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Chestnut appoaiod In market Sat'
Vermont has 303 lawyers in regulai
practice. .
F. B. Stoddard baa purchased a farm
In Wbiutly, Mass, and will remove there
William Whallon has purchased the
William unowiton nouse on Meed hill.
Brattleboro, for 91200.
The granite work on the Hinsdale
bridge has now been cairied some 12 or IS
feet above mgn water mark.
Mis J. Powers and daughter, of West
Urattlerjoro, nave gone to .Burlington,
Iowa, leaving weir larm unsold.
Col Hooker has introduced an act in
the legislature to incorporate the Far
mers and mechanics' exchange.
C. B. Fairbanks .receives another
promotion as pension agent, adding
couple of hundreds' to his salary.
J. F. Barrett, late telegraph operator
at me annimii oi ni wasnmgton, is as
Bisting Manager Bardwell at this place.
Holland bulbs and California lilies
now ready for planting. . Winter bloom
ing plants 1 Catalogues free. Allen.
Yesterday Cbas. A. Tripp A Co. re
ceived another lot of Rogers triple plated
table knives. Low prices make quick
The Boston Journal states that Geo.
Howe has received a promotion in the
pension office but gives no further par
ticulars.' Apples, apples the highest market
price paid for nice winter apples by C. H.
Eddy 4 Co., Flat st, near Main st, : Brat
tleboro, vu
We understand that Geo. Pouller has
sold out his marble business, and goes
to work for Htswart, selling organs,
pianos, eta t n . '
Some thief entered Farmer French's
house t West Brattleboro recently while
the family were absent and carried off a
valuable rifle.
The 19th annual reunion of the Ver
mont officers will be held at Montpelier'
Thursday, Nov. 2d. Address, by Editor
Benedict of Burlington. J
Howarth Hibernians are booked for
Crosby halLthe 23d,
Chas. H. Hoyt and wife of St Louis
are looking about town for a residence,
The visitors to the Episcopal festival
filled the Brooks House so they were
obliged to make beds in the parlor. The
House was fuller than ever before.
Q. W. Clark has purchased of G.
Leon walker tne snop on sprintr streoi
lately belonging to N. B. Williston A Co.,
where carriage making in all its branches
win be carried on as neretoiore.
On Wednesday evening next week,
18th Inst.. Rev S. M. Croihers will be
uubllclv installed as minister of the Uni
tarlan church. The sermon will be
preached by Prof F. G. Peabody, of the
eg will begin at 7:30, and the invitation
is general.
"Zelotes" talks forcibly and well thus
n anrv wntttler. who hu charge of the can and
locomotives on the Brattleboro and Whitehall
railroad, and Pat Fleming, another employee,
have been auite alok tor a number of daya, caus
ed, It la Intimated, by the abominable stench Na
irn, from the aiicnmulaled fllth In the rear of the
stores and outbulldiugs on the east aide of Main
atreet, ana wniun nan 10 oe eu mreu oy me weu
who work in that vicinity became of the railroad
nopa being looatea mere, -line w utsue regu
liir flmtinlnif around for almost svervthlug fro.
aglnable, and the odor from the open privy vaults,
uncovered sink dralna, decaying vegetablee, and
ao forth, ! perfeotlr ilukenlng. The attention of
thnae In authority haa been called to thla matter
several times, to our personal knowledge. Nn
meroui eouinlalnta are dally made by passangeri
on toe trains, wmun uy taw are uuugau w wwo
IUI1 Stop BOOUt UppuSIUS WW. Bv, wim.b
Engineer Butterick reports that
railro, u li. e to Wilmington is entirely
feaaib'e, either by way of Mickerson gap
or by Kobert s pond in Jacksonville.
Wanted All varieties of good winter
apples. Farmers who have a stock will do
well to consult me before selling to other
parties. O. L. Minis.
The uniformed members of Oasis
Encampment I. 0. 0. F. hold their an
nual parade next Tuesday, winding up
witn a dance at crosDy ball in tne even
We have a promising young artist in
town, mr w in Stewart wno nas met com
Dieted a number of crayon portraits.
normy or mention is one oi frot j. A,
The members of Sedgwick Post. G,
A. R,, will hold a camp-lire at their hall
on Tuesday eve, Oct. 17th, to which they
cordially invite all old soldiers and their
I. K. Allen 4 Co. have purchased
number of wood lots in Londonderry
and vicinity, and it is stated that they
propose to put in a steam saw mill at the
rootoiuiebe mountain.
The Brattleboro letter in the Sunday
Republican states that some half doien of
the stockholders in Waite s defuuct bank
have discontinued their suits to recover
damages of the directors.
Alien nas completed two more
greenhouses each SO feet long, adding
new steam boiler and piping with boiler
house. He has now ten greenhouses
well stocked lor winter trade,
A pipe which Capt Thunderbolt or
ur wuson used to smoke 40 years ago,
was found while repairing F. W. Miller's
Harness snop yesterday, and is now in
uie possession ot in. w. Miner.
Mrs F. 8. Brackett fell into the cel
lar of Leonard 8 new brick block Friday
evening through a hole wbich was care
leewty ieA opeu. title went down some
10 feet but luckily austaiued no serious
Michael Henneaey'a little boy, about
ten yeara old, waa run over Wednesday
on Elliott street. The wheel passed
over bis Bhoulder and the horse evident
ly stepped on his foot, bruising it badly.
I)r Gray attended him.
Henry K. Field Esq, ofSan Francis
.co has our thanks for those delicious Cal
ifornia grapes samples of the fruit of
the famous vineyard of Mr Blowers of
Woodland, whose quality is not sur
passed by the best foreign product.
C. D. Smith shows us two branches
ot black raspberries which he picked
Tuesday under an apple tree on C. M.
Smith's place at Centerville. The two
clusters of berries number 14, 8 ot them
ripe, and apparently as toothsome as
ever, while the other are in the white
or red state of immaturity.
Rev E. W. Whitney, who was chosen
delegate to the general Universal ist con
vention at the meeting of the state con
vention at Brattleboro recently, will be
absent a greater part of next week, to at
tend it The convention meets at Phila
delphia. He will, however, preach next
Sunday to bis congregation as usual.
Men who advertise in their home
papers are the men wbo do tbe business
of the town, every time. You can pick
up a newspaper and in five minutes tell
who are the men who do the buying and
selling and keep alive tbe interests of the
place. A newspaper invariably reflects
the worth, enterprise and intelligence of
the community in which it is published.
An exchange says, Judge Wheeler,
of Jamaica, has discovered what he
-claims to be a valuable marble quarry on
his land not far from the steam mill.
.Apparently it is of fine quality, and a
man from Boston who is interested in it
is desirous of buying and forming a
stock company for the purpose of work
ing the same, provided it will pay to do
Tbe Prospect Hill Aqueduct Co., met
at the Brattleboro House Monday even
init and elected these officers: Piesi
dent, R. W. Clarke ; directors, J. C Pellet,
J. H. Holden, Wat Thomas; secretary
and treasurer, G. B. Kirwan. The di
rectors were instructed to put the water
works in such condition as to insure a
good supply of running water for the
coming winter.
Call at the Reformer office and ex
amine our samples of folding cards, ball
programmes 4c We have a beautiful
ine for masquerades, business purposes
and everything else. We have just or-
.dered several hundred dollar's worth of
new type and material, w e nave a gooa
force of skilled journeymen for that de
partment of our business and it is a fact
hat the KxroKstsR office is the place) to
get your fine job printing.
The Lecture course for the berefit
of the free Library will open on Thurs
day evt ning November 9th, with a lect
ure from the Rev Dr Gow, entitled "The
Perils of the Republic." The following
awntlemen will also lecture during the
winter, Rev G. E. Martin, Rev K W.
Whitney, Rev S. M. Crothers and Dr
Joseph M. Draper. Two others are to
be aunoooc-d hereafter, and the course
wiU conclude with a concert, to take
nUrn either in February, or March, 1883.
Tbe asylum report shows that tbe
institution has had in the past two years
on an average 443 patients, costing per
head 3.0W weeaiy. xuo miii
IT,iil .inenditares S179.791. All but
five of tbe present inmates are Vermont
era and tbe number of inmates from 20
to 45 years old is increasing. The state's
ontlav for the asylum haa risen from
in lftrll. to $37,198 now, and it w
Singly argued that the harmless insane
.ought to be removed to their homes,
biit that is a very unsafe way of dealing
with them.
Though the comet has been visible
i one morning for a week, by reason
Snoods, it is still interesting topic
- -odeus of the comet measures in
?ST in.th of the tail haa been
"L'-a do, as 30,000,000 miles and its
i t5. esiremity a. 3OOO90
TilVi The distance of the comet from
Sen at perihelion was 800,000 mile
the, T.. L-t aooroach to tbe earth w,
anu -. --
orosslng the stoue bridge, ot the smell and the
neautiiut m asteci mat greets weir nwiui.
olfactories and bewildered visions, it Is a buru
liiur shame and a lasting disgrace, that snoh things
should oe anoweu to exist iu piece iiae vow.
Alvin Joslin drew a nood house
a'. Crosby hall, Friday evening, Mr. C. L.
Davis as "Avin" giving a fair represen
tation of a shrewd old farmer wbo is not
as green as he looks and who proves a
match tor "city loins, xiu nappy una
were received with bursts of mirth and
applause throughout the evening. The
other roles were well filled and the
make-uD" exceptionally uood and the
play put on with an attention to details,
rnrelv found in travelling companies. As
for the play itself, regarded as a frame
for the picture of ''Alvin Joslin," it
might be called a success, but the plot is
so thin, and what there is of it so ab urd
and improbable, and the incidents and
situations so nearly approach the bur
lesque us to make the whole tiling
appear utter nonsense to the lovers ot a
really good drama. A man found by
the side of an insensible woman, with a
bloody knife in his hand, arrested, tried,
convicted and sentenced witn no neip
from his friends, no evidence from coro
ner or physician that the girl is dead
and w ho, after sentence of death, makes
his own dtfense. confronts and de
nounces the real villain and walks off
triumnhanllv. while in the end the sup.
posed viciim turns up alive and well,
and atier all tier troubles, wen uresgi-a,
rosy and smiling, is a train of incidents
too bungling to oe cauea a piay, tuougu
it answers very well for a platform on
wbich "Alvin" may strut and make
good "points." Like most character
play i it gives very little chance to others.
