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Republican Moll.
A mob of negroci about BO strong entered
Rev G W Martin' church at Atlanta, Ga, rl-
day ntUT, wow out me
paftor from the church amid yells. of "Dura
iilml" "Kill blml" and "He sold ui to the
Democrat.." The congreeatlon were terror
trlcUen. Tho negroes Bay that Martin and the
other colored preachers said thorn to the i Dem.
ocrats hecauso they signed a petition asKing
Senators Brown and Colquitt to address the
niA thmo. Thev threaten to mob
- r, ' . o..i u.iii not let them preach
1116 UIUC1 llliuioivi" - - .
Kev Jerry Jones has a pol ceman to protect .bis
propoitv, n mob having threatened to burn it.
r," ii ... ... ... i.(1ia f iha members In
1' mill 1 1 D M nw.iv.-M.v - - i .
each of these churches have been arraigned for
voting the Democratic nonet anu ui b
lor it. i no reeling mj ..o-
For some weeks past rumors have been In
circulation about subterranean fl res in one of
the mountains on Hack Creek at Montery, a.
The phenomenon was fully w6811?"!,?,"",
.T".r. vi- ewdmia nf Monterey, who visited
thi fountain. Ascending the umrait, tl e
' ground was so hot that he and Mr Ldw n
Wado, who accompanied him, could hardly
walk upon it. They then began to dig and on
. ii.- ..fa a tn a. liiun state 01 per-
p atTon: Upon exposing the burning sub
Since to the air it glJws with livid heat spark
line and crackling, and sends forth volumes of
smoke. Two columns of smoke came out of
.,.,,., nn. nf a -dark red hue and the
I.u "J7. ',.i, rtinimr its distinct color un
til it disappeared from bight. The substance
dug up looked like brick dust and could bo
squeezed into a uau uo
EX i 1.0 -ION IN A CAK.
Throuch the explosion of a bottle of chemi
cals placed near the stove a passenger car on
the Kingston and Pembroke railway took fire
on Thursday evening of last week while the
train was running at full speed and was only
extinguished after the car, in which there i were
thirty people, had been badly burned. When
the alarm of Are was given the passengers
rushed for the platform, and in trying to signal
the engineer to stop the bell rope broke without
ringing the bell. Between the passenger car
and the engine there were a number of plat
form cars, and it was with great difficulty that
one of tho passengers climbed over these and
made their perilous situation known. Had the
lire started in the front end of the car all
communication with the engineer would bave
been cut off, and tho passengers would either
have been forced to jump from the train or
have been roasted alive.
Anothcf gas explosion occurred at the Sham
okin. Pa., mines Monday, this time at the lien
ry Clay Bhatt in which 200 men and boys were
employed. Some of those in the mine escaped
the fatal effects of the damp and found their
way out in safety. They say the explosion
s Book the entire wine. Seven men were en
tombed in the mine, and the bodies of five have
been recovered. One of the men reported fatal
ly injured managed to reach the open air. HH
iujiuiea are very sligut. He says the explos
ion was caused by a vein of gas, which the
men tapped, coming in contact witn their
The medical officer who was sent by the On
tario government to investigate the cause of the
alarming spread of small pox in the township
of llunaertord, returns with a sorrowful tale ot
the suifcrines of the affected people of the dis
trict. Up to the present time upwards of 100
people huve died of the loathsome diseaio.inany
oftliem for want of proper care. In several
huts he found 8 or 10 patients huddled together
in one small room. The government will" at
once send nurses and medical help to the relief
ot the unfortunate people.
A Courier-Journal correspondent, now visit
in" tho plague stricken district of Eastern Ken
tucky and Virginia, telegraphs that a rorrible
sta-e of affairs exists in Wi.-,e and Lee counties,
Virginia. A nuiiiiior of instances are ciied in
wim-h whole families have perisued. Tho dis-
deaths ill laetclier eoutity
if ami WHst county. Va, than In r,S)y other
counties. In tLe latter county the deaths have
Wn numerous that it has been difficult to
proviso for the proper burial of the victims.
Turiifd Howard. Fndnv at Preston, Ariz, sen
fenced the polygamies i'enny, Kemp and Bish
op CbiistotlM-sou eacn to pay a nne oi ?puuv nnu
. r. . l O 1 .......... T.'nn,i. li..i..ao 0
tO DO 111 jrU'inuil l-i jcrun. jh.iih -
.-ivp nun ri children in deBtitutccircumstances
Hp wanted to uluad Eiiilty. but was prevented
under pain of excommunication from tho Mor
mon church. The sentences of Bishops Flake
nnd Skoneen, who pleaded guilty, are $500 fine
and G months' iuipiisoiyment.
Tho widely known banking firm of Opdyke
& Co at 12 Pino street, New Voik, made uu as
Ki..iiiiiitnt Monday without preterences. The
failure was duo to tho failure of customers to
respond to calls fur margins. It is believed that
the assets will ultimately yield nearly if not
quite enough to meet iho llaouities. univ
nhout S200.000 of the liabilities are unsecured.
Tsa than twelve months ao, Mrs Hugh
Blair of Chattanooca, Teim, gave birth to three
children, all of which are living and in good
health. Saturday evening the same lady gave
birth to two boys and a girl, making six chll
dren born to the lady in lesB than a year.
Three blocks of houses at Trenton Pa, a small
mining patch near Siienanaoan were ourneu
oh,7 i hpuiIhv inorninir. Thomas Barlow, his
wife and three children and a boarder nEmed
Id weie binned to death. Only ono of
tho Barlow family, a rive-year-old child, was
A pearl weighing 93 carats and valued at
$17,000, and believed to be the largest in the
world, was shipped to London Monday from
tiuaymas. It was bought from an Indian who
louud it at Mullejo, Lower uauroruia, ror
Two hundred miners have been engaged to
fill tho places of the strikers in the iloeking
Valley mines, ana as many more ww iuhuw
in a few davs. The men average to earn
$73,50 per month.
A tpj-rillc explosion of dynamite occurred on
one of the principal streets of Santiago de Chi
le Saturday. Three women and a boy were in
stantly killed. The buildings in the vicinity of
the explosion were considerably damaged.
Three attempts have been made within two
weeks to poison Matthew Mann's lamily at Fort
Dpriuger, w va, wuu ubcuii; bhu,hjwihu.
Thirteen persons oi-e now dangerously ill from
the second poisoninir Jlonuny niRuu i ire pois
on was put in the coffee and milk.
Delegates of iho prescription glass blowers
of the L'uitod States met at Pittsburg Satur
day night to couwdor tho proposed 2J percent
reduction of wane ordered !y the manufactur
ers. About 2J0 tteepates were present. It
is probable that tUi result will Ire a general
strike in all the prescription woiks in the
country alficling 800U wen.
Col Joel Thomberry, 68 a leading citizen of
Lincoln c unity, Ark, was bot dead near Star
City Friil ty by a ncirro of whom he asked a
lew quesii ins. The negro tied to escape but
was panned, captured, idenulk'd and made a
tarjja for 2J bullets, which patted though his
b .:. He had killet1 a man iu Xitsissippi and
was a fngitivo from justice.
