to sell their business.
Henry B. Myer. who died in Chicago
Wednesday at an advanced age, invent
ed sleeping-cars in lsr4, and lias of late
been engaged in the construction of a
safety car. He was the father of the
late General Myer of the signal service.
The governor at Alexandria, Egypt,
ordered the demolition of the works and
warehouses of the English railway, on
the ground that they interfere with for
tifications, but the company will appeal
to the British consul general.
Colonel John A. Pratt, a veteran in
the politics of Kentucky, who throw his
vast influence in favor of the union
cause, is said to have lost his reason.
Hen ides at Lexington, where he had
a large law practice.
Arthur Mueller, a teller in the Cen
tral National bank of Indianapolis, has
Bed the (its. being a defaulter to the
amount of $-:ir0. lie transferred Ids
property to his mother, and left ft Wife,
and t hree children.
Several Mormon leaders, including
John Taylor and Joseph Smith, have
quietly placed their wives in separate
houses, to avoid arrest under the clause
of the anti-polygamy law which makes
cohabitation with more than one woman
a misdemeanor.
The Chicago, llurlington and Quincy
road reports gross earnings for 1881 of
f 21 ,824,150, and a net income of $10,257,
885. The funded debt la $59,122,725, and
the miles of track, 2,824.
The ladies of Washington organized
the aid society of the Garfield memorial
hospital, electing Mrs. Windom presi
dent and Mrs. W hitney secretary.
Miss Pho'hc Cousins, of St.. Louis, has
applied to President Arthur to be ap
pointed one of the five commissioners
to visit I tali, and a petition with num
erous signatures will soon bo forward
ft to Washington.
On a train near Medora, Ind., an irt
toxicated maniac killed A. C. Wingate,
Of Lexington. Ky.. without provoca
tion. The murdererthen leaped off and
drowned himself in the stream. His
clothing contained $490 in cash and re
ceipts showing him to bo "William
Haines, formerly of West Salem, O.
Transportation during the summer
has been engaged for 70,000 tons on pig
lead from l iureka, Nev., to San Fran
cisco and thence, to Fl Paso, by the Cen
tral and Southern Pacific roads; thence
to New Orleans by the Texas road, and
to New York by the Morgan lino of
Two deputy marshals at San Francis
co boarded tho steamship City of Tokio
and arrested Purser Hennessy and
Stewart Kennedy, on suspicion ot being
engaged in smuggling opium. Nothing
suspicious was round in their rooms,
but they were held In $5,000 each.
The Chicago cattle market enjoyed a
veritable boom last week, good to first
quality steers having sold readily at 6
to 7 cents per pound, being an advance
of from i to cent over last week's fig
ures. These are the highest average
prices that have prevailed since the war.
The contributions toward the Garfield
memorial hospital in Washington have
so increased of late that General Sher
man and Senator Windom have called a
meeting of tho wives of senators and
representatives to arrange for a nation
al board of visitors and select vice-presidents.
The Pennsylvania roiul is endeavoring
to purchase from Dr. Hostetter the
Smith field street bridge in Pittsburg for
$:W0,000, but the doctor knows that in
case of sale it would be raised to a height
that would prevent the crossing of the
Lake Erie road, in which he is the chief
John Land. Who was indicted for par
ticipation in the robbery of the Alton
train at Blue Cut, has made a full con
fession, by which it appears that Jesse
James and his partners rode away with
the spoils, leaving the country lads noth-
I mg tor their ellorts.
i lie arrivals or immigrants at i asue
Garden, Tuesday, exceeded four thou
sand. Nearly three thousand Italians
have made their appearance within the
past three weeks. Their immigration
is directed by resident agents, who pro
vide them with emnlovment. uist as the
Six Comnanies take care of the Celestials
at tho Pacific gates.
A New York dispatch says Ilaverly
intends to start a theatre in Washing
ton. He has renewed his lease of the
Fifth Avenue Theatre, a remaining
lease of one yearand a half being trans
ferred to John Stetson. He sailed for
Europe In the Celtic Saturday, and said
he Should keep his enterprises on this
side going, and perhaps start a theatre
in London.
