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"Let all the ends thou nimcst at be thy Country', thy Uod'i and Truth's.
T." .i.ninxnta under ttita head two cent, a
orcl ll"' l'"iCrllon md 01,0 00,lt a wora each
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" - ....-... n HI.liu.Ail -tn.n.
It Floats
in RENT. Tcnoinonts. MlSH
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M. J.
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The Psjctea & Otuau Co., Ciien.
A.alnatF. C. Gala-A Lot of Knotty
Law Point. The Him Comra jKoittlay
in th ICddy Case Manning Geta a MS
The prohibitory prosecution that
I was calculated tutbe the decisive one.
I as the result of tie late raid, taking
tho "keystone" out of the arch of the
beer business, was mat against una
O. Gale which occupied all of Tuesday
and Wednesday before Justice Newton
and a jury, it was lonowea with
much interest and more amusement by
a crowd which packed Newton's office
to suffocation Tuesday so that an ad
journment was taken to Grand Army
hall Wednesday. The result was a
disagreement of the jury which was
discharged about half past eight Wed
nesdav eveninc. The jurors, who were
Refunded If Oi.tlinua fold dim doea not nrove na business men on tne street, agreed
renreaenfpil. It. la crnnrnnti tn rm-a nnij i.. n ,, tn . I not to toll how they stood and thev
.imiiiiBa. m.; l to 2.30 and early evening la cold that hag settled all over von. ml tn nmvenr T.a Hrinnn nn.l Popmiinnln. I have abided by their compact so all
oT.30: Sundays, 1 to s p. m. 5-yl If its action is not sntlsfnetorv. enll nr. r.hn Ava atom whom vm, ni,rinA,i it ami I that is known in what hangers
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reports state tbe figures variously as
an even division and five to one and
four to two in favor of an acquittal.
One of tbe jurors, , who will not tell
any more, states that the latter figure
is not correct. '
The prosecution was conducted by
States Attorney Fitts and Mr. Martin,
while Mr. Wason of Nashua, who ap
peared for the resKndent in the seizure
roceedmg wss assisted by Haskms Ac
Tbe prosecution had two lines of at
tack. The first was the one laid out
by Mr. Martin in the . previous case,
rpstiutr on the theory tiiat tho sales
w""11" from Gale's 'East Eagle' brewery could
i8wSlDe fetched by Vermont law, under the
doctrine or tne u Aeill case, which
went clear up to the United States
supremo court and where O'Neill, a
Whitehall, iN. 1., dealer was convicted
and lined and sentenced to what
amounted to a lifo sentence for selling
to itutiami peopio. The theory was
that sales made from outBido of the
state, if the liquor is brought into the
Who can think state anu couectou anu paiu lor here,
of some simple I are sales completed in Vermont and
so subject to Vermont law if the seller
can be caught within our jurisdiction,
liut tho trouble was that bo such sales
were proved. Gale's books which,
Martin deraanded and Newton ordered
to be produced in the seizure case,
were again ordered forward Tuesday,
but they didn't appear. A number of
witnesses wore caUed to the stand, but
they all swore to t different state of
facts than was wanted. Patrick Man
ning testified to buvinir freauentlv
what he "supposed was hop beer." but
he always paid foritoa the other side,
f'red Hansom, coupe driver, testified
that "several times" he had brought
over cases of beer to people here, but
it was always Dy order of the custom
ers, and without eier collecting any
thing from them except for exnreseaco.
and never by the efuployment of "Gale
or his agent, f rank: Turner. This
knocked out the effort to provo (i-lo
Shop, I. Abbott
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v Alain street, bxenango iilocit
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i art. , iiki? I
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"X ";maMi .nil a irreat variety of Itlra. I-roperty, in an loa-atwyo.. ww , ir
mings. wnynotcau.- .j----
I guilty of transporting the beer, whic!
is a crime under the Vermont law.
wounesuay morning mis line was
abandoned and the second one, which
hud all along been planned, adopted
oi proving retail sales at tbe cold
storage establishment on Flat street
A number of witnesses testified to
buying what they wero all careful to
call a very mild beverage, and which
they all said was bottled goods which
was taken from cases. The trouble
here was that after the seizure the
case beor when uuulyzed, proved to
contain only 1 1-100 per cent, of alco
hol, which Druggist Chapin said he
would swear positively would not in
toxicate, in tact tins percentage is
equivalent to only five toaspoonfuls of
wmsKey or two of ulcolinl to a quart of
The beer in Uegs that wus seized.
