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A horrible burntng accident took place Inst
L.lf at I.ebanon. I'd. In Which Mian Ltlua
Bebin, the fourteen-year-old danghtor of Hu
lolpb Bcbm, of North Annville, was cremated.
he went Into the basement and, not being ac
customed to kindling fires, "tie used a can of
obI oil for tbe purpose. She poured the oil
Irani tUo csn on tbe smouldering embers, when
tbe oil la tbe can exploded and the entlio con
tents, all ablaze, flew over the unfortunate girl.
Before assistance came sbe was burned to a
crisp and fell to tbe floor a black man.
Natural sag was struck In the heart of
tho Tillage of Ithaca, N Y, Monday
while a well was being driven for water.- It
h a nowtrful odor of petroleum. Experienc
ed oil operators declare that Its presence gives
every indication or on. much excitement nuu
speculation li developing.
Tbe last battle of Calamar, Columbla.'rcport-
ed to be a government success, was not soi
Tbe slaughter was nearly equal on both sides,
and the revolutionists, who made tbe attack,
retired in good ordorj to their steamers. They
ore still In strong force opposite the govern
ment position at Calamar.
' The Jersey forest fires are now assuming
most alarming proportions, and unless a heavy
rain mnn onenches the flumes thev will destroy
many small towns in Camden, Burlington and
Atlantic counties. 1 lie towns or acio, jac
on Hnantnwn. Waterford. Pestletown. Wins
low, Weekstown, Hammontown, and Atscon
were last week Tuesday surrounded by brush
and wood fires and all tbe inhabitants were out
T,Hnr thn Humes. Near Waterford large
tracts of cedar timber were destroyed, and the
fire spread to Brooklyn.
Another strike Is feared n the Wabash road
The Springfield, III, knights of labor sympa
thize wltn tae sinners ami win tusimu mom,
At Suwanee. Ga. on the Richmond and Dan,
villa railroad, a ditch train ran over a cow,
throwing one car from the track. In the car
were fifteen negro train bands and six bars of
Iron. The car turned on its side and the iron
fell upon the negroes, killing seven ana wouna
ing three more. Tbe track has been cleared.
Walt Whitman suffered from an attack of
sunstroke at uib home in Camden, N J, last
week 1 he is now reco-., but complains of
bis MM. . ,-, ,.. '
Afirelri'CardenaOubaT-Tn,,,- of lft8t
week rjArned thei"entire business of tb
eitv anaa vasiq"""iJ '"s" -"-"rs9es
S5. .t fc-ds. hurried were those of Aret.-
t VJ.ro. Znlneta. Ferra & Fantony. itolue
D" iia done the largest business In sugar this
mi and bod an enormous stock on hand. Tbe
ioss to estimated at $600,000 j insurance $140,-
' Tbe revolution ' In Venezuela is Increas'ng
The towns of Carbobo, Trujillo. Cumana arid
Barcelona are In arms ; also the states of Virg
in and Andes. . -
Influentialfcapltalists are endeavoring to di
vide Dakota on the Missouri river and Monta.
no north and routh at the east end of Boznan
tunnel. This would make Dakota an agricul
tural state, and leavj a cattleman's state wes
of it.
- 999
1 '
The cholera epidemic is gradually making Its
way toward rortugal, and there is apparently
nothing to impede its course. The sanitary
cordons have proved ineffectual, and tbe
scourge has appeared at Cordova, Gerona and
A fire at Resh , Tersia, has burned 712 shops.
Two persons perished in tbe flames.
An eartbouaka has occurred in tbe Runepur
tt district, in Bengal. A village near Nattore was
there has been a terrific storm at Torre Cn.
3e'nt, in Italy. Thirteen persons were killed
"id 'a injured by lightning.
Two endings In Cologne, Germany, occu
pied by sixteen families, collapsed Friday.
