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VOL. XVII. NO. 52.
In time to any irregularity of the
Stomach, Liver, or Bowels may
prevent serious
headache, nau-
,sea, bilious.
)ness, and ver
tigo indicate
certain func
tional derange,
ments, the best
remedy for
which is Ayer's Tills. Purely vege
table, sugar-coated, easy to take and
quick to assimilate, this is the ideal
family medicine the most popular,
safe, and useful aperient in phar
macy. Mrs. M. A. 13kockwell,
Harris, Tenn., says:
- "AVer's Cathartic rills cured me of sick
headache and my husband of neuralgia. We
thluk there is
No Better Medicine,
and have induced many to use It.
' Thirty-five years ago this Spring, I was
run down by hard work and a succession of
colds, which made me so feeble that it was
an effort for me to walk. I consulted the
doctors, but kept sinking lower until I had
jilven up nil hope of ever being better.
Happening to be in a store, one dajvwhere
medicines were sold, the proprietor noticed
my weak and sickly appearance, and, after
a few questions as to my health, recom
mended me to try Ayer'a Fills. I had little
faith in these or any other medicine, but
concluded, at last, to take his advice and try
box. Before I had used them all, I was
very much better, and two boxes cured me.
1 am now 80 years old ; but I believe that
if it had not been for Ayer's Pills, I should
have been in my grave long ago. I buy 6
boxes every year, which make 210 boxes up
to this time, and I would no more be with
out them than without bread." H. H.
Ingraham, Eockland, Me.
Prepared by Dr. J. C. Ayer & Co., Lowell, Ma.
Every Dose Effective
Connecticut River Division,
Xeave Bellows Falls,
" Brattieboro,
t " South Vernon,
" Greenfield,
" Spiingfleld,
" New Haven,
Arr. New Tork,
6.2") 9 22
6 4ft 9 45
8 13 10 10
7 50 11 45
9 33 1.35
11.33 8.30
a.m. p.m.
a m. d m
8 80 1.00
D.m. i m
l.f,0 358
2 55 4 38
3.45 4 57
4.13 5.
6.33 6.34
S.10 8.10
5 20
7.10 10 00 10.00
p.m. p m. p.m
Leave Bellows Falla, 9.40 .ra., 12.10, 2.53, 6 2s,
irinffl . rlnllv.
Arr. Windsor, 10.35 a.m., 1.00, 3.42, 7.20, (11.69
u.m.. aauy.)
6 40 10 50 1.05 6 61
10 22
leave New York,
" New Haven,
" SpiioBfleld,
" Greenfield,
" Uratiluboro,
Arr. Bellows Falls, 12.00
9 01
10 50
1 35
11 00
4 25
8 15
p.m. p.m
Dal 1 7
12.13, 1230,
Leave Windsor, 4.00, 7 23 am
3.10, 5.40 p.m., mixed.
Arr. Bellows falls, 4 43, 8 22 a.m., 12.53, 1.30,
3.50, 7.15 p.m., mixed. , , ,
Sundays, leave Brattieboro for Springfield,
.8.25 a.m., 1 30 p.m. Leave Springfield lor Brut
tleboro, 7.80 a m., 8 15 p. m.
I. J. ftXANDERS. Gen. Pass. Agt.
Jane 25.
Tiie Green Monntain Chalybeate Spring,
Qualtltlve Analysis by a former Professor of
Orgacia Chemistry In the Eclectic Med-
! cal College of Pennsylvania .
The more prominent medicinal component
of this Water are Sulphate, Carbonate and
Oxides of Iron, Sulphuric, Hydrochloric,
Xltrlc and Phosphoric Acids, Chloride of Sc--llum,
Pbosphate of Iron and Carbonate of
By the analysis of this, every one will per
ceive that It will help nature to throw oft all
Impurities of the Blood, Including Scrofula.
Cancers, Salt Rheum and all Poisons, &o , as
many can testily.
All orders should be addressed to
How to Mend Rubber Hose.
Cut the hose apart where defective, force
the ends over a piece of Iron pipe 10 Inches
long and wrap with well waxed twine.
How to Care for a Paintbrush.
Never leave It standing long la the pilnt
nor allow It to dry before being washed. One
used frequently may stand In water or oil, but
one seldom needed shiuld be thoroughly
washed after each using. Brushes often
washed mav be claansed In soda dissolved In
cold water, then place brush end up to dry.
A brush washed but once or twice a year Is
cleansed best by rubbing It well with soft
soid in warm water. A little turpentine
will remove all paint. The brush Is tben
rinsed and tbe bristles straightened and shak
en so they will not dry together.
Proper Soil for Wheat.
Wheat requires a fertile toll, not so rich
that all tbe life Is spent In producing a luxu
rious growth of straw, but a good sttnd for
fair height with sufllclent strength to pre
vent lodging. For winter wheat the sell
should be raiher dry, as the seed must with
stand tbe frost and 'snow of winter and thaws
and freezing of spring. No soli can be culti
vated too fine. A bushel and one-halt of seed
corn per acre Is sufficient to give a thick stand
and secure a goou yieiu. w inter wneai may
be sown from Sept. 15 te Oct. 1. For wheat
tne seed may be sown as early as tbe seed
may be sown as earlv as the weather will
permit; Ihe earlier the better. Tbe time of
harvest varies from Oct. 15 to Aug. 1. Orsin
thould not be allowed to stand very long after
jlpenlng. If rut before ripe It Is apt to shrink
and lose in weight. Tbe preparations of the
soli and Its cultivation for barley, oats, rye
and flax are similar to that of wheat.