analyzed by sample at some i or 5 per
cent. But as no sales of that were
proved, all there was for the prosecution
to claim was that the mere possession
of it, though in the original sealed
packages and though claimed to lie
only kept in storage for sale in New
Hampshire, was enougn, with the sale
of this lighter beverage, to constitute
a "common seller." Evidently this
was tho point the jury was bung on.
for there could have been no other in
the evidence. If there had been a
conviction on it, it would have been
a good point to fight on in the higher
courts; for those sealed kegs, "orig
inal packages," according to the Iowa
decison, while they remain so, clearly
come within the lines of interstate
commerce, and the only power any
state law has over them is in 4he Ed
munds act giving tho states under their
police power the right to "regulate
the traffic;" but it is quite a stretch
to Bay that there is any "traffic" until
there are sales. There was no proof of
the possession of a federal license
which the law makes prima facie
proof of a seller for the h lat street es
tablishment, though of course there is
one at the brewery.
A lively tight and an interesting series
of law questions were developed by
tbe demand for the production of the
books. Gale, it will be remnmhaanvi
aale. Auctioneering, "In ail localities," In all Its I testified in the other case, when ques-
AM and Inaplriu. Address by Rev. Mr.
Temple Resolutions on the Armenian
The Thanksgiving day services were
neiu in tne uongregationai church yes
terday morning, the attendance being
fully up to the average. The meeting
was in charge of Rev. C. O. Day and
tne music was lurnisned by the church
choir. The opening prayer was made
by Rev. A. J. Hough and the Scrip
ture reading was by Kev. Air. Max
wen. i
The address of the dav was bv Rev,
Lk D. Temple who' took his text from
Paalma 82:1-2.
The fundamental truth of the Chris
tian religion, he said, that there is a
personal God to whom worship and
thanksgiving may be addressed
Thanksgiving is rational because God
is our father and cares for us. It is a
good thing to give thanks. It makes
one observant and reflective. Many
of our blessings are subtle and unsus
pected. The habit of thanksgiving
developes refinement. The essence of
refinement is courtesy, gratitude and
recognition of kindnesses. Giving
thanks leads to clearer perception of
the character of God. It brings tho
human will into truer harmony with
the Uivine will. As a result man re
signs himself to God and is more con
tent to rest in God's care. Thanksgiv
ing sweeps away the clouds from the
sky of our soul's lifo and lets the
sweetness and sunshine of Divine love
come in. Beneath the sense of the in
finite goodness the hardness melts
from our hearts. Thanksgiving makes
tne soul hopeful. The .New England
settlers at first endured many pnva
tionis. They observed many days of
fasting and prayer. Constant reflec
tion upon their distresses made them
discontented. Another fast was pro
posed. A plain old roan suggested, it
was high time to consider their
mercies. Tho colony was growing
strong, tne news wero more prouuc
tivo, the Hlreanis were full of fish and
the woods of game, tho air was sweet.
the climate good, their wives helpful
and their children obedient and above
all they had liberty. Therefore he
urged a day of thanksgiving instead of
lasting. Hie most adequate thanks
giving is impossible, without' faith in
the unfailing wisdom and constant
watchfulness of God. Famine and
pestilence, death and disaster, are all
for tho good of human society. 'They
are factors of a justice that is tem
pered with mercy and forces in a re
demption that makes not only happy
but holy.
The following resolutions w5
offered bv Dr. U. D. Hoi ton and after
remarks by Dea. Thompson and Rer.
A. J. Hough were unanimously odopt
ed. ,
Whereas. CbrlsUan civilization everywhere
has been orofoiindlr shocked bv the reoorted
outrages and atrocities perpetuated upon the
Armenians. Atrocities at once the most cruel,
wanton and disgraceful ever known to history.
Therefore. Resolved. That aa natrlotlc free
men, desceudanta of Uie men and women who
contended for and shed their bland to establish
the right of maiutlnd to enter elvll and religious
uoi-ray. we protest against tue uaarani oaroar-
Kcene X. H., sole owners and manufacturers.
! 17w4
A small Farm of S5 acres of good land, plenty
of fruit, good nuiiaings, an in goou repair.
Kulnng water to nnuse ana uaru. aibo my
water-power and property in the east village of
Unlirorn. consisting oi new uam, griai nun, car
riage shop, blacksmith shop and tenement, all
new and In first-class running order. For par-.
ticulars enquire of Jl. wii.iir.K,
43tr . uimioru, vt.