Several persons were killed and many injurid.
a hoi Stave in cheat Britain, j
A fearful wave of heat now extends over the
whole of the United Kingdom. In Iondon the
(tt'ects of tbe long spell of torrtd weather are
hmmllinrf fliiM... .A 1n.nr K t tha htm.
d 6 cores ot men are prostrate' by sun-
po oy horses ndde.nlv falllnc dead. A new
..-pTTTerror is added by the prevalence of bydropho
lour bin. The streets are absolutely unsafe, owing
I to tbe number ot mad does running at large
1 be
ke ti-
tr tho
e ne
b is
n ol
H t
and many persons who never carried weapons,
before are now buying revolvers.
The committee of inquiry Into the revelations
of immorality made by the Pall Mall Gazette
sat four hours atlxmdon rrlday sifting toe
evidence offered by the. staff on that paper.
Tbe committee 'adjourned until next week, when
tbey will publicly make their report,
The accusation is mode that Dr Schmidt, the
Austrian consul at Tangier has been guilty of
defrauding and extorting lands ana money
fwim a number of Moors. The doctor had in
bis residence a duneeon and in this were found
irno niutk collars, hand fetters and chainnlwhlch
had leen used to torture his victims. The
m,iirlii hwn rnferred to Uie AUSiuan guv
rnment. The AuBtnans resiamg at langire
have prepared a petition, which they have lor
warded to Vieaua, asking for the dismissal of
Vt scfimiai. ,
Th irreat brick avers' strute ai ncrun is prnc
tically over. The iitrikera have secured vai
u.i.in.nuiivsiilnns. Tbe builditu! trade is nearly
suspended in Berlin,6000 biicklayers having lett
the city..
Tk. lAiulnn hnrnnet who bis charged by Mrs
wiiirincon a niiinw. wltn uavinnaouucuiu nnu
Kpr Anntrhter when tbe latter was only
12 years oldis Sir oeorge uroy worauwen, i
years old, itbe husband of the daughter of the
Earl of Jersey, and the father of a good-sized
family. Mrs Wilkinson went on tba witness
i,..,i inH reneated ber testimony that Sir
GeoraeWombwelf bad daily tracked ber dangh-
tertoana iromacuwi, uuu uunuy i..ft.v v.
into a carriage, aild taking itno 'i eecim.ru
boose, where he forcibly effected ber ruin. Mrs
u. in,iui imiunr. became confused utder
Inn. and the macistraU decided
that he could not bold the baronet upon her
tctimonv. It is understood that a private in
quiry is to be made by the government.
Th TUHintVn Tidente and Dacsanen, con
servative Journals of Copenhagen, refer to a
public scandal involving a rwuieur m ;u
niversiiy, iu" reiueu - -
society, a most eminent auiuur oi wi
several wealthy merchants and some members
ofthemagH"-"T- Tbey are accused of luv
.i 1 nraiina a la tbe London Mino
taur. Teu culprits have been arrested and two
have committed suicide, i no exposure mu-
..l ..m an attonint to exiori UlUueT. nmui
vu t1""' r -
was resisted.
i .vninatnn (wnrred in one of the collier
ies at St Ktiennc, rans, monuay,
wnrn nun wens inmnsonou.
dead bodies bare been recovered.
t ..rii.rT- firoa hav hecome very common
in Knssia, four occurring in Moscow Saturday,
with enormous loss. It is Impossible to find
any clue to the Incendiaries bat omciais re
-:t ,h.t ihia labnleaaU arson it new
CUU.ii.vw.- ,Tr. I that
lerroriziog movement uy tue niomsw, "
they bave invented a new combustible which
.til .nai Am nmrklv. Tb nolice say tbe
nibilUti have adopted this new plan bacause it
is attended with leu danger tome cuipriw u...
their old plan of murder, ana is eqaany
lve in spreading terror anions; n p""l"'
xviii i. mn i,n aftr th marriaaTa ceremony
of Prinoras Beatrice a tumulwoas mob aDtered
thecuurih aad Uip it oi it aacormu
Tb( nolive were powerlsM to stop k.
sir Mna Mnntrflon. tba reneranM iienrew
philanthropist, died at lUmgate,Eng,Weliies-dy.