C. E. SKINNER, tot, Hewfane.
We want to sell one thousand barrels of
Flour next month.
Now is a good time to buy because we are
selling It
and It will be much better than that made
later on from new wheat.
Don't be at All
bashful about Inquiring price If you are not
a regular customer, for we shall not feel
"'hurt" if you don't see fit to buy anything
beside the Flour, for we don't '-make It up"
on something else.
I have soma
-n tbe farm that I tb6uld be pleased to dress
and deliver at any part of tbe villager fresh
'when wanted.
171. I. MATHER,
World's Fair ...
Accommodation .
Company, . . .
825 Deabaorh 8t, 1
chicago, ill,
Where will yon stop when you go to tbe
Fair? We offer you flrst-clase accommo
dations at 5(c to $1.50 per person a
lay. We Ihtve flats and houses where par
ties can de their own bousekeeplag and be by
themselves. Select rooms In private booses
our specialty. Our roemi are near tbe
grounds. We can give the highest referen
ces. Avoid death-trap hotels end temporary
etructuret which are liable to blow down.
Send for folder and learn tbe whole story hew
job can make tbe best arrangement with us.
Brattieboro, VU
Agents for World's Fair Accommodatloa Co.
Perkins' Dye House
'No. JL TVT- St.
Ladles' and Gents Garments
Cleansed and Dred at
Short Notice.
To Feed and Ralsn Turkey.
It Is very easy to get a fair hatcb, but tbe
trouble Is proper care afterward. Turkeys
do not cat much until they are two or three
days old. Begin with wet bread, with plenty
of black pepper; mix with this, for every 40
turkeys, one drachm of gunpowder twice a
week: feed this for four weeks. It you have
many turkeys, stale bread Is always obtain
able at bakeries at a low price.
At tbe age of four weeks you may begin to
feed home made cheese. Do not spare tbe
pepper In this. Continue this nntll all tbe pin
featbers appear. Then your turkeys are quite
out of danger and able to take care of them
selves. Always be careful to keep tbem In a
dry place. Never let tbem run in the grass
In tbe morning until the dew Is off. nor per
mit tbem to be out in a shower or just after
one. My advice to iurney raisers wuuiu u m
keep tne mother ben and brood up until tnoy
are a week old. Wheat makes an excellent
feed after cheese, but never feed rye. Poul
try Monthly.
Currant jelly must always be given the first
place In tbe 1st of jellies made from our
many delightful fruits used for tbe purpose,
and no housekeeper should be willing to
serve roast venison, roast duck, or chicken,
or In fact any game without a glass of tbe
pretty crimson jelly, which adds tucb a relish
td these dlthes. Currant jslly besides has the
merit of being suitable for jilly cake, jelly
rolls and puddings, as well as tarts, and gives
delleh'ful fUvor to sauces, gravies and
tlewf, and mav be used In place of wine In
many dishes. It Is by far tbe most economi
cal jelly that ean be made, as, Instead of the
uruai pouna oi auger 10 a pint or juice, nan
tbe quantity of sugar may be used, and very
little cooking will be found to thicken tbe
ju'ce so as to cause It to jelly ai once.
Currants for jelly should be allowed to turn
red, but never gee over ripe, and should be
gathered on a dry day ; then picked from tbe
stems, put In a preserve kettle and et over
tbe tire till thoroughly heated, when they
should be put In a jelly bag and Btrained; tbe
juice measured and put on tj ball for five
minutes; tbe sugar can be weighed or meas
ured, about twi-lbtrds as much ai tbeju'ci
beln allowed ; sometimes when tbe currants
are just at tbe right stage one-half as much
sugar ns juice will aus v er ; as soon as tbe su
gar is dissolved tae jelly will be ready to put
In tbe glasses.
Black currants make a very nice jelly, and
are said to be excellent for colds and sore
throats. As they are not very juicy, a little
water must be added to tbem.
. Currant jam maybe made by adding tbe
sugar to the fruit without ' straining, and
cooking until thick.
Spice currants are a nice dish. To prepare
them stem and weight tbe currants; allow
balf a pound of sugar, one tablespoooful of
cloves, cinnamon and ginger each to every
pound; aad ufnjlent vinegar to the sugar to
dissolve It; put In a porcelain kettle, and set
over tbe tire until It comes to a boll ; add the
currants and splce,and let cook balf an hour ;
take up; put In small jirs; cover and set In a
cool, dark place, Courlei -Journal.
DrookHne. A number of the friends of
the pastor. Ksv O J Taylor, gathered at the
parsonage Thursday or ibm wee
Ols naying, tor woioone was uiir
f,,i The wind nf last Saturday blew down I
few trees, oae of which fell Into the road near
tbe Merrlneld place so the man carrier uauiu
lord tbe river to make his trlp. wlng bis
oluck and perseverance. Same fields of corn
. .i.n ininni Hov C 1' Merrlfleld oecu
oledtho Baptist pulpit last Sunday in ex-
ahinin with mi.- naatnr. J A obattUCK Of
Orange, Mass.and W H Blanchardof Parmer,
Mass, are In town seeing to tbe cutting of the
grass upon their terms. iuis r ioioo nu-
nett visited friends at Bellows rails. jonn
runt nrf f .miio nf Hallow Falls, visited In
town Prank Merrlfleld nf Washington, l at
his brother's, F O Merrlfleld's.
