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11.50 A YEAR. 3.00 IP NOT PAlD"-' ri,
Hi '.-..'.
. noenix
"Let all the end thou uiincNt at bo thy Country's, thy God's and Truth's.
TO RKSTi ' :
TWertlseinrntt miller this beau two cents a
f Jj 11, insertion, anil ono cent a word In each
TrKNT. FumMieil room at S Tyler block
KlfKl ItOOM TO BKST.-lip ono flight.
0 ivlrncr Mam si. Very desirable. Ukiuus
J ruHKI; 84wl
im RKST.-Kurnishcd room, S3 Main street.
nw BKNT.-A good tenement.
1 Union and Elliot streets.
I'M corner of
mx rest. Furnished, room st 20 Oak 8t.
J" 2Stf
mn KKST. Good cardboard slprns, "To
1 Kent," in be obtained at BKFOlutUK Office,
eMail- i
T-.H II. FA DEN VIRTCK, Veterinary
I surgeon. Office, I" T. Lovell and Son's
5sie Night call, mom 5, Arms' block. Be!-
jTValls, Vt. Tele phone. Hi. J7yl
II 31. MABT1S, Veterinary Surgeon,
II and Dentist, graduate iinuno eicr
ry college. Oflico, White's stable. SOwtt)
Veterinary Snr.
iv.i uuice ri na n
iHnmlK-i. til
I) ireon, iMctilll I'nlvcrslty.)
r .''.i i!i..i,lcniw. So. S4 North Main Street.
Hour until ' a- : 1 to 2 30 alui C!lrly evening
TO;sO;Minitays,itoap.m. o-yi
rvH . N.
I) Block, lliattleboro.
( l.AUK, Dentist,
ntCKI.KV & MOHAN. Furnishing Under,
takers, No. i So. -Main St. Telephone call,
B-i. 4Slf
null Oullor
, So Green St
rvllS.KETt'llf.M& GRAV
1 Muck
Mom, Vt.
Sight calls at Brooks'
Oilice. Crosbv
House, Brat-
II. (iORHAM. M. D. Whitney
U nioefe. Main Street, Rrattleboro Practice
limtltd to the descases of tlic fcyc, I-.ar, Throat,
.Tv... Office hours. ! :Sft-12: 1 u. m.-4. Toes-
hrii.ni I Fridays onlv. ltemalndcr of week at
Bellows Tails. !!
rkR. WKBSTF.K - PRATT, 41 Elliot
it Street, llrattlelwro. Oflice hours, 7 to 8 a
Hi, to J, and ti to 7 :30 p. m.
iiiiu KV. M. D.. Homrconathlc I'hvsl
'in! Snntcon. Oflice and Residence,
I'; i;i.vk, lliattleboro, Vt. Office hours
:.., i till i and tl till S p. m. lot.
1) IHBER, Dentist, Pratt's Block.
Dn. k. a.
!!. F.lllol
VVOODHt'RV, Dentist. Office,
St., Bratticboro, vt. nswiy
I'hvulcinn and
iinr-rwin. llrnttleonro. l. uuice anu resi-
t nrc. mrher Main and Walnut Streets. Home
from 1 to 2 and from (i to 7 o'clock p. m.
T n. HOLTO.V. M. D.
Surgeon, Bratticboro, Vt.
neys at Law, Bank Block, lliattleboro, Vt.
Hooker Block,
opp. Brooks House, Bratticboro, Vt.
I-iR. A. KN'APP, Pentlst,
i.' o
4 I. MIL1.F.R. M. D.,l'hyslciwn and 8ur
A peon, H.x.ker Block, Btattieboro, Vt. Office
!ars be fore , 1 to 4. 6 :S0 to 8.
PETTEK, Dentist, Cronliy
TB. K. O
it Block. Over Holden's ilrug store.
M. D.. Physician anil
WilUamsvllle, Vt Oflice hours.
4o,. m., 11 to 1 p. m., anas to 7 p. m leie.
plwne coniiectlon ttf
A Surueon.
TAMES (OXLAJiB, M. D., Physician and
Surgeon, Brattleboro, Vt. Office In Crosby
Bloek, oppoeitc Telephone EKChange. No 18
Wstauttt. Office hours from 8 to a. m., I:S0
ts 3 1. m
AV. C'OX dt CO., otoves and Tinware,
Main St., oiip. American House.
T ARROWS & CO., wholeiuile and retail
ii dealers in Coals of all kinds.
