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THE REFORMER, OOT. 80, 1885.
3&hp l&cfovmev.
... . Announoeinvntt.
Lounsot made l f 'Ir. $S.ob'ia $2S.ro, A large
Vtook vd baodat Km'ir" fc i-on't.
Tha beat Spring for tha monpy. Seo Kmoraon &
Bou't aBvarvlaeniout, a lathor cCumn.
Pr. Oafe . Net Vlalt.
T W Barnard offers 'Ills weok S placet bKt qual.
Ity Ttirkoy lied Damk, 40o nor yard. Now lot
boat quality Garroantown Yarn, ln per skein.
Lots of now IJoslory ami Gloves, arid tbe beat 37o 1 2
and 60a Vost ao'd for tba money.
Loo at F W Kuaoh & Co, and saveimney. Ra'1
Yarn, So. Boat Waxonv Yarn, ICo per skein. Hood
Bed Blankets, and 'i.00. -nta- UndiTahlriB.
good, for4lo. Ladles' V sis and Pants, K6o and 9o.
A 50) Red Twil'ed Flannel at 80c, andthebeH
cotton, ami wooLBlua Mixed Flanuol ut !20c per
'.yard, 1 t . !.' ..
Puro Java Coffee for 20o por pound at W S
Aa Dr O.iua was unahlo to attend to all who do-
aired hla sorvlcis at bla r. cent visit, no nns no
rtrtiiured tint he will be at the Brooks House, Bin
. lltboroj'iWednesday, Nov 4. and at the Hinsdale
illotoi Th r day forenoon, Nov S; at Wlncnrsier
fHot I Trui-flay altotnoi.n. Hla euros lira truly
w. nSurfil, and are unanproaehod by any otbi r
physlc'an 1 ho followliiK nro samples:
. Geoa-o l'arker. Mllford, N II, ny: "My
dauttlikT, Ma E i Fryo, of Wlllon, wa very low
wilh di(Ucultl" which pnsx'erl tho doctor. Thi-y
laid ahe would not live. Dr Hugo prefcribtd with
, out snelnir lier a'id Shu Is owed "
J D Dlamo d, Oreo- llnld, N H, great aufrVr-r
wlib kidney dlpcnio and rheumatism In the back,
says Ir O ii cured him. Also nys ho ha a lea
tlve, 8nie M-Kan, Kiq, of Lisbon, whom Dr
' Gairo cured ot a eincrr on nla 111).
. Juokaon Hurrat, lilusdiilo, Nil, aaya: "My wife
wasured of a compllca' lou of dl.-casct by Dr Oao
and hn aid nni ai e bur "
'. AinoBil' Thoiimi,: Hra tinhorn, cured of chronic
diarrhoea, whio bad b.itllxd other phyalrlara.
-. Also fiffcr th, Mri John Han if, ChesteifU-ld, N
II; Mra Calvin Dantrg, Chesterfield; Charles
I'lckelt, Winchester; Mrs A t'reaoott, West Dum
mcrxton. Vt; Mra S T Iloyt and daughter, Brultle
born. " 1 r '
. Mist A'ldla Cooper, Keene, N U, bad nearly loat
I her ey. sight by tf-rjfuinus opthalmia; did not aon
ault II r liauo until other ph)lcUna raid nothing
more could be done. She can now read line print.
J M IIoard, Ecq, Marlow, N H, aelf and wlfo
' aucocasfully trcntco. Dealrea lo be teferred te.
Ira li Appleinn, Hi If borough Bridge N U.mnkca
o ith : "My -"ife waa helpkaa with plnal and other
JViecaaea; weight, 90 pou da. Dr Wage curtd bur
and neyer eow ner; weiiim, it" ponnaa.-
1 Uo witter ii very low in tbe well on Clark
troet and in Ibat vicinity. It la feared that
tbey are falling on that aide of tbe brook.
Mra B A Clark, who baa been at the bot
ipriniu at Carlsbad. Austria, baa now returned
to Lelpslc wbore ber ton u pursuing on iiuuiei,
Hutlnesi U ruabing with tbe Carpenter Or-
an Co. and loine of hi aeparttnenia uave to
be run ntgbtti to anynbere near keep up wlta
orucra. '
i Kdmuiid brown, Keene, in ii, cniici coma noi
wa'k; aplnal dlreaae, and uenr y blind wltn ecrol
ula. . Cured,, and can run and play.
AUco Titua, Winchester, N ft, scrofula in the
eyea; ten weeks in a lark room. Cured.
; Oliver I'elrcn, Concoid, N II, wife cured of ovj.
fian difli'ulty and general iemalo weakness.
Marj flmltb, East Condla. N II, dropey and ova
r'ou tumor large as a person's bead. Cured
. maac Huttilctr, Londonderry, N II, wlte cured of
a Tol ua and son of deifnees and catarrh.
A L Celley, West Andover, N 11, mikes onth :
"My wlfo nd been given up wilh consumption
Dr Gage cured her radically."
; ; Halloween to-morrow nlgbt.
.One and 1-8 incbes ol rain last night.
- J Jones shot a whiti chipmonk at Indian
pond Saturday.
Tbe annual OAK fair will be held in the
town ball Nov 19. ,
i Mis Maria Bennett leaves to-day for a wln
er sojourn In Florida, with N G Priest and faiu
ily of Northfield, Mass.
The Goodhue place with its two acres of
lanjt extending to Grove st, has this week been
sold (o Geo F Brooks.
Edward Crosby bas purchased the Kellopg
place on Iliph St, the price being somewhere
between g9,U0U and $ 10,008.
The business outlook with the Estey Organ
,Cg Is.tuost encouraging. It bas made the larg
est shipments this nionth of its history.
7k delightful little company of their friends
called last evening to congratulate Mrs J J Es
4 tey on tbe 15th anniverstry of her marriage.
Edward Edwards has made a large num
ber of tulxigeanF, of the regular Canadian style
and much tport is anticipated Irom them tbe
cotultig season.
The best line of parlor furniture ever seen
in Brattle hero, is now on exhibiti - n at Emer
aun' & Son's. Visitors kindly hown through
out toelr ioorn. " .
'Edwin C ' is the name nf Cal Chases 5
car old irottt-r whicb made sucb a remarkable
ti-neof 2.21 1-2 iu atrial of speed at Lexington,
Ky, l.;st w eek.
F W Childs who was taken sick at Spring
field, Mass, last weekv returned borne Monday
and bas since been cotifiaed to his bouse though
. . be, is now improving.
N A Itudway of Newfane and C D Whit
man of this place are mail u facta ring aomo cx
vptiunally tine a eet cider jelly, using a pro
ess for giving it a flavor of sweetness.
The narrow guage engine "Londonderry"
-one a opit in one or its cylinders at ttradley s
Ipo i Wadnesilfiy- morning and bad to come
Ii ek here lor repairs delaying the train for an
Harry Kinson recently shot an English
e-ilue, a bird which is. very rare in Naw Eng
1 tnd. 'Jt is similar in appearance to a wood
cjtk, and is of a beautiful dun color with black
markings. The bird is quite common in Mew
John Taft & Co of West Dummerston are
maatng some deli.iious sweet elder apple jelly
tb's season. It is is manufactured by means
of steam in an evaporator made of wood, thus
rendsring it entirely free from metal poisons.