All Italy U alarmed at the numerous p.Th'If
fcandals wliicli have recently come to liC,'t-
Kearly every day the details of lame shocking
occurrence are puhli-lud in which a priest is
ronee iicd. The Idea that an epidemic of cler
ical ci in.c prevails throughout the kingdom is
prtv-i'clit. At Mareclin:". a small villai.'e in Ihc
north of Italy, near Ilivu.'i urt l T'irin, a sarris
im named Pn-getti fat.tlly stabled a priest T Ub
k d'jfgcr Trr t'vt'n5 L" "',c aT'J OB "P
p;al ic'u-ine to slirruiiik r In r. At Puone,
nor Chsci-u," cveiittcii miles from Napiee, the
Ujo-or f ''"- vi!!ii nai.-iwl a cure for duc
iniiii. ;U.tr. M Ai'irii'-i , tttvir tiviu Vec
c i.i, a ri.tiii l:i tle narv tmiuH Gelb dircov-e-td
that c i nl ie!.iii'.n xi-icd iKtuee
l:i n ai:.l d ng!.u-r ai:d tle illi-
t:.,;i I i'!r 1 I it v ifj ftiih a ili',mtdid i.4
iwrl-.st bcr b.trayer. He tik-il lor maMer
autl v a M-ii'cfcrd to f' j trs' imi'iitoiuiH m.
til tire Via I.'f " st Il.'me a pr'?5t lmmid
Ar"''''i Li"'.'., fT-itfy w of ate. bus lie n
crrf mr iUb jing a mti ln bo resisted
advances. - , ., .
l B n vh'it f hi rma rln-Mrg f.rm of 4 B
Bur.lt .v., .4 lTori e iw. F !."-: l-i m
THE REFORMER, DEO. 11, 1884.
The police of Tralee. Ire, have dUcoyered im
portant clewi to the perpetrators ol the recent
dynamite outrage at Kdenburo house. A por
Tlorof a tin box was found near the scene, and
three dynamite machines have been traced to
England, two othors having gone to tattle
Island. One machine has been traced to the
possession of tome Americans who have recent
ly arrived. The police are keenly operating
upon the clews obtained,
The rebels made an attack upon SuaUlm at
midnight Wednesday of last week lasting three
hours, who., they were repulsed with a loss of
(ifteen killed and a large number wounded.
During a pursuit blood traces were found for a
distance of Ave miles. There was no loss ot
the troops. The friendly tribes engaged the
rebels 4 miles from Suakim Wednesday evening,
but the result of the engagement Is unknown.
The-triul of eight Anarchists, accused of be
ing engaged in a plot against the lives f Em
peror William aim iue crown (j""w
begun at Leipsio. Tho evidence shows that cly-
n.,,i woa ooniwnlad in hollow trees bordering
on the route taken by tho royal party ; that dy
namite was also placed In a commit below the
road, from which electric wires rau Into a for
The startling Increase of smallpox cases in
London, has revived the scare of hist summer,
and in some of the provincial districts the con
ditlon of affairs is even worse. In the city the
number ot new cases reported amounts to 600
per week and the mortality is about 12 per cent
of the total number attacked.
M Riehepln, the author and dramatist, who
w ien connected with Sara Bernhardt, re-
recently became insane but recovered and went
to Algiers, wnore ne oxpeneuccu an kkkiotuiuu
renewal of tbo attack. Last week Wednesday
bo left his house and it is supposed he lied to
the desert.
Malt advices from the west coast of Africa
state that two Mohammedan slave-catching
tribes recently attacked the king of Talaba in
his capital. The king's household and the of
ficers in the royal building were blown up with
The steamer Pochard, from Cork to Liver
pool, has foundered in a gale off Holyhead with
ail on board, believed to bo about 40. Another
steamer, supposed to bo the Alliance of tho
Cardiff, foundered with all hands in tno Bristol
chanuel, off Boscastle. .
There has been -n alarming increase of crime
in Paris. Organized bands of juveBile thieves
and burglars have been discovered. Tho Pre
fect of police has ordered special police patrols
at night, and other measures to stop the evil
have been proposed.
- M Morln who was ihot by Mme Clovis-IIu-gues
died Monday.
A telephone line is being put up at Tokio, Ja
pan, tho first In the country.
A Nihilist manifesto just issued, condemns
Count Tolstoi, minister of tho interior, to
Schenck and Dcucher, ' both radicals, have
been elected president and vice president of tho
Swiss confederation for 1885.
Tho Chinese have been defeated by tho
French in Tonqub and forced to retreat, ac
cording to Hong A.ong auvices.
Ten Nationalists and Six Orangeman were
Friday sentenced to imprisonment irom one to
three months, for participating in tho recent
riots at Coal Island.
Tim crown has decided to abandon the pros
ecution of Frederick J Allen, vice president of
tho Young Ireland Society, who was arrested
some weeks ago on the charge of treason felony.
A despatch from Alexandria to the exchange
telegraph company says that Count de Lesseps
has obtained from the Et'vptian government a
concession for a fresh water canal from Zagaz
ig to Poro Said.
Trado riuts have taken place at Winnebah, on
the African gold coast, according to London ad
vices, during which twelve men were killed and
several were wounded. Tho rioters were arrested.
Capt Dudley and tho mate of the wrecked
yacht Mignonette who killed the boy Parker to
keep themselves alive were pronounced guilty
ot murder by the full bench of the court of ap
peals last week, and sentenced to death.
Tho Skye crofters announce that they will L
pay no more rent uiilu tuo m3 una wuu
ed. They declare that they cannot pay on ac
count of the impoverished condition to which
they have been brought by tho long continu
ance of excessive reins.
Tho excessive coldness of tie weather nnd
heavy snow storms have driven herds of wolves
from the Carpathian mountains into the culti
vated districts, where they have in some places
spread terror among tho people. At Hotnotuia
in North Hungary, a pack ot 120 wolves entered
the village while tho inhabitants were at church
and were not driven out till a squadron of. Uh
lans attacked them with carbines.
Four Anarchists, including a woman, have
been arrested at Sternlmrg, Moravia. Eiht
kilogrammes of dynamite were found secreted
in tho garden of one of the prisoners. It is
learned that tho prisoners were implicated in
plaiiniiiK a robbei, the proceeds of which were
to bo used in furthering the intorests of tho
Anarchist party.
A stabbing affray which will probably result
fatally occurred in Suncook Sun !ay afternoon,
both parties being French Canadians and the
victim a young man. It is feared his injuries
will result in death within a short time. His
assailant was promptly arrested.
Much excitement has been caused in South
Newmarket over the alleged brutality of Win
Gilpatrick toward an eight-year-old boy named
Sidney Tanner, whom he adopted last June,
and who died Nov 10. The boy is said to haye
been haliituully and cruelly bea'en by Gilpat
rick and about Nov l was whipped on uis oare
back with a harness strap. The child always
bore bruises upon his face, but refused to tell
their origin. Another small boy lived with Gil
patricK hut fled to escape his brutal treatment.
Ullpatrick hastily left town alter Tinner's
death, but it is thought action will at once be
maen ui secure uia uucoii. j.aitiic& o uiu mu
be exhumed.
A terrible explosion occurred at the house of
Stephen Young at Stranord, last weeic lnurs
dav niuht. Mr Younir was having a party.
There was dynamite for blasting purposes on a
shelf. One of the part) to scare the rest fired a
revolver and caused an explosion of the dyna
mite. The bouse was blown to atoms and
burned. A Frenchman employed by Young
was killed and 7 persons wounded. Bonds
amounting to $00,000 and some railroad stocks
were destroyed. Sadie Greenfield of Rochester,
was blown through a window and berhead cut
opon. Mary Ann Young, one of the injured,
has since died and at least 3 of the other 6 will
probably die.