The hangings on Friday were Wil
liam Heilwagon, who murdered his
daughter-in-law at Hampton. 111.; Frank
and Henry Butnberger. of L'niontown,
Pa., who killed Daniel Treutmnn; Edgar
F. Small, of Pittsburg, who shot .N icho
las Jacoby; Jonathan Mayer, of Mid-
dleburgi re. one of the party who took
the life of the Kintlers; Jack Xeverling,
Of Clearfield. Pa., the murderer of Sam
uel Pennington, and John ( '. McCarthy,
of Richburg, N. Y ., for stabbing to death
I 'at rick Markey.
At Richmond, Ya., Sunday noon,
II, lines broke out in the Petersburg rail
road bridge. and tumbled that structure
Into tjie river, extending to the tobacco
factories of T. M. Rutherford ft Co., H.
A. Patterson & Co., T. C. Williams &
Co., the stemmeries of J. A. Hutchin
son, C.B. ft F.D. Barksdale. and Aborn
& Edwards, the Vulcan iron-works,
twenty tenement-houses, ten freight
cars, and I. P. Smith's grist-mill, all of
which were destroyed. At the Man
chester end of the bridge the Virginia
kaoline-works were burned. The loss
aggregates ffiOO.OOO.
The western Union Telegraph com
pany has acquired cont rol of the Mu
tual Union lines. Gould purchased 88,
.r00 shares out-right, and ls,.r00 shares
are held byCcorge Baker, II. 0. Fahn
stock, and George S. Scott. The three
latter hold the balance of power in the
company, and have entered into an
agreement to act in accord with Gould
so long as his policy does not impair tho
rights and business of the Mutual
Union. About $600,000 was paid for the
block held by Baker and his partners.
General G. si. Dodge and Jay and Geo.
Could will be added to the new board of
directors, and John (i. Moore will be
Mah. 23. In tho MMtte, Mr. Piatt mn'lo a
I'iimh-uMo rep Tt on a liill for tho roir istration
Of tMd4MVk8i Mr. QeOfge reported an orig
inal Mil to mnko tho agricultural department
an oxoei'tivo on . A lull WM lOtfOdaoed for
tho edtnleeloe of tbe stale of Washington. Tho
secretary of Wt WIS directed to transmit full
Information aa to reltef furnished to or noed-
el by tti ill Ippl KutTorora. A NOOiUtlOO
for a reciprocity treat With Mex ico win re
ferre.I. Mr. Mahonn reported a hill to prevent
the Rpreail of contagion dirtouHca anionic do
mestic animaln. Mr. Dawei reported the in
dlen appropriation bin, with several aaaend
moiiei. noon the eeaess went into executive
session. A. L. Morrinon, of Chicago, was con
lirinni ih murxhal of New Mexico.
Mail 24. In the senate Mr. Sawyer presented
S memorial from the Milwaukee chamber of
commerce against tho renewal of patent for
steam STaln efcO ela, and resolutions of the
Wisconsin legislature for throwing open in
commerce the Sturgeon llay ship-canal. Mr.
Morrill repotted adversely on Mr. Vest's bill to
prohibit the issue of notes by bunks hereafter
organize 1 or reconstructed. The houso bill to
liri'lge tho Missouri at Aaron Uock was passed.
The life-savlng-servlco bill was amended to
provide for live stations on the Florida coast
and to permit tho secretary of tho treasury to
fix pay on the basis of service rendered, when
Iho measure passod. Mr. Kollogg reported a
bill appropratlng $5,000,000 for tho improve
ment of tho Mississippi, nnd $1,000,000 forslmi
lar work on the Missouri. Mr. Miller made a
speech on the tariff-commission bill, on which
debate in to eloso Tuesday. Mr. Williams intro
duced a bill to incorporate the Cherokee Cen
tral Ha 11 road and Telegraph company. A bill
was passed to create two now land districts In
Nebraska, when the senato went Into oxoou
tlve session.
