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"Let all the ends thou aimest at be thy Country's, thy God's, and Truth's."
The Reformer's circulation larger than
other two papers puoltsnea in ninaaam
n.inj It local circulation, within the
County and in the totem immediately ad
oining on the east, sown ana west, execcas
he combined circulation of all the other
pipers in the county. Advertising rate
low, considering the large number of
...nVee furnished. Bend for printetl
ales, or call at the office No. 1 Market
Block, Xlliot-st.
Business Cards.
MRS, E. M. WHEELER, Dresemak
erTWartln's Block., Klllut St. UK
5m 0?" Peace. Office, 61 Court street, Boston,
Mm y4i
J RETTING, ft SON, Dealers In Fnr
.nUara, Chamber, set. Carpels, aud Uphol
sterers. High St., next Wert Brooks House.
H9 VjOOQB, 0 UIMIWJ AWT . AAAtaxaa wv.
FA. WHITNEY. Clothier, No.
. Granite Row, Main St.
IP a Coal'fBookyfioulTIaS?" "
sT5fi? S) Su?geonAi?aleboro, Ft'.' oS!n
cWby Bkvk .overVt. National Bank Residence
II Main street. Office hours from 8 to 9 A. M 1
O.P.M. 4
XX cSn and Surgeon. Office and Kesiueuoe
He. a Green Street. 6
FE. FOX, Hoou and Sign Painter,
, Qralnlug and Paper Hanging, 1 so. Main-it.
A J. OLEASON, Coal Dealer, Office
in Oreeue's Drug Store.
EL, COOPER, Dining fc Ioe Cream
a tlooms, I door south O. J. Pratt's store.
DR. A. L. PETTEE, Dentlat, over
Tripp's wore.
SALISBURY'S Dining and Lodging
Hooms,l.slainSt. Open at an hours.
GEO. E. GREENE, Drnggiat, Union
Block, Mam BL,
BA. CLARK, Hard-Ware, Iron
. 4 Steel, Agricultural Implements, Doors,
ash and Blladi, So. 6 Crosby Block, Brattleboro.
BC. COLBY, Barber, Brooks
. Home, Brattleboro.
-TPHOS. JUDGE, Dealer In Boots and
X SbO' s. Judges' mock, opp. Aiuunuau nuuw
and Carpets, Houghton's block. Mala tit
CHENEY & CLAPP, Booksellers
and Stationers, 6 Crosby Block, Brailieboro
, ana puobs, Mtrau
Dealein Boot
UdilislruukB lloc
HD. HOLTON. M. D phtsician i
railaence corner Main and Walnut irreus. Ai
home from 1 to 2. and from e to 7 Yclock P. M.
CA. GRAY, M . D., Physician and
Snrseon. UTS. Examining surgeon lor
Pensions. oihce No. 117, Elliot Street, tfrattle
kero, Vt
Offic and Realtieuce Ju
gtreU, Brattleboro. VU
Mlng.Qratuiiig, Kalsomlng, Paper Hanging, etc
M tirsen Street. Brat Jeboro. Vt.
A Car Load of Iron. Steel and
Horse Shoes,
A Car Load of Weymouth "f '.i.
A Car Load Best Glazed Til a.
Two Car Loads of Fresh JJiondj i
Buying as we do in car load lots, a' j" ii I
very lowont rates of freights, and JAN .u- t".
sell the above, and all goods la our vai'Miit. ,.-i
of business at very eloe prices.
Sept. 16. 4W. . C. V. THOMPSON 4 '.
Farm for Sale.
l rmw offer for sale mv farm situated about Itf
miles soutli of the ceuter of the town of Marlboro
Said farm contains m) acres of choice laud, yields
about 80 tons of the best of hay, has a sugar or
chard of some lam trees, aud about 7 acres of
heavy timber laud. The farm iB now and has tor
lumn number nf veurs. been considered one of
the best In Southern Vermont, aud will be Bold at
a great bargain ior me puii-uaser. i"rimui
:..KiT?,,iur. unnlv tn WILLIAM S. NKW'TON.
Brattleboro. Vt., or to the subscriber on the
premises. UKOltOK W. AMES.
Marlboro, Vt., Aug. IT, 1882.-tfl
Groceries, Yankee Notions
Tobaooo and Confectionery.
Eddy's Tonic Beer!
ealthr til rari-Dshlni Irlnk. 1
A1 New Market to be opened Sept. 1st under
Judge's Bhoe store.
Cash paid for butter and eges.
Wanted !
First-class men to travel and sell NURSERY
STOCK, in the New England States. Kkperl
euce not essential. To smart, energetic men I
,r. ...i nfr..a ... u.lurv tn atari nn.
Will UIU.C pLCllt um.iD u. n. j
None need upp.y with imperfect Habits or ckar-
ima A neus tn. Maine
i ! 'eltoHuns Maion 3J(Iuia SJ'
sMOrma v.i sa d -o oj aaiiai q io sjsi
-maid am uu A'iddv 'pJojiino u H30J.8 CJilV
i tljU3.lt!0 1! I JOj
or Salol
The Wm. Anson Wood Mowing and Heaping
Machine, the best now In use. Also the Monitor
Self-Dump Rake. Call bnd see for yourself.
Mfnri fur uircni&ra of olds' Patent Horse
powers. , L
L. D. TUAYlK, Agent, ijrauieooro,
J. silor-at-Law, aud Insuranck agent.
OBee at residence South Londonderry. Vt
JW. GREGG, OruigUt, Main St.,
opposite nigb.
IN. THORN Sc. SON, Drnggl.ta, 8
. Crosby Block.
HC. WILLARD CO., Drogelsts
, 1 Brooks Block.
. HAWLEY, Dry Goods, Brooke
AC. DAVENPORT, Grooeriee, 3
, Crosby Block.
FROST SIGSBEE, Grooerlos, 8
Crosby Block.
lia-ger A Ihompsou's Block.
GEO. F. BP AULDING, Hairdresser,
Salisbury Block, 1 door North of American
Sr. l
. ware,
11 UU M1U uw't " -
coming season as I have for sev-
my soap team aaiij w wi
a mire lye and refined grease
ana every gauuu ,b x,.. . -
My name 1b on my wagon; be sure and look for It
before you trade so as not to be deceived by any
body else Pretending to Peddle i ON M 1 Y N I AM IB,
Coco Boapaud also for their celebrated famUy
anniaunuryauap. mniu
Boat Found.
FOUND floating in the Connecticut River, on
Sunday nioniing, Sept. 24. at Vernon, a small
.... ra.i. n.r..n- ...in hiv, t.hn ,.mA hV Htl
Mail U:it, ilirununi u.u "JrA
r,vo tn the nndersigued. proving property and
paying charges. ALVIN 8MBBINS,
wa ,,uuu, ...
Makers. Main Street.
CHAI. BARRETT. Machinist, Ca
Btree'., under olo silk factory.
DWARD CLARK, Piano and Es-
tey urgaua.
V. COX CO., Stores and Tin
Ware, Main street.
B. KIRWAN, Uphol.terer, Main
str.,opp. Brattleboro iiouse.
. crrnvn Hivn ORf.AN
TO $10.
vrim orwiNB MinmNFS FROM $10 TO 4100.
VtKT mut, in ntn m it ur bot.
Call and See for Yarrself.
89 Main Street,
a nrnnn. Oaalar In Storea. Tln-
Ware and Agricultural implcmeuui.
iiloCB, aua ow, wiMwwiui .
JW, KEYES, D. M. D., (formerlv 84T
. CoTumbus Ave., Boston)
Olseaaes and Surgery of the mouth a specialty.
Dental Offlce over Bank, Bellow, Fails, Vt.
FJ. BASSETT, Harness-Maker
. aud UeueraTJobber. Kepairnig a specialty.
Corner Sonlk Main and Canal Streets. lyl
Lumber Dealers.