Mr. Davis is un actor of merit, and his
personation of "Alvin Joslin" a most en
fovable one. but as far as we are able to
judge, his support was excellent and de
serving ot a mucn better cnance tiiau
they can have in play written for one
List of Unclaimed Letters.
Ladies, Ida L. Clark, Isadora Cholette, Mrs M.
K. cottrell, Mrs ADnle Grant. ), Eva B. Oould,
Mrs Almena King, Belle Leonard, Nellie Maguire,
Mrs Flora Page.
GENTS. r . L. Auams, nansom Auaiev, " .
0 Un.n.nn D V BnnH V. UHahftm. f!. H. C
Gibson, H. k Goodenough, Hev 8. Goodenough,
L. M, Hoiigkiiie, (), Edward Hunter, Patrick Kel
ley, B. L. Lord, A. S. Maxham, Prank H. Murray,
m. w Mi,nii.ir. H p. Nuvei. N. W. pieroe. Stan-
ler 8. Smith, L. H. Volta, Win. H. Vanderburg.
Held roa rosTAoa. Mrs C. W. Adams, Burke.
The Term Closed-Only Jury Cassia In 4
Weeks-full Keuort of CIvU, Dlvoroe and
Criminal Business.
Fred J. Rand vs Sam'l Styles. This
Their Intonating and Soul-Lifting Fostlval
mis vssa.
The fourth aunual festival of parish
choirs in the diocese of Vermont was
held this week at the Congreirational
chut-,.), whiiih waa kindly tendered by
tha truateea to the rector and wardens of
St Michael's church. Tne singers held I was action of assumpsit in which plaintiff
their nrst rehearsal weunesaay eveiuua, claimed to recover for Keeping aeienuani,
at tbe Congregational church, S.B.Whit-1 his son and team over night and fur-
ney of Boston directing, the cnorus nishing them with one dinner. Also
consisted of between 60 and 76 voices, I claimed to recover 125 damages on a
and was assisted by Knapp & xturnetts certain contract upon wbicti defendant
fine orchestra, and by J. H. Hopkins, or-1 furnished plaintiff a quantity of boards
ganist of St Paul's church, Burlington, by reason of the boards not being what
wno piayea me organ in a very uiaeior- jlu purciiased.
It manner. The chorus was very good I Defendant claimed be offered to pay
and contained many beautiful voices. I plaintiff for keeping him, his son and
Tbe soloists were Miss K. R. Brooks off team, and that the boards he furnished
Brattleboro, Miss L. B. Hunter of Bos-1 plaintiff were just what he agreed to
ton, jnisstnurcu oi nwiewsrsiin, -. mrniBn. veruict tor tne piaiuuu w ro
W. Bancroft of Montpelier, and Mr C. L. cover 1 cent damages and the court litni-
Barber of Bellows Falls. Thursday at ted the recovery of costs to five dollars.
9 a. m., am ther private rehearsal was Two of the Good cases Mary M.
beld, followed by a business meeting in Good v Charles W. Town and Charles
which the Rev Mr Collins acted as cnair-I Hnliivun and Marv E. Good against tbe
man, and tbe following named gentle- I same, were by agreement given to the
men were elected as committee for the I jury on a statement of facia, with au
ensulnir year : Kev F. 8. Fisher of St I in.lnr.ita.ndinir that there should be a
Johnsburv. C. E. Allen of Burlington. C. I vnlii-t nrn forma ordered for the dofen
E. Parker of Vergennes, F. W. Bancroft dant and the cases were pawed to the
of Montpelier and J. H. Williams of Hupreme court to settle tbe law mvoive-j
Beiiows rails. . . in the cases.
A public rehearsal was held Thursday I The nublia are already familiar wiih
A Bad Railroad Aoclilont near Bellows FaUs.
There was a narrow escape from death
at North Walpole last Saturday evening.
Tbe Valley railroad ireigm train, from
Springfield, Mass., had but a short time
before arrived at tne rails, and had run
Bellows Falls.
W. W. Slate Is conSutd to his home by sickness.
Tress, Sherman or the Conn. River Mutual Plre
Ins. (Jo. was lu lowu on Monday ami Tuesday to re
eeiva delinquent assessments. He ssys he baa
collected nearly f'Wuu since the last, making in all
The nrouertv of O. W. Towns Is receiving va
rious improvements. His hutel Is being Improved
afternoon with a small audience. The I thnae cases, the first named plaintiff
Rev M Dawson of St Paul's chuich. Bur-1 the widow of Peter Good who was found
linirton. who waa to have delivered an I ,lBil in hia wairon last Nov.. and it is
address, was unable to be present, there- I claimtd that he died from the effects of
tore me programme as previuueiy eu- i nniior aoia nun dv me aeienuuuui. xi.
nounced was necessarily changed. Thurs-1 turns out that Good bad another wile
day evening the regular concert was
given, the audience was large, ano lis
tened with great enjoyment to music
wnicb was inexpressibly grand, mucn
credit is certainly due Mr Whitney in
traininir an skilfully tha several depart
ments of his great 'choir. Much of the
music was very difficult, the beautiful I and recognized tbem as his children am
and immortal oroductions of old English I uu living with this woman and fiirn-sh
composers. The con cert opened with an ing his children, and thiaplaintiff ahome
anthem, "Hark, the organ loudly peals 1" at the time of his death. This action is
The service, which was the evening brought upon the 3,833d section of the
prayer musically rendered, was opened I statutes, which makes any person selling
by itev (J. J. Ketcnum oi v ergennes. i liquor and causing tne deatn oi any per
il vine and from whom he bad never
been divorced, but that he ceased to live
with that woman about 15 years ago and
went through the form of marriage with
this olaintiff. she supposing that he was
divorced iroin ins nrst wiie, anu ue nan s
children, by this plaintiff, had supported
i ' ! i .i.' . L : ull.j I
Oak Grove Range.
These scores were made at Oak Grove Saturday.
Lamb 10 U 11 10 10 11 10 W U 11 iw
Nichols, A. S.... in 10 U U 9 n U 10 lo-icw
Daley... T 11 10 U I II 11 l 10-104
Coub 11 111 11 I I II W 10 10-103
Howe 10 u s 11 s s 10 s IS 10-
Putnam 10 8 10 II I I 9 I 10 11 l
Wood 0 S B 10 10 I 8 10 10 11 Si
Thorn 7 I T I I 8 8 II I 10- B4
Se.veral be.tutiful chants were sung;
Domine. Dominus noster," "Exuliaie
justi," "Laudate Dominum," and "Mis
erere mei Lieus." rne nrsc lesson was
read by Rev Mr Goddard of Windsor.
Cantate Domino" was then sung. Then
the second lesson was read by Rev Mr
Roberts of Bellows Falls. The grandest
Dart of the whole consisted of the an
thems which followed : "Beuedicamina
mea." a very beautiful composition by
U. Whitney: "freiiare ye tne way oi
the Lord." "Let us now go even unto
Bethlehem." and "Turn thy face from
my sins," the latter being the work of
Thos. Atwood, an old English composer.
Another very impressive partot tne mu
sou, liable in damages to any one who is
in any way dependent on turn tor sup-nort.
Tbe second case is that of the oldest
child, now 13 years old, claiinlug dam
ase9 for tbe same cause.
Francis Phelps vs. Willard L. White,
This was an action of trespass for taking
a quantity of hay. Plaintiff's evidence
tended to show that he attached the hay
as deputy sherin on a writ in zavor oi
W. i . Wvman vs. Chas. E. Ross, and ad
vertised it upon writ of execution issued
by the magistrate in that case, and after
it was advertised defendant looa ami
sold the hay. Defendant's evidence
tended to show that he cut the hay him
sical programme was the rendering of I self upon Ross's farm by virtue ot an
that grand old hymn of fir John Goss,
which has been sung in cnurcn tor cen
turies. "Te Deum Laudamus." There is
something in the solemn grandeur of
such music that lifts our souls away from
the earth and all its trials, gives them a
consciousness of strength and a repug
nance for the discord of evil, and holds
them in awed ecstasy, as in the presence
of divinity.
Rev v. H. Collins express! d the
thanks OI tne association, anu aiso uu
own, to the pastor and people of the
Congregational church for their kindness
in furnishing a place lor tne xestivai.
He also made a few remarks in relation
to the association. It was formed iu
1880 with the object of interesting the
people of Vermont in behalf of church
music, that greater excellence, which is
much needed in that direction, might be
attained. Miss K. R. Brooks then sang
very sweetly, "Come unto Me," while a
contribution was uiseu iuotuo; ...
agreement between himself and Koss
that he should do so and have the prod-
ucts of the farm to pay a certain note
to tbe Bellows Falls saving institul ion.
ainmrd bv Ross and defendant as surety
for Ross. Verdict for defendant. This
was the last jury case and tbe court busi
ness was taken up Wednesday morning.
Tbe Liquor and Criminal Proeeedlnge,
State v Henry C. Willard for selling
innor: bail ordered in 4UU. ueorge a.
Boyden as bail recognized $400 to state
treasurer. ionus caueu anu lonenteu.
State v J. S. Prouty for selling liquor
plead guilty 15 flrst offences. Fine Iil50
roataflBm Paid.
State v lidson E. llewev lor selling nq
uor: bail ordered in suu. Kesponuem
andC.E. Howard recognised to state
treasurer in $800. Bonds called and for
feited. Motion to chancer tbe bond filed
and overruled.
State vH.H. Davis for selling liquor
Respondent an.
Nichols A. W... 8 8
T l; I 8 10 s - so
The members of the Protective Union are re
quested to meet at G. A. It. hall. Saturday even
ing, Oct. list at 7 W o'clock, for the iransactlon of
businesa. Pan obdss Prksiokht.
fl.MMnLit.lnni PhlnnHV nf Mnntneller nald
Mr n iu niiHuii nt Ariiuipiuii tae oouinlliueut ut
pnNSKMttng aisa to the office of Senate IMmjt Keep
er and has appointed Mr. Z. H. McAllister of
waaainKura uuuutj AaaiaMHii-
hlz comfortable tenements to rent oheap. uan
at the house ol C. u. DavaaroaT.
