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levourlug a Child, -KTIIV.NUU
The Panama Star and Herald lays : 'A- wild
iw- ww recently caught In the Santa Rosa
mo,uX9 h "Uvlclnftyof Tanc.vt.lmlU. Ho
Ls carried to that town and put t a well
la ,ts. Uo never spoke, nor appeared to notice
Ki who went to eceblm. Ale seemed per
fctlv harmless, but one day ho sensed a child,
three curs of ago, and liegan to eat It. ine
b ld'i cries attracted attention, but before ns
1 . . .,I..f ihn viuniff savage had
devoured the flesh of the right arm and a part
of the lace. On seeing the child was about to
bet.kenawfty,hosq.?ee?edlt to .death hi his
arms. This wild youth is now chained , p but
U s citptort are si a u """ " -,
A snow storm was general on Sundaythrongh
out northern Minnesota and Dakota.
fho steamer "Daniel Stcinmann" of the
White Cross lino was wrecked at Sambro, Nova
. Scotia, Thursday night, during a douse fog,
and 121 persons perished. One lilo-boat only
. . ' i i.i.i... ss flirt .row unii two
K ' t irtmW it wm ls covered
that the vessel's topmasts were still abovo water
and the captain anu. u uur
nging to tue rigginst; w; "'y-;r-The
vessel was from Antwerp for New "ioilt.
...""u JL,n. AZkt MiiiuAtaha horrors of
the calamity. The captain, who bnt 2& years
old, realizii his peril only when the vessef was
in her extremity, and the passengers were called
.. . .i. i.. ...mrLninl tn rnrtuin death.
There were on tho steamer five officers ana m
sailors and 90 passengors, ot wuom i "p.
. ni.nn1Mi'a anrt filv Of tile
crew. Few bodies had been washed ashore at
last accounts. Sambro lsiana, iiie scene .
wrack, is abouta mile and a half from the south
coast of Nova Scotia, on the westerly side of the
entrance to Chebucto bay, which forms the
harbor of Halifax. It is a very dangorous lo
cality on account oi tue wesreny . j1" "
V i. ti.a .net luxrnnil tlia harbor.
carries vessels Vla Wlilra
unless great care is taken. In 1873 the White
star steamer ahbumb ran
miles west of the naroor, ana iosv ioo
nf Mmunontb. 111..
dosed its doors, Tuesday, on the discovery that
Cashier Hnbbara uaa squsimereu v."
to $100,008 In speculation. It is thought that it
will rcsi'ine in a uuj ui t.
AcooddealofpetlvtonnterfeltiHg lias 'wen
....V.i I,, tl.n ninilifi4ptlt-R Ol CUeail
cai nvu im "t lam 1 u. ... .... ,, ,",
jewcly in gilding the uew issue ol tho five-cent
nickel, ana in using inem
Oilier ptlLlCI 11 ui jono.i. ""f ----j' . .
new and bright, look very much liko a f. gold
niece. This use of tho nickel has been held to
Jo cuunterfeiting In the California circuit court.
seizures of ihese pieces used for jewelry have
liecn made in Boston and vicinity, but no ar
rests as ve t have been made. If dealers continue
to deal in this kind of counterfeiting, it is stated,
complaints will isduc and tho guilty parties will
be nrrcstcu.
The most destructive forest fires ever known
in that section have been devastating six or
seven border counties of North Carolina and
South Carolina for the last three days. ast
lorosts of long leaf pine, which formed tho chief
Komve oi i tie nmoer nui'i'y , .uuwv
Hundreds of thousiinds of trees have beon
burned, and some of tho largest turpentine or
chards in the state ruined. Many farm-houses
have been destroyed, and a number of towns
have narrowly escaped destruction. The coun
try, in (Teat stretches, is a blackened wllder-ir'-
. 'lanv families have boes rendered home
ios. The fire has swept hero and thero, some
m t .i;w.t;n.i nnil SO In nnnthftr.
i'ew places, it is reported, have escaped, lho
fires were set Dy gparas irum 's
driven, by high winds into tho turpentine
woods. The total loss is something like $.1,000,
000. ,
Edward Swears, a well-to-do farmer at Stony
Creek, Warren county, N. Y., upon returning
to his home Tuesday evening, from which he
had Iwen absent since morning attending the
town election, found the body of his wife lying
across tho threshold of the door leading from
the kitchen to the sitting-room. The entire top
of her head had been blown off, apparently by
u shot-gun wound, and a piece of the skull lay
about ten feet from the corpse. Bipod stains on
:l broom closo bv and upon a small pile of dirt
indicated that the woman had been murdered
while pursuing her household duties. The body
was cold, and fires in the stove hsd gono out
and other circumstances proved that she had
met her death some time before, i'lioro is no
clue to the murderer and the object of the crima
is a mystery
Vn item U going the rounds, credited to the
Chicago Inter-Ocean, to the effect that a notori
ous crook named Sweigels, who was serving a
Hcntence for robbery in an Illinois penitentiary
hail confessed to a detective of being one of tho
Stewart grave robliers. The story goes that the
crook promised to restoro the body osly on
condition of his pardon from the r.enltentiary
ami receiving a part of the reward. His pardon
was secured, and, according to the detective's
Htorv, a s i ndicate, with a capital of $10,000,was
furnicd, lor the purpose of working up the caso
in:d securing the roward of $100,000 by Judge
Hilton for the return of Mr Stewart's remains;
In! t wo or three visits were made to New York,
u 1 i li.it negotiations were conducted through a
cm U detective of New York; that Inspector
I ynic-i o." New York became offended liecauso
he was not consulted after the first visit; that
the remains were finally returned upon the
payment of $25,000 by Judge Hilton.
Mrs Dr L. M. Beach, the wlfo of a prominent
physician of Altoona, Pa., was discovered in
her residenco Monday morning with her head
almost cut from her body. Tho doctor has
been arrested, and it is said he has admitted
Unit he committed the deed. Two largo knives
and a clcavar used for amputating purposes
wjre found licsido tho victim.
What a foul mass of rottenness theso star
route infamies have been from beainniug to
end.-New York World.
The attention of the board of health of New
York has becu called to tho fact that there Is
Ivi.hus fever in the district on the east side in
habited bv Polish Jews. It is spreading rapid
ly. Many cases have been sent to the hospitals
in the last few days. The Jews of the district
n-frrrcd t are crowded iuto filthy tenements
devoid of all sanitary arrnngemeR'.s.
' Til Wvoinlng st.i!e-'rowcrs' asssciatior.
w-:::? nv.!ilM have $20:,XK,oaO invested and
.::.. ryy;m Jrim or mock, new iw mil an
v.nal meeting at Cheyenne, Wv., Monday. Sec
i t, ,.i,v-i siMi-.ii mhinittpil n ri'iKM'L in
ii' p,-- ,
iutl:imil organization of cuttle breeders, tho use
ui government L'mis lor jra.ins iuije,
- ti :i:i.j;(rt ion, and other questions of only local
niitnimiolv adopted indorsing the provisions of
. I.Ilt &.n.Hlt nnoao,! I...