Brook-Ide. James A Packard was riding
on a load of bay tbe 20th when it was iippeu
off a bank 20 feet, the bay falling upon him.
Ue extricated himself but was badly bruised
and will be laid tin for altlme. George Prouty
aid family of Townstend, are visiting at her
father', Horatio Warden's. Miss Kdlth M
8trattou has gone to work for Alvln Johnson
of Marlboro. Miss Llnna M Hunt came borne
to attend her grandmother's funeral the 23 J.
She expects to return to Brattieboro tbe 29th.
Arthur Wblttaker has finished bU vacation
and left for his home In Holynke, Mass. The
storm of the 22 1 did not damage us as It spent
it's fury on the hills around us.
Grove. Fourteen acres of land In one
field and piece Is what one man at (Jrove has
cultivated in barlev, corn, potatoes and buck
wheat bsstde other planting. Can anyone
say tbey have dene better this season f A
snow white bird whose notes resemble the
blue bird's has been seen around this place
recently. Haying Is in full blast, what U
being cut is of good quality and quantity
with mercury at 90 degrees.grass has dried In
good shape. Since tbe heavy shower so
much needed last baturday night, mercury
has gone down and fires are now necessary
to keep comfortable. A Gilchrest of York
state Is on his farm at Orove, cutting his
crass. Mrs Gilchrest and son are expected
this week. Eddie Nlles bai the misfortune
to get bis arm badly cut by a scythe, falling
from tbe baymow on It. Tbe wound was
dressed by Dr Perry of Readsboro. Ii wight
Kyes and family of Greenfield visited at Mrs
O Worden's this week. Mrs Louisa Stetson
1 reported as being a little better. Rasp-
herms are verv pieniy anu me uunuu i
nowarood for blackberry pickers. There will
be an abundance of grapes this season If the
blight holds of. l'ears ana appies win iu
short as they have fallen oi Dsdiy, sun in
some places there may be quite a harvest of
Tjullford. Divine service In Christ church
on Sunday next at 10:30 a m, followed ny
Bible class and Sunday school. Service at
Slate Quarry school borne at 3 p m the same
day. Mr and Mrs Leslie Thayer are visiting
at Moiton Thomas'. wrs ana aim may ui
Springfield, Mass, aie In town for a few days.
Mrs Tug Wilson, formerly of the Vercon
hnum. Is at W A Saulers'. Miss Maud Car-
penier U seriously ill wlih typhoid fever.
Joel Flagg, Jr, has been appointed guardian
over K B Weatherhead in place oi J m
Houghton, resigned.
Gullfjrd Centre. J K Webster of
Gainesville, Fla, is In town. Ha Is occupied
as cashier of a bank at that place.-One of the
six valuable cows belonging to J A Alexan
der was found dead In bis pasture one day
fhU week. Wm W Barney, accompanied oj
bis two daughters, Mrs Webster and Mrs Ack-
le v. start foroprmgneia, mass, ic-uay.iuvisii
bis youngest daughter, Mrs Kdward Henry,
who resides In that place. Tbe farmers have
nearly finished baying in this vicinity, and re
port an average crop and of excellent quality.
Quite a number of tbe farmers have lost
several sheep by dogs recently.
Halifax Tbe Sunday School concert at
tbe Baptist church last Sunday was a success,
and we hope to enjoy another In tbe near fu
ture. Wells Tburber, who has been quite
noorlv all summer, we are glad to know is
Improving. Mrs Emily Jones went last Mon
day to Massachusetts to see a sister whom
she has not met for twenty-five years. Nile
Plumb, we are glad to know, is recovering
from tbe Injuries that he received foine davs
ago In the back by lifting atone. Miss Helen
Tburber Is home tor a lew days from Brat
tieboro. where she Is attrrdlng school. Fat m-
ers are nearly through baying and report a
good crop.
of Boston, and Geo Jenki and f imlly of Sbcl
burne Full., are tbe guests of 8 D Faulkner.
Israel Hall has s tine pair of steers three
vears old weighing 801)0 lbs for sale also John
K Harris has a pair weighing 030 lbs seven
month old for sale.
Wllllamavllle. Mr and Mrs Carlton
Sparks returned to 8prlngtieid,Maea, Mond ty.
waiter stratton oas oeen critically in ou
was better Wednesday. Miss Lillian Red
field of Townsbend Is at Mr O P Morse's.-
sunduy a large number of friend altende
tbe funeral of Mrs Abigail Moore at the rest.
denca of ber daughter, Mrs is u nice Hunt o
Brookalde. Tbe burial was at Kut Dover.
Rev S P Fairbanks officiated. Dwlaht Ball
spent Sunday with friends here. Ira Perry
and daughter of St Louis have come fortbelr
annual vltlt. Miss A U Morse visited in the
village from Thursday till Monday. Mr and
Mr Martin Bailey are here for a few dan
John Morse has purchased a building lot In
So'ith Mewfane and will build a new cottage
bouse. Mrs F R Plimpton and two daughters
of Syracuse, N Y, arrived last Friday. Miss
Etta Carpenter has visited her sister Mrs E W
Cbapln of Colcopee Ft.ll, Mass. Alonzo
Stratton Is making extensive repair on his
bouse and building a new plazzi having bis
son, Perley of Springfield, Mass, as carpenter.
