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The Windham County reformer. (Battleboro, Vt.) 1876-1897, October 13, 1882, Image 4

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acres of tillage, wood and pasturelaud, the former
being: under a n'-Kh atate of cultivation. There is
buildings are all in an excellent condition. A
food cider mill and workshop on the premises.
iiiso a comionaDie leuaut uuw. rmou uuu
firari dollars worth al milk baa been wholesaled
from this place In a slule year. Th la property
will be sold for casht or part 01 pnrcnase money
en stand on a mnrwaire. For particulars Inquire
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cr of CUDWUKTH CHILDS, Brattleuoro, Vt
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Packlus and Marketing- Apples.
In erowinir apples the whole provioui
work may be well done, varletloa good,
trace thrifty and well cared for, yet the
profits may be very materially lessened by
Inattention in the manner of gatherlngand
preparing for market. Apples that are to
be kept for any length of time should be
carefully hand-picked from the tree. We
say hand-picked from the tree because
everybody that offers apples for sale claims
that his apples are hand-picked ; therefore
there seems to be two methods of hand
picking the one to pick the fruit carefully
from the tree, the other to shake the tree
and hand-pick from the ground. If the
apples are expected to keep, the flrBt method
must be adopted and the fruit carefully
handledfter picking. The proper time
for picking Is when the fruit 'separates
easily from the twig. This condition indi
cates a sufficient degree of ripeness. Ap
ples that are picked much before this, if
properly handled and well cared for, will
keep, but lose something in flavor.
Before commencing to pick froai the
tree gather all the windfalls from the
ground, and do not mix these with the
good apples; then with a basket climb the
tree, pick, and carefully place each good
apple In the basket. Handle tbe apples
like eggs, not like rocks. When the basket
is full do not hold it a foot or more above
the barrel and pour In, but placing the
basket in the barrel carefully turn It over
so that the apples will not rap against the
sides of the barrel or against each other.
The apyles may be partially sorted while
picking, the poor ones being dropped to
the ground..
As soon as picked the apples should be
storedlin a cool place, sorted, and prepared
for market as soon as practicable. In do
ing this keep the different qualities separate.
It is a maxim of military science that the
strength of a defensive work is no great
er than the strength of its weakest
point, so in preparing fruit for market, if
the first and second qualities are mixed the
whole will sell for second quality. What
ever may be the quality of the frmt be
sure and make the apples at the top a fair
sample of the whole package. According
to the lessons learned by our own experi
ence It has for several years past been safer
to sell early in the season than to hold for
a higher price. Whether this will be the
wiser course the present season remains to
be seen. Wo would advise no farmer to
hold his apples until Spring hoping for a
higher price unless he bestows the utmost
care in gathering and has the very best
facilities for keeping. At best the chances
arc that the enhanced price next Spring
if contrary to the experience of the past
few years the price is then any better than
at present will not make up foi the shrink
age and cost of extra labor. Whether
stored in anticipation of a higher market or
for family use apples must be kept cool
as near the freezing point as possible with
out freezing. The less fruit is handled the
better, therefore after it has been well
assorted and put in the cellar it should re
main unmolested until wanted for use or
sale. If the conditions are all good, the
cellar cool and the apples perfect, it makes
but little difference whether they are stored
in barrels, bins or on shelves.
Have you put in that piece of winter rye
yet, the product of which will be bandy
as an early green feed for the cows next
summer f if not do it now. At least make
the experiment and give It a full trial.
i The Potato.
Tho hiurnrv nt the notato. as iriven bv
those who have investigated it, is an inter
esting one. Rees's Encyclopedia states
tnat the potato was brought from Virginia,
by Sir Walter Raleigh, to Ireland. The
orritur &1 nnlrl havA mud from South Ameri
ca, in the latter part of the sixteenth cen
tury.. Sir Walter had no idea of its ever
being used as an esculent at mat lime, it
....... n,t;turi nut. t.n him ftR a beautiful flow
er, aud its bard bulby root, was said by
the natives, to possess nieuiciuui qunuueo.
trA tnir a tn TrflnnH when ha had estates
HO .wn -)
presented to him by Queen Elizabeth, and
planted it in ms garoen. i ue uowcr utu
not improve by cultivation, but the root
grew larger and softer.
The potato in its native oea was a coarse,
sround nut. The thought struck the phi
t..ani.or to trv tlm nntRtn an an edible, and
boiling and roasting it, found it, by either
process, excellent ne men gave nume ui
the plants to the peasantry, and they soon
became in a measure a substitute for bread
when the harvest was scanty.
The potato was successfully cultivated
in Ireland before it was thought so;little of
in England. It grew into favor by slow
degrees, and it was so little known when
oor Pilirrim Futlifrn ramfl to this COUQtrV.
that it was not thought of for a crop in the
New World. It was not until 1710 that
the Irish potato reached this country. A
colony of Presbyterian Irish, who settled
In Londonderry, N. H., brought the root
with them. This people found their favor
ite vegetable flourished well in new ground.
By degrees their neighbors came into the
habit of raising potatoes. Long after they
were cultivated in New England, they were
held in contempt, and the master jicchanic
often had to stipulate with his apprentice
that he should not be obliged to eat pota
toes. About this time, some of the New Eng
land gentry brought this vegetable on their
tables, and the prejudice against them
vanished. Thus by degrees a taste for this
food was formed, never to be extinguished.
The cultivation of the potato is now well
understood a crop ameliorates instead of
impoverishing the soil, and the culture can
be increased to any extent. Thus by the
curiosity of one lover of nature and his ex
periments has an humble weed been brought
from the mountains of South America and
spread over JMirope ana JNortb America,
until it is emphatically called the "bread
of nations." Ben: Perley Poore.
Poultry breeders do not seem to appre
ciate the great value of Done ior tneir iowis,
and but a limited few ever make use of
them for this purpose. No matter wheth
er the birds are confined or not, they are
sure to be benefited by a moderate quan
tity of bones, though those which ire kept
in close confinement need them most.