Gov Pinmee has appointed and commission
ed the follow ing count. Kit e to locate the shire of
Orleans county on some eligible point on Con
necticut and Passump'dc Hi vers railroad as pro
vided by an act passed bv the last teiieral as
sembly: Hon Dudley C Denison, of Hoy al "on,
chairman; Hon Lymnn W Itecitugtoii, of
Rutland; and Gen Geo 1 Xiavls, of lavenuisu.
C Astoria. '
When Baby vu sick, we gave her CAKtorla,
When the waa a t'liiiil, aha crted for Caatoria,
. When aha waa a M ia, aha clung to 4 aetoria.
When aba had Children, aha gave them Caalorla.
Can a!.. rtr.FIt RSTTRNS for their money
.Lin in an other way by including tho
Windham, Bennington,
Franklin County and State
ir. Edition of the
la iV-lr H"r. TViit tart a combined riTnla
liooof verll.OW, eorpriiig th- tn -t Hitvllleeiit
aud nro-Tx-rm' a2ri".ilinrl nwimnnliiea In
K'irland. Our tuina arnwifwnte ar au-h
that w ran lnrt adnia--a' In all lour ol
llirae ('"T, or Mrb of ' h.-m a the enwomera d
Ire, foe lr lhaa an wide a lo-l UTriKirw ema a
ao thoroncHv ftrnrri la any oU way. If yon
yon nam lo '!! farm, or ha any thing rlae
clifiam character, Hnlil pay fan I try Una
Po"rdern may lft at Himw onr OraeaSaid,
BeaaiBgtoa or prnuleborc one. " j
Rutland loses one of its best and most wide
lv known citizens in Ihf death of Senee M
which oacurrcd at? Sis home there after
very painful iflness. iilr Dorr was born In
Chatham. N Y. Auirust t4, 1821, studied law
and was admitted to the bar, but never prac
ticed much, went to Rutland, entered the mar
ble business wbon it was in iu Infancy and
made a success which did much to forward tho
nroanerltv of the town, retired from the enter
prise, and had I recent years busied himself
In negotiating western loans ana in some man
ufacturing business. Far from being a pulltl
un. ha alwavs took a lively interest in poll
tics, was alwavs independent In bis liellefs and
sturdy and outspoken, and by contributions to
the newspapers from time to time did much to
aid freedom and intelligence in me political
thniiffht and action of bis state. He represent
ed Kutland In the state legislature In 1803 and
1864, and was in the senate in lbb-5 and 1800, a
member of tho constitutional convention in
In 1870, and held the position of county judge
in 1877 and li. in an tnese positions uis
services were recognized as exceptionally valu
able. He leaves a family of children and
ffrandchildren. and the name of bis widow,
Julia C H Dorr, 1b familiar to reader of cur
rent literature everywhere. - - - i
John H Crane, a respected farmer who lives
about one mile south of Danville, had an unac
countable freak come over him Sunday after
noon. Mr Crane commenced to act strangely
soon after noon, and later he went to the barn
to do some chores. Being gone longer than
usual his wife went out to see what had de
laved him. but ho was nowhere to be found
about the premises. She then informed the
neighbors who commenced to search the sur
rounding conntry, but he was no where to be
found. About' 11 o'clock the same evening
Harry Badger of West Danville heard a noise
In hif shed and ongoing out found Mr Crane
there unconscious. To this place he bad trav
eled some four miles, through a drenching rain
and deep mud. The next morning he was
taken home, at which time a larire party of men
were searching for Mm in the surrounding
woods. At this writlnir he is reported some
better but is still in a bad condition. North
With the present session of congress Judge
Luke P Poland, now seventy years of age, re
tires from tho political world. Tho judire was
horn In tho small town of Westford, near this
city, and was reported to be about as shiftless a
. i , m ;t i i.
youtu as too neignooruoou mriusueu. in 19
said that on one occasion be became so careless
as to his looks that a party of men took him
into a back store and gave him a thorough
washing. From Westford ho drifted -to Water
ville, where he managed to get a position In the
village store, but the work was too much lor
him and he passed on to Morrisville, where be
brushed up and entered a lawyer's office. The
rest of Mi life is well known ; prosecuting at
torney for Lamoille county, state senator, chief
justice of the state, umtea states senator ana
inomber of five congresses, his white head and
brass buttons being one of the most conspicu
ous figures in tho body. Burlington Cor Troy
Sunday, November 23, Wm Delanev of
Swanton hired a horse and buggy of C A Fol
8!m. liveryman of that place, claiming that he
wished to drive to La Mott. Not ret urning, De
puty sheriff Spear of Houses Point was tele
graphed, who at last found Delaney secreted at
the residence of his fatber-in-law, about three
miles west of.Sciota.N Y. The property was de
livered to Folsom and security given for dam
ages, after which Delaney was released. .De
lanev has served a term in the Vermont houso
of correction, and bears a hard reputation.
The indications ore that Vermont will have a
very creditable exhibit of the products of the
soil, the mine, the quarry and the forost, as
well as a fine display of manufactured goods.at
the New Orleans exposition, uommissioner
Mead exDCcts to fill 8 or 10 box cars with ex
hibits and will start for the Crescent city soon.
Quito a number of Vermont people talk ol
visltlne the exposition in a party in midwin
Mnitnn B Rnmenter has been elected tu tho
Colorado senate from Denver, by a majority of
516 over his Democratic opponent. Mi Carpen
ter is a Vermonter from isarre ; a grauiuue m
tho University ot Vermont; no lias aireauy
served ill the lower house of the legislature and
c-iine within ono vote of being elected speaker
oer tho Democratic nominee.
Dr Woodward of Brandon and Dr C J litis
sell performed a very delicate operation 011 Mr
Lowell Grossman recently by which about three
inches of his backbone was rem-ivca. me pa
tient is doit g ai well as can De expected.
A man found alt ounce stone in the heart of
a birch tree at Bennington.
Thero are now 101 masonic lodges In this
state with a membership ot tfi.
Mr and Mrs Roval White of Craftsbnry cel
ebrated their golden wedding last week.
Tho house f Lonsdon Hendricks ot Groton
Pond was destroyed by fire the 20th. Loss about
A bell welching 2000 pounds lias been put in
the tower of St Peter's church, Vcrgenncs. It
cost $600.
A farmer In Plymouth raised this year four
hundred bushels of onions on less than an acre
of land.
The Chnmolain Valley Poultry association's
exhibition will be held in city hall, Burlington,
December lb.
A wealthy Cambridcs farmer agrees to give
his farm for the site of the new Soldiers' Home,
if it can be located in that place.
Mrs Daniel Eddy of Manchester, has a speci
men of lobster claw cactus bearing liil ouds
and blossoms.thecircunitcrenee of the plant bC'
iue over 113 Inches or 9 feet 5 inches.
Goo Van Dyke has bought 10,000 acres of
timber land in rcruinana, i,ssex eounty, 01 1
G Beattie for 875.000. The timber is uncut
and will yield about 10,000 feet to the acre,
The bankrupt estate of Bradley Barlow of St
Albans paid 2 2-3c on a dollar. The settling
of the estate necessitated the sale or nearly it Jo,
000 worth of property, consisting largely of
real estate.
Near Sfockbrldge, is a tract of land eontaing
between 200 and 300 acres, which belongs to no
town, and which is known as "No Town." It
has not been taxed. Stockbridge will apply to
the next legislature lor Its annexation.
Greenbank's saw mill, in Danville was
burned one night last week. The mill was a good
one. well ricied. and the loss Is heavy. JNo in
surance. A bottle partly filled with whiskey
was found near oy, ana it is suspecteatuat rum
did it.