A party of nine persons from New York
are at Clark Skinner's. John Sullivan of
Coboes, N Y is visiting at A O'Leary's. RM
Sherman left Thursday morning for the west
ttklng In tbe World's fair on hi way. Miss
Nettle Mome spent several day in Brattieboro
recently. Frank Barden, wife and daughter
of North Adams, Mass, have been visiting at
Mr Hadlock's the past week. The Post OlUce
Is to be moved August 1st to O L Sherman's
store. A N Sherman, democrat, having been
appointed post m ister In place of C K Parks
Republican. The mlntture cyclone which
struck this vicinity Saturday afternoon did
considerable damage especially to corn fields
and forests, In some places large trees were
torn up by tbe roots and plied promiscuously
Into heaps. Nelson Morse, who was bajing
on Newf ane bill had quite a narrow escipe he
bad a bad a load or nay reauy lor tne bind-
ng pole and was putting It on when a gush
of wlod Instantly turned It over, leaving only
tbe forward wheels of the wagon right side
up, bad it been a few minutes later be would
have been on tbe load and very likely been
thrown with tbe hay-as It was, he lost bis
hat and got a thorough pelting with the hall
and drenching with the rain, but considers
himself fortunate.
Townshcnd.-B T Kenyon and Mr Ker
yon are In attendance at tbe W C T U, tern
peranua meeting at Spring Grove, Camp
gnunds, New Haven, tbe former to conduct
tbe musical programme, und tbe latter to con
duct a dally children' hour. The Congrega
tional ladle are preparing for a aoolal and
crazy tea at the town hall for next Tuesday
eveulng. Mrs Winchester and little daugh
ter, from Orange, Mass. are boarding at Dea
con Wlllard's.-Mrs Colburn and Guv re
turned to their home In Nashua, N- II. this
week. Mr Miles and Edith are visiting in
West Halifax. Mr and Mrs Wilson of
Worcester, Mass. are visiting at Ira Larra
bee's. Mildred Woodard bas returned to
work at tbe Brattieboro Retreat. Mrs S C
Larrabee bas exchanged her bouse and lot in
this village for C L Stacey's farm through
May & Crown' agency. A A Larrabee re
ceived judgment for 9200 against C F Hirrls
of the Brattieboro Beef Co last week. M J
Larrabee. wife and son of Brattieboro, and
Lydla Brackett of Portland, Me, visited at Mrs
S C LarraDee's last wees. Jieivin uooper
and family of brattieboro, vithed in town re
Londonderry. Squire Walte OS, Is very
feeble. Oustav us Reed is falling very fast.
South Londonderry. The Electric Dr W
E DjvIs of Bprlngllsld, Mass, Is stopping here
for a short time. Warren Sheldon who has
been so bad with rheumatism Is here from
Proctersvllle and Is trying tboeleclrlc cure.
Jaqultt, wife and children are stopping
awhile in towa from Brockton, Mass. E B
Snow and wife from Naugatuck, Conn, are In
town. Mr Jones is visiting his cousin, Rev
Mr Slsson. A swift turn around tbe post-
office corner and Mr Stone, wife and sister
came very near being badly hurt by being
thrown violently against tbe bridge, The
new quaiters for tbe postoftice are very pleas
ant being roomy, easy of access and almost
citified having a new U S mall box on the
piazza. a Priest from Hudson. Mass, Is vis
iting here.
Ilouchtonvllle. C E Holmes and family
of Ticouderoga,N Y, spent last week here.
S HGraves Is slowly Improving. Mrs Chas
Abbott Is visiting in Landgrove.
West War.Uboro. II A Walte's hotel at
this plice caught tire Monday by the stove
pipe falling down between the partitions and
setting fire to tbe laths. Merchant Ryder and
a neighbor with plenty of water extinguished
tbe flames before any serious damage was
done. Mrs M S Hasklcs started for the
World's fair Monday morning. Adelbert
Ebtabrook It Is expected will preacb at tbe
church next Sunday morning. Among the
late arrivals la town ara B F Billings of Bon
ton at Mrs Flagg's. MrsShepardsonof Ches
bam, N H, at W R Lyman's. John Msgatn
of Boston at S S Perry's. Mr and Mrs Geo
Burns of Brattieboro at E L Rice's.
Practical Notes.
The currant worm is Kept In check by
use oi arenite.
Tbe round-pond wax tean Is a good bean
for canning purposes.
A sack of potatoes I eapDosed to contain
from 105 to 10a pounds.
Do not be satkfled with tbe filling of your
silo this season until It Is nearly a straight as
Tbe quality of farm manure depend unon
tbe kinds of animals that are kept and the
food eaten.
Hen manure, mixed with muriate of do-
tasn. none oiacg anu piaster makes an excel
leu fertilizer.
Airaira requires a deep rich sou with a
porous subsoil. It stands dry weather well.
ana win not tonve in wer, cow piacei.
A wsll-conatructed silo bas more to do with
the gco 1 keeping qualities of Us content than
dots tbe artistic packlrg ol the fodder.
Whenacalla Illy throws up such a number
of leave that tbe bulbs I too ei haunted to
bloom, some of tbe leave should be removed.
Hen manure I excellent t r cabbage and
onions. The ground should be well plowed
before It Is applied, and should be harrowed
Silage bas come out splendidly where no
stamping down was done, but tbe fodder we
packed In firmly and elo-ely and settled by
Its own weight, tbe alio walls of course being
When an orchard Is fairly well established
sheep, swine, and cblckrn can pasture It.