Nearly every family of any size have ref
use bone tnougb from the kitchen to af
ford the poultry quite treat from time to
time, and when this i not tbe case, or
when the supply runs short, enough can be
procured etch week from tbe nearest butch
er cart at a very small price, many butch
er being glad to give them aw ly to get
rid of them. These can be crushed by
using large atone and heavy hammer,
though there is now a very good and cheap
mill made for the purpose catling but
five dollars, without legs, and seven dol
lar with legs wbich lavs fur itself sever
al time over during the eaon, where
lanre flock of fowls are kt pt, as it only
crushes and grinds bones, but also oyster
hell, corn, etc Tbe bone crush best
when dir, and should be n dux ed to about
th of a small pea. They i re pit in
small trouith or boxes, under cover, where
tbe fowl can eat what they want and to
suit their pleasure. Poultrymar.
rwl f. II Fitzhuirh. one door keeper of
the hoose of reprt-seniauvra auu ute
original "biger man than old G.ant," ha
forsaken politics, and in connection i:h
no rue weaitny vinenieu uiou ., men .
miany to conduct a catue rniuu iu
(.OOP At" " I'm win I- -' -- -
wrrater pan of the I la that ami. t mantlnd in that
or any section. If yon keep your stomach, Iteer
and M" in perfect working order. There Is
ao medicine known that don that aa sorely aa
PtrMfl UIDf" i vn. n . .. . ... - r ."
rh-h and pare, and gin yoa good health al little
aunt. See other column.
The Common Cow.
i no
i no
AnartllA la amino- the round of
press in praise of the ooinmon, or what
called me native oow. in una n,o u
... nt Ihn mntnVMl iM-AMlR. t lift nailVC
i. lar.o.lv Inst, alirld. nf. and her owner, if
ni.ii, 1,,,-ra tl.o nralana nf tlifl Hhort-llOm.
Holstoin, Hereford or Jersey sung, is al-
.noal cvMitflnr-prl i.llMt. lllft COW Is hot WllSt
she seems, or else the- blooded stock Is
marvellous maeea. it may ue uowever,
that he knows little about the Improved
breeds, which furnish a comparatively
small part of the cows In the country.
There are two very prominent classes of
nnnnl. Ol, la O.instiUll.fri Of tllOSO WllO
know an littlo about the Droirress that has
luu.n mariA in iii-AAtunir. IIIHI. tllL'V uniiiiub
realize a cow can be worth more than fifty
or sixty dolalrs, at the utmost, and the oth
er is comprised or tuose wno recogui
merit in any cow unless she has some bl
Af Ilia tmrtrnvorl hwerla In her veiLS.
tween these are the practical people who
can see merit wnerever it umy
far as the dairy is concerned, there are
better cows in tne worm tnau bouio oi wu
natives are. They are just like the short-
Wn. with rnfnrence to (lilirV merits.
As to beef they are of course inferior
both in quantity and quality. Nothing
else could be expected when the short horn
has been orea ior years wnu a eijoumi
to the production of Deci. mere are
nrofWuliln and inlfillicrentlv conducted
dairies in the country that never use a drop
of mint otner man tnat uuteu trout tuc uum
mon or tiMtlvn iviw. and It la nossible to se
lect a herd of dairy cows from our common
stock which will compare favorably with
any nora oi any oreeu.
If a common nnw hnfl the marks of
good milker, it is wisdom to breed from
her. Whether or not her calf will inherit
ho. nonrl miftlii.ipfi. time alone can tell. It
is right here that the value of Improved
stock is greatest. Its characteristics are
fixed, and will be reproduced. It is here
too where the value of a registered pedigree
is apparent, ine tact uuu a uuua vummua
tha hrisf statement of the ancestors of an
animal is nothing of itself. But the fact
that it tells that the animal has certainly
come from a long line of ancestors, which
kair. i-parii v tinnRrrmu.0. tnair cnaTHULBr-
lBtics, is everything, for it not only shows
that me auimui ltseu puoBCBraa mo
fa.iiv fhurMrtpriHticB to a trreater or less
deeree. but that it in turn will be able to
transmit them, ine common cow muy
hriulf and aha mav not. The
m.roiu in-pi) mw will reDi-oduce herself.
with possiDiy siigui variation, uuuer piui
It is too often the case that the owners
common cows get an erroneous impression
when their attention uas neeu caueu tu mo
desirability of improving their herds. They
are convmced perhaps tnat wouiu uu
iiiotr intpriisr. m imnrove tiiu uutuauLci
their herds ; but thinking that the only way
tn H,i this is to nurchase outright, they may
not feel like going to the expense. Some
of the best cows iu the country are crosses
of our common stock with the Improved
breeds, ana li a man owns a couimuu w
that has proved herself a valuable dairy
animal, he has excellent encouragement to
no. lixr fur criuuiiriE. It is every ruin's
duty to breed up. It is throwing away
money to keep an interior ammai wnen wu
can lust as well liave a Detier one. vve
era Rural.
Nt raw Lumber.
There can be no Question that straw lum
ber is admirably adapted to many kinds of
finishing work, barrels, tables and counter
toDs. flue doors and ornamental work : and
we are assured that it can be produced and
sold In competition with wide walnut at
one-half the price of the latter. The
standard manufacture is in widths of 82
inches, a lenifth of 12 feet, and a thick
ness corresponding to that o( surface
boards. These dimensions may be varied
to suit such orders as may be given, and
emhrace anv width, length or thickness.
Unlike lumber, however, narrower widths
are the most costly. The straw muiuur
may be ripped with the hand saw or tbe
buzz saw ; may be run through the sticker
for the manufacture of molding, and takes
a nail or tcrew about aa well as oak. It
may be finished with varnish or paint, and
is susceptible of a high polish. It is prac
tically water and firo proof being; manufac
tured under 600 degrees ot heat, and we
are assured has been boiled for some hours
without anv apparent change of structure,
Its tensile strength I greater than that of
oak or walnut, and its weight about one-
fifth greater than the former when dry. It
is made from any kind of s raw, including
hemp and flax fiber in fact, from any ma
terial that will make pulp and a ton of
straw will produce 1,000 feet of boards.