Hits p;c..ni-i)iirii:u'.ui: m. ....
ri..., liVp.lv thti.i in tha ftharnn di
vorce suit at San Francisco Wednesday, pistols
. .t ... !l - 1 n.. . I. n M,n)t rf a tA.
He :ti;m on one of the witnesses churches.
Tha catna'-'e factory of J. Kcmplc, in St
Mo., a three story brick building, caved
in eartv last Sunday morning and wa totally
destroyed. About "a dozen employes with their
families occupied the upper story, several of
whom went down with the debris, but no one
mas seriously injured except Mrs Coccnio and
a ctiilu. 1 ue ure airm " BuumiruHu '
ot I he inmates who had not alreaay cscapeu,
-ci-o taken out of the ruins by the fnvnifn.
Three masked men burst in the door of the
residence of Carl 8 holtz at East Tawas, Mich.,
t k.-... 1.. Mtwlit inri itrpil NCTCril shots.
killing a son of Mr Rcholtz. They then as
saulted Mr Scholtz, bis wire ana aaugnier ana
tlier members ot me ianuiy, nu niimcu mem
..f i.'VKI marks in irold.
Wm. A. Hall, the controller's cierk, of New
ark N. who fled to Canada a defaulter, and
was extraditeda while ago, ha leen sentenceil
to Vi year in prison.
truce lietween Chili and Bolivia hi been
proclaimed by which Bolivian territory ocenpied
by Chilians remains under Chilian law and trade
Ji'-tween Chili and Bolivia U made free.
The Chicaeo humane society has unearthed
cliildrcn'i "home ," kept by a woman named
suock and supported by charity, who wretch
edness rivals that of Ikrthenoy s hall, or of
Crowley' " Shephard'i fold" in New York.
Tlie pla was horribly filthy, tlie 20 little one
were ted chiefly on inush and potatoes, and
were forced to spend most of the day in a cellar
which wu also ocenpied by a cow, and to sleep
in dirty and wet beds. The woman is now on
trial for be r cruelty. , ,
The flood tn the Pettepone coal shaft at
Kingston, Penn, is so high that work cunnot t
rrsnmed for some weeks.
Ka Coimno-i. If T on laH t 'rH muj
krttcr, tha dont w any ikif-a Baraf W awkey.
If jroa do jroar rrocr ma inrawB B.
Wednesday night three
Negroes, headod by
a white man named Chailj Davis, entered the
store of T. Rlchlierger fevi-ollton. La., for the
- maKKahv P J.l .... 1 .nl A Ail
purpose u inU uokih uidvuivm
attempted to lutdor all tho Inmates. Htch
bevger's coolt, old colorod woumn, was shot
tllatod with a hatchot. (ieorgo Yarrington, a
colored porter, was fired at several times, but
escaped through a back door. Klchbergor was
shot in the shoulder and severely wounded,
The murderers were captured and lodged la
The Investigation at Fort Smith, Ark, of the
charges against cx-Congrcssman Phillips of
Kansas, has resulted in his exoneration. B.
M. Wolf, Cherokee delegate to Washington, and
D. W. Lipe, lato treasurer of the Cherokee nation,
testified that f22,0OO was paid by the Cherokee
nation to secure a 300,000 nproprlatlon and was
paid to three men In Washington. They
would not give the names, but declared that
Phillips did not receive any part of it.
The steamer Rebecca 12 vcringhaui , Capt George
Whlteede, was burned to the wator's edge at
v-u.. i.i 1A t.. fha i !lmftnhnnnllAA river.
40 miles below Columbus Ga.,at 4 :1ft o'clock
this morning. Tuo lire origmaiou m ..
. .i . I, la tliinfrllt: frnm an AtOCtriC
lamp spark. The passengers who, were save
escapee in tueuiingui va""1 v; --i '
Tho aii-io anil Plttsbnfgh raibwad Is adver
tlsed utisherltTasale in U'ittsburgb to sntlsiy i
judgment, 4- ; ....
n rinikn nt Trnrlnnn. Wnvroii county
xt tr .l,.Mnnn 'I'llABrlaV by talilnS
morphine She had beon married ten years and
moved forty times ana naa got sick oi u.
.un ,i.a ofiaAt, In T.A Prnlria coun
b, infnctcd with disease. Somo of tho
sheep are without any weol whatever.
One-half of Mandalay, the capital of Burmah,
a city ot uu,uuo peopie, im ooo uuuu.
Tho negotiation between England and Spain
tn regard to ine prououu nc wwiuwvtu.
ty are ended, Spain refusing to submit the
provisional treaty to tha Portes before tho ad
journment in July, although England has off
ered to submit a modus vivendi to Parliment.
Cholora has appeared In Cochin China.rr e
cautions nganst its spreading are being taken,
rri... i.n.kui.fti!a riicpnvArp'1 iitidAr thn floor-
ing of a house in the suburbs of Madrid triday
had been there two years.
There was a riot near Canton March 7, in
which 3000 Chinese declared against the pre-
. . . 1 J ..A MAdl i l.l!al
sent uynasiy auu ucmuuucu .uo twannj.i
mentof the Ming, or pure Chinese dynasty.
A pamphlet is being circulated in Russia ur
clng whito.ltussians to cooperato for the over
throw of despotism. Tho white Russian revoln
tnimro nannr Ilninnn has icanDeared.
A serious famine prevails in the province of
Kazan, jiussia, causeu oy iuc uimio vi mo
The Independence Belgo of Russia declares
that Mr Henry M. . Stanley is, definitely aband
oning the Congo niisson.
It Is reported that there has been an agrarean
rising at Oofa in Russia, Many conflicts arc
said to hava taken plao, la which several gend
armes were killed or wounded
The French attempt to cut off tho Chinese re
treat from Bac-Ninh completely failed.
A Russian nobleman, Prince Andronikoff, has
bczn arrested on account of suspoctcd Nihilistic
Tho Irish bishops will convene at Rome in
September, for similar pnrposes to thosa of the
convention of American bishops, in 1883.
Signor Bianchcri, tho government candidate,
has been elected president of tha Italian Cham
ber of Deputies, by a vote of 239 to 130 for Sig
nor Cairoll, the opposition candidate.
Tho 'Varsity race cam3 off, Monday, over
the usual course, irom rutney to MortiaKe,
England, but seems to have excited little Inter
est. The death of Prince Leopold and the bad
weather contributed to tho dulness. The light
blues crept up on enearer to the darks, the score
now standing 22 victories for Oxford and 18 for
Cambridge. It was a "soft thing" for Cam
bridge. Paternoster Row, London, had a 1,500,000
tire, Thursday night of last week.
Mr Gladstone made a powerful speech in the
Commons, Monday, in support of tho franchise
bill. He said it was a good thing for the state
that the largest number of capable citizens
should posess the franchise. He defended the
extension of the franchise in Ireland, as an act
of right and justice.