Tbe oil from tbe wool of tne incep I thougbt
to be a remedy for tbe apple tree borer, tbe
bog takes tne olace ot a plow. wLiie the chick
en I good at catching bugs.
If you ar breeding for egg alone there Is
no necessity for putting a male In tbe same
pen as ben will oftrn lay better without him
But hi ereaeace means fertility of all egg
amorc flock laying for batcblug purpose.
Tbl can be kepi In mind for tbe future.
English firmer are expert tn tbe manage
ment of sbeep and s principle with tbem Is
tbat their fleck mast have a very fnq'ient
change of pasture altbcngh tte grass uiay
not be exbsu-ted to any apparent rxteat In
tbe field from which tbey are removed to
other pasture.
Children Cry for
Pitcher's Castorla.
Grafton. Although tbe hotel 1 full, tbe
town is rather quiet and vUitors come and
go some for a long stay, others for a few davs
only. Lewis Clark may be mentioned under
the latter head, be returns to Chicago after
bis sbcrt v cation. John Daniel will no
longer be seen driving bis tpan tbe "Twins."
for be has left lor tne west. auss Alice Dun
can of Boston Is visiting at Mrs Daniels.
Mrs George Howe and the Misses Howe of
New York city, are Maying at N S Weeks',
A new diversion has lately sprung up. It con
1st8 of viewing your neighbor' garden
Each ore strive to have bis vegetable grow
a little faster than any one eltea. Oa Friday
evenlug Clarence E Hawks, the blln orator,
III deliver a lecture upon literary sunject
at the Congregational cbapel eight o'clock-
Rev R J Ward Is ar. tbe Phelps house. Miss
Helen Harris Is at V A Wllber's.-Dr Htzen
of Walllrgiord. lately visited Mrs M O Rice.
Mrs Ellsa Ober bas for company a daugt-
ter and granddaughter from IN annua, IN 11
Frank Hemlnwav of Boston is visiting reia
ttve and friend In town. Mr and Mrs F C
Sberwln are tbe guest of Mr and Mr War
ren Sberln. Mr M O Rite 1 getting bet'er
after ber icknr. Mis Hazen of Cbester.li
caring for Mrs Rice. Mr Dart la tn town for
a visit. There Is a grange meeting tbl evec-
Ing and a regular meeting or the i L Clark
P. st 8aturdav evening. E-q Cbase and wife
of Whillngbaui vUitid Judge L S Walker
Jacksonville These were four tbunder
shower Saturday afternoon and evening end'
Ing at 9 o'clock tn tbe evening. At 10 minutes
before 9 n m zig zig llgbuiog appeared In
tbe tky acbompanied with a (harp -peal of
tbunder soutdrng like a cannon and nning
tbe sir around us with a blue sulphurous
smoke. Its direction was from southeast to
east. No damage occurred about us. Tbe
comet ha been observed here for about two
wees with the naked eye In tbe constellation
of the great dipper. N H Saunders and C H
Grousbeck have united tn ptrmersblp under
tbe name ot Saundei & Grousbeck and have
moved tbtir hirceu buslnet to Char emonr.
Mm.-S U Easton cut one of hi toes with a
hatchet while at work last week. Don Tay
lor has purcbsied the use of tbe water power
of Bertie Putnam for one year for lbs u-e of
Ms mill. W A Brown ha comp eted tbe
Newton bouse at Castle bii Ige. Abas Pike
atd friends while out in a boat on the village
oad fsblng In the tbunder shower of Satur
day evening repert a bright blue Debt wa
seen arouud tbem wben tbe loud peal of
thunder o currtd. The Ladies' social circle
give a popular entertainment anl an eld fash
ioned supper at tbe village ball Aug 10. All
are Invited. Tbe A mot Biowa family bay
recently come Into poelon of tome floe
irgtcK by ineir iro'uer, Mrs ados omwn,
deceased. F K Ilolbrook, Freeman Hagar
and A L Core have beta cutting tb hay on
the Luiber A Hard place. Selab Holbrook I
on tbe sick list. RumcI O'ffJrd ha sold bis
farrr to Sidney Rich. Sidney I having for
K J Corkln. a U Eastoa and Jame M
Peebles are aoon to move to Cutle Bridge
where tbey have plenty ot work to do at tb
carpenter' trade. Our popular dressmaker,
Ms V A Cook, bas returned from ber vaca
tion. Edgar Browe, a graduate ot Middle
bury college, I !! Ing Mr Delva la bating.
I O Tnompooa drlvea the Cbarleutont stage.1
Oselin Butterdeld Is at bam for tbe pres
ent. Mrs Geo Barker, wife of our la s land
lord, Geo Barker, has returned irons urrec
fiekl oa a vtit and Is stopping it Albert Stet
son' tor tbe eoB. Mr I'ailaader Hall Is
quit III. Mr Brow a, a peaskmer. It boarr1
tnf at Dana Chamberlala'. W A Faulkner ,
South Windham. Tbe shower of the
221 and 231 were very welcome and refresh
ing and makes II much cooler. Mrs Fannie
Soaulding returns to her home In New York
this week. Mrs MaryBaHou Is quite sick and
ber mother, Mr Betsey Pierce, Is caring for
her. Mrs Fanule Baker Is also on tbe sick
list. We think there a e not many smarter
boys to work than John Adams, son of W G
Adams. Although but seven years old and
small of klc ag, be neaily all the rak
ing with a horse-rake on a large farm and be
is doing it wen. :
Westminster Weat Mrs Frank Darling
returned to her borne lst week. Nora
Walker has gone to Windsor lo visit ber
cousin. Miss Gorham of Bellows Falls spent
tbe day at Henry Gwbaius. John Williams
of Brooklyn, Is vi-ltlng at Geo Chandler's.