BENNETT. Barber, Brook
irauicuuiu. .
i BTFRTISEKS. Loweat rates for advertising
Tin 1.00 f mI newspapers sent free. Address
OKOT F. BOWSIA CU 1 Spruee St.. N. T.
Of Brattleboro and
Are respectfully lamed to visit my
Fancy Goods Store,
w i. kent oa aand FVLL LINE OF
yyork ana tmoruiuBiioo
mix ju.n.
order --?. ?.','?,!?
LoDdonderry, Vt K.,1
lwiT,a Jlooe mn dam, was ballt in lseo,
HL wltk J',j;Tlp. Tlte grist mill, wnk
an -i mom, bolts, elevators, cleaners.
basVilti sectlo. and doing a IM
aa, t' "- ,n .wan. la connected, and
ten' '."JU sead backed by a large pond
power ! tae year rooeo. lao
sleety of wa'er 'TTU. -.1. t 1 mt
A. A. n BTrs.
1,000 Cords of BARK.
, k, A LIE .
Absolutely Pure.
This powder never varies. A marvel of purity
strebgtn and wholesomeneBS. More economical
th.n th. nrillnnrv kinilil. and Cannot bS BOld ltt
comoetitlon with the multitude of low test, short
weight, alum or phosphate powders. Sold only
In cans. Koyal BAkma Powdkk Co., 10 Wall
St., New York.
A great many people sic asking
what particular troubles EkOWN'l
Ikon Bittess is good for.
It will cure Heart Disease, Paral
ysis, Dropsy, Kidney Disease, Con
sumption, Dyspepsia, Rheumatism,
Neuralgia, and all similar diseases.
Its wonderful curative power is
simply because it purifies and en
riches the blood, thus beginning at
the foundation, and by building up
the system, drives out all disease.
A Lady Cured of Rheumatism.
Baltimore, Md., May 7, )88o.
My health was much shattered by
Rheumatism when 1 commenced
taking Brown's Iron Bitten, and I
scarcely had strength enough to at
tend to my daily household duties,
lam now using the third bottle and I
am regaining strength daily, and I
cheerfully recommend it to all.
1 cannot say too much in praise
of it. Mrs, Masv E. Brash sas,
S73 P restauutst
Kidney Disease Cured. '
Christlansburg, Va., 1M.1.
Suffering from kidney disease,
from which I could get no relief, I
tried Brown's Iron Bitters, which
cured me completely. A child of
mine, recovering from scarlet fever,
had no appetite and did not seem to
b. able to eat at all. 1 gave him Iron
Bitters with th. happiest results.
1 f. J. Jtrta ayoicTAouBw
Heart Disease,
Vln. St., Harrteborg, Pa,
Dec s, 1SS1.
After trying different physicians
and many remedies tor palpitation
of the heart without receiving anjr
lwifir I tmi advised totrv
Iron flitters. 1 nave uscn rww Bot
tle, and never found anything that
gave me so much relief.
Mrs. JsMMia BBSS.
For the peculiar troubles to which
ladies are subject, Brown's Ikon
BlTTEas is invaluable. Try it.
Be sure and get the Genuine.
Book Bindery.
,The subscriber will take all orders for binding
II Books, Periodicals, &c.
an old book binder of forty years .landing.
Picture Framing
In Great Yaricty.
Now belna- received for the Fail Trade. CALL
Main St., opp. Brooks House.
Vnr Vlaasi intl VnfinnitnM. Roftchea. Filet,
Water Bus aol all insects that iDfert houses
plitDifl. or animals, nw 1 N. Thora & s4od' Gen
uine UsUmeHIOQ lUsWVt fUWUCI.
Bliss's Dining Rooms,
Is the place to get EJTBs rlRHWE5l
Uttss s-.b, tor a cse. per isan.
ai lowes, nncen.
Remember the place, under People's Bank, at
Vain Street. w. a. m-i-v-..
(ig Draiueuuro, ...
For Sale !
a vr. and a half of lanl ts BraHleboro, con
tain idk a water pnvilf ire wit! a had of aboal 80
feet- PMuatt-a a qaanf r 01 a miie inini m-s "'
trfsrf. with brick, a'ooe and luier for taildific.
Aiao a dwelling bout of two tcneMDW near
-r umu nf the oldee l ife InKrance Co.
la tae worid-tae all Tl AL urEotew York!
VXho are agvat. of tie oirtet Fire leseraaee
Co. world-rue St N riKE t loedoa r
m. m Pnlirv ia tae tseat of For.
eiei and A trrtr a omiMUt-s. .och NORTH
T ATEKT.. UNI K-lilRK. MllltO-
Hardware ! Hardware !
F-o-ll X-.laa.e-
ORASS, all of the beat quality.
Dlplesssa Awssreess tke
"The New England and Worcester AeTlcjItoral
Societies awarded this Diploma to Kll)a J. rsn
for Enreta swivel Plow at tneir -- '
keld at Worceaer. Maaa., Sept. a, 1, 8 and s, IS81.
Geo. H Lorinsr. Pres.: rumlel Needham, sec.; to.
Pratt, Prea; O. H. Estabrook. - Cyjo relia
ble ajreeta wanted. 3. Fails. Para riut,
N H . . Art. for New Enf lsnd and elsewhere.
E. 4 IINOWLTON, aieat for Brattleboro end vi
nan ,ainb IT tt T TS lM PhrossM, CaTdS IOC
lecant Chroaso Cards, no two alike, leeladlsM)
. niiH i. Tata sck esssf be
eacelled. IS lovely Qirooao Carda, aawr la the
saarkrt, sue , as for Uo. "Boa Tue" caromosv
saairniSoenw la for lsc , Se for tao. I would re
spectfully aaaoeac that I am prepared to rar
swk vultlaf aad addrea. card, of every aad all
aeeenpuotva. at swaal prioea. Naase aeally prtnt-
Twas In my easy ohslr at boms
About a month ago,
I sat and puffed my llsht clear
As usual, you must know:
I mused upon th. pilgrims' lot.
Whose luck It was to laud
Upon almost the only rock.
Upon the Plymouth sand.
In my mind's eye I saw them land
Their weather beaten bark.
Before them spread the wintry wild.
Behind the ocean dark.
Alone that little handful stood.
While foes were lurklns: nigh.
Their creed and watchword "trust In God,
And keep your powder dry."
lmaifinalton's pencil then.
That first slrn winter painted.
When more than hair their number died
And stoutest spirits fainted.
A tear unbidden nlled one eye.
My smoke, it nlled the othir,
One sees strange sights at such a time
Which quite their senses bother.
ed ta faery type oa each peckaee.
Addreaa B. K. MI M'FLL,
mail promptly attended to.
stMitoa uoersu.
order, by
is wantrd. Coat-
Jamaica. Tt.
A FARM o 1B scree, lyln half la We4el
keif la ttaeieabery, Maaa :ay will key a. A
pan saay n
Vweaat en
Beorganlser of the Egyptian Army.
Baker Panlia is not a Turk but an En
glishman, arid it is stated, quondam friend
and companiou of the Prince of Vales.
He was at one time a distinguished olli
cer of cavalry in the British army, but
having taken advantage of being alone
with a young lady of his acquaintance
in a compartment of a rrilroad carriage
to assault her, was sentenced to a term
of imprisonment for this offence. Upon
his release he entered the service of the
Sultan of Turkey, and became a favorite
officer of his imperial majesty. He has
resigned his position as aid-de-camp to
the Sultan, and has promptly accepted
the task of reorganizing the Egyptian
army, for which he is singularly well
adapted. Valentine Baker, or Baker Pa
sha, iB a soldier as brilliant as capable.
His last apoin'ment is significant of the
firm grin which England has of Oriental
affairs. There is inierestin the mention
that the admirl-in-cbief of the Turkish
navy, Hobart Pasha, is an Englishman,
a son of the Duke of Buckingham.
Adelaide FhlUlpps.