Mah. 27. In tho sonato, a petition in fa
vor of tho Lowell bankruptcy bill was pres
ented. A resolution was adopted, Instruct
ing the eommitteo on tho revision of the laws
to report what legislation is needed to define
tho phase "Indian country." A 1)111 was passed
to grant pensions to the widows of Presidents
Oarflold. Tler, and Polk. Tho agricultural ap
propriation bill was reported back, with amend
ments. Ma n. 2s The senate passe d a bill to facili
tate the payment of dividends to creditors of
the Freedmnn's Ravings bank. An adverse re
' port was made on the resolution to retire Col-
' onel Chittenden M brigadier. seuwAL sew
oral hours were spent in debate on tho tariff-
commission bih. PITS' amendment were
voted down, when tho bill paused by !18 to 15.
i The oonunlttee on pseetoei reported biO fix
ing the rate for total disability at .2 per
month. t'-ifa trx r.-
M mi, 20. lathe senate, Mr. Coekrell offered
a resolution direotihg tho soi rotary of state to
SsShe iin;'i n'cjt rose lug fio imprisonment
of American eltlsom In Irplaod. Mr. PYndle
ton's i ivil-servlci) bill rni fnvoratdy reported.
A bill was passed to establish tho Bastcm Ju
dielel district Of Kentucky. The Indian ap
propriation bill, emended by the sennteeoM
mlttee to Mt aside tS,M000S. was taken up in
committee oi the whole. Mr. Honr offered an
amendment appropriating $2,000,000 for tho
support nnd education of Indian children
from outside the livo civilized tribes, but no
soUob was taken thereon
Mail 23. The houso resumed debate on tho
Chinese bill, nearly all who choso having an
opportunity to air their views. Mr. Pago
brought tlio debate to a close, and stated that
ho knew two railroad companies had unitod to
defeat tho measure. Mr. Hanson's amendment
to reduce to ten years the period of suspension
of immigration was defeated by 100 to 131.
Mr. Itutterworth's amendment for a tlftcen
yenr limit was lost. Tho bill tbon passed by 167
to 60.
Mail 24. In tho house Mr. Hobinson askod
action on the resolution respecting tho impri
sonment of American citizens in Great Dritain,
and threatened to move tho impeachment of
Minister Lowell. A bill was reported appro
priating S8,KA'i,000 for tho improvement of tho
Mississippi river. In committee of the whole
on the private calendar, tho claim of tho cap
tors of the ram Albemarle was discussed for
two hours and perfected, and when tho eom
mitteo rose the bill was passed. An evening
session was held for the consideration of pen
sion bills.
Mah. 25. Tho houso commerce committee
on Buturday, listened to the arguments of ox
Governor Hrown, of Tennessee, representing
tho southern railroads, and of Chauncey M.
Depew, of Vanderbilt's stair, in opposition to
tho Heagan bill. The latter claimed that tho
real foes to tho produetivo and consuming
classes were tho speculators in food; that the
Interstate commerce act would place tho carry
ing business of the west in tho power of a
Canadian railway system, and that any evils
might be remedied by the creation of a nation
al advisory railway commission.
Mah. 27. In tho house, Mr. Williams offered
a resolution, which was adopted, requesting
the prosident to inform tho houso whether a
protocol for peace In South America had been
signed by Envoy Troscott. Tho postoflico ap
propriation bill was referred to tho commlttoo
of the whole. Mr. Haskoll presented a bill au
thorizing the department of justioe to audit
the claims of the medical experts at the Gui
teau trial at not over $25 for each day of actual
attendance. Mr. King offerod a resolution for
a eommitteo of 11 vo senators and ten represen
tatives to proceed to tho ovortlowed section of
tho Mississippi and report what measures are
necessary to prevent a recurrence of tho
Hoods. Mr. Caswell introduced a bill for
tho issuo of $25,000,000 in fractional cur
rency in exchange for legnl tenders. A
bill to incorporate tho Garfield memorial
hospital gave rise to considerable debate
over tho liability assumed by tho govern
ment, and was recommitted. Mr. Ilyrne intro
duced a resolution requesting the President to
secure an additional treaty with Greet Britain
for tho extradition of such fugitive crimi
nals us are not subject to tho present treaty.