The pulp is rolled into thin sheets, a num
ber of which, corresponding with the mica:
ness of the lumber desired, are placed to
gether with a peculiar cement, wnich is
claimed to be waterproof, ana are men
rolled under a pressure sufficient to amal
gamate them into a solid mass, which may
be worked with a plane it desired.
When it is remembered that It takes 100
years to grow a tree to maturity, suiting it
to commercial purposes and a tree pro
ducing 82-inch lumber will require fully
twice that time while 20,000 feet per
acre is a large yield under the most favor
able circumstances, it will at once be real
ized that where 8,000 feet can be taken
from an acre of ground for an indefinite
number of years, the process which ena
bles sucb a result to lie accomplished, and
which will yield a really valuable lumber,
is one of vast importance. We look for
valuable results in the future in the manu
facture of lumber from what is practically
a waste material, but which will be pro
duced in endless quantities so long as the
United States maintains its character as a
grain-producing country. American Arch
itect. How to Treat Rata.
A writer in the Scientific American says :
We clean our premises of the detestable
vermin,' rats, by making whitewash yellow
with copperas and covering the stones and
rafters with it. In every crevice in which
a rat may go we put the crystals of copper
as, and scatter in tbe corner of the floor.
The result was a perfect stampede of rats
and mice. Since that time not a foot-fall
of either rats or mice has been heard around
the house. Every spring a coat of yellow
wash is given the cellar as a purifier, as a
rat exterminator, and no typhoid, dysentery
or fever attacks the family. Many persons
deliberately attract all tbe rats in tbe neigh
borhood by leaving the fruits and vegeta
bles uncovered in the cellar, and sometimes
even the soap is left open for their regale
nient. Cover up everything eatable in the
cellar and pantry and you will soon slwe
tbem out. These precautions, Joined to
the service of a good cat, will prove as
good a rat exterminator as the cnemist can
Drovide. We never -snow rats to oe poi
sorted in our dwelling. They are so apt to
die between tbe walls and produce much
A good Baptist clergyman of Bergen, V. T., a
strong temperance mau, auuereu wi.u
troub.e, neuralgia, anil dluineas almost to blind
ness, over two years after be was told that Hop
Bitters would cure him, because he waa afraid of
aud oreludiced against "Bitters." Hioce his cure
he aays none need fear but trust in Hop Bitters.
The rarm Known u uir i ran.is
situated Iu ('busier field, N. 11., three and ouo balf
miles from Bratueboto, VL, on- the mam road
from Brattieboroto Keene. la a food location.
In a sood neigh trarbood. It contains 1M acres,
iud acres free frum stone. BaUdiutrs rood ; never
falling; running water at house and barn ; a good
Dairy Pasture in which I have kept 1. cowa the
pat aumnieT. It will winter SO cows and keep
three horsee to bay and grain -be yemr riKiod,
and bave hay and ajram to at-lL A plenty of fruit,
butternuts and chestnuts. In fad ti u em qf the
btifnnttJ baiarm m town. Come and IL
Terms Kahy. 1 am bound to aeil on account of
puor health ana inarm uy. a neve aim wm goua
paMurps in Newiane, Vi, I offer for ante,
beaterneid. N. H.. Sept. Hi, lfwf.
I hereby offer for sale my Tin fthop. Tools and
entire Stock of Goods, lm-ated in tbe floanabing
Villaxeof wiimint-toti, Vt , W miles fmm Braille
IVvro and Bnnmirt'n, and I mitea from North
A'.ania, Paid property r-nist in part of a rood
full net of it did an's tuule, of tbe leo-sl Mtiertxe
aud In food condition. Htock eona.au of a rood
artewwinirntoi Co)4injt and Parker moves Kane,
Hollow Tin. larwau. W'oodtm ware. Lead Pipe,
p,.mr Piowaand OalUvatra. Orr 1 Unit
aoM dortnr tne past yrsr. The bnsinesa will fnr
Btftfa 'mploTmnt for two Jsarif-iea tinmen, aad
aoortioa of the rear for three. This ts a rare
opportentty w a maa of energy to er.r- M
lot-tML Myeyeaifbt m faillnc and 1 wt-i to eav
ctTtliwUi"'hn'int. A-1'tree,
j w fat. 1 L' IMianV awaltASfts. Tt
or nucho.a Co., N. it.. 80 vean oi Afe,
Nuffered Conllnuavlly for many
Yuan from Mono In the Bladder.
Great age and painful disease are a sad combin
ation. Yet Mr. William westiaii, loruieny ui
Rook City, Imohees Co., N. Y., now of Washing
ton Hollow, In the same oouuty, uaine to the offloe
of Dr. David Kennedy, the eminent Physician and
sura-eon of Hoatlout, N. Y., some time since, In a
condition to excite the sympathy of the most cold
blooded and hard hearted person in tne worm.
We say he uaine tie waa, rather, earrfed to the
Doctor's ofnoe, for he was totally helpless, and
bore the weight of SO years besides. He had suf
fered long from Rotentlon of Urlue, and had all
the symptoms of an aggravated esse of calculus
formations In the bladder. The usual Instrumen
tal examination revealed the presence In the
bladder of a urinary caleuhtaof uncommon else.
Dr. Kennedy frankly told Mr. Westfall that, ow
ing to his age and debility, an operation waa out
of the question, but that he oouln, by the prescrip
tion of "Kennedy's Favorite Hemedy," together
with local treatment, make him comfortable and
leave him to live out all his days, The outcome
of this was that the patient enjoys good health to
this day.
IB. amwuB. wny
Dr. Kennedy's "Favorite Keinedy" is
being extensively used by our people a-e as fol
lows : It la a combination of vegetable alteratives.
It is pleasant to the taste, adapted to both sexes
and all agea, Is effective In affording immediate
reher In all oases or Kinney trouoies, i.tver uom
p.alnts, oonstipatlon of the Bowels and derange
ments peculiar to women. At the sRme time It
purines the blond, thus giving tone aud strength
to the system debilitated by disease or age. "Dr.
Kennedy's Favorite Remedy" tor sale by all drug
if von are sick Hon Bitters will sorely aid Na
ture in making you well when all else falls.