(Formerly Mrs. Davis.)
Send for circulars, prices Ac
Ueneral Insurance, Real K state and Auction,
eering. CLARENON'T, N. H.
Telephone, lMf
a . .
Nov. 30, 1895.
Townshend, Vt.
r.i.- i.
Vn iL rK' Kuilding Lot, large
G R w"0Rood houses, adjoining
- Orlr . t,rWan p,ace OD So- Main
TrolWu from tne terminus
1 . aauau.
nil tik tl
ai Estate Agent.
BIT MAT PORK:-There have been tmo,00 less
Hog. m-rkcted than last year. KxPorfcjnsW 'jer
rentlargcr than average years. W eight ff Jiors re
"ved liMarket for October, ll
n It. Cattle Rweints 4,4Mi,OU0 compared with
SKI In 12, when fork as low a It la now.
Stock, of provision, are about, SO per cent le than
"JryMAT WHEAT: W per cent of Spring Wheat
h," ben mkc," I ! &
ner v-ara. Visible Supply '"'.'"'j".,
vear Kngiisb stork are .mall. beat Is as enrap
The World's VMI.Ie and onr own U now con-lere.1.
ic. i:. KSOTT,
t- niinL-i n rtrni.INt.TOS. VT.
tioned about sales to peonle on this
side of the river, that he couldn't tell :
the books would show" and they
were kept by Turner. The latter was
put on the stand Tuesday and the
books called for. and ordered bv the
justice to be produced. Mr. Wason in
open court forbade Turner from going
on to Gale's brewery premises. Mr.
Martin vehemently declared that unless)
the order was obeyed he would move
for Mr. Turner s committment for con
tempt of court Mr. Stoddard quoted
the constitution protecting every man
from giving evidence in criminating
himself ad against unreasonable
searches and seizures. Mr. Fitts ad
mitted that Gale himself couldn't be
compelled to produce this evidence
against himself, but it was different
with Turner, who was only a witness,
who was protected by the statute from
this evidence being used against him
self in any subsequent proceeding and
who was to testify about the things he
had done, the charges and entries he
had made, as Irnok keeper. The argu
ment waxed hot. Col. Mask ins appear-
; ed at a later stage, and read from the
! decisions of the United State court!
, the Boyd and Counselman cases, that
ity with which these people are being pnrsecut-
Resolved. That the Saltan os th e exponent of
tne i urai.n government in allowing, or as some
ronorta indicate, in dlrectlns; the Di!la.6. rauine
and slaughter of hlf Armenian subjects, the
burning of their home, and tho destruction of
their villages and cities, deserves the anathemas
or the whole civuueii world.
Resolved, That In common with the patriotic
citizens oi our wnoie country, in tne name ot a
common numanity, we urge upon our govern
ment at Washington, that thcytako such effici
ent nnd Ininiedtnle action, as will at once term!
nate these infamous acts of a wicked and Im
becile government.
Resolved. Thai we reuuest the various
churches of the town to take a collection at their
service next Sunday in atdoflhe "Armenian
Kouef una."
Rev. A. J. Leavitt then made the
closing prayer and Mr. Hough pro
nounced the benediction.
The Uuiversalist church had a
special Thanksgiving service Sunday
morning, with a thoughtful and up
lifting discourse from tho pastor, Kev
II. D. Maxwell. He took for his
theme, "Is this the possible of
worlds." He began by referring to
the statement in the fifth verse of
Psalm 100, "For the Lord is good,"
and said in part: Our attention is
called at this hour to larger questions
and graver problems than any inci
dentally connected with the passing
days of a single year ; let us see if
we can discover any evidence which
shall justify the assertion that this
universo as it is, is the work of a be
ing of intelligence and love. Many
severe indictments have been made
against things as they are, the good
ness of God has been bitterly im
pugned. In each life there are . indi
cations of divine beneficence. In a
healthy and normal condition of tbe
body every function operates with a
pleasure ereater than that is necessary
for the discharging of its office. The
mind, with its powers of observation,
reasoning, memory, imagination,
piration, stands in the world as the
source of the highest and richest joy
that we can know. It is mean and
small and selfish to refuse to be thank
ful. It is a wonderful thing to live,
to live in a great, grand, splendid way,
worthy of what we are and what we
may be; it is a wonderful thing to be
living in such a stage of the world's
Drotrress when the accumulated intelli
gence, knowledge, affection and freedom
of the countless generations that have
gone are all ours, the source of great
nenenis ana oi greater lnspirBiiuuB.