Mr. Phelps introduced a bill for a department
ot industry. Mr. Thomas asked an appniprla
tion Of fAMBjOOO for the improvement of tho
Mississippi. Mr. Harris put forward a measure
for an assistant secretary of the navy. Mr.
Cox introduced a bill to repeal the iron-clad
oath. The secretary of tho interior sent in es
timates of 6&S90,480 for Mexican war pen
sions, and of $28,201,is:!2 for survivors of ludiau
campaigns prior to IStO.
M Ait. 2s. Tho house, after n contest in re
gard tO precedence, went intoeotnmlttec of tho
whole on the tariir-commission bill, on which
lengthy speeches were made by Messrs. Car
lisle and Keitfwi. The oorreepondenoe between
Secretary Frelinghuyscn and Mnvoy Troscott
was submitted. In response to a call for in
formation, tho secretary of war reported tho
necessity of issuing 80,000 more rat ions for suf
ferers by the Hood.
Mah. 20. The houso ucccptod the senato
amendment to tho bill for a pension to Mrs.
Garllcld, SO as to Include Mrs. Polk and Mrs.
Tyler, giving each $.",00O per year. Mr. Stephens
submitted n resolution instructing the judici
ary committee to inquire into the legality ot
tho removal of Mr. Hayes, nn oAoHU steno
grapher, by Speaker Koifer. Mr. Lord report
ed beck a bill for a ship-canal across tho state
of Michigan. Hills were reported for the erec
tion of public buildings at Clarksburg, West
Vn and New Albany and Tcrre Haute, Ind.
While in committee of the whole on tho tariff
commission bill speeches were made by Messrs.
Carlisle and Krrett. The army appropriation
bill was reported back. Mr. Fisher reported
an act to permit any owner of gold bullion or
coin to here the same coined for his benefit.
S. P. Hounds, of Chicago, was on Mondaj
nominated for Public Printer.
It is certain that a number of tho recent star
route Indictments will fail through technical
H. T. Morrick haw been appointed assistant
counsel in tho prosecution of the star-routo
The general impression is that Teller and
Chandler's names will be sent In early next
The houso committee on railways and canals
will make e fnTOrshle report on the Hennepin
(anal bill, and an earnest effortwill bo made to
secure in passage.
Chauncey M. Depew, counsel of tho New
York Central railroad, nnd ex-Gov. Hrown. of
i Tennessee, made arguments Saturday before
I tho house commerce committee, in opposition
to the Heagan bill. v
The cabinet clmmres will be completed this
week by the nomination of Senator Teller to
tho interior and of William E. ('handler to tho
navy department. A batch of foreign nomi
nations may also go In. Bonn departmental
bureau chimin's are hinted at.
Post master-General Howe has recommended
to the house appropriation eommitteo that
postmasters of the fourth clssna bo allowed to
act as disbursing ddhoen under certain restric
tions. This will save money in the printing and
signing of warrants.
Chairman Hosoorans and Mr. Flower, who
were empowered to appoint an executive com
mit tee of seven for the democratic congression
al campaign committee, have designated tho
following: Kosecrans (Cal.), Flower (N. Y.),
Randall (Pa.), Lefevro (O.), Cobb (Ind.), Thomp
son (Ky ), Jones (Ark.).
Tho Peruvian minister, Scnor Elmore, was
questioned respecting the printed copy oi tho
protocol alleged to have been signed by Sonor
Halmacoda and Troscott. Ho said ho had beard
absolutely nothing, directly or Indirectly,
through the Peruvian or American sources, to
indicate that there is such a documont in ex
istence. There havo recently boon roeolvod at tho
treasury In tho oourso of business quite an
amount of counterfeit silver dollars. The de
partment Is informed thut thero aro a largo
number of counterfeits of tho coin in circula
tion, especially in the west. Tho center of tho
counterfeits soems, from tho reports received,
to boChlcago, and, as a rule, tho countorfoits
aro reported to be very fair.
