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$130 a Year. $2.00 if not paid in advance. . "Let all the eadsThou aimest at be thy Country's, thy God's, and Truth's." ; . 5 cents a copy.
Vol. IX. BRATTLEBORO, VT., NOVEMBER 21, 18841 " No. 15.
O. H. DAVENPORT A CO., Propt'i
r TfcsRirn nntt issued In five different knnchei
r editions bi Bu.ttlcsuro RiruBMJR, Hiau
Idltloo, piVnlltK-d ai fl o'oloci p. to. Thursday,
Un- Bans' moron Remains, devoted to Den
BingioD ojunvy new., Issuod at 8 o'clock p. nt
very fWay.ai Bennington i he Franklin Ooctt
Tt rlsroMjMati, devotxd to rVanklto county, Mm.
mwwa. MiaMi.t ftrmnrteld avnrv Frlduv at 1 1). m.,
the wiyHUHAD County RcronMSR (county e.(lilen)
with tin the tMiporuinl BrattUeboro tie., publWseo
i i t. m., ar.o ine winjibaw uountt mrran.ii,
fe)r.ldttMMll oouuilnlnf considerable extra Bitale
rni ne-a and rossln. which I ready at p. in
t rltvay, ud. mailed to alortber at dtatauof
f Jutcraay taornlng
BubeorRiers may nave whichever of lboss they
fn-efer. arid will be changed from one edition ts
SBOtnsr'M oottoe la sun. to ino central truu
The B rattlb Bono Rbfobmwb, Btate Edltien, ti
the eorrplttlrat newsptiper In Vermont. Buhner lb
ait to either of. o r oiher edition, may bove tula In
page form, ooDtaintugsubsuuilially tbe addltluual
. flaws tit 700 a year.
,. j6os.
5 f!nl
wk i wks S wks 1 mo S mo. 6 mo 1 yi
$1.26 $1.60 tl.76 $2.00 $4.00 .00 tfV
Business Carda, first column. Brat page, $1.10
' tine per year.
Thb Rbforher la now the leadina country
weekly In New England. N other weakly nowi
-nir. tnnnniuu-.U,d with a dally, baa so large a cli
Suiatioo withtu ono.tlrird. Nor I" there a paper lr
the United Hmtm whnne circulation In He nome
a.lrl u m.urlo nrilvnriud as the WlNTiH AN (!nUN
aT Rkforiier's. It averages one In ail of the popu,
Utlnn In Urate ebon-, one In n lie ol die puputaiioi
Windham county as a whole. In the county and
rrltory linroedlalcly adjoining on the north, earn
nrf mm. Ita nlre'ilmlou exceeds that of nil the Otb.
r papers combined which are published in the
same territory.
AdTerttalna; orders may Include the Bennington
r the sute edition at ao aavanoe oi i-o per cent
a the above rates) tbo Greenfield at an ad
vance of M net Mat. and all four at an advance ol
100 Der cent.
Entered at the 'Post-Office in Brattleboro as
aecona cuius Matter.
The circulation of The Reformer last week in
Hi various editions was ll.iloU.
Jumna ConlJtiid. 91. Physician and
Burgeon, I ratlleboro, Vt. I dice in Crosby
Block, opposite Telephone Exchange. Residence
Mrs Klrkinnd'e, Walnut tit. Office hours from 8 to
P A. M , I to 3 P. M. .
TT D. HOX.TON. M. D.. I'hysician am
XX 8UBUKON, Bkaitlkboko, Vt. unite ano.
residence corner Main and Walnut trcctr. Ai
home from 1 to 2. end from tn7 .'clnr-k V. Vt
C R. J?OST, Uontist. All operation
done in the best manner and warranter!.
OtDee and Residence Junction High and Gr.eti
etreetia. irnt.tip""''0 vr
WW. l. BMI, Htnu and f- gn
V f i"inrfr u uuit" ri-t I'aint.i'g. rirn;u.ig
Qrain'ng, Kiilaom mug. Pap r Hnngmg, etc.
St O-i-n iri'..r H .t'l h r. V'
J AMIS ,V. ii.i:k, Willloioo Bock,
Brattleboro, Vt. Practices In all the Ouurta,
makes collections promptly. Invests money on
Western mortwires.
If J BASSE I'T, Mrne-Mokr
J7 and G.-iu-ra J .Dher. It' nig aprdiiiiy.
Corner 8mth Ma n "d CnI Street : y4l
A CLARK , Hard-Ware, "iron
& aleui. Auriuullurai tiniiltiuicuii., uu.i
Bash and Blinds, No. js Orosby Block. Bratilebori
cian ami SnruK oft'ioc iu Lvunaru'a
Uloc.k. Kmi-'mm-.p, Well Strwt "
'(Troinonr SperialCorreiportlent.)
Thetlecllon of jurlffes "W. tho supreme court
took pUcs Kridnv torenoon, htwln'ch time llio
houe wm crow dec! wtlh pcipfi?X31r Dillinir
lmni'of Wiitcrlimy rjreiented the nimie of Hon
Homer 15 Royce of St Allv.nn for xjhief jndue,
wliti a brief culofT upon tho' latur's liotierty
ftml !ermiiR. Tlw noininn'ion was iininerous.
ly fct'onded anil a vote was taken refilling as
ioIoh-s: whole nnmiicr of vo'cs cast, Ut7i 1'';
esaiy for choice 124 ; Homer E Koyce, 1(1(1;
Jonathan Ross 77; H Henry Towers 8; Jona
UiHn Red (kill and Jatties liaireit 1 encUH'ven
blank voten. Judge Koyce's election was then
aiiiioiniced by t lie president, 'l'ho first live ns
ittit jinlircs were tlecied by uivlniiiMtiin.
Tliev were,' Hon Jotiatl'im Unso. Hon 11 Heney
row'eis, Hon W O Venz.cv, Hon UuBed
'I'ult, Hon John VV Kowell. 'l'lie president
then an i tin ed that iioininitiiuiis tor toxin an
si-tatit iudire word in order. Mr LVtiilium ol
Raherstieid said that nearly all tlie time since
1830 the IX'tnocracy or the state nau neon ac
c.nilcd a representtitive upon the liencli by I tie
ini'joiily pinty. If Jmlire KedHuid'o lit altb had
pei'tnltled, lie would have lieeu tiiutidiuoiisly
rv-elfcicil, thereiore, m ins uiace ue nouiinateu
StcnhHii C Sliiirilefl of Moiitpclier. Mr llenr.
of Cliebter noinitiated Judge W H Walker o:
Ltid:ow lor the posiiion. on the crounU of Id
calitv as well as fitness, the three houtliern
c jinnies linvmif no judire. The ininituutions
were both seconded. Judge Carney of lien
ningion then nominated , Jitdjre Tlioinpsoii of
Iraeliurtni, and It was teconued. 1 he roMiit or
the balloting was as follows whole number of
votes. mcessarv ror c-iioice, nt; w
Waiker 124, L H Tlionipon 85 S C Shttrtleli
71, Jolin O Wnlker and J.itnes M Tyler each 1 ;
two blank volt s. A fecund ballot resulted is
follows: hnle numlier 242: necehsary for
choice, 122; W II Walker 131, S V Sliunletf
71, L H Thompson 3l, O 1. Clatk 1; two
blanks. The president declared W H Walker
to be elected.
The jrovernor has approved and signed the
bills or the loilowiug titles since tue last report
ed, In the order trivet : H 58. An act to pay
John M Soinliwick the sum therein named.