Pencil Marks.
August Hollander went to Chicago,
Monday, to seek his fortune. Bert, son
of Geo. W. Fuller, who unceremoniously
left home last year, is now traveling
agent for a large hide-dealer at Chicago.
His business trips cover a wide territory,
extending even to San Francisco. He is
imHar an vnara of ace. Prof Hoi ton at
tended the meeting of the State Medical
Society, at Montpelier, this wees. j. w.
Burpee and family are to make an ex
tended visit to Doboy, Ga, Hon W. H.
DuBois and Col Hooker are accompanied
at Montpelier by their wives, who are
the social leaders at the Pavilion. Mrs.
J. J. E-tey has returned from her moun
tain trip. L';.5v H. A. Folsom from
Hanover is visii'uig at E. L. Putnam's.
Mis M. L. Bruce and daughter have re
turned from a visit to friends in West
Randolph. Miss Uerlie 1,. Miner, tne
popular dressmaker, goes to Boston for
the winter. U. C. Crosby of Boston,
New England manager oi tne com
mercial Union insurance company of
London, is visiting Brattleboro. John
L. Putnam iB visiting his old home, near
Sharon Springs, N. x . ticket agent
Eddy returned from bis unicago trip last
week. 8. L. Morris now drives the West
Brattleboro coach himself. Barber
Frank Weeks has recovered from his
late illness and is in his shop again. H.
A. Wardsworth, tln tru-sman, moves to
day from Market b.ock to the Lawrence
water cure building on Elliot street
Fred Simpson, a former guard at the
State prison, then clerk in the railroad
freight office at Windsor for the Central
folks, has been appointed messenger on
the narrow gauge, vice Fred Taylor, re
signed, by Geo. H. Babbitt, Superinten
dent of the United States Canada Ex
press Company. Young Foley, injured
at Keene, is now out and getting along
well. His bands have healed over.
"Brattlehoro gum chewers" eh, Herbert,
Arthur. John Hall and C. M. C. Richard
son returned home yesterday, after
several weeks in northern Colorado.
The outside woodwork of the Brooks
House is being somewhat improved with
a fresh coat of paint Ed White of the
Wilcox 4 White Organ Co, Mn id ,
Conn., paid liis friends a short visit 1. re
this week. Mrs Underbill A. Budd of
New York is visiting at Miss Anna Hig
ginBon's. Mrs G. Willard Piatt of Green
field, Mass., is at home on a visit to Mr
Judge Tyler. George J. Brooks. T. J. B.
Cudworth and family and Mrs David
Goodell and daughter go to San Francis
co next month. Edwin Goodnow got the
end of bis right band foreBnger scooped
out bv a splitting saw at the organ shops
Saturday. J. W. Frost, Esq., of Peoria,
III , is on a brief visit to town. The re
pairs are completed on Vinton's paper
mill. The venerable Capt Jesse Wilkins
from Green River has moved to town,
and now tarries at Orion ' :irk' house,
Elliot street. J. H. Livingston, business
manager of the Raroaataa, rents Lawyer
J. G. Eddy's house on Green s'reet, anil
Mr and Mrs Eddy are to live with C. H.
Davenport through the winter. Miss H.
A. Swan, tbe accomplished artist, from
Boston, is expected in town shortly, and
ill mi ran her studies and work on
'Wiropee Hill." Conductor Holman of
tne new lyinaon ana i.orniei win
py rooms in the Crosby block, with his
amily. Geo. E. Selleck and daughter,
Katt. have returned from their Ohio trip,
The young ladies were said to be quite
in love with rroi. vtnitnev.
The L'ali realist Cealtaea.
The two-days' eonfereaoe of Universal iat
.ua m tha Universal ist hurch, Wil-
ninotan. at 11 o'clock Wednesday, with arl
dreeaea by Iters Barber and Gilford. At
e nvinrk Rev Mr Oi fiord preached on "Tbe
Life-giving Spirit." Kev E. W. Whitney
of Brattleboro spoke at T o'clock on "The
nature and office of Humility." Thursday
morning tbe conference waa presided over
by Rev Sir Oifford. At 11 o'clock Key id
ward Smiley of Putney delivered aa ins
-- aannoa from John t, xxxix. In
the afternoon Rev Mr Whitney preached
,ble eongregatMB on "lot
fawihlT to a
,time of perihelion equivalent I Lmiutwn of Chri." Tmawt fbi.
about te U me OI per. Tdirtlulc. .i t. .Tercuws closed bat evening
rS Jsabont U5.000.000 tail-, with.
bv Ksr air Smiley, who will
PsaSjor Harbor even Bonanj.
.... . i i.:"!, ...-.-i nan oraereo in muo. nespouueu
penses n""'!' Oscar D. Orcott responded tostate treas-
anti ooneicuuu urer in s400. Bonds paid.
&!$2S JIY'.: Ti" ZX State . Chute. CMiller for selling
next meet at tne immaautu uuuruu, - --- --, . oau:n
i r. 1 1 rrL... nraaant nf thfl I OUU3 T. AllOUU . n.iui:oicT !
1UWH X1 ill IB. 1UDI D wviv Ki wvu. w. w - ,, T t J i tCiin
as? rr. prrud fis
H. Roberts o; Bellows Falls, Rev E. N.
Goddard of Windsor, Rev C. D. Ketch
uui of Vergennes, Rev Mr Cowper of
Island Pond and the rector of St Michael
of Brattleboro.
A reception was held at the rectory im
mediately after the concert which was
largely attended and waa a very pleasant
Oar lerare Course end Free Pnblte Li
brary Sensible Suggestions by Rev W. H.
Co Ulna.
Jo the dtizm of Brattleboro: Thomas
f'arlvle wrote that "the existence of a
public library, or non-existence thereof
lli bUB U1JVIO 11 C J t) Ik 1 U,,..., .0 wu.u,
will forward his thinking, or obstruct
snd prevent it." No thoughtful person,
who is sincerely desirous of the well
being of tbe community wherein he re
sides, and of wbich he forms a part, will
deny the truth of the above quotation.
If we areeag ir that the young should
form habits of study, and become famil
iar with tbe thoughts and methods of
the best writers and scholars, then it is
jur duty as citizens to assist them in that
accomplishment. We have establishep
a free library, and it is being well pat
ronized by a class of persons who
will undoubtedly be greatly benefitted
by its existence ; it is therefore emi
nently desirable that it should prosper,
and become a power for good to every
inhabitant of the town of Brattleboro.
The trustees have thought best to con
tinue the "Citizens Lecture Course" dur
ing the coming winter, as an aid to the
enterprise, and a committee appointed
by them to take charge of all necessary
arrangements have accepted that ap
pointment, and entered upon their work
with no little enthusiasm : but the hearty
co operation of the citizens is needed,
that tbe course may be successful one,
and that the proceeds from the sale of
tickets may be as large as possible, It
should be remembered that this under
taking is designed for the benefit of tne
entire community, and is by no means a
matter of mere local interest. In order
to secure the largest attendance upon the
lectures, they are to be repeated on the
Mnn.lav evening following their deliver
ance at tne town hall, in the village of
West Brattleboro, so tbst persons wno
may be unable to attend tbem in one
place, may do so at another. It is also
intended by the committee to appoiut
certain persons in each school district,
who siial; canvass the same for the sale
of tickets, and thus afford every citizen
the opportunity of contributing some
thing to a most excellent object. Tbe
gentlemen, who have been Invited to de
liver the lectures, are willing to give
their time, and strength to the cause, aid
as an equivalent, it ia expected that they
will each be greeted with a large, and ap
preciative audience on their respective
nights. The price of admission to these
lectures will bs merely nominal, and
there are few if any among our citizens,
who cannot afford to purchase tickets for
the entire course ; and since tbe me mure
of success which will attend our efforts
is wholly dependent upon the interest to
be manifested by the community at
large, let it not be said that an object so
worthy, sod one designed to cultivate the
taste for sound reading, and awaken a
genuine love of study in our vicinity,
should fail through lack of interest on
tbe part ol a single individual. Every
dollar invested in this enterprise will be
sure to yield a bountiful return to the
contributor. WiixiAsf H. Collins
Many thousand people assembled at
the borne of Daniel Webster at Marsh
field, Mass., yesterday in celebration of
his memory. President Arthur and
many other distinguished men Were
present. There were addresses and im
pressive exercises at the tomb of Web
ster and very fine ringing and orchestral
A terrible diphtheria smnrge is raging
in Pittsylvania county, Va., and not a
family in the locality baa escaped. Tbe
physicians seem unable to control tbe
Eighteen coin counterfeiters have been
anvsted by secret service agents at Tip
ton, lnd.
Peace negotiations between Chili and
Pern have again been broken off.
Biaine sends a contribution lor a mon
ument to Ben Hill.
President Soto, of Honduras, advo
cates a Central American Confederacy.
The Yiqui and Mayo Indians, of Ari
soua, are joining forces and preparing for
an outbreak.
"Tha public be " says Ws. an-
derbilt "we ran railroads to snake what
ws can oat of them."
L. Martin recognised in $500.
costs $17. One month in the house of
correction. $235.50 paid.
State v. Joseph Willis for manutactur-
... a. d I
ing liquor, riean guilty, nue iw,
t!7 Sll Vai.l
State v. Henry Merrill for seuiua: i-i-
uor. flea guilty oi one ist ohhuw -
$10, costs 17. raid.
fctste T. Uavniel jrmev ipr '",Tn
Plea guilty one 1st offence. Fine iu
costs fl7. Paid. ,
Htsta v. K lurv wood for aeinngiiquur
Plea guilty 8 1st offences. Fine $80, costs
Con PaiH
State v. F. C. Streeter for resisting of
ficer and escaoe. etc. Arraigned and
plead guilty. Fine $25, costs $23. Cost
of commitment $18.50. Warrant to
house of correction issued.
State, y James Manning. Resisting
officer etc.. bail ordered in $200. Tho's.
Manninc as hail and respondent, recog
nized in $200. Arraigned and plead
guiltv. Sentenced to house of correction
for six months.
State, v Julius W. Bliss. Larceny. J.
G. Eddy. S500..15onds called and forfeit
ed. Motion to chancer, bonds changed
to 1200.