Adelaide Phillipps, one of the best of
American singers, is reported to have
died at a watering place in the south of
France, where sue nas oeen spenumg
several months in the hope of regaining
her health. This news is a sad surprise
to her friends, who had but recently
heard that she was gaining in strength
and would shortly be able to reappear
upon the stae, where her presence has
been much missed. Miss Phillipps lacked
but one year of 50; she was born in Eng
land, in Shakespeare's city of Strat-ford-on-Avon,
but she was brought to
this country when she was but seven
years old, and was about as thorough an
American in all her characteristics as
she could be. She began her stage ca
rr a nrodiifv at 10 years old, but as
an actor and Binger of small parts at the
Boston Museum when she was 15 years
old. She is remembered well as playing
in a spectacular piece entitled ''The En
chanted Horse" (a predecessor of the
"Black Urook Desiue iouis nioimjci,
then the idol of women, and William
Warren, just opening uis career as co
median ; it was a composition or lx
mor'a Tins, a fnrimtten wrner. and includ
ed several bright popular pieces which
her sweet child's voice gave an addition-
al charm to. She began to study music
with Mme. Arnault, and caught the at
tention of Jenny Lind on her visit w
this country by her remarkable
chiefly in small sojibrette Prts. to
subscription which was of course gener
ally nilea oui Dy mo u'"""a - " r
Jenny Llnd's word was law and gospel.
She stuuiea in .uonuuu unum
went to Italy and continued her studies,
and made her debut at Brescia in 1853. On
her return home she first appeared in
the Boston Music ha'l.in concert.in 1855,
ana began ber career as an opera singer
in New York, at the academy of music,
in 1856. Since then Miss Phillipps has
been noted not only among American
singers, but among those of the world.
She has spent many seasons In Europe,
singing and acting in the opera-houses
of PariB, Madrid, Milan, Vienna, Ant
werp, London and other English and
continental cities, and everywhere she
has won recognition. In fact her artistic
career.was from the first, one of success,
and in all places she was profoundly re
spected as a woman as well aa admired
in her art.
Adelaide Phillipps was well known
here, and had many personal friends
who will mourn her loss more deeply,
but not more honestly, after all, than the
unknown and uncounted friends she
made in her vocation. She was not a
great singer or actress, though she had
genuine quality in both lines of art. She
had a quick sympathy and a ready ab
sorption into her part, and a versatile
capacity both for melodrama and for
mocking humor that will always be ex
tremely rare. This fitted her for such
brilliant soubrette parts as that of "Ros
in." in th "Rarhar" and such extraor
dinary character personations as that of
"Aiucena in ii irovaiore, weicu u
pends for its effectiveness quite as much
nn it. artiino as on its sineinir. Miss Phil
lipps was so eminent in either role that
no one else can nu euner w saumy si
wi.n hav. nninved her rendering. Her
voice was a pure contralto of rare flexi
hi'itv and twwer. of large compass, and
of the most profound emotional charac
ter. She possessed tne secret oi surriug
ho hearers to tears, ov sonieuium irre
sistibly tender and sacred in her tones.
r.ven tne entrancing vuiceu. jiuu. ajwa
ise Cary never equaled in this respect
the voice of Adelaide Phillipps, for in
stance in the air "He was despised and
rejected of men, from tne "Messian.
Hr blithest success was undoubtedly
won in oratorio, though she sang songs
admirably, and was, as aforesaid, an soie
.rtrnaa- 'For the last few years Miss
Phillipps has sung a good deal in comic
oners, as a member of the Boston "Ideal"
company, with Whitney and Barnaby
Dii nthara wha have rendered "Pina
fore," "Fatinitia," and other light stuff
of that sort so nneiy aruuuu uis oisuuj.
The last time she appeared in this city it
was as "Fatinitia," and she both acted
and sang the piece wun great spirit sou
Skill, tne tnu, uy vnvu
ln miibs electrifying the audience.
The more sensitive, however, felt that it
involved a conraderaoie aeecem irom tae
position held both by herself and
Mr Whitney that they could ap'sear in
such parts, which certainly derogate
from the dignity oi oratorio singers oi
the first class. MifS Phillipps did not
really intend to enter the company at the
start, and to prevent it, when she was
approacnea wii'i iu. luviutuuu,
what she fancied would be a prohibitory
thnrnrh it did not so Drove.
Miss Phillipps personally was one of
the most heartaome oi women, lovinii
her friends earnestly and irankiy, ana
...namiui with her aid to every one in
need who came to her and whom she
could really help to any effect She was
srrratlv beloved by many besides those
with whom her acquaintance was on a
level of experience ana uiougnt, ana
will be tenderly mourned. It is now in
teresting to note, in these days of Web
ster memorial celebrations, that Mis
PhilliDui'shome was in Marsh field, where
her venerable lather died a few years
atro, and where she has lived long years.
ear the weraner xarm. aiiss rninipi
leaves a sister. Miss MsUhilde Phillipps,
a one contraltn singer who haa lately
devoted herself to her eldest sister and
artist. iripnngaeid Kepuoitean.
A New DeTAerrsa-Oee good reaaR a tee
hard unsee a few year, ago waa tae knoging tale
lire sa article is proprietary medicine, wairk gave
t every smrekaaer fall eesnvaleet for aia
I thought I was alone, but lo,
Ll him who dare deride me I
I looked, and drawing up a ehs.r
Down sst a man beside me. J
Bis look was ancient and his ar
Was somewhat strange and I 'reign,
I civilly returned his autre- ..
Save he "I'm Richard A m.V
'You'll find my name among the list
Of hero, saze and martyr,
Who In the "Ma
,y Flower" cabin signed
The Orst new ungtano cuaror.
I could some curious facta Impart,
Perhaps some wise suggestions,
But I am bent on seeing slgbls, .
And running o'er with questions,"
'Ask on," said I, "I'll do my best
To give you Information,
Whether of private men you ask
Or our renowned nation. '
Said he, "drst tell me what It that,
In your compartment narrow
Which seems to dry my eysbslls up,
And scorch my very marrow f"
Uis Anger pointing to the grate,
lis linger pointing to tne gr
Says I. "that's Lehigh cosl
Dng from the earth," he shook Ms head
"It la, upon my soul."
I then took up a piece of stick.
One end as black as night,
And drew It quick across the hearth.
When lo I a sudden light !
My friend drew hsck, np rolled his eye,
And strove his breath to utch;
"What mecromancy's that f "he cried,
Quoth I "a friction match."
Just overhead, npon a pipe,
I touched a little screw
When forth with instantaneous flash
Three streams of lightning flew.
;uest!"Now heaven me save"
aald I.
"W. call it hvdrogen.
Then forth into the held we strolled,
A train came thundering by.
Drawn by the snorting Iron steed
s ay.
Up rose my guestV'Now
Aloud he Bhouted then,
"Is that nell nrer us aai
DAt KAPvUT, BWaiLbera.
A liberal dlseoesrt
Apply to J. . klWT f M.
si i ilms SUB
from lew S doses lor U tkeaessoa.y r-aeeinf
. tan Bond A Co too e sew eepartere aad
m the an KM aow an well and favorably aanwa aa
Hood'a SeraapartUa, tfcey gave Me sarreordeetew
,aa d-ea tor SI. These faca. oo -
Ls u ta tar is tke eossstdmuaa at the
met, els s the wsu, see sasj a
Swifter than eagles i
Rumbled the wheels, the whistle shrieked.
Far streamed the smoky cloud,
Echoed tbe hills, the valleys shook
The flying forests bowed,
Down on his knees with hands upraised,
In worship Wsrren fell,
"Ureal Is tbe Lord our tiod," cried he
"lie doeth all things well,"
"I've seen his chariots of lire.
The horsemen too. thereof
Ohl may I ne'er provoke his ire
Nor at his threatening scoff."
"Rise up my friend, riss up" said I,
"Your terrors ail are rain.
That was no chariot of tbe sky,
But the New York mail train."
We stepped Into a chamber small,
Men came the news tb know.
From Worcester, Springfield and New York
Texas and Mexico.
It came, it went, silent but sure.