Chester Ingram of Newtane, who ha been
I t some time under the care of a guardian has
been boarding at Mrs Bushneli's on Elliot
street lately. For a Jong time be bas been
causing considerable anxiety, going off and
staying for nights at a time, sleeping in barns,
;ctc. Yesterday be was adjudged insane by
X)rs Bruce and' Webster add committed to the
A partv of boys from tbe high and gram
mir schools went tj Townshend Saturday, and
defeated the district school hoys with ease.
Tbe score was 17 to 8. Tbe b ys complain of
very poor treatment. During tho game they
were threatened anl insulted by a couple of
-roughs who attempted to bulldoee them and
the umpiie but without success. Tbey also af
ter paying their own car fare had to furr.itb
' their own dinners. TVe catching of Dowley,
who did rot have a passcdjiiall, wa the feature
' of the game. ' Com.
It is an intellectual and artistic treat tbat
, ts in store for our people in the series of itlus-
' trateti lectures on tbe "Wonderland of tue
" World," Yellowstone Park, the Pueblos and
ha fascinating story of their ruins in tbe soutb-
: west, which are to he given by Dr C V Hen
drickson at tbe town halt, beginning with Nov
10.- The doctor is a cultivated gentleman, and
lie is now delivering tbe same course of lectures
Ct Springfield under the auspices of the GAR,
arid the papers of that city are unlimited in bis
praise. Everywhere be Rjes tbe time encora
urns follow bun. Tbe lectures are of just the
kind that interest intelligent audiences who ev
er want to learn more of tbe wonders of our
Tbe fersistency wltb which newspaper
i'ems appear about it would certainly indicate
' that there U something lo the talk of
. the ixtennn of tbe Newtun Brothers railroad
from lloosic Tunnel to Keadsboro to this place.
Tbe Rutland Herald of this week says : Tho
Newton Brother! arj finishing the terminus of
their railroad at Honsac Tunnel. Tbe freight
liusine' between Iieadsooro and the Uooac
Tunnel is already quite brisk and leads tbe
, Newton liioth rs to ta k of further investment
, in railroads. Th?y are intending to extend tha
narrow gauge railroad from Ueadsboro to
Bra'tieborn, thus connec'ing North 'Adams
wi;h Bran leVr.ro direct. It is now ncecnary
for tiavekr-JJiPimth tbe tun nil to go to Brat
tialjoiM -sua fCcnu-al Vermont by tbe round -alout
w.ty of Greeuleld. If there ft business
eno'ich to pay, tbe Newtons will filially build
standard g-uige track where tbey now have
(be narrow gauge.
Like mot towns in New England, Brattle
boro has bad quite a smallpox scare this week.
l b very imps of gossip seem to have been at
work. Tba disease wat located in several dif
fcrent boa es, it being said tt have been brought
liy tome imagirary servant girl who bad just
con e from Montreal, and of course when tbe
report was run down it proved In every case to
he entirely bas3'esa. Finally tbe report gut
round, and teemed for a time to get general
credence, tbat there was a case in tbe Omnihni
ai:d tbe story wat told with circumstantial de
tail bow it bad been brought by a Frenchman
from Montreal. All there wat to tbat was tbat
omenody't brother bad returned from Makine,
N Y. Dr Henry Tucker went to tba Omnihut
Wednesday rooming and made thorough
carcb, and found tbat there was not aid bad
r-ot been a single rasa of small pox in tba
ixiilding or any signs of it. Even the acorlet
4cv r, of which there were several racet a few
ireeks ago, bid disappeared. Tbe truth it tbat
there it very little cbance of any smallpox get
ting across tbe line from Canada, though teat
teriog cases will be reported over tbe coantry
Tba service of tba health ofBoert on tbe bor n
it vrrv efficient and it it almost impossible for
anybody te get by them who bat not been tic-4-inVcd
or who is at all hkely to come d t
sjrtth the disease.
FW S'.buster and son William tall lor
r.elna!c. fiarmanv. toon, the former to visit the
home of bis childhood, tbe latter lo pursue bit
musical studies.
Mr C B Rice who was able to ride out
Sunday wat taken with another' hemorrhage of
the lungs Monday ntgnt ana a as since ueeu in
a very critical condition.
" Sedgwick Post GAR attended the funeral
at Ualllax yesterday ot iimotny iwtrraoeo a
comrade at arms, who poisonen nuuseii inai
wtelc on account of financial troubles
Cunt E A Gillette, proprietor of tbe Now
Grand hotel. Catskill mountains, hat been
spending a few days in town this week with O
H Gillette, previous to bis departure for tbe
south, where be toon goes to-open his winter
hotel, the Finer woods, at ruomasvuie, ua, a
notiiilar winter resort.
H F Smith leaves next week for Mlnnenp.
oils where his son Is located. Mr Smith though
a native of Marllwo has for bale a century re
sided I in llmttleboro except two years in the
west in 1872-74. for many years In the banking
business In CtuliTblock and afterward whero
Retting s block now stands, ana no ts a citizen
whofn many might and active qualities will be
Wednesday evening Tlmotby Shern while
wilh seveial other men irom tne gravel train,
was run over In front of the town ball by a rap
Idlv driven team of E K Gocdall's. Sullivan
carao out from the allvway or. tbe norlh sii'e of
ttiH hall and was crossing diagonally to the
watering trough across the street us Goodall't
t!Hin o as ueu otii irom me souiu eiub. wr oue
bvan had one band hadlv cut and was some
what bruised and lamed though bis Injuries do
not seem to be serious.
About 50 of the friends and relgbbors of
Mr and Mrs E A Wood, met at tbeir home on
the corner of Western avenue and Spruce street
Tuesday evening, to celebrate the 2oth anniver
airv of their marriage. A very pleasant even
ing of social enjoyment was passed. Several
annrnnrlata cirta warn formal I v D re sen ted. and
Mr W-iod msnnnded in a most bauDV manner.
thinking tbe company for tbclr expression of
friendship and esteem.
Morris Cavcnatich was arrested on the
street Monday night tor disturbing the peace
wbilo intoxicated and was tbe guest of the
town in that disgraceful hole wmcn we can tue
lockup, over Sunday. Monday oe was arraign
ed before Justice Newton, Officer Alls testified
tn his holstrnusness. and to an unsuccessful
effort to get bim borne. Cavenaugb iploaded
guilty and was fined $5 and costs amounting
to over $11 for disturbing tue peace, tie swore
that he got his liquor by express from Boston.