Mrs Smith of Medway, Mass, 1 at Mr
Hitchcock's. Mrs Crowell Is very III. Mrs
Fred Wilcox and son returned to Warren
Wednesday. Anthony Scbwenke and a few
friends went Amine to Spoff ird Like Monday
and returned Tuesday. M L Chandler spent
Sunday at borne. Nora Hitchcock has a
friend visiting ber. Mrs F G Campbell re
turned home Friday. Tne strong wind Sat
urday shattered a barn belonging to E
Monrse Mrs Hitchcock went to Bellows
Combination Store,
We havrjuet received
several lota of
for carriage ute, well bought.
4 SO
jamaica."WTll Holland of Weston passed
Sunday bere at bis brother's T L Holland's.
Minnie Clark of Brattieboro, is bere at ber
tamers, Charles Clark a. josian Whitney
and wife of Peru, were here at G W Wy
man's over Sunday. Mrs Stone and children
of Brattieboro, are visiting relatives bere
Mason Howard Is on the sick list. Harry
Morse ot Brooklyn. N Y, Is In town stopping
with John Clark. Mrs Delia Reed has re
turned here from ber visit to Saxton's River
Carl Castle. Grace Moore, and Archie
Moore of Waiervllle, Mass, and Mattle Lalng
of Worcester, Mass, are passing a few weeks
at their grandfather's, W H Castle's. Will
Davis and wife are living together again
keeping bouse at Mrs Davis' father's, A F
Wood's. Georte Cbenev of Wisconsin,
former resident of this place la In town stop
ping witn John t uohinson
Lane's Medicine Moves the Bowels Each Day
In order to be healthy this Is necessary.
Mar'bu-o. RfV G A Bfckwortb will
preach In the Congregational church next
Saiibath. Rev M Schofleld Is out of town
Frank Hlldretn anl family are spsnding
few days In town. Rev Mr Beckwlth spok
last Sundav at Congregitional church. Tb
sboweis are aulte acceptable. Ladles Aid
society met at tbe church on Wednesday af
ternoon Florencs Snow is away for a bort
tlmr Mis Lmle Adams Is at work for W
B Ciark.
Putnev. A severe storm struck us list
Saturday, with severe wind. Nodannge waa
done to speak of. Fred Sawyer and Dennl-
son Davis have raised their tobacco barns
and are getting their work along finely.
Time are llkelv to be bard in our little town
as well as elsewhere. Tbe steam mill at E tat
Putnev has sbut down, and It Is said tbat tbe
Cole paper mill will soon; but tbere Is plenty
ot farm work, and farmers are oes; on, a
they are sure ot a living, as tbey raise most
ot It. H B Powel bad toe nrat potatoes In
tbe local market, also carried tbo first Into
Bellows Falls market. Tobacco is very back'
ward, but I up to tbe average her for this
Putney Falls. M E Cobb and Fred
Streeter ought two pike on Tuesday, one
welgbiog five and one-hair pounds and one
three and one-balf. Mrs I1 rank Blxhy Is
visiting friends In Reading. A M Pierce
bas been in town for a few day visiting old
friends. O P Parker bas sold bis so called
cider mill property to A M Pierce ot Boston
I laden Moor la vUitlng friends In town.
r M Cbb and family were mviteu to dine
with Fred Streeter. Tbe principal attrac.
tlon wa a well cooked pike to which tbey
did justice.
Walpsle. The Organ Recital at the Unit
tanan church last ween by t'ror L'ss ,r was
quite a success, tbere was a good attendance
and tbe selections by tbe old masters were
fine for w leb Prof Lisar deserves great
praise, also Miss Hale should receive her share
of tbe praise. All v ho attended were blgbly
entertained and tbe coming recitals proml.-es
larger houses than tbe nrst. Mrs Mary 11
Hastings Is stopping with Mrs Thomas N
Hastings. Mrs Carrie 4 Slocum from Chelsea
Mas, Is at Mr J P Murray's. A party of sev
en from welcome commindery U O U O vi
Ited Goodwill commander at Parkbtll last
week and report a good time, and this Monday
week welcome commandery installed its offi
cers for ensuing term and Initiated tbree uew
members to tbe order, after which Ict-saeam
and cake was served. Tbere were visiting
member from Keene and. Goodwill commanc!
erles, Grand Commander Nichols of
New Hampshire was present.
Mrs Moses Wright celebrated ber B'J.h
birthday lust week.' Tbere were eight guests,
tbe youngest being 80 years. Mrs Buffum,
Mrs W 11 Jennlng and daughter Lucy from
Winchester, N H, were guests of Mrs Oio F
To wc. brother of Mrs Buffum. Tbe eight
months old baby of Mr and Sirs Geo Long
died list week and was taken to Keene for
burial. Tbe town c ock Is now In rjnolng
order again, tbe ringing of tbe bell tb) n'gbt
before tbe Fourtb stopped it. Miss Miry
A'drlch from Boston, b been at Mrs Hitch
cock'. Mr and Mrs E igllsb Crook were
fire seated with a daughter list Sunday morn
ng. Col Geo Lelgbton and son George
spent last Sunday wltb Mr Hudson E Bridge.