He smiled, then bur.l out laughing,
"What witchcraft's UasJ" "'TIS what we
call, i
Magnetic telegraphing."
Once more we stepped Into the street,
Says Warren, "wnal is that
That moves along across the way
As softly as a cat r
I mean the thing upon two legs
With feathers on Us bead,
i . A monstrous hump below the waist
Large a. a feather bed.'!-
'It ha. the gift of speech I hear '
But sure it can't be human;".
' "My amiable friend," said I,
. ' "That's what wu call a woman I"
"i, vLBternalpowerat taaia annoc be."
Sigbed'Lewan vu;utt'raltaired,.
"I loved the woman Id my day.
But ohl they're strangely altered."
I showed him then a new machine
For turning eggs to chickens,
A labor saving nunnery.
That beau the very dickens.
Whereat he strongly grasped my hand
And said, "'tis plsln to see
This world is so transmogrified
'Twill never do for me.
Your telegraphs, your railroad trains,
Your gas lights, friction mstchus.
Your hump-backed women, rocks of coal.
Your thiug which cbickeus hatches,
llave turned this earth so upside down
No peace ia left wltbin it;
And whirling round upon his heel,
lie vanished m a minnie.
: Forthwith my most veracious pen
; Wrote down what I bad beard.
And here dressed up in doggerel rhyme
- You have It word for word,
. IPublinhediu the Philadelphia Dollar News
paper more than thirty-five years ago.
It's perfectly useless, my dear," I
said, as sweetly as possible, then added
magnanimously, for I wanted to temper
irmtiiM with mercy, "but then you are
I did not receive the answer i consid
ered due me ; instead, my wife preserved
a most perfect silence, and rocked slowly
back and forth, one slippered memoer
m.karl nnt of sisht. and the other swing
ing witn pretty grace, wim a usuusubiub
lilac Dow aeiriae wie me. a um mj
cravat with exacting care, and kept
omtnh of her reflection in the grass : then
after five minutes of undiluted silence I
ipoke again: .
'Them's no reason why a new girl
should make such a havoc in the bouse.
I'm quite sure i couia mannge one wun
hlf t he worrv and fuss that you do : and
as for the brealtiast neing late nve mora
ines out of seven, ano Deiug pooriy coos-
ail the other two. it's outrageous : yes,
mv dear." endeavoring to seep cooi,
"narfertlv oulratfeous. I could get up a
better one myself, and in half the time.
I've seen mother do it a uozen times.
Vet no answer. I had exhausted my
earn on mv necktie, so slipped into my
vur. with all due iwara tor my immacu
late shirt front and dainty sparkling
studs, then into my coat, smoothed my
collar to precise smoothness, then stojil
Are you nearly reaoy r asaed ruixie,
I never did see bui.ii irrepr' cnaum
eood nature as Kusie's. "Hat and
a. ... i .i i ,
gloves, 1 responaeo, pruvuseu as my
want of success as a domestic lecturer,
and trying my level best not to see how
pretty she looked twisting a fleecy white
arrat-gement, caught with lilac bows, all
around her dainty head, and looking de
murely out at me with ber pansy-snadeo
ey"You've not been listening to what I
said, Kitiie," I said with much severity,
and bursting a button off my glove. "I
was decidedly in earnest."
'Mv dear boy." she said solemnly.
heard every word, and in consequence
thereof am thoroughly convinced that I
am a failure, and a great worry to you.
I've tried my best, but I can i cook like
your mother. I'm sorry ; just as sorry as
I cau be ; but you shall have one break
fast precisely on lime, snu jm. exactly
like vour mother's. Yon shall cook it
ennraelf tomorrow morning
Now I was staggered. I pulled off
another button, and wished I could pull
out my tongue at easily. I cool 1 and
cook a whole breakfast at that ! Shades
nfricero! But Kiltie was evidently wait
ing for an answer, and silence would
convict me, en I said, with pompous in
difference, "Very well, my dear, are we
ouite ready now T"
mess my soui vwu tm evuuiug ui..
was 1 I danced and ate, and Laughed and
talked with the regulation party goer
hnt I was haunted with tbe nightmare
of a eookine-stove and a new girt. At
the sapper table I ate some of everything,
whether I liked it or not, and thought
naionalv all the while to myself. "I
wonder bow they a, anemia, ana u i naa
hettee have it for breakfast." With dis
tracting cJ carafes I recalled to my mind
mtK rritiriftm which I bad made on
Kruie's breakfast and remembered that
each bad been accompanied by a boast
that I could do better : so of coarse she
would expect to find every tanlt correct
ed and every Item exact, a f isusora sap
at her aa suSw eat ODDOSIte to me With
snortolly ugly man, and so perfectly love
ly was the arch-eweetneas of ber sacsx,
with its precious tender little mouth, the
laughing pansied eyes and the dear little
Instant in exulting proudly over the fact
ttiatsne was mine, an mute, iuow Mint
ing reflections were cut short, however.
rrt. i.iitf a, n. u laff Avlilent.lv thinking
..LIU 1B1.J . .... wv, - J J
the silence between us should be broken,
seized upon an unlucky suojeci ana re
marked sweetly : ...
"Aren't these biscuits delicious, Mr
Treherne?" ,
"Very," I responded, swallowed in
quick recollections.
Mrs AeWlS, UU you suppuse moy
1 ... . , l. -..m nf tartjir- tartaric soda
or well, the other thing V" I stammered,
confusedly, and dropped my eyes before
the amazement in hers. "
"All three, I guess," she answered
-.in. tu rhrtnoh there was a
v, nil uiumni i"lji "n " ; - ,
twinkle in her eyes, foi she evidently
considered me. in iun,wneu a who
distracted with seriousness. .
T ..unluml tn hftVA OlHCUit for
A UlOIllttHJ .
breakfast, and with that in view, began
to dissect mine to discover, ii puemum,
the other necessary ingredients: but de
riving very little saustaclion iroin me
operation,! supped a piece tuio uu
pocket, w use as a gutue on mo
to-morrow morning. .
Ti,D r..oD un,l f,riA anilArl and Kltzie
AWC 1UNW1U " ' 1 "
and I went borne. She waa full of frohc
and I made several ghastly attempts to
U in an onuwupiniy mnnfi hilt I couldn't
W Ii tart ouon ss "B y
and to this day I regard woman as a
marvel. How can Bne laugu aim ire
..in. ii,-.,. i,,wlroil una nixr.v-rive break
fasts, not to speak of dinners and suppers,
to look alter t ,
I'm nraitiva thai.it. WHS ITlidniCht When
Kitziejawoke me with the remark :
"Roger, it is time to get up. I heard
Patric down stairs quite a while ago, and
aha rfriKHn't know anything to do until
you go down and start her."
1 crawled, no, i ronea out oi ueu, mm
I 1 Mnn, m,. rlraaaint irnwn and
-ll..AHi ii.r,i. T i-ainllartArl that Kltzie
DllfpVI. WU1W1 a
always went down fresh and sweet, all
ready tor oreaxiast. i iumu ruuuu m
1SCDU mv uiDiun, ..v... .
and mechanically picked up my necktie.
It was of delicate lilac, very good for a
party, but hardly suitable for now ; so I
threw it aside and began rummaging for
my black one, which proved to be ob
stinately non ef, so I decided that break
fast without a necktie wasn i usu, uuu
i olir.,,1,1 hovfl time to run UD
again. I didn't think, as I went down
what I should have said it a.itzie wan m
come to breakfast without jne of her
.i.i.iiii.An It was heat for me that I
III. I llll.JIl Mil .v '
reflected as little as possible on what I
ever had said or wouiu say agaiu. jo
T alnno thrnlliril the semi-
n.D, 1 on mi u. .... ....... n . B ----
darkness of hall and rooms, and opened
the kitchen door to be greettfd with a
cheerful prospect. The yawning stove
hearth was graced with ashes, as was the
floor around ; the cat waa placidly lick
ing out of the dowi oi iresn uiu outlin
ing on the bench, while Patric, with a
huge scarlet bow in her frizzled hair, was
balanced out of the window, flirting with
the milkman. I stood aghast for two
.uAln m;n..a anil wnnrlered how I had
best address the strange queen of my
culinary realm, i conciuueu uuu to un
dress her at all, but to rattle the door
knob ominously. ,
"Bless my sowl !" sheened, with a star
tled jump, "sure an' I thought it was the
mistress herBelf, an' what do you want
anyhow ?" , " ...