Main Street. Brattleboro.
Oilice No. 33
U Fanev Goods.
JONES, Books, Stationery,
I'letures ana rTannng. i.y i
1 W.CHILD9 CO., Weneral Insurance
and Real Kstntc Agents, 10 Crosby Bloel.,
994too Pure
Chappmg is caused by the removal of oil which is necessary
to keep the skin supple. Those who suffer from this cause
should use only a mild pure soap like Ivory.
Tmc PROCTtll & (bunt Co., Clk-TI.
pOR SALE. -Two pair (rood business horses.
I pair heavy work oxen and 3 pair nlco
feur ycar old oxen. W. G. Ooolittle. 34w8
pHlt SALE, in Brattleboro, or to rent after
iii ior" Cottane house of eight TOum,
all In fine shape. It is ten roils from Poeioillce
nearly new; pood lix-atlnn. Will sell at a bar
gain. A. V . Mav, Ileal Estato Agent. 332
PH SERVICE.-A ihomuglibrcd Berkshire
... "ar. Terms $1.W. David J. Bakkett,
est Brattleboro. 30n
8ALE. Two-scatcil rflrllr,a at
train. Benalrinir uromnrlv iut,.ni(o,l tn
f r 1). WILLIAMS.
pOR SALE. OcsiraUic lots in Christ's Church
a- cemetery at East Uuillord. A il.li-j.au .1 k
Gale, Guilford, Vt. 4jyl
EVR MALE. lloaie-made Food, cholco Teas
a and CofFees. Akn l-nm-li ic-ifl, lln, Ton ...
Coffee. S1R9. Jacobs, s Elliot St. ltitf
poh BAiii:.
A small Farm of 2f acres of cmml i.in,l uipntv
of fruit, gooo bulldlnKs, all in eood rcnalr.
Hulling water to house aud barn. Also mv
water-power and property In the oast village of
Guillord. consisting of new dam. irr1. mlll.enr.
rtagc shop, blacksmith sliop andtcnemcnt, all
new and in urst-class running order. For par-,
icniars enquire ot ii. .N. WII.DKIi,
43tf Guilford, Vt.
Cleaning Works.
Flat St, E.
II. Thomas,
Advertisements under tills bead two cents a
word Urst Insertion, and ono cent a word In each
subsequent Issue.
WANTED. A few more boarders at
Butler's. 1 ('mini Rtrcnt. I'rloca tltn
nished room to let.
est, 2. 10 for ladles; fj.&O for gentlemen. Wo
guarantee satisfaction. Also a pleasant fur.
TANTED. A competent girl for genera
" housework In a famltv of three. Mits. M
M.Ti-hncii, Winchester, N.'H. 31wl
WANTED. Machinists 'Close Workmen) a
the Works of the Vt. Kaiim .Machine
Co., Bellows Falls, Vt. 343
.VANTED.-An oxperlemeii nnd reliable
woman as cook in private family; thor
oughly competent In nil branches of cooking.
Apply to A. V. May, Real Estato Agent. 34tf
WANTED. A first-class young or middle
airtd man with wife to aa nu to mv farm.
Good wages und steady employment
w. iiknuy i'katt, iirattieooro, vt.
Apply to
WANTED. Pupils in Shorthand. Smith
I'riinler Typewriting solicited. Lilian
Park, 3 Grove SI. 33if
SALESMAN WAKTfcD-tlOU to$li5 per
month and exoenses to introduce our goods
to the trade; staple line; ;o?itlon permanent,
pleasant and desirable. Address with stamp.
King Jiig. to., cuicago. 311
A Feather Boa, on Canal, Vernon or Blrge St
Finder will bo rewarded by leaving at 1-2 El
liot St. 34 wl
CI H. HALL, Cnrpenter and Slater.
J er In slate. 45 Clark street.
D WAITE, Carriage Painting. Price.
according to the times. Shoo. D. Ablsiit
Building, Canal St. 4311
Karm of 175 acres, ono of the best iu mv
list, w ill keep fifty head of cattle. There Is
wood and timber enough on the tilace to Dav
for It. Lots of fruit, buildings nil in good ro-
t.r . ,nBK , ....: P"1.1-' ?ev(.r ,:,ilinK wteT ln abundance. Eighty
IV.il ii..Tr.ja ,7w Tli.i!I. s rous to depot, stores, Hotels, c. luisrami
. """"-ov" must irn this surinir. fj,i,l re.,
llauglng and Ueconitlng. First-class work
antecd. Shop, Harmony Block.
v Main Street. Exchange Block.
and Tinware.