The ways and means committee at Washing
ton has agreed on a bill which will make an
annual reduction of $23,000,000 In tho internal
revenue, it proposes the abolition of tho
stamp tax on bank checks, matches, perfum
ery, etc., of tho taxes on banking capital aud
deposits, and makes material reductions in
the burdens of liquor and tobacco dealers.
Tho early adjournment of congress although
much talked about is all mere speculation. The
oontostod election eases If prcsaod are bound
to take ud much time. Tho tariff commission
bill is likely to pass to ovade tho tariff issuo.
One-fifth of the petitions presented in Decem
ber and January were for railroad legislation.
TheM ure none now, and no advocato beforo
t lie eommitteo, and the clamor Is dying out.
Reuau's bill will fall.
Becrotary Kirk wood was asked when ho ex
pected to retire from tho inter i. ir deportment.
lie aiiswen d that he did not know, but if he
bellowed the newspapers his tenure of ollice
was brief. Ho said he was ready to receive his
walking orders at any time, though he bad not
as yet received any intimation from the presi
dent In regard to the matter, though be would
not be surprised to receive su.ii intimation at
any time. Kirkwood declined to express any
opinion as to who bis successor would be.
Treasurer Gilllllan says thero Is a pressing
need of u fractional currency. The demands
for it in small quantities aro coming from all
purts of tho country. It is needed for trans
mission through the malls of sums less thnn
$1.00, and lor certain classes of business that
have boon wholly destroyed for want of this
medium of exchange. The latter applies es
pecially to oortaln manufactures in New llng
land, which are sent by muil on receipt of '."(
cents, coin being too heavy and uncertain for
this light trallle. Mr. Gilllllan says agood many
complaints come from newspaper publishers,
who get so many postage stamps that they
don't know what to do with them, the govern
ment not redeeming them. Tho treasurer
claims tho right to issuo this fractional cur
rency, but an appropriation to pay expenses Is
first necessary, lie advocates the issue.
An examination by Second Assistant Postmaster-General
ElmQr of the recent letting of
the star routes west of the Mississippi for an
other term of four years, beginning July 1,
1881, shows that under tho now contracts tho
cost of tho servico will bo only half as much
as it was January 1, 1881, two mouths before
Mr. James became postmuster-genoral. Tho
cost in what is known as tho Pacific section on
Jan. 1, 1881, was $2,844,165, and under the new
coutracts tho cost will be $1,125,149, to which
$188,850 should be added for tho uew railway
scrvioo which has superseded the star service
since March 4, ISU. The cost of star service
per mllo in that section on July 1, 1882, will only
bo 40)4 per cent, of tho cost of tho star service.
Tho annual cost of twenty-one expedited routes
on Jan. 1, 1881, under Gen. Urudy, was $047,638
Under James and Elmer tho cost of tho same
routes was reduced to $121,361, and tbey have
been let substantially as they were after that
reduction, but with faster schedules, for $07,
194. Tho sub-commtttce of tho wavs and meuns
commlttoo which has churge of subjects relat
ing to changes in internal revenue taxation
has been instructed by tho full committee to
prepare a bill abolishing all internal revenue
taxes except tho tax on distilled spirits, malt
liquors, manufactured tobacco, bank circula
tion, and alcoholic medicines, reserving for its
discretion a reduction of the tax on cigars and
the special taxes on dealers, manufacturers,
etc. If tho committee should pre pa ro a bill
abolishinur all other taxes except those re
served for its discretion, tho total reduction
would bo nearly as follows, accordiug to tho
commissioner's cstitnato:
Capital and deposits of banks and
bankers other thun national
banks $ 3,762,20?