"I want the cat taken out of the milk,
I aald, regaining my self-possession in
anger at her impertinence. "What are
yon idling out of the window VorT Shut
It and build the Are Immediately."
"Shore now," she cnea touaiy, wnu
arms akimbo and face defiant, "au' who s
. . . i . i e If n hn hoflainir me ?
trie uses ui yuuo, , .. ,
If ye's wants the fire built, ve's can build
"Patric," said I with great dignity. I
want no such airs. I am your master,
and I want that fire built."
"My master!" she cried snruiy. xu-
j-.i 111 Baa T hirail mvself to a
oaue au -wu i o- ' .
swate, purty leddy-an' it's not by the
' - . viti i ,..1 17 nnH KxrV iro
likes ot ye s in oe uuvrei, t
my wrathful gaze she flounced out of
'iii 1 T atn,.A alnna At. first mOV6
I was a failure, in the celebration of
which I stampea across me xiujhbu, u
ai nnr -,.f nt t.hA window, tnen
sent the milk flying after her, and saw
the Bauce-pan umasu aganit.1, tun puu,H
and bend doubl without a feeling,
r . i.i At th, Btnvn nfr.Ar that, but
didn't understand all the knobs and
dampers, and bay windows oi wu suu
iron, so tne nre oieu away wu."""-
than T nnaned everything that
had a knob to it, and tried it oyer. A
small blaze crept up ana poaeu n. u
i i.n,.nirihimiAlv tnrnerl a somer-
aruuuu v.unii"t' :. ...
sault and died, and four or five sickly
puffs of smoke came ana Dunu it, unci
which I slammed every door and damper
, . , i : -H tha nn nur anrl trash 1
Bnut, poatsti m ,'r ; -
could find, and bad just lighted it with
rash haste when a uiscovereu u x iu
stuck in tbe morning papeis which Pat
ric had laid on me noor. now, n mcio
was anything that upset me, it was
breakfast without my paper. I groaned
: :nt, r oniit anil rlived into the
in aHguiDu "i "('' -. , - ,
pantrv, without knowing what for, but
came out ueanuK . -
fork which 1 deposnea on uie vauiw.
a... a ... Kwnin(r with A. Rinkl V. Can't-
M V UIC Tf" wua...0 '
he'lp-myself air, but it cheered me some,
so that I flew back and forth lively to
. a au .nuiA onrl waa rnmnArativelv
happy until a terrible odor began to fill
tne micneu. x "" k
and windows, but it only increased.
mi t . . .. 1 :n mw nnaratinna and he.
inen i suipucu "r-: --
gan to sniff around, iinding the tea
kettle dry BOivea vue oivsun,, -
: .. . nnfil .uIit whare-
uiy poureu iu ; r
upon the bottom cracked, and I only
saved the life of my fire by jerking off
tbe thing, and burning my iiium
L . iu ih. Tuil.li nl. handle. It
Duster siw -i" . ---
doesn't matter a particle what I."'d.
Teddia would nave caneu is "
swear woid," and Kitiie would have been
-i i i v... it h,,t. It. dnaan't matter. I
enucacu vj . -- - , .
threw it Clear across too rouiii, mu
made a hole big enougn to nom aa vkk
: . i. - .1 . . u i n ir I waa fliaeourSffed
111 U1D uw,v."a. -n
after that ; besides, I discovered, on sur
veying my table, that I had put on three
different styles of milk p.tchers, four
A,m,uh nlutaa for rain
oulMjr-uiouw, , c-
ment, no castor, and had forgotten to
change the lancy aaiuas spnau u
one s , ,
thing that I waa certain of, and that was
coffee. We had made that too oiien in
camp to fail on it now, so i Doiitu some
water in a pan end set it going ; then
. ..j 1. a,,.! M,t nff fourteen
nuntea uu ; - - --
slices. I knew I was hungry ; douotless
itzie was, and besides, u mignv sunin
. .ii I Itnaw I irrnv less
confident when I found it took four
skillets and two otner irons to oms iu
It began to look like a .rail ?; two
T ... . ... nn. maul - hilt Still I let
people w .
' ,. - i. . .! want tn hnd some-
11 ail siaaiw ".', . . j 7. ,
thing else, for when Kiizie amni ua,
variety I too occasion w K,uu.u...
n.. Mi.,.-, awa and mckles:
Aliens wen k"- . . ,' .
yes. that would do, so I took eight of the
E. ' . 1 J nl sa I V sTaF IHsl
nrst, ten oi uio -wuu,
ax I .1.mks.Ms. nn aisuni vith them.
iuiru.suu twifw -! ,
and woudered if I had enoagh. KiUie
would laagh if 1 lisdn t. bix uig luiei
- . i- r-.i.iimwl lead sbaoed
in a uuuuuiR"
.- i i , , n.,-i ,1. m, I nut Inem
aisn iwCTi rv r. ,
proudly on the table and went back to
chnck my noiaxosj. ""-" "----
-i i ,1 t nr .mi the ham be-
gmn to smoke and smelt I palled them
both on, nrss, wama " p w
cover my hands, but as the nam began
cow a , oun iu - -
i one side, so 1 turned it ovet ana pus
beck. After that there was Dothinc
f. - i,ia whiles an l fsu aow n
H, UV .V. m ...... . . .
.i .ni1 w,-haH I hsdni
IB me , . , ,
burned the morning paper np; out i naa,
and that wee the end o it
t. i. nraalf I want in tn look
x v xwmr " 7
at the table again ; not that it waa so
cheerful looking, becauee it waswrt;
tbe contrary, it was dismal, but then it
i I .Mil that wsus switne cooeo-
aatiosv Tbeaas chilly noraiiisjB Kiuie
always bad a bright fire sparkling in the
grate, and tne iresn sunmiuio .i,""k
across the table : none of that was there
now. List night's ashes adorned the
grate, the blinds and curtains were still
down, and Jo, under the impression that
night still reigned, sat in his Bwing, with,
his head poked resignedly underhiH
wing, and swung dolefully back and
forth. Whatever reflections I might
have been in, to Kitzie's credit and my
own detriment, were cut short by nine
strokes that assailed my astonished ears
from the sitting room, ano i rusneit
frantically back to tne kitchen to tnke
up my breakfast. When placed on the
table it looked tempting, I do assure
you. There were four platters of ham,
burned almost black; three dishes of
potatoes, hard as brickbats; a wire castor
lull of eggs soft as nature first made
them, for I had cooked thorn in cold
water ; a monstrous coffee-put filled with
tbe scorched beverage ; no bread, and
nothing fit to eat but the pickles. I
surveyed it solemnly, then solemnly
went up the back stairs, up-ioea to me
front room and exchanged mv rooking
fir down-town habiliments, then went
down to the parlor, where Kitzie sat at
the piano in the daintiest of white morn
ing gownB, with a square inch of lace
and some blue bows on her sunny hair.
"Kitzie Treherne," Baid I, with terri
ble solemnity, and staring fixedly at the
piano-stool so as not to see the laugh
lurking in her dimples, "you can go out
and eat your breakfast, if you want it.
I cooked so much that it's made me sick.
Patric has left, and the tea-kettle's
broken, the milk's cone, the pan's
smashed, and I broke the cat's leg. I
don't know when you'll see me again.
I didn't go home to dinner her laugh
haiinlPil me all dav. but bv evening I
grew so desperate to see her and beg all
manner oi paraons inaii x uiorutny ui
fended a late customer, for which I didn't
care, but left the locking up to Michael
and departed in haste, only stopping
long enough at tne contectK-ner s iu get
a chunky bag of caramels, which I know
would make peace if it was necessary.