JOHN Dl'NI.EVV.Custom Tailor, Hook
er Block, up ono night. Cleansing, Kepalr
tng,and Pressing done at short notice. 14wly
Elliot St., - Brattleboro. Vt.
13,000 !
must go this spring. Good reasons for sel
ling. One half can lav on mortKage.
j3L V. MAY,
J3L. OATtT).
Wc w Ish to exuress our sincere thauks to all
the friends and neighbors who In any way as
sisted us during the sickness and burial of our
dear wife and mother, and to assure them that
their kindness will live in our grateful memo
ries. Tyler L. Johnson,
Zelia A. Johhson.
Guilford, March 10, ISfcj.
New w all Paper
II wife, Olive M. Hughes, having leftmy bed
in-l i.kiiM without jusi cause or reason, tills Is
to fori. l-l am- person harliorlngor trusting her
on mv .-u-i'.iu'nt as 1 shall pay no debts of hereon
waving alter this dale, l ;". W. Hl.ullKS.
Brattielioro. Vt., March 5, ".. iw3
Bratticboro Vermont.
on account of the recent death of my hnsband
I. W. Bishop, I will sell at public auction on
TucFdav, .March 31st, l),at lOo'olock, my farm
of 175 ai res, stock, and lools. Said farm is sit
nateil about two miles from Brattletioro on the
roail leailinir from fnlrevllte lo Algiers, and is
known as ihc Hiram Aldrich farm. The house
vras new two or three years ago, the barns are
in rirst i lass comlltkin', and a silo v, as built last
year. Good water at house and liarn, plenty of
good nasturinir. and the lillaire land 1 In a high
state or cultivation. A bnndanee of nice young
fruit trees also a nice large timber lot of f00 or
mo corns or wood and timber, ine iaruim
easily keen 30 cows and lias a milk route con
neetiil w in, at (1C present time.
The personal proiertv consists of 1 pr. gooil
Imslnese grey horses, "1 pr. bav horses good
tarsi team, 1 idee black mare 6 vears old, sound
ami kind; 1 ihree-yenr-old coli, 14 milch cows
ex ra creamers, 3 cows due to calve ln April. 4
hellers due to come In in the fall, 1 two-year old
heifer, 1 yearling bcifer, t calves, 15 hens, 1
fotvini niachlne nearly new, 1 bay rake nearly
"ew, 2 plows, i harrows, I one-horse lumlier
gon, I express wagon, 1 carriage, 1 oil
gy, 1 traverse sledge, 1 sleigh. 1 pr. double
harnesses, 4 single harnesses, 1 driving harness,
1 grindstone, 1 wheelbarrow. I haycntier 1. cul
Hvstor, 1 cornplanter, I Eclipse cornplanter
new la-t scasoa, pitchforks, scythes and chains,
potatoes, corn and hav. 10 crd stove wool anil
nnnirnni other things. Including household
rurniiurc. Terms made known at time and
Hire ot sale, c P. i I LSON. A nctlonecr.
Horses! Horses!
We hare on hand a number of good business
lv ks and drivers, iu pairs and singles ranging
in Height from isiO lbs. to I40 lbs., I pair ol
Black Horses Terv blockv, weigh 4i II"-. nl
t a gooil a pair of Horses as ever looked
Uimugii a collar , also a number of other ilr
that welh Irom 4400 to 4mm lbs., these bor-es
will go right offas wcwlsb to make room for omtc.
" e have a nnmlier of sleighs on ham! which we
are rl.mg nt at cost. We have a c-ir load l
ns of all kinds ordered which wl"! bo here
"'ii. Also on hand the best line of Hanie-u"--.
HunLet P..!.. an1 nil kln.U .tf ll-H-SC ffOStS 111
Viuihem Vermont and a fall stork of Or-"nsn'-
I.iniiociiis and moliclnes. ti'.vc us a
call and for yourselves as we go irsntee !
N. B.-Iton t forgit that we ke.'ta jirst-cias
""err. Board and Tran-bnt stable-
Designs and prices fo .suit
r eenls to 50 tents per Koll.
Progressive Semi-Annual Stale
Fire Insurance Co.,
PJ. H.
January 1st, ISiMi.