Francis Mayott, woo lives in tne vmnious,
called at Dr Bruce's office Tuesdayievening and
accused tbe doctor. In proiane anil abusive lan
guage,of circulating the story that there was
small pox In bis family. There were several
neonle. among them ladies, waiting in the ollico
and tbe doctor, after vainly attempting to get
rid of hira peaceably, forcibly ejected mm irom
tbe room and on to tbe sido walk. Mayolt has
long had a midge against tue doctor because
the latter uicd legal means to collect a bill
which Mayott had retused to pay.
Local sportsmen think we are getting some
thing of the marvelous migration of (western
sauirrcis reported elsewhere. A month or even
two weeks ago "grays" were very -carce, and
was almost impossible to find, and now tbe
hunters are having famous luck, and iris no
ticed that they are larger than were ever'fbund
here before, except perhaps 7 years ago when
as one cf the hunters say, western squirrels
were found here for about a fortnight. Tbey
are as large as a small cat, with yellow bellies,
and very shy perhaps because shot a', so much,
and Intsead of "treeing up" like our grays, they
run for a hole.
The Taurus club,after several contests over
the subjectjin tbe past few week, voted to disband
Monday evening. Tbe reason was tbat several
members, (or one cause or another had got tired
of the organization and tbey circulated a pledge
to which they got a majority of tbe members,
twelve, to promise to vote to disband, and tbey
did so with their vote solid. The other mem
bers would not recognize tbe proceeding or the
meeting, and officers pro tcm had to be elected
to carry it through. But all bands, as it is
understood now, will submit, and consider the
thing dissolved. Tbe club, socially and in tbe
way of fringing a bigji order of entertainments
to the town, has filled a useful place in the
- There are no new developments in tbe post
ofllee canvass tais week., thougu ot couisathe
tongue of rumor is busy with any quantity of
absurd reports. JSntlre good nature prevails
on an Biaes, or at least wouia were it not
for one thing, tbe paper circulating for Mr Be
mis asking for-aiffnatures to tbe staiefneiit tbat
tne otaer petitions oaa oeen stgnca unaer t
"misapprehension. Tbat is not a square or
manly way of putting it; for there was no"rijis
apprehension" with regard to tbe petition for
eitlier Mr Cillds or Mr Fentonand if anybody
wbo signed these wants to cbangc now, it is be
cause of oad feeling that bas grown up over
other appointments or other matters of some
kind, and it is simply ridiculous to state any
thing else. Mr Bemis is too good a man to
have bis canvass belittled by any sucb tactics.
While the Refoiimkh thinks as it bas repeated
ly said, that Mr Childs ought to have the post
oflice, because of his position and service in the
party, and bis experience in tbe business, it has
not a word to say against any other candidate,
and it recognizes their full right as American
citizens to aspire to nonoraoie public employ
ment, and to seek public approval of tbeir am
bition. Its effort has been to prevent any bad
feeling in tbu matter as it tried to do lust week
in pointing out that sotneoi tbe charges against
Mr uemls, accusing mm ot being treacucruus in
first supporting Childs adnd then becoming a
candidate, were not juidilied, because he had
not supported Child", and had frankly express
id to biro in the beginning bij desire for the of
fice. Theso divisions and sore feelings over ap
pointments como from tho hasty, ill-adyUed
way in which charges aro made and tales car
ried back and forth, and we object to this "ro
cantation" paper, because It is carrying these
objectionable tactics to their worst extent. We
hope it may be withdrawn.
' The Mining Investments,
Not all the local stock balden of the Opblr
Needlet Silver mine, are discouraged with their
investment. They agree, as the report we
published conclusively shows, (hat the thing it
not pinning out at all, and that fliero it some
thing wrong about it. But they insist that it
it In mismanagement, not in the wortlilessnest
of the proporty, wblcb tbey still Insist it
good thing and can and will be made to pay
sometime. Ono of them has tent a man out to
Colorado to look It over within a year and be
Is very confident, from the report received, that
there It a genuine value to tbe mine. Tbe
theory of tho wasteful way It bat been operat
ed, ana tne paralysis tout now teems to navs
taken bold of the business, is tbat there are
some large and influential ttockboldert of tbe
concern wbo want to get control of It, and that
they are trying to worry tbe others out, ana
buy up the stock for a long. It it claimed tbat
this was understood at the Inst ttockboldert'
meeting, and a board of directors elected wbo
will not servo tbe purpose of "bearing" the
stotk. It Is also said ibut only about $13,000
or f 11,000 has thus far been wasted In working
tne mine, roe capital stock is znu.uuu snares,
200,000 of these went to Dcvine and bit "pard"
to pay for tho mine, anu tne money ror toe
stock which they sold lot course went Intolheir
pockets. Besides tnis ou.wv snares lema neu
as troasury stock to' be told to raise money to
operate ine mine, unotiun nave neon sou to
realize this $13,000 or $1-1,000, which bas been
spent without realizing anything and as this
portion of the stockholders claim in skin "con
tracts. "
Sudden Termination of the Career of a Man
Long Connected with the (Slate's Interests
ilia oood h oik at KiiiiniKi.
From1 our Regular Correspondent.
Rutland, Oct 20, '85,
At an early hour Saturday morning the cltl
zens of Rutland were startled by tne announce-
ment of the death of our highly esteemed cm
zen, Gov John b i'ago. w tin dis demise mo
career of one of the most widely known and
hlchlv resDected men or the entire state, is ter
minated. That be was suffering from an attack
of bronchial pneumonia wat known for some
days previous to bis death, hut as lato ns Fri
day night the attending physicians confidently
expected that be would recover, and when tbe
fatal end camo at 6 :3 o'clock Saturday morn
ing, it was with so little warning, tbat not all of
tne members or ms own ramiiy coutu oo sum'
mnned tn his bodsido before hit sob-it had pass
ed away and be bad gone over to tbat great but
"silent majority." The immediate cause of his
death is thought to have been either cerebral
congestion or the formation or a diooo ciot on
the beart.
John B Page was tbe son of William and
Cynthia Page, and was oorn in uutiana, tea
rtiarv '23. 1826. Hit education in the schools
was of a limited nature, having been finished
at Burr & Burton seminary when be was only
16 years of age : but in the school of life be re
ceived an education, wuioo, suppierncmea oy
an extensive and varied course of reading, ren
dcred bim one of the readiest and most skillful
debaters in the state, and fitted bim for the ac
coinDlishment of those deeds whtch tended in so
large a measnre to promote the welfare alike of
his town and state, in ism no entered me
Bank of Rutland as teller, was elected cashier
in 1818, and president in 1861. In 1860 be was
elected state treasurer and served in that capac
ity until '66. In '67 and '68 he was elected gover
nor. Previous to tots time ne represented Rut
land in tbe legislature in 1832, '53 and '54, and
bis townsmen again called upon bim to fill this
position in 1880. During all these years be bad
been identified with many business interests.