The windows to my dainty domicile
were all open, and I cnuldn t resist stop
ping to peep in. Kitzie sat reanng pen
sively under the gaslight, with the crip
pled kitten in her lap; the piano was
open and there were flowers on it, and
in the room beyond was the tea-table,
fresh and sweet iu snowy linen and
shining glass, and a tall, slender vase
with gracetul lorn leaves and scariei
sage. 1 went in but tne rest isnoimng
to you. Quiticy Patriot.
to (
it t
left I
A Newport Romance.
.Providence Journal Newport Letter.
rnl... Ti...ilat. u.Tv.nln.11 Hub nnt far. fmm
,UO UOWIOIL l.muicij i mw mi "
the synagogue in the sweep made by
ITnir ilraal aihara it inina TViiim. In thfl
quiet spot twelve Jewish families lie
buried, and as we stood oeneam tne trees
that spread protecting arms over the
t..a Tnnnfiillnai'a nnam urrtttan after
nl a , -HO, WUIlKlHIIll D 1.UW1U, ,... ..
a visit to this cemetery, came moat viv-
11 A.. :J r nimnninlltr aa
urn nrn.A a Ua nnntlu Irort fin tVOr.hdHa
the turf so soft and well cared for, the
ouas inai Dioomeu aoove wie utaw, rauio
to our lips:
Gone are tbe Hvloe, oat tne deta remain
And not neglected, for tbe hand nuaeen.
Scattering U bounty like a lummer rain,
Lit I II Iraaaana thnlr DPstVAM avnl memOrT HtMD.
T al, nnnlnausn aMtejffirmiVIRfla llftflr
IU 111 O sjUIiuquI-D
each other that as you stand by one your
8'iadow laus upou mo umc. , ........
tham aloop two lovers, separated auririr
life, but united long sinoe Dy ueatn.
JuJuh Touro and Catherine Hay were
cousins and among me oss is
crime for those so near of kin to marry.
... . . . 1. 1 1 . .1 ..... ..... .lilii.riu if
A TUe VO fcOO 113111-JIl ntiiA iimnnnm
their race, they separated never to meet
- .- 1 . 1 . 1 . i . 1 1 .....I tn 111. ill .1 Tilin-
agUlU, 1,1 Lllllllll H1U , llivu w wiu I'-
. 1 X' . . : . I. - nf than, m o vr! Ill I 1'llTl tl-tl t
pit). IIBUUOI V. Ill V. ... luiiiii u,
with the memory of their love and the
hearing ot eacn otner s weiiare trum tuu-
I...I r.lnnitu Thuv hnth rliarl in .Tann-
vuai ii n.iiiiii. i. -j -
ary, 1754, when he was seventy-nine
years of age and Catharine was seventy
seven. His name was the last word she
uttered, and in his delirium before death
called him he talked of walking-in a
beautiful garden wun atnanne navra,
his first and only love. Judah Tuoro,
however, did not let disappointment oin
bitter his life, for he spent it in active
r t. 1 K.. 1. 4
benevolence, ana irom smuuion nu
tria means are provided to keep the cem
etery in order. It is told of him that he
built churches in ssew uneaiin iui au
sects, even contributing towards the erec
tion of a Unitarian place of worship. On.
his monument the following words ar
cut: "The last of his name, he inscribed
it in the book of philanthropy to be re
membered forever."
Dickens at Work.
ti; ,.l. ... nnt. a renrtv writer. It
has been thought quite generally that
he was, but the testimony of an amanu
ensis who was with him a long lime con
tradicts the general oenei. xne writing
of his novels was toilsome. He would
walk up and down the room for five or
ten minutes seeking to make progress,
but making none. Moreover when he
had dictated nan a dozen pages xio s
likely to change it almost entirely. He
..Miiw wrnnitht nr dictated more than
two hours a day, generally between 10
A. M. and 12 m. xue musi muuuuun pa,,
of his work was tbe finishing of the nov
els. It was here that he laid himself
out as it were. Often he would nimsen
take the pen in hand and elaborately
: , .. ...iir.l hv warn1 Thnae who sup
pose novel writing to Dickens was pas
time similar to a reading of the same
are in error. These cost him much men
tal writhing by day and sleeplessness by
night. The completion of a novel found
him thoroughly exnausieu, aim uusm.
for weeks to do any literary work, scarce
ly the writing of letters. In the matter
of names for his characters he studied
reet signs and directories, taxing sylla
bles of different nomenclatures, and
making new, and frequently, odd com
binations. The most laughable portions
of Dickens' works were produced most
i, . i ii ,:i I'll i tun in
generally uy tuo w.tia. --
hicb patnosaoouuu as a.ih
i - ,i .um rmrinnil or dictated
1 . ILi IV, VM.., w-iw , -
i- .. rv... ...wunaui hi, himself of the emo-
UUI, .1 1'-i - .
tions which work their moods and ut
terances. Dickens wrote better tnan no
knew, and felt all he wrote for the
Aa a man ha was not at all repre
sentative of the virtues he so eloquently
portrayed. xvrcnanye.
Whatever you are, be brave, bora,
Tne liar's a ooward and slave, boys,
Tiiougu elever at ruses
And sharp at exoutes,
He's s sueaking snd pitiful knave, bo; s.
Whatever you are, be frank, boys,
'Tls belter tiian money or rank, boys ;
Still oleave to the right,
Be lovers of light,
' Be open, above-board and frank, boys.
Whatever you ai e, be kind, boys,
Lie gentle in manners and mind, boys ;
The man gentle In mien,
Words anil temper, I ween,
: Is the guutleiuan truly remind, boys.
: But whatever you are, be true, boys,
Be visible tliroiiKh and throngh, boys ;
Leave to others the sliaiuiulng.
The "skulking" and shaming.
In tun and in earnest be true, boys.
The orchard lands of long ago I
O drowsy winds, awake ana blow
i ' Tbe snowy blossoms back to me.
And all the buds that used to bef
Blow Hack along the grassy wsys
Of trusnt feet, and lift tbe base
Ot happy summer from the trees
lat trail t
That, trail their tresses in the fl
Of grain that floats and overflow.
The orchard lands of tarns; sgel
Mo Worth It.
. f XT ." .,1. 1 .... n whn Via. snfflS.
A Cliiacu Ul a.,vu,K " . . ;
. i - In, hi. ,.Siial .m.'f
IDinsul .reuuMmuu . .
and arguments, happened to meet seven
or eiglit clergyman fc a ,a,n,v.
ii ,.1,1.1 trt InLi tha train tn
astliry "cio wa,.,,5 w . -- :
attend a conference, and introducing
, i i . . r v.. - ii.l
nimaeii w uiii, ui .it um i.' -.
I want half an hour's talk with the
smartest one of the crowd. W ho is he V
"Well, Brother v. niiets pretty a mars
was the reply.
The infidel walked npto the clergyman
named and bluntly began :
apraa,.har White, vou bold that there
is God, dont yon T
ie, air.
-And a heaven and a hell?"
"Yea, sir." ,. .
"And that none bat believers can be
saved V
"Just so."
"Well, sir. I dont oei-eve any sm-u
thing, and I'll defy yon to convince me 1"
1 suaxi -
Yoa won't T Dont you wsut tne to be
seven . .
"No, sir no. sari 1 woman t waste nve
mintres to send yon stnugni to neaven.
. II L. , W
-Why not? v;"iiy, r, folks have been
going to heaves by tbe million for thooa
i r , v.... M m erM-h a
enusi us ' , ...
crowd np there that a ema l soul like
vosxre oould no snore e suissax
i . , .r.A liimwa into the
Of mam ss mwh. w -
middle of the ocean. Its V smail p-
. X .v.. luiaM e
Blow back the melody that slips
in Issy laughter irom tne lips
That marvel much If any kiss
Is sweeter thsa the apple's Is.