H 69. An act gramintr a ferry to Cbe-ter W
Allen H 110. An act relating to the repre
sentation ol the state at the Mew Orleans nx
pociiion. H 120. Ah act t3 uav K D Fuller
the sum therein named. H 51. An act to pro
vide for a general index ol land records in the
several counties in the state. H G. An act to
uav Julius llalbert the sum therein named
t J 111. An act to leuulize the quadrennial ap
praisal of real estate in the town of 'Somerset
in 11)82 and the grand list of le83 a' d 1884
H 17y. An act to legalize the grand list of the
town of victory for the year 1884. a. 48. An
act for ihe relief of sureties in bastardy pro
ceedings. H 62. An act to pay Chester El
mer the sum therein named. 11 no. An act to
leualiiie the grand list of the town of Franklin
for the years 18h3 and 1884. H KM. An act
relating to weights and nu azures. H 107. An
act iu relation to lire distiicts. U 133. An act
authorizing tel. phonic couimuuicaiion with
public offices. 11 16j. An act in addition to
section 37U8 of the Revised Laws, telutinit to
weight of certain grain and vegetables. S 7.
An act in addition to cuapier 201 ol the Revised
Laws; the act imposes a Hue of $100 on any
Lersou who personates another and thei-hy
casts a fraudulent vote. Sol. An act to iir-
corp'irale the Vermont Investment and Guar
antee company. ( I o tie located it uriwrit ; cap-
ll V liOVii:n,M Ocuhm, wl I be nt the
S store of Uaudall & Clarp, euch Monday, at
o 'clock p m. 413
"TR. D. P. WEBSTER, 21 Klliot st-cet,
JU oraiiieii'tr'i. iimce Hours, i 10 o u. in., wuu
1 to a ami a to y p. in.
pRATT, W BIGHT & CO , Custom
4ioridS. 3 -aliit'KOW.
1tt P A UaiMlbarv Dentist. Ofllce and
f residence r.enr Iron bridge, Elliot st, liratlle-
toro, Vt. Jy
HM. HURKE. 4.3 very, Fol ar'tl
, Iioirdngs.1 hi--. jut i iufliM uioii 111 .
riHENEY & CJLAPP, Boohsollcrs
V and Hiattoiiet's.l) Urosl' liloen, lrau,ci;or.
A F. BOYNTON. Dealer In Boots
jfX mnl --no -J. .Miii v" n A I'.sm li o .ki- til"i:
J.1,, Lawyer,
Wilmington, Vt.
AV. COX & CO.. Stoves nnd Tin
. W -e M nn siv. t. ..pp A 111 ICin H.-U-K-
'I'H'IMflS JUDG- . Doales In Boots and
J Shoes, Judge Block, opp. American House.
SALISBURY'S Dining and Lodging
Uooiiir,, 11 Main M. Upe:i at an houis.
, Fl .1 -m e . B-ill
ho o i.
r Deal-
R. A. L. PETTEE & SOfV, Don.
A J. OLEASON, Coal Dealer, Office
a ' "
MARTIN SCOTT & SON, Groceries,
EO E GREENE, Druggist, Union
liiock, .Main M.
Tea ins Wa it ted.
Wanted, a party or purt'es to take contract to
. draw 2-'H)0 coid dry hard wood; ulto to cu; and
''draw 20u0u rds spruce logs.
Noosac Tunnel, Mass. W12v4
Lrtli I XmKJ ("Ch-h trV Knp si "1
Arc the only eituine. nnd uonfa trt ir iahi in
g ild. Full parttcjiurfl, 2c r-tnmp .Ioiin C1.01 '!!,
ohf aLut Mr New Kugmud, IJudlymc, Ct. 12a4
QTOP AND LOOK. IS. T. RYON, diak-r In h)
O kludf of Americ .n R-Mrtt-it Mittf, will do ail
4ind ol Ktntifiir In thoiou'-, woi kimmtikf mii
Br, nnd t towewt Hnrih(e pri:cn( f r ti hrtl-t-lit'
4o-. Etmmte fiirnmhrd on all kind of roof nt
hort notice d.Htlntf done ovt-r hf hit f. and wr
allied fod iu ih-w ; altMHll kind- o( rt(1rihv
Id mwtifiiriry mHiiiiiT. Cull awl tt-l my r)-fi ou
dtfft-n'tii kindo of la4e. Mule sold by Uic equnrp
or carload
Br.0. H. SMALL'S "
A preparation that works directly on tue
Liver, ii.weia and Kidneys, -limn aunt;
in . orirati' to h.-llii.v ncilun, nud u.il'
log timfj.lem o iih rich, puru biomL
Ih3 Crs:fli!i Liv:r VTcrt Ca,
rrlec Hi mt T
So Cirao r with euch bottl for partlc-ulsrs.
I.Uer Wert to pbwra
T. ant-TwIiiee th.
, 1 1 m or "
.Mt.JfWt IB
pMrk-d. mud rlf cbMt paid
M jor eare ij w
01-grt,tl - -r
il atuilut-jJjsvp'WMiS-M. Mfj" .inuicd
$300,000; shares $500 es.b.) II .-I. An
t riluima to disclosures in liquor cases by
persons convicted ot the ci line ot intoxication
unci in uddiiloii to chapter 109 of the Revised
Laws; (provides lor a commitment of a person
convicted of the crime of 1 itoxicatiou to county
jail if lie di-s not disclose where liquor was
otiiained.) S 08. An act io extend an act to
auiboiize the teuiovulof the obstructions I'm in
the Oihon branch ot the Lamoille river. 11103.
An acl to pay Wilson S Love 1 the sum tneiein
named. 11 113. All act to incorporate the
Lyndon snviugs bank. H 205. An act to pa
Loit nzo G Cuolidge the sum therein mimed
H 40. An act to incorporate the Vermont tele
phone and telegraph company. li 140. An
acl chaining certain clojI and town ulticers to
obtain the hooks and papers of liitir office.
H 155. A' act to pay J II Lrouii the sum
theitin liatneu. tl 157. An act to incorporate
the southern Vrimoiii' telephone and telegraph
company. H 172. An act to incorporate the
Society ol St i'eier, 01 Willi oski, Veiuiont. ti
210. An act -hanging the tune of holding the
supreme court in the coutitv of Windham;
(nu.l,es it open on the third Tuesday alter the
louith I uesduy in January instead o' the Mon
day following the second Tuesday alter the
lourlb Tuesday of January, as now.) 11 2.
An net entitled nil acl to amend section 1U01 oi
me Revised Laws, leluiiuj to appeals in civil
causes Iroiu justices courts. 11 31. An eel
giving dealers iu monuments and copings cei
laiu powers; ( hose monuments and copings ol
the value of $200 and upwards unpaid lor may
be reclaiiucu tiy deulcis luiui-him! the same )
H 60. An acl to incorporate the Vermont
came c inpany. 11 1J2. An acc relating to
the grand list, extenos time for imiiuux out
same. ti 163. An act authorizing ihe pay
ment of counsel employed h. to v ii grand jj
tors iu criiiiiual cuses. 11 195. An act reini-
tiii! t the paviueiitof lines and costs where the
cspoiideut is committed in deiaiiltof puyiueiit
and in amendment ot seciioiMJi.i of the llevis-
ed Laws. S 40. All act iu Hduiiiou to chapter
41 ot the lie Used l.ius, relating to the educa
tion ol the blind ; (allows persons a I II lr ted wiih
blindness to lie educated nlthin this siaie. lu-
lead of at as lum at ISostou at expense of
stale as now Iixjo.) a 43. An act aulhor
izing the compiling, piintiiig and the disti ilm
Hon ot the laws lelaiiug to elections, quuhlR-a-
tioiis ol voters ami the naturalization ot ioilil'ii
bornciiiz n-. S 73. An act to auund section
2915 ol the Reused Laws of eiinotil. (it, I,
provides lhal higliwat s shall i.oi lie less than
uuve rods in width i xcepi in a village r cit .)
11 0I. An aci iu aiuciu ment'it seciiou 1G3
of me Revised L.iug of eimoiit relating toine
chaucci lug ot Ootids in criuilual causes. (Judg
ment shad lie rendered theiton without cost.-.)
