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Farn and Bone.
Tho Prlae Next Year.
To do lti mil towards agricultural proar. In
Ntw Injlinit, and to enoourag our young man
to remain on the home farms, the Rsroama will
neltearrepuaKheprUol whloU It baa for tiro
jaars offewd to armors' dots, unaar M jraars at
For the beet yield an K aore of oorn, 110 In gold.
For the ssooiid beet,
For the third beet,
For the bust crop of potatoaa on aore, 10 In gold.
For the eeooad best, '
For the third beet,
Offered oii!t to dots In whoas families tB Rsv
poaxua li laken and paid for.
Persons who uso nitrate of soda as a fer
tilizer, anvs tho American Cultivator,
ouzlit to bo careful about the cows. If
tbev get to it they will eat it, and if they
do death will ensue. In small quantities it
is a modicine, in larger doses a poison.
Reverted phosphoric acid is that which
was once soluble in water, but owing to
chemical change has become insoluble in
water. Phosphates designated by this term
are readily assimilated by crops but do not
distribute freely by rain like soluble plios
. phoric acid.
The French people who dilute their cof
fee substitute beet-root for chickory, as it
does not require so much sugar and is more
agreeable to the taste.
An Italian professor has made some very
agreeable researches, resulting in the dis
covery that vegetable perfumes exercise
positively healthful influence on the atmos
phere, converting its oxygen into ozone,
and thus increasing its oxidizing influence.
He recommends the cultivation of flowers
in all marshy districts.
The National Live Block Journal as
serts that hams have a decidedly better fla
vor, and the meat retains a more natural
color, when nothing but plain salt is used
in the curing. If the work of salting is
carefully attended to, the hams, when cured
with salt alone, will be ready for smoking
at from six weeks to two months, accord
ing to the size of the bams. Salt-petre has
a tendency to harden and redden the meat.
It lUMtmibtodly ItaaUttu ih ouriMg piuw ;
but it does so at the expense of the flavor.
Another thing, boys, must be seen to
the old sow must have a good warm nest
these cold nights ; and pigs can no more
grow if they have a poor bed, and lie
awake and shiver all night than a boy can
A good warm straw bed or dry leaves will
bring them out warm and smiling in the
morning when you carry out the warm
mess which answers for their toast and
coffee. Yes boys, keep the dumb animals
which are in your care, as comfortable as
you can. It is their due from us, and It
pays to do it, besides its being a kindness
to them.
Dr. Janes of Waterbury has not put shoes
on bis horses for two years, driving them
winter, summer, spring and fall with bare
feet without any trouble. The doctor
theory is that nature has provided for the
horse ; that a horse can travel over all kinds
of roads; that the hoofs will be moist
that the frog coming to the ground keeps
the hoofs properly spread and free from
founder and other diseases.
Plants, like animals, differ much in their
habits and the different sorts of food
which they subsist. The broad-leaved
clovers, turnips and mangels abstract from
the air a large portion of their growth,
while the narrow-leaved grains and grasses
partake more largey of mineral food, which
they draw from the soil. This fact will
explain the great advantage of rotation of
For a long time the tendency of the best
JCnghsh breeders has been towards the early
maturity of beef animals as the most profit
able system of feeding. The animals are
fed under cover.
what strange that though the note of warn
ing was sounded so frequently and so long
ago, It should not hare excited attention.
It is not too late now to adopt precaution,
if what is reported be correct. It is high
time that the sanitary condition of milk and
flesh producing animals was ascertained.
At present there is ample scope for froo
trade in these diseases and death-dealing
articles of food. What with private slaughter-houses
and unviaited dairies, thore Is no
check whatever. Sanitarian.
Tn Black Kkot o Plum Thus.
The Now York Bun says: The black
warts or knots on plum trees are caused by
fungus, and they should be cut away as
soon as discovered, and the trees stimulated
to make a vigorous growth. A quart or
two of salt scattered over the surface of
the ground about the tree will be beneficial,
and aid in checking tho disease. This we
know from our own experience to be the
romedy. Cut off and burn the infected
branches, and you will save your tree and
Propibly prepared fowl manure may be
applied to any crop, field or garden, broad
cast or harrowed in, but it is more econom
ically used in the hill or drill. The easiest
and best way to save it is to gather it up as
aften as once a week and mix with about
twice its bulk of dry earth. In preparing
for use, spread the droppings on a tight
floor and make fine by pounding; make
moist with soao-suds, urine or other waste
wRtnr. In a short time the manure thus
treated will become well rooted, and ap
plied to beans, corn or potatoes at the rate
of a handful in a hill, well mixed in the
soil before dropping the seed, will give the
crop a good start. Hen manure applied
pure is sure to kill the germ of most plants.
" Compensation.
Itarth plowed tba deepui bean the beet :
(irowib com ut uimjou, 1101 01 ruUI
From nwaiiam frapaa, in proi-ra fiuur,
Tba rlabeat wlae la sharply wrau-,
Thaa lal our harrowed, angulahed sail
Earicb, and ripened lh.aTt:a unroll ;
For lo I eaUuranca nmaus ! Uiae
Itaiurlug for eternity.
No word, nor took, anr touch, parchaaa.,
Of mortals oan thy itrengtb enhance,
1 1ll trior 111111 have, hy Uod't tlacraea,
1 he ptuwxhare lelt aud bonis the ahaavM '
It ii not new, thle hart or thine :
All htaru hare actied that give the wlnel
In time, when itred fiotn mutt rune clear.
The love that bruised thee Khali appear.
U. 11. Arr.
Llfr, after all, la a kindly affair:
Why la It Mupid and not worth the Urine- T
Striving and getting won't drive away care
1 TJ gITlllg.
Scowling aod growlfag wlil make a man old;
jnurjer sun mine ai in. ueai are oegllltlng ;
vuii fa us BurpUMiu nn rvjij.ji bus VUia-
Try aiailing.
Happineaa atnnde like a maid at rear ffnta:
Why eltouM you think you will fiud her by
ruviug i
Never waa greater mlatake than to hate
Try loviinr.
Winter Fkkdino in thx Dairy. It is
important that the dairyman should so
feed his cows as to cause them to hold out
their milk to the end of the season ; and
no dairyman can afford to have a shorter
season than three hundred days. Unless
he feeds something better than dry corn
stalks he cannot expect to prolong the
season of lactation through December,
and if his herd do not come in till the
middle of March, they should not go dry
till about the middle of January. If he
has provided fodder corn, cut in blossom,
bound it in bundles and sot It in larne
shocks, so as to remain green and bright,
he will find little difficulty in keeping up
a fair flow of milk; but this should be fed
with good clover hay, or with four or five
pounds of wheat middlings per day. If
he is obliged to feed ordinary corn stalks
and he is provided with a feed cutter, let
him cut these stalks into short lengths
and mix two quarts of middlings and one
quart of corn meal per bushel, after moist
ening the cut corn, and then let it lie in
mass for about twelve hours and warm up
some; this will somewhat soften the
woody fibre of the stalks, and render the
whole more digestible. The new process
linseed meal may be purchased at one
cent per pound by the ton, and the dairy
man cannot make a better investment
than to purchase enough to feed each cow
one pound per day. If it is continued all
winter, he will find his herd in most satis
factory condition in the spring, and will
have no trouble with them when they come
in. A little oil meal is tho beBt substitute
for grass in the winter at least till dairy
man shall supply themselves with green
ensilage of the various kinds of grasses,
preserved in silo, so completely, as to be as
sweet and succulent as when cut. This
day may arrive in the future, and then
winter feeding will be the continuation of
the summer ration grass. National Live
stock Journal, Chicago.
Pressrvid Potatoes. The great draw
back in the past in the way of an extended
export trade of potatoes from this country
has lain in the fact that in ocean voyages
the vegetable is susceptible to sweat and
rot, and on arrival the losses from this cause
are often found to counterbalance the profit.