From 1860 to '66 be was trustee of the Rutland
and Bnrlington railroad, and was elected presi
dent of the Rutland (railroad company at the
time of its organization in 1367, and held tbat
position till 1883. For several years he
served as a director Of tbe Central Vermont
railroad, and also of tbe Sullivan
County and Vermont Valley railroads. For a
long time be was director and vice president of
the Champlain Transportation company, and at
one time a director and vice president of the
New York and West Shore road. Perhaps the
most important local business enterprise in
which Gov Page was interested, is tbe Howe
Scale company. He was connected with tbe
corporation while it was located in Brandon,
and it ws largely due to bis efforts tbat the in
dustry was moved to Rutland, at which time be
became its treasurer, ana suosequentty us presi
dent, which position he held at tbe time of bis
death. He always manifested great interest in
religious and educational institutions and in tbe
development of whatever would improve tho
prosperity of tne town wuere ne nau always
reaiifprl. Thn fir a rip.nartmpnt. as at tire.sent
constituted, owes Its organization largely to bis
efforts. Ho was a member of the first engine
company organized in tbe town, and was for
several years' the chief engineer of the Rutland
tire department. In 1808 be united with the
Congregational church, and its interests were
ever after dear to bis beart. He was liberal in
bit pecuniary support of tbe churcb, wise In hi
counsels to mat Doay anu prompt lnspeecnana
action to uphold the great trntba whicb be be
lieved. All auxiliaries to church work found
In him an earnest supporter. For 13 years be
has been a member of tbe corporation of Mid
dlebury college, and of Burr and Burton sem
inary. In 1871, '72, '73 and '74 he visited
Europe, where his first wife, Mary A Reynolds,
died. She was tbe mother of bis children,
William R. Edward D and Helen LPage. His
second wife. Harriet E Smith, with four chil
dren, survives bim. Gov Page bad mingled
much with tbe world, and, like all men endowed
bv nature with the qualities ror leading in ac.
Hon and shaping public opinion, aspired with
laudablo ambition to tbe position of leadership,
and while bis lie t friends do not claim for him
perfection, it is admitted on all sides that bo
was the subject of unjust criticism and cruel,
treacherous attacks, all of which bo endured
with a calmness of spirit born of conscious in
tcgrity, and betokening tbat noble nature which
bus proved estimable among men, and, as we
believe, acceptable to toe uou wtiom oe wor
shipped. ,
Ex-Speaker Martin is one of the counee'
against Adams In the post ottice investigation
in progress at Dinby, before Inspector Larason.
Electrician Clary, wife and child were at Bur
lington last week, attending tbe ennren cnotr
convention. WillUton Walker of Hartford, is
in town for a few days. Tbe case of Richard
Bradley, Jr, whose severe illness at Boston, was
reported last wccR.suows mororavoraoie symp
toms now. Mrs G L Clary has ibss week la-
ken the place in tbe grammar school of Miss
Hoyt wbo was called borne to Arlington, by
tbe sickness of ber mother. Mrs M E Giltiert
is spending tbe week with a friend in Boston.
Mrs Dr Holton has been in llo-ton tbis week.
Elizabeth Crosby returned to uambruige Mass,
Monday. Mrs Wesley Snow wbo bas been
spending the summer here started Manday, for
ber home in Palatka, Fla. J H Sinionds has
gone to East Templeton, Mass, to work. Mrs
Abler Albee of Warwick, bas beon spending a
few days with her ton here. A S Cox bas re
turned after a residence of six yean in 11 ol-
yoke and Worcester. Fred Simonda returns to
Grand Kapids, Mich, this week wlta ins tum-ily.
Tub action of Princo Bismarck in asking
Pope Leo XIII to act as mediator between Ger
many and Spain on the Caroline islands ques
tion is not only an uncommonly shrewd politi
cal movement as regards tbe internal affairs of
Germany, but it is one which may con tain vast
poHibilities of good for all Europe. For two
years past it has been evident that Bismarck,
with wbom state craft consists in making com
binations of one and all political parties to suit
nis temporary purposes, was figuring to use tne
Clerical party. A few weeks ago a convention
was held at Munster to resist tbis manipulation,
but Bismarck in thns going to tbe Pope in tbis
case has taken the wind out of it, and it is be
yond doubt now that tbe effect on the Catholic
voters will be tbe return of as many Clerical
members of parliament subservient to hit pur
poses as be wants. But beyond and I etter than
tbis is the effect it will have in securing the
peace ot Europe. Pope Leo, in bis public
statements, has repeatedly claimed that it was
this special function which he hoped to bave
all the governments of Europe acknowledge by
applying to bim for his mediation as a means
ot averting recourse to arms, and this ac
knowledgement of the claim by the greatest
statesman and the most powerful government
of Europe is tbe highest acknowledgement of
papal dignity that bas been given in the last fif
teen years.
llrattlebora After tho American Merinl.
Bbattlebobo, Oct 29, 1883.
The riflemen commenced a series of matches
for the Auierican Field medal to day, aud tho
weather was all tbat a rifleman could expect as
will b seen by tbe 6plcni id score ol 1019 pointt
for ten men, and the bovt think we bave the
winning team now we bave Mr Farrow with as.
which greatly strengthens the already strong
team we bave bad. Tbe following are tbe
cores at arrxrded.
Taft n io u 9 12 n n n 12 10-109
Farrow 12 12 10 10 9 10 11 12 It 12-109
Cob1 11 11 11 10 12 9 10 10 11 11-100
Nichols, AS 12 8 10 12 10 10 10 12 12 10-K6
Knight- 10 9 11 9 10 11 10 12 10 12-104
NicholsAW7 9 11 9 12 12 11 12 11 10-104
French 12 10 10 9 10 10 7 8 11 12- 59
Read 10 9 11 7 10 12 12 11 7 10 99
Smith 8 10 11 10 9 10 12 8 9 1094
Hannon 10 4 9 10 6 9 9 10 10 12 r-9
Tola!. 1019
A match for tix men will be shot next week,
tbe team to onslst of the biebet tix on tint
match. Mr Farrow and A W NicboU shot tbe
new Farrow gun.
Oak Grove, Saturday, Oct St, 85.
Nicb'IsAWll 11 10 9 9 10 12 II 10 12-105
NicboKASIl 8 11 9 11 10 10 11 12 9-102
Read 11 10 10 9 10 8 11 11 10 10 1"!
Kreo. b 9 8 9 10 10 11 10 12 II 1O1O0
Hanr-oW 7 II 10 10 11 8 1.) 11 10 11 99
Wbirrr 11 9 7 41 12 10 6 9 10 10-!5
I'.iinan II 10 8 8 8 0 1) 10 IO It Ki
Co t 2 7 10 6 7 6 5 6- 61
trtctii record conriTtriox.
rWl , II 11 11 12 12 9 11 10 9 11-107
l'um-re II 11 10 10 9 11 II 9 11 10-10
F.vr.a 11 12 11 10 9 10 10 9 11 IC2
Colt 11 9 10 6 9 7 12 10 11 W
Tub troubles in Denmark must inevitably
culminate in revolution, as it appears now.