A snecial amnt of Mahdl who bat orten neen
tent on coftticienual niif.tont to tbt Ktyptiaa
. kmm arrived at Cairo, and bat ful-
i eonfirmd tbe report that El Mahdl died of
diaetM on June ii. Tbe apt tayt, bowercr,
that tb. wartare will lie earned
ly as ever, and win nmat 1-- j
end of tun year.
... Birt'Liox or tit-tiaii roiea
Tbe Prussian decrea ordering the expulsion
r xi iiM rmm Prattiaa terntnrr con-
... .- t .a.lT enforced. Tbotc who
bar, paired pr-venr and rtirrtar- beina
aii..H tim to tell oat. bat all tbe
f-BMian fole Kmnd without recniar batioMt
nld I or employment or witlout utiet " F"'J
tMiirr a tiamlier of ttilt latter cla.
have alreadr ixca drive oat of t- P"
So far eight
erly provinces of rrutslti, and mnny drafts of
the same class reach the trontier every day.
A dcsimtch from Home tovs tint Cardinal
Nina Is. dead and that Arcbhitbop Mernn bat
consecrated Rov l)r Walsh as Archbishop of
Dublin at the Iri.h church of St Ann-
The Balltrnnllcs nuartcr ol Tarls was visited
by a severe fire Friday ovenlng. The coufiiig.
ration occurred In a district occupied by carpet
warehouses, carpentor shops and ether work
shops of various kinds, and was not extinguish
ed until the buildlnirs, covering Uvo blocks, bad
beon destroyed, lue loss amounts to several
million francs. One fireman was Injured,' and
it is feared as several are missing.--tbey were
killod during tbe progress ot the hm. ' Amoug
the buildings burned were the.' Jagande taw
mills and ltou beau's carpet factories
David Duane, recently arrested for complici
ty in a triple murder at a farm bouse near Cas
tletown, Kocbe county, Cork, In October, 1877.
bns made a tun confession or nit knowledge oi
this cr'ma. Ho savi that as an un willing wit
ness of the deed he saw William Sbeehau and
bit brother-in-law, David brown, kill the for
mer't mother, sister and brother in-law., a coon.
er's adze being used to do the work. ' The bo
dies of tbe victims were taken by-the murder
ers to a well uoo yards troru tne house and
thrown Into it, a lot of ruboita being aiicrwara
thrust down to conceal tbe corpses. Duano
further declares that alter disposing of the bod
les and washing themselves the prisoners went
to the house and drank and sang and danced
tho remainder of the nigbt. ihe trial begins
Said Pasha, the grand vizier of Turkey, bas
bad an apopleptic stroke and will probably be
compelled to retire from office. His retirement
will hasten an alliance with England.
A Ftpal consistory was held at llome, Mon
day. Archbishop Moran, ot Australia, Arch'
hinhnn M riches, of Coloirne. Arcbbishoo Cane
celatro, of Caput, Arch tils hop Battoglinl, of
Bologna, Bishop SUiisfllno, and Monsignor
Cristofori were creattd uarotnais.