Ought we not to be thankful for all
tbe good and great or the past, tor
every form of life which has toiled
and sacrificed and suffered, and whose
toil and sacrifice and suffering made
our lives easier, grander, happier.
Then, we ought to be very careful not
to charge God with unkindness or
cruelty when misfortune or sorrow ap
proaches, if that misfortune or sorrow
has been due to our own disobedience.
If a man destroys his life by overwork,
by dissipation, or abuse of any kind,
it is blasphemous to speak of God's
hand having been laid heavily upon
the affection of his friends: the cause
must be looked for in the man's own
disobedience. God should be acquit
ted and man convicted of many of the
crimes against society. j
Tha entertuinment course at the
Retreat opened last evening with a
dance. "
The Ruthianshavo decided to hold
a quilting, Dec. 12, to be followed by
a supper.
A large party from here will attend
the dance at G. Baxter Read's in Ver
non to-night. ,
The Estey Guards gave a dance at Tuesday for an indefinite stay with
November Notion..
Col. G. W. Hooker and wife left
Monday for a 10-dnys' stay with their
son James at New York. John Tooiney
left Wednesday for a woek's visit with
relatives in Boston. Merchant and
Mrs. Harry Emerson left Wednesday
for a week's visit in Boston.--W. K.
Hubbard and wife returned Tuesday -from
their visit in Philadelphia and
New Jersey. Mrs. 8. J. .l.inen
the Armory Wednesday night which
was attended by a large party.
AlfredlHines and Miss Ida Crafts left
Tuesday for Leominster, Mass., where
they were married yesterday.
Another of the enjoyable family
gatherings yesterday was that at Eli
jah Reed's with about 20 present.
her parents in Bethel. Mrs. Fred Gale
has returned from her visit in West
field, Mass., accompanied by her
friend. Miss Dibble. Mm .THn
Toomey and Miss Mamie left Wednesday
mum i uK lur u tew uays visit in Ijoa
ton, Mr. and Mrs. Frye are visiting
in Boston this week. Mica f.r..u.if
Moran left Saturday for a visit with
The Ladies Aid of the Episcopal I friends in Boston, and Trov N Y -
church wi.lhold a social at Mrs. F. W.
Childs' next Wednesday ovening.
Some 20 or more members of the
Putnam family held a family reunion
at the home of E. M. Smith yesterday.
Quite a number from here attended
the Ancient Order of Forresters' dunce
at Hinsdale Wednesday and report a
fine time.
The annual pew rental of the Brat
tleboro East society will be held at
the church next Wednesday evonintr at
:ju o'ciock.
.The Ladies Circle of the Uni versa
list church will meet at tbe church
Mrs. Ellen Goodrich .cmmnnninrl kv
her daughter Katie, left Saturday for
a several weeks stay with her son, W.
B. Goodrich in Boston. Miss Mary
Leahy returned Fridav from
eral weeka' stay with relati VAA tn
Windsor Miss Florence Hunter lma
returned from Boston.-Miss Margaru "
Austin left Monday to spend the week
with friends in Atho). Mhhh M
Jonathan Smith left Monday for
a few weeks' visit in Boston. MW
Harriet Dearborn returned Mondav
from her several wee It n'
Concord, N. H. George Cutler and
ife are in Montacue' Mans. Mi.a
parlors next Thursday afternoon. Bus- Edith Emerson is visiting in Milford
mess meeting at t o cioca, Bupper at IN. H. Merchant H. L Emerson isfin
the usual hour. Boston this week nml
The next meeting ot the Alliance " opening or his brother. Charles'
will be held at Mrs. Oscar Marshall's, I new "tore in his handsome new block
All are
Tylei street, next Tuesday
Dec. ., at half past seven
cordially invited.
The committees of the Murray club
held a meeting Monday evening and
made arrangements to have a ball some
time in .December in the new town
hall as soon as it will be ready.
well filled barrel has been sent
this week by the Brattleboro Woman's
Indian Association to tho school for
Moqui children in Arizona to help
inem to nave a merry U "istmas.
waiter ntuigess of KeadBboro was
married Tuesday eveninc? tn Miss Sadie
Keeu OI iiartwellville and thev are
spending a few days of their honey
moon at ms lather's C. E. Sturgess.