Who can think j
if some simple I
thing to patent? Protect your u cas . i w .y
tr von ivi-aiin. nine "'-- ..
BURN & Cit.. Patent Attorneys,
D. C, for their if l,) prize otter. B-yl
' Cash ( npilul.
Kescrved lor Ke-Iusur
, nii- nutl other l.iabili
! tics,
! NET s'l RPLl'S,
TOTAL ASSETS, 'i,:H 2,1(18.38
II. E. TAYLOR ic SOW Agents,
B U ATT LE R 0 tiO, VT.
Warm the Jlour before using, to
jihout the temperature of the hand.
Use a liberal amount of good yeast
und add it little sugar to liven it.
Ceresota absorbs more water than
ordinary flours. If the dough is too
stiff the bread will he heavy.
Give the dough ample time to rise
and knead thoroughly just before
putting into pans.
iMieaunij; iuij-m
the texture of bread and also improves the
-NORTHERN SITPLY CO., Millers Affts., Burlington. Vt.
"y wife. Dura M. ltens.n navlug left my bed
M'llsnr.l l,h... insnui nr rvasml. tills s
t forbid all uerxo fr, harlM-riog i r nwln
nay no p-i-
oer nir ..... . . ,.-n
aer c mtr.vtlng altrr Ibis date.
r:ct)TO vt., Mac le. 1.
ll '-1
ijw u ;?oli.e M ln-al
Imiiorting roumries h
t -.uppiie Hcel.lv
,,f riUiromi a:-. Bu
India -IMS' i" ' " HI
millions ag.iin-t an ex
Irulll .ll L'i-nuiiii
cinter Hbe.-it
even l'a until July." r.uii.pem
-ivoonc half in slnre of their rcgu
imports are ;.i.si0a week shon
fi-iiia-llfiv millions lc-stocxport
ii, Ausiralla has to Hnpo t In
port ol nine ' 1
probable ld cndlllim of I nilin
lain : isinly milbi-n- le-s In elevs
,ii I:
-niliioni k iu i,:riu.-. - ...
j.,,,. ,,-rv. ' ,,ni .11
ar in I niii d seili-siui'iii-" "
,r .11 eel't- mean,- len ci-lll-
rril,:,in and :i.:cnuinir rsnii
That Hold, the Hod j Though Case Is full
of Law Points and "III ProoabtvGo to
the SiipremrC'ourt-Henry Brown win.
Against Itceil A Ktrattou Lumber Case.
S. II. Shprnmn v. Frod M. Waite.
au action of trover to recover tho value
of certain lumber claimed to have been
converted bv defendant,; aud demand
ins damaecs of ?5,000. The evidence
of plaintiff tended to nbowj that Jan
15, 1893, lie took a bla iket mortgage
on the lumber and standing timber on
two Mb m .Marlboro Known us tba
"Kniirhts" and "Htockwoll" lota to
secure him for all monoy which he had
or micht thereafter loan to the defend
ant, for unv insurance account due
him and to securo him aguinst loes on
all notes which ho Mad then signed or
might thereafter sign for defendant;
that on Feb. 27d he took another
mortgago on all tho lumber sawed, or
to be sawed, delivered and piled on
the land of Lucy Doolittle in Rrattle
boro and cut on the "Luce'" lot in
Marlboro, to secure the payment, of a
nnto of 82121"), and sundry other notes
signed for Waite. The plaintifl"
claimed under these mortgages that
nine notes which he put in evidence
were secured and that tho ngregate
sum duo him upon thom was $8,083.80
und that the defendant was entitled
to credit for eight shares of valley
Fair stock and the caah value of two
Life iusuranco policies also turned over
to him ns collateral and for the valuo
of the land in Marlboro which plain-
till obtained by foreclosure of a reaj
estate mortgage given, him by the de
fendant; which sums amounted in tne
whoio to e'H'Jti, leaving a balanco due
on the mortiraae of i?G"87.80. The evi
dence of tho plaintiff showed the value
of the lumber covered by the mort
gages to be 814,821.25, and that tho
plaintiff had released his mortgage on
82,000 worth of oak, which was soltl to
tho Hoywood Uros Co., of Gardner
and $1100 worth of beech sold tjll. L.