A great sensation Is being caused In London
by a prevalent scandal about a radical mem
Iyer of the house of commons and of the late
cabinet. Accord inc to the story, this states,
man. who is a widower, took to bis private
residence a few weeks ago tbe wife of another
well-anown London gentleman, iney entered
a room, when, to the horror of the lady, she
discovered another woman In the apartment
This compromised the lady so much tbat sbe
bitterly upbraided the state.man'and there was
a terrible scene. She finally" left in desperate
aneer and confessed to ber husband. Efforts
have been made bv the parties interested to
suppress the reports, but to no effect. Tbe
members of tbe bouse, especially tho liber
als are much agitated over tbe affair but there
is much amusement among tbe tories,
T"e storms seem to fcave staved the epidemic
IKUll. l.Mfr it fttill raffpa in snrnfrnasfl. in
some places ..ligtressintr scenes are witnessed
Many bodies are niburied. ' A majority of tbe
Inhabitants have fkd and the remainder are in-
apatle of attending to tbe sick. Keturns from
an but hve or the cholera infected districts in
BDftin dace the numlier of new cnn of the dis
ease Sunday at 2,512, and of deaths 919. Tbe
troops statiuned iu the city of Saragossa, where
the disease is now racing, have been supplied
with guitars to keep u"their spirits. The music
of these instruments can v heard day and
nieht. In Montagardo there have Deen k nht
day 210 deaths from cholera and 300 reni'in
ill, out of a population ot 800 persons. Tbe
greatest consternation has been caused by this
extraordinary death rate, whicb Is more severe
than in any previous case during tne present
The bank of Ireland refuses to lend money
to the Munster bank because the government
considers it the duty of tbe shareholders to
first come to the bunk's rescue. Exten sive
frauds bave been discovered in the accounts of
ttie bank. Mr Farquharson, one of the joint
runn&zers ot the Dublin branch, is missing
with $350,000 of the funds.
A Royal Wedding.
Tha marrlace of Princess Beatrice, tbe young
est daughter of Queen Victoria, toFrince Hen-
ly of iiattenncrg took place last weeK inurs
day at St Mildred's churcb, Wbippmgharu, six
miles from Osborne. The bridal processjon
started from the palace at 1 -15 o'clock. Loyal
and enthusiastic shouting and cheering greeted
tbe pageant as it emerged frol
tue demonstration was men
bjl tne people along me ;
miiiiic oosted at different
played at intervals. Tbe proi
intn ill a church aloni
throuoa tbe churchyard. The equerries passed
in nrst, men iohuwcu m ivi.e.. B-.-tbeu
the royal family. When all had entered
the edifice tbe organist played Handel s "Occa
sional" overture. All tbe royal ladies present
iIvusm nr wince gossamer sun. xnuw
Henry wore a white uniform and on the frojt
nf ina coat wore numerous urumo. ;
ji .a ..hnrch acenmnanied bv the members
of hit royal house. The bridesmaids left the
vestry, In which they nao neen waning, iur iuu
entrance to the churchyard to receive the bride
The arrival of the queen with the bride was
heralded with cneers ana a royai naiuw. n
pinert played the march "Highland Laddie
.i i ha RnithpAd and the Solent cuns then-
rfrl a crand salute. The queen entered tice
cnurcn on tne uriuc a icii. iutinu,i
waa on tbe riaht of the bride. The bridesmaids
followed. Princess Beatrice bowed to the
antta nn pither side as she.advanced up the
aisle. The scene as the queen, dressed in black
witn lace, anu weariug a miuiaLuio uhjuuw
crown, entered the church, was very impressive.
The bride looked very preur. ouc w uiratcu
in ..rv cm In with boniton lace. Tbe Priucess
nf waies wore a costume of white eau de nil.
PriniA Hrnrv stood at the south side of tbe al
tar and awaited the bride. The princess walked
with a firm step up the aisle. After the bridal
chorus from Lohengrin had been played, tho
archbishop of Canterbury read tbe service, the
bride and bridegroom responding iu clear tones
whicb were beard throughout tho building.
Th ntiMn aire the bride away. At the close
ih wrvice an anthem by Mendelosobn was
Th miaen. ranee iienry uuu ius rem
tives on bola Blues mtiseu tuo iitiuo. u
hridal nartv left the church Mendelssohn's
wedding march was played.
fAdvcrtlllPmpiiH under this head. S cinli a wnr.l
fur a weck S conts a word for a month, in u'l fuut
edlliom of tho ItBi ansiEiiJ.
I?Olt BALK. An esoollont farm In the town of
' Marltiuro, ft mllvs from Wt Ilrmilchoro, on
the WllcnliiKion tlni(H road, eontalulnv luuaurva,
lift In wood, UU In mvudow, the ba'aneo In pailure.