If you are costive or uyspepnc, or are auueriug
from any other of the numerous diseases of the
stomach or bowels, it la your own fault if ynn re
main 111, lor Hop Hitters are a sovereign remcuy
In all stioh complaints.
If you are wasting away with any form of Kid
ney disease, stop tempting Death this moment,
and turn for a cure to Hop Bitters,
If you are sick with that terrible sickness Ner
vousness, you will And a "Balm In Gllead" In the
use of Hop Bitters.
It you are a rrequeiuer, or a roBi'icm
mlaamutto rilatrlot. hurricane VOUr SVBteni against
the scourge of all countries malarial, epidemic,
bilious, and Intermittent fevers-by the use of
Hop Bitters. . , . .
If you have rough, pimply, or sallow skin, bad
breath, pains and aches, and feel miseraoio gen
erally. Hop Bitters will give you fair skin, rich
blood, and sweetest, breath, health and comfort.
Ill short tney cure an wieeeeee
Bowels, Blow), Liver, Nerves, Kidneys, Bright'
Disease. MOO will be paid for a case they will not
otire or help. ...
That poor, oe'iriuueii, nival,., ..........
mother, or daughter, can be made the picture of
nea.ro, nyirew uuimct i ...-.
but a nne. Will yon let them suffer?
as It acts directly on the Kidneya, silver
and Bowels, restoring them at once to
?.lth? 2c..lnn' HUNT'S REMEDY 18 a Bate,
sure and speedy cure, aud hundreds have testi
Ued to having been cured by It, when physicians
and friends had given them up to die. Do aot
delay, but try at once HUNT'S REMEDY.
K1DNKY8, BLADOBR, UKINAKT uruabb, vnuroi,
Ghavbl, Diabetes, and Inoontinencb and
n.ca. or Loins. General Debility, Kbhalb
Brioht's Disbasb, and all Cohflaints of th
HUNT'S REMEDY quickly Induces the Livkr
to healthy action, removing the causes that pro
duce Bilious Hbadachb, Dyspepsia, Soub bto-
By the use of HUNT'S REMEDY, the Stomach
and Bowels will speedily regain their strength,
aud the Bloou will ue periecuj punueu.
buni1. HBSBDY la pronounced by the beat
doctors to be the only cure for all kinds of kidney
HUNT'S REMEDY Is purtly vtfilablt, and is
a sure cure for Heart Disease aud Rheumatism
when all other medicine fails.
all Druoqibts. Send for Pamphlet to
Hunt's Bemedy Co., Providence, E. L
Prices, 73 cent and (1.33.
Sewius: Machine
S '
The unparalleled socceaaof the "Donikflc,
Hewing; Klathine Is not a matter of Mir prise
to those acquainted with IU Special JflerUtft
and the numerous points of excellence so care
fully considered and combined In the general
pian or its consiniciiun.
It Is the Niuiniest machine In the market,
comparatively NolMlewi. bavlnr few uarta, ol
great strength, therefore less likely to wear or
f;et out oi oraer. n is eaniy unuerswwu, it-niu-nrltv
with its action Is very aulckly acquired,
and It needs but little practice or special skill tn
the operator.
It inn ken a beautiful and durable do ub I
thread lock-alitch. suited to every descrip
tion of work. Any kind of thread can be used
with equal facility, and iu ranireof work is nhowu
In its ability to Hew from the litjhceat fa
rica to thirty- tliickneae of heavy
bleached niualiu without increased eflort
on the part or the operator, and without any
change of adjustment.
The tension Is practically self-refrulating and
nnif..rm nrminiipi a nerfect stitch on both
sides. It has all the modern appliance and con
veniences that go to make up a a-erieci ww-
nar ui nevhintn. Thniw are drawers, extension
tables, castors, large bobbins, great space under
tbe arms, ana
the combiratior fly-wheel
Surpasses all other Hewing Machines, perform
lng a great variety or work iu we impien a
W. 0. HUNT, Agent,
Send for circulars.
Wednesday, Oct. 18,
the farm known as the Col. White farm. Haid
farm is avit.iir.ted on the ivnn. River in the town
of Putney VL, at equal distances from Wetrfmin-
rer anu ruiney sirteis, lour aiiim iu cuner
lilac, ana i l-v mnea io caw rainey urpoi on ine
L'r VHev R. H . and aame instance from West
moreland depot on the C heshire H. R-, in N. H.
Hstd farm oonsistK of a little more than scr,
divided as follows: Vi acre of meakw, Ui acres
of pasture and about 18 acres of woodland; al-o
an island tn the Conn. River of about t acres.
Uood buildings with orer ifailfng running water
at both house and brn. The farm ia well adspu
en to nairy or grain, or ooia. v,ww out remain
on mortrage If desired.
Will a iso be sold at aame time and place, per
sonal property to-wit : i two-horse traverse sird,
nearly new. 1 two-horse wara body, 1 borae
noe, 1 ox yoke, l p tea are waga neap, and one-
ha ir or a c-namima seeoer. iioBM'HtMa iKa
l ntoklosT st ve. 1 narlor store for coal. 2 so fa si 1
extension table, some chairs, and a few other sr-
tiriea. Hale positive at Ir. A. R Hmlth'i resi
dence, one fourth mile from East Putney denot.
Parties saa arrive from the north at . or from
Ue south at 11 a. am. Dr. A. B. SMITH.
Fall and Winter, 1802 !
Ready Made Clothing,
consisting of Dress Suits, Frock and Sack Business Suits in
Fine and medium goods. Overcoats and Ulsterettes. An
elegant line of Suits and Overcoats for youths and boys.
Winter Underwear !
All sizes and grades for men, youths and boys.
A good assortment of collars,' cuffs, ties, handkerchiefs,
and everything for a gentleman's outfit.
The "Eighmie Patent Shirt," the best the world over.
Overalls, jumpers, and cardigans, all sizes and prices.
Trunks, bags and straps.
Custom Clothing !.
We have a full line of Foreiern and American Woolens
for fall and winter suits, overcoats, ulsters and ulsterettes,
that we will make to order in the latest style and best work
No. 3 Granite Block .