Tho recent sudden removal of tho convict
Irish Invincibles from the Irish to English pris
ons is attributed to the discovery of a conspira
cy to blow up Mount Joy prison at Dublin, Ir.
It is stated that the Invincibles in the prison
wcro engaged in clandestine correspondence with
conspirators outside. Letters were found in
James Mullett's cell which disclosed tho plot.
Tue prison warders were to be bribed with mon
ey from O'Donovan Rossa's fund to convey an
infernal machine Into the prison. One letter con
tained an order for the murder of Patrick Delany,
one of tho PhoeniK park conspirators, by throw-
iug him over tlie ualcony as ne suouiu leave tue
prison after mass. Delaney is still at Mountjoy
for satety, Many ot tue waraers nave Deen ois
missed. This rumer is strenuously denied on
what is claimed to be "high authority."
The head quarters of the anarchists In Switz
erland have been removed from Geneva to
Basle. Austria has demanded of the Swiss
government the surrender of Falk, charged
Willi couloir, tiy -ill lliuiuuia ai .-Huugm i uuu
. Lewis Tracy, in his saloon in one of the low
wards of Hartford, shot and killed a French
Canadian named George Ethier, Wednesday
night. They had been "fooling," and Tracy
took up a revolver, and, aiming at Ethier's
heart, pulled the trigger, and ho fell dead with
out uttering a word.
A brutal dog-fight took place oa tlie Mllford
road west of New Haven Saturday night, about
200 Yale students and sporting men Irom- that
city and Bridgeport attending. A New Haven
dug, "Tiger, eight years old. weighing 30
pounds, was pitted against a Bridgeport dog,
Jack,'' two years old, weighing 41 1-2 pounds.
The dogs fought fiercely for 30 minutes, when
"Jack", fled, vetoing with pain and covered
with blood. The animals were sponged, hut
when word was giveu to resume the fight, "Ti
ger" did not respond and tho stakes were given
to "Jack." The spectators quarreled over the
decision and a general fight ensued.
A turkey buzzard was seen at Norwalk last
weelt, a very rare occurrence in mai lainuuc.
The large tannery of Jainoa Lewis & Co. at
Milton was burned Saturday night. Loss, 40
000, insurance, $31,500, stocW $20,000; The
firo is supposed to have been of incendiary
The Republican convention meets the 30th.
Ex Gov. 11. F. Prescott will preside.
Charles Hudson probably fatally assaulted
and kicked Henry L. Knowe, at Newport, Sat
urday night, and robbed him of between 950
and t00. The two had been drinking together,
and Knowo was enticed to a lonely place. Hud
son was arrested.
The Prohibitionists had a stats convention
at Manchester, Tuesday, and aired their views,
and elected delegates to a national convention.
West Halifax. Mrs Lewis Corse is qnite
sick. James L. ltidgclcy Lodge No 15, 1. O.O.
F have changed their night of meeting from
Friday to Saturday evening. Miss Cairie A.
AVoodard (lied of dropsical consumption at the
residence of her father, on the 1st inst., after a
long and painful illness. Miss Woodard was
a school teacher of long experience, and was an
earnest and consistent memlier of the Mcthodi.t
church in this town, and was quite prominent
in church work. The fnneral waa held at the
Centre church on tlie 3d inst., Rev A. B. Truax
officiating. The postmaster at Grove, the new
r.totliif, has some, difliculty in getting the
mails. The trouble, briefly stated, is because
the government refuses to pay the extra sum
demanded by him lor shopping there; therefore,
like the priest and the Invite, he "passes by on
the other side." School district No 2 is famous
for freeing strange animals. They have a new
style this soring. This time it is of a dark
color, with liody alwut the sue of a shepherd
dog, very short" legs, and a bushy Uil. It is
s npjiosed to be an otter as it shows a decided
prcfirem-e for the water.
A Life garlaa; Prcaeat.
Mr M. E. Allison, Hutchinson, Kau saved
hit lile by a simple trial bottle of Dr King's
New Discovery, for consumption, which caused
him to nrocare a Ian bottle, that completely
cured him, when doctors, change of climate and
every th in else had failed. Asthma, Bronchitis,
Iloaryenesa, Severe Uougns, ana au i oroai ana
l uiij dieae. tt it rnaraateed to core. Trial
bottle free at H.C. WUIard'f drug store. Large
sine fl-CO.
For the Mnsloal Celebratlan of tha Day of
lays Oleaued from Vermant HilUidat
anil Valleys.
, "Christ the Lord Is Rhen I
Glory In the highest,
And on earth peace,
Good will to men," ' I i
. 'iiie glad day iiymhoillag liie resurrection of
tie Christ haa become in the Christian churches
a recognized occasjon for thanksgiving and
praise. In tho various churches Sunday
throughout the longtli and breadth of our land
there will arise "shouts of tidings" and "songs
of praise " fori o the stone of the -sepulchre Is
rolled away and the Lord has risen indeed.
Vermont, with Christian roverance, will ob
serve the day In a manner highly appropriate,
and below we give the musical programmes in
the principal towns throughout the state :
In Brattleboro quite an elaborate preparation
in the way of mnslc has been made and the
churches will be beautifully decorated. Below
may be found the arrangement for the dlllercnt
1. Organ Voluntary.
2. Doxology. ,,
3. Choir Voluntary. ,, "Benedlc Annua," ,
nn.SU... B k.
4. Choir Hymn. "Christ the' Lord Is
risen to-day." . ;,' '
6. Hymn. Congregation.
0. Hymn. Congregation. . ..
1. Chant, "O come lot ns sing."
2. Festival Te Deum.
3. Hymn Anthom,
"Christ the Lord is risen to-day."
4. Response, "As panU the heart.'
0. nymn.
Kvenlug. ,
1. Anthem, "Christ Is risen." Goato
2. Hymn. . ui.,(
3. Chorus, Stabat Mater. Lowry
4. Quartet, "At Jesus' Grave." Lowry
6. Chorus, "Christ is Risen." . Lowry
6. Solo and Quartet, "O Lillies." Lowry
7. Duet, "Easter Lillies." Abt
8. Chorus "If Christ be not risen." Lowry
9. Duet and Chorus, "O the Tidings." Lowry
10. Chorus, "Jesus Enthroned." Handel
Morning Serrlcc, 7 a. m.
1. Organ Prelude. '
2. Hymn 98, "Christ is Risen, is Risen to-day."
3. Easter Anthem,
"Christ our Passover." Thomas
4. Gloria Patri.
8. Te Deum. Hopkins
6dubllante Deo. Jackson
7. Litany. Hayden
8. Hymn 101, "Angels Roll the Rock Away."
At It: ;30 a. m. Service.