Blow back the twitter of the birds
The llsp.lhe titter and the words
Of merriment that found the shrine
Of summer.time a glorious wine
Thst drenched the leaves that loved it so.
In orchard lands of long ago i
O memorj 1 alight and sing
Where plump and rosy pippins cling,
And golden russets glint and gleam
As in the old Arabian dream
The fruits or that enchanted tree
The glad Aladdin robbed for me !
And, drowsy winds, awake aud fan
Hv blood as when it over ran
A heart ripe as the apples grow
In orchard lands of long ago I selected.
A summer In a lifetime that was all :
Two hearts bound in a dreamy silken thrall,
A breath of roses, starlight dim and rare,
A girl'a white hand, s strsud of gilded hair.
A summer filled with perfume, snd the song
Of drowsy birds that croon the whole night long;
Dark eyes, red lips, low whispers faint aud
Bush I now the summer dies there at your reet,
Ah, well 1 we change so, as the years go by ;
Sometimes a little thing, a smile, a sigh.
Will round our whole life to a different use
Will chain it faster, or will break It loose.
And yon and I have had our little day
What manor if to one or both 'twas plsyT
The day was long, and glad and ripe with mirth
There are not many days like that on earth.
And yon are changed, and I am not the same :
And, as the eweot day dies in purple flame,
We say "good-by," with lingering lips and
Ah meMlfe is so filled with sad good-bys.
The twilight steals along with star and dew
My Prince, your eyes are dusk with shadows
too: . .
The day is dead now dead I the two mnst part.
(How dark It grows I) "and so good-by sweet
heart!" Fanny Drlscoll In Peterson's.
John G Whither will make h.s home
in Boston the coming winter.
Constance Fenimore Woolson has been
very ill, but is now rapidly recovering.
Kossuth has just celebrated his 81st
birthday and the 33d anniversary of his
condemnation to death as a traitor.
Peter Cooper was born in New York
City, Feb. 1st, 1791. At that time the
city contained only 27,000 inhabitant.
"Sophie May," whose fresh and ani-
......i .tnri.a fn. a.hildrcm have Long de
lighted tbe little readers, is Miss Heboc-
Plarha of Norridaewock, Me.
The Princess of Wales, at a recent ball
wore a costume of oream colored silk
trimmed with old gold lace and red ge-
: - wh.t will riMi-ar Wilde SUV ?
1 1,111 llllltl. uwv ..... .
John Mackay, the millionaire, has be
come interested in the prehistoric foot
prints recently discovered at (.arson, xse
vada, and he has advanced money for
their preservation.
Samuel S. Clemens has commenced
Buit against a publishing firm for in
fringing his literary nom de plume. Evi
dently the gentleman objects to having
his name rent in Twain.
The ex-Empress Eugenia has bought
a chateau and park in Syria for $300,000,
and it is no secret that she quits England
in anger, at the attentions shown to
Cetewayo, whom she hates for the death
of her son in Africa.
Henry Clay's old homestead in Ash
land, Ky, after two generations, returns
to his family. It has just been pur
chased by Major Henry Clay McDowell,
husband of the grand-daughter of the
great statesman.
The engagement of Chester A Arthur,
Jr, the president's sun to tbe daughter
of Congressman Crowley, one of the
president's most trusted counselors, is
announced. The marriage will take
place in the White House this fall.
Preston Power's bust of Garfield is
pronounced by the late president's
friends an excellent portrait, and he is to
put it into marble for Mre Garfield. A
Cincinnati Commercial writer says it
has "a noble look of vigor and menial
strength." and an expression of life.
n.r Wilde's intended trip to Japan
has been postponed for the present at
least. He nas accepteu imusi
lecture in New England and the Prov
ince which will occupy the months of
October and November. He is now in
New York occupying nimsen wun liter
ary labor.
The London correspondent of the
Dramatic Times, who says he h is pri
vate information, writes that this time
Bernhardt is really completely broken
down, and has suffered from a severe
hemorrhage ana is epituua sj
dav. For this reason ner enure crmou
tour has been given up, and she has gone
back to Pans to rest until uer upcuiu
there, a month or more hence.
r.i.iinni who succeeded Jiruniidi in
charge of the fresco work in the rotun
da Of the UipilOl, Will, lata
to prosecute the work further as the gov
ernment allows him only 1 10 a day. He
claims that he has shown that l is work
is equal to that of Brumidi, and that he
can employ his time much more profit
ably on private work.
New Y ork society nas peen agitating
the momentous question whether or not
it shall "recognize" Mrs Langtry, who
will soon be in mat city, xue umr
bloodssre not yet quite clear about it
tv.e tlm financial cliaue will take ber up.
That is, Cyrus W. Field and Jay Gould
have decided mat n win i
compliment to the royalty they so much
admire, to be hospitable to the Jersey
Rer Henrv Ward Beecher is adored
h. the babies. I once saw him, says a
Xaannmlnt. t in I pretty basket
phaeton for a drive with a' five-year-old
' . - 1 w.fi.M thaw K..1 Anna a
admirer, .uu i .i.j a . -
hlnrk he had filled the phaeton with
half a doien dirty little street young
..... fmm two to live years, and, to
amwa all. had a round-eyed German
baby on his lap, sitting in pawe enjoy
ment, and unconscious of Ihe undigni
fied picture. " Well," he said afterwards.
"the poor little todlers kkea at wssiui
. . k. nhuinn. and mv
little mri cuest
said, "let's take 'em along.'' Chicago
P. I- Buell. the veteran exlitor and
u-aatnald librarian, possesses the origi
nal "copv" of.Maod Muller" as it was
eent to the National Era at Washington,
of which his father was one of the pub-lish-rs
The last pase contxins a note
from Whittier, in w hich be says he baa
i m make eomethini of the pas
toral conditions of New England life,
otuewbat after the manner of the trer
man poets," and explains the terra "chim--av-W
from the old Yankee "lug-pole"
eoapeaded in the chimney to harxg pots
and kettles on.
Mile Jeanne Bernhardt is apparently
bo lea rarirkioa than ber lliutttnoos
avater. Not lung ago she was an Don tired
tn nlav the title rota in 8ardoa's "Dora."
at BorJesuix. tne trot through, the first
act well enough, ryot bad aotne ttussrtv-
xttgs sa to the rest, bo, sa suusa sa
curtain dropped, she stole, unnoticed,
down to the doorkeeper's room, borrow
ed there a bonnet and shawl, and then,
without word or notice of explanation
to the manager, made off and sent the
remainder of the evening wandering
about the quays and by-streets of the
city, "studying humau nature." Of
course the luckless manager had to dis
miss the audience and refund the money
at tne box-olfice. Next day the actress
took a dose of laudanum, and her me
was narrowly saved by the use of emet
ics. Tbe lake of Geneva is the most exten
sive of all the Swiss lakes, its breadth
being at some points from 7 to 10 miles,
audits kngth nearly 6 miles, Tbe
Klione enters the lake al Gangiette, its
tipper extremity, so turbid aud muddy
as for a long distance to form a separate
body of a distinct color, but it is so soon
filtered and purified by the cold and
i-le.,r ice-waters of the lake that it issues
from its.lower extremity ut Genevaa rap
id stream of brigUt blue, nearly 150 yards
in breadth, the formation of the river
after passing through the lake taking
place almost in front of the city of Gene
va. It is the only one of the Swiss lakes
on which sailing vessels are to be seen,
all the others being bo hedged in by
mountain cliffs, rising perpendicularly
from the water's edge to the height of
thousands of feet, that sails are perfectly
Democracy (like Christianity) is not
served best by ils own brawling advo
cates, but often far, far better, finally, by
those who are outside its ranks. I
should say that such men as Carl vie and
Emerson and Tennyson, to say nothing
ol Shakespeare and Walter Scott, have
done more for popular political and so
cial progress and liberalization, and for
individuality aud freedom, than all the
pronounced Democrats one could name.