A food bound, 8 rooms llnlihcd, 3 burnt wilb cullar,
and runiilim wntor, lulo the home, and at the barns, -
a tut my oi irun every year, aim near to tcnooi ana
ml It nnd anionx pood nvtithunr. 'j hit place I
very p ruauatly located, aud will be told very low
am! oa eiwy turmi, it It in prima condition vo
work this imioii, For particular tddrem I' 1"
Flvtchor, West Brattltboro, Vt, or call on tho-
premiH-t. ooiuiir
Desirable Property For Sale.
I hald too much real ettatt and mutt onload. It
have ;.
The ITAYNES nOUSF, to culled, In Ftteyvllle..
Two lnruo, Una tenumeuti, within ft mlniitci" walk .
of Eatuy t thopt, with large barn and garden, and, ',
til in goon repnir. (.
Trie uoiibLJt ni'ui uuutiis, on ubj tiroet. ,.
A very deal mole rxaldoiico. ilod. -
A trunll cottage bouto on Clark street, nijclnliig
the cobble ttoua houat.
Threo douhla tenement houtct on Wanhlngton
treet. Kent for nearly 400 a year and will it tid
tt a bargain. ' '
. The WILCOX HOUSK, to called, In Wert Brat,
t'eooro. Good barn nod tinrden. Can be rented
for two tenement i. Coat originally about (UftOO acd
will be told for 2000.
Flrtt oome, firtl terved. -
For Sale-Hotel Property.
The well-known D P Leonard Hotel Stand, tttu
ated in tho pli n.ant and thrifty vlllagt of Weft
Dover, Vt, coiiHinllnn of Houpe, (main nprt 38 hy
M, ell iO by 26, both two ttoilea high and well rln
Ubed; woodshed attached, 2 by 16, all painted
white). A barn 60 by 80, and ionjel-2acreof land.
Buildings all in good repair, with running water to
both houae and burn. Price $1,000. A mowlni?
and tillage lot of superior quality, of torae 10 or 12
acrrt, tltuated near caul hotel, it offered for tale
therewith If desired. Price of whole, 1,000. 1'oa.
teuton of Hotel given immediately; of laid lot In
the fall. At lenat 1-2 of purchaie money can He on
mortgage if drnlrablo. Inquire of ThohaS Boule,
Wett Dovor, Vt, or of S T 1avepobt, Wllming-.
ton, Vt. 7ed4tf
Farm for Sale.
On account of the death of O B Lawton, the well
known and valuable
"LawlQn Homestead"
la now put upon tbe market for talo. Paid farm
it located one and qpe-balf milct from tho vlllago
of Wilmington, one- fourth mile from school, con-,
taint one hundred aud tlxty-two acres,(ia2), tnlt
ably divided for doing a nice farming bueiuees. Tba
buildlnet conelat of a two-ttory, lane and con.
venlent farm house and ell, painted white, with',
blinds, touthern front. Carriage and wood houae,.
horse barna, other barna and thedafor storage of
hay, eto, and caie of etock. Tlog bonne, Ice bouse,,
etc, eto, all in good repair. Never falling running,
spring water at house nnd barna. Said farm ia
niottly fencea with ttone wall, a to atone posit for
barwayt.lt lain a high atataof cultivation, average
to cut teventy-rtve'tone cf hay yearly; In fact it one
of the most productive farms in town. A Hint class
sugar orchard of one thousand tneot.or more, with
modern opparatua fo r the manufacture of augnr.
Also an out pasture of 63 acret,- known as. tbo
"Kny Pond Pasture,'' will be told with or whhout
tbe main farm. Price four thousand dollars(J4,00'i .
for all. One-half eau remain on mortKago if de
sired. Possession given any time. For further par
ticulars address or enquire of v '
J HEXRY K1DDEU, Wijmington, Vt.
Wilmington, Vt, March 10,18'Si. 32 wf
r Advertisements under this bead. 2 ccntt a word
for a week ; ft cents a word for a tnjnth, in all four
editions of the UbforherJ.