11 22a. An net in nineiidiueit ot an net to
incoipoiate L & T or Company, approved Nov
24, l-V.l; (takes away liuhtol company lo form
vari Us p.ii'HKTships w lib biauclics outside the
slate.) li 247. An act to chaiiL'e the name ol
the lowu ol Miudlelowu to Middlelow n Springs.
li i.Vl. An act to incorporate the liowoid
Uel.ei isoeiety at Lurlinoion.
Among the bills w hich have lieen introduced
within i lie iju-t week are the following:
fci.MATK. By .Senator Day one providing
that jio judge of the supie-me com I shall pre
side as chiel judte in county ecu t or couri of
ch.iuceiy, uiuil he has iiiesukd iu at least six
other counties, except in ea.-e ol sicl.ness ot
Mime jude iiee-essitaiiug it. Also oi.e to re-peal
all acis and pails of acis Ifjrmg luitntis for
the destruc ioii of umuials or Insects. li hen
ator lielmid one lovi-Jing thai, wtieii saiist.tc
tury evnleu'-u is kiyhi that a mor-g .ge has
been paid and the linn ungee's rc.-nlvnre is uu
kiiown, or he is do'.vased wi.huiit adiuiuistia
tor oi executor, tlie judge i9 proti.itd ol lie
disiriui mat di-chaige me moitg.ige. i:y .Sen
ator Witti.iins uu act lo incorporate the Vei
luoiit 11 iniiane society. liyS.ii.inr .Moit ne
prwvidliu lhal unless a person el.iutiiiu; il-itu-
ho done to slu-ep can -how by mjihs dog it
teas doini he shad rci eivj only one-nail l lie
tialh ice appraised by the ajlectineii. l!v .Sou
ion C'll-ty one nothing 'lie appiopii.i!i,,u i,r
each iioimal M hool i:i tin. sia:c tiiOJd instcail of
t't-J) nod repealing tlie sec ion in icla:ioii lo
o.udlll.'llal H-.To.-ila:joil. tiv ctt10,- J)4V
(ty . ciniesi) an act providing that im ii;i,, al
si.afi lieailo-ted fi'tii liiu jndguiuir of a J is-tii-e
w Leo ik iiher the a4 lUtmititm m Ihe piain
lili's "lit liar the sum dci'iatelcj by Ihe decu
i.ttioii nor ihe am .lint claiiue-l or bila nc due
as sIiomIi by Hie spexlliv-atioits h t xuioits ol
Ihe plaimiil on tiiji t xce-ed ex-vpt a.--
lic-ns where the dvfi ndai t ima-i- in rt-w. I.i
good f.iitu. oeiii.inds t-xcreumg -m) By .S; ii-114-
1 'eld one piovi nn mat In a town too al i
mir twoor uioie tl'lares if iikm'v than lOOJ iu
tiuditHu: cacti, ilnee irnlra span, an atreiit tu-ty
Im appii-ud in each lit the coiiimv cuiniins
Kiiier lo Mr II liquor for incdn-iuai, ilieinn al
and iKThaiiK'jil vurpinr. tiiy. By fnator
(iiohs woe ;ntvi.lmg mat in iusiar.lv piuved
iug. if tue ex-cu lion aiaint lire Itiuer ol an
illegiiiuiate child it mamed unau.-!ie I, tue
father may ho committed to jail upon tho re
quest ol' the mother and remain there until
such execution i. satlslicd. Vt heimtor Lint
pin one which provide that "listois m iniikiii
the qiiiidretinlal appraiial of real estate shall
appraise each par el at its value in money and
at the samo sum nt which they would itppr ilso
tlio iaiuo in pavmeiit of a just debt due iroin a
solvent debtor, having regard Ui the current val
ue ot such propeiiv ;" memliurs of tho board
of civil nuilioiltv shall take, stibscribo lo and
Hie in town clerk's tilllje betoie hearing gnev
iiiices under to appraisal same oath as wken
atinuallv liefo-c bearing grievances at appraisal
of annual listers. Hv Se.iator Day one pro
viding that no deduction shall bo made in the
list of a taxpaj er tor deuis owing to a non-res-ideni,
a foreiun coipurallon or a charitable in.
stlitnion wlihoi t sworn stateiucnt to that effect,
signed by tutll non-resident or the ojllceis of
such corporation or chariiable institution that
the debt is a Just debt. By Senator AlcDuHeO
one which provides thut no divorco shall be
granted within one year from the filing, ot ihe
petition; parties divorced stinti not marry uu
iu three years after the divorce is grunted.
By Uctiul'T Me one making counties bear tho
expense of Ittel'used in warming tueir jails re
spectively. Also one providing that iu civil ac
tions the husband or wile of any party thereto
shall lie competent to give evidence the same us
any other witue-s, but neither shall give evt
rh iicn for or juiiinst the other iu an criminal
action, or in any action for or ou account of
criminal conversaiion, nor disclose any c uili
denial communication made by one to tue
oilor during marriage. Bv Setntor Chapiu
otieextctidins the lime within which an appeal
may lie taken from a p'-ubato to the count;;
court roin twenty to thirty days. Alsu one
providing ihut iie-U ersoii rr corporation law
bin in a'eiiv or town not duliveiiug to one of
the listers of such town a sworn inventory of
his or l,a taxable, umrjertv according to law
sh ill suffer the penalties ot the laws ot 1882.
By Kenaioi 1-i, id one providing tuat ajjncuuu
rul societies may lie exempted from taxation in
certain case by vote of town. By the judicial
committee ar. act providing that "no judge of
the supreme court shall ptesido in the county
court or hold ar y term of the court of chan
cery in any cvtiuty where he has a father,
brother or sod res.dmg and engaged in the reg
ular practice of law as an attorney in such
court. By Senator Baxter one repealing that
part of section 692 of the Revised Laws which
provides that ajiu'ge shall not be disqualified
from acting in u judicial capacity in a matter
in which his county, town, village or school
district is a party or Interested.
House. By Mr Johnson of Concord, a bill
providing that supervisors of the insane shall
visit the asylum at Brattleboro, at least once a
mouth, and other asylums at their discretion;
they shall have the general supervision of the
insane of the stum and may reler back to the
probate court cum mining, a patient confined at
ihe charge of tin- state, whom they believe be
longs to a towu. (he question of his legal resi
dence, also, ihKtate shall pay for its patients
confined at thJfrattledoroas.i lum $4 per week,
instead ot $3,50", os now, and $1.00 Instead of
$1 as now, ten- C:.h patient belonging to a
iown. By Mr Jones uf Wheelock, one provid
ing that the piohaua court shall uot issue an
order to distribute a sow'ent estate until a suit
able monument to tlie deceased has been erect
ed, if buried in the state, if heirs, execinoi,etc,
refme t erect such uiorm.uem the court suall
order it done a) tho expense of estate. By Mr ,
U iluiaii of Charlotte, no abolishing the state
b ard of agriculture. Mr Martin ut Marsblieid
has Introduced a bill for t iis puruo-e, also.
By Mr Smith of Stuck biiilge, one providing
that all raihoad passes issued to a state olHcer
oi judge of the supieme couit, shall lie coun
tersigned hv the secretary of staie under a pen-
a ty of $100 fine and official disqtialincaiioll.
ay mi- warn ot uuilloud, one making no de
ductions from lists of taxpayers for debt
owitiif. By Mr Henrv of Chester, one provid
ing that svcaJit-uri iteesiiwnajL w tlm r,aw-
snail uiauu uu antrum rcpon ot its eoiiumuii tu
the inspector of finance, who shall examine I lie
same and report to the legislature; each com
pany shall be fined $1000 tor violations of this
act. By Mr Walktrol Ludlow, one providing
that cases iu favor of several plaintiff, against
tho same del'etnlciits may on motion of all the
plaintiffs', or nil the dc.feud.tnts, be consolid i
ted and acts appointed in atcordance with the
result ot the trial. By Mr Butieiiieid of Wil
mington, one striking out the word "male lit
section 3d 11, Revised Laws, so that women
limy become voleis in town meetings. Also,
one adding certain requirements to the pie-eut
laws relating to foreign insurance companies.