The body of Laura Clancey, tho actress, was
cremated at Lancaster, l'enn,last weeK. 111 ac
cordance with her wishes, half her ashes will
lie placed in bcr sitter Venie's grave at Balti
more ana nan in uer moiuer a grave 111 uurung
ton, this state.
The incorporators of tho Vermont Humane
soe'ety have organized by electing Hon Henry
B Williams of Monkton, president : Dr Henry
D Holtofi of Brattleboro, vice president ; Hon
Oscar E Bulterfield of Wilmington, treasurer,
and Krwiu A Uasscltine of Biibtol, secretary.
The state library building to be erected at
Montpelicr is to cost $36,000. The building
committee is composed of the following per
sons : '1 lie governor, lieutenant governor, the
state lilirarii.ii, ilnn Kre ieiiik Billings, Hon II
Henry Powers, Itcdlield Proctor and John L
' On day last week a little son of John Martin
of Westtield, took down a loaded gun that was
banging in the room. While in his possession
it went off, tbo ball scratching the boy's hand
and grazing his shoulder, and after a lime fell
out ol his clothes. The results were trifling but
they might have been fearful.
The newly appointed state board nf agricnlt-.
me for tliecmuing two vears consists of tho
following niruiK.rs: HU ExcciliCr: Gov 8 E
Pincrce and President Buckbam of "liiiriiiiton.
rxrjpao; 11 a vuttlhy. Lunenburg::, tecreiarv;
" Cornwall; a t. I'etk inn, I'oimret;
W Daj of Westminster: .F D Whiiii. v
II Towks cf Franklin. . ...
The Rev J W Q iinlan in bis 'niankiHving
fern.on nt the Meihonist ih-nh j.jra,(n.
railed .St John the "Jm, , ,!l0 niiieteemh
itntury, ' ami atuibre(1 lbe 0rfcat cf ,j,e jte.
ptihliraii parly fo t)ie ,'rl)ii,iuon vote of the
Fmpite ale'i. The dicoiie was ent!insUti
rally r",Tjvcj ,T a :,r2e audieiicw aud w le-q,K.-rfd
for pnWiciitiou.
A ui' com n I duik hunter of Charlotte hai
ilinetme duokn llt he take to a invuraitie
pluce along the lake, tics a tiring to llicir ler
anil anchors Ihciu yon would a boat. If
I'm re i any gaiue around Le ii quite sure of a
II A II Buik. dW in prwrnl mcrcl andi'e
at JohnMin, in liram Ullv cianarracacd. Tlte H
aliiliti'f ar about f.li.W.'O aud acta nominally
about f 46,000.
The ElUaboth copper mining company of
Strallord has cut down Its force lo 10 nanus,
owing to toe low price of copper.
Jame Blorrlll, son of Hon J S Morrill, left
for Washington last Thursday. He will go
from Washington to New Orleans In charge of
the treasury exuiun ior tue expoiuou.
i Tha whim River Pomona grange boldi its
"annual meeting al Tunbrldge Thursday of next
' RcwW A Jame of Minneapolis. Minn, IS
stopping a short limo In Chelsea, with his rel
Mrs Gideon Heath, an old lady of about 85,
who lived on the back road at) nit 7 miios irom
Biadtbrd village, was fonnd doad Monday
nhrht In a small pool of water a few rods from
her bouse. She was lying on ber back In about
three Inches of water, with an old shawl tied
tightly over her face and an old handkerchief
around her arms as though they had just been
hound. Her clothes were thrown above her
hips and the ground around where she lay and
per appearance was sucu as to uiuicats a iuu
gle. 'Dr Fred Fletcher was at ence summoned
and thnrnuch examinations were made, but
nothing wrong could be discovered. Monday
night the people were much excited, but aftor
tbo examination Ol tue uoctors me oouei aeeiua
to be gaining ground that it was a case ot sui
cide. Her husband died just ono week ago.
Alvin T Raid win. the wealthiest and most
prominent business man in Wells River, died
one night last week from the eflects of being
thrown irom uis carnage lour mourns u. no
twice represented Newbury in tne legislature.
Ira Rogers ot Hinsdale, N H, broke his
wrist Friday afternoon oy falling down stairs
while moving lurmture.
Perry Chilcott of Whitingham, while prepar
ing Btove-woou HOC la, cut uis 1001 very oau
ly, severing a large cord.
Mrs Chase, mother of Mrs J II Drew, fell on
the Icy sidewalk near Cross and Bradley's bak
ery at St Johnsbury recently, and broke ono
Rnrtln Edwards of Whitingham. while driv
ing a nnll a few days since, was hit by it In ono
ot his eyes and win prooaoiy oe aepnveu 01 iu
Wallace E Williams' son, Parish, of Bethe',
had his noso broken and narrowly escaped a
severe Injury by being run over by a team wnue
at play In the street last week.
Mm Gideon Heath of Bradford, aged 55 years,
was found Monday night dead in a small pool
of water back ot the House, one was lying on
her baca gagged and with ber arms bound.
E R Bristol of Fairhven was seriously hurt
a few davs ago while hammering a not iron
In some way it oecame loosened ao struck him
in the face, cutting and burning his face and
eyes severely.
Geo A Ford of Maidstone, was found doad In
a railway culvert at Stratford, N H, Monday
Ha is suDDOsed to have stumbled while walk
ing on the track in the night and striking ou his
head, was killed instantly.
Daniel Burnham of Chelsea was badly hurt
recently while in the act of bringing up a bar
rel partly tilled witn apples from the cellar,
lie fell backwards down the cellar stairs strik
ing on his back. Recovery is doubtful.
George Jillscn of West Dummerston met with
a serious accident recently. He jumped from a
tree, when his. foot caught, and as he swung
down his head strucK tue grounu, nejiny oreua
ing his neck.
Isaac Cochran an aged man of Newport Cen
tre died recently. It appears that ne was get
ting over a rail fence when the top ran rolled
carrying him to the ground, causing injuries
which resulted in lib death. Ills ago was 85
Frank Flint at work at tho International mill
at Nweport narrowly escaped death one day
last week. A piece of iron fell striking bim up
on tho head with such force as to knock hita
senseless. Fortunately no serious injury re
sulted. 1
David Tollesj living in Royalton, had tho
misfortune wlie doing bis chores on a recent
morning, to full from the high beams in his
barn, a distant of 11 feet, striking upon his
feet; being a 1 jiivy man injuring hnu sovercly,
hilt ltlSllODCa 6CDOUB1V.
A workmarrfiy the name of Coakley while at
work in the wiVins near unu ru s nuns, w est
more, was accif cntally hit 011 the leg by a com
paniou with are axe, cutting a deep gaoh below
the knee. A messenger was at once sent tor a
doetor.and wima riding down tun the horse ion
with great fore breaking his neeli.
Mrs. Eliza Foster, of St Albans, met with
qnito an accident while on her way to spend
Thanksgiving day with ber daughter, Mrs Mel
len. at Arlington, Mass. On the way from the
deuot to her daughter's house, by team, the
horse ran away a'nd the driver was thrown out,
Mrs Foster jumped from the wagon and re
ceived a severe cut on the forehead and had ono
rib hurt. At last accounts she wus doing well
The wife of Hubbard Burke, formerly of
North Ilartland, and now living in Wesiboro,
Mass, was found in an insenible condition a
ftw mornings ago. She had left the house in
the absence of her husband to care for an ani
mal nt ttie barn. An alarm was given by one
of tho children and a physician summoned, who
dresed bcr wounds,which were confined to her
bead. Mrs Burke was too leooio to give any
details of the outrage, but stated that her as
sailant was a negro about 25 years of ace. Tho
woman's injuries are quite serious, though
hopes aro entertained ot her recovery.