1. Te Deuin, Festival, E flat. Dudley Buck
2. Gloria Tlbi. ,
3. Hymn 103, : ...:r ;
"The Strife is o'er, the Battlo Done." i
4. Gloria Patri.
5. Hymn 104, "Jesus Lives."
6. Sanctus.
7. Hymn 207, "Commulon." Dudley Buck
8. Gloria in Exceleis. Holden
9. Post-ludo. "
At 3 p. at. Stivicc.
1. Carols. -"Beautiful Morn." Porter
6 "He is Risen." Kingsbury
2. Cantale Domino. Edward Bon nett
3. Benedic Anmia Mea. J. B. Marsh
4. Carols, a "He Dictb. no More."
b "Onward, Christian Soldier."
5. Hymn 109,
"Lift your glad voices in triumph, on high."
1. OfTertoire. Batiste
2. Anthem "Now is Christ risen." Cornell
Response. Shearer
3. Hymn "The Lord Is risen indeed."
4. Anthem "The Savior hath risen."
Bailey, Op. 81
Farmers mass will bo sung at the 10 :30 morn
ing service and tho program for the day fol
lows :
1. "Do Monti's Credo.
2. Offcratory, "Regina." Bordesse
4. Duet, "HaacDies
Miss Nellio Fenton, soprano, Miss Morton, alto.
5. "Christ the Lord is Risen."
6. "The holy dav of days.,'
7. "lie is itifen.
VESl'Etts, 7 :30 o'clock.
1. Flsk's Vesoers.
2. bolo Coela. Bordesse
Miss Nellio Fenton, Soprano.
3. "Dixit Dominus."
Tenor, P. M. Baker.
4. "Solo "Conlitebor."
Tenor, P. M. Baiter. '
S. Solo, "Landa te Domino."
Miss f enton, soprano.
6. Solo "Magnificat." .
Miss Martin, alto.
The churches will be suitably decorated nud
an appropriative musical program will bo pre
sented at tho Baptist church, but as it will not
bo made un until Saturday we arc nnanie to
present it this week. The Sunday School will
give an J,asier evening concert wiiu quurieuc
music Introducing childreu's parts. Following
is the program ; "Chorons Easter Bells;" In
vocation, Prayer, Chant byCongregation, "The
Lords prayer;" Recitations, "The Cross of
Jesus". "Must Jesus bear the Cress Tilone" ;
Singing by the choir, 'The true Easter;" ben e-
ri.n.., si hna liaon tnL-An hv tllA AAVP.ral
VJIVU .! . ... ..v. .. j -
churches in tho arrangement of choice musical
Mnrche Pontificale Gounod
"Why 6eek ve the living among the dead."
"Christ our Passover." Smith
Gloria Patria 8th Gregorian
Te Deum in E flat. Held
Jubilate Dei in E flat Holden
"Lift Your Glad Voices" Frary
KyrioEIeison Elvev
Gloria Tlbi Wells
"Angels Roll the Rock Away" Thomas
"In his Hand are all tho Corners
of the Earth." Mendelssohn
Communion Service. Plain Song
. Grand Chorus, Lauda Zion Lambillotte
:. Kcgina Cecil and Tantum Ergo: Berge
solo by Joseph Galaise followed by full
rhorns in parts.
4.,tl.iii 'Pln-ist beinir Uisen" Danks
Chant, 95th Psalm. .
Easter Carol Makeo
Anthem, "Christ is risen" - Norris
Postlude, "Gloria" Andre
There is to bo an Easter concert In the even
ingatTrinity. The service opens In the morning
with an org.-.n prelude.
Offertoire E. Batiste
Opening Anthem, Angels Roll tlie Rock Away,
quartette with solo for soprano, In G
J. R. Thomas
Offertory, Anthem Chant, The Love cf
Christ, in E flat, Emerson
Orcau Andante Leybach
The choir is to be composed of Misses Letty
Halstead, Clementina Hargin, Evelyn Webber
and Jessie Tapper, soprano ; Misses Ella Dutton
and Lizzie Bickford, contralto; W. H. Tcrrill,
tenor; Messrs W. A. Dutton and W. E. Barney
In the evening there will be a Sunday school
Following are tho programmes of the music
which will lie rendered in the various churches
of Rutland.
1. Organ Prelude, Wagner
2. Festival Jubilate, Williams
3. "The Saviour is Risen," Bank
4. Easter Carol, Buffinsrton
. "The Lord is Risen," Lloyd
G. "Morning Breaks Upon Hi! Tomb," Quartet,
7. Post-lude, Organ, Mendelssohn
The above list of pieces, including the morn
ing and afternoon services, will be sung by the
full chorus of thirty-two voices, under ine lead
ership of Prof Geo A. Meitzke, with Mrs Geo
A. Meitzke as soprano soloist. Preparations
are also being made for floral decorations in the
Tlie floral dioplay next Sunday, it is expected
will lie more elaborate than that of any previous
rear. The music, under the direction of J. A.
Merrill, will be rendered at follows at 7 a. m.
1. Anthem, "He Is Risen," Danks
2. Anthem "Christ our Passover," Bartlett
3. 1e leum. Urackett
4. Jubilate. , Buck
5. Hymn 101, ' Church Hymnal
10 :45 a. ra.
1. Anthem "Christ onr Tassover," Dankt
2. Kyrie EWson, Tlckernian
8. Anthem. "Christ the Lord is Risen
to-day." Wilson
. Sermon.
1. Offertory, Ridhead
2. Sanctus, Gounod
3. Kucharistlc Hymn, ' Hymnal
4. Gloria in Excllsis, Old Chant
C. Nlme Dimnilttcs, Hutchins
Sunday School Festival.
The selections to bo suns in the Baptist
church will bo takou from the new "Prize An
them Book," consequently the names of the
authors are as yet unknown. Mrs J. H. Chat
lcrton is organist and directress. Tho following
win do given at the morning service.
1. Organ Voluntary, Doane
2. Anthem, "From Heaven the loud An
gelic Song Began." , ,
3. Otlcrtoir,
4. EAster Anthem, "Christ is Risen from
tho Dead."
During the morning services at the Methodist
church the choir, with N. C. Dye as leader, will
ing tuo antboms, "Hall Easter Morn," aim
"Our Risen Lard", by Hull ; also the anthem,
"The Lord Is Risen Indeed." bv Blllinrs.
Fanner's mass will bo snng entire at St Peter't
"'MANUAL CHURCH 7:30 A. M. ,
Carol Christ is risen. Sullivan
Anthem-rrChrist our nassovcr. Plain Chant.
-'Te Deum." Garrett
"Jubilate." Plain Chant
Hyrnn--"He is risen." From the Hymnal
"TeDouin" Goss
Carol "Christ is risen. Allllnlia" Field
Antbam Sing praises unto tho Iord" Gowerod
tiymn -curist tuo ioru is rison to-tiav"
Responses Baker
Sanctus Schultz
Hymn Communion. - Hymnal
"Gloria in Excelsis." Old Chant
Sermon by the pastor suitable for the day
Choir is coinpoHed of a double quartet.
Processional "Soldiers of the Captain."
Ten Selections of Psalms.