Kinir Christian t Doition is tbe tame and the
principle! involved in the controversy are tbe
same as wbn Chariot J lost bit bead in Eng
land. Christian was raised from impecunious
tc lusion to tbe throne by the action of the
Dowers tbat signed the London protocal 26
years ago, and be bat stupidly got it into bit
beta mat ne can turn toe woeeis ot nine dbck
a few crnturiea. He hti declared martini law
and established a censorship of the press. Tbe
light to bold meetings is aUo caspendtd, and
the poor fool thinks tbat measures like these are
a lid strong en.Micb to bold down a volcano.
A Cnnret Onlnnnial.
The Bipti?t cbunh at Brookline eelebrrted
Its centennial anmversarr Sunday. Iheexer-
ci-es were very interesting and included tba
reading by the clerk, of an historical sketch cf
t le c'-iurch. The cbnreh was or?n lad nine
Vi-ars after the first settlement of tbe town. At
one tim: it bad 110 mcmrt embraced in i:t
mernbemhip list, nh-,nl 540 permm in all. It
has built two meeting bouses, ordained tix niln-
ist rs and lirensed several otl.crs wbo have been
rrdalned e'sewbere. It established a Sunday
school in 1S2S, which has hn continued to the
present tiine Music wat furnished by Pn-f
Barrett and a choir of old time since rs. and
was much t riovtd. Tbe selections were admir
able and bnelv rendered. Tne terviret con-
c'udei with an Impressive tnm-n-sry and ben
ediction by tbe pastor. Rev 1 D Barweil of Sax
tons River.
Two mntaa! insurance companies bare nr-
gamcd since tbe valued nobcv law srent Into
i peratlon ii New Hampshire, two (tuck corn-pa-iies
begin to write roli'-te next month, and
otuert of both tort are rrgamzing t brooch tbe
t ate Tli - fotebrn luoratire companies bare
learned tbat tbey srere not aV to ruin every
thing bv withdrawing fmia tbe stale. Kaitber
tnoie tbev realist that if tbe law works well in
tue Granite atate, it it sure to be generally
adopted. " !
Friday Aftaraea's Brattlo. s Ktwl,
From Itit wetk't Eventag Bdlrlon.l
And still another big now Industrial enter
prise it projected.
There liars oeen in all three deaths from
carlot fever In town.
It It $1 a peck, not bushel, that cheitnuti
ring, ana mey are scarce nero.
Chat Conant gave a "steam clam opening
insi evening ior ni utiiiaru parior,
The now minstrel comnanv. to whom a)ln
ton was made In our last, takes the road next
ween. .
W II Bains hat been kODt from bit work
ror several weeks by rheumatism but be it Ira
proving now.
Julius Avhlttaker of Marlboro claims the
best coon record in this lection. He caotured
li c. . ... -
d oaiuraay nigut.
G II CliatHpld. formerly nronrietor of the
junction House at ciuremont. IN 11. is the new
ciorit at ma American Mouse.
Seymour and Charlie Horton killed three
rattlesnakes on Wantastlqtiet, a week ago Sun-
tiay, each of which contained tun young snakes.
Clifton R Sherman won two mizes at thn
Amherst athletic contest tbe other day. one for
poie vaulting and one tor tue one mile foot race.
Mrs Annie Estcv Fulton started for the
south yesterday morniug, meeting Gen Hood
and wife at Now York for the rest of tbu jour.
The Farrow Fire Arms Co are having a 100.
000 23 yards targets printed for free distrilm
tion. The UEyoRsiEii job dopartmont nas the
Tbe band serenaded N I Ilawlev and B D
Harris Tuesday evening and were afterwards
Invited by Mr Hawlev to a little lunch at
Coopers. -
-I K Altai Is awav on a fishing exenrsion
wilh Conductor Williams at New London.
Conn. This morning they sent up a handsome
ot oi nsn to weir mends nore.
The Baptist Sunday school is favored with
especially fine music this fall It is furnished
by Elbrldge Van Doorn organist, Miss Izetta
Stewart pianist and H W Leonard cornetist.
There was a cenforence of several local
business men over the Dlckerman lock manu
factory project Friday afternoon. No conclu
sion was reached, which looks to any definite
action. c
A number of Brattleboreans invested In the
lottery or "distribution of presents" of tbe Leo
minster, Mass, GAR post. Tbe one lucky
man is Don H Miller, who draws a harness
which purports to be worth $33.
Tbe "new" five cent piece, as It is called.
and for which as much as a quarter hat been
o flared, appears to be quite numerous around
town, to much so tuat people are doubtful
whether tbey are not counterfeit.
Tbe Reformer job department is now
having tbe Urgest run of work ever known be
fore since its establishment. It is all ewing to
our successful endeavors to please. We are
turning out some very fine things in the way
of job printing and at reasonably low prices.
The Policeman saw a man carrying a can
of liquor nnder his coat the other night. "What
is tbe matte"," he asked, "bave you a tumor ?"
"No, sir," was the truthful reply, "it is a can,
sir." Thev say tbis happened here, though the
Saturday Evening Express says it was Boston.
"Charlie." the fast horse which Col E H
Cbaso bad hero last summer, has jnst trotted
in 2 :2l 1-2, wilh a running mate, at Louisville,
Ky, recently. Robert Bonner, wbo was pres
ent, says it will be one of tbe fastest trotters in
the country, going clear down into the "teens."
The Carpenter Organ Co have placed an or
der with the Kefoiimkr job department for 3o.
000 catalogues and 300,000 circulars. People
are beginning to unaerstana mat ior a good ar
ticle in the way of job printing and at a low
price, loo, the keforher job office excels.
Give ns a can ana see tor yourself.
Mr Crbwell's reservoir has teen newly ce
mented over and is being gradually filled with
water from-tho overflow of the pipes. The
springs in tbe Pratt pasture bave been connect
ed ensuring a plenteous supply ot water for tbe
winter. The overflow pipe will be laid down
tbe new street crossing tbe Charlier place and
to Mr uroweii s new nouses on tuo square.
The windows have been placed in tbe Uni
versalist church and they are undoubtedly the
richest and finest in town. There are eight
from the auolonca room costing W each. One
is tbe gift ot the pastor, Rev E W Whitney.
and the others are memorial windows for Rev
L J Fletcher, the first pastor of the church, Rev
U It Moore, Dea J as stabrook, ilea Ar
nold J Uines, Dea E Wing Packer,
James Fislt, sr, and Alfred Simonds.
A rose "window in the front is tbe gift of the
Murray club, while there are six vestibule
gothic windows given by Mrs Geo Hunt, Mrs
E A King, of Guilford, and Edwin Earle.and
one in memory ot ur Aaron tstocsweil and nls
wire, aubiiiii.
A L Wilder offWIlmlngton bat bad a part of
a mot automated on account or gangrene.
J L Martin hat sold the Peabody bouse at
South Londonderry to Jerome Converse of East
wantngiorii, wuo luKes possession in April
Consideration about 0.1000.
Lewis Aldrlrh of East Westmoreland, an
aged man over 80, fell down cellar last week
Thursday night and inflicted nulla anrimna in.
jurios to uit tuoillUur.
James Blanehard of Hinsdale. N II. while
trying to shift a belt In Snow's saw mill, the
otuor nay made a misstep and fell 15 feet,
uivnning uis wnstano coital none.