Burlington. The house on the breakwater
was sold at auction last week for $190, E S
Adsit being the purchaser. The building cost
tho government $JzuO.
St Johnsbury. II C BJden has sold his large
house on Summer street to Mrs A L Davis
for $1100. Mr Belden removes to Miuueapo
lis next week.
Administrate Houghton has sold the real es
tate of the late John Bacon, consisting or six
teen acres of land, barn and hop house, to T
1 E Harriman for $1000.
Waterford. John Houghton has sold bis
farm of 200 acn s to Chas White of Manches
ter N H, for $5000 ; possession next March.
Walpex. C Alan Kittredge has sold his farm
to F Clefford and purchased a House at moy
esville, paying $500.
St Alrans. Philip Delllgan has sold to Bar
ney Delligan His place on leaar street, ior
Brow Nino ton. Simon Smith has bought Hen-
ry Fabbrother's shop, paying $175.
Joe Colt ha purchased the farm recently
owned by Jowett Twombly.
Enoshuroh Fall. Val A Irish has purchas
ed the Dr B J Kendall residence on .North
Main street of E H Hamilton. Consideration
E H Hamilton has bought tho Chnrcb'street
residence of A H Manly for the sum of $2,
200. Mr Manly intends to buiid early the
coming spring.
l'oliklilnx the IViiint End.
Many men daily polish thulr boot who never
give a Iqonght to ths con ll.ion of their h ilr except
lo harrow II m-caKiunaily with briinb and comh. or
ii" inft II to the imralyzlngailentl nof the average
narner. vt nut napp-iiisi- Hin.iiin: r ria ni ir-
iwt, mental anih iy, or any of & score of cnnsi-a.
oe nair iiirna prematurely gray and begins lo full
out. PurkernllHirHttb-u.il will at once atopihe
Inner process aud restore the natural color. Au
elegant dreaaing", free from grease.
l.adia-k' yit-iiic-at .dvitr.
A Complete Medical Work for Womon. hand-
soinely bound In cloth and I lustrated. Talta how
10 prevent and cure ad diseases of the S"X by a
treatment at home. Worth its wi-wht In llnltl to
every lady suffering from any of those diseases.
vcr lu.uuu sold already. l"o ipii on jr 1 taenia.
Vwial Note or 2-cenl stamps. Addresa KU!)A
'I ULLSULNU CO, Nuuda,NY. 3mli
"A meeting Is to be, held at the band room
Friday evening, to tee about organl&lng a new
band. We certainly hope that this movement
will be pushed to the end, as we feel the nood
of a band. We are Informed that Bellows Falls
bas the best material for forming a band that It
ever bad, but that it cannot be formed an loss
the citizens of the village contribute, as the
members cannot afford to pay the expenses
themselves. A now stairway loading from the
foot of School street to the new Terrace, has re
cently beon built, making access to that part of
tho vlllago much easier. Rav A B Truax de
livered a lecture on temperance, at the town
hall in Grafton, 'Friday evening. The public
school reopened Monday, after a two week s' va
cation, with the old corps of teachers, with the
exception of Miss Haywood, teacher In the first
grammar school, who Is succeeded by a Miss
Dwlnnell of Grafton, Vt. The skating has been
verr good for the past week, especially on Mln
ard'sp md, and has been well patronized by
the bovs. Horry P Wheolcr gave a birthday
party to a large number of his friends Saturday
evening, at his home on Atkinson street. Mu
sic, games and a general good time was Indulg
ed in. During the sickness of MIsj Dwlnnell,
teacher of the first grammar school, nor place
Is supplied by Miss Heyward of Springfield, yt.
A regular meeting of Lodge of (the Temple
was held at Masonic Hall Thursdiy eycuing
Dec 11. Captain H H Brown ot Breoklvn, N
Y, delivered two lectures, afternoon and eve
ning at Engine Hall on Sunday. The attend
ance was light at both. The attendance at the
vesper service at tho Baptiit church Sunday
evening was large, the event being the last time
that Miss Uatlie Clark was to sing bore pefore
her departure to Boston. On this occasion as
on all others, ber singing was very pleaslnp;
andenjoyable and was greatly admired by the
audience. Miss Clark left for Boston Monday,
where she will cultivate her voice. f he chim
ney north of the number four mill is soon to be
token down,-Men aro busily engaged string
ing the electric light wires andit is thought that
the lights will be gotten into worklHg "rd."
the first of next week. We are informed that
owing to the great expense tho square is not
to be lighted by electric llghts.-Tho boiler house
south 6f the No four mill is nearly completed
and one boiler has already been placed in posi
tion and three others aro to be placed there, an
four to be connected with the new chimney.
One of the principal topics of conversation a
bout town now is, "who is to be our next post
master, or will our present one be retained t
Many Democrats as well as Republicans would
prefer to see Mr Morgan retained, and had the
opposition been victorious we know ot bo man
of tnat party whom we would rather see get
the position than Mr Morgan, who by courtesy
and strict attention to bis office has won the re
spect and confidence of the people. The session
hours of the public schools have been changed
and hereafter schools will begin at 8 :lo In tue
morning and close at U :45, and reopen at 1 p
m and close at 4 p m. W S Buxton superin
tendent of the Boston division of tho John
Hancock insurance company was in town this
week. Dr Gleason of Philadelphia is deliver
ing a series of free lectures ou human physiolo
gy at Union Hall this week.
Bhadfobr. Mrs Alb rt Fuller died Nov 26,
after a long add painful sickness, She was
bnried at Fairlee.
Mr Warden moves into his new store this
week, also Richard C Hay, The Uuion Block
which is nearly completed presents a very
fine appearance.
Miss Strickland Is expected homo this week.
John Aldrich was buried last week Wednes -day.
Mrs D W Cobb, formerly of this place died
at Manchester Nov 23d of cancer, aged 41
years, 11 months.
Schools In districts No 2 and No 12 commence
this week.
Dr Jones has had some very nica rooms fin
ished in the ell up stairs In his house, and we
understand that hois going to have his office
Mr Clark has moved to Manchester, instead
of Lancaster as reported last week.
Ciielska. Hon Joseph Tibbetts of West
Fairlee was in town a few days last week,
looking after tho interests of the county.
Mi's Hyde Cabot had a 4' last weak and
her recovery is doubtful.
A H Emerson has been confined to tho house
for a low days past on account of the con
traction of his left foot.
Tho law suit L E Beckwith vs Geo Barnes,
ejwtnient for non-payment of rent, resulted in
judgment for plaintiff. The defendant ap
pealed. Th9 Assistant Judges and the High Sheriff
and hU deputies met at the Orange county
Hotel Monday, Dee 1st, to make arranj;eniout
pertaining to their offices.
The Dec term of Orange Co court will con
itme Tuesday: in all probabllty tho session
will bo a short one. .
The voung people's society held a sociable
at II W Dearborn's Wednesday evening,
Dec 3.
Frank Tracy has pnt a pool table into Mrs
Cleveland s store ruliumg.
Dick Kennedy has opened a grocery store
undjr E R Hyda's store.
Noah Paine is quite sick with tho rheuma
Rev Mr James and wife from Minneapolis,
Minn, are 111 town stopping at E K liyde s
Rev Mr James preached at the Congrega
tional church Sunday to a goou auaience.