By Mr Lewisof Vergei.nes, one making ihe sal
aries of judge of probate 100 for each 1000
inhabit tuts iu the district up to 13 01; no -alary
to exceed $1000.-By Mr Perkins of Wind
sor, one which adds companies ot' persons en
gaged iu the roller skating rink busine-s to
those iiptiu w lnie corporate franchise or busi
ness funds a dw ect lux shail be raised to pay
state expenses, and assesses each at the rate of
live per cent upon the gross receipt ot'thcir bus
iness iu litis btate,heuiiitiiug Jtiu 1st, 1835.
By Mr biiiiiu ot htockbndge, one providing
ilt.tt prudential committee shall be elected hv
ballot und other school di-tiiet nfffeer on the
tletniiiid of a lenal voter. By Mr Sticknev of
Bethel one wlncli provides tuat ballot slia I be
of while paper, having on one sUe the mime
ol the person voted for and designation of office,
and bvitrin.' no priming or mark on Ihe other
side. Penalty for violation of this net not le-s
thau $5 nor more Ihan 50. By Mr Clark of
11. ilifax, one to license uruggists to sell intox
icating liquors us tow n agent now do upon
their givimr bonds to the same amount. tiy
Mr Diillutfhuiu of Waterbttry, one which pro
vides that the governor, president of the senate,
speaker of ihe house, secretary of state ami en
grossing cleik shall williiii thirty days after
the (inn I adjoirumcht of each legislature meet
at Moutpcher and verify the engrossed bills
and resolutions, and they shall be then sisf'ted
by the presiding ulticers of both houses and by
the governor; their pay therefor shall ne si
dav and live cents mtlea-'e each way. Bv Mr
Andrews of Johnson, one making foreigners
who served honorably iu ihe Union annv legal
voters in Irectn iu s district school and fire dis
tricts meetings, without naiuia iz ition, excep
for membeiS of congruss and presidential e'ec-
lors; also, it makes their children vmcr wl e i
l lu-y become ol aite allhou jii not born in this
country. By Mr Tu.'iiu- of Norwich, one i.ro-
vi ll ig Ihata moderator, selectman, ll-ter,gt nt.
overseer and auditor shall rcerive $2 per day,
as foinpcnsuiion service, unless the town vole
otherwise. By Mr Kehtic'd -f lijilcp.uk. one
rcpealliist INo l'-. laws of 188a, and providing
that such pu'ihc laws as sccr. tiny of state may
le-lciiaie shall be published hv the new pan
el s of the state soon alter clo-e ol sc-sioii ; pay
ment tor eiicii pnniicaiion to no at tin r r ite or
$150 for each 100 of circulation, type to lie bng
primer; no new-piper to receive les than $10
not more than ss.iii. Bv Mr fs'rau ihut m Sr
Albans, one to incorpoia e the trashes of t e
Sohllel S Home In V.-l III-.lit ntniliii; R tllielil
Proctor. Fred k Billings C C kinsman. A 1J
Franklin, Hnuh llemy 1 P Pi km-, I C Stearn-i
Fiaukliii I'liubauks, Jo-iili Grotii. (Jeo T
Chillis H K Ide, Win Wells. Julius J K iev.
A B Valentine, Warten Otbbs, BA Minsur,
Frank Kj ilijid, ami .V sJ 17 ice a c nur.itor :
Xurnin r of trustees not lo exceed IS "t whom
15 shall be meuiiiera of ibj G AR.ot' Vennoiit :
tliev no'y bold nt'iNoiial and rial estate to Ihe
aniotiiit u! jjiiO.OM. Bv Mr . Stan ton of R ix-
bni v, one making n Is-q-iest or leg icy void
when the will it witi-e-sed by a person wi,o-e
w i e or htisb,,ud is a leg-ree. Bv Mr Brock of
.Alotiip-jliei'. one l iking a vav from selectmen
tli.i oiscreiionary poAcrlo for hi I tho use of
publi lulltH',! la lies or laiw iin a'lev or to r.--
ke ih-ir pioiii'itcim after it. liv Mr C m-
lan l ol llraiilc'sii'i. I i te r.-. to a-c.-rtain ihe tix-
ab'e v.ilt3 of a shire of au itiuitl biuk lv
adnitig it capital smphis re-evj fundi un.li
vt-iea proht dcdiiciing the value of n ie.il es
tate Nntra.
The nti'iilKTof t il's hich tuivc licen intro-iLn-id
to L.illze ll.e Ibts ut towns in the stale
is altoctln-r IO . J.ii te In liHik wed.
The "til intr hJ'i.v-i in iUl- house to cu e the
supieme court jinK-es a talaiy was uisiuissed
by a ite of 13S lo 80.
lVibions-. "sking iliat woman suffrflie niy
'e trraine I in mnnii i,..tl t-!e. :i ins, ic ptmring
I n at aiiotit tue sains rate mat the prut ion lor
k'islatio'i against ok-oinargariue did early i.i
Ihe scs-ion.
A rc"ia'ni ha Ix-en p4sel to Rsk the sens
tors and -'HigressnK'n from the s'ate to n quest
tue rcstorati u ut tlie uiitf ot '67, if cxpeoieni.
Ti e whole numlier of btiN intrixliuvd this
e.i.,ni: In Ihe senate. Iff, in the hou-e.
5U; making a crsi.l lot. I of 5.3. The nuni-lK-cf
bouse hills is Inexce-sof that of any
predion session, leading the lamotif sosi-m ef
(mm A
BKV faMUKL l l;lIllCil Alii).
Of "ltuui, Ilouiaul-in anil Ilebe'Htin" So
torlety. Samuel D Btirclmrd was liorn September 6,
i812, at Stenbcn, Oneida county, New York,
where bis father owned a farm which be bad
purchased from the heirs of Baron Steuben, of
revolutionary fame. After recelvrnga common
schoul education, supplemented by attendance
at acaOeiuies, be began to teaebt but he was
checked in this pursuit by an mtuck of asthma.
Iu hopes of benefit to his health! be removed
into Jentarky when, eighteen yars of age,
and remained there as a student nt Centre col
lege. He was graduated, in 1S3S, and almost
immediately aocwarris began to lecture without
pay on religious-, subject, temperance, and in
opposition to slavery, supporting! himself by
the work of bis bands.
After a course ol theology at ianville, Mr
Bun-hard received a lltense tu pielch, granted
to him by the Transylvania PieaHtery in the
year 183S. He was soot popular aid received
many calls, cf which be preferr dpne to New
York City because it gave him theiadvuntages
of the Uuion Theological spjilna His in
stallation lis pastor took place May , 1839. He
was successful and highly pituulik-, and his
oiitrregution built tuucb larjrcrl church in
1850, together with the pastor's rtilfiuble libra
ry. In the lame year a new edi(i, wag raised,
where, about 'bur years airo, UV Burchard
completed a pastorate of more it an lity years'
duration. :-'
In 1861 be was appointed cbaplair of the
American church in Paris, and in 1866, Chan
cellor of Ingham University . ile did nod per
nut these honors to intertere witu his relations
to bis people, by whom he stood notwithstand
ing his receipt of many mttieritig vails v
, After leaving bis pastorate, Dr-. Burchard rnV
cepted the presidency or' the Rutgers l-'emalcJ
college, aim ne preaches to a einaii, struggling
church in New York. His honorary title of A
M was cotnerred on biiu by, Centre college,
where be was graduated, and 'that or u u bv
Madison University, a Baptlttslnstittitioit of
New York state. He lias written a great deal
for periodicals and published, itfo liooks, one of
wiiicju, was ippuoiieiaMi ut linirpi"
- trf L,tlich(trcf imnletf l iVfl'lf 'M
1847. She died In Auril. 1883.1 Ho lost his
eldest son in the previous veail. One of the
Why the On u n try ran Hop for n Clean uud
Naa I'm lb-nil Civil h, i vie.- It, ionn.