ItflSTCn Energetic, reliable men lose 1 Frnlt
II An I bill Trees, Grape Vinics, Khrubs, Koses,,
tec. l.lhriul I'oiinniKtdoii. or Salary nnd fcxien-es
Fa Id. Fur insttuctiona given so that Inexperienced,
men can soon learn the business. Addrcits II. P
fAdvertlscments under this head. 2 rents a word
for a week; 5 cents a word for a mouth, in all four
edition of the HefoumkrJ.
i tbe gates, and
to and continued
PTvo bands' or
Lints on the route
Bssion made its
a covered way
ri,r t awrenep of EastlSt Johnsbary .ampu
tated the two middle fingers on the left hand
between the first and secona joims um wuia
in in hta mill one dav last week:. He was
. .. i , . .. .1 .... . I... . nl.nA.
planing a piece ot uam oju uu uu "
,h. tif ranoht the stick in sncb a man
ner that it drew the fingers into the throat of
tbe planer, cutting me iwu uf " "".V
timet before be could get bis hand out. He
then ttopped tbe How of blood with a handker
chief, shut tbe gate and went to St Johnsbnry
where he bad the fingers dressed and they are
now doing nicely.
ii-,i it. ir n. i votmir man employed at the
noi,.r and Hndson railroad shops at Rut
land hod his right loot crusneo wniie trying w
a ..nhai in tim vard Friday. The en-
UUWU P sua'"" - . - . ,
gine was backing up near the water tank and
K. ri tn t on the tender, but missed his
n. fell, and bit root weni unaer mo
Amputation will probably I necessary.
Cbauncey Paine of Hnbbardston, tried to
commit suicide by taking Paris green ana laoa.
and now lies in a critical condi
tion. His wile left tbe house with ber personal
belonclngs, declaring iu auo "
with Ibim, and he Immediately fought tbe
.. v i7 Thnmnann. tha 13-rear-old son
of Jacob Thompson of Brockton, was drowned
i r.m nnr u Dnuuewiici nuiro o'P
u... afternoon. The body wa recovered
.vtaivaauav, -
fter on hour search. , .
iL mt of Oraai'a OrtfaMl
IVtlci mm
rpmm Iha Sorinctkld Kepublican.
Gen Grant s great qualltkw were those of
oldier and cooimander. Lpoo mibt-tfy qnee
K hi. ind eoioyed a po.se. . .uM. , .qj
libnum. which bat been equalled only by tnat
ot Washington, if Watbiugtou did. indeed,
01 . fr" .ul. ..-t it wot at merely
?2" b. a o taTS Tth. retpontibildi- of
loaima u. iv.,u ttm oerfett calm la
campwau , ... K-
. . . . ..i.j u.m.,1 ui work. Imt M l
Mually tuperlor to tb. cankering ttTrcboHS
S J. imt rivalrie. which are
, . . i a,nwimnmant Ot 00-
end I rUing hy tbe preferment anrcett and
t aUra"; acting ItT otiedience toorin harmony
ye.J "V' i. tn ibit rcorct that Oen
Sn, dTredVnrly...
rals with whom Mr Lincoln bad epene
. . i . , MM .ha
Km i a man wtto went iw n -
i - wunilwai
of duty, never "".
. 4& i mtiM minucut - i
.nprttne command came, giving to that wovk
tLTineriot impeuit of a will "rrfct.l
bViSet.bao.tio.of petty quarrel.. M
inMutihl.. Few n.ea bar b tbH
tl pat
Str qil .poo Of for
a-- Uoiv. him iVBCIW" www
.-ppleienleJbT . ditcUntk .
j Corner Front nud Rock ttreeta, and in c'ose' -
firotlraity with several important Springs. Having. ;
eased the hotel for a tern of years, I have made
oroHt Ininrovemeuts in the tanttary airanuemenis
aa well an othca pa ts of the psaf. Al( iLqulrin-
will receive pronjipt atten'ion.' 5
twaim-j T a Kai Auiwtiit., trop r.
rAdvertlsementa under this head. 2 rents a wn
for a week ; 6 cents a word for a month, in ail four
ediliout of the UeVorxerJ.
press Co. Money Ordert. Receipts given. Money
refunded If Orders are lost. Sold at all offices of
tho Co. Payable at 8,500 placet. RATKB : TO
1 5.5c. ; $10-Sc. ; 20-lOc. ; $30-12c. J 40-15c. ; (50-20C
Kare Basiness lliauce.