State, y Fred Wilder and Frank Ten-
nev. Larceny. Ueo. w. Underwood
recognized to the State in $300. Bonds
called and forfeited.
State, v Alfred Worden. Information
for manufacturing liquor. Plead guilty.
Fine $100, costs $17.20, paid.
Stale, v William Stevens. Information
for breach of the peace. Arraigned and
plead guilty. Sentenced to three mos.,
in House of Correction. Costs, $lo.50.
Divorces granted. Gej. E. Rudd v
Emma L. Rudd, for adultery. Sarah R.
Hart y Jacob Hart, for wilful desertion,
Charlotte E. Reed v Edward L. Reed, for
intolerable severity. Henrietta Gowen
v Frank E. Gowen. for intolerable severi
ty. Sidne Rich v Mary M. Rich, for
adultery. Francelia E. Carey v EbenA.
Carey, lor willful desertion.
The court adjourned last niL'ht.
Whose Oenlna la Winning Fame and For
tuneA Grandson of Gen Martin Field
and a Nephew of Chas. K. The Celebrat
ed Denver Tribune Man.
From the bright and gossipy correspond
ence of the Boston Post we take the follow
ing, wbich appears in a letter from Denver
this week :
Eugene Field la one of the most promising
fouug Journalist In the west. His father, R M.
'eld, was a legal gentleman who left his native
state, Vermont, in 1SI7, going to St. Louts, wbere,
lu years later, he married M iss Prances Reed, a
lady of unsurpassed family connections. Eugene
waa born Hepu t, IsfiO. Eugene's mother (lit'.l
when he was six years of age and he was sent
east to be reared by a maiden aunt of nis fal herV.
He attended a private classical school at Aintiersi
At the age of 14 he was placed under the care o'.
Kev James Tufts. He waa prepared to enter col
lege when is, but dl-t not on account of 111 health.
After ao Interval of about two years, during
which he did not entirely aoandon study, he eu
tered Williams college In lsaa, Iroin which he ws
dismissed in his sophomore year for slight mis
demeanors. Risfather ilted in lsea, snd John a .
Burgees waa appointed hia guardian. Mr Bur
gess wss st that tims professor of belles letlres
snd elocution st Knox college, Ualesburg, III.
He wss subsequently transferred to the professor
ship of history st Amherst college, sud is now
ailing the chslr of history st Columbia coilee,
NewVork city. Field left Knox college In 1871,
Just before reaching his majority, and went lo
the sute university of Missouri, entering and On
laalng with the Junior class, of wnich his broth
er, K. M. Flel.t. Jr., now . anaglng editor of tht
Kansas Ci'y Times wss s member. Eugene then
speut s year In travel, principally in tbe south. Its
November, 1S7I, he went to Europe, through
France and Italy. Upon returning home he wei t
to work at $19 a week on the Hi Louis Kvenina
Journal as reporter. At that time Stanley Hunt
ley, now of the Brooklyn Bagle, who has lusdc
aulte s reputation aa tne author of the bpoopeo
rke sketches wss city sditor, and (Stanley Wa
terloo, now editor of tbe M Louis Evening Chron
icle, was sa editorisl writer. He continued on
the psper nntli hut aslsry waa Increased to snout
Sis a week. He waa married In 171 to Miss Jul! t
A. Comttook of St Joseph, Mo. She was ooly 1
at the time of their wedding. In the fell of 174
Eugene made s esnvsM of Missouri with Hon
Csrl Scaurs snd the Independent csndi'tate for
governor of the slate. iSe former seeking s re
BomiusUOB to the senate. He acted as corre
spondent of the St Louis tlemourst au d Journal.
In IS7I as went to the b Juaeph llaaette. as cit
editor, where he remained IS mootba. The Jour.
Bal, which hsd bees chsnge.1 Bieenwhlle from an
evening to a aeornlag paper, laduced him to sr
sept the poettioa of persgrspher. snd he left the
Gaaette for a salary of si.suo s vesr. He renulBe.1
with tae Journal nnul i87s, when the Tlmi a sud
Journal onaolidaled. Hs wr.rte his Srst line of
Teres IB is;7. He became editor of the Ksnsse
City Tuseaja Ian. snd alter s year and a half ss
Burned the editorship of the Denver Tribune,
where he awie s great hit with hut pnuser. nur
Ing s recent pontics! csmpsiss ire wrote s pi toner
for sta weeks, which was extensively copied sll
ever the country. Seeing that he had struck s
popular vets be took tbe cue snd applied sib est
ire to everything la gesersl. The primer at soon
to appear la book forss. Mr Field ss tbe father
of one daughter sad three boys, sll of them
bright, heppy children. He Is s tsl'. gnaar, ssd
nseged hsmonsu of romsattc lempersmeat snd
reedy wit. He euorers himself to every one wbo
Basses hts areneiataeoe by hie enrduu snd esv
strsiaesl good fellowship. The Cleveiasd Herald
ass ansae him s hsadaofue oger, which he has so
eepte.1, sad he will eater apue hat douce ia No-
acrosi the river to the coal shed, on a I in looks by a new plaasa on the south.
side track at the riitbt from the main I Hon Win. A. Russell has built on an addition to
line, near "Chanln'a switnh." tar ,,.! n.l" i'land properly opposite the Island house, be-
i . ',u. . , . . i atoes repairing uiu oiu uouse.
" . '."nTr." b ill1 Dt.0W Hi"' "m.raldn," bv the M.dl.on Square theatre
and at 6:50 o'clock, Mike Stack, engineer troupe, will be gives at Union bail on Tuesday
on tne lreigtn, anu r ueman 1'ave meex- eveuiug.
er, both of Windsor, sat on the front of I S.T. uoybasbeen appointed assignee of John
the engine, eating their supper while Brown A Uo's property.
some of the train hands were filling the .'To,.? I?
tender With coal, J list then an engine last week was found a stick over three fuet long
Witn Beverai ireiallt cars urew up iroin I auu iwo luuaes turuug-n, wuirn accouuteo tor mu
Ihe cross track, connecting with Iba S!!?SI!' T" r.l'Til1"..'!? ."i"! W.'
Cheshire railroad by "Chapm's switch," pMri ; theuewonlnAiU-iDobpip.
And. owing to the SWltCH OH tbe Sloe o. B. Arm. U to move Into tho Searlei bouse
iraox Di'inur lnisniacr u, u oacKeu down, npon completion or tue rpair.
instead oi ffouiff aown ine main line,
went on to the tilt' I rack, no inn down
tne track at a oonmuttrauie aueed. Stack
and Meeker did not observe the cars
coming on them uiit.l they struck them,
throwing them both down behind the
braces on the cow catcher. The car
which struck them was a "caboose."
which was sent into the air above their
heads, smashing the engine considera
bly. Engineer Stack had both legs
broken ana ins boweis badly jammed
anu nruisea, besides receiving other in
furies. Meeker was not so badly in
jured as Stack, but is hurt abont his
neaa and niis. rue caboose, two flat
carH, and one box car, a derrick car, and
the eugine, were badly smaahed, Sat
urday night and Sunday forenoon were of 0x6 niiuke.
l.d. Bali and wlf a have buon vUULn In town .
Howorth't Hlberntca and Mc(Jlja Irlih MMiarv
.rvuptj win pi'vaic stt usiiuuiuiii vu tun um.
A bis atiark has been on exhibition at tha alii
taua or v, 1 meicner lor uie paw day or two.
Some one stole three barreli of irrafti from Mr
nuHsr orciir.ru m norm w muoic ine outer niiriit.
Other theft are reported In thla vicinity.
In the absence of Corporation Clerk F. A. Bollea
on Tuesday night, .Geo, A. Brown, Esq., acted as
cicm pro icm.
a larve crowd gathered in front of S. T. Coy & Co's
snop on we
ing of a fall
Co'e rooms i
rairn would (ret a soakinir. Fortunate for the one
who made the alarm he made no acknowledgment
ednesday evening about 6.30 by the
The two hose companies, the mill companies and
giving of a false lire alarm, supposing It to
the Co's rooms or in the Kali Mountain Paper Co's
office building. It proved to be nothing hut a bright
fire in the stove In the second story of S. T. Coy db
Co's building, and the boys were so anxious to get
that it seemed at onetime as if the Co's
At a special corporation meeting held at Union
ing, over wnicn uaiiin u, it,
was voted to lnv a four-inch
water pipe from Atkinson-st. to the Eddy terrace,
near the new school house; to put in a hydrant at
the new school house and one on the terrace far nrn.
tection against lire; to draw to the lull capacity on
the water commissioner' funds to lay tho same.
ina 10 appnim a committee consisrng ot
P. More, Geo. A. Brawn. A. N. Swai
F. Whitman, O. M. George, O. T. Woods, John
n, . rl.
nni'iinlntl in i-lfnrino unrt l..u.lim ko
dHhria. Enirinm-r fitm ia n. vn.in. msn hall on Tuesday evening, over which Bailiff C. E,
yy uuoo JLCt nci ictuuco iu fUlill VraipOlO.
The Hlneduie InoendUry Case
Has been aottled. Henry Adams, who
Was accused Of beiUg an acootnphoe in Set- and to tne treasurer to make a temporary
ting flre to the buildioR, of hi. rich brother, JtTSiJSl
wm a., paya ma brotaer vsis 70, and has
to lose yu iiiod tsa oourt oraarea last
term to be paid in costs. He agrees to
leave the Btate with the understanding that
the oase won't be pressed against him if he
doea ao. Wm. B. claims that he paid the
detectives 1U13 70 to Hunt up the matter,
and that the f 500 which he ia short is made
up to him by the county. The other cases
connected with this matter still hang. A
report comes to us that Elbridge Blaokmer
waa permitted to leave the House of Cor
rection, last week, to oome home to visit
his family. He returned all right.
Fire at Jamaica.
Warren Sheldon a awellintf house, in
Jamaica, was burned down Wednesday af
ternoon. The flre is supposed to have
caught from a stove pipe or chimney. Mra
Sheldon waa away from home and the rest
of the family were out dieeins potatoes.
The flre had got under good headway when
discovered and but little waa saved. In.
sured in Farmer's Insurance Co., Mont
pelier. uoss win oe quire neavy. July 16,
1889, Mr Sheldon had a barn struck bv
ligntnmg ana ournea.