Saturday while Officer Gilbert of Hlnadaln. N
11, was attempting to arrest a roemiier of tbe
MOdoO gang, he was stabbed In the aft arm
Ibis gang whtch ts a cest to tho law abidins
i.iu,uiia, uugui io oe exierminnica.
As Boniamin Clark of Halifax was rldlns
Sunday Oct 18tb, accompanied by his wife and
daughter Haute, the fasteninusigave way while
going own nui, letting tne neap drop and
throwing them out. All were hadlv Inn Inert.
Mrs Clark breaking ber collar bone and several
Thieves are prevailing about West Town.
sucna. i ney stole a Harness from uscar Dean
Saturday nlggt and a harness and whip from
Ugar Butler.
More Farit Green.
Timothy Larabee. an old soldier, and well-
known citizen of Halifax, took Paris green,
Saturday evening, at anout eight o'clock. Tbe
fact was not discovered by tbe family until
neany morning. Medical aid, was immediately
summoned, but be was pronounced past all
belp. He lingered In great distress until Tues
day. Pecuniary trouble is supposed to be the
primary cause for this sad act.
Strange and Fatal Accident to a Bellowt
Jfallt Urewery Urnployee.
A strange, and what proved to be a fatal ac
cident, occurred at tbe cold River station Fri
day. Thomas Curlev. an employee of the Bel
lows Falls Brewery Co, was tent down with one
of tho teams to remove some empty barrels from
a car. wnne toe team was being backed up
Curley jumped off tbe wagon and went to open
the car door. Tbe teamster not seeing Curley
kept on backing, the tail board striking bim in
tbe pit of tbe stomach, doubling bim no under
tbe car. He got no without any assistance, got
into tne wagon ana went nome, not winking be
was seriously iniored. Dr Albee was called.
and at first his injuries did not appear to be of
serious nature, but tne second day tbe symp
toms became more alarming, and he died Sat
urday evening. He bad worked here only a few
weens, naviug come from Boston wnere be nas
three sisters and a brother living. His remains
were taken to Boston for interment Monday
In Ilartland. (n 23. a il lllllyh frits in tm Xf 1 t
K Whltrorab; "
In Uiattetoro, Oet St, daughter to Mr and Mrs
JTrod A i uthlll,
in IlnllfsK. lint 4.V BAtf lA tm mnA W W .
Jo BrRtlleboro, Oct 20. tm to Mr and Mri 1
aVdif v U Vt
Jit Bellow VhIIoi. dot oj lt. i
. . . , - wh iu ai iiuii an
Arturrr oittaer ...
In Cheater, Oct 20, a daughter lo M and Mrs V H
. uwnurui .'jrmion.
In Mallows frails, Oct 23, a daughter to Ur ami
ia wavtwr tu lifll !
In GreontMcl. Man. Unfit ii..iu.k..
At the resldouco of tho briclu'a fathor In Wl'ralng.
Ion, Oct 27, by Hev (i V Arms Kim. r K Oowy. of
Wardaboro, and Clara K Hlsaoll. of Wilmington.
In Bratllcboro, Oi-t 211, by Rov K VV Whitney.
Lewis II Atwond and Iill A lln.t j...,..i,.L.
of Mra Luther Ilnrlon, of Nuw York oily.
In Hrattleboro, dot 20, ut the rusldutioe of the
bride a father, by Rev 8 11 Leo, Iltrncri U Walkor
to Mary L, dughtr of Kdward Crosby.
In Hlniidnlo, N H, (Jet 8, by Rov H H Hamilton,
Kdward McUrenor, ol Uerry, to Mmule Nultiuu.of
In Weeton, Oet IS, by Re M Adams, FrndoVIck
A Bpaulding. of Chalur. to Idll Ahhmt l vt-,...
ton. ...
In South Londonderry, Oet IS, by Rev O P Ful
ler, John L Howard, ot Jarnaloa, to'jetinle Byard,
of f'eru. '
In Wilmington, Oot 20, by Rev V N Barber, II
H V Incheatur to Alloe K Bullou.
In Levden. Mima, ni t u ... twwii., nMAK
Oct 22, by Rev W II Atkinson, Marlon H Dennlson!
of Leyden, to David Ashoraft, of Whately.
In Hpringfield, Mass, Ool 5, Kdwln A Pratt, of
South Vtrnon, to Mary K dough.
In 8nrinallold. Mrmh. Oi-i ir i.u n it. trnni.
Willie K J ihnson, of Warwick, to Nellie A Hawks!
of Springfield.
In AuffUHta. MV. OH 91 1, T7 w.. i i n
John V Blake, of Bellows Falls, to Florence Lally.
In North Adams, Mass, Oct 27, by Ror F II
Rowley, Wm R Btuart, of Pltteflcld, to Miss Lillian
M Ames, of North Adams.
In lliBUUboro. Oct 24. h Rv V V. Tn, u. w
K Ogilvle to Mias Ellen L Hadloy, both of West
Sick Haadacho and ratler til Hit troubJ-e foes'
doat to a bilious stutoof the system, cucliwr Wa
riness, Nausea, Drowaavm. iJlutrcss after tatintb
Pain Id the Hide, Ac. While their most rtU
able tucceta has been sunwn lu curing
IIcadachc.yctCarlcr'aLlttbl.lvwPlllsaroeriuallyf .
valnable in Constipation, cur.nff and preventing?;
this annoying complaint, while thev also correct
all disordvrt of the stomach, ai'iunlata the liver'
and r&ulate tho bowels. Lvcn it Ituy only cured'.
Ache they would bo almost prlcclrei'to thoso who
uftcr from this distressing complaint; but fortu
nately their goodness does not end hurv.and tboaa
who once trv thorn will find these HtUe mils valu
able. In so many ways that they will not bo willing
to do without them. But after all tick head
Is the banc of so many lives that here is where we
moke our grunt boost. Our pills cure lit while
others do not.
Carter s Llttla Liver rills are very small and
very easy to take. One or two pills make at dote.
They are strictly vegetable and do not gnpe or
purge, but by their gentle act ion please all who
line them. In vials at 25 cents; five for $1. Sold
by druggists everywhere, or sent by mail.
Closet Hla Life's Work Over 25 years on
tne iviiaa a r amniar r igure which will
toe AIlsswl by the TTayrllnar Public-Far-
Honiara or his Death and Burial.
Mrs Charles Martin who has been visiting
ocr sister, jurs norace rrencu, nero ror a lew
weeks, returns to Chicago to morrow. Frank
Bruce bas gone to Minneapolis, Minn, to live.