(Witsliiugton Interview,)
"Tito prosldcnt will lead the reform clement
of his putty, and hi clear conviction, hi hlgtl
sense of duty, ins cmii'iigo, hi streiiiftL. of
churauicr, will secure tbo victory. There is no
iniblie man In this coinitrv who li a butter
seti-e of the murul obligation of oiiielal Ine or
who is more certain to withstand mere p.nlisaii
and sclli-di Appeal than Gov Cleveland,"
.'In a Republican stato lie was elected guv
oruor; as. governor ho has been true to his
pledue ntid hi principle.. He vetoed one bill
iMH'iiuse he hi; Id its aim was to secure places und
patronage, or party advancement. Iu his veto
of the railroad fare hill he withstood the threats,
prayers and cajolements' ofull the manipula
tors, duiiuig -g tnitl communists of his puny.
He mude a mere man of business instead ol a
politician or the statu superintendent of public
works against the combined pressure of the
whole army ol partisan jobbers. They were
angry over so much party pottage Ihu lost.
But ho went far beyond ail this. A New York
bill largely iu the Iden-ic-il language of the ha
tiniiul civil service act, bin, us amended, ycc
more str'iigeut, had his efficient support and
received his prompt signature. Undci it a com
mission of two Democrats anil one Republican
apioi-'ted by hint fiamed civil scivice rules
which he approved, ami which are no-v in loice
In the entire executive service nt the state of
New York and ail its cute., 23 in number.
The New Yolk latv is more stringent than the
federal law against political assessments. This
great reform so little comprehended elsewhere
is really it political revolution iu the Empire
state, which will give Gov Cleveland u high per
manent place it. her history. For patriotic dis
interestedness in tlie surrender of patronage, it
ha no parallel in our annuls, except in the pas
save of the net of 1883aby a Republican admin
istration. That Gov C leveland has his heart in
the work, and justly estimates the great result
achieved, is show n iu his annual intSsuge of
January last. He shows how certainly that pol
icy v ill stimulate and honor her coiinuon-sciiool
system. The rapid ty growing reform senti
ment of the country iias been demanding more
hottes'y, courage and administrative capacity
wim less politics In executive places. Gov
Cleveland has the dis inctiuii of being the first
man since Washington who has been elected
president because he possessed those qualities
in a pre-eminent demce.
three sons remaining of five chV,Jk-en is a prac
ticing physician, one a lawyer a-aoue recently
graduated, i us yet undecided as to the profes
sion he will follow.
About Caves, Muni in, Suicides nndT tilngs
A correspondent wtitts: '-The locality just
east, of Heath in the southwest part of Ooleraiue
known as 'Catumoiint Hill,' cast of the lioisick
mountain is becoinim; faiiiou for remark iOle
ei'eiits. Iv this locality in Septetnlier, 1875, J
Riley Fariisworth was murdered by two boys
18 and 19 ye ns old, who expected to get hi
pension mo.ey. I hoy crushed hi iieau w ith
club,, but obitlim-d but little money. This
wid teriltory, wti ell abounds iu caves and
dcus w as then all searched over for the murder
ers. The nunc locality has been recently
s on e I far and near for voting Davenport, who
straved Iroiu home ami drowned hiiu-elf in the
Deerlield r.ver. His body was found utter be
ing absent elubt days, about two miles from
home. Yea.s ago a man hung hiniselt In hi
bain, in the same neighborhood ; and if I in
clude in the list of even's and things ihe ill, g il
liquor bclliitir, the clairvoyants uud ningne-iic
healer, tho 'swamp angel-, file caves uud
vti Id place of this broad but partially iulmni -
cd coitu try, we may well say it I certainly a
itoicd tract or land, covered a it Is m a great
measure witn torcsts and mcfs and high and
merhanging ledge. West of Levi Davenpoit's
house, 80 rod or so, on tlie rocky side-lull, is it
cave called the "Bear's Den" into which one
can wa'k upright to tlie distaucj of a'i:mt 40
leet. To the north west of Mr Davenport's
house, a half mile or so, is the noted cave cal
led the ' Devil's Oven," which is worth a jottr
ipy to see. Its wall, are smooth, and tin den
itself more Interesting than the ''Bear's Den."
Very near it perhaps the mo t interesting cave
of all, the "Catamount's Den. It iite-ts a torch
or lantern to examine tin one, a it alleys are
Ctuk ami long, and one can cuter at one open
ing, and al'ier winding about thriiii-th intricate
passages, and through broad mnl h it'll rooms,
can emeragc a loiitr ways from the place of en
tering. In this rctitoii here is ubo a beautiful
swamp called "Beaver Meadow"' flat and
bt oiiil, without trees; but a poniui of this is too
soit to allow teams to pass over, so that it is
not all ti ed for hum purposes. Ou the whole
it may lie cal.ed us wild, rough And wonaertul
m piece of country as can lie toiiud In the New
England states." North Adams Trau-cript.
Wlial But er Com.
(Templetoti In Boston Herald.)
As I am in an Inquiring mood this week to
wards my Republican friends, I would like to
further ask them If they think the employment
or Gen Butler as an agent in the eaiuua'gn has
paid ! Is It now their'opinion that the $10J,000
and more that be bus received irorn them has
been well invested? You will see I have iti
crea ed the amount considerably from what it
was as stated in a previous letter. The original
bargain was for $50,000. Gen Butler with bis
accustomed quibbling smartness, says this was
not made on board the Tallapoosa. I never
said that it was.- Mv in formation was to the
effect that Mr W E Chandler came to Ports
mouth on board the Tallapoosa to make it.
That be did make it I have evidence which i do
not doubt. My informant now tells me that
$50,000 did not prove to be enough. - It cost
Butler a great deal of money to organize his
faction and provide it with funds with winch to
operate all over the states of New York, Con
necticut, New Jersey, Indiana and Michigan, to
Vy nothing of Massachusetts. When the $50,
VtK) gave out he went right on, putting in mure
nnvnev uuiil the money expended ran up to
$110,000. Mr Parsons was correct when he
said that part of this was paid in checks on the
New York bank with which the Republican
national iurtitTT did. iliusinesS -Jiut-Jtb
ilV "fatyIrlH nrtjiiey Came hard towards tho lost, ihe sum
reauzea rroiu tue lamoiis unci now uisione-ni
Jay Gould banquet iu New York on the eve of
arrears. One of his followers a.ks it' hi- can
lie true, when Butler was really helping Cleve
land rather than Blditie, in Mtehigin. It was
a mistake to go into the state, ami Butler so
i rote while he was there to the Republican
managers, sttvirestiug that ho had better come
on to some place where he could lie more use
ml. The outlay does not seem to have been
ju licious in any point of view. Candor com
pels me to say that it is not even sure tint it
saved the vote of Mas.ictittset;s to Mr Blaiuj.
As regards the local ticket, this sub-idy to But
ler w a a complete failure. Mr Henry abot
Loi'gs's friends are attributing his defeat to the
iiutler alliance to which II led. I can't iiud
one case iu which the Republicans soiled them
selves bv nominating Btnler candidates where
ignominious failure did not attend them.
ttno isjerns .lf.er Election.
Frnin the New. Yoik Commercial Advertiser.