Capital and deposits of national
banks 5,372,178
nank checks 2,253.411
Matches 3,278,680
Proprietor? medleinee. perfumery,
cosmetics, etc 2,226,503
Total $10,892,880
If to these reductions the committee should
add reductions on cigar and special taxes, tho
total would be increased as follows:
Cigars, reduced from $6 to $4 per
LOW $5,332,000
Rectifiers, from $:00 to $120 each 16,711
Wholesale liquoodealers, from $100 to
01 each 164,142
Retail liipior-dealers, from $25 to $12
cadi 2,218,312
Manufacturers of clears, from $io to
Heeota 57,533
Dealers in leaf tobeoco. from $25 to
$12 each 41,fis
Dealers In manufactured tobacco,
from $5 to $2.40 each 1,001,273
Manuf aoturem of tobacco, from$ioto
$6 each 3.799
Peddlers of tobacco 9,871
Drawers 50,118
Wholesale and retail dealers In mult
liquors 88,603
A total reduction of these special tax
es, together with the reduction on
cigars, of $9,082,406
Adding this sum to the sum of the reductions
Ppeetfleally ordered In the instructions, the to
tal is Sfa,ST8JS8 which may be regarded as
marking the limitsof anybillof this sort which
will bo reported. It is believed, however, that
the expre-sjon of opinion against any reduc
tion Of taxes on whisky, beer, and tobuecowill
be regarded as applying with equal force to
the liceuso fee now collected from dealers in
end manufacturers ol then;; products, and also
to the tux on cigars. If this be so, tho pro
posed bill will be limited to the abolition of tho
tones on bank capital, deposits, and checks,
mete bos, cosmetics, perfumes, and medicines
not eiOesed as alcoholic. This limitation low
ers the reduction to about 316,000.000.
Morsels of Gastronomy.
Bostosians deny that their lettuce crop
is a failure this year, anil want to flfta
the malicious person that put tho story
in circulation.
Oscar WiMo told a Chicago reporter
that wo cat finely in this country far
better than thov do in England. There
aro nono so esthetic that cannot get up
an tippet ito.
They havo a way in the South where
OOBsioterable about good eating is known
of eating fried hominy with canvas
hack thick. It is an experiment epicures
should all try.
Southern vegetables become more and
BOOTS abundant, and correspondingly
cheaper. The ssparagtts Is particularly
good; likewise the peas, which taste as
line as they look.
There wore onions served at table
d'hote the other evening before husband
and wife. "Aro you going to cat any?"
she asked. lie nodded assent. "All
right," she went on, "so will I!"
"Diners-out who aro very much op.
posed to wines often upset things on tho
table trying to bo helped a second time to
brandled fruits. Tho fact is inconsist
ent, but nevertheless true.
At the Farmers1 dinnor, held at tho
Union Lcaguo tho other evening, tlu-y
had 0w shad, Southdown mutton,
Jersey woodcock, red-head duck and
other thiagS very seldom on a farmer's
A superfluity of courses is tho trouble
of many modern dinner parties given by
a class of suddenly-niade-rich and anxi-ous-to-be-fashionablo
peoplo who havo
yet much to learn about tho art of din
ing. "Oh, yes," said old Mrs. Unsophisti
calion, "it was a real splendid dinner
party. Wo had real British Southdown
mutton from Kentucky, Roman punch
imported from Italy, and real French
black coffee cafe."
On tho menu card of a recent private
dinner party in San Francisco wo lind
enumerated saddle of wild goat, salmi
of gray goose, ham of black tail deer and
jagged Bare surely enough game for
one dinner.
At tho recent ball of tho French cooks
in this citv, tho French Consul, in re
sponse to a toast, mado a speech in which
ho stated that the most powerful nations
are the onos that pay most attention to
It is about time that such worthless
dishes as Queen fritters, macaroni with
cream and pancakes with, jelly were
abolished from hotel bUls of fare under
the head of entree. In quality they are
as light as t is .ue pnper.
New tomatoes ate. of good size ani
flaVOTi Rd with the 'vuH.ivii'ed m
cumber" from Boston, make an excel
lent breakfast salad. An oruuge Bfilad
js likewise in order about this time, the
Florida fruit being abundant :iud deli.
Miss Juliet Corson, Mi.-s Helen Camp.
bell, (diss Perlos end as many more are
doing their best in various publications to
teach' iroung and old housekeepers how
and what to eat. They have a msgnifi
cent field iu which to work. New York
Mail and ExprtH
Witeat Active nnd easier: March f I 35
1.88 ; April, fi.3WM.854: May, S'-39.'