Chants by Bcllany, Blakely, Banister and
" Terry.
Bonnm Est Dupuls
Beneaictus Edwards
Carol "How all tho lwlls are ringing. Story
ot tue itesurection in tour parts.
Carol "The Eastern sunshine breaks again."
Carol "Ye happy bells of Easter day."
Recisonal "Shine, O Sun in splendor bright.
The church will be appropriately decorated,
HERVIOB 10:30.
"Vldi Aquain" AVith procession.
At Offertory.
"Audivit ex alto Deus Fr. Barba irn
"Alleluia." "Alleluia.".:
Senium by the pastor.
"6 Salutaris Hostl ."
"Regina Co-lia." Lambillotte
"Tantum Ergo Sacramcntum," followed by a
short discourse in French by Rev. Father
The church will be suitably decorated.
SERVICE AT 3 :10 A. M.
Easier scrvico by (he pastor.
"La Resurrection."
Easter hymns and anthums.
At 7 v. m. evening service by the Sunday
school children, consistini; of hymns, anthems
and recitations. Decorators are peeparing the
church with faster decorations.
10:30 A. M.
Sermon by the Rev. Mr. Stewart and the full
choir in Easter service.
Chlldrens' Easter concert
Easter Anthems, anthems and chants.
Offertoiro Batiste
Anthem The Day of Resurrection. Thomas
Chanting and responsive service in Gloria
Response "Thanks bo to God who givetU us
tuo victory.
. "Siulde1
Hvmn "I know that mv Redeemer live'h."
Rile of baptism and tho reception of members
into wo cuurcn.
Communion service. ...-
6 :30 o'clock p. m. ,
Easter concert by the Sabbath school.
At the Catholic church here the musical pro.
gramme for Easter Sunday, will, for vanous
reasons, do scarcely cnangeu irom mat or or
dinary Sundays. At the other churches, with
the exception of the Episcopalian, no special
Easter services are iiciu. f ollowing is me
at st Stephen's church.
Processional "Como, ye faithful, ralso tho
strain." Sullivan
1. Christ, our Passover. Worthington
2. Gloria Patri, Gregorian VIII.-l.
3. . Te Deum, in F II. Kotzschmar
Witn soprano solo by Mrs C. M. Fletcher
and bass and tenor solos by Dr W. H.
4. Jubilate Deo, in C. W. C. Williams
Soprano solo by Mrs C. M. Fletcher,
fi. The Apostles' Creed, in English.
0. Hymn 105 "The day of Resurrection,
earth tell it out abroad." B.' Tours
7. Kyrie Eleison. Mendelssohn
8. Gloria Tibi. Dykes
9. Hymn 509 "O Paradise, O Paradise, who
doth not pray for rest 1"
10. Offertory "Holy otl'erings rich and rare."
Communion Service.
1. Sanctus. Wesley
2. Hymn 207 "Bread of the world, in mercy
broken." J. B. S. Hodges
3. Gloria in Excelsis. Zeumcr
4. NuncDimitis. Joseph Barnby
The choir of this church is an unusully fine
one, and the above elaborate programme will
undoubtedly be rendered in splendid style.
Special Easter services will be held In all the
churches except the Congregational. At the
M. E. church the exorcises will take place in
the afternoon, and ill consist of recitatians by
tho children and the following musical pro
gramme: 1. "Hope of the world."
2. "All hail the power."
3. "A light in the valley."
4. "Shining all .he way."
5. "Christ hath risen.
6. "The beautiful morning."
7. Gentle Jesus."
The programmo at the Universalis! church is
as follows tor the evening :
Singing "We join in the song with the heav
enly throng."
Responsive Sen-ice.
1. Singing, "Our Heavenly Father, hear onr
2. Singing, "Sweet are tho bells of the
morning chiming."
8. Recitation, "At the tomb where Christ has
4. Recitti'iou, "Morning with her rosy fin
gers." f. Recitation and singing, "The Lord Is
6. Recitation, "Easter Day."
7. Recitation, "Over tue purpie mountain ine
Easter morn breaks clear."
8. ResDoiuivo service with chant.
9. Recitation, "O earth, forget thy winter.
10. Recitation, and singing, "Tell the story far
and wide."
1 1 . Recitation, "What should Easter be ?'
12. Recitation, "Easter morn."
13. Recitation, "Why wecpest thou ?"
14. Recitation and singing, "Bright Easter
15. Recitation, "The Magdalen stood weeping
at the grave."
10. Singing. "List to the chiming Easter bells."
17. Recitation, "Easter joy."
18. Recitation, "Bloom, flowers."
19. Singing, "Glory to God."
Will occur in the evening at follows :
Organ voluntary, "Gloria la Excelsis,"
Mozart's Twelfth Mass
Easter Antliem, "The Lord is risen indeed."
1 . Recitation, "Tell us the Easter story."
2. Class recitation, "Easter Dawn."
3. Kinginir, "Christ the Lord if risen.'
4. Recitation. "The empty tomb."
8. Reading, Mark xvi, 1-4 ; Lnkc xmv.
6. Recitation.
7. Singing, "Our risen Ixwd."
8. Reading, Luke xxiv, 4-8.
9. Recitation, "The Lord is ria."
10. Reading, Matt, xxviii, 7-8.
1 1. Recitation, "Heralds of joy."
12. Singing, fHail Easter morn."
13. Reading, John xx, 12-18.
1 4. Recitation, "The weeping Mary.'
15. Kinging, "He is risen to-day."
16. . Responsive reading.
1 7. Recitation, "The evening walk.
48. Heading, John xx, 19-25.
19. Recitation. "A glorious meeting.
20. Singing, "Halletojah! He it risen.
1. Organ voluntary, "Holy, holy, holy,
Gon nod
Mass from Stock leu
Quartette, E flat.
. Werner
2. Invocation,
3. Anthem, "Christ Is risen,"
. nenpturo roauing, .. .
0. Solo, "I know that toy Redeemer llvcth."
0. Prayar, ,
7. Response by choir, "Glvoth mo
8. Hyuui, "Nlcaoa,"
9. Collection, organ, proludo, Rcineke
10. Hymn, "Fralse the Lord,"
11, Organ voluntary, March, Tnuhiuuer,
G. F. Moody, organist, W. A. Shaw, musical
1. "Kyrie,
2. Gloria,,
3. Credo,
4. Sanctus,
0. Aenus Deo.
6. Oliertory, "Ileaona Cooll."
1. "VenlJesu" Chamberlain
2, Anthem, "Hoac dies
3. "Tantum Ergo," Angor
urganiBt, Agnes Dunning.. Musical director
hoy I'uiner ouiuvau. , T,.
The various chukhos here wlll.be floral ly
decorated Sunday and music will lie .reudorod
as ioiiows: .
Voluntary, organ, Processional, March, and,
Voluntary, choir, chorus. "Awake Glad Soul
1. Responsive reading, ' "Sure promises
2. Gloria Patri,
3. . "The Lord is my Shepherd," " '
4. Responsive reading, "In him was life"
.Response, ' " We beseech Thee'
6, j Carol, solo and chorus, "Easter bells
0. ' Responsive reading.