This inconvenience seems to be overcome
by the recent invention of a machine for
pressing and preserving potatoes in such a
manner that they may be dried and kept
for a number of years in any climate. It
is said that no oxidation or fermentation
takes place in the process, and that often
the potatoes after they go through the en
tire process retain to a great extent their
natural taste and original freshness. We
understand that shipments of these pota
toes made to England recently, more par
ticularly those from California, have com
manded earnest attention, and that the de
mand for them largely exceeds the present
mtmlv. It ia claimed that in the operation
or curing no chcmlcala are needed, every
thing being done by a simple machine,
which is capable of preserving six hundred
bushels of potatoes in twenty-four hours.
The machine not only presses the potatoes,
but lays them on a tray in a concave form
with the hollow side down. After the
pressure they are put into a drying apparatus
where they remain for two hours, then
they are ground into coarse meal resembling
cracked rice. The first shipment of pre
served potatoes to Liverpool brought the
handsome sum of $160 per ton more than
all expense of shipment. Last year about
twenty tons were shipped by ODe 8an
Francisco merchant which brought forty
five English shillings per hundred weight,
or nt a rate of 1.50 per bushel for green
potatoes. This surely would leave a good
margin for cost of preserving and profits.
Milk as a Cacse of TcBcaocLors Dia
bases. Mr. Fleming, verterinary surgeon
to the Royal Engineers, has insisted upon
the urgent necessity that exists for prevent
ing the consumption of the milk and flesh
of diseased cattle. In a paper recently
read by him at Norwich, England, be has
adduced further proof of the extreme dan
ger to the public from this source, and
these proofs are certainly startling and
worthy of notice. We learn that tubercu
losis among cattle is greatly on the increase,
and especially in the higher bred stock,
some authorities going so far aa to assert
that five per centuin are affected. As dairy
cows are never inspected as to their Mate
of health, as they furnish by far the hum
proportion of phthisical bovinea, there can
be no doubt as to the gravity of toe ques
tion in its relation to human tabereulosia
As the pig. an omnivorous creature like
man, and bearing, analogy to the lord caf
creation in other respects, a moat readily
Infected by feeding with milk or tubercle,
there is every reason to think that mankind
and particularly children, mar be a (ua.
aptibw as Uva porcine tribe. It ia eotne-
Dibkotions for protecting trees against
the codling moth : The moth deposits its
eggs in the calyx of the young fruit ; in a
few days they hatch, and the worm bur
rows into the core of the apple. In about
three weeks it attains full size and escapes
from tin applo and takes shelter in the
scales of the bark of tho trea or other such
place. All wormy fruit should tie picked
or knocked off, gathered from the ground
and disposed of before the worm escapes.
Scrape and clean the bark of the trees thor
oughly during the early spring, and see
that no cocoons are left in the crevices.
Place bandages of old cloth, carpet or rags
around the trunks ana large orancues oi
every tree some time in the month of June
to trap the worms; examine these every
few days and kill, of course, all worms that
are trapped.
As a late result of scientific research, the
miblic is informed that dangerous poisons
are formed within the bodies of dead poul
try from which the entrails have not been
removed for some time after death, and
that human beings may. and, as a matter
of fact, have lost their lives in consequence
of eatine the flesh of fowls in this condi
tion. Common sense has always taught
that poultry certainly could not be improved
by the presence within it ot a mass ot pti-
trifying intestines ; and, now that science
has given authority to the lesson, let us
hope that all municipalities will follow the
lead of the few which nave proniniiea any
but cleaned poultry being offered for sale in
their midst.
No Plaok Like Home. Robert Collyer
In a recent lecture said : If preachers ever
exhaust the Bible, so that they must find a
' store of texts to preach from, 1 think
this is sure to be one of them, "There's no
place like home." In the heart of a grain
of wheat there is one spot like gold ; it im
parts that certain delicate color to ground
wheat which we admire so much ; and if
you sow it, there lies the germ of all the
harvests. What that germ is to the grain
home is to the man. When our mother
has done with us, and the bread of strangers
is the staff of our life, we wonder if any
body ever will make things taste as good as
those she gave us in olden time. Many
parents make sad havoc of their children
in their haste to make men of them.
Fresh Eoos During Winter. The pro
duction of eggs during cold weather is
largely under the control of the one who
has charge of the fowls. Hens supplied
with warm and comfortable quarters and
an abundance of suitable food as a rule re
ward the owner with a bountiful supply of
ejrn-s. In connection with liberal care
should be observed the aires of the fowls.
Geyeli n and other scientists who have looked
into the matter state, and Prof. Milesquof.es
the following proportion as applicable to
the average of poultry : -"f iret year alter
hatching, 15 or 20 eggs; second year, 100
to 120; third year. 120 to 135. and the
fourth year after hatching, 100 to 115 eggs,
after which time there is a visible decrease,
the fifth year being accorded only 60 to 80
eggs. Fowls require a variety of food.
Corn fed alone tends to the production of
eggs. Wright in his book on poultry places
finely ground oats, thoroughly moistened,
but not made into a slop, at the head of the
list as a standard food for poultry. He fur
thermore recommends the mixing of all
soft food with boiling water and the feeding
of it while it is yet warm. Of the whole
grains he gives buckwheat the preference
and next to this he advises good sound bar
ley. Laying bens should also have a liberal
supply in way of fresh vegetables and any
irreen obtainable. Scraps of meat chopped
tine and mixed with bits of food
from th', table are also desirable. The food
may be further varied by using wheat
screening or middlings and shorts mixed
and wet with water. Burnt bones or oys
ter shells or bits of pounded lime, mortar
and gravel must be regularly furnished.
These substances present the occurrence of
soft-shelled eggs and are relished by the
hens. A box ot dry ashes placed where it
is always accessible insure freedom from
vermin. To present tne matter in a nut
shell, furnish suitable accommodations, oh
tain and keep excellent breeds, feed as
great a variery or diet as possioie, ana reea
as much as they wtll eat a hungry hen will
not be a laying hen. In very cold weather
and a little cayenne pepper to the morning
ration, which, by the way, snouia i e maac
neither too wet nor given too hot. Supply
plenty of water and observe regularity in
feeding and also in gathering the eggs.
The Vermont dairymen's association at
their annual meeting in St. Albans, elected
the following officers: President, E. D.
Mason ; vice presidents, W. T. Sprague, C.
S. McAlister, E. S. Wood ; secretary, O. 8.
Bliss ; treasurer, H. W. Vail.
Mr. J. O. Goodhue, Versbire, Vermont,
writes to the New England Farmer that
his turkeys do an extensive business in de
stroying the Colorado potato-beetle, pick
ing thoui off the vines and seeming to rel
ish tlicm "almost aa much M corn, and
this waa the more surprising, as the field
was alive with grasshoppers."
Mr. J. W. Sanborn, of the New Hamp
shire agricultural college, reports this as
one result of certain experiment in reed
ing cows: "Changing from meal to bran
there was a loss of 17.7 per cent in the
butter producing capacity of milk ; chang
ing from bran to meal there was a gain
the butter-producing capacity of milk of
21.8 percent
There is an increased production of flag
in New England. It ia said four time the
usual quantity of flax was raised in the
Atlantic state that there has been previ
ously. New York also has taken a ntw
start in this direction.
The Senate of France, by a vote of 254
majority, has passed a bill making the
study of agriculture obligatory upon the
children in their elementary schools.
The turkey was brought to England in
the early part of the 16tn century by Win.
Strickland, lieutenant to BebsV-tian Cabot.
Since that time it ha been acclimatized in
most part of the world ; but t' e domestic
bird, contrary to toe usual rule has degen
erated in aixe, flavor and beauty. Toe
flesh of the wild turkey, it may not be
known, is more pheasant-like than that of
the domestic varieties of tte bird.
Sunflower seed 1 highly recommended
by fancier as food for poultry, especially
as it tends to give a brilliant and glossy ap
pearance to the plumage of exhibition birds.
It is also excellent for stimulating the pro
duction of eggs, and moreover fowl are
eery food of it. For covering or screening
unsightly spot about the farm buildings
the aunfiower ia very nsrfuL and it needs
absolutely no care or attention. A new
Human variety baa lately been introduced
into this country which is remarkable for
the size of it flower, specimen of which
bav been exhibited ia Philadelphia, meaa
arinf sights: lo twenty lacks hi datsatar.