Had lock of -Marlboro, leaving til.-,
424.25 worth of tho lumber which the
plaintiff claimed was covered by his
mortgage. The plaintiff claimed that j
all of it had been sod by defendant
who bad never paid over tho proceeds
to him. The evidence of the defendant
was, that at the time he gave the mort
gages, he was in straightened financial
circumstances and bad purchased the
lots of land in question for the purpose
of getting off lumber; that ho went to
the plaintiff for financial assistance nnd
for that purpose induced the plaintiff
to go up to Marlboro and look over the
land whon be gave the mortgage ;tnat it
was understood at the time that he
was to proceed to get the lumber off
the lota and sell it in tho market and
that the urocoeds of tho sales of lum
ber should be used in ' defraying the
expenses incident to carrying on the
business and the hp '11-70 applied to
discharge obligations when the
plaintiff had loaned him money or
signed with him as surety; that he
saw the plaintiff almost daily and ad
vised with him about the sales or lum
ber and full information as to what he
was doing with the lumber and the
proceeds and that all of tho lumber
was sold with the consent of the plain
tiff and with full knowledge; that the
lumber venture proved to be a losing
one and there was not enouuh money
to discharge, all the obligations. The
defendant also denied tho claimed
balance due on the mortgage and
claimed that two of the notes for 3125
and 225 respectively were collateral
notes which he gave the plaintiffs
for notes which lie had signed
tit the bank for him: which bank
notes the defendant claimed to have
paid, thus extinguishing the notes
held by tiie plaintiff; that another
note of 1210, was given the plaintiff
as collateral security for signing two
notes of $100 and ?Sl0;t!iat these notes
were paid and taken up by the de- j
fondant and the collateral notes
should have been surrendered. The
I laintilf denied consenting to the sale
of the mortgage properly. He also
claimed and his tcstimonv went to
show that none of tho notes were
collateral but were nil bonalide debts
formed for monev had and received,
Among other papers iu corroboration
was one check for fl.OOQ, payable to
Waite and endorsed by him, which
plaintiff asserted to be part of tho
loans and which Waite wouldn't say
that he had ever repaid. It was also
shown where about 63,000 of the pro
ceicls of mortgaged lumber went, in
three places to pay old no'.es, and,
debts which Sherman had nothing, to
do with. The jury rendered a verdict
for the pluintiff to recover the sum of
81131. V. C. Fitts and L. M. Kead
for plaintiff, Waterman.Martin Jc Hitt
and Haskins for defendant.
Janx 8 A. Reed vs. Alonzo Starkey,
an action of replevin to recover a
wagon plaintiff claimed title bv vir
tue of a purchase of the same at auc
tion sale, and his evidence tended to
show that in June 1894, he brought suit
against his sun J. 11. Keed and at
tached all of bis property, on a debt
which, the son owed for various obli
gations which his father hud signed
with him as surety: that after tho at
tachment had rested on the property
a little over tiro months, by agreement of
parties,the property.of the non, winch
I included the wagon in question was
Isold by the attaching officer on mense
I process and this wagon was bought by
i the father. The defendant justified as
'an officer serving legal process and
j and his evidence tended to show that
the wagon was sold by Henry R.
j Brown to J. D. Reed: that the sale
was a conditional one and title re
! mained in Browne tiutil the wagon was
' paid for : and that the plaintiff bad
' know Ipdge of the terms of sale: that
! after the auction sale the plaintiff per
( mittcd the waeon to remain in the
. pomt'ssiou and crnti,l of his sou,
' that June 11. 18!i4.Hrown brought suit!
'against the son of J. 1). lteed, and at-
: tacheil the wagon and June 24. judg- ,
ment was obtained, execution isiied I
.bugenico aud f ortuniati forini vs.
Lou ib Uufresne, an action of ussump
sit to recovor for services rendered in
chopping logs in 1893. Plaintiffs were
living iu Hnnnington aud claimed tho
tho defendant met one of thorn on the
tho street and offered him a job for
both of plaintiffs on a log job in Strat
ton mat no would pay llvo cents per
log and givo tits plaintiffs tho small
logs; that plaintiffs wore unwilling to
take either of tha sub contractors,
John Hernrd or John Konieri, as pay
masters but offerod to go.if the defend
ant would guarantee the pay; that it
was then arranged that Dufretme
should see tho contractors and if such
arrangement could be made ; that at the
house of the defendant in Manchester
the terms of the agreement were again
repeated when both plaintiffs, defend.
nnt and the contractors were present ;
that plaintitrs wor.:ed on the job from
May 17 to Oct. 5 and with Romeri cut
8759 logs and 595 small logs at the
price of five cents for the large ones
and 2t cents for tho small oucs, and
that upon settlement there was a bal
anco of $103., which tho defendant had
never paid them. Tho defendant de
nied the terms of tho contract and
claimed that he saw the plaintiffs in
relation to tho work for Uerard : that
lierard was the man with whom they
made their coutract,and he, the defend
ant, paid Berard in full and never in
any way guaranteed the payment of
plaintiffs bill or employed them. Tho
verdict for plaintiff to recover 6194.(18.