Arthur Field and wife of Chelsea, Mass, with
two children, visited friends in town from Sat
urday to Monday.- F W McOettrick, Iisq, of
m Aioans nas oeen in town several days tbis
week tbe guest of A P Hall. J A Bsrdwell and
wife and Webb Mellendy of Londonderry took
a nying trip to wew xorK tbis week. Mrs T J
a Cudwortn returned to-day from a several
days' visit to Boston. Geo Simonds, the Mavi-
vllle, Ky, hotel keeper arrived In town yester
day for a brief sojourn with his father, Harvey
sitnonas. uriggs & uo swing a new sign to
day.- John J liaker arrived vesterday with
three horses from New York, and is soon to go
to L,eo. mass, tor nve more wnicn be is to
t o winter and train next spring.
aiert nernn claims tnat the sitter is all
wrong on tbe bawk question, as it was killed
on the first sbnt. Alexander Cummings is to
move from I N Thorn's bouse to Anderson's
on Forrest street. Miss Helen A Chandler and
ber mother are vbi.ing in East Somerville,
Mass, ior a tew weens.
From our regular correspondent.
Bellows Falls, Oct 27, 1885.
The death ol one of our townsmen Edward D
Murphy, took place at his home on Rocking
ham street after an Illness of two weeks of cap
illary bronchitis. Up to Tuesday evening
hopes had been entertained that be would pull
through, but tbat night he had a change for the
worse ana Bang rapiuiy.
T wo weeks ago ne went to Ciaremont to
make arrangements for a play he was soon to
produce there, and slept in a cold room where
he caught a serious cold wbich brought oa the
sickness whicb terminated in bis death.
El ward D Murphy was born in Youghal.
County Cork, Ireland in August 1845 and was
tbe youngest of nve children all of whom
diod previous to tbat date. About this time bit
father died and bis mother came with her in
fant son to New York where she subsequently
married again.
Soon after this tbe family moved to West
minster and, it waa there that Ed received the
injury which deformed bim for life;, be was at
school and a number of the boys were at play
and be received a kick from one of them in the
back which caused curviture of the spine and
finally resulted in hunch back.
From there be went to Rutland and in 1858
returned again to tbis village where he has
since resided. In 1859 he began as nowshnv on
tbe Sullivan and Valley It R, ,and since then
bas never missed but one wintcr.on tbe road.
lie was married in 1878 to Miss Noia Dig-
gins wbo still survives bim. During the past
three winters he has acted as local dramatic
manager here and was also manne r and part
owner in B j u skating ball. Mr Murphy bas
been for years on tbe road and was widely
known and respee'ed. He had received only a
cuniwon Knuui ouucitiion Dai wak natural lv
bright and talkative and derived great benefit
from general reading and from tbe varied asso
ciates he camo in contact with.
The funeral was held in St Charles Catholic
church Sunday morning and wat the largest
ever seen here a'l denominations turning out to
attend tbe last sad rites ; fully one thousand
were in attendance. As a tribute to bis mem
ory tbe Bellows Falls band attended in a body
and played to tbe grave. Tbe flowers were
very beautiful and consisted of a pillow of tube
roses and smilax, a shaft of white roses, a
wreath of ivy and a basket of flowers.
In Russell, Pa, Oct 19, Ivera Rood, formerly of
Brattleboro, ayed 65 years and 4 month..
In Bellows Kails. Oct 23. Kdward B Mumhr. 4a
years, 1 month and 18 days.
in rair Haven, Conn, Oct 10, John .Robertson
Hlack. voune-cAt inn nf ihA lt. I4.,r,.n ur in.i.
formorly of Bellows Falls, 23 years. '
In Chester, Oct 10, Martha J, wife of James
Dorand, 86 years and 2 months.
m eiratton, Oct 21, Mrs Olive H Babcock,73.
In Grafton, Sept 21, Oeorae Wlllia Thornton, a
years. '
In Chesterfield. N H, Oct 18, Mrs Lucretia Part
ric Re.
In Westmoreland. N IT I Rent 2a. Un,i a .-m -,tr
of Abiatbar Uowe, aged 83 years, 3 uiontbs aud 8
In Coleraln, Mass, Oct 20, Mrs Lucy Cutting,
aged 79 years ani 7 months.
insurance !
The Only Safe way is to Insure.
Represent the leading Hartford, New-York, Phila-
uoipuia, auu r oreigu
Fire, uifa and Accident Ins. Cos.
Reduced Rate Railroad Tickets
Over the most popular routes.
Office No- 10 Crosbv Black.
New York City.
Decatur Cuff Holder.
B est thing out. Everybody want
them. For sale by
F. 1
No Indictment Found Against Mr Ban
The case of Mrs Estcile Hnntcr of Hinsdale.
N II, charged with the murder of ber hatband.
last June wat settled by tue Lnesblre county
grand jury at Keene yesterday, no Indictment
being found. The jury did not consider tbe
evidence tuOicieut to hold Mrs Hunter.
The Chinese government bas adopted a more
liberal policy in opening to western trade the
great tableland of Thibet.rlclrln gold, musk, and
wool or unsurpassed nnenest, wdicd nas always
been closed heretofore to at to give the Cbinere
a monopoly. The regent of one of tbe two Grand
Lamas of Thibet hat tent a friendly letter to
tne viceroy ot India, toe nrst oiuciai communi
cation received from luibct in one hundred
years. Three or four month! ago Mr Macau,
lay started for Pekinto urge, the Chinese gov.
eminent to remove the barriert between Thibet
and India, and this week it it announced that
Mr Macnlay has obtained pcrinutlon from Chi
na to open up Thibet to India. A railroad it
now in operation from Calcutta to within one
Hundred miles of tbe Thibetan border. Tho
richest part ol Thioet it contiguout to tbe In
dian frontier. The available quantity of wool
it Known to be enormous, out rt ts now almost
worthless, owing to the lack of trading facili
ties. "Tbe gold dog from tbe Thibetan mines,"
writes a missionary at Batbang, "is shining on
tbe pinnacles of tbe pagodas on tbe idols and
on toe cnairt, couches and ornaments of tbe
people of bigti rank." Il has long been known
that it was the Chinese, and not the Thibetan
ho have kcpl the western world out of Thibet.
It was the Uliinte who drove Hue and Gabrt
out of tbe Lhasa after theTbioetanofaciali had
given tbcm permission to live there. It wat
tne Chinese who turned Preieval.ky back Itst
epiinc when he wat pushing toward Lhasa. It
is doubtless due to tin enlightened Premier LI
llung Chang, through wh-ra Corea was induc
ed three jeart ago to emerge frim her seclusion
that the far more interesting and prosperous
country of Thibet l to he oinw o tue world.
A J Burnt shot Mra Ray Good and Lilian
Walter, titter, at Chicago, Wednetday night.
He bad beet discharged for insulting them,
lie wat arrestee1 and narrowly etcapel lynch
Dr I O Oterard of Sprlfigfield, Mass, wat
arret ved last nisbton a charge of abortion on
Adell S Leonard of Shutettxirr, woo died yet
tcrday morning.
TreMdent Cleveland and Gtv Alibctt of Xew
Jersey bave telegraphed mtaaaget of tytc
pa'.hy to M.i George B K-ClelUn. Tbe presi
dent bad dctrrn-.ined to Invite General
MiClellan to the chairmanship cf Ue civil ter
Tire commUti m.