Marrying- Money.
Miss Kate Chase was young, beautiful,
courted, idolized and the brilliant daughter
of a powcnul and popular public mau. But
she was poor; she wanted to be rich. She
married a man who but for his money and
position she never would have thought of
tor a husband, lie was course hy nature,
boorish in manner, and generally unsuited
to ber. But he bad a name and was rich
Ho was supposed to have a fortune of mil
ions ; she did not and could not love him.
But she married him, virtually selling her
self to him, youth, beauty, proud name
all, for his money and as she fondly hoped,
for permanent wealth and power. No
young man, of her own years, even if
were rich in the greater fortunes of heart
and ability, was worth the proud beauty
attention. She could wed none such. She
would marry a rich man for his money.
She did. Her name became Spraeue. so-
called matrimony making her mistress of
his name, fortune and title, and ho master
or her. tsue was now, as Washington par
lance goes, mrs. senator sprague.
Miss Lily Somebody was a c erk in the
treasury department at Washington. She
was a poor girl, but had a poor girl' pure
name and a natural dower of beauty. She
lived with her mother, and with her salary
as clerk supported her ; it was enough for
oom, u tuey aesirea lo Jive comforlab v
and not gaudily. But her young life caught
so mucn or tue splendor or Washington
upper me, tne most or it snoddy and vul
gar out sun piazing and brilliant, that he
young head was turned by it. Young men
comely in maniint sa, honor and promise of
usefulness, moving in her own rank, no
longer were augnt to ner ; she would mate
with none such. She would live on fairer
bread, and have a husband who could dress
her well and give her p tfition. A decrepid
oil man, shaking with palsy, and disgust
ing in his weakness even to those of his
own age, crossing the girl's path, saw the
hunger of her face and saw she was readv
to sell hei'Belf, youth, beauty and all, for
ijuBiuuu auu money, ne had the former.
and pretended to the latter. He reached
out his palsied hand, and the over-rine fruit
dnipped into it the giddy, beautiful and
aniuitious young treasury clerk became Mrs.
1 hese two girls, both possessed of vnntli
and beauty, and one at least, of hiirh line-
BC " seiiius mm grace oi ner own be
sides, became the wives of two United
States senators. This made thein the wives
of officials of great dignity and station
omciais standing next in power and rank
to tue presiaent of the republic, and rep
resenting in the United States the official
rank and social power represented bv their
graces m England, the dukes. So they
were uiguiy married, as the phrase goes.
But neither loved the man she married.
aud so both were virtually mistresses more
than wives. They got all that they bar
gained for that is to ssy, got to be sena
tors' wives, and bad plenty of money, so
long as it lasted. The men got their dainty
prizes and, while the novelty lasted, were
perfect old fools over them. Then came
the re-action on both sides and all sides.
The end was inevitable disgust all round,
and now two scandals are filling two worlds.
Here is a lesson two of th.m indeed
for the young woman who is determined to
marry for no such sentimental thing as love,
but for something substantial in the shape
or money. Any sucn nail ncttur study
over these cases in which two of her sisters
tried the experiment. Then she will not
follow their example. Instead she will let
her hand follow .lor heart, and unite her
lot with some manly, noble young man,
who has his fortune to make yet, perhaps,
but who, with her love to cheer aud her
thrift to aid him, will in the and surely win
it. Ten times to one it is the poor lover
poor, we mean, only in this world's gear
who makes the rich husband and the
great man. Any girl, who amounts to
anything herself more than a milliner's bill
or a doctor's bill, who finds a young man
with the right mettle in him, can lead him,
by the fairy hand of love, into almost any
eminence that she will provided she go
happily along in the same pathway with
him. The old saying : "I had rather be
an old man's darling than a young man's
slave," is false through and through.
There is no half-way bouse in married life;
there can be no happiness in it without
love. The girl who thinks gold will bring
happiness to a loveless union is simply dis
cussing a proposition to sell herself at so
much a pound or so much a year. Kate
Chase has tried this. Lily Somebody has
tried it. What girl wants to follow where
they have gone, and end where they are ?
The Courtesies of Life. Wm. Wirt's
letter to his daughter on "the small, sweet
courtesies of life," contains a passuge from
which a deal of happiness might be learn
ed : "I want to tell you a secret. The
way to make yourself pleasing to others is
to show tbem that you care for them. The
whole world is like the miller of Mansfield
who cared for nobody no, not he lie
cause nobody cared for him. And the
whole world would serve you so if you
gave the same cause. Let everyone, there
fore, see that you do care for them, by
showing tliem wl t Sterne so happily calls
the 'small couttesie,' in which there is no
parade, whose voice is too still to lease,
and which manifest themselves by tender
and affectionate looks and little kind acts
of attention giving others the preference
in every little enjoyment at the table, in
the field, walking, sitting or standing."
Show Respect fob Women. There is
nothing in which young men are so thor
oughly mistaken a in the low estimation
they form of the integrity of women. Not
of tttetr owa mottsc. and sisters, but of
other, who,- they forget, are somebody
else's mothers and sisters. As a rule, no
person who surrenders to thi debasing
nanii is to ne entrusted witn an enterprise
requiring integrity of character. Plain
words should be spoken on tlie subject, for
tne evn is a general on. If young men
are sometimes thrown into the company of
the thoughtless and depraved women, they
have no right to measure all women by
what they see of these, than they have to
estimate the character of honest respectable
people by the development of crime in our
police courts. Let our young men remem
ber that their chief happineas in life de
pends on their utter faith in women. No
worldly wisdom, no misanthropic philoso
phy, no I'-neralization, can weaken this
truth ; it stands like the record of itself
for it is nothing less than this and should
put an everlaating seal upon lips that are
wont to speak lightly of women. Lynn
Combination Clothing Store ?
Overcoats, Ulsters aad Reefers for the Holi
day trade. 3 lines Mon's beavv Winter
Suits $6.00 ; 4 lines all wool Suits at $10,
(regular sizes, former price $12) which is
less than Jobber's prices.
ES Odd Pants and Vests very cheap.
EJttLot Underwear at 65c to close, former
price 75c.
Silk Ildkfs, Jeck Ties, Bows and Scarfs,
Scarf Pins, Cuff and Collar Buttons,
for the Christmas trade.
Is in full blast at his
No. 5 Crosby Block,
1st door south of Cheney fc Clapp'g,
whore he can accomodate his
customers with
Km and Kmlkr.
We lite hj Fill tli ; but Faith li not th ilnv
(X Mxt and Icgtmd. K&Hoiri tIoou and Ood'i
ttiurt;'i and Unty'i. n.-Ter are at odd..
Whfti a tit our Kmaor of IiIm olnldrou ura
Ju-tie and morcy an -J Humility,
A reiihoimble aarv.ee or good dfeda,
Puro 1 it hue, tmi(rn,a lo bumau ueeria,
Htvroi.ct and fast, and pray Mr tot hunt tome
Tim M.jter' footpilnu in our daily ways?
Nu knotted mooiii'km n t -.aortii'.ial km ft,
Rut uie calm beaucv of au ordra,. Hie
Wlioft; vtry breHtliliiff in unword?d j.raic
A life that Htaudn. as an true livei hava ktood,
faal roold la ibu faltb (hat Uwd la foodT
Prram not, O loul ! that aiuy !. the tank
'I lni M-t before thee. I f it prove-,, at lenKth,
At Wtfii it may, beyond thy natural umiKth,
Puuht not, dt-hpair not. A atUilj may tut
A falhor, pray the KverlaMhig (J.iorl
For lif til and guidance 'midil too mi bile auarcs
Oi efn, thicK-plauLed In liie'a thoroughfare,
Ktr-iiritual nerve and mo ml hardihood.