The Legislature.
The hottf e, yesterday, dismissed bv 101
to88 the bill waking l.abitual intemi.er-
ance a ground for divorce. A bill has
been introduced repealing the law pro-
uro- 1 . 1-. . . - -rrr
...... . . . i . . ..1 . . . wiimiu, ui vuib w aumuriBH tne lavina
fllDHlllg uieaiers, kiiiihb, etc. A Slniile of a six inch p pe to some northern lake, and that
1 , JVL UIV, Wcii, UIUIV tl . A lt OWS1
Brown, L. G. Howard and r . A. Genrire to look
np the brooks in the vicinity of Minard's pond, tak
ing a surveyor with them, and see if there was any
chance of securing an additional water suddIv.
Article 3 was dismissed, and Articles 4, 6 and 7
were laid on the table,
O, L. Perham is nuttinir ud a new barn on his
land across the river.
A new underpinina- and other reoairs are beiner
made on the Mammoth block, owned by I. G, & C,
a. nowara.
The coal dealers are unable to fill their contracts.
the parties they have contracted with for the
winter's supply are unable to get cars to forward it,
W. H. Griswold 4 Co. have made an addition to
their clerical force.
A union temoerance meetinir was held at the
Congregationalist church last Sunday evening.
The Fall Mountain Paoar Co. has out a cnn.
Crete roof upon its mill No. 1, where the office is.
It is furnishing a store house under the hill, which
is to be the general depot of the Co., and it is un
derstood that it is to be connected with the
Cheshire railroad, thus saving the Co. many thous
and dollars a year.
After hoi dine special corooratfon meetlntrs. an.
pointing committees, authorising and Instructing
the bailiffs to view the premises near Minard's
pond, bearing and accvutinir renorts. emnnevprinu
and rescinding purchases, etc., etc., the corpora
tion at a special meet in c luBt Tuesday evaninir
appointed a committee of nine to go and view the
brooks near Minard's poud and see if there is any
chance of getting an aaditional wa'.er supply, and
for fear thai the committee might get lost it voted
to allow them a surveyor. By spending two or
throe yearn more it may be able to get the lines
located. Our opinion is that It would be cheaoer
liev William iN. Barber of Wlltninfrton
will prearii in the Universalis churcih
next bumiay morning ami evening Hub-
jeut for the evemiu 'Age and Autumn.1
MaJ. P. 0. Beok and wife started for tha west
The selectmen laid a new roaO last Hat unlay o
4 l rods in length, commencing at tho house of
itonj. uaruur auu uuuiug near ine "f uiton barn,
owned by S, W. Wheeler, lu Coleraluo.
There was a very pleasant gathering of Mends
and acquaintances at Mr and Mrs Chas, Prouty
Tuesday even lug, It blug the dltii anniversary of
muir wtJuuiMtj utsy, uuw uuuiuer ur pruoeius
bearing evidence of friendship and good will, were
presented In behalf of the company uy K K. Firing
ui nrauiuooTu, juuncn was servea oy me imuius
at ll.W o'clock. Good music gave ail wbo wished
to dance au opportunity to do so. It was one of
tiiou occasions which we all like to enjoy, and
from which we rtturn leeilug weil pieasea. In be
haif of Mr. and Mrs. Promy, we return thanks for
una maii.ieiaiiin or ueignoony lueiuig ana ror
the airrtHMble assurance that Mil neoulu are not
wholly eouflued within themselves, but have the
pleasure of admiring others, and appreriate ad
miration In return. Ufutciallv is it pleasant 10
realise that surrounding the whule event there ex
ists a general feeling of good-heartednesa, duty
appreciaiea, gismy scuupieu.
Weet Halifax.
Lattt Friday afteruuuu the nome of Mr. and
Mia. Heymour Hairia was iu vailed oy a oucupany
of ttteir Irieuda uml neigiibora, who told tneiu
they had come to celebrate tne Utti anniversary
of their tnaiTlait-e. The crowd kept iuure.tsitig
aua in tne evening over iuj were presenu uuue-
liig was inuuigeu in curing i ue evening uy cue
young people. At the proper time Mr. Char lea
iilgiey, with a lew appropriate remarka, yre-
amueu tne Xol.owiug articles: two easy ciiuirs
aud a handsomely framed picture of their ten
children taken in a group, by tne children; a Bet
of silver kutveaundfurks.ny Jennie and Ida; two
dessert aud six tea spoons by Henry anu Horace
Htoive, and two fruit dishea by Warner W. Stuwe
the preneuta lu alt amuuutiug to over M0,
Hiieaking about the fair, auiue one chet-rfully
appioprh. ad a wall bracket belonging to Millard
Weeks, aud they would uunfer a favor by return
Ing It to tha owner.
cnn'esteil election case comes before the
Legislature. jUuiiUum v Templeton of
Stephen C. Millard, known familiarly
here as "Columbun." a native of Stam
ford, one of the leading lawyers of Bine-
hamton. N Y, and brother of Dr H. J.
Millard and iMorman L. Millard of Mont
pelier. was nominated for Coneress in his
district tne otner a ay.
W. iN, Uacheiuer. formerly of Castle-
ton, who went to Colorado in 1870, hat
been nominated lor secretary of state by
the greenbackerd ol that state.
The Kepubhcan nominee tor Mavor
of New York, Mr Bates of the firm of
Bates, Reed & Cooley. is a native of Ver
Poor Seoville, Guiteau's brother-iu-law,
is left a wreck 111 almost every respect.
His family is broken np.nis wile crazy,
and lie is so poor that 111 a petition tor an
inquiry into Her sauiiy mat wees lie
tuade oath before the Chicago court,
that he could not raise $6. to pay the
clerk b fee.
Rnv Kdward Kmilfv t.f Putney, will
preach, iu exchange with Rev Mr Bar-
uer, nexi rauuuay tiiiernuou auu vvvii-
in tue universausc cnurcn. suDject
for the afternoon, "Christian Manhood
and Womanhood."
Mrs Rockwell, wife of Pastor Rock
well, will tarry for hoido days witn local
Several Bennington witnesses went to
it won. d expedite matters also.
Carlos Adams, a atndent of Durtmnnth nniitm
(itcnwum ucisj ouuuttj ttb iu:0 a. IU
The apron and necktie fesitvui nf srnni .
nmg paused off nicely In all reapecta. Being fa
vored with a pleasant evening, there waa a large
ment were S9I.T0. The Grafton Uanc whih
Slnte1 Its norVtrAtl tn the snnlntw that
furnished the entertainment with both band and
lutuMiM uiuN.u, wiuuu ui course waa appreciated.
The next meeting of the ladies' society win ho
ai a. ju. uunoua'B next weunesaay evening,
Mental depression, weakness of the muscular
system, general Ill-health, benefitted by using
Brown's Iron Bitters.
The Informal railroad ratberlmr st thA tnwn
Ball Monday evening was well attended, and ah
were convinced of the practicability of either of
me proposed lines to urmueuuro, via Jacksonville
or via JS ickerson gap. Money haa been subscribed
fur the new survey, snd our peopleare fully awake
Fred Aldrich ODena a new harness ahnn In thi
Mr. Wilder of Arlington la said to hmva ImuH
tne Vermont nonse lor one year.
Albert Moore baa gone to the Massachusetts
gensrai nospuai lor iruatmeni.
Daniel Wh?elr talces a nntwtcf ttnm that Vsv.
tons to cnt m nnnnlttv if llmhsr (.hixh I.., k.
ut-ireu aown me ueerneia river,
Mr. A.. L. Psitr awi t. b-i . j .u.
winter. " T
The apple traiBo ts lively.
Woods and Roundv Dsssed tbronsh town this
week with S00 sheep. They will Increase the
flock to 1S00 in Dover and Mewfane.
John Patch returns to Brooklyn with his son,
Bv the wit. John. Jr.. we offer congratulations,
and would be pleased to be in attendance upon the
Bllal Crosby tost 81 heads of cabbage from his
field a few nights since. The thief who would
steal cabbages Is too despicable to reside any-
wnere ph-yc iu uumu iwauuj.
Chas. Warren, who sells goods hereabouts for
Clark & Co. of North Adams, met with a severe
Newfane vestetday, to testify in the Rudd accident recently by being thrown from a car-
I rlMim. in WendsIL Mass.
divorce suit.
Sherman Robinson, remained in an
unconscious condition last night.
The Universalist ladies fed the con
ference attendants at Mrs Henry P. Bow-
John Patch, accompanied his son, John
L., to New York yesterday. The latter
marries Miss Annie . Bobbins in tho
city of churches next Wednesday and
the Cleveland boom sathers in conse
quence. The influence ot unio's voting
and tbe best wishes of a troop of friends
wtll attend this happv Democrats union.
Old boreas sighed and the dust flew lndiacriml
nately on Tuesday.
Arthur Morris and efster, Mra. A. A. Barber, go
to Cohoes, is, i., lor employment.
West Dummerston.
B. F. Willard met with a serious acci
dent last Saturday. In getting under
pinning stone from the mountain he
stooped to extricate the stone from the
rock, the oxen made a sudden move that
brought his ankle between tbe rock and
stone. He thinks there are no Pone-i
broken but can not step on it yet.
Man sel Bush and wife from Boston
have been visiting their friends in this
place. He has Bold his house in this vil
lage to fjnristopner koudiiis.
F. W. Wilson and family from Chico-
Eee, Mass., made a short visit 10 the old
o uie stead. He left tor home Tuesday
morning on the narrow gauge.
John and Burr Taft are making a suc
cess in their anple jelley. They make
from 1100 to 1200 lbs. per day.
The singers of th is place are very busi
ly engaged in practieing the cantata of
Samuel" under the direction ol rror n.
E. Lake of Saxton River and it will be
rendered at the Congregational church
next Tuesday and Wednesday evenings.
It in to be given in Oriental costume,
making a grand display as well as a tin
musical entertainment. Aa it is the fin-t
of the kind ever given here of cu u rue
eve ry body wdl be interested to attend.
On Wednesday, the 11th inst., while
Rev Mark Carpenter was picking apples,
limb oroke ana lei mm imu to me
ground. He was injured ho that it was
necessary to carry mm io ins oouse.
H. A. Thompson and family returned
from the west last Saturday.