M de Freniixt. French minister of foreica
aOairt was tk at yesterday by aa Italian la
borer, bat r't(J Basalt.
Matbiaa C William, an Athot carrot waver.
bat fallen bcir to $-'4,000 by aa enc.e'i !eaUi la
Dettroyt the Main Ralldlng of Coblclgh'a
ajl Fnctory.
From our Regular Correspondent. .
Chestee, Vt, Oct 28, 1885.
Friday evening about seven o'clock it was
ascertained tbat the main building of K Cob-
leigh's cab factory was on fire, and in a short
time a crowd gathered about, and though dili
gent efforts were made to put it out the struc
ture was soon a mass of flames, wnlcb llgbted
up our whole village as light as day. The fire
caught probably Irom - over-beated bearings,
dropping upon a mast of shavings below.
The firo soon made such headway tbat it was
impossible to save the building or any of the
valuable macblnery witbin, and tbe wbole
building was totally consumed. Tbe night
being still, with tbe assistance of the engine
wblcb cane over from tbe Depot tbe otber
buildings were saved witb tligbt tcortbing,
tbougb large brands were tound tbe next morn.
ing long distances from wuere they started
Tbe building burned was built about seventy.
five years ago by a Mr Johnson, and used for a
woolen tactory until bougbt by Mr (Jobltigb
since wbich time it bas been used for tbe manu
facture of children's carriages, sleds, toys. Sec,
Tbe insurance was about if haw. Lost un
90 Main Street
Wonderland of the World,
Nov IO.
The Golden Northwest,
Nov 18.
Prehistoric Ruins and Pueblos of
the Southwest,
Nov 24.
Heroes and Historic Places of the
December I-
The views illustrating theso lectures bave been
taken by tho ino.t eminent artists of America and
have be.n Indorsed by art connoisseur and critio
press and people as far superior to anything hither
to exhibited. These views are projected by tbe
latestand most improved meaDS o: 11 uminatlon up
on a large screen, maklog beautiful nautilus from
18 to 'U feet In sizr. Ne unsightly aratus in view
f the audience. Fron, amoof .numerous flatter
lug notlcea, the following ,-e been selected aa
fairly indicating tba f with which these lec
ures baxe been .ert-
Resolved i if, rour opln'on, the illustra
tions are .ery superlar, and tho correctness of de
til, and their realistic coloring entitln tbem to take
rank aa works of art. Boston Art Club.
An Intellectual treat. f Providence Journal.
Simply superb.- Providence Telegram.
Wrought forcibly upon the fancy of the audience.
Boston Harald.
Wonderful works of art, masterpieces of repro
duced nature. Koaton Journal.
By far the best productions of photography and
plate coloring that have been seen here. Worces
ter Spy.
All tbat could be desired ; novel, entertaining and
Insiruct've Springflel d Republican.
An exceedingly rare attraction. -(fprlugtield Union
Entertaining aud and Instructive in more tbau
ordinary degree Nashua Telegraph.
Beats VI 00 and 81.23.
On Bale at CHAriN e" Drue- Store, on and after
Monday, ov v. - - .
- hihmic an mission, 35 cents, on sale at uox umce
eveniugtof lecture. . 122 w
The gold fever bas struck West Windsor.
Fallon and B Warren have opened a mine on
rallon a tarm. witb very favorable results. H
Ilcade who bas a mine in Heading, bas resent.
It tct np an engine at bit mine and will employ
zv worn men mis winter.
J L Bowman, a prominent citizen of Royal
ton, wbo bat held many ollices in the town
dropped dead Saturday, lie was tbe tecond
oldest representative attending the recent kgit
Utive reunion at Montpelier.
Mrs Garfield it writing a biography of her
And now Maine bat caught on to tbe Ver
mont idea ana It to bare a legislative reuniun
this winter.
A phenomenal migration of tquirrclt It In
prrgrest from north-western Mississippi in tbe
direction of Arkansas. Men are ailing them
witb sticks, and in some cases it is said tbey at-
tact: banters.
new volcano bas been discovered in Sici
Tbe Siamese government bat completed a tel
egraph line from Btrgko to Ilahnng.
Juiljre r oraker tent a x. inctnnau enquirer re
porter tbat bo duct not intend to let toe presi
dential bee get into bit bonnet.
One hundred workmen were discharged r-
terJar from the Brooklyn navy yard. The Un
ion tayt tbe discharged men are Democrats.
Timmany beld a master ratification meeting
in New York Wednesday night.
Tbe venerable Horati'i Seymnnr- bat written
a letter full of nher widom and ti'r- arcing
tbeelertloa of Uill io Ne" .
Foraker't plnrality In O :1 tt. .
Eight Inches of tnow :t VicMean last
lYof Stroker eokwed RepaMicai. anti-
hl.TOdr ebirt and S Carolinian lectured in
New Yoik lat airbt oa the New 8 ih at the
equet ol lr liowa d Croiv and ber.
lie ruuma teat tue Drirv i anaaing rpm t
taares and Utat icna-ot Soeriuaa tboaM U re-
The rrcalar IVm'vTatic or ring ti.ket won in
Baltimore Wcdtietdav, :a a majority of
TKH m the teATktt vote ever cast m lit rt-.y
orer 6J0.
Cheapest, Best and Most Durable Spring-Bed
1 Ever Offered to the Public. .
Some of the - .A. d vantages this 33ed over
others are:
1st It is clean, noi-seless and strong. Each spring is made from the
best Bessimer steel and having an individual strength of 40 pounds.
2nd The body rests as smoothly and evenly upon this spring as a
Swan floats upon the water, and a light and heavy person sleeping
upon.tne same bed does not cause it to sag in the least.
3d. .It can be adjusted to any bed and moved from one bed to another
with almost the same ease that you can remove ordinary slats.
4th It makes a smooth even surface for the mattress to rest upon with
no ends to chafe and wear the bedding, and there is not a placa on
this bed that will harbor or hide a bedbug.
5th- This bed guarantee to be noiseless, elastic and adjustable
and to fit the body in all its parts anl positions, and not to give way
under any strain, each spring being severely tested before used.
Furniture Dealers & Undertakers
2, 4 and 6, Main Street
Latest Styles, Lowest Prices.
In Soft and Stiff Hats, Furs and Scotch Caps,
Gloycs, Mittens, Hosiery, Cardigan Jackets, Wool White and Fancy
ShirLi, New Lot oj Winter Underwear, including a Job iiv
All Wool Scarlet, only GO cents. Fur
Coats, consisting of Buffalo, Coon, Japanese Wolf and Doj Skin.
iYew Lot of Japanese Wolf Robes.
Trunks, Travelling and Ladies' Shopping
Bag?, Collars and Cuffs, Xew nnd Nobby Styles
Xccl'iccar, Umbrella, Cane-?, Shawl SirajjS, Mo'.in
Strings, &c, &c. Call and examine
Low Prices is !ny lcst a Jvertisement
Ry tterV New Flock, Brattleboro. At nt for Trey Steam Laundry.

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