Waterman, Martin & Hitt for plaintiff,
Martin & Archibald and Fitts for de
Case of J. II. Richmond executor
vs. Christine lietterly. It was a suit
to recover the valuo of a note given by
the defendant toVinal Koith and Rich
mond was the executor of Keith's
estate. During the last sickness of
Keith and while it was claimed ho
was incompetent to do business he
gave tip a note to defendant's husband
and it was destroyed. After bis death
and the probate of his will this suit
wan brought to recovor the valuo of
the note. The court co forma directed
a verdict for the plaintiff to recover
tho value of the note. Waterman,
Martin & Hitt for plainffti und Hhs
kins and Keed for defendant.
This week will close the jury triali)
iu the civil cases. Next week the
criminal cases will bo taKen up and
there will probably betimeenoug,
nearly if not quite, to dispose of the
court business also.
The case of Hidden v. Hooker,
claiming e1500 in the settlement, of
partnership between them, was con
tinued on affidavit of plaintiff's sick
ness. This jame case, or ono involv
ing tho same subject matter, was set
"no jury" by tho plaintiff at the last
September term and on hearing of
affidavits the court then adjudged no
cause for continuance and ordered
judgment for defendant. The plaintiff
then brought this suit.
Ills Noh Remarkable Care There and
One tnat I. Hard to Ki plain-What lie
8ay. about Hi. Proportion of Suecc..
Bradley C. Newell, tho healer, is
still going on his way conquering and
to conquer. Last week Thursday he
visited Dartmouth college in company
with his manager. Prof. L. A. Butter
field, formerly of tho chair of elocution
there, and Friday and Saturday he
was at West Randolph where he treated
cases by tho hundred from towns all
about thero. lie went home to Jack
sonville to spend Sunday and Monday
he went to Hartfi rd to trout Editor
B. L. Burr of the Hartford Times, who
was in bed for a nervous trouble and
who reported himself much benefitted
by Newell's "'aying on of hands" and
was able to sit up before tho healer
left. His daughter, who has been
troubled with deafness, was also treat
ed by Mr. Newell and 6he said that
her hearing was improved. Tuesday
and Wednesday Newell was at Gard
ner. Mass., and yesterday and to day
at r itchburg.
The most remarkable case Newell has
had vet was that of Mabel the 10 years
old child of Harrison Dewey of South
Kovalton. who has never snoken
word since she was 15 mcnths old,
when she had the measles and tonsi
it ie at tho same time causing paraly
sis ef tho throat. After holdiug the
little girl's hands for a few minutes
and placing her hands upon her throat,
sho jumped as if it hurt ner throat,
After a minute or two tho girl s.iid
the faint word sho had spoken in over
nine years. Then when told what to
say sho told her name, and where from
and seemed to bo greatly excited over
it. Tho mother could hardly contain
herself she was so pleased. Then the
mother and daughter went to dinner
and the littlo mis.-i gave off her order
as plainly as could be.
J. T. Slack, of Springfield, who lost
bis hearing in ono ear when a noy,
after a few minutes he came out and
could hear as well in the ear that was
affected as ho could in tho other.
Mr. Newell said ho had ono case.
there which was the most peculiar he
had over had. Lewis Bates of Bethel
came into tho room and said ho was
deaf and had n leg drawn up by tho
cords, so that ho could not use it very
well. After giving bun a regular
treatment. Mr. Bates asked tho people
present to retire which they did and
after taking off bis pants had .Mr.
Newell rub tho affected leg. When he
was doing it. Mr. Newell asked him
if he could feel his hands, but he
could nnt hear but almost in a minute
ho said that it felt as if in the other
leg thero was a ball of Bre rolling up
and down and asked Mr. Newell if he
could not hear it crack, whilo he
could Dot understand a word that was
spoKon to him. The current of elec
tricity which seems to pass through
the body would mako crackling sound.