D. B. French, who has been ill with
typhoid fever is recovering.
There will be no preaching at the
Baptist church next Sunday, on account
of the atwence of the pastor.
Mrs Dexter Couant and Mr 8. T. Leon
ard are in Keene, jN. H., attending the
musical convention.
W. 8. Eaton haa bought W. U. Wv-
ruan's stuck of goods and will continue
tbe business.
Horatio Kuapp of Dmnmeraton, met
iih a bad aivideut ednelMV. Ue
nd his brother went out with an ox
cart to pick apples. The oxen suddenly
ran, and the cart whl passed over his
head cutting and hrauung mm consider-
blv. He doing well.
Onilford Centra.
Her. E W. Wbitoer will preach in the
niveraalist church next Sunday at 2 : 30
Key. Mr. Hamilton of Wilmington, Will
preacb at the town hall, next Niml iy at
't. kct. it. d i max toe loiiowing
Rev O. fl. Baford, former editor of
tbe Hyde Park A'cwt. is principal of an
cftdomy at Bodlolo, iMkotSk
In the death of Oieater Rice the town
ies one of its inot tonest and nphgbt
own. Iioitored and revrui by every
Mrs Sarah S. Hill is f ing to spend
the winter with her daughter in Arling
ton. GaUfWtr.
lr Gow of Bra'tleboro will preach at
S o'clor next rabrwiu in U Congrega
UonaU chorcik.
risge, lu Wendall, llass,
B. E. Wheeler la about his work again alter a
brief illness,
Mrs. Adeline Fox of West Brattleboro has been
visiting friends In town this week, bhe and Miss
Fannie Park of Woodford met casually at a neieh
bors alter a separation of i(7 years, and the greet
ing was maae an occasiuo ui cminiueruuiw luitireBt
by thetr friends.
Fortv-two barrels of cider were made at the
Tltas mill one day this week, part of which went
Into jell v. The prevailing price of cider is $3 00
per narrei.
V? lllllllKUttiu.
w.R . Brown baa a cow descendant ft-om a cer
tain breed i9 years ago. in 8i0.
IS. A. jnase nas returneo io wnuingnam.
H H. tioodnow will suodIv tbe 'Home Circle'1
fnr I. SO a vear In advance, without chromos.
R A. Cutler has finished all but painting his
new spring bouse, very prettily.
Kev. A. B. Truax of Brattleboro, preaches In
the Methodist church In Jacksonville Sunday, the
15th Inst.
Send 10 cents to H. S. Goodnow, Jacksonville,
Vt,. and get a Thunderbolt and iignt ooi dook.
Wm H. Lvnde of Winchester is in town for a
tew days.
Mrs H. A. Hull is no better.
Mrs H. O. Gillett lost an ox recently.
C. Baker is still running Uie carding machine,
rr C. A. Perrv and wife have gone to Rutland
and return to Ji. a. fjuiiers io-aay.
H. Knapp is at the Sadawga house,
Newman B. Carlev, formerly of this town, is at
Tosiah Tenney's. Mr. parley resiaes in umimro,
Cheap paper Homestead Weekly j months for
S cenu, of rl. b. troodnow.
Cireen Kiver.
Chas. CI Is bee Is paintlug hia house.
A. Smedley and family nave left town.
Mn m. p. Perrv who for the oast two weeks
has been quit sick, la now convalescent, Ur.
Hicks attended her.
A hall storm visited us on tbe morning of the
Htb insU
Sir different brands of cigars were noticed for
sale In CI is bee a store lo-oay,
Farmers are busy gathering applet and finishing
up tneir tan wora.
Rev. N. D. Parsons returned home from his four
weeks' vacation last week, much recruited in
hMith. Mia var-jitlon was moch needed and well
earned. A hearty welcome was extended by hia
church and congregation iaM Baooatn iiernofm
The pulpit and plaUorm were very elaborately and
tattleall trimmed wi;h everertMns and plants.
and In the centre was a beauiilut motto of immor
telles, we Welcome Our raetur Home " in
front of the desk was a very pretty motto, "Ab
eot but not Forgotten." Mr Parsons preached a
very clear and eloquent sermon from the text,
11 vor.. A, UUI., - nu rvmu vum. mumjto.
Mrs F. L. Kevea, a former realdenL has been
pending a few daya In town.
Z. Cole, one of our oldest citizens, la dangerously
Ick with Uphold fever and not expected to live,
Heth N. tiaae. formerly of Ascutneyville, sow
of Monterey, Mexico, was in town this week.
Jt ia hoped that ail memoeraoi inoBociainorary
will endeavor to be present at tha annual meeting
Mouday evening, ilet MO.
J. 11. Underwood returned laat Saturday from
Cape Cod.
Jennie Smith Is at home for a few daya.
M rnlr Huff r d taexpetf ed to return from Spring
field tbia week, aud will apend tha winter with her
on, R. 8. 8afftrd,
A. W. 1 irrell haa entered the Boston University.
Kate Wiley has gone to Burlington to accept a
position la Ui6 Lake View KeireaU
The pulpits at Athens and Cambiidgeport were
very aaiWacionly fiiied iast Sabbath by tbe Kev
11. F. Austin of bellows Fane.
Dr John Austin, who recently died at Rocklne
ham, waa for many years a much respected citisa
o Athens. His re mains were broaithi frost his
late howe to be burled here bybia wire.
South LosHtosHterry.
Rev H. C. Leavitt. with hts wife aud daughter, !
arrived home from KausAi and other parte of the j
of the weal, laat week Thursday, and were given
a pleasant reoepuos rnuay aiguk
The bears are becoming quite traenleMteae here.
They are eeeo frrquent y. and many sheep hsve
Jeea killed. A few days age one waa trapped, bat
As Geo. D. Rife, cashier of the Leba
non, P.f savings bank, was poing to tbe
bank with ftfO.OOO in bills in a satchel,
be wss "attacked by two men who
knocked Dim down snd wienching ofl
the hsndle of the satchel scented iu Mr
Ri-s offers s rewsrdof f 1,000 fr their
apture. Tbe money belonged to the
bank. Tberw is no cine.
The strikers of the northern Pacific
rairoad have driven off the Chinese
bands and threaten to h&Pff the superin
tendent of construction. It is said that
he has telegraphed to Misxxils for troop.
The striker are s large sod desperate
band snd there is ground for rearing vio-leaice.
Andover Agricultaral Fair.
The fair waa beld on Wednesday. Oct, 4th. on
the grounds near the town hall. Tlie weather
waa favorable, and if the successor a fair con
alata in a rare display of agricultural productions
and a large coucourse of people, theu It must be
acknowledged that thla one was oertamly a suc
cess. About 100 yoke ol oxen ami steers were up
on the ground and a large entry of good driving
horses. MrCraigue received tbe first award on
matched span. He valued the sp.iu at Po
tatoes, corn, wheat, oat a and all kinds of gardea
vegetables were exhibited lu lame Quantities ami
of an excellent quality. Besides ihe large amount
of productions miown upon the benches, a large
wagon waa lasieiuny uriungeu auu uecoraieu
with vegetables and fruit. I he floral department
was aluo a decided success. Over thirty budquilts.
many or the log cabin style pieced lu silk, nearly
as uianr ttdiea sud a (treat variety of other arti
cles were displayed ; also many ancient curiosi
ties, une auureas. aeiivereu oy j. Horace iiuo
bard of HDrinulleld. waa a veiy nracticable dis
course on agriculture. Music wus furnished by
the Wexton cornet band, which aerved to enliven
tbe exercises and render the occasion more eu-
The tirellmlnarv trial of Mra. L. P. Youug for
setting the flre iu Sparrow's block, before Justice
Britton, occupied three days, and resulted iu her
being bound over to the ui-xt term of the county
court In the sum of $500. Failing to procure bail
ah was takn to the Woodstock Jail lust Friday.
Muny candid persons who atteuued the hearing
believe that the evidence thus fur presented by
the Drosecutlou would fail to convict before a
The Boston and Northern Telephone Co. are
about to ezteud their lines from Bellows Falls to
all the surrounding towns within a circuit of six
teen or twenty nines, ine exieusum includes
lines from that place to fctpringdeld, via youth
Charlefctou, IN. II., aud Springfield mutton.
Mrs. Kste Heywood, a sister of C. Horace Hub
bard, la here on a visit.
James Taylor of Walt ham, Mam, formerly in
the meat busiuess here, haa been stopping in town
a few days.
Prof. Hod. E. Miller la In Boston attending the
Mechanics Fair, where he haa two fine pointings
on exhibition.
. The Interior of the Method iBt church la being
frescoed by parties Irom Bostou.
Geo. Hammond's family have gone to Iowa,
where he Is establishing In business.
A correct statement of the luaurauce of the par
ties who suffered by the late flre ia as follows :
William sparrow had $0J on the buildtug and
settled for 40 j O. K. Noyes had $l60and set
tled for ijiuw. Mra. L. P. Young had goOO on
goods that inventoried $9U.
Asa G. Foster has returned from bis western
Mrs A. H. D. ury and son have gone to Detroit,
Mra Albert Pease nearly lost her life by choking
while eating a piece of meat last week.
Quarterly meeting at the M. K. church next
Sunday. Presiding Elder Cooper will take charge
of the services.
The War Against the Rnmaellera at Rut
landA Raft of Criminal News and Court
Special correspondence of the Reformer.
Word haa Just been received that Charles II.
Cash man, charged with subornation of perjury,
Ins forfeited hia bal). His bonds were $1500. AU
of his bar fixtures, with stock of cigar, tobacco
Baker, hruugfit to ruouver dninuir)tw caused by
burning the Btore occupied by the defendant
verdict in favor of plaintiff to recover damages to
rne amount nr awi.
Austin A. King-ley was committed to the Ver
mont House of Correction on the 6th Inst., tor
one month, with a fine of f -aw.sij, charged with
selling liquor at the hotel at South Vernon. Bill
Lynch of Burlington was commuted on the 7t i
for the same offence, with the privilege of staying
93 days.
The Burlington jail Is destitute of prisoners.
The last four were transferred to Windsor for
aeven yeara.
The block ta being very much Improved by the
erection of a building on the corner of Merchants
Row and Evelyn street.