V. B. Caldwell of Northfield. with
me aid or nis dog has got 22 coons
thus far this season. Geo. Wilson trot
a fox yesterday. Frank Hildreth and
W. II. Kinson baetred 9 eravs Wednes
Rev. and ilrs. I D. Temple will
give an informal reception at tho First
in iuiirord. a. h. jjavi.i r.Hrav nf.
tended the A. O. H. bail in Fitch -burg,
Mass., Wednesday evening and
before his return will visit in Boston.
Mrs. Eucfene Fnrritor onri ,..
children left yesterday for a few days'
visit in Springfield and Chicopee!
Mra I . D. Fisk returned Tuesday from
a few days at Welleslev eollee-n with
her daughter Marion and in Boston.
n. W. Jbtldy is at Rutland tnr u
week's vacation and atrnniWl thn n-l.
ding Wednesday night of Miss Vali
quette. sister of his brother's wife, tn
Prof. B. B. Clark of Rochester. N.
Y. Mrs. L. R. Plummer has returned
from her visit in Greenfield. Aliss
Rose Hildreth is snendini? a two
weeks' vacation with relatives in Rnv.
alston, Mass.; Mrs. P. Connors re
turned this week from her trip to Bos
ton which included a day at Lawrence,
with Mrs. O. A. Wheelock and Mrs.
C. E. Barrett E. L. and F. W. Put
nam spent the first of the week with
thoir son and brother Arthur, at
Alstead, N. H. Mrs. J. F. Willard is
visiting at bpnngneld, Mass., with
Baptist parsonage Wednesday evening ner B0Di Chas. E., of the Republican
r; A a l , A laTtni A IV C...., 1 .fl l.a.
December 4. Members of the Chris
tian societies and citizens eenerally in
Mrs. E. E. FlaL'cr will entertain
about 20 young ladies, her Sunday
school class, at a 6 o'clock tea this
evening at hor Prospect street home,
alter wnicn games and a social even
ing will be spent.
Ono of the most delightful family
reunions held yesterday was that of win and family are at Marlow, N. If
mo vrinara iamny ,at me nome oi a. ior tne rest or tne week.
. Hoyntoo on Grove street. Covers
were laid for 20. The out of town
guests included Chas. C. Clancy, wife
and son Willard of Boston and Ed
Willard and wife of Williamsville.
The first meetiug of tho Alliance
Study Class will be held in the small
parlor of the Brooks House on Monday
evening next, at nan past seven o'clock
The subject of discussion is the laws
of Vermont Concerning! Women. A
short paper will be read bv Mrs. J. M
Tyler. All members of the Alliance
are cordially invited to be present.
Lucien Howe entertained the Bap
tist choir, of which ho is leader, and
also his pupils, at his home on Harris
Place .Monday evening. The first of
the evening was taken up with a
musicale Bnd after a social time, nil
adjourned to the dininsr room where a
dainty supper was served, Mr. Howe
and Mrs. F. U. Simpson presiding at
the chatting dishes. The evening was
spent in an informal manner and
proved very enjoyable for all present.
office. --A. W. Stowe and wife left
Saturday for a cowrie weeks at Boston
and Maiden, Mass., taking in the Me
chanics Fair. Mrs. W. H. Fletcher
is on a visit to her old home at Stone-
ham, Mass. Mrs. E. E. Deering re
turned Wednesday from several weeks
at her old . home at: Bethel. Mra.
Thomas Sumner returned Saturday
night from a stay of a month or more 1
with her son at Chicago. O. W.Sher-
A pretty home weddlnir occurred Tiiemi.iV
evenlng at the Uiicopee street residence of Mr
nnd Mrs V W Wilson, when their eldest daugh
ter, Mabel Evelyn, was uulted In marriage to
Hlnmrop l Hubuard of West Springlield.
At seven o'clock the bridal nartv entered ithc
room to the strains of ILobenglirein's wedding
march plnved bv Miss Bessie Hubbard, a sister
of the groom. The bridal party was led bv
Frank and Lewie Hubbard, two of the ushers,
brothers of the groom, followed by a little flow
er girl. Lina fM Hubbard and Ruble A Smith
who oarricd the wedding ring on a silver salver.