- "Jesus and the Resurrection" with response
s ny tue cuoir
7. Prayer.
8. Easter, carol "Sweetly are the birds sing.
.. mg,
9. Sermon,
10. Carol, "The buds are bursting on the
11. Responsive reading, "Life Forevermore'
12. Closing hymn, . "Easter flowers are
blooming bright,"
13. Blessing and "Amen"
14. Closing voluutary
1. Voluntary, o-gan,
2. Anthem, "Arise, shine!"
Psalm, ., .
Anthem, "Christ the Lord is risen to day
Closing voluntary
C. E. Macomber. oreanist. G. W. Hinds
musical director.
at st Paul's church. ,
Music will be rendered under direction of
M. A. Underwood, organist and choir master.
bincms at tue mornintr service by the sur.
pliced choir of men and boys ; at the afternoon
service y tue cnoir ana Sunday scnooi
Morning Service at 10 :30.
1. Organ Prolude,
"Hallelujah Chorus" from Messiah. Handel
2. Processional Hymn 103. . rune, Victory
6. Aninem,
- "Christ our Passover." Gregorian tone VIII
4. xe jjeuin in r. j. a. Dyices
5. Jubilanto Deo in F. G. M. Garrett
6. Iutroit,
"The Lord is my strength." W.H. Monk
7. Kyrie. Mendelssohn
8. H.ymn 101. Tuuo "Arimathea
9. Olfertory Anthem,
"Holy offerings, rich and rare." Redbcrd
10. Sanctus. Taylor
11. Gloria in Excelsis. Old Chant
12. NuncDimittis. Gregorian Bonus Regius
13. Processional Hymn 101. Tune St Albians
11. Organ post-ludo.
Prelude and Fugue In D. A. Hesso
Evening ot 4.
1. Organ Prelude.
"Gloria in Excelsis from Mass No. 2, Mo.ant
l. i'rocessional carol,
"God hath sent his Anircls,
3. Cantata Domino. Grczorlan Tone I
4. Benedic Anmia Mea. Gregorian Tone V
o. uaroi,
. "Yo happy bells of Easter day." Hodge
0. Carol;
"The world itself keeps Easter day." Buffinton
I. rrocessionai carol, uymn lua,
Tune "Victory."
8, Organ Post-lude in F., Book V No. 3.
Senator Miller introduced a bill hist week to
provide for the sanitary inspection in Egypt of
rags designed for shipment to the United States.
If the provisions of such a measure could be
fully earned out, tne danger or importing germs
of Asiatic cholera into this country would be
greatly reduced. Dr Parkes and other writers
mention facts going to show that cholera is oc
casionally carried from one place to another by
soiled clothes. Dr Pettcnkofer of Munich, cer
tainly a very high authority on the subject, for
cibly argues that cholera is transportable in
clothing, but not because the clothing comes
from a cholera patient, but because it comes
from a cholera locality.
The Blair education bill went thronch the
Senate Monday by a vote of 31 to 11. Sena
tor Hoar's amendment making the first year's
appropriation $7,000,000, the second $10,000,000
the third $15,000,000 and then decreasing the
appropriation at tho rate of 2,000,000 annual
ly until the eighth year. This is in accordance
with the right principle of giving the cause of
nonuiur cuucuiiuil iu iuc uubuuiu uiouiuia
iireccntiblc impetus and encouragement, and 4
men Wlinarawin't iuc utmsuuii-u Kriiuuuuy ua
the illiteracy is reduced and the states become
better able to support their own schools. This
money would do twice the fjood, where rr'p is
really nseded, if tho provision restricting par
ticipation to states having 9 lier cent, or more
of illiteracy had been adopted.
The house finished the Indian bill Friday and
In to consider three more in succession tho
District of Columbia, fortificitions and pen
sion biils. Then will come the tug of wnr on
tho tariff.
The postal tclesraiih bill as reported provides
for telegraph stamps, similar to postage stamps,
also telegraph c.irdj, upon which the message
mav tie writttm and the card dropped into any
postal iciter-uox, tue message ice oeing prepaiu
liv the teleirraph-stamps iu like manner as let
ter postage is now paid.
Hobnail came to tho front ajraiit Wednesday
and covered himself with glory. Ho stood with
a few active lieutonants netween mo puunc
building syndicate with its 65 bills, involving
nnvwhere from seven to twenty-five million
dollars, and success.
The real battle on the land-grant forfeitures
began in the house Saturday. The forfeitures
already voted by the house relate to corpora
tions that fulfilled no part of their conditions,
but the bunch of eight now to be considered
touch roads that have to some degree lived up
to their contract.
TU U.,nsa Tn,ln olV.iifJ nunmltln IlilVA
UV HUUaU . ,1V. ,.. ...... J vv...u...n.v
agreed to ask the house for authority to inves-
. . ...n t. ir-.roa tf mtunnnrnnrifl.Hnn nf tllA 91100-
HRI.W V M " ...,. J-. ... . - "
000 paid to the Cherokees last year, as well as
charges of fraud in connection with leases made
by tlie Indians of Indian territory of more than
3,000,000 acres of land to cattle mea for grazing
Tue senate has under consideration the pro
priety and indeed necessity of the country's
assuming a decided position in regard to the
control of the Congo river, which Great Britain
has just made over by treaty to Portugal. 1 ho
treaty is not ratified, and if the United States
and other powers enter their protest, it probably
will not be ratified. England's attempt to con
trol the enmmerce of Central Africa are against
the rest of the world for Portugal is merely the
convenient instrument of England cannot bo
idly witnessed by other nations.
George Bliss told the Springer committee
Friday that there are now pending 30 indict
menu for the Star-route enmet and within a
few days preparations will I made to bring
civil suits.
Mr Cox's speech on the tariff iu the house
last week and Senator Beck 't in the senate
both carcfullv prepared and admirable produc
tionswere the opening puns in' the tariff de
hate in the present congress. Monday there
was another prelimiuarv kkirniish on the ques
tion, in the fight over "Converse's bill to raise
the tariff on wool. It decided at least one point
in favor of tlie Morrison tariff bill namelv,
that it will be "considered" by the house. If
toe opponent of the bill intended to stifle it
without debate it was a capital blunder in them
to allow Mr Converse to bring up his wool re
solution. Frank Hani made a masterly speech
and the bid was defeated 119 to 126. About
33 Democrats stuck by Randall, bat they were
partly offset by the dozea Republicans who Tot
ed with the low tariff men.
Iluleasoil by Suloliln from, I.lfe'f Toll and
Cares. .
Phhieas W. Spanldlng, a well-to-do farmer
of the town of Cavendish committed suicide oh
Saturday the 0th by hanging himself in his
horse stable. He had boun dead tome time
when discovered. He was 73 year of age.