Hill, listening 'uii'lHt thw uuisei round aiiQut
Of i line and no me, the lutvardnpe.ikiutf word,
HitUriu biaiutj, hweet In unpr.vai lioAni,
FH-roiim the tumult of tli world without:
'lo In alt h ot i-oul a voitit) to chuer and pitiato,
To guilt the wrath of the BuoH'iiidi I
Rut wtant avail Inadequate wordn to touch
Tiic Innermost of Truth? huii 1 e.srniv,
lllimfeu Kiid wf-ak, io ut nt mid I ad ibe way,
Or grar-p a theme for biikHh overmnc'i t
Y et 1 it he that loinethiim not nv own.
Some shadow of lhu Thong-nt to which our
none tue
And creeia and ritual are uucertain dreams,
In eves to my unworlliiue made know..,
I may uot hide wtiat et I i-citreolt dre
To uur, lenon doubtful hps of mine
Tne real nem faint1, the fitnej-s lew divlue.
So through the uuietoiau inward pravar,
J own the faith which neetni the liiupie truth
At erening tim , aa in the dawn of youth.
John Greenraj Whitttr.
W hen ttir imze
Turns oa thine own aoul ; he nioat aevere ;
Jiut, wln u it fallBUpon a felluw-mao
Let klndue-H then control It: and refrain
From that belittling coimure that apnuns forth
From cowmen Upi like weed from marnhy noil.
a ia nnctier.
Pearls of 1 bought.
still mm.
Reduction of Priis: !
fro. 1 Granite Block.
Call and see for yourself and take your choice.
Wa alao have Haohinea to Rent.
We also have the PATENT STAR THKADLK to
aa; oiacbiue.
Grand Annual Clos
ing Out Sale
Of my tire stock of Foreign and
Domestic Dry Goods, Carpets, Oil
Cloths, Mats, Rugs, &c, at an im
portant reduction of prices, previ
ous to stock taking.
Special and unpurallelled
will be offered during this Sale in
Dress Goods.
Black Silks, Brocade Silks, Satin
de Lyons, and Velvets, Ladies' and
Misses' Cloaks, Dolmans, Shawls,
Felt Skirts, Ladies', Gent's and
Children s Underflannels, Hosiery
and Gloves, Corsets, Knit Goods,
Flannels, Jilankotn, Linen Goods
and Carpets.
Sin ha a ereat many tools , but a lie ia
the handle that tits thuui all.
DifScultica are the stones out of which
all God's houses are built. F. W. Fbcr.
Trust a man to be good and true, and if
he it not, your truat will tend to make him
such. ilax ilullcr.
Supposing all the great points of atheism
were formed into a kind of creed, I would
fain ask whether it would not require an
infinitely greater measure of faith than any
set articles which they so violently oppose.
Nothing is ever done so as to really please
our Great Father, unless we would also
have done it though we had had no Father
to know of it. John Huakin
It is a great misfortune to have a fretful
disposition. It takes the fragrance out of
one's life, and leaves only weeds, where a
cheerful disposition would cause flowers to
bloom. The halnt of fretting is one that
grows rapidly unless it he sternly repressed
and the best way to overcome it is to try
nl ways to look on the cheerful siilu of
Talk of science as being irreligious,
atheistic I Science i creating a new idea
of God. It is due to science that we have
any conception at all of a living God. If
we do not become atheists one of these
days under the maddening effect of Prot
estantism, it will bejdue to science, because
it ia disabusing us of hideous illusions that
tease and embarrass us, and pulling us in
the way ot knowing how to reason ahout
the things we see. (J. IS. troUiwgn im.
Do not suffer yourself to be hurried
away by the impetuosity of your passions,
but in all your pursuits have a regard to
Justice, and in all your speculation let truth
be your aim. Whatever is agreeable and
consonant to thy system, O Universe, is so
to me. Nothing is either premature or too
late, in my apprehension of things, which
is seasonable to nature and conducive to
the good of the whole. Marcus Aurelius.
It is not for him who accepts the spirit
ual interpretation ef life and nature to af
firm or fear any real antagonism between
the world within u and the world without.
. The work of nature displayed in
all these forms of being is not merely anal
ogous to the divine word ; the work of na
ture i the divine word. Ur. a. 11. taa-
The reason why the men of the world
think so little of Christ is, they do not look
ut him. Their backs being toward the sun,
they can floe only their own shadows, and
are, therefore, wholly taken up with theui-
atilves, wniie tne true disciple, looking on
II 'lAil nil B-'a u ,1 v. fi I
Preacrlbrrt hf I'hv.l, ini, nit llrilir.
glala for nonrly Fifljr lian,
THK8IUKl:rfl'SAKSAI'ARIU.A la Inst what It
pnrpo:ia m uo. U,ti fmAj, ,v. li. 1 havoloni;
prescribed It, mill tnink' it a most valuable nieill
clne. Jirmiah Make, M. J) , Wlmantim, A'. 11
Have know ii it for nearly half a iwntury. Our
eoufldouoo in It ll lu no way impaired. Carllim i
Iluvrn. lyninQMt. Lnwell. I spirit wilh cnOdenoe
of ll, having privcrilieil It for U-hteen years. &
Sf. Wmmor, Jf. I)., Voncjjtoicii, A. 11. (live mc
the ! bakers' Sursaparilln lu preference to all oth
ers. C. A. Oiuftn. He. M. V., Jiaaiuu. I have the
most unbounded uouUdcnuc in Us beaUuuand ren
ovating properties.- M m R Prttton, DrugiM,
Portsmouth. A' It. I consider It the bent prepara
tion made. A. Jl. Wiibo. , bruggut. l o on.
Do not fail to miik-ii a trial of tills great Blood
Purifier, Appetiser, and Tonic, the first an 1 best
of all medicines called SarsapnnlU, which is pra
pared from Si'leetjd Hhakkk Hoots, Hkkbs, an l
Behkiks by ihe Cantkiibdi.y society of hiiaic.
Eitn, aud Is beyond all eomparhoa the purest,
safest aud mint effective family m dicine la the
world. Ask for rohBRTT'BBHAKP.ns' MAnSAFlRIL-
la. The genuine Is signed by Tiiohas ('okkett,
Its inveutor, and sold by druists generally.
SlUEDK Vll.LAGB, N. H., Jan. 1. !.
TWEnciosp Stamp for shaker Manual.
(A Medlclua, not Prink.)
Abtjths Pttrebt akt Brst ManrOAt. Qvajj.
tiks or ill otiibb Jlirraaa.
THEY CUll 12
All PlfteiixMof th Stomach, Doweli, Blood,
Liver, KliiiU'yi, ttid UrlntiryUrirani, Nor
vouiueM, Siren icsincPfl and tupeclftUj
ruiuttiti ivUii'i'iBiub)
Wtll he pfitfl for a cane they will not core or
i i
Auk your drupRlit for Hop Blttf n tnil try
Uiuiu before you ilucp. Take uo oilier.
D T. C is aa absolute and trrft.lBtlblflrt.rfl for
DruntteuiicAi, use of opium, lobtuxo od
ii arco ucj.
i 6ikd poa CmmruB.
All bn
Hirp Hitter Mf. Co.
uiual lifs mmn ccmn,
m-jtaw YORK.
Aaaclta Over II0, 000,000.
The company, whose asset's are larger, surplus
greater, premium lower, and dividends higher In.
proportion than those of any other.
aju Kates IS per cent cheaper than any other.
oys' Slits and Overcoats !
f Townshend.
Heat aaaortment at
Llbri 1U.ULU1,
Iv imwaril. aeea nolhinu hut bin Huviour
Together with my entire stock of and learn to forget Uimaelf. Payeun.
I he bird of wisdom flies low and seeks
her food under hedges; the eagle himself
would he starved if he always soared aloft
aud against the sun. The sweetest fruit
grows near the ground. W. S. Lamior.
The slightest sorrow for sin is sulllcient.
if it produce amendment ; the greatest is
insutticieut, a it do not. Voiton.
Beauty, God' handwriting. Uosea
Fame, the perfume of heroic deeds.