In the United States Court considerable atten
tion la being shown in the etise of John J. Myers
vs. Town of Rutland, the plaintiff claiming to be
a resident of Ohio, and therefore had no right to
be taxed In Rutland. The plaiutiff has as coun
sel Hons. W. C. Dunton and D. K. Nicholson of
Rutland, John N. Stewart of Middlebury and
Daniel Roberta of Burlington. For defence, ex
Judge Jamea Barrett, and Hons M. G. Everts and
A. F. Walker.
Saturday Wm. McKul and Geo. Marshall were
arraigned, both pleading uot guilty. McKul is
under Indictment for indecent exposure of his
person. He haa served two yearH iu the house ol
correction for a similar charge. Marshall Is charg
ed with burning a barn containing some fifteen
head of cattle, in Middletown.
The new office of the telephone exchange Is
to be located over 47 Market.
Rev Ur Johnson preached a very Interesting
sermon to the prisoners at the house of correc
tion last Sunday afternoon.
Jas. Clark was found guilty of fifteen offences
for selling liquor aud was fined accordingly on
Saturday last.
The Dunn Murder case has been continued till
Monday to secure au analysis of the stomach now
in Boston.
Mrs. Etnerv Lord of Orange fell down her cel
lar stairs eany rnuay eventug, witn laiai resuus.
The mine at Rowe has been sunk to a depth of
TO feet, aud work la going on rapidly. A steam
pump is constantly In use to prevent the flooding
oi tne mine.
A teleohone exchange, with connections with
Shelburne Falls and turners Fails will soon be
established at Greenfield.
Mrs Wm, Ludden of Brandon la averred to
nnve been cured by prayer. She waa suffering
from spinal complaint, Hnd was unable to move
in oed. She waa made the aubjeut of prayer one
day, recently, and the next day she sat up. Laat
weex sue wanted out.
An extra freight ran Into No. M freight while It
"m utK.uK irwu ttt nuuey, Dtumuay ; cto as nau
no Mliftittl out lo aton the extra, but had left word
at Nortlitleld for the extra that it would atop for
tvuuu a niu.uy mx cars oi nu, w were wrecxea
auu tne engine or the extra was badly damaged,
The early Boston train was delayed six hours.
An attempt was made Saturday niiht to blow
open the suie of the Northtleld savings bank. The
am uuur was uruieu anu nueu witn powder,
which was exoloded, blowing out the back of the
Bum uuur, out uui giving an mission to tue saie.
i uere is no ciue u tue tmitfiar.
Eslnhart. said to bo mavor of Iberville. P. O..
and former.? a member of the Canadian uarlia.
jucik, waa un oiueu ai ot AHiaiiN, meauay, in a
suit by the bank nf Ht Johns, P. which alleges
that he has delrauded the bank of $10,0ou lu con
nection with tne warehouse receiuia which he
g.ive as collateral for a Ijj.uuO loan.
Tbe annual state convention of Tannir Man 'a
Christian associations met at jiurllngiuu Tuesday
night. There was a large attendance. Au ad
dress of welcome was delivered by Kev Dr L. O.
Biastow of Burlington, aud several visitors made
i-espunsea. The principal address whs by Kev 11,
A. Hiicucy of Moutueher on " Ihe lmooitauua of
Christian work for young men."
t man in Htiahh nliithpa with munv tiirtrn
feai hers Stuck in the in. i ualiad out of aume w.hhIs
iu Braimree, seized a young child w'uch waa
playing in the yard, and rau to the woods with It.
i ue momer run alter the man, calling the dog. ,
The dug took hold of the man bv the leu, and the i
mother got the child in her anus aud ran to her
husband who was at work some distance away. I
After informing him of what had hunoeued. she i
tainted. Several men went in pursuit of the ras
cal, out he ran like a deer and escaped.
Whde Jerome Wheeler of Saudgale was on the I
mountain reucutly getting out logs, bis sou Uor- I
ace, ten years old, became frightened, rau under
a falling tree auu was instantly killed.
Atraon L. Meaker. now confined In tha statA
prison at Mouipsiier under sentence of death for,
with his mother, kill.ua: a Utile uirl at Waterbnrv.
some two years since, by administering stryeft-
uiue, uuviua previously crutiiy u eaten tne on m
on several occasion, has made a confession 1
which is substantially the same aa recited by wit
nesses at the trial. He accuses his mother of in
stigating tho murder. The details show great
Mrs Walter Cook of Brandon has committed
suicide with morphine because of family troubles.
William, the 12-vear-oId son of John McGrath
of Burlington, was killed Monday, A house waa
being moved when the windlass broke aud a piece
flew back aud struck him on the head.
St Johnsburv 1b to have a new railwav station
house 116x40 feet ou the foundation, two Btories
higu and to be built of brick.
Last week Wednesdav nltrht the nremlaea of N.
Grosvenor of West FerrlHimrgh, were entereJ
and considerable property steleu. The premises
of C. 8. lilmer, a neighbor, waa also visited and
spun or norses auu a uouu e harness taken, 'i ne
thieves were trucked to Mouktou, (fumg east.
Frank Gilford, a confidence man. was arrested
at St Albans Monday aiteruoon by Sheriff Halbert.
He la Implicated In the attempted robbery of the
Northdefd bank.
Thos. Keoney, 90 years old. was kicked in the
stomach id the stable of Charles Wing at New-
kill d "uuuia,ly morning, auu instantly
Thomas N. Hart, the nresldent of the Mount
Vernon national bank, at Boston, hag made an of
fer to the creditors of Messrs Wellington Broth
er & Co. to pay them Immediately 70 per cent of
th fir claims iu cash, taking aa assignment of
each claim.
Willie Clearv.slx years old.was drowned at Hol-
yoke, In the raceway of a mill, Friday afternoon.
While George H. Huntluirtou and wife and four
children in one boat and Willis Dow witn three of
Huntington's children in anotner. were returning
to Amesburv from Grape Maud Saturdav. where
they bad been opending a few days, the bats
were capsized oy a squall aud ail were drowned.
Several houses at North Attleboro were broken
into Friday night. Tue burglars secured but lit
tle pluuder.
Michael Gannon. Patrick Gannon and John Ro-
hanmin became enmiaied in a disnure last week
Thursday nigut in Lowell over a live cent piece,
wnen one or me MannonistahDed uonannan with
pocket knife, from the effects of which he died
20 minutes after. Patrick w.ia arreste I and corn
mitted without bail. The police are hunting for
Capt Webb has entered oo a four davs' float in a
tank of water in Horticultural hall at Boston. Ue
eats from a floating table and sleeps with his hands
;inspeu oeiunu ms neau. leaving tne water ror a !
moment once each day. It has been a notion of
physicians that SO hours in water would kill any !
man. !
Jamea Keanev of South Boston ha? been arrest- 1
ed, charged with so cruelly bearing hts wife Sat- 1
urday that she died from the Injuries Monday.
All the colleges, except Yale, which has not
et been heard from, have an reed to follow tha
ead of Harvard, aud forbid chelr college nlue
luiu piuiuK wuii priiiettsiouui ciuus.
F rami Dg ham people and police are nuzzled bv
the discovery in Ellis woods of a partially starved
horse attached to a buggr, and lu different plaoes
iDsmacnine, a man's sturt ana a coov or
the Ameshu. y and Salisbury News of September
14. Murderer something of the sort is suspected.
Caleb Kenniaton of Dover renorted at the police
station Tuesday forenoon that while near Garri
son mil ATonuay nignx ne was overpuwercu "j
fnnr nnlinnan man. whft kiinnlCnJ him dUVTD aud
roooed him of his money, S3. Ue was much
scared, an.i hia face bears evidence of a tussle.
Joseph Tewksbury and wife ot Osslpee were
miitiiaj, v h ilu jroinjjr to ukursajk, (Mid mmoti ua-
Tne ssth ntinnsl session of the arand encamp
ment of Odd fellows was held at Manchester,
'lueaday, and Wm H. Pi u miner of Farmiugtou
was chosen grand patriarch. A fund wa.i voted
for the Ridge ley monumeut and consider able
ronnue ousiuesa aone.
The law of ltfs taxinir legacies and succes
sions to certain classes of legatees and inventors
has been declared uuconsiirutiooal by Judge
Blodgett of the supreme court.
Graves block at Epping, occupied as a drug
Btore by A A. White aud as a dwelling by J. w.
Graves, was burned Saturday nurht. with an ad
joining stable. The flie started from an explo
sion oi a kerosene lamp, and the loss is onie
buruiarB roooea tne sate in utmoau a grocery
Btore at Salem, N. U., of $23J Friday uight and
The fall meetlna of the MaDlewood Park trot
ting association, was held Saturday on the park.
A larae concourse of oeoole assembled from all
the towns In tne vicinity. The exhibition of
dranght horses and oxen was a distinguishing
feature and very creditable. Premiums for
draught horses : C. A. Brooks, Sullivan, 1st. SIS;
Charles Barrett, Hinsdale, tS; C. A. Mason,
Hinsdale, so, m. Bingie araugtu norses u. a.
Higgltia. Hrlggs,fv: O. U. Cass, Kichmond, $.
Drauatit Oxen. 1st class Logan W. tinrt. Win.
Chester. 1st. $2u; C. A. Mason, ,15; J. P. Nich
ols, Townshend, Id, 110; D. H. Keed, Pltzwllharu.
4lh, IS. d ola-s :. A. Maaiiu, lit, IS; Joel Mar
tin, id, $5; S. O. Hawkins, Sd, Si. In trotting,
2.40 riaas, "llattie," tteo Cheever, Athol, Mass,
look lat preiniuio; "Sleepy Jane," A. K. J.ihnson,
Keene, xa; "uipsey uin," u. nuiu.acr, fu.
Purse, SI.'S. In tneS-minute class, six entries.
"Stemwin.ler,' A. M. Cunkey, 1st. purse STS.
bet weeu soihj and 3utio people were on the grunnd.
aud the reolpta were about tftu.
ror the week ending Oct. 1 1, 182.
Market Beef Choice, OOa extra. 8 oOat 01
Drst quality, s taai au; second quality, 0 watt tu ;
third quality, 4 Ooai IW.