I wish to tell my Store and Stock, at I am going
out of trade. Store 6S by 30, brick, with granite
front and trimmings, granite cellar uuderthe whole
building. Second and third floors neatly and thor
oughly finished at a tenement of 8 room. E l part
and horse shed 4S hy '2 with chamber over the
whole, all in tood repair. Xew barn and wood
shed. About an acre good land. Can be booght at
lets than one-half the cost of building, or can be
rented bv ihe Durchaser of the ttvek. Stock be
tween six and eight thousand do lart, and we 1
cleaned up. Yearly bu.inest twenty to twenty
four thousand dollars. Location iu a good paying
community, and one of the best In the state. For
further particulars inquire ot
61ed4ml . . trafford, Vt. '
It It well known that the city of St. Paul. Minte
tola, it assured of a rapid growth frora now on. I
la to day the financial, commercial and railroad
centre of the Northwest. Investment! made in real
estate, Improved or unimproved, wid pay largely.
Honey can oe lonnea on tne oern real estate security -for
from six to 'lifht per cent. References in St. .
I'aul and East if dettrea. E. NORTON,
4ed2v bt. I'aui, ilinuesota
J. H
Negotiators of
Red River Valley Farm loans
Bearing 8 to 9 per cent Interest net.
Full particulars and references furnished on -
application. Correspondence solicited. Iy4b
To Capitalists.
Write ns If vou have money to loan on good
Real Estate m Nebraska, three to five years.
Interest 7 per cant. i
First National Bank,
44ed4jn3 Tmlrhwtf, INebrttifc..
Patent Wagon Brake-
Flvt to thirty timet Ihe
raTT levrraf ot power of
bora or foot brake.
1 On fingerhold loal
down QftitttAA ujouutaia
Hill 1 t tw
& L LI 1 I
T4 Al mO.
InatMhaar. Twn, count. ' and tbop rigtil
f or Mik- bt rai.aWf. T. M. en 1 1 n
. Mtfied
Benuir.rn. VI.
WANTED TO BORROW $4000, on first-class-Kfal
Estate in Brattleboro. which is easily
worth $7000, and hat an annual Income of $1000-
from renta. Address li P, Boi'116, Brattleboro -Vt.
1 - e
it. Hrqu. nn rack.
box, bed or Muy. n or.
a i wiwon, sleigh, eait,
inickordray. feifrrtty
tVaaplt urabland cheap.
.-t.mHh will mm an venirie
CoIIllissioIles, Holier..
EsTATt or rtiJii Dcdlsit.
Tbe nndertierrrd haTlna b appointed by the
HoVl-i. Court farth. Plttnc ot H"?"'
C.mmta.k.nrr. 1. rrertre. ,...nlrre .t-4
,.,m. and oVmaod. all r-r Mn , hj ;ata .
of H-jh Uudlr,. law f Bratt eaornj J, S..JH
Jrlrt, drcraara. ard all elit exhibnr taorf-rt
.L.,l. hrrrbr alve not toe that w wil nrrt for -
liTd BrTJTboro: .T,hi Th Jf.y of .btr l.h .
day of IWnabrr . trvm I" "V' '
a ekM-k m. of d'. mn that ttt montha
fTrlaVth;!.tli day of July. A D l-ai, k-the l.o:
H by Coait tor said rrdltor. . rreD
rllia. to - for rian.1 !. sd t) o-e.
iti ay ol tuiy. a a
lliiT Briti-TbtU it- 2 da, of inly. A
uiusii iavo.
STAlirI'aXo IStlia. Isb
owr Wforc lMa la Bratt-Mioro.
giiwtu, VreMataktT.
ttao wrr
Mas II l;

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