. . . It remains to be distinctly
avowed by me that Emerson's books
form the tallest and finest growth yet of
the literature of the New World. They
bring, with miraculous opportuneness,
exactly what America needs, to begin at
the head, to radically sever her (not too
apparently at first) from the fossilisiu
and feudalism of Europe. Walt Whit
man. A red oak tree, with a bise diameter
of at least three and one-half feet, was
recently cut from the farm of Sam Ev
ans, near Bethany, Ky, and sawed into
lumber. While one of the planks was
being unloaded at J B Tipton's shop,
Daniel Evans observed what he thought
to be a knot in it, and began to pick at it
with his knife. The supposed knot
proved to be a sound dogwood peg,
which, when removed, revealed a lock
of red hair. The hole had been bored
about five feet from the ground with a
three-inch auger, the lock of bair placed
in it, and the pin driven in and nicely
smoothed off. From the outer end of
the pin when the tree, in ita even pace
with time, had closed over it to the
bark were counted 215 growths, not in
nlmlino' tha san which is supposed to
represent about twenty-five years in the
lite ot the tree. x,acu one ui iucm 6w
ranraaants a vear. Addins; this to the
Bap growth of twenty-five years, and we
have almost positive sun muisuumuio
evidence that that lock of red hair waa
placed in that red oak tree at least aw
years ago.
Paraarraphlo Bloekhaavds 'all
tba Iisuid.. v.
i If ever address yonr conversation to a Demon
engaged in footiug up a column of figure.
There's nothing so deaf aa an adder.
If anybody ever longs to be a millionaire, It Is
the youth who treats his girl to soda water, and
then Snds he has mistaken a button in his packet
for a dime.
M. de Lesaeps does not like the English, and s
few weeks ago, discovering that he waa wearing
a collar of Eugllsh make, took It off, threw It on
the ground and danced on ir. This ia the atory
told by the pap .-re, but it ia feared the true cause
was that the collar refused to atay buttoned at
the back, and waa working up over his head.
Oil City Derrick.
One of the yotmger Coqnelin's stories relates
that during a visit to Brighton Sara Bernhardt
lay down on tbe beach dressed in white. She was
brusqnely awakened from her reveries by s wash
erwoman, who piuked her up, having mistaken
her for a bath-towel laid out to dry N. Y. Com
mercial Advertiser.
It has now been discovered, by aid of the mi
crophone or sound magntnsr, that flies have a
language of their own. If the English scientist
who made the dlsoovery will drop round to our
eiiliorial rooms and delicately cross-examine one
of the ten thoussud brutes which roost upon us
when we are writing, and hud out how be got tn,
we will give hlin s diamoud as big as a cut-glass
"Pretty wlfe-kln," said Herr X. to his young
neighboress, "give you me yet a klsslet; I ask
only out of curiosity, because I gladly would
know whether it from jour mouth sweeter tastes
than that of my f rau 7" "Neighbor," replied sne
snappishly, "ask you only my husband ; he haa
your dear frau many a kiss given ; he must it
know." Translated literally from the uerinan.
A traveler was leaning at night against a rail
ing at Harper's Kerry railroad station. A loco
motive came along, and be sprang lightly over
Ihe rail to escape possible danger. He thought tt
was a meadow on Ihe other aide, but knew his
m, slake when he struok In a muddy stream forty
feet below. On being rescued he waa asked his
nmne "I wouldn't tell you in? name for a thous
and dollars," he replied ; "describe me as simply
s fooL"
it mra. Milra'. third annearance in court Within
30 days, and in reply to his usual appeal for clem
ency the magistrate Impatiently observed : "It's
no use, suae, you re sjwi u. ""e- -athrlf,
tn he bniffirin':" retorted Mike, "but If
vour nonueur will borry a pair of shellalehs and
tip outside wid me I'll make it tncovaynient for
ve to nowiu mat opunou. luwuw,.
nn dav an old Tnrkev took a walk tnrougn
the Meadow to see how the Crops were getting
.inn. Haatna a Hnrnet'B Nest bv a Hlone Wall,
she Fondly Imagined she conld Hatch out Ihe
nta. no sne eat uuwu upuu i ' , .uu .,.
n.trh nut the contents tn-snout two Seconds.
Five Mluutes later she stood filled with Humilia
tion, Kunmug her Bill through her Feaihars and
Attempting to Ciinnt the number of PerforaUons
m her Breast, which looked very much like a Nutmeg-Grater.
The lioral of this Fable teaches as
inai 6q.ttung on other People's Property la a Per
ilous proceeding; and that there are ooms Hum-
ble inSUiatlOHa WDWDOSUHW warn, ujfwu. 1 '
rt. x ana tha Cat. An Asa oaeilay Observed
a Cat ascend a Tree to Escape from a Dug, and a
Bright loea entereu uie uww. - " naa a,
t-r oomestoael me to Work, I shall run up the
Tree snd Kemaln for the Day." And when the
Maater came, 10 anu oenuiu, iue ah a.iw o.
the Nearest Tree at run epeeu, aw-, biwhwi
about four Feet when ha fell back to the Uround,
and waa so Completely Knocked Out of Shape
that his Master found It Impossible to Adjust his
harness on him. anu was ooiigfa to ownu ninx
There and Then. Moral Never attempt be too
Veraallie, ana aunt auaeavor a, xaaixe nwwa
Work when you have to Work tor s Living, lest
Peradveoturs you get Left. K. K. M. In Puck.
"No. sir." said the shopkeeper. "I dont think
yoa will do. We want a mau who understands
the rales ot orthography, and yoa have apelt
'aitoauon' ia seven innerem wars, at iron, in
vour application." "Well, what o that I Alnt
that a mark of genius T Doesn't it show vsraault
lv T I waut yoa to understand that 1 alnt one o
them fellers that has to spell a worn the earns
way every time. .10, air 1 11 ma. we aiou ui
man yer want, you u nave w aa auuivuuuj
I aint the I.liar Ml PIO atuweii uuwa ia aa waj.
Uood antrum' ; so long." Ana tne versatile apei
ler walked out, with tne Jaunty air of a third-rate
ac!or.-- Newport Newa.
a t rianit tnid a eood story tae nt ner oay. wnen
la the country last week she picked a aunSower
in the garden and brought tt Into the house
Meeuug the landlady os the doorstep, aha stopped
to have a word with her, remarking, sa ahs
a-anted to lbs sunflower, These are called asa
tneuc sow, yoa know.'' "Do teli," replied the
lla.lv : -t ar.c snm ,avn ii. ."j
hit auiniwm" MV friend eaoceeoea tn oou-
cealing her laughter, and rushed off sa Suae ss
she could poiltei; au at, a, ,ai, www w. - -
era, s lady of apparent oolture floss las city.
Sne repeated the atory when, to her alter aatoa
aitaenith Uvdy aaid: "I always oausd laeot
sat tool-
A aawrhlevoas hoy of Port Jaeksne
iLa grandf at ser's cashtoa pat tacas se ;
Then leaf aed great surprise
At seeing Btm nse
Aad Soaring sis Soros Anglo-Sax 00.
O, October,
Ot tke hushes aad tae trees,
M.ow taos lighUy
Saise tsj wrigiiUy
Oa as ssiirtaia, if f-m pieaee I
That are axiiy
Ohl looaaaav
W Bore e.,t yet got overoosts ;
Pieaee reatesauer
la November
They eases to sail then? v oata
sal I Ts Mesa Mir I
Tn Voltaic Brvv OO-, Marshall, Msra., wUI
eraJ Da. DVB's ttunitn atacrwa.vot.TaiC
Heirs asre Exsvtbio Arruawrns en tnai tor
uurty dara la asea yosag or old) who are amietee
with San use Ketailtv, Lost italitv saw Maa
Bowd, aad SiaairM true. Mae, gaaraatesassj a,n.Jt
oa) ewaap.esB fissutaMoa of health asai saaaiy
TMpaT. AJaieas aa aaava. - " -
jarnM. aa tatrry ssy. inaa -
Make yoa-i
Baaitr-v aad mtrooM.

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