IN. B. Cnoive includes nothing but sull-fed
1100 to 14IS) lb. bullocks. Extra Slid hrst auslity
nclude the best fat oxen. Hecon land third qual
ty Include oxen and two sud three year old
Store Cattle Working Oxen, pair from Sli'O
to lis. Milch Cows and t'alve. :M.!.J8.
Farrow Cows, UaW. Fancy Cowa, aoaTS, Yeai
lings. 7alS; .wo year. old. Isa24; three yesrsoid
Mwlne Western fat. lire SKaSKc lb. Northern
dressed hogs lie T lb.
Hhiten and Lavmba III lots S.I, 4, 13 each : extrt
VsS Jit each, or from saoc ft . spring lanbt t ' ,
Brishton hides. c . itrighton tallow . fafc
per Ountry hides. SaSic. Country tailor ,
4S4C t:au 3tta..iAw v
For thi week ending Oct. 11, 1882.
rantlnnffl firm and in good demand at th
prices for New loixsnu version..
Cholo Dairies.
Choice northern Fsotory
Fair to good
'Mnn,o,, lode::
Mepe.b.a. RSAN8.
Choice res per bo.
Tallow are.
Chokvttmothv, t nertoo; line h.v, la
and very choice Sil ; medluoB,liIai; rje.lrs. ,
,l.;oat..l.. ik)rs
IVmand steadv snd mclersts ; sales of So 1
sadi vgb B11X.U st Mc per bash.
In tslr demand. Ko I S4aJAt ; S 1 ssaWe; j
Sataaiaall at mtc per baa.
..It iM e
..W akt c
..11 it e
.. at e
a e
. e ve e
..tt a34 c
.insist 40
..ta2 e
Special lVotlcea.
IfTOU wish to save mnnev. bur the silver
Mould White Wire Kooe." manufactured bv the
(iirard Wire Mills of Philadelphia, Pa., expressly
for clothes lines. A "guarantee perpetual" to
every purchaser, that it will never rust or corode,
if exposed to all kinds of weather. Being a mtia
white wire rope, no frost can collect on it, and it
will absorb no moisture, consequently the clothes
will not stick or fieeze to it iu winter. It costs
only two cents a00, and will last a life timo. It
would De a saving ai nve or ten times tiuu price
Address or call upon O. M THOMAS, Household
Office, Hi attleboro, Vt., sole agent lor Wiudham
Ranges A 1hompin have last rect-lvd a new
B'yle speciacle can; which hold the spe.'tacleB
very sycureiy o thai they cmiol be lost by ltp-
Ring from thp cane, an t-o often ncrurs. They
ave consiantlT on hand a lull lineof the celebra-
ttd Ulamon-I A Arandel spectacles.
TO KEN r Two four room tenements on lower
floor. 1'. U. FKANCI8.
New stvh a wall uaoer and window shades ar
riving ar 'M. T. Van Uoorn A Sou's.
Van I'vorn A Son'B UlaaNware Counter is full of
For Sale !
Owmif to HI ht-.dih the auincriber offers f r sale
one ol tne most ipsraine nrms ou me roaa oe
tweeu brattleboro .nul Pn;ney. H.iid farm Is ven
p.eiiKiintl? locaietl, (our miles from Braitlrtroro
village. And coi. tains 100 ncrps of land, suitably
divided into tillage, pasturagt and woodland.
The buil'liuus art in good condition, the bouse
he.iig Uii g an 1 mo lern, ami a e supplied with
rutin ng w,it"r flora a ut-ver falling spring. For
funnel particulars inquire on the premise,
tf U. A. UOUtiUTON.
iliiUMillMil i
i. rim i,ti:st srvi.i.s
Mrs. C.A. Miller,
09 .naln-al., Oppmli. Brooks lloiiso.
OVsl'KRS, fresli every d ty at D. Ounn A Co.'a
Elliot Street.
1'icturc Fraraea are .'heap at Cheney A Clapp's.
Farm for Sale.
I now offer for sale mv farm, pleasantly sltntt
ed In tne southeast psrt ot Guilford, oo the road
to Greenfield, 7 miles from Brattleboro, and one
fouttli mile from school. Said farm contains 6S
acres, suitably divided into mowing snd pasture.
Wood and timbr enotiglt for the farm. Musi-
.na-nr nlace of about atio trees. There are good
ai nildlngs on the premises ; the barn ia new, Sxx36
with running water. From It to IS tons of good
hay were cut on (he plac the present year. Plen
ty uf fruit lor own use. One ot the beat small
fat ms la town. Call snd see for vonraelf.
Guilford, vt. Oct. s. last, tta
L2TATE OP VERMONT, Maaiaoao ss Tas
O I'bobati co car roa asm uiaraicT.
To all whom It may concern. Greeting :
Whereas, Emms Dsrllng. s.lmlnl.trstnx of the
Estate of David Haker. late of Ley.len, Mass., snd
having chattels and eststs la said district, de
ceased, has represented that:
The amooat of debts do from said deceased
a 4,10
The charges of sdminiatrstion, estimated.. US)
balance of debts chargeable oa the real
estate of said iteoeased J)M0O
Pravtna for license to sell so much of the real
estate of said deceased, as is necessary for the
pavment of sal i debts snd casrges of administra
tion. Vt hereupon tt tt ordered that the same bs
heard at the apwaion of said Conrt. to be held at
the Probate office, in Brstvebora, os the last ftat
nrdsy of October, A. D. 11. when snd where yua
msy be sesra in tne nrrsiiwa ii von see eanse.
CJTATE or VERMONT. Masxaoao aa Tail
O PaoSATE loraT fob aai Uistsjct.
Jall p-riMMts Intereated in ib estate of WI1
LAKD FKOST laae of Brattleboro la said district,
deceased. Greeting :
Yoa are herehT alined that this Court win de
rite spas the allowance of tas sccoaat of Joha
v.". prmt. s.lministrator apcat said estste, and sw
rree dlMrt.tioa thereof to The persons entitled,
st the session thereof to bs held st the Probs's
office is Hr.uleboro oa the last 8stor.1ay of Oc
tober. A. D. whe and when yoa saay ho
heard ta ths arsataesL If see esnss.
twx. W. ilxiL-UAiiij, Ksgaser.
Is now ready to show Dew fall and
winter styles iu dress fabrics, vel
vets, plush, velveteens, and cloaks.
shawls, new neolc wear, underwear,
hosiery, gloves, buttons, blankets.
comfortables, quilts, tabie damask,
napkins, towels, flannels, yarns.
small wares and domestio goodj.
Bargains in lot of double-fold,
black, all-wool Empress cloth of ex
cellent quality, at 25o. a yard.
At oOo. yd., lot of 88-inch, all-
wool dress flannels in all the new
shades and superior in quality to
any heretofore offered at the price.
Anotner bargain at 50c. yd., is a
lot of yard-wide Corded French Al
berteens, in bronze, myrtle, navy
and wine shades.
Complete line new shades in Geo.
H. Gilbert's celebrated 8-4 suiting
flannels ; also, a lower grade of 6-4
French Foula and Cords, 86c. and
81 yd., in bronze, hussar, myrtle,
teria-cotta, crushed raspberry and
porapaine shades.
Few choice novelties in suit pat
terns of French checks, with em
broidered leaf in'over-dress.
Black silks, satins, watered silks,
one piece satin crescent, figured.
The celebrated "Nonpariel" velvet
eens, black and colors. Silk plush,
new and staple shades, excellent
Large variety new black dress
New styles in "Satine" prints, 8c.
2500 yds. new fall styles in best
quality prints, at 6c. yd. Another
lot of prints at 4c, same as last lot
New dress cambrics iu "tea gown'
styles, 12 jc. yd.
Rare variety of novelties in ladies
lace scarfs, fichus, wide collars, and
Fancy neck handkerchiefs in white,
with embroidered corners, and polka
dot, delicate opera shades, and an
tique designs. Exceptionally large
assortment just now in Spanish
scarfs aud fichus, among them a few
real handrun goods at 84 and,85.
New things in long wristed, bril
liant LiBle gloves, in black and cloth
Few choice things in ladies', miss
es' and infants' hose, and good as
sortment staple styles. Silk stock
ings for ladies and gentlemen made
of Florence silk. Florence knitting
silk in ball. New yarns. -
Big line new dress buttons.
New Soutach braids . in real mo
hair ; these will be much used on
all street dresses this season.
Small assortment embroidery on
black gilk and black cashmere, new,
styliab ssnd exrpeonf vsa,
New Torchon, Spanish and Orien
tal laces.
Very complete new assortment
lace pillow shams, bed setts.
Lambrequins and laoe curtains.
Turkey-red tabling, eight entirely
new designs. Good time to make
Two new patterns in fine bleached
damask. Two special bargains in
extra wide cream loom damask, at
58c. and 75c. yd.
New napkins in both tea and din
ner size. Three lobs in towels, at
10c., 15c. and 25c.
Comfortables at 81.00, 1.15, 1.25
and lot of better goods at 1.50 to
3.00, to be opened next Monday.
White blankets, 82.00 to 12.00
pair. Colored blankets in low grades.
Horse blankets, cut out in neck, 75o.,
85c, 95c, 1.25, 1.50, 4.00. Horse
blankets, square, 95c, 1.50, 4.00.
Checks and colored shirting flan
nels, all grades. White flannels, in
all wool. Cotton and wool and Can
ton, all grades. Complete line in
domestic cotton goods.
Again have all sizes in the 58c
unlaundried shirt, which surprises
Ladies', misses' and children's
sizes in the "'none such" rubber wa
terproof, 1.25 ; in the celebrated
"Park seamless for 1.75.
Fall and winter styles in ladies'
Job in fancy handkerchiefs, 10c
and 25c Bargain in plain hem
stitch handkerchief at 12c, 20c, and
25c Silk handkerchiefs, 15c to 1.50.
In Merino underwear I have con
tracted for between 100 and 200
dozen ladies', gents' and children'
goods, which are now just beginning
to arrive, and which I shall own at
prices which will enable me to give
every customer a bargain.
Last season I sold a few elegant
cloaks, and this season I propose to
offer a larger variety of fine outside
garments than have ever been offer
ed in this market. Also a complete
line of popular priced goods.
Shall have some New York style
which will not be found elsewhere.
Am already beginning to open
samples of the new styles, and shall
soon be ready to showcomplet assortment.
II. I. IM,
intDta ft

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