Newell stated to a reporter that he
had been most successful with sciatic
rheumatism and heart trouble while
he had treated over 1000 oases for
deafness he said he had riot cured or
helped over 50 at the most.
He sai! that ho does not know that
Miss Kate Selleck entertained a fow
friends at tea Wednesday night.
A large purty from here will attend
tho danco,at Vernon this ovening.
The Butterfly club met with Mrs.
Warner Spear at her Elliot street home
Wednesday afternoon.
Mrs. C. O. Robbins entertained the
Ladies' whist club Tuesday afternoon
ut her North Main street home. The
prizes were taken by Mra Dr. llowen
and Mrs. O. D. Estabrook.
Quoth tho Burlington News: "Ver
mont is progressive. A cigarctto club
is said to be the latest among Brattic
boro ladies. What tho objoct of tho
club is, to oncourago or suppress we
don't know." tti
Miss Genevievo Talbot Wright,
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Charles E.
Wright of North Cambridge, Mass.,
will marry Ralph R. Rico April 20.
She is a niece of Alfred H. Wright
and tho late Mrs. D. S. Pratt, whilo
her mother, wrb Miss Emma, daughter
of Dr. J. II. Talbot of Wilmington.
Thero are many local invitations to the
ceremony at tho bride's home.
Mr. and Mrs. F. W. Putnam enter
tained a party of friends with six
handed euchre last Friday night at
their homo on North streot, thero be
ing six tables. Tho guests report an
excellent time and the prizes were won
as follows: First lady's, Mrs. W. U.
Carpenter; 2d, Mrs. E. D. Whitnev;
1st gents, John DeWitt: 2d, E. B.
Tho last public entertainment to be
given by tho pupils of tho North
street school this season was hold
Monday evening in the school hall and
was attended by a largo number of
friends not with standing tho Btorm.
The tiret part of tho ovening was tak
en up with a debate on the Jsubjcct,
"Sas (Jesar a great man lueie
wero (! disputants on each side and
tho judges decided in favor of the
negativoon tho merits of tho speaking
This was followed by a piay "Dr Phy
eche"in which the cast was as fol-
lows:Dr. I'hysche. Mary Cheney ; Miss
Brightly Green, Esther Knight: Miss
Ingenious Urdncr, Uracc Uoneison ;
Mrs Rvan, Carrie Johnson; Gentle
Winterberry, Laura Pentland ; Prim
rose Dalo, Florence Corbett: Nora
O'Toole, Helen Emerson. After tho
presentation of the play a social hour
was enjoyed including dancing
marching etc.
Mr. nnd Mrs. Geo W. Pierco tender
ed a reception to the officers and
marching staff of Protective grange,
numbering about 50, at grange ban
quet bull Monday evening from T to 11
o'clock. The Btorm was raging outside
but that seemed to make the party all
the merrier and songs and instrumental
music made tho time pass gayly until
refreshments of coffee, cake, ice-cream
and lemonade were served. - Then to
fully round out tho evening's enjoy
ment an hour of informal dancing mi
indulged in, Miss Maty Austin very
efficiently presiding at tho piano. Ai
together it was a thoroughly pleasant
affair and all departed speaking words
of praise for their host aud hostess.
Use less soap and savo clothes.
A sleighing party from hero went to
Nowfano Wednesday nnd took supper
at Pratt's inn.
Mrs. II. B. Lark in entertains 'a
party of friends at her homo in Conter
villo to-night.
The Junior C. E. of the Baptist
church took a sleigh-ride to Hines
burg Saturday.
Tho Y. P. C. U.of tho Universalist
church will hold their annual fair at
tho church parlors nest Thursday
Miss Mary Uaus" delightfully en
tertained a number of ner little friend
Saturday afternoon, it being her third
Mrs. William Mixer will entertain.
Mrs. Lucy Cox's Sunday school class
to-morrow aftern ion at her Vernon
street homo.
Col. and Mrs. Thos. Hannou pleas
antly entertained a few of their friends
at their Brook street home last Satur
day evening. Light refreshments were
Mrs. Alvin Coombs entertained :i
party of some 25 frionds at her Main
street homo Tuesday evening. Choice
refreshments were served aud the even
ing was spent with euchre.
Tho Junior Murray club held a most
enjoyable social at tho church parlors
Monday evening. Tho "old-fashioned"
farce was quite novel, after which tho
children enjoyed the donkey game.
The regular meeting of