Waiting Is pain, and yet 'tis best to wait,
For waiting- lends a seat to all we win,
And brings attainment wlto a fullness In
Like wine of arapea which oome to i-iponesa late.
We chaff at dull delay anu ontue tne tate
Whose shuttles aeein athwart our hopes to spin
The tlssoes of defeat Then we herin.
To gauge the good we seem to mlsa how great.
Not half divlt.e the first faint glimpse of land,
To eyes which have not ached with cheated watch,
And hearts which nave uot prayed against de
spair, Wild storms and baffling calm make dear the
Of doubt's dark sea, and, lauding, first we oatoh
The infinite Joy of safe possession there.
wm. u. Kicnarua iu xuuiu-a wmpauivu.
Ood measures souls by their capacity
for eutertalnlng his best angel, Love.
Who loveth moat la neareat kin to Uod,
Who la all love or nothing, lie who alls
And looks out on the palpitating world,
And feels his heart swell In hliu, large enough
To hold all men within it, he is near
Ills great creator's slaudaru, luo' tie aweits
Outside the pale of churches, and knowa uot
A feast dar from a fast "ay, or a line
Of scripture even. What Uod wants of us
IS tnat out-reacutug Digueaa mat iguoi m
All littleness of alms, or loves, or oreeds.
And clasps all earth and heaven In its embrace.
Dill T, UDDlk: ,
(lien's Furnishings.
We were never better prepared to serve our friends than
at present time, with the most complete line of HATS, in
all the novelties. FURNISMIlN GB in a large and wei
selected variety, including both
J. J. RAY-
Operates with Energy upon the Kldueys,
Liver, Bownls and Pores
of the hkiu,
Neutralising, Absorbing, and Kzpellliig
Ituroruloua, canoaroua and
Be abstinent in praise and blame.
The man's still mortal, who stands first.
And mortal only, If last and worst.
Then slowly lift bo frail a fame,
Or softly drop so poor a shame.
. K. B. Browning.
The time li short. Then be thy heart a brother's
To every heart that needs thy help iu aught ;
Hoon tliou may'st need the sympathy of others.
rue time is iuui u
If thou hast fiiends.glve them thy beat endeavour,
Thy warm eat Impulse and thy pnreBt thought,
neeping in min i, iu wuru auu sajmuu
Wham summer winds, aroma laden, hover.
Companions rest, their work forever wrought ; 4
noun Ulliur graves me uiiibb miii iuu mil wtci.
't ne lime is auoru
Up, up, my soul, ere yet the shadow falleth ;
Home good return in latter seasons wrought ;
Forget thyself, when duty angels oulleth.
1UJ iiuia is iiiuiu
By nil the lapses thou hast been forgiven,
By all the lessons prayer to thee ham taught,
To others teach the sympathies of Ueaven.
'i ne time is suoru
'he cause of most human Ills, and curing when
physicians, itOHpltals aud all othur methods aud
remedies fall, Hurofula or King's Kvil, Glandular
(Swelling, Ulcers, Old Hores, Milk Leg Mercurial
AQVcl luii,Krylpela,Tumors, Atm;eanen,UarlUB
olcs, Boils, Hlnod PolHoiiH.Brlghi's Dlriortae, Wanting
of the Kidneys tun I Uver, Kheuinritim, cmmtlpa
tlon, Piles, Dyspepsia, and all Itching, aud Mealy
Of the HKIn aud Hoalp, such as Halt Rheum,
psoriasis, Teuer, it mg worm, naruer s tcn, scam
Head. Itchtnic Pi leu. and other Dlsflgurlug and
Torturing Humors from a pimple to a sorofulitio
ulcer, wnen asHiHieu dt cuticuh auu vutiluk
Huaif, the great Skin Cures.
A sweet, unchangeable Medicinal Jelly, clears off
nil HTterniii nviiience of Blood Humors, eats uwav
Dead Hlcin and Flesh, Instantly allays ItchlugR and
Irritations. SofteiiM, Hoot lies and Heals. Worth
Us weight In gold for all Itching Diaeuses.
An Bxaulslte Toilet. Bath, and Nursery Sanative.
Fragrant with delicious dower odors aud healing
na sums, vor I'uua in a mum utu mrm an me vir
tues of Optic uk A. the irreat Hit Id Cure, and Is in-
filsponsaoie in tne ireaimeui oi naiu auu noaip
Diseases, and for restoring, preserving and beau
tifying the complexion and skin. The only
Menicinai ts&uy ooap.
CuTiriTRA ltKMBDiRH are the on Iv real curatives
for dUeases of the Skiu, Scalp and Blood.
Price: udtiocra kksolvbnt, ai.uu per noma;
CitTKURA.&nc. ner box: lame boxes. tl.ttO : Cuti-
cuka Meuioimai. Toilbt Soa, so. Octicoba
Mkdioikal ohavino soap, too. bow every wn ere,
Principal Uepot, Weeks A Potter. Boston
The Immense Amount oi Cloth
ing sold in the past by
5 JJai
F. A, WHITllYtca
was sold by the reasons of Low
Prices, Honest Dealing and Square
Our Fall and Winter Stock of Mens', Youths'
and Boys' Suits, Overcoats and Ulsters, , has
now arrived, and for Style and Price has never
been surpassed.
Gents' Furnishing Goods.
Call and examine the Largest and Most Se
lect Line of Silk Handkerchiefs, Scarfs, Ties,
Plain and Fancy Hose ever shown in Southern
All the best makes of UNDERWEAR, White, Red,
Blue and Clouded, from 30c. to $2.50.
Laced Shirts, Sailor Shirts, Blue Shirts, White and
Fancy Shirts, Unlaundried Shirts, &c, in great variety.
HPsintsiloozs. Overfills, tla.e LBest
In. tlie World-
Rubber Coats, Hats, Caps, Blankets, &c.
Trunks, Valises, Umbrellas.
Foreign and Domestic Cloths, Worsteds, Overcoatings.
Suitings, &c, in rich and varied designs
Gentlemen will please make their selections early, to
avoid the hurry of the season. Largs line of piece Roods
for sale by the yard.