A ton, a man grown resided with his father and
between the two it is allegied not always the
most harmonious relations prevailed. Mr.
Spauldlng came of a highly respectable family,
a brother being one of the substantial citizens
of Cavendish. -
11. T. Balchclder of Bar re, had a narrow es
cape from a serious nccident recently. He wa
at work remodelling a barn when he accident
ally fell a distance of about 20 feet. Fortuna
tely no bones were broken and he oscaped with
a few slight bruises. How he could bavu Jallen
to far and come out so well remains a myste
ry. Blown up by Powder. ,,..
Baxter Satccnt. of Stafford, while nt work
in tho Tyson mine, accldently dropped his can-
uisuuuii ne-roi spowner, wnien exploded, in
juriiig him badly, v
John Maxlcy, of Tunbridgc, had a shock of
paralysis, onnday ingnt, and is very low.
Michael Nutt, a pensioner of the Mexican
war, was found frozen to death on Tuesday nt
Mlddlebury. It was first supposed incorrectly
iuui me uuuy wus mar oi a missing nnttsonrg
uivi lumii, iiin-ri, oii'iii.
M. J. Comstoek of the "Hollow" Watnnle. S
II., committed suicide by shooting himself
through tho head with a pistol Monday after
noon. He was 38 years of ago and leaves a
ianuiy. o causo is given for tho rash act,
Edward Badser was arrested at Nmvlmrv.
port Saturday on a charge of burglarizing B. F.
Drown's store and taking a considerable quan
tity ot cigars, tobacco and confectionery. He
was put under yaw bonds and committed to
Andrew Shovah of Whitehall, a bridge car
penter, was killed at Ballston Spa yesterday
morning about 10 o'clock. Shovah was em
ployed repairing tho railroad bridge at that
point and was beneath the structure, when a
heavy timber leu upon and crushed hi in. Ho
lived about fen minutes.
Mr James F. Dowsing of Burlington, for
many years sexton of tho Unitarian church,
was killed on Tuesday by falling through the
elevator well nt Wolls Richardson & Co's. He
lived a few hours, but remained unconscious.
Ho was 48 years of age. and one of the most
popular men in town. He leaves a wife and a
adult daughter.
The body of John Halliscy, who has been
missing since December 29, 1883, was found by
some boys in a )ond near llolyoko Monday
afternoon, was taken to the city hall morgue.
He was 35 years old and leaves a wife and fonr
chijdrcn. When last seen ho was leaving
a saloon with four other men. The body was
lying face downward when found, and wa"j in a
fair stato of preservation.
Thomas Andrlad, a Polander, was 6truck by
the 8 :21 through freight on the Connecticut
river railroad while walking on the railroad
bridge just above Chicopee Junction Monday
morning and died at noon. Andiiun, who is
GO years of nge, came to town only two weeks
since from Gelictza, Poland. He ieaves a wife
and two children.
Northampton comes to light with a sad case
of total depravity in a young woman of 18, who
was arrested Monday for lewd and lascivious
conduct. By her own confession sho had
for weeks been living about in barns with com
panions in crime. When arrested Saturday
she had been 48 hours without food. Her par
ents nro respectable people of Hadlcy. Tliey
have known nothing of their daughter's where
abouts for somo weeks. They drove over to
attend the religions services at the jail Sunday,
when they wero creatlf shocked to see their
own daughter brought out from one ,of the
cells. At the examination the father' stated
that she had received kind treatment at home,
but that she was stubborn and was determined
to loiter about the streets at night. As they
did not care to assume any further responsibility
of their child sho was sent to Sherborn for one
Charles D. Barrett, of Hinsdale, has been
arrested for manslaughter. He is charged
witu neciccting an old aunt, Matilda llarrett,
whom he was to care for during her life-time.
and was to have tho farm which lielonged to
"Aunt juatnua, provided no would care lor
her during her lire-time, lie took good care of
her for a while, and later, it is alleged, the farm
was mortftaceu ana leased to strangers, and tre
old woman, who had partially lost her mind.
was very mucn neglected, ine case was called
to the attention ot the town authorities, who
are said to have found the woman in a terrible
state of filth, and she soon after died, it is
claimed, from exposure and neglect. Barrett's
bail was fixed at $2000 and he was taken to
Henry Dewey was struck by a freight train
about 5 o'clock on Sunday morning and torn
to fragments opposite his home, two miles
north of Smith's Basin, Washington Conntv N.
Y. Dewey was found dead at the railroad bridge
a little north of the depot at Ft. Ann. He was
mangled beyond description, and could only be
identiiied by his clothing and personal effects.
It is supposed ne tiad returned home from Al
bany on the Saturday night train, ns he was
expected by his family. It is supposed by
gome that he arrived on the "sleeper" and as
tier 'rain does not stop at Smith's Basin, got
ou "v Fort Edward and took the freight train
home. Admitting such to be the fact he must
have fallen between tho cars while attempting
to jump off when near his residence. His
watch and $30 in money wero found in his
clothing, which was scattered along tho track
for miles. His hat and partions of skull were
found on the track opposito his residence. He
was draggen or carried along the track more
than four miles to the place where he was
found. His head and one foot were severed,
and ono arm was found near Whitehall, twelve
miles further on. Dewey was forty years of age.
He had tho agency for a pump and for mow
ing machines, and traveled considerably.
The judiciary committee reports favorably on
Poland's habeas corpus reform, and and against
tho woman's suffrage constitutional amend
ment. The Senate has passed a bill providing for
tho destribution of land in severalty to Indians
and giving to these long-neglected wards of
the nation a status under the law, Tho bill, in
addition to providing wise regulations for dis
solving tlie tribal relation and allotting land to
individuals, extends the protection and the
jurisdiction of tho laws to tho Indians. The
army and the civilian friends of the Indian are
united in its support, and tho House should
surely pass this mcasnre of justice and of
Representative White of Kentucky, aud Mr
A.M. Gilison do not appear to consider the case
against Gov Eli Murray, as closed. When the
Springer committee had heard the testimony of
Mr Justice Harlem and Speaker Carlyle, the
other dav. it was voted to discontinue the case
But Mr White furnishes tha committee with a
list of witnesses who should be called, and Mr
Gibson offers to make good a numlicr of seri
ous charges. Murray was vindicated, on what
may be termed a general certificate of good
character, aud there was really no iuveMiga-
Se'nator Vest made a jiowerful speeih on the
naval question Tuesday. He realizes fully the
defenseless condition of our seacoast, but he
pressed himself as highly averse to appropriat
ing money for a new navy so long a Chandler
was to have the pntilege of expending it. He
referred to William as the gentleman who had
once tilled the highly responsible position of
first lobbyist to John Roach in W ashington,
and a moet dangeron man to intrust with the
makinir of contract with Roach. He plants
himself squarely on the right platform :
money for a navy while Chandler is tlie aecre-
ary."" ' ,
'itayworth' joodtlo l'owdera for Horwt.