COB Xetlveand tinner; March, (WKRlc;
AS.f:;w;;,:;:CW; A,,m,4
TVShrSernS April, HHSJ,
iVa'imIkV Dull ; No. 2 March, $1.03H; April,
P ovoro - Mes i'ork biffher: Mar ' ,
$17 0517.07: Apr! 1 17.0.W17.07', ; May, SlTJTtf
ttlTM. Lard-Active and higher; March Bold
at $10.00 MVS-. April, tiB&VffMi May,
'V'OTAiKS-Deraand fair; Early Koso quota
ble at $1.0111.12 V w
HiTTTKit A shndo firmer. V e quote :
Pholee to Fancy Troainery at 4'.'((M4c BM orai
narv to ood do 3840o: (rood to fancy Dairy at
ailjse; common to fair do WtaBoi Ladlo.
ptohed, tSaSBoi packing stock at 203-Kic;
Grease. lOHlIc; roll,2fl30e.
(iAMK.-D.ill and easy. WemWtOI Mallard
Ducks, f 1.6181.75, ninall. TBoSMI 00.
OrsbM Aimm.ks Unchanged; sales rantrc.1 at
ta.Mta.SQ bbl. for fair to good, and $:t ,UO
4.00 for choice, with fancy iu a small way at
fuSrW Market quiet and higher. Wequote:
Fancy bcavv export steers, $. 75I&7.25; choice
fat stoers. 8il.llKrM1.60; medium, well-formed
do. in fair condition. 85.104.5; fair to Rood
butenein do. $4.255.00; steers. $3.7.xa4.i5.
Hoos. Market active and higher; rang
ine from $0.45 to $0.70 for light packing and
.him.in.e it mi i o S7IK) for heavy packing, and
from Sfl.50 to $7.:i5 for good to choice lots
smooth boavy shipping grauoa.
CATTr.K Firm: best.$6.50a7.00: fair to good,
lo.760S.SS. Hoes Slow; Keoelptt a00 head;
rblladelpbias, $7.2'7.50; Yorkers, $fl.00'1.80.
Wheat. Closed lower; No. 2 Ited March,
fl.4101.4SVl April. $1.41(4ai.lV4; May, $1 :M
C1.41. CoaN Stronger; No. 2 mixed, March,
From Market firmer. Family. SS.KyftC.OO.
Whkat Finn; goo'l flemnnd; No. 3 Red Winter
ftl.8aai.84. Cone EnRler: No. 2 Mixed, 72'ic.
Oats Firmer; No. 2 Mixed, 61c. Kte Bet
ter demand; no. S Fell Slo. provisions Fork
flrmerat 17.7'i. bard Nominal; primeiteam,
SlO.flO. Hulk Meats quiet; Cloar sides, SlO.L'Oia
10.:-r. Uncon fair demand; clear sides, $10.75.
Wheat Lowor: No. ;) Hani $1.41; No. 2
March. $1.27li; April. $1J7M May, $1.2831;
No. ;t, $1.1U; No. 4 anil Rejected nominal. ConN
Beselr at iVJc for No. . Oats Stendy at
40o bid for No. 2. Kvk Weak at HBc for No.
L Baui.uv steady at 91c for No. 8.
Whkat Lower; No. 2 Ited March, $1.28
1.21); April, $1.287,i.1.29'i; May, $1.20'iai.30.
Cons Miirher; 6740680 March; I7&7Xc
April ;0Kvv,r.S'4c Mav. Oats Higher; 47'48o
March; i'':'.Hc,c April; 4tVu.16!ie May. Uvk
Lower at K!c. ItAltl.EV Quiet at VV. Sl.00.