Thanking our friends for their large pat
ronage in the past, we again cordially invite
them to call and examine our Fall and Win
ter Stock.
Beautiful lives have grown up frum the
darkest places, as pure white lilies full of
fragrance have blossomed on slimy, stag
nant waters.
The greatest obstacle to being heroic is
the doubt whether one may not be going to
prove one s self a :ool ; the truest heroism
is, to resist the doubt ; and the protoundest
wisdom to know when it ought to be re
sisted and when to be obeyed. Haw
A man who can give up dreaming and
go to his daily realities ; who can smother
down bis heart, its love or woe, and take
to the hard work of bis band : who defies
fate, and, if he must die, dies fighting to
the last that man is life's best hero. Miss
You may throw away a character in one
act. as you may throw away a stone. (Jan
vou go after it and recover it ? Never
You may get something back by penitence
and strife : but not the holy thing exactly
as it was. A stone that is thrown al-'ng
the road you may recover, but a stone
thrown into tbe sea who can get it back
again f
It is narrated of the great sculptor.
Michael Angclo, that when at worn he
wore over his forehead, fastened on bis ar
tists' cap, a lighted candle, in order that no
shadow of himself might fall upon his
workl It was a beautiful custom, aud
spoke a more eloquent lesson than he knew
For the shadows that fall on our work
how often they fall from ourselves.
'Tis a rule ot manners to avoid exagger
ation. A lady loses as she admires too ea
sily and too much. In man or woman the
face and the person lose power when they
are on the si rain to express admiration.
man mnkes his inferiors his superiors by
heat. Why need vou, who are not a gos
sip, talk as a gossip, aud tell eagerly what
the neighbors or the journals say I iniu-
Do you see the shimmer of the rainbow
which unites earth to heaven f So has
there been a bridge built between the
world and the next. Through the night
of the grave we gaze upward beyond the
star to tne end or all tilings, men we
glance at the pearl of sorrow in which are
concealed the wings which shall carry us
away to eternal happiness. Hans (Jliris
tian Anoersen.
Htrange thing, art, especially music. Out
of an art a man may be so trivial you
would mistake mm for an imbecile, at best
a grown infant. Put him into bis art, and
how high he soars above you ! How qui
etly he enters into a heaven of which he
has become a denizen, anl, unlocking the
gates wl'h his golden key, admits you to
follow, an nuutuie, reverent visitor. iuui-
wcr Lytton.
Among the Alps, when the day is done
and twilight and darkness are creeping over
fold and hamlet in tbe valleys below, Jtlont
Rosa and Alont Wane rise up far above the
darkness, catching from the retreating sun
something of his light, Hushed with rose
color, exquisite beyond all words, or pen
cil, or paint, glowing like the gate of heav
en. And so past favors and kindnesses
lift themselves up in the memory of noble
natures, and long after the lower parts ot
life are darkened by neglect, or selfishness.
or anger, former loves, high up above all
clouds, glow with divine radiance and
seem to forbid the advance of ni'-lit any
further. II. W. Beecher.
Sanford's Radical Cure.
Th. Mraat 4 marlm Ual.aa.1. Distillation
Wltt-h Haael, American Plna, Canadian Fir,
Marlield, Clour Blosi-ora, etc.
For the Immediate Relief and Permanent Core of
every form of Catarrh, from a simple lleail Gold
or Inflneiixa to the Loss of smell, Taste and hear
ing, Oonuh, Bronchitis and Incipient Consump
tion. Tmlnrseil bv PhTslclana. Chemists, and
Medical Journals tlrouirhont the world, as the
only complete external aud Internal treatment,
rin. hnriiD ftufli! Cure, one box Catarrhal Sol
vent and Sanford's Inhaler, all In one package, of
all druiririats for $1. Ass for Sanvobd's Kamcal
cub. Weeks A Potter, Boston.
Cathartic Pills
Combine th. choicest ."t""""!?.
in medicine, in iruM,r.,....- - .j
justed to secure act" - LMU1,
uniiorimiy ui uiic.. j --- -
r Al ,.rfnl atudv and practical ex-
nor'iment. and are the most effectual
penmeni, aim . ...
idy yet discovered for disease causwl VT
derangement ot the stomach, 1IWJM
bowels, which require prompt and
annlioalile to this class of diseases.
it directly on the dlgetiv. ana ."";
latlve processes, anu - ,
healthy action. Their extensive use by
physicians in their practice, and by all
civilized nations, is one of the many
proofs ol tlielr value as awe, ---
Sirfeotly reliable purgative medicine,
eiug compounded of the concentrated
virtues of purely vegetable substance,
they are positively free from calomel or
any Injurious properties, and can be admin
istered to children with perfect safety.
Aykh's Pills are an effectual cure for
Constipation op Costiveness, inaiKe.
tlon, Dyspepsia, loss ol Appeuw.
Foul Stomach sna ureain, iimia
Headache, Los of Memory, Numbne,
Biliousness, Jaundice, Rheumatism,
Kruption and Bltin aJiaeawaa, arrup-j-a
Tumors, Worms, Neuralgia, yo";.
Gripes, Diarrhoea, Dysentery, uf
Piles, Disorder of the Uver, and all
other diseases resulting irom .
state ot the digestive apparatus. ,
As a Dinner Pill they have no equal.
While gentle in their action, these Fill
are the most thorough and searching cathar
tic that can be employed, and never give
pain unless the bowel are inflamed, and
then their influence Is healing. They stimu
late the appetite and digestive organs; they
operate to purify and enrich the blood, and
impart renewed health and vigor to the
whole system.
Prepared by Dr. J. C. Ayer & Co.,
Practical and Analytical Chemists,
Lowell. Mast.
solo av all nauoeisTs xvxaTWars.
s Mr.?-
'Gentle, jet Effective, united
. Wltn Mealing diihhui, i-emier
,TKIC PLASTERS one hun--dred
times superior to all oth
er plasters for Pain, Weak-
Haas. v nessnuu iniiainuiaLiuii. x-ituc
"ASTt ctaw,olu everywhere.