Master Lowell Holland has returned frim
Mlllls, Mass and will live with John W Uiy
ward. Mr and Mrs F A Spiuldlnz have re
turned from their visit to the World's Fair
and report a fine tlni). Tbe rear of the log
drive, some 100 million feet, reacjed bere
th a week. Qilte a number went down to
see tbe men in work Q jlte a party went to
Lake warren this week Wednesday and re
tort a pleasant outing notwithstanding fie
rain. l'he Young Lidles' Sewing society ot
the Unitarian Sunday school expect to give a
fair on Wednesday, AujlO; particulars will
be annoucced later.
Newfan'. Mrs. Alice Randall front Bos
ton I at ber father's, II M Ilescock'i for a
visit Mrs. C. U. Davenport and children of
brattlebcro, are boarding at tne worater
House. Mis Elsie Newton of Walllogford.
Conn , gave a delightful party to ber little
friends, Wednesday p m, at tn nome or ner
grandmother, tbe occasion being her 10th
birthday anniversary. Mr Ira Wblt and
daughter ot Warren. Mas-, have returned
borne after a visit wltb friends and relative
this and adjoining towns. Miss Mary
Wbliney of Hln.dale Isaguest atG W Un
derwood's. Miss Mary Chamberlain la car
ing for her abler. Mr J as Lvman. who I
convalescent from a omewbat 111 turn. Last
Sunday evening' YP8CK meeting was of
nut ual Interest, W U wioo oi waning-
ford and brother. C X of Mlddletown, Conn,
spoke upon the Murpby temperance move
ments In their towns. The ckne attention
paid by tbe unususlly Urge congregation at
tested to tbe Interest tbey inspired. Tbe io)o
by Mr Blanch Pratt wa finely rendered
and much appreciated. Miss Alice All ha
received tbe appointment s postmistress.
Mr Batcbclder the present incumbent h to be
commended upon tbe faithful anl efficient
service he ha given.
Hinsdale Wilier of tnis place took the aec
ond prize la the novice road race at Coacord
last week Thursday. F L Knapp of Keene, and
formerly oi Brattieboro touk llrat, ami these
were the fame positions as they won at Keene
July 4 Henry Uritlon received an Injury to bis
hand whi e at work In a paper mill at Weat
Ularenont, N II, which caused a lay off of sev
eral daya which be apent with his parents at tills
place Fred Dir. Ing bu returned from the
World's (air and waa at home on a visit t his
mother aeveral dare last week. John Barry bas
roiuroeu iroin a mree ween vieit to menus in
Worcester, Mass. State Detective Muray of
Massachusetts was la towa Friday and Saturday
iasl, looking for evldonca In connecilju with the
mxter murder case at noiuen, Mass. Tbe
"merry-go round" left us Wednesday morning
afters stay of Just tnre weeks. Stturday night
waa lo have been the closing night but It was
changed to Tuesday on account of the aiorin.
The go from bere to Aahuelot for a few daya
sy, ueiuro going to jxortnainnron, aiass. t ne
work of walling an t otherwise lmprovlog the
uigQ acnoai grounds la going on, nnuer tne per
sonal supervision of air H ty. dw Rtigg of
Northfleld, ha obarg- of the stone work Al
bert Mead Is home for a abort visit. R ,brt. tlia
two-year-oiu son or cnaa i,yncn, uiej Monday
morning after an Illness of three waeks. The
funeral took p'ace Tueaday afternoon. Mr
rrana saffoid haa gone to Norm Adams. Mass.
on a visit to ber brother. Rev A B Klce of
Northfleld, Mass, will occupy tb pulpit at the
Universalis! church next Suaitar. Mr Rice was
formerly pastor here. J W Leonard ave a
very Interesting talk before the Y P O U last
Monday evening at tne universalis chorea on
cnguan cnurube and uatnetiraia " u ute a
large party rroaa mis piaca went to unesterneia
Saturday night to attend tbe dance at the Lake.
Several teams had some difficulty In gelling
back aa tne aiorin oiew aona tn wees along tn
Shot Down.
Tbe Ilaile & Frost mills are to shut down fo
repair Saturday, Aog5. It Is expected that lliey
will be stopped f jr about three weeks aa aeveral
repairs will be needed. Toe report circulate!
laat week that tney were to be shut down lnuen-
nttely was without any foundation whatever.
Best Roller Process St. Louis Flour,
Rest Fancy Half Patent '
Plllsbury's or Crocker' Bst '
An Oak Stock. Single or Folded Strap
uarness. aii.uu.
Nice Oak Stock Driving Harness. $9 SO.
Only a few ot those October Rockingham
cneeee in stock, tbey are pronounced tbe
5 lbs. Rolled Oats, 25c.
i i us. japan Tea, 81.00.
Boat Crackers made, 32 25 a barrrel.
Choice Mixed or Plain Cucumber Pickles.
39c. a gallon.
One of tbe best Mowing Machines on tbe
market, Tbe Osborne, tor only $35 00. 25
per cent discount, lust three-fourtb price.