Ladies', Gent's and Children's Linen
and Silk Handkerchiefs, Collars and
Cuffs, Laces, Fringes, Ribbons, Dress
Trimmings, Fancy Goods and No
Also,- an elegant stock of New
THERE la no greeter iiL iUU-l'UrtiFrirta and
Life-Givino Princii: b la tae world of medicine
than MALT lil 'I EKH. prepared by tlie MALT
BlTTEltfl COMPANY from Uitfermented Mwt hnu
Hopt. It ia a I'erfeet Keno valor of feeble arvl ex
hausted constitutions. It unrlchcH the bluol,
solldifleH the bo at-8, liarilens the muselHg, quiets
the nerves, periVctfl diRt-stion. chefirs the mind,
and vitalizes with new life every tliild of the ho ly,
it Is so, be oHi ie it strikes at the root of all dt bili
18UEU BLOOD. KoM e verywhere.
1 t0"
The Positive Cure
Tor all Female Complaints.
Tuts micpAitATioM rkstorm th blood to its
Hatchal conditio m, dirbcts thi vital poweb
tTRajBroTif, no that TirM onns 18 rculiraJ Biidoua,
tire It ntrenuitieufl tub back and pblvio bk-
tkmj it Ravi-onus distlaoko ouoi.ni to Tint ib
It will, at all time and tinder all clrrani
taneea, net In barmoDT wiili lUe Uwi time
govern the female Hjatem.
Fop thecnreorKiriuey ('ofitplnlntft of either
ex thin Compound is nnsui pawied.
I-ydia G. l'iukham'a Vegetable Compound
lsyrepared attheproprietoreiaijortttory.
9o, fi-'fJJ Western Avenne. Lvnn. Hnu.
Price. SI. Six Boit'ss to ona address. S5.
ATra. Plukham freely answers lUt?tterrio(laaalry.
No family ebouldbe wlthoQtL7diHK. 'pltikhm'
LIVER PlL.Lt. They cure Oonatinatlou, Bilious-
Vitalize! and Enrlchea the Blood Tone
Bp the System. Makes the Weak
Strong, Dutlda up the Broken
down Invigorates the
Brain, and
Dyspepsia, Nervous Affections, Gen
eral Debility, Neuralgia, Fever
and Ague, Paralysis, Chronic
Diarrhoea, Boils, Dropsy,
Humors, Female Com
plaints, Liver Com
plaint, Eemittent
Fever, and
Suppliea the blood with in Vital Principle, or
I.lfa Element, IUO.N, mfuiin( Strength,
Viiror and New Lif into all parts of the ayttem.
ina: elfects are not followed by corraspandiag rac
tion, but are permanent.
SETH W. FOWLE ft SONS, Proprietors, 8
Harrison Avenue, Bolton. Sold by all Druggists.
;m w - ru n vj w i
Sovereign CnrelnallformaorNervonal
Debility. Itroken Dona ConatltuH
tion. Vertigo, Heart Affections, nervous
I lyspepsia, eaknefaoi i ne rviurii'yB, uiouuci .in
Urinary Orpana, ImrMitcncy, flarrenneps. Female
Wnaknoa. Srrp.finir l.nnnea from tlie
sialesUi ana siesuirinp r uu v igur auu auu.
rSoldbyallDrnfgirts. Slpeirbnttla-SiibottleatS.
SiBd to Chanson 4 lUrvick, Hjrtfcrl, tt., or Orcein.
r-jy np 1 r. srOTT'H Liver. Kidney, and Rheu-
ImaticPIASTEtt. Heat in the World. Price
i'o crnra.
f;t iixml
j Coughs, Colds, Cronp, Asthma, j
(( And other Lung Affections. J
A. Uie town of liruiUeborn, hi the County of
indliHiu, hth hereby untitled that the taxea an
neHso'l I') iJiHSrtid town wilh In the year 1878, alfo
tdo rttate tux HsrifMnwl iy the atnte of Vermont
fr thu MHino yohr and also thp Htate Knhool tax
asHer-KBO in the Hume yittir, remain in whole un
paid on the following described lund In the xald
town of Brat ilettoro to wit: It being tho isame
land and iireminen whereon Htirau ii. Chouie and
Alfred L.Clark now reside, and titutaed on the
North nido of ;ren rttreet in the Khm Village of
said BiHUleboro, and hi.nn led mm follow: J-'uutii
hy paid lirten .Street, l'.at t.y lamia of J M
Clark, North by hindrt of ihr- fstatw of Kllen K.
Hull on the'WeKt hy land of Harah . Hnr
anil hoitiK thp Name, land and premtHi-s ooiiveved
to (Ht'i-K H. li.-erl (. Mn(iml nno Kp.il lf'a
gwnd oy thrlr d(!H I daled March Villi inv.i' whieh
in rfiriutled in ihe land reeonJa of m town of
Kraiih-boro, on tho taiih wko in the 2Sih vol
ume and now owned hy Charles N. Davenport
and J li. Kddy, and po much oi naid land will
be sold at pupiic aneiion at the dwelling hou
on ttnl'l laud in said village of Braitleboro op
tho 'ititti day of February, A. D. IsmI, at ten
o'uh'f.ri in the lorenooii, as Mm 11 le rtquifite to
ilim h irge .siud laxL-a wilh conu, unluw previouis
ly paid.
!aied at Bratllohorn, In paid County of Wind
ham, thin HKh dav ol Jauuarv, A. J. IhHI,
A. sTAKKKY, Firat instable and Collector.
X ihe
he town of Brattlfhnto. in the Countr of
iiiuiuuu, are nereoy uonueu imu tue taxes aa
HfSHcd by tho Hid town within the year 1879.
iiIho the Htate tax aswaned by the State of Ver
mont for the name year, also the Htate .-chool lax
wit tun lite name yetir ; alno the district achool tax
aKK'HH'.!d I) aehool district No I in Haul town of
lti Mtllehoru, ulso the tux aasetwd by the Village of
Hiattlelwro in ha id town ui Itrattiehoro, for the
Name year, r mam in whole unpaid on the follow
ing deKunbcd land in the aatd town of Htattleboro,
to t:
It hemg the same land and premise whereon
Surah Choate and Alfred h Clark now reside and
Hitnuted on the North side of dreen street in the
K.tft Village of Braltluh ro, and hounded aa fol
low: t-outh byfireen Mreet, K:iftt by laud of J.M.
t'iark, North by landn of the Ksta'.e of JKIleu K.
flail, on the West by lauda of Warah (i. Burpee,
and being the wmie land and premiaea coiiveved
ti-Clark ll. Reed hy Marshall aud hmily Ilnpgood
by their deed dat. d March '24th, 1873, winch i re
corded in the land records of aald town of Brattle
ooro. on page 1H4 volume UK, and now ownd by
Charlea N. Davenport aud Jonat han U Kddy, and
so much of said laud will be aold at public auction
at the dwelling houne on ttaiti uml m aaid ViUagu
of Kiattleboro, on the Sth day of February, A. l.
lhSl, at. ten o'clock in the forenoon, ua aliall bo
rt-qultiite to tltacliargo fiaW taxes wild -costs unless
previously paid.
Dated at Hraltleboro, In aaid Comity, this liith
day of January, A, li. 1HSI.
flwuil C. II. STEVKNS, Collector.
Estate of Albert A. Miner.
Tlie undersigned, having been appointed by the
Hon. Probate Couit tor the DUtnetof .Marlboro
CoinminMnmerK, to receive' exam me and adjust all
riaimn aud dt'iuaudn of all persona against, the
EsUte of ALBKKT A ftHNRK, late of Biattlehoro.
iu .-.aid Dt. -strict, ueeeafrd. aud all claims exhibited
In offset thereto, hereby give notice that wo will
meet fur tne purpose afi.reaaid, at the oUlue of
SKI'H N. HKRH K, on the twenty-find, day of
February, andjtenth dtj of June next, from one
o'clock uutil ftjur o'clock P. it , oil each of aaid
das. and that six mouth a from the third day of
-lunu-iry, a. 1. ltWl, in the tune limited by Raid
Court for Haul creditors to present their claims to
us Tor examination Hud allowance.