Don't read books and papers which sug
gest thoughts you would not utter. They
stain the soul ; they burn the heart Can
you thrust your hand into the soot and
bring it out white and clean i Can you
singe your clothes and not have tbe smell
of fire on your garments ? Beware of
books which are suggestive of evil, though
they be clothed in the purple and gold of
fine language.
Don't watch for dishonesty and evil in
tention in those around. Hold every man
honest until proved otherwise. Thus be
lieving in other you will draw out of
tbem their best, for men ordinarily are
their best to those who believe in tnem.
Also keep your heart young and green by
faith in your fellow man.
Don't forsake your church, even though
your privileges are poor. Sermons will be
helpful influences in your life. You mav
only carry away a single sentence, a ser
mon, thus, "Make the best of yourself."
The sound, too, of music will help to drive
away the evil spirit of your soul, and raise
you inti a higher atmosphere ; nearer to
truth and to Uod.
Don't live your life alone, without form
ing friendship and love; your nature
need love, you were made for it, and other
nature need you. You are robbing others,
if you live like a hermit. Therefore go
out into Uod' world and live your life out
for others. Uospel Han ner.
The veteran journalist, Thurlow Weed
who ha been auite ul for some time
past, ia 81 years oldand baa been blird
for more thac five years. If he eel
strong enough, he intend consulting
Dr Agnew, Ui oculist, and undergoing
an operation. lie minx mat, wun
light even partially restored, be would
be cheered into a Lew lease of life,
Mr Weed has a double cataract: that is.
the crystal line lens in both eves has be
come opaaue. II tnis dead lens ia re
moved by an operation, and a double
convex lens of guvs fitted accurately in
front of the eye, tbe ray of light are
nierly focused, and a complete image
ormed on the sensitive retina.
Sometimes the operation of extracting
the dead lens is not successful, because
there ba been no light thrown upon tbe
retina ior ao long ilia n nas km it. en-
wtlbor's compound or
nu. Airn T Tirr
Ir wilBxtsr-a CsMlm Oil atW
tnvtHda need tv kmsrer dmd to laive Uut crrat
peciSr for CnosampiKMt, As;an and threat
tnf t?aa, 4 '-Uver Oil atxl LifMt. Aa prv
awre4 b in Wtttoor it m robbed nf ttw MOMatinc
taatts. text also rjs(rwl, s prvttrti i of tha
PiaHwWisie if Usae, rTinr fiaar th wry sntrit
irqTM t tl ike Mailt tMlitm of tb Oil,
tod V re-create wkrre disease sum dmroyed. It
aiso fnmta a rrmarvabrc male, aad anil cause
weak and aVMItitr4 sywi a toranmm at roog
ad robaat. li aboard be ha ta awry foiiiy fr
tastaat aaa aa th tb irat af'fM'-abc of concha
ar ImuiMai nf tbe Lanf. saofartOT! o y by
A. B. WILBOH, H bsl, hamam. Bo4d bf ail
And think th Kidneys or Liver a re at Fault.
HVPIRTROPHY, or enlargement ofthe
Ventricles. Dr- 9?Mmrt KgUU kvgmi rswwrts.
PIRICARDITI8, or Inflammation of tha
heart oaae p1 u iuiuir mnu a s1mm,
WATER In tha heart ease, (aorompaniss
Dropsy). 47m Dr. gr-ww SmH JUgiUamrf-M frtmptif.
SOrTE NINO of the Heart, (rary common)
PALPITATION. 2. &4fiatir is rWr.
ANGINA PI0TORI8, or Neuralgia of the
Hearts Ow' HtH Rfimfr 4m immtditU rwnlU.
tA BTAJtTLUia Faort Heart trooUsa ta the svt
sftUe art inferior only to twrisiimption in fatality
Dr. Graves' Heart Bcealeter Is a spsolfla. Priea
fl. per twttls, six bottles for 6. by express. Bend
lamp f or eminent physicians' treatise on these dUeasas,
In JIr ProHrmtiMt mnd 8iplmnm,
Jr. tTrfsW Utari Rtptiato As is f atW.
F. K Iva.ux,Soie Airent In ajnertea. Concord, V. if.
. tV-Sold by all Leading Orugs'stSea tn
All kinds of Asthma promptly relieved by the
mail postpaid oa receipt of price (one dollar per
CO., Hampton, N, H.
Send 8-cent stamp for aample. For sale by all
first-class druggists. Wb7-4t
Hltnaled In the Village of Brattletroro
The sTonnds contain sbont one and one-foartb
acres, with natural terrace. Choice foreat and
and fruit trees. Delightful shrubbery, natural
terrace, and ail the surroundings to complete and
adorn an elegant and beantiful home.
Title indisputable. Apply to A. P. CHILD.
eal Estate Agent, Bennington, Vt, or to COL.
KITTREDGK HASKINS, on the premises at
Brattleboro. tts
THE untold miseries that result from Indiscre
tion in early life may be alleviated and oared.
Those who doubt thiB assertion should pur-
furctmse the new medical worktmbllshed by th
KKIIVATION. Exhausted Vitality, Nervous and
Physical Debility, Premature Decline In Man, or
Vitality Impaired by the Errors of Youth, or too
close application to business, may be restored
and manhood regained.
S8th edition, revised and enlarged. Just pab
llshed. It is a standard medical work, the Deal
In the English language, written by a physician
of great experience, to whom was awarded a
gold and jeweled medal by the National Medical
Association. It contains beautiful and very ex
pensive engravings. 3ci0 pages, more than 1S5
valuable persoriptions for all forms of disessea,
aeute anil chronic, the result of many years of
extensive and successful practice, either one of
which la wortn ten times the price of the book;
Bemud In beautiful French cloth, embossed, lull
gilt. Price onlj 11.25, by mail, postpaid, on re
ceipt of price. Illustrated samples, six cents.
Send now.