A J Foster and wife were in town Saturday
to attend the funeral of one of their old neigh
The steam whistle and bells were distinctly
beard in town Saturday morning, that were
used as a lire alarm at the West Randolph
Are, 18 miles.
Henry Courtney from White Elver Junction
was In town last week to see his mother.
Rsv J E Knapp was called to the North part
of the state to held at a revival meeting recently.
C A Newcomb agent for the Life Insurance
Co of Montpelier, is stopping in town doing
some work for that company.
Rev W R Puffer supplied the desk at the M
E church, Sunday.
The W C T U held their regular monthly
meeting at their rooms Thursday the llth, at 2
o'clock p m.
CliristKs and New Year Carfc
P.V mall rort paid. al lO.'.lS, "" M, S-V . "V
and I.U0 each. II ucn k-ts thai, they are generally
" Two Grand Offers.
OFKFIt No. 1. P"' 4 """ ar"1
you Seven Milt Kri. . d I ' .r.!, all diif. ivnt, or n.
n fl ll ami we ill -BU V packe convi'niim
li li.cd-on.ec-1-k FHmrd t'l'l'-"""""" -vl'"
'rd. all dtff rtM. Theae ranis are sold at eta.
liolif-rv s'or. a at Imt WS.
KKUN. I M wlIII.lil
von a awe e Dtainins 1" l-are, llawt-onie Mlk
"trinit-d raiataua or -w V Carda. no lo
alilo-. Tim ar.i t!'il al fro-n 1' lol-.l
nrk. I n.l fail la a. nd ns a trial ordT.
It.cue al nnoln of oineT lunfu" a-rful and
Inuuy anielra maiUd lor stamp. Addraaa
excki.iuR rui-VTiM.cn-.
18w3ed lluedae,N.II.
Tcnbmdoe. Woodward is to have a dance
at the hotel Friday evening.
Sarah Adams has gone to Meriden; N H, to
school there.
The following program for tho Pomona
Granite to meet here the 8th, has been arrang
ed: Address of welcome, Mrs C B Mnith; re
sponse, A P Paine j discussion of the qin-siion:
"aro the fairs as now conducted, beneficial to
tho farmer ?" papers by May Smith, Luln Hun-
ter.C N Paine, L, IS u-hk, a niiirnee; essays oy
L C Whitney, 11 T Gilford, R E Cwk, D Rob
Mrs Cornelia Flanders Is teaching the winter
term of school at the uortu village. Tho i-m-c-ers
of Hint district are awake to the best inter
ests of the school and take good caro to secure
good teachers.
Sid Taller was found cnllty of stealing eight
dollars from the pockets of Charles fellon and
Of five oftvnees under Iho liquor la 4, at the
court lit Id Saturday. lie is uow stopping at
tlio Cbelbcaj .il.
J.tlm r,.ud -rv an airil and respected citizen
died very suddenly Friday evening aged 78
i,m. Ifn had lieen aitt.iur by the Ii reside
alter the other memtier of bis family bad retir
ed reading bit news paper and nuany wetu to
ted at alaint 11 p m. In a few moments i.t
stunmomd jis son-in-law and told bim that be
li lt veiy sick, lie grew rapidly worse and died
in a vety few minutes.
Some clothing merchants are expected to lo
cate for a short time, in John A Reynold's
mVAsiitxoTO". The sociable recently held at
SkinUrl's hall was decidedly a success, there
being about two hundred persons prewitt.
The marri-ipc of George Searor and M if s Mary
Ikncoiet was a si.ipri-e lo many. - The cere
mony was eri-niitd in the esirly pirt of the
evening, aiur which came a onf tv Mix Kt'io
lion lev aecompanUril by John Kimie on the
jruirar. Mr Kmzie also s:inif two -ong wrn
iruiiar acco:itpaniiw nt, and Bt-ll Tliur icr and
Ikrnne lienrv a nH Ice c-r am end e
were furiitSUed lo tbs romp-sry then dicing
w in tr.M-r nntii e'vven oVinricr-
iue tuiientl of James Wbiioruhj boM l
Saturn waa lie id 1 uilv at hi hou.e, lUv
Mr l.nid of tt Oranre !!i latin 1.
Mr Ira ar.it Nir Lucy Caief K-ft Tnedv for
CtiK-tini mtemm.sf am toxu.i:i tbeirUiiia
dcrinitttr tuioara th tr-t
liie hiiw are oat an entertiinaifrt by
Con-K-al Brown, Wednesday Eig'it of this
Lieut John Klnzle with bis family are at Mr
L Bowles, Mr Klnxie bas three months leave
of absence from his regiment stationed at Coeur-de-Alene,
Tha New Admlnlatratlnn Mutloal Con
vention Another Victim ot Uellrlum
Tremens Aiuuaeiueuti Atteinu! cd Bur-
(From our Regular Correspondent.)
St Albans, Dec 9th, '81.
Tbe county officers elected last Soptember as
sumod tbelr duties Docetuber 1st. With two
exceptions they are all Democrats. Capt Ken
nedy, the new sheriff, has appointed nearly all
the deputies and tbe appointments wore gener
ally satisfactory to all parties. Ex-sheriff Hal
bert & Son, Wm Walker and I T Beeman were
appointed deputies In this town. It is under
stood that Mr Halhert will take charge of the
Jail nntll spring. John F Draper (Rep) receiv
ed the appointment for Sheldon; II B Ladd
(Rep) In Enosburgb; J P Goddard (Dem). In
Rlchford; A L Hall (Dem) In Uakerstleld.
The other appointments will probably soon be
made. Geo W Burleson of East Fairfield is
tbe now state's attornty. Mr Burloson is a
lawyer of ability and will make an efficient and
faithful officer. The . administration of A A
Hall, the retiring attorney, was one or marked
success and our people may well congratu late
themselves upon tbe prospect of having his
good work supplanted by the same Arm, Inde
pendent methods which characterized tbe pub
lic services of the former gentleman. We be
speak for the new administration, the hearty
co-operation of all our citizens.
A musical convention has just closed a suc
cessful term at Fairfax. Tbe convention -was
nndcr the management and instruction of Mr
and Mrs N P Liach of Montreal. The concert
Saturday evening, was largely attended and
considerable talent was exhibited by local sing
ers. -
E A Dunton.managerof the depot restaurant,
Intends selling out bis business here and going
to Savannah, Ga, where he will cater to the
wants of the inner man in that locality. His
removal will be a loss to our town and to the
traveling public much to be regretted.
Tbe pay of the Central "Vermont railroad em
ployees was reduced Dec 1st. Considerable
growling is being indulged in as thd reduction
will entail much hardship on our laboring class-
Dan Hay9,'a notorious character In town,died
of delirium tremens one day last week. Djaths
from strong drink are growing alarmingly fre
quent in this vicinity. Another remarkable
fact Is that though St Albans bas a finely or
ganized and bard working Reform club, she
also has about 3!) rum shops which make no
secret of tbo traffic they ctrry on.
Judge Royccs pumpkin pie festival is tbe joke
of the county. Those who conceived of the
idea knew, or ought to bave known, that the
Judge would never lend bis presence to such
foclcry. Every one predicted tbe exact result
and many who signed the paper knew the pro
ject would fall through and they never would
bave signed it if thsy bad thought otberwiso.
Judge Kn.vce is not a fool 1 and much less is
Gov Smith one and it is little wondor that his
honor respectfully declined to allow the ban
quet to come off. But such enterprises are lit
tie calculated to heal the breach between Judue
Royce, tbe ring and the people. Men see
through and beyond such things as through a
window and little credit is due to a faction that
deems it necessary to employ such tactics.