Businef s men who have not the time nor per
haps the inclination lo fund iarize tneinselv, s
wiiii economic question are apt to depend upn-i
their party newspapers for 'Ho mutton. If
these papers told them bluntly that one-half of
the people were plotting to desimy the w hole
country, the sensible bus n ,-s in n would say
that tho tools had taken pos-es-ioa of the edi
torial rooms. But w hen Ihe same newspapers
hotly contend that a great political party is go
ing to enforce a police wheh will ciippetbe
iiiauiiiactiiiiug iuiiii. tries id' the couuirt, the
same business men t hi oltcu accept whnr. is
s nd a wind ot unquestioned wisdom. That
l io say, they limy believe it before elect ion
After ile-ctun when aq-iestl m has bee., reached
for ore side i r Ihe ot'.tr, thev ale hkelv lo lie-
itin to have their doubts who h - r the iie-bn i.-us
schemes thev b ive heard of are so d -n-vrmii
after all. At all ccn's it m ij d pend d noon
that tin y vld not la-m to put on tmir shuncm
until lire Stollli Is in fieM. No Hutu of tolii
itioti sense will Mind up Ids bushes, le.-u-e
partisan ncw -ars el o n'1)' p -edict ih.t
aos La i-iilue i.guin, in rdv ou a -eouut i f
the defeat oi a lav.,r,ie candidate We hive
not the least le.ir that the IXuioeiHtir panv i
disposed to hive rerun -e u the fau iful
seheuu-s wlncli their ad fei tt i -s say thev Ime
l en prtpirii:2. It' Mr Cieve'sn I should .
to the line 11, m e l is ailir.tuistratioii will
pro-stli y Is; so con-enative that (lie radical eh
ucui among Ids, Fnpputters will l terion-lv
di.Hi-oiute,i. It is hie.-ilv rroM'ilt" that
clianies will I made thn,iis;li lin-h mir iu-dii-try
will l likelv lo sutl'.r. Theie nuv I
further t'ill revision, but it is to lie r. Hie-nix-r
etl that even so Uru "pro'e'.-foui-t " ss 'rr.
dent Anbnr in successive mc ssces to con
g rss, lis advos ed ui.irede ntd ivl -iiu. iirre
Han ruber pany has jet atteuqetd to rairy
into eCcti.
After l. ctiuii NoiiS'-nae.
Mr Blaine sucaks of the Democratic votes
which he received iu New York as due to his
mlvocicy of protection. What nonsense!
Were not the workinguieu in the state ut large,
and in Connecticut and New Jersey, a niiicti
Interested in the tariff as the gin slingers and
other political "heelers" of the city of New
Yoik? Mr Blaine lost' wi h great uniioriiiity
throughout New York tin 1 the two 0 her states
named. His gai.i iu the city came almost ex
clusively as the n suit of his bargain with But
ler ami his deal with the local Democratic boss
es, whereby vote were traded lor muytr and
other city offices in iciurn for Deiu H-raiic
votes for Blame. The human cattle who Were
traded oil' knew and cared as little about the
tin iff as a billy goat knows of the ten com
iiuudinciits. Boston Herald.
(lingular I i I ica Coincidence.
From the Charlestown News and Coiiiftr.
Senator Brown, of Georgia, in a speech at
Atlanta said that the 6,O0i),O00 colored people
in the (Southern stales give those stales about
thirtt s even Representative in i he house and
thirty-seven members of the electoral college
Gov Cleveland,! majority over Blaine in the
electoral college is 37, the nuni'ier of vote
which the Southern states gain by the enfian
thisiinent of the colored people. Without
those vote ihe total electoral vote would be 361
and a majority would be 182. wbieti is the
Blaine vote exactly. The polhical power which
was inemled to fortify Blamei-in and save it
trotii political harm is the means of its undo
ing. Ouie again H e whirigig of lime brings
its revenges. The vote- ot tlie S mtheril states
is the saieguard of the renuiihc.
North II ell "a DoniirtrNcv Preptrlntr o Kn
llnn A Movm Soudan KvHi t-'Tiii" Ahead
Tills Time A Miomlnr; Accident.
Frctii our Regular Corrcspondent.J
N0HTUMKI.il, Nov 19, '81.
Tbo D?iriocrnts of Norihfield, meet at conceit
bull ta-uiglif, to perfect arrangement' for the
celebration of tbu election of Cleveland and
Hendricks. It Is expected wo will tnivo a rnud
turcb light procession or something imposing.
The Democrats of this town are wide-awake
and cntjyttsi-jlc. "
There Is to be a grand mp.sqtterado party at
the skating rink this evening. Music by tho
Norlhllcld sextette band. At 8 o'clock is the
grand march in which only those in costume
are expected to join. Alter this week the link
will be open Wednesday and Friday evenings
and Saturday afternoons. i
Lust week was vacation week with the graded
school. K . .r '
Mo'rrila-Ollinan of Boston, is in' town on a
three weeks' visit. ' "
Mrs J M Hitt has resigned as teacher in grade
3, on account of pour health. Satnb E Kenyon
will lake lier place.
Harvey Wiiley bas moved from the Morris'
bouse, corner Central und Summer streets, to
tho honse vacated by J C Fletcher, Central
Some timo ago Patrick Sployd went to the
town liquor agency for some liquor. Mr Pres
ton, the ageut,- told Tat he could not grant his
request without a prescription. Pat got the
"document" and went ami secured the liquor.
Mr Treston asked Sployd if bo bad any oat to
sell, and be f aid he bad. In a day or two Pres
ton went niter the oats which he found put tip
ready for him, but when he commenced loading
them Put said, "I cannot let you have theiii
until you tirst present an order iroui a doctor."
Mr Pi eston argued, but it did no good. And
he bad to go botue without his oat.
The News savs, F Plutnley, E-q, delivered
32 speeches wh le in the west, being the princi
pal or only speaker on all but two occasion.
He sooke in 17 different counties, traveled 2700
miles in the state of Michigan to meet Ins ap
pointments,and his audiences aggregated 55,000
The' students of ilass A, presented their
teacher, Miss Thompson, with a nice crystal
water set, at the close of school.
Mrs J P Davis has isone to Castleton to visit
ber mother.
A L Clark has returned from Richmond.
A A, Mafse and wife are in Waterbury. '
Prof Dickinson teacher of vocal music at the
MettodS-seminary of Montpelier, opened a
series of singing schools here Monday. The
Prof is called an excellent teacher, and all who
are interested in learning vocal music should
not miss the opportunity of thorough instruct
ion at a reasonable price.
E S Stebbins and family started for Florida,
last week Wednesday morning, where Stenbn s
and Richmond, have a tine orange grove. Mr
Richmond went there last winter. Tuey are
liiitshiiig a house down there this fall.
The following scholars averaged 90 per cent
or more at the examination last week, iu room
4 of thd graded school :CUs A Willie I'ildeii
93, Setta Tinny 9S.5, Minnie Howe 97 8, Charlie
Davis M 4. Addle Suiitti 93 6, May Moodv 95.4.
Martha lluzen 94 4 Grade Ripley 9J I, C'as B
Georgia lilden. 932. Willio !u. 8i, Waiter
Hair? ALsiey Vt ui G.or-i 3u ati &J 8,. 0ly
three scholars were tardy during ttid lertu.
E Burton and wife of Manchester, N H, are
at L A Wilson's.
The Sunday seryices, at thediuereit church
es now begin at 11 o'clock.
Mrs S M Jones went to Philadelphia, last
week. We Understand she intends spending
tho winter.
The oyster supper at the Methodist vestry
Wcdesday evening, was quite well atteud
ed. The Catholic will hold a week's fair commenc
ing the 21th. They talk of publishing a daily
paper during the time.
Mrs J Se.ivill an I d I'uhter of Dalutti, Minn
are stopppig with J M Dme.
L D Siiiito of WilliiiuHtuwn, was iu town
Saturday .and Sunday.