PllKStUVAllO, Is beyond all comparison the most extraordinary
work on Fhvslology ever published. There I
nothing whatever that the married or single can
either require or wish to know but what is full
explained. London Lancet.
a a marvel of art and beauty, warranted to be a
better medical book In every sense than can be
obtained elsewhere for dm ble the price, or the
money will be ref uuded in every instance. Au-
save much time, suffering and expense by read
ing the Science of Lite, or couferrm- with lb. au
thor, who may be consulted on all diseases re
quiring skill and experience. Addrea
urW. H. PABKEB, . 11.,
lys 4 Bulnaeh street, Boston, Mass.
Fall Opening of BOYS
and MENS Suits-
east for illntrtMed raiatlaanae aa.
Male, lor aval mcawaii-sa.
When yon come to BOSTON.-
M-44 Xertk Street, Beats.
17 Temple Place,
BOSTON, 17.B. A.
Price Luat sent free.
Hew ta Hepl th tiaaalu ef 111
An von rr vxrl or mmoliNl with lirt).reitioa.
torpid or disordered Uver, want of appetite, ooa-
Klpaiinn, or ivvrnsn s.aiv oi vac wtmi ii so,
take without en fcrar, nnnroeaaarT delay Dr Ken
nedy1! ra-erti Krwvely, No aiedidne ts
ao harm leas jet ao q, n k-s and positive id its artton,
Is nature s own toea. eonoenaea ana auuie tea
Ha hv baman skill.
lr Rtuue.if add rose hi Roaeoat, K. T. IHwt
MEX WANTED to canTmtw fnr tbe tale
of Pratt and Ornaneatal Treea, ShrnrM.
R'ssea. Vln,e. So eir-riirc reoured, tKooS
Rll.lBT and ALL EKrMhU ra. Adlreaa
H. J. BOW DEN CX., Hocbaster, N. T. Xkw
DrunkenneBS & Opium Eating
C C. Been, V. D. a Hon. o pnarth aveaiie,
New York, bare paioteiM reaftellea for tbeae evir.
Tboeaaade cviei Ceil or seed stjuaa tr erw
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ireue aalesra. Oar
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aboet tbe bst pav
baatneaa of Ibe aea-
Jastt at tbta ttBe tkere are taaset-ee eaant.
ues of iHcterea to re fnuaed, aad asreaia are
ssMtnT with wonderfnl aalea. Fall paJiKmlara
aad aa cleaaat eaiot free. Addxeae
nnn a -ajo are certainly best, having been
UXltrii.lv O so decreed at every Orrat
turld. I.idu.trial CompetiiloD for
Nlxloen Ynars no other Auieriettn Organs
having been fonnd equal at any. Alsocbeap
fat. Style 1( ; 8"4 octaves : sufficient compass
and power with best quality, for popular sacred
and secular music In schools or families, at only
One hundred otner alylua at (30,
t-57, tss. 71, tin, 93, 1'W, tn. to iuo and Up.
The larger styles are wholly unrivaled by any
other organs. Alto for easy payment. New
Illustrated Catalogue free. This company has
TJT A XTflC! commenced the manufacture of
X lill'l UO (JprlKht (.rand Pianos,
introducing imporrant improvemeiiui ; auuiuK ui
power and beaut? of tone and uurauimj. win
not require tuning oue-quarter as mucn as other
Pianna. Illustrated Circulars FKEB.
The 1HAMN 4: HAMLIN Orsran and
Piano fo.,lM Tremont Su, Boston ; 4S B. lata
St,, New York ; 149 Wabash Ave., Chicago. Dwa
business now before the public.
You cau make money faster at
work for us than at anything
else. Canital not needed. We
will start voa. sis a day and upwards mane at
home hv the industrious. Men. women, bovs and
girls wanted everywhere to work for us. Now la
the time. Yon can work in spare time only or
f;ive your whole time to the business, ion can
ire at home and do the work. No other business
will pay yon nearly as well. No one can fall to
make enormous pay by engaging at once. Costly
outfit and terms free. Money made fast, easily
aad honorably. Address
Tan A Co.. Portland, Maine.
Flnt morlarttsre Heal Estate Laatne
made and Guaranteed, by the
Neh:h Lois and Trnst Cospisj,
School Bonds and Municipal Securities for hale.
Best of references furnished. W rite for full par
ticulara. D6w
Coughs, Colds, Hoarseness, Sore
Throat, Bronchitis, Influenza, Asth
ma, Whooping Cough, Croup, and
every Affection of the Throat,
Lungs and Chest, including Con
sumption. Sold by all Drnggists.
Co-Part nership.
The mbecriber have this day forayed eo-part-
nershlp for tbe tranaartioa of th. meat baslness
amler the Sna name of W. F. Riehardeo A Co. I
Brattleooro, Oct. t, 1SST. sws
Small Fauna, will, mil auad Tlaakwr
la Halifax, Tt., ea mala road from sselborn.
Falls to Jacksonville, a small farm and aewmlli.
New nalldina-a. contalnin. 40 ft. Lane etrr-nlar
mill, band saw mill and bench saw. From is to
14 reet bead of water. Plentv of timber Bear bv
and fond lncattnn for auurafacinrtna- eaaur or
etker kind of atock.
Addm. A. J. Clark. 4. H. Walt er Levi KU-
bnrn. Orange. Maaa., or Merrill KUea, Sonth
Hal i 'ax. .ear premlaea. tfas
Vermont Loan & Trust Co.,
Keajotlators of
Red River Valley Farm
BearlnK 9 to t aer eeak tacereat, aet.
For fall paUsrtiiars, with references east aad
weet,addreaa K. M. BHthMAN,
ly te4sreary.
Farm for Sale in ReadsDoro
T tffer for eale the sMft Nirft
W eo rel ied, est?ept atnt ft5 aeren. baid
Farm ta tMtaieJ arra. two aratkftriy
f Keajbnnro c ay, bbi dmded ibto bvwidc. aae-
tannc and woniisad. I estimste said Fana aa
eonraib anme 12S arep that ! offer lor sale, ftnene
aTt wood ard a gnttd deal off bard wood a ana the
premise. Tb-re a tarf t9ft Lot. a.aA
can f iT a ana a cod barsaia oa baud fsrovenji.
tUMtiire a i n-r- i
llaiiatoa, ai. Jh, law,

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