J.aied at Bruttleboro, this 7th day of January,
fl. W. F. 110WK, f Commspsionei-s.
TAI K of VERMONT, Marlboro 88 Hy the
O Probate Court for taid District.
i'o all person interested in the Estate of RANKL,
RARRETT, Hte of BratUeboro, Ueceaaed, tVrtrt-
Vhereas,FUKnERIf E FOR'.l'PH, has present
ed to this court ai Instrument purporting to be
the hint Will of said deceased, for probate: You
are hereby notified tlist tliim ourt will decide upon
tue Prob- t.' of tfuni instrument at the sen Ion
thereof to b" held at th! pmb.it s odlee in Biattle
horo in 8A,d Disil'iel, on Ur. last Knturday of Jau
uory, A. 1). Iks', wii'.-n and where you may hji
pear and content the same, if you see cause.
il E. SV. STODDARD, Register
t;a unit nfler Moil lav, Sow :h, ls.-rt, traiua will
run aa Iol;o.vs :
For stiell.iiritt! Falls. !reiMifl'M, Millers' FallK,
Alhnt, (Irango, l.aMvinv.;le, Ganliitr, Filclt-
tu.K. Aver .limcLioii A lioiun, (i:&tj. 9:6U aul
10.l. A. u., ami 4:7 r M.
LEAVE Boston e:ao, 8;: ham; -: 3:Ihi, ti:0o r M.
Aver Junction, :. 11:31 a. M ; 3:21, a.m. 7:19 r. u.
fitc-iihiiiif f.m a. u;, a: 'i, 4:3-, mon p. m.
lianlner .", I0::i a a,; 1:30, 5: 5:33 r a.
n.il'iwinville :3;; lo.a? a. m.; uiu.'aia, s:;s
V M.
ullml 10:d.i, 1 1:01 a. m ; 5;2, ."':50, 9:11, p m.
Orange i:4, 11: A. sf.: .Mil, 6:57, :lu p M.
MilleiH' FullH lo:40. U;29 a si.; 6:45 6:i, p. M.
Ui minrlPliI 11: 5, 11:18 a. M ; fl 1 ', 6:4o, 10:nl p. at
Mliellmrne Falls, 11; a. m.; U:lb, li:3S, 7:1)3, ll:.
AnitlTE Nortli Ailama 12:50, 1:12, 7:30, 8, 11:15 P. M.
Leflvr-Greenflelil for Turners Falla 6:40, S:45 a .;
1-:00 M ; 3:4' 7; 5 p. M.
Holurmiiff leave HelUiwa Falla for Oreeufleld 9:(jt
lo:40 a. if.; ttfcv 6:4uant 7-39 p. sf.
.Srop Eaat of Ware Kiver K. R. Crossing, but not
at tlie aiatiou.
JOHN ADAMS, Ocn l Snp't.
E. K. Tt'HSKR, Aas't uit-
Clerevmen and public speaker, will
Ind White' f Elixir valuable to alias-
b-ritations of Throat, Cheat, and Lung.
For aale by all dealer, in medicine.
n.BB, and Torpidity of tlia liver. 26 eta. per box.
Hamburg Edgings and Inserlings, Soeratet.
Here i a paragraph from the Comrrega-
CEO. C. GOODWIH ft CO., Boston, General Aoenla NeW EnfTlHTlCl A irotlPV
Hold bDniirolu a J
at unjirccedented low prices.
I would also call special attention
to our
tionalist which we wish every Christian
man would read, and then we know some
will blush for shame : "A smiitly-toiiKiird
disciple is more the Devil s follower than
(Jurist s." Of all abominable, things is
man who claims to be a Christian Koinir
round 10111111! imultv obscene stones, and
It speaks for itself, when you see the yet some do it.
4)110 thine wanted in these times Is a
keen realization of the difference between
Sunday religion and daily religion and
conduct accordingly. Ihe difference
great. Sunday religion is a best dress ;
daily religion is a working suit. Siindiiv
religion is put on : daily religion is an out
growth. Sunday religion is a fashionable
form: daily religion is a real necessity.
Sunday religion is a compromise with con
science; daily religion is hunger of the
heart. A true religious life is not a matter
of great occasional performances, but of
incessant little Tightnesses.
or THR
goods we offer at that price.
EarlyTind frequent calls of inspec
tion solicited.
No trouble to show goods.
Brittleboro, January, 1R81.
21 Doane St., Boston, 3Ias,
Emery Wheels, Saw Glimmer.
mid General Grlndiiiff In-
Catalogue! sod PiiM Liftti ftirntshM (n uppn,
Farm for Sale.
Known as tlie Wilder Fairman place locatfd lu
Vernon one quarter mile helow tho ilenot on
trie direct romi from Lraitleboro to South Vernou,
onenf the heat farnm in the Connecticut Valley.
( oiiui-jts of 50 aien mutiiliiy divi ied ifiiu uivwing,
" i"iuiii.s, nai auiiii ji uicuaruui
'trt'ca HiiilitniKi itre nearly new. in 11 rat class
repair with ainte covered roofs; hag a fine waier
priv.lKe Ut hiue, barn ami dairy. Farm has
fci-pt h ueatl of gMck for th lum three wiatera.
Knr further uarneulan innuir! nf MH'lHRt.
fiAKKii, oil the farm tu
I WANT to let a farm of five hnndred acres
lUlifax, for three or five years to some eiuer
pnsiutf man who understandu sheep lannuij? and
eitockiai-iiJK. To the riiflit man, I can Hhow
oener cnaiiL-e nr a roriutie. tttun can he found iu
Krinsas nr Colorado. I ilou't propose to give thin
chance to any lnzy, shiftless or drunken coot. Tt'a
a wnn wnn active Drama and willing hands, that
t am after.
Angler busings chance, la th Pheldon vm
and Maehihery, with dweiiitur house in Headhoro.
1 win jet that pmpertj or sell it. A jtkm1 stand for
chair sio.:k, or any other hard wood buaiuean.
Kiattleboro, Jan. 2, .
like the many a-ca!led pre pa ration forth dls
iier which only relieve while used lit the patient.
i;i(KH I'KKMANK.N'l I.Y! and has been endoraed
thm rennect for the pant 20 yearn by the leading
uicbcal authoritiea in Kurope. NO cHAKUfi
made to give it a fair test, aa Hit, LASCEl.LKS an-
dertakei to send each suffering applicant a KKKK
package on thir inrwaroing name and I'ost umce
i-luri'M iu in eniie f.n-Ht iui ino iy. n. aiiu i.iuV-
la, Meaira. HiAMJt'M A CO., No. 4 Cadar tit.. New
Thii plaster n abso-
I lately the beat aver
rMtal Heal ai m4ih
Hr3TC4t OrMatTTo. Tta opcrartnn of itth'
Umy (r?m'(ii of aton from hi di?ti. on of
Ihe mna atvre ao! critical orrafinDa known to
the actrnc? of sn'-irt-ry, waa ttaecMf oily parf'ririM
oa loaiay upon Mr. Henry H Htm, a merchant
of hia citT, bT IJT. Iraviii KfDOpy ver)
frlenri of the ptiat vitoeta d ih- operation
Mr. Pt has anfferM aeera! Tears from tM dif
ftcnjty, bat it waa oniy a wVk r-frfe the npf
tto that h w made awareof tba ral caaae of
hit fvtmp'aint.
RrrciTtpT. Mr. Fetiry H. Plrta ha rewerM
fro the efferta incident to tb orrm: Km t,
elir "f th won1 hin erBipietet on the iib
H: rneri kea m a fwd bOrr its' it
tix heo t' wnd (s prfeo,y fre f-ot
ah Thos u?'natnai') o c4rrtr;arir of
theiMr-f wf h?ch he ,irrt. Had tM aa4
nrVvr ca oaed Ir K'iDMy -Favorite Km
in th eant iu mt the rmnp ant thf
fTTma'ra of man wonH ha hn p'etrvi
'Fav'Prii Rete-1 a ao nrfla lh h mm
Cwii Ntinrin' the howe-a. a- i thoa d.a
a4 wntii'awi perv ar to remae Thia
fftsl nadtein m tw far pti by ail emr rrc
,Y A J T7"T3 niaite, ombining the
Mdr.j a u jlsW 'inni'Boi jreflii huui
th ouuiH, JlailMitii, and Kxtraru. Its oowar ia
onderfol id curing disease where other ulaaters
aipiy relieve, t rick id the Back and Ne k. Pain
i tne nide and Limits, SUfT JoiuH and Muacjea.