Pound paners, 25 cents. The prescription of
a successful veterinary. No inert matter. Pure
medicine combined in such proportion as to
reach all parrs of the system, removing ob
structions and all unliealthy matter, producing
a natural appetite and healthy nutrition ; used
occasionally, it is a preventive of contagious
diaease and ward off Blind Staguer. Colic,
Epizootic, Pinkeye, Dialtes, Worms. Diar
rhea, etc. Safe and effectual at any time.
Ahead of all competitloa in quality, qnantitr
and price. Sold at all the store.
, l' Klngsley'e hardware ttorb and Bil
lings Bros.' froory ,tora, on Merchants Row
wore burglarized last night. An exaiinatlon
of tho promises this morning shows that the
first attempt was made upon the basement
door in the rear of Klngslcy't store. Being
miablo to force it' the thieves procured a lacf
ncr. mnnntcd tn tl Aiir 0...1 ...
entrance by cutting a pane of glass and open
ing a window. The money-drawer was rilled
of its contents, gome eighteen or twenty dollars .
It Is not yet known what goods if any wero
taken. 1 he thieves gained admission to Bil
lings Bros, store through the basement door
which was nr ed oil' Its lilnrnu At ti,0 i,.a,i
the cellar stairs a pannel w as very neatly re
moved and a door unbolted which gave them
admission to the 6tore-room. A chest of tea
was taken as well as other articles not yet fully
ascertained.. At this stage it Is presumed
the burglars wore frightened In some way, for
they left without attempting to break Into the
front part of the store. These are precisely the
same tnctiei that were used in the many burg
laries committed here last full and there Is no
doubt that this Is the work of the tame par
ties. It is evident that they are Rutland people
yetthelrwcrk shows them to bo no novices,
fho police suspoct various persons, and several '
imuij iu U!; 1Hiluu U1.S WOtttw
Tho controller ofthe currency has authorised
the Gray national bank of Middletown Springs,
Vermont, to begin business with a capital or
Rov Wilbur Rand of the Congregatlona
church, Barnet, has resigned, to take ellectMay
The Hog Island flehormtn, a.restcd for viola
tion of tha lisli lairhave been released on $ 250
each, J. II. Donaldson becoming surety
Tho Good Tonplarsof West Berkshire visit ed
their local rum-seller recently and cleaned ont
the entire establishment, breaking bottles and
smashing things generally. No appeal taken.
A petition has been circulating in St Albans
asking for the removal of Comptroller' Knox.
Tho parties to tho petition allege that the Comp
troller is not doing right in the matter of the
Vermont National Bank. ,
It Is expected that tho Salvation Army which
for the last three or four weeks has been storm
ing the. citadels of sin in Bristol will soon
move on Middlebury and attack us in full
force. It is much to be hoped that this will lie
done, for at the present time there are few town
of tho eizo of Middlebury which nesd Salvation
more than sho does.
Deacon R. II. Wild, tho oldest person of
West Fairlee, died Friday last. He was bom
in West Fairlee iu 1794, and hag always re
sided in the town. His town had given him air
the offices in its power.
The selectmen of St Albans have increased
the roward for the discovery of Krause's body
to 100, audit is hoped it may soon bo found.
The mystery that hung about Mr Loveland's
houso at Castle ton, causing many to think it
was haunte d, has liecn cleared up. The light
was from a neighbor's barn, the noise came
from bats.
The sheep shearing at Castleton on April 30,
promises to be a larger gathering than its most
ardent friends hoped it cjuld be. Word csmes
from farmers north, cast, south and west, say
ing they will come. Let none stay away for
fear of accommodations to shear or care for
their sheep, foe a better place could not be built
wero it built on purpose.
On Thursday a new bank was organized at
Middletown Springs under the name of the
Groy National bank. Thefollowingwereelectetl
directors : J W Cramton, Bradley Fish, A W
Gray, A Y Gray, L 11 Jennings and A A
Greene. Subsequently the following officers
wero chosen: A W Graj, president; A Y
Gray, vice-president; A A'Grcene, cashier.
Tho New England insurance company have
adopted the following rates on farm property
ln tho states of Vermont and New Hampshire :
Farm dwellings, and liarns belonging with
same, and contents. 50 cents lor one year on
a hundred dollars, SO cents for two years and
1 for three years ; isolated Darns antj contents,
$1 for one year. No policies to bs written for
a longer time than three years.
Burlington boasts a witty Irishman who re
fused to pay 12, the regular price, for pastur
ing his cow, because she had only three teats.
Mrs Bixby.of Burlington, has recovered $3S0
under the civil damage act, of a liquor dealer -named
Holbrook, who sold her husband liquor
on which ho became drunk and was drowned.
Rev Edward Smiley goes from the Univer
salist church at Putney to that at Richmond.
Ho served in the ranks during the war, was
afterward a compositor hi the Boston Traveller
office, preaching in various churches on Snn
day, and is a good German scholar.
The Passumpsic savings bank nt St Johns
bury will build a business block this summer
on ihe Grinnell lot, which they have jnst bought,
using part of it for their back. Several nther
new buildings are going up in the village.
r.ramUonof "0:dTliiec.ioc." unJ r:Bi-
ileutlal Apirnm. .
Prominent among the "dark hor?ss" whasc
possibilities as Presidential candidates are now
being discussed is senator ieujaiiiiii nmraoii,
of Indianapolis, as a candidate for the Republi
can nomination. He was born iu Hamilton
county, Ohio, August JOth, 113. He gradu
ated at tlie Oxford Ohio nnivcrsity, and studied
law for two years in Cincinnati. In ISai he
wont to Indianapolis and has resided there ever
since. He pcrseveringly studied law, and
iecdily attained a prominent position.
In DW0 he was elected by the people reporter
of the supreme court of Indiana. Soon after
this, however, he eulited to serve his country
and was commissioned a second lieutenant..
He was one of the 7,000 volunteers who to
nobly answered President Lincoln's call ; after
a short service he organized Company A of the
70th Indiana volunteer infantry and was ap
pointed colonel on the completion of the regi
ment. Having served well and honorably he was ,
promoted brigadier-general, and was mustered
out in June, l!i5. He then returned to hit
home at Indianapolis and served for four more
year as court reiortcr. In 1876 he wa a can
didate for governor on the Republican side bat
was defeated. In 1879 he was appointed on tho
Mississippi river commission. Mr Harrison .
was elected United States senator for Indiana
in 1880 as the sncccssor of Joseph E McDon
ald, and took his seat on March 4th, 1SS1. Hit
career as a senator has been only moderately
eventful, but he hag the reputation of being a
bard and conscientious worker. Before the Re
publican convention of 1SS6, Senator Harrison
was frequently named by the press as a prom
ising "dark horse." At a descendant of the
Harrisons of revolutionary fame he iiears a
more honored Aawrican history.
The coming holidays will be more generally
observed than for many years, aad we would
remind our readers that a bottle of Dr Boll t
Cough Syrup will prove a most acceptable holi
day present. A

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