Bandmann as Richard III, appeared at Opera
ball, Dec Sth. The entertainment was fine.
Van Ainburgh Bros, at the rink Wednesday
and Friday evening's of last week drew fair
audiences though the performances were second
class. Rev T F Clark, will deliver two lectures
on "A Knapsack.Tour round the world" at the
M E church. These lectures will be a rich
treat to those who attend for they are of the
most interesting character and that together
with the tine delivery of the Rev gentleinau in
sures a largo and appreciative audience.
An attempt was made early Sunday morn
ing to rob the safe of Ed Decbenes at his place
of business on Kingman street. An entrance
was egectec' through the back door and a hole
drilled through the safe door and the knob
broken off. At this point a young man pas
sing along the street saw the fellow at his work
and gave the alarm to tha night watchman.
Wheii the watchman arrived on the sccmi the
Mid pud flown and as yet no trace of him tins
been discovered. The contents of tho safe
were not disturbed and no goods in tbe store
are missing.
Enosbcroh Falls. Monday .Nathan Libby
had the misfortune to cut his foot badly, while
chopping in tho woods about two miles from
Win Wells has started an eating saloon in
the new brick block.vvhich tills a long felt want
The SDavin euro water works aro being ex
tended to tho double hoisnon South Main
street.recently purchased by Mrs Arthur Cuaui-
Elia Wallace who has been 111 all summer, U
auite low with Quick consu motion.
Murk Lowery who enlisted from here about 3
years since, in the U S military band, is home
on a furlough. Ho says he likes it vet y well,
only there is a little too much "red tape.
Saturday rain commenced falling accompan
ied by a st'rons south wu-.d. It continued rain
ing hard all night and nearly all day Sunday ;
it men turned to snow wnicn reu an uay Mon
day and Monday nUht. and was piled into
drifts by a heavy west wind. Evidently winter
has come to stay this time.
In P ymouth Union, Kov 22, a daughter to Mr
and Mrs Mdua Hi lis.
In I'omfret, Dee 2, a son, Harry Blaine, to Mr
and Mrs U I Hansom
In West Windsor, Nov 30, a son to ilt and Mrs
Samuel Ous.es.
In West Rtndolph, Nov 10, a son to Mr and Mrs
M v t;a umictt.
In West Randolph, Deo 2, a daughter to Mr sad
Mrs Will Klint.
In Tnntiridge, Nov 20, a ton to Mr and Mrs Al
bert Gilford.
In tt arren, Nov 26, a sob to Mr and Mrs Joseph
In ornnee, Dec 6, a daughter ts Mr and Mrs F P
tn Warren, Dee 6, a daughter to Mr and Mrs John
Eii if an.
In Km Ornnee, Dee S, a daughter to Mr and Mrs
James Uotihan.
In I'lainrleld, Nov 24, a daughter to Mr aad Mrs
II K Culler.
Jn Windsor, Nov 2 , by Itev J M Hull, Fred O
H ake of Cornish, .M it, and illume t. tinned or
In Weston, Kov 11, bv Rev U W King, Mareell
Lonire and Anna E M iludifi.
In A indwr, Oct 20, by Kcv J M null, Arthur A
PrnuireHti and Adaiiue (i Whiltakcr, both of Cor
nish, N II.
In Windsor, Nov 18, by Rev J M ITull, Wn W
Hanks of Urunthain, X II, and Mary L W'hkt.iker,
ofl'oruUh, N' 11.
i .i oiHlstm-k, nov zn, by Kev Moses Kidder.
C'harlea I' 1'reeton of Uetbul, to Alvira Km in of
In " oiKl.'oos iec I, Dy Kev lloifi KUiler, Na
thaniel 1 '.V'liee er of uile iiiver Junction, to Lot
Uu Mvtraifof T.sltfvtl e.
In iKHMock. Nov 13, hv Rev IJ M Tlllotson.
WInfred A i'vrkius and Mary Bruce, both of liar-
I in Lndlow, .Nov 2t, Wm Donne ly of Walling.
I ford and Annie ib-berof 511 Moll) .
Iu I'.iftuvllle, Nov 17, O Klmer Flanders of Lud
low and Lizzie ti Dole of TaflsvilW.
At Urotoii, Dec 4, bv ll. v ! II Kurnsworth. An
drew Hurhiiuan of Kyegate, and Mrs lietsey J
Welch of (iioton.
In Danvilie, Nov III, by Rev Mr Darliax. Auine-
tus Men! I, of Danville, and alias Maiigie lirtckett
ol etaiueu.
For the Cure of Kidney anil lMrer Coma
plaints, Constipation, and all disorders)
arininir from an impure stats of the II LOO I). i
To women who snlfor from nny of the ills ptea
liar to tlioir sex it is nn inf ailing friend. All
DrumrUtH. One Dollar n bottle, or address Dr
David Kenned J, Itondout, N, Y.
Kidney Complain! ainonsr bolls Hexes)
and Agra. A Brilliant Hecitvory . fj
There is something startling In the rapid Increase
of Kidney diseases amoini the American people
within a few years past. Many causes peculiar to
curtain classes tend to produce and airv ravale these
troubles aa for inatanee, care ess living, overwork
and exposure, Dr. David Kennedy, of Kondout,.
N. Y., Is often congratulated upon the eicert'.nnal
success of bis medicine called KAVOKITK HE St
KDY in arresting and radically curlrg these most-
fiiduful and dangerous disorders. Proof of this,
ike the following, are ewnstantly brought to till'
attention, aud are published by bim for the sake of
thousands of other sufferers whom h desires to
reni h and benefit. The letter, therefore, may b
of vital importance lo you or to some one whom yoa
know, it is from one of the best known and pop
u ur druggists in the fine and growing city from
which he writes and doubtless where those may
Ann Mr Crawford at hi place of business on the
corner of Main and Union tree's:
Bprinofield, Mass., March 22, 1884.
Dr. D, Kcmudy, Hmtd nit A'. Y .
DEABBin: For ten year I had been afflicted
with Kidney disease In It most acute form. What
I suffered must be left to iho Imagination for no
one can appreciate It except those who bave gone
through it. I resorted to many physicians and to
many different kind of treatment, and (pent a
great dial of money, only to rind myself older and
worse than ever. I may say that I used 25 bottle
of a preparation widely advertised as a spec tic for
this precise sort of troubles, and found It entirely
useless, at least In my ease.
Your FAVORITE REMEDY I ny It with a
perfect recollect! ;n of all that was done for me be
sides I the only th ng that did me tbe slightest
good , and I am happy to admit that It gave me
fermanent rf lief, I havo recommended KA VOR.
KKif KDY to many people for Klduey disease
and they all nitree with me in saving that DH.
bas not its equal in the wide world for this distress
ing and often fatal complaint.
Use this letter as you deem best for the benefit of
Yours, etc., LYMAN CRAWFORD.
The Sun. .
An Independent Newspaper of
Democratic Principles, but not con
trolled by any Set of Politicians or
Manipulators; devoted to Collect
ing and Publishing all the news of
the day in the most interesting
shape and with the greatest possible
promptness, accuracy and impar
tiality ; and to the promotion of
Democratic ideas and policy in the
aS'airs of Government, society and
Kates, by Mail, Postpaid.
Daily, per year, $6 00
Daily, per month, 50
Sunday, per year, 1 00
Daily and Sunday per year, 7 00
Weekly, per year, 1 00
Address, The Bun, N. Y. City.