Kidney 1rouiil"t Kh-uin,iiiin, aNeuralgia, Hore
Chest, Affections of the Heart and i.iver, aud all
Pain mni Aoh in any part cured instantly bytaa
Hop Placer. Try U Price, tt canta, and aold by
aii druKKiiUs. Mailed b?
0ml 0 boatoB, Masa.
Ilannf uken possession of the atore formerly
For Realm ciabs, for A mat ear Theatricals,
Temperance - lays, Drswing-Hootn Plata, Fairy
Pla, Ethiopian Plays Urn. e Books, ttpeakenl
Paul-trot toes, lableaux Lights, Magnesium Lights
Colored hire, nurnt Cork, Theatrical Face Prepa
rations, Jarley s Wax Works, W gs, Beards and
Uousutches at redoes, prices Costumes, Hcenes,
Charates. New catalogue sent frt ctntainiog
full description snd prtcea. Hahubl Irbich
SoM, iv K. Uth btreet. New York. Riwii
. The irtbscritxr having a lunre tu-rk of the best
Jersey Cws that cn te found in Windhsm
C .unty, aad rn therefor? furninh the hat milk
that input upon the me'ket, will nujply all r-spon-ltde
cutf.m-r f'-rtheold price of h rents
perq'iarL Mum Milk frura the fooley Creamer
hTti g all the keep ng qnaiittes of nw rol.i
an1tHuttaErmuk, deitvered atcent parqnart. I
wrtl also deliver muk to any cuu.mer morn tug
or tening, or botii, aa they prefer.
1. C 5KWTOK.
"ftW WEAR, m wife UZZTR K RnMFR. has
left me without any Just rinse ; this is lo
notify all persons that they must not tmt her oa
Bit account as I hal psy do debu of her con
tracting since leanng me,
Ka Chester January 6ta. issi. (v
Health is Wealth !
I. RC.ar-NF-riCT.BanTrTrT.
a Sfx-iflv for HTMrna, P.rz.n. naruismna
NM-smia H-a-1.',h. Mental lprrfcamn. ot
sfenK.rs, fw-rmatorThsfa. impolTirT, Inroion'ar,
F.m.as'ona. Premature oil Ag.. r.u,i f,w or.f
ariion, alf-ahn., or orfi-in-lti srhtrh
la-la so rauMTT, de-s anrt opalh. one Ma arVi
faf mnt caw K.rb tx coniaina ob nvith .
r-aroent. tnt rto' .ar a h"X. or aii hos- g-ff'.a-a:
arm br mil prrpa,.! o Trcnp at n-ir
faaranTr .)i h"i loiif iniraw !a
-a a or l'T rr.id hj a for an h..i-. rrons.
w;tt flreovi.'ar.. irr w.ll a--n 11. onrrh.i.
lrea.mnt d'ra not rffn a rar.
for B-,ni,hrro, vt. J.iHNCtUcfl L.
atSTTSI DnoMTTIISIWtlU ..li p. 14.
L . " - - , - kmim sra.
TIOO'T If in
The exact truth aeeina to be that revival",
considered a working system bj which
to multiply conversions and recruit the
churches, are more and more distrusted.
It is aa ii nature should auddenly start up
to do by enforced operation and violent
methods what he has been appointed to
do through tlia regular processes of the
seasons. There must be thousands and
thousands of people who dread these ix-ri-
omc excitements, as tncre are certainly
thousands more who remeiulier them wilh
Urnl,l snv to the Citizens of of revulsion. It may seem un)rra-
j I cious to criticise any method through which
T...i..K onrl vipinitv that penp'e.become Chrislians, but the (Episco-
piUfja'JUUi" j pB) cnurcti, at leaat, prefera a luelhod
j . t .n wlucu siaiuis io reason and nature, and
We Can te IOuna at to which build people up in Christian charac-
, ter It those orderly processes which are
Main St., SIX days each Week, attended with no revulsion and dread, save
(extraordinary days excepted; qnenccs. The ihunhmtn.
Fmisck SxiKiNa. As matters are go
ing, society neenia to be shaping itself into
an organization for generating the greatest
rKiasihle amount of pleasure. The com
monest figure to-day I fear he is almost
tO take in exchange typiovl i the young man demanding, as
lirsi iu an ifiiiuc-iisiiiri9, tiiakh uc sunn ue I
amused ; amused he must be at whatever
coat, and 11 society and education and
church are not shapei) to that end he will
have nought to do wilh them. Meanwhile
church aud college and social life hasten to
comply, suggraling that the main business
of each i to keep lap a "show.". One
wishes, wilh Douglas Jerrold "that the world
would get timl of this eternal guffaw."
Let me aav to the voung man who reads
these pages, that while the many are mus
anal themaelw. few earnest one turn
aside and seize the pritas of life. I would
have you of thi number ; I would persuade
vou to extricate voorselt from the giggling
crowil, aud hold that life may be worth
liviug even if it de not provide you with
a atuuniug amoavutent evenr twentr-fmir
thmra. 1 would nave vou stnntg and clear-
httted enough to eater the pnHeM of vosir
example aainat the toaidooua, eaiavculat
ing idea s prevalent that th nia oi'jwt
a lite is "to have a gvt time. I would
nava you rem'iae that a aoul sxvldea with
ph aaure i the ulterlv kat and dettrad
ed aul rtusl caa be. bea p-emsxire rules
ths life. miraV aeuaiiulny, be.'ih shriv-l
aud waaie, tilt at laM, and BOt tardi'v, so
oa earth or la heaves can tnv the
ora-oul tvessTt to raasjxvsa. riawaaVr T.
fob WASEnra aud ciAirsiua
la hard or soft water, TVITHOCT SOAPv and
without danger to the finest fabric.
and is rapidly coming into general use. Sold by all
Grocers; but beware of Tile counterfeit a. lu
great Success brings out dangerous I ml tac
tions, but PEARLINE is the only safe irticia
Always btars the name of James Fjle, New York
PV5 VV r S . Sorest, Beat.
LSK ? UFamil7. I.laaV..
KaT s-VotiS. J&X tbl Compound 14 Sura
A lit tip at nlirht will mivm
yom child a Safe ana Ouk t Rest, yet theratsao
Opium In It.
m Over 100,000 Dottles Sold.
Physicians have pi .ho1 it; in fact it wasgoitmnpy
aHfguIar I'tiTi'dan. fl wlil D, t fall too Id thattroublv
Ooup, so tainl Knen;iT lo chll.lreo. Sold by Irnt
vt. C. n.KlN(-"!.L , :' Ma.imi.it' ju. MkUfa.aolaP'a
thsFamUy. ItlsaVsg iWLdfkl 1 filJ' J
Tha tstt large and (Xmstaotlr ucrt?aaingaalaofth
Inoomparabla CZAH XIAKUiO TOW DEB. ta proof
that ihe pubUe aprreolate and will buy tha bast rood.
Kotlung but the purest aad healthiest tnaredienWi
ever entr into ite oompoaitloa , IT 18 WliaiimD
TO CONTAIN ISO sVLUU, or anTthing unhajajuihful,
aad wa aoboit aa wnpredjudioad eraiparlataa with
any other Baking Powder ta the world.
ITT17 one oaa. W or s&te by all grooerB.jg1
STrFI.I A EMERT, MaaTrs. !tew nc-m. Cmm.
I nnntro
Uold3, ' 1 ronniES.
Readings I Recitations 1 Elocution! B0ST0 LEAD MF C CO.
where we will show our goods
and quote prices that we think
will give satisfaction.
for goods most kinds of Farm
.rlur .it the very best
cia ju v -
price the market aiTords.