Winter term of graded school comaienesd
Monday with a good attends ice.
E E Thompson spent tlu .Sabbath at Under
bill Celllie.
Our American Youth, an 8 nvi 32 column
Amateur monthly edited at Middle bury, will
iiereaiwr uj prmtji a: the Njrthdj'.l Xj.rs
Charles Chandler accldently discharged his
gnu one d iy last week while with D iu McCai tv,
the shot entering the latt.r's ablonien. Sat
urday. Dr Bray cut out six shot, aud Mr Mj
Cany is doing well.
hrnry" Is completed. The net proceeds of the
two courses, for the bf-netit of n library, are
about $150. Rev J Edward Wright hiy" been
tho chief mover In the mutter nnd it is hoped
bis example will bo followed as heartily as it Is
Exercises by the 6enlnr class of the Vermont
Methodist seuilniirv, will take place Friday
evening. They will consist of original essnys
und orations.
A painter by tbo name nf Randal', fell from
a ladder while ar work on tho rectory here Mon
day, and broke 2 of his ribs.
There was a large attendance at tlio rink Sat
urday evening to witness sundry races for di
vers prizes, in which various individu lis took a
font. The best timo made In the mile race was
3 :58. The other spuria were of so mousing a
character that even those who could not skate
rolled with laughter.
Tho hose cart formerly owned by the "Vol
nnteer " of Burlington, purchased by the new
hose company here, arrived last week an ' the
company gave the Hydrants a test Tuesday
w ith satisfactory results, both as regards their
hose and tbe water power.
The ladies of Bethany society b:ld a fair in
the rink building Tuesday. The proceeds were
The Norman's Ideal Company which appear
ed Friday evening gave the best representation
of a disappearance that had ever lieeu witness
ed here. The dancing was excellent, especially
the "break down." They ought to have given
a good thing they were so very "fresh." The
audience treated them very kindly and left
Exarrinntlnn of teachers for Wasbimrtou
rinihtv will mite p'nre a' the court Louse here
Nouinkci' 28 and 29, at 10 o clock a m.
Some very quaint things happen up at th
state bouse. A member wishing to refer in a
speech to a brother member and failing to re
call his name designated him as the "gemlav
man w no boards where I do." Another wish
ing to move an adjournment rather imperiously
remarked.' "Mr Speaker, tho bouse is nowr
ad (turned." But the member who wound up
a bill with "this lull shall take place from Us
passage" takes the kazoo.
Well, Bra4f
From tbe Wca Randolph Herald and Xtw-.J
H'ram Atkins will di-pen-tr t f post-ol ce
th;j rtate n 1 will be co:,f.Tr ol ca-to-m.
Theie Is no question but that Geo F Ed
munds ami Roseoe Coiikliug could have can ied
the Male of New York tor James O Blaine;
bin t hey didn't like the physic, and didn't need
it, and didu'i take it.
Coiigiessumn R umcy tall: st n.-c: "I hope I
am wrong, hull 1 think Gov t level.tud has
been elected our next president. On the w hole,
1 don't know as 1 can, if a iiiajoiilv of 111)
le low citizens want bi n. If he itun't ilo well.
we have got the senate and a huge part of the
house, an iueieased peavni-e, and we will
lake cue of him. If he dins limit we will siis
1. 011 bitn vigorously. 1 shall do my duty us
well as I know how undtr Cleveland, "10 1
should under lil.tine."
Only $30,000 w.is given out io 11 to run ihe
ciiy id New Yoik wnh a vtmug list of 1,000.
Would you a I that llt.lllugvliieltt ? Mlit,
when Gi-ilield ran, there was ue rlv $3l;0,0;iu
sK-nt iu this ci:y alone. John J O B1iv.11, Rc
fub lean truss.
Tiikhk is a g aid si lo tolilaiiie, a rc'ieroti,
impulsive chiv.thy width make men lorgct hi
crooked caierrin poluics and to love bun and
to low l.itnwi lHiut even trus-ing bun. This
sice O his e'baiai ter shows Itscif when be sa
,f Cleveland :
-l'ow ird liiin, personally, I have 110 cause
for the s leloe-l ill til l, ..mi 11 is .tub coiu.'uiuv
1 txptesS i'-e wisU that Lis- lli itl ta v r ui tv
ptt.tr cratift ing M hiuiscti ai d In "etc il to the
couiitrt, and tttal hi. adii.iiiisii.iiioii may nver-i-uine
ibe eiiilirr.i-s.i.elits nl.nli the iKcnii-'r
.urcrof its poixr i.ti,Mscs upon it Itoti the
hour of its li'Hh."
Tbe election of lion W II Walk, r, of Ludlow,
'o thr supietne litm h, will leave a vacancy in
lite .tliev of judu-c of probate in Wi;d-,r coun-ty.dl-tiKtol
iiiil-or, 'ml it still not go lief
g.i a. The s rain b f jt it La ubeady Ixguu in
TI boas hat! a srs-ion Sjtnr.lsv aftcrttrx-B
contrary to its iTH.tm, - thai all tue '-Ills that
il was p-n-Mble CMild l iinroJuor-1. 1 he ntioi
Iter rrev!tr.l dnMrg the lr
The Webster saloon, bas been posted by ths
Washington coiiu'y sheriff
PiofC C Davis of Waterbury, was in town
the Hist of the week.
Tuesday we wen loreibly impressed that win
ter is near, the mercury going down iu the vici
nity of zero. We have had a very uleasatit
and wiii 111 1 ivcuiber up to to-day.
Frank Dewey, the penman for Wiiliamstown,
was in town for a day or two lust week.
D B Woosler will have some of bis ere injur
ies and ctiur'i on exhibition at the world's fair
at New Orleans.
It looks as thnugh tbe bill
prohibiting school children from attending
skating rinks would pa, and the student
here are on the 7111 tire.
Willis Ellis who hai been sick sever.il week
with typhoid fever 1 si iwly rec jveriiig.
1u.n1 ine capital.
A -"Jrand IH'inocra lc Jubiicn Willi Many
oieil sip -iikHr- l'tit Las nt Jam-it Ky
Appltllt ' oil-', of L.. C1UIX-S -,oalO 0'
l.ibl,- isoeiMI Kv.-nt.
Front our Regular Correspondent J
Monti'i;lii:r, Nov 19, '81.
Novemlier 20tb will ue made memorable by
the jubilant Democracy beie, and it wi I bj
placed among the days lit to Ik; Celebrated in
the years to come. Preparations on tbe grand
est scale have U'eti made for a jubilee. Th
speakers engaged pre Guv T M Waller of C.,11
neciicut; lion E F Pi Isbury of Boston; Col
J,,bn 11 George, Col Henry O Kent and Hon
Ilo-ca Pmi.irof New Humpsliiic; Hon John C
M-.cnnb tn of Piovldence.lt I, and lion John R
Fellows of New Yoik. B, sides our own bands
those ol West Randolph, Richmond, Wind-or,
and Marsluield in d the Sherman military
Ir.t d o f liurlinjton and tbo B.-i-gatL
land of A'b.tn-, will positive'.!
ic present and several others arc expected
Thue will lea roiislant display of liic-woil;-dining
ihe cv.ning. a:;d salitt.'s wil! tc lind
throughout Ihe day and evening. g aitl
cavalcttdc f loi.-cimn will bj a striking 'eA
tiire of Ihe pa-adc.
Jiiu -1 IC iy Ap.i'.e ii iis'p.d Ins cui-sc of
lei:iti -1 re lest week Taurs lv evenin-', it's
ml jct t .1.11 Items Lntisili now, w raise pituy ue-iie.-.,c,l,
;ht.ii).h an Kiigilsbman himself, m a
manner iliat wHrmed Amcriciti Le ir s with
pride ij ( illt't' 111 liitn-iif ictit-wed ini-es.