A Now Bonk-Tim SitWVEU'S
One hundred and seventy-five i.lustratione.
Outfits Eeady.
18 HORACE KINO. Thompsonvillo, Ct.
Vr ANTED. A capable American girl as nurse
I ana u assist in suwinii. Apmy ny leuer,
stating ane and experience, to Mrs.
ler, UU Maple ft., tipringrield, Mans.
F. Chand-
4Vd It
Money is very cheap and foreign exchange
has declined, which is favorable to easy niuriey.
There bus bcuu a decline in stocks aud tho mar
ket is dull.
There is still a pood demand for wool and
those lots which tire desirable are steady and
firm. lor lots sell at low prices.
' The pram market shows little improvement.
Flour is selling a trifla faster though prices aie
utichunired, and corn is steady, but meal con
tinues quiet and oats are somewhat dull, liny,
straw and feeds are steady at unchanged priiei.
The pork and lurd trade continues jjood at
uni-liaiiKed prices.
Fresh fcei Is firmer hut the advance is a la
bored ouo. The mutton trade is b.-tter and there
bas been a small advance in. the prices for
lambs. Poultry is doing better aud is iu nwd
erate demand.
The demand for butter ha been quiet but is
now selling a little better. Choice grades keep
their pi ices firm but others are dull. Cheese is
firm with a moderate demand. Eggs are in
good demand and p-ices aro sustained. Pota
toes are firm and -ell well.
Dec. 11, 18S4.
PniCE8. Market Beef A few choice at
$9 50 a 10 00 ; extra, $8 00 a 9 00 ; first quality
S7 00 a 7 50 ; second quality, $5 00 a 6.25 ; third
qu ilitv, $i 00 a 4 SO.
Store Cattle Working Oxen per pair, trora
90 a 138; milch cowes and calves from $20,
$:!0a48; farrow cows. $17 a 30; fancy cows,
.-)0 a 80; yearlings, $10 a 12; three years old,
$24 a 42.
Swine Western fat, live, JS 3-4 a 6 l-4c lb
Northern dressed hogs, 7 00 a 7 l-4c lb.
Sheep and Lambs In lots, $2 50, $3 00 a
$1 00 each; extra, $5 00 a $6 00, or from 2 1-2
to 6 00c lb.
Veal calve?, 2 1-2 a 7 l-4c lb.
Prices of Hides, Tallow and Skins Brighton
Ilido-i 7 1-4 a 7 l-2c lb; Brighton Tallow, 5 1-2
a 6 00c ib; country hided, 6(10 a 6 l-2c b-
county tallow, 3 1 2 a 4 l-2c lb; pelts, 50 a 75c
each; calf skius, 10 a 11c lb; dairy skins, 50 a;
73eeach. . ,i
Poultry Receipts. 5 tons at 10 a 12c. with 1
turkeys at 14c lb. 3ja
In M anehmter, Nov 21, Mrs U W Cobb, formerly
of Bradford, 41 yra, 11 moa.
In Mr 'ford, Not 26, Mrs Albe t Fuller.
In t'a-nHrldge. M ss , Nov 21, of pneumonia,
.To'.a C Thur.ion, form rly f i'omfrei, Vt, aged
6? reara and 1 mout.
1'n Chet.-r, N.v 23, Benjamin P Spaniding, for
aerlv of Ludiow, airnd 77 y-a a.
In B.-lloa Kal. Nov it, Carrie Wird, formerly
of .Andver, anvil 40 y.ars, 3 iuo and 21 days.
Iu tfoutu 1'unifrtt, "ov &, Jon Cox, aged T7
In Wo d"tth-V, Not 2" Thomaa.Toy, seed 0 yra.
la Kj Walline'ord, iH-e . of pneumonia, M re
Be;-v K, witeol ihe late lea Wal o r A ten. 6J.
In ' arendnn, Ike Tin, I oil Weeks, aned M.
In H.x-heetrr, No 2h, miton A 1'oiiard, an-d
(it eT, formerly of l.emnter. N II.
In Koeht-ster, ;- 21. tiirani Kurd, ei! 3year..
Iu Sio.-k'.nde, Iec 3d, 1' nomas UoJk'kins, ajri-d
aVwi h t v. .
In riio.'kxri lie. Not 21, Aaron Perkins, ajred 67
year,. 1-1 Rl--mti-
itl Hn SM I, ill !, lllur r. arnin, nr
in WMve-s. r, Nov SK r r i rent ti h--i- er.
cn'v 'ht.-r f K.T r !l t atinter. .-J .t -s.
In T:imri'!--t ! r- oiiim. a yra. j
In I nil r !-. I -e i il im inni- i. ae.-i I
Bo.stox, Dec. 11. 1SS4. -V;
Ftorn Western snierline2 50 a 3 00. cnm.
raon extras at $3 00 a 3 50, and Minnesota ex
tras at $1 00 a 4 50 bhl, including choice bak
ers. niter wheats bave been selling at $4 15 ..
a $1 35 for stone and roller Michwaii. SI 83 a .'
5 15 for Ohio and Indiana and S4 50 and fi OA-.
for Saint Louis and Illinois. In patent spring -wheal
the sales have been at S3 25 a 6 15. ami -
in patent winter w heats at $5 00 a 5 50 hhl: '
corn meal 2 40 a 2 45 per Mil. Kvo flour -$3
50 a 12? h1:!." Oat meal, ft 60 a 4 93 for I
grmmd and Sj 2o a 6 00 for rut,
Guais Com, yellow, 60 a 61c; high mixed -at
62 a 63c, and 110 giade at 56 a 5oc bush. Oat
have lieen selling at 35 a 36c for No 1, and ex
tra w hue, No 2, at 34 a 35c ; No 3 white at 33 s
3tc bush. Kye sells from 70 a 72o bush.
PnovisioNS There i no change to notice In s
pork; prime at f 16 a 17 00; mess at $18 a -19
0J; clear and tucks at $18 50 a 19 09. Bert
at $11 00 a 13 00 for mess and extra me.-, and ...
$13 50 a 14 50 bid lor family and plate. Lard ',
al 8 1-4 a 8 1-2; If). Smoked hams 13 a 14c lb,
as to quality. . -
Pbouvce Wtstern and northrr .rrearner
ie, 30 a 31c Kir fine and extra, and 'li a ibe for
poo-Jan I ch'i-e; Vtand X Y dairy at 2io for
extra, 18 a 20 for pood and cboicr. Cheese,
9 all l-2c -for choice, 712a 3 for lair and f
pond. 5 a 8.- Ib fur comm-m. Egg, freh past-''
era 30c, N Y asd Vt 23 a 27c Bean", rrmice .
mediuins t jl a 1 85, yelloar eyes 3J ba.
PotAUK 53 a 53c l)tih.
X" York. Nov 20th. Oovcnimcnt Bon-l
L' S .. M0 3-4; V S 4 1-2 coupon, lit 3-4 ; C
4s, ii 1-2.
S5D T9 833 A WEEK
la NoM I-c Krtr K , !i Ol Lewi
Roth, mr-4 t yrr. 4 m ntM fc Uv.
t Ky.i, 9om it Ad iioa s4 til Mtaot, h jrrm.
i I and
nt nifii to
biiura J, wilr X Mj L nt h ju w i VJ c! I cue ti'i
I rTiT- with tt;-r tn oppo-iimii.
AT ttill T. !: nwwy fcfri! frm ikiw ua
U 1. l' '-crrr ttTil!inr ctftt kly.
4cJie3 W. II. MCHULS, licltowa Fall, Vt

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