.-vintr a fresh line ot
aitj rt-f--' M"o
Japan Teas both coloretl and
uncolored; also Oolong which
we think are hard to Wat.
rjAlso the line of goods
usually tert in a first class
Grocery store.
Come and See Us.
That Acts at the Same Time oa' .
and the KIDNEYS.
.T,T,rrr' onrsni are the nature! cleans-
,., l i ilnc worn liralin
will hf porfcrt: If titer b-ririi cWtfed,
dread! ul diseases are sure to follow wlta
Blllowsarsa, Headache, Drspepsla, faas
dice. Coast! pat loa and riles, srKld-
mtj Coaiplaiats, Grarel, Diabetes
Sedlssent Is the Urine, Milky
r Uopj rrtaei or Ukes
Hatlc Pal as sad Araea.
I dill IO N0W READY.
708CliMtnulSUPkiUdelphli. J
Thll viTiTnW ! attlffrrm w'th th Scrl-s. satt enntafna n
1 "riiiwrofc n-atury, 1 aiaoas, ii mrmar, run.
if.aOCti..uWfrf. J Iby baxik,ler.
lTfd trfVI
with tha humors
eapeliad aaimallr
wm restore thehsihr action and all these
iletrm;g evils will U-niMf'0 ; aegicct
thpn s'mi too wfl! live bat touiTor.
Thousan-lhavcbconcurrd. TryttSTidyoi
srtn ma-id one more to tlie Bamter. 1 sUe It
and haltb wtllonce more gladden rotirht?art.
Why sufTsM1 lonaer from ths tormwnt
Of nnachln tooca ?
uit.. ur .joh d istraas from Con-
St i Da tion and Plis ?
Why b eo fearful betoausa oftfia
orxieratf urinw ?
k itt.Wot will enra yoa- Trr a pacT
aga at odob aod be satisfied.
H u a drr tff competn4 ow4
Owe Pari, are asakas si i qaarta of ed IHaa.
frmr (!. or viJf ff or
10bs Priro
Who " la.aMhla,J NeW Trit. hn)l s4 tfe
ifawiisi.uiaiMiufii sviAijaysv-i imu I
V AUINuTON, i. C . JuD. ft, lVa. f
Notice i hereby ii' veil to the sharehnMera of
the rirM Nftttouai bAi.b of itrtuUt'r. Vermont.
ihat a nifetniat of the Mi art-holders will he tit-IH
aithe i.ffli-a of the Kwver, in xhe vilian of
rasLiit'iHMu, uii ti (b iuto umv ii reoniirr inm. mi
locwli, M , ior th uriX'S of e;et!!iir au
Hge.it. to wh-m the as-ett ot the bank will t
.fTL-rretlni ,it hvvred m artNrr1miirfi wlfh tl.e
pmviMv'H ut !vruoa 1 ol lae Act of Cbnrr
approTed June . 1&76.
21-? Coaiptrol.er of t'liirtorr.
()i.-e, M a S OLlrer St., Boston, Mass,
Manufacturers of
WHTF IT.AD, Bmrnw Star Ba!i. War-rsntt-.i
mrn'tij pure ami uhaurasatHl ttj say ia
the niHrk:i
Rt'.n IK til V MTIIAIC warrsDiM
auricuT pure,
L.W. 4 If l I t I- all mists. ani ar.lVtal ksarJiuti In
rjij or on reeia.
KKT LfKAD, mule la atnpa, from tae
I" Hifhe wiue, vo reels, and tar widtk up M
pmvnn i.nrn pipf, a mrashM
I'Me, hut au actual im 1'lpe iua.de a tad I'ipe.
Til FlPk. mails from Para Block Tut
PelPV sOI DKII. Ar. sail
Wilminaicii Garble Works
Liquid H
ta iwmpaoaa a the araeat isnaea la etf reat
asiiifiMsof pacpJa wprettw aa fmwobm a
i KldnerWort wLrcy wrepand. tha pew
anMoneTUiio iits-siad rsaMiTy mem asw
aaew tt ttqwad farm aa wtU aa dry. It ti
M. la pS wp bs taraw woCUea
t aa Uwt pal w ary as
a f infls. rrwm. II par aotUtv
I offer mj whole rock st cost snd Ism tbaa oost
to close up my bolnesa. I bare over 79 Snistie4
aea4stoaea and s Urge- lot of uaOnisliet stocA. i
This ts not a lot of reftue, bar a Rarerully se
lected stock of modern stjles.
Parties ta want of anrtbiof ta this line eaa tare
ts to SO per rent hy callinf on me at the s:d stand.
J. R. BriLL
Wilmlna-on, Tt., Jan. U 13el. i
Head ihis acil lie nif mbrr!
Tf oa wsnt s lns In l-r:!ewv-w hre Hea.
estai sr'es itit.nr aars a. w raa re T1
sel ta. f xl Am rr pr--wv we wi,i ma
tie !Ku- oa Gren trn. f-rfifr. wad h; E.
H 1 '":, a tne ar-w r,t.aa on anal Ntrt oa.ff
b tw mie Ho" PCrr. We rm h p rwa to
a re teneairPia, w tn t o paly srfcn wtil tet4
a a few iiuti iri -v; art oa ir.'-ww oote, r
m c.afarai m v'.j.j. e ra- itt r? arrci
sani sale is Hrat'Duro wdca wa w u ea at a
tx-caia, Jaet the c fnr a Data, Jew r. or s
towQ U' at-re t:a a-- aa 1 patera, A few aAa.SB
as aaaA smcA tor a eaaa coqtar.
Arents snl Farmers, to ,ii "Tfc Vetar
TaifBook," 60,000 alre.ij ant
tirutr wt-ui t.-,a SS ariitia. 1. 1 a day, aw-ond dav
atiotbtT tio ia 4 weefcs : auotherover pju ib aaais
time, Farmern, and other invxpenenord canvmja.
ers of biiaiueas tact, are earhinf from sV to I OS
lr month in their own and sijointDa; 'owna.
Not hint li W- tons; oeedeiL A maa.Tly coo
fr-n-u r. f-ycurjnrn oi in- -r itt-rv tlxoy Or
A mrm, froia ua dtarorrv to iv), with exhauet
n c .aiisiitr an 1 bn-f Bi 'ycphtcrU Metcvs, etc.
In fUtcxU Kn.xrifrUjf it is wnat h $ irtm-a-ft
ia ta Lan.7ipt ainl piinj $ trntvcimomttt ia
ffiJi-fM, aad f wa A quirk jLtrmct-b-k
(or the t'-er, po:;twaJ rnovermtoiiaiiai, jmh:
sieaker, letisiauve aad exuiive officer. To Ut
t j) anl the jiairw s sntnianitai fosnoaxHsa for a
1k ical e1aai.ua. and a fii Je to their mitU a
rrancaime ami cvisnwArp. A Xatwat iiVt-j Is
mBaiare fvr everv Unfne. Now is the tube an
canvass for it. tnp o.-tavo volume, tv-t pts.
Retail prtcea, is German or Entiish, ti.Ti ta C,ota,
or At.t6 is Ha,f Leather, atare expe-newa,
can tef in. biw lonajr cootinnf, town or towns wam
el. etc. Ad1re K. H (I KKAN A CU-, I'n .
ara, M Scbooi Mreet, Boataa.
Voters take Notice v .
n ahowe ramra rs w-nrfe. and a-ii sop aa sf
baAiaeas eaercj to canvas jtmx tova aa ooaa.
Ta Maaa'arrnrwra kave tetTM
i. ed 4 La or OWOK.
CwttseaataJ, IfTS pans, lam
Amartraa Inaxitvrta, UTm, Ac , A a.
s rwvv m-ww a y or fevra: tww
tt s raf4 ta re visc n c ta oa n t. f- ass
Br. KMniiaK, Kxioev Arw-ttca aa4 acaaa
aaa aaias partwy, a a taa aaanwa-wssf i

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