Mr A. pie'.' d.1 not cutic-sfl faults, but be
piai-es Isutlty a id eviias. In all hi- 'ci lures
he I tii-gs out pt-t rstl 1. SS. HS and in such
iiejji'iul language that his listcnrs are worn
to rairy il ciu away if ft rni-thing else ittsn tue
genu that CK'iLe tlwm. lie is never liarsb or
timrosr, but tender or bany. lie ssnme a
t h-irstter miib trmaikabe dramntte a-ill and
wi.bout a'iy of list akis of t lit lUrt, I at merely
thn-ueh bis correct roiupkh n-ion a id adnilr
a'.le location, lie trsn-t-ari bis andieiNT into
i n-abn of bis au'boc'. tootle hi- Hi- Irtinirs
do guoJ ami a later Hrrkrol bw adiuticr brrc
b-MV t rij ir another arr hciore "li-
P.urilng'on Iteconcll. d to the Poll ical 81t
im, inn 1 In, lt moil Uivoroe aea Dis-ml-s
d IteslKn.it on of Hie Unpopular
h'ree I.lbrart Librarian and I'rob -blo Ad
j iiatiiifnt ef tun Dillieultlea siupenor
lirauiHtic En nalnin nt Tlio Nad lixpe
rlence of a Boston Drummer.
From our Regular Correspondent. .
Bbreinoto.v, Nov, 18, '81.
Well, things are-settled at last and Burling
ton like tbe rest of tbo world is obliged to ac
knowledge that Cleveland is to be president. I
don't know that anyone feels particularly bad
about it except tbe office-holders'. Republicans
may condemn Edmunds as much as they
please for bis lukewarmness, but they wilt
most of them now coolly admit' that Blaine's
nomination was an unfortunate one and that be
was a bard candidate to carry. Party feeling
kept the mass of tho party together in this state ;
as in others, aud if it had not been for tbo
Burchard jiasoo just before election, tbe stal
warts' treachery In Oneida county, and tbo St
John movement, if only one, I say, of tbo.-e im
pediments bad been out of the Republican
pathway, Blaine would have c trried New York, .
and been e ected. llinc ill.te lachrymae t
' T, . I o.. I, .' (. ' '
totuu oiuautjy, wuum a newspaper corres
pondent pnee (bade famtvi tuih P SrpaVluues.
will- probably Vule the roost hero In federal
matters. If not in the whole state.
John Jame Shea and Elliott Matiricj Sut- '
ton, will undoubtedly b8 remembered in the
disposal of federal patronage, and mmy others
too numerous to mention. As to what will be
done with such Independents as the famous
Clint Kingslcy and his fellow-lunatic Capt Hare,
time alone can tell.
The suit of divorce brought by 0 A Burton
against his wife, has been dismissed, and things
stand just as they did, except the parties are
poorer and ihjir lawyers are richer. TUeu?
property rights will be settled, probably, by the
supreme court.
We arc still bavins groat turmoil nv.-ronr
F'etchcr free library. The unpopular librarian
Thomas Peregriuo Wbi:e Rogers. Im re-igned.
and is soon to go to New Orleans, to add hi
learning and accomplishment to tlie success of
the exposition. There will now lie some hones
ol harmony between our aldermen ami the
trustees, so that we may soon expect our li-
orary 1 pen again.
Bets arc bein j rapidly paid here, although
there are some squealers.
The Daly's 7-20 8 company gave the first per
formance of the season iu the Opera house
Thursday evening of last week. It i a ri h
anil rare comedv, full ot strange conceits show
ing the g e it power 01 August n.-Da'y as a dra
matist. The company w-u3 excellent one,
rcmaikably even throughout. But allow me
to mention, as the star paretcelleiies. Virginia
BriHjk who took'the part 01 "Fl OSS 1 ' sti t.1,1 tur
etl uiaiks of true histrionic genios. Gifted with!
gr.nt personal beauty and grace, she showed in
every word, movement, act-on and expression
that she wh a great Metres. A brilliant fu
ture is open to her.
Ititlep. ndont Republicans here are demand
ing a license law.
A verv popular gent'em.in who often visits
here, George T Young, traveling sale-man for
Jackson. Daniels and Mundellof B0910H, was
shamefully treated at Plattsbtirg, N Y, last
wce't. He :00k thp boat from here eiebt weeks
ngo returning to Plattsbtirg in company with
Mr Nichols and her invalid lin-hat d of ti at
place. She lieing s a sick be rendered her some,
gentlemanly attentions; she bunded him her
card nnd invited him to call on her in Piairs
bitig. l'a -iieiiiiigio lie- there last week bedropiicd
her a due and received an ii vnatioii lo call. On
his way to her house he w as set upon stidde dy
by three men, 'me of wtinm wa- her brother in
law, Dr J A Nichols. Before he could roi-e an
alarm they gagged him and hurried him ulong
to 11 livery stable near by where they cut nf
nut' side of hi moustache and ol the lisir of his
head. Thev then lathed his he.-ul in nxle g-dse
and printers ink and rublted it in wiih te ilbe s.
They poured the rest of ihe iiiixiure down his
back, ami t:rned htm out in the street. A b.r
b, r, af er two hours work, gave him a turjei
linc wa-hitig, and shaved Ins bead ami lace
over. 1 he uexi niornmg tte wen 10 .tiaione,
mnl procured legal counsel who will
bring suit against the parries. Great ii.Jina
1 1, 111 expressed among the lie-l people in this
ci'V aud I'l .it-burg at liiMtutrnge-u-t'raii t .t.
Young is a man led man and lives in Boslou.
Several tinn-lrecs of DcmotTats of nil sees
had a torchlight pio-vs-i .n Wednesday even
ing through tie pri i eil sfeets of thi titr.
and past 1.1c i I11111111 il-d rcstd. nces of some of
it- i,i-i'ti.ii'-. f 'v-i lira l.'tl hy Hbmit
fifty horseu en, followed by Robert C Strong.
cuii ni.tisi, 0, wi.ii M-vei.i, aids. 1 ic Mrer-
niati ami cuv bands and Hit-driiiii corp. tur-ni-hed
lively nnisie, with t.b i -.i'us liotn bom
.ti d -n'1" kt r. iioi kets and Ilm ai candles
in I coi ee.l fire al.mt: 1: e route fm ins K'tl a
1 ilii int il'jiiiiinii.ni i.Hc .1 0 ctneon loudly
oia'd. 'I here ivere tueir trau-pan-ie.-k-s ot' ari
in 1 sing l it li'.leier. Among th -in w ere. "Ci O
P-lining (lit P it-Tv," 11 H BU ' e, II ir-
'i.ard and bail ;" also :n i- v ii ii.-j sng Cen H it-
l-.-r. Fol ovng Itie fo Uitieu w eif soul,- l..d ng
t Is- uocr..!-, la l:ir-.U 'hrs. Kwrtltnitg was
Vine on't-tlv, thnaeh -i-ir-c ejects for Dhiinc
sjst li'ors aettu-e-J some ire. No "li- istroui
"i s, qti.our-, h-mever. toitor-l, and tlu pro-ts.-
Um di; ban led about ten o'clock at the citv
Fi' in Tnttt. ntof nHsdk-tne is StiJ ta b hjt!f a
rettie '; lea Id Uei-t-r.ie, uttil toriaa. chronic ctut
,t4 s-rll a rb'ti'it'.im.l m h-tr t 10 at tjf, fai,a.
I !tl t- iti.- tva-ss hy K.-v t. Il4-a.- wt Indtta-.
tea i". ptN-trr-SsI to lest Atftlotf-oro. la a'-oal Sja
. rt t r-e I r cou I I Hnd i-r'ois- ass iruaaacfs-l
orth chntr.
wk vi; asc.

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