Straw Hats, Parasols, Summer Skirts, Blouse
and shirt Waists, Summer Underwear,
Fans, Hammocks, Horse Sbeats, Carriage
Robes, Neckties and Silk and Tafeta Gloves
and Mitts.
20 per cent discount on tbe following Shoes:
All Tennis, Ladles' and Gents' Russet, and
four style in Ladies' Oxfords and Slippers.
These are no old chestnuts, but all New and
Desirable ttoods and :t Is Cash tbat buys
Ibetn at these prices.
-W. 23. GIjTjX-N-,
Saxton's River, Vt.
Warranted not to harden.
In variety to
ments of all.
meet the require
Quality and Prices Considered.
1 1
63 Main
in good condition. Now is
your time I
"W8I "I AatfflHtff 3H0J38 53V1 ANtf 0N3S LNCQ
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aqj E3tn)dd puu ajsui jntidod am iqSuuo suq n inqi S3AOid qoiqM -qwua no aiAjs pun ir,i
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puti A'J.T, Mtdo&it
.rentals &av lo johos tsoajiq oqj S j iobj aim jo nrardaifti isoia Bill aau(Anoo iiiav inuj Y
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'iiaiot. 'janaaa 10 eurosT un. Xiamid Dajma oa isnui b.ibi
jbi iuruqaj aajju aou 'fesi jsi Xtunaup ejojaq paAaaoj oq hai ssej. on 'KOIiilVJ
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saryira iraAjrra kt hjimolt aonvr
t trans oj 0A3 thai ot 'mVl (IV3H JO Jaquimi
isaB0j3 ;xaa aqi sn aujpuae saiAHY.I aaiiaXjlH 3.MO aql
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t qoea ot bai;1 um oai VoVX CIY3H MVMJH I" Jaqumu
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jaqutna )sa)uaj3 ixaa eqj sn Saipaas S3IXH Yd at!? -I
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jo jaquinu sofUMa jxau uq bii auipuan fcaiXUVd tlAJ.i ''Hi "i
'aAia p 8M jCinnoa sill uiojj pnVX
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:bavouoj so iljuuoa bih nt sazpd asaqi jo OZZ o;nqij;p UA av
mojiajani uaxci kiv.i. vi.w. am sn oi tumnj rnn 'oaanoo.T. Sni.T flYTTT"
UYHdS Avaqo oqA sjipsd 3uouis iaao. Jiq 'pa)iiqilip aq m.u sJioiyu Aoqs oqj.
T3S0M HIOOX 001'"
saAiiix xaxood oz'
oo osz'eut
'Ol ONIXNinOWtf "S3Z!ttd OCO'193
XTrtt CbMtarfleld. rh thnndor storm of
the M was the most severe tint tver visited
this section. It seemed o come from the river
In t narrow course tow.rds the lake. At Mr
Georte Smith's on the river bank It bl'tr down
cross the road a large elm; on Ursa Rindsll's
It twls ed on large inks pi ln seven In one pile,
f K iltrnhan and O it Karr' orchards weie
strewn with limbs. Th-n !t;seemed to let uo till
It reached the lake. It look severs! mea till
aearlv ml. In ght to clear the road there. Mr
and Mr Parker F.rr enjoyed a reunion of ail
their ehl'dren the 23 1. Mra Snow, who bas neee
with the Ute Mrs Chimuerlitn for some three
rears, has returned to her hone. Wm Cham
berlala will remain taere part of the llaie for
tbe present.
Taplej'i "Bread
othtr sboes. adv.
Winner" outwears all
K-t Jamaica Bert Butler of Orange,
Ma-. sal bis uncle's.- Mra S Hamilton of
Windham Utbe curat of ber son W 11 Hsm
lllon M F spencer Die recently lot two
If voo ar troubled wltb a ' hacklng
reaKb," Downs' Edxlr will civ vou relief
ai oane. Warranted as recommended or
mane; refunded.--adT.
A dispatch from Rio Grande do Sal ears aa
k nona d I battle wltb lasura-ents at Jamiaro has
results I la the complete overthrew or tbe rov-
erment troops. Ttie commanding general of
tn government troops, 8ore, was killed.
They Dispensed tbe Ardeat.
Ratiau'l liquor dealers wer Wedaedar fined
Brechims 1111
water. adv.
ar belter tbso mlneial
00 OCi'iS
00 00113
maq) no 8uisniaApu oa
'SajuiBj; Joi'gHOTOO N3A373 KI (saqanj gjxfi) saa.lXOId SOU VI OOS'S 1 1
hxoox adoosaa3i Aavxou iravno hoxvav aioo aa i-iou OOS'SS 1 1
aaavia unoA 'aasvH Naonaona
KVKuao a3x"ubdKi OOl'CfJ
oo sisfe oixvkohhdv qaaxNvavnn 'sonikkhix aaivvxa xovaa , ,
'Aaoa oooohow K3sv70 vusdo Ho.saaa aaxaoaivi axia 911 3
e3iioxvA. cnoo Kioia exiaLW itaxs S3 1 ' i
jo; ujneu u Xbmv uoajo oq o sjussoid aiqenjeA uj
lM pin paipunii oi ;u;snou E3Jui-K;u3A6s pee pjuxH w,
Fl7rV -
'xsainioo avsH avids
Are offering the usual assortment
Grain, Feed and Hay,
with Gluten Feed.Oil Meal and White
Corn Meal, as this weeks'specialties.
Orders left at. our office or ware
house will receive prompt attention.

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