PRO VISIONS Pork lower: March. 17.05. Dry
Suit Meets higher nt $0.60, W.00. 9.:o. Beeon
linn at $7.75O10.fl0(&107S. Lard Arm at
.iu.7.r. Hoos Stronger; Yorkers fti.o0itfl.40;
packing $5.8!ju,';.H): choieo to fancy heavy ?0.C5
WmUT Quiet ; No. 1 White March. $1.30
1.31; April, llJUeLSlH; May, $1.311 .31.
WflRAT Lower) No, 2 Red March, $l.:i0;
Anrll, .?!.::!'. : May. f I 80V4. Co.t.v Lower; No.
2 lfereh,SSXoj April, i.o'4c.
FLOUR Firm; Western Superfine. M.fiO
4.75; do. extra. $6,0028.00; Family, $fl .2507.85.
Whrat Western lower; No, 2 winter ited
Spot ami March, $1JS6013Vii April, $1.35'J
O'.i.W: May, l.-m 4,i.:;r.,. Conw Western
dull; Mixed spot and March, 76h07Ao; April,
75!i07fto. Oats Higher: Wemern White, 54&
56c: Mixed do. 53at64c. ltVK A shado quiet
at 6O8S0.
W001, Dull; Ohio and Pennsylvania extras
42&17l!c; Michigan and Wisconsin 404542c;
oombing delaine 48048o; unwashed combing,
good. gUJ'.le; unwashed Ueeccs,tlue to choice,
HOSflOi pulled 89O580.
Clifford P. Hudson, of Bbnlrsr, N. Y.,
Mys: "My aged mother suffered greatly
from poor digestion and general debility.
She was always oftnptainfng of her liver,
and her bowels often pained hef greatly,
Hhe WftS very Week . 1 bought her a hot
tie of Brown's Iron Hittets, nnd she snvw,
'It gees right to the spot, Clifford.' She
bas greatly Improved since using this es
eelent medicine."
. J jui m r a f. h n m u n f n a.
'P. rSJBv Cd. DODGE, for 3.1 lVor bulinn Fighter,
I'SSHPinou'ti liv mi Indium m " I he ..; ( .it" Till
H'lirilliiiK Ui-cord ol tin Jnr hrjirnencr Is 0116
..ho.l liv Authority of. anil i lu'.l
iJpv Gen. Shermanm
5-' I'iie nntti true mTOtint of Tnrfion nnd Frontl;" I.ifo
. ttio Oroiit Ui st tn-r puUuihril. St.'. 1 portniitu of Ccn'
rook. Mllet, Cintcr, 4c. Hupprb I'latcn iu 1,', roei-., ond
:! wlitl Knerat inifi.. It In tUv.htir.t n H,hi Ixxikoiul craori
. l.'hanci.cT.'rolTercd r.ih. M)( Alii. NTH WANTK.D
on Kxtrq 7'trnu. Send for rirculnr wild full nnrtlculan to
A. a. NETTLKTON .V CO., 8V .. i lurk ... t .. ... .. :i...
1882. GET THE BEST. 1882.
Fanner, iStoct-Ralser ani Frait-Grower
Always Bright, Fresh and Ealsrtainap,
rer the oieii year Ibe Parmw wiU be kept e
to iU prraetit ttjuidard of xcllios, and new and
kitreUriK fqataraa added to it aa thar baoome
dw. -ary. We are determined tbat Michigan abel
be reprrnontad by m Rood an agriceHerai mmt aa
la pubilfihod In tbecoDDtry. Tna
Agricultural and Horticultural
DcpartmenU,wltb eTarything partainins to the teem
tba orchard and the garden, will ba made dom
conipletaand lnstmctlva than evar.
forprfdaoe and Sva atock will always hava aw
best elorta, and form one of the moat imBortant
fcatares of the Fum The
fMiaawH X
hn pm?ed a great inaeaaa both aa e matter of hv
t!ri.ti-,rMilern!kVd,y,'.Taa'hln h'P toownee
i m uwniiuhi aim unproved nye.
Department we axpaet to tnlarae end hnnova. amA
ataka It one of greet Interact
Tn Farhhb will be femlahed el the me ef
LOB per year, poetage paid.
Unliable Agents Wanted!
PeblUhere. Detreit, SUefa.
1 I
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