Next came Ihe best man, Harry H Hubbard, a
brother of the groom and the maid of honor,
Kva L Wiison. a sister of tho bride. Then enmc
the bride and groom followed by the two re
maining ushers, Fred Hubbard niid Jesse Shel
don. The ccrenionv was performed bv Kev
Thos de (irntcby of Wakeilcid, assisted liy C O
Burnham of Chlconee street. The bridal nartv
stood before a white mnnicl banked wlih laurel
and pink carnations. The bride wore a dress of
white lansdown, entrain, trimmed with pearl
trimmings and carried a liouqnet of twentv
bride rose. The maid of honor wore a dress of
white mull over white silk and carrid a bonuuet
of pink roses
The bride and groom left nn the SSSn ainld a
shower of rice for an extended trip to Atlanta,
(Contained on Oh page.)
The Murray club met with Rev. Mr.
Maxwell at tbe home of Mrs. Harrison
Grove street Monday evening. The
evening was very stormy and the at
tendance not as large as usual. Ihe
orchestra furnished music and games
were played during the evening. The
next meeting will be held at the vestry
and the evening will be srent with
Eugene Field.
Old People.
Old people who require medicine to
regulate the bowels and kidntys will
find the true remedy in Electric Bit
ters. This medicine does not stimulate,
and contains no whiskey nor other in
toxicant but acts as a tonic and altera
tive. It acts mildly on the stomach
and bowels, adding strength and giving
tone to the organs, thereby aiding Na
ture in the performance of the func
tions. Electric Bitters is an excellent
appetizer and aids digestion. Old
People find it just exactly what they
need. Price fifty cents per bottle at
f . H. Holden at (Jo. s Drug Store.
Dedication ot the Xew
Ed. Reformer,
.Sir. There seems to be a stronr and ornctl.
rally unanimous public sentiment in favor of
making tne aeaicanon or tne new opera House
tne occasion or a ronsinr nenent to some local
charity In which nil people of Brattleboro have
a deep Interest, such as the Old People's Home.
the Associated Chart tie. and the like. Tbe
propriety of this or something like It, In which
all our citizens can heartily participate, and
whose profit will go to some universally ap
proved public charity, la too obvious to require
argument. Will you not give this plan tbe ben-
em ot tne KEEORMEB'a conllal Indorsement.
and so promote a most worth v object?
Attention., Farmers.
There will be a meeting of the farm
ers of Brattleboro and adjoining towns
at Grange hall, Tuesday, Dec. 3rd. at
1 o'clock p. in., for tho purpose of
considering the matter relative to the
starting of a corn cannicg factory in or
near the village of Brattleboro. Mr.
C. F. Moses of Dexter, Mpine, and Mr.
Goldmarsh, of the firm of Rosenstein
Brothers, New York city, will be pres
ent and give information concerning
tho method of running such an estab
lishment including price paid for corn,
etc. Patrons of the factory at West
minster will be present to give informa
tion about the success of the enter
prise at that place. Farmers, attend
this meeting, and see if it is for the
interest of the public tn start such nn
enterprise hern in Brattleboro. Tho
farmers of Westminster and vicinity
furnish annually 600 acres of sweet
corn for the factory in that place.
U. W. 1'ierce, farmer.
Ex-senator Edmunds I repeated his
emphatic condemnation of any annex
ation policy at a speech in Philadel
phia Tuesday evening. He said:
It la one peonle which roes bv the name of
the Called state of Amerfc-ar and kmrlt will
eoaaaiie to be that If we continue to remain
homogeneous. If we lake in unassignable ele
ments. If we make Into citizens great numbers
of persons who have no understanding of
tiiintrs which we have for a hundred years stud
ied and wrought for and inherited to be of us.
we anau tnen mate a great mistaae.
Edmunds is getting to
good Cleveland man.
From a Deer ta a Chipmunk.
From the Montpeller Argus.
If anything was needed to make tbe
farcical features of the prohibitory law
more prominent than ever, it has been
produced in the action now being taken
in UrattleDoro and Montpeller to pre
vent the sale of "two per cent" beer.
It liej within the authority of the offi
cers to proceed against this article and
to make a case against it, if they can.
but the traffic in stronger liquors de-
mands more of their attention than'
this beverage, which is comparatively
harmless at most It looks like turn-
I ing aside from a deer to chase a chip-
j munk. The matter would not be so
a pretty j ridiculous ir it were not Drougnt into
j court with such a llourish of trumpets.
Highest of all in Leavening Power. Latest U. S. Gov't Report
IjJHfevO Banns
i i x i v t i i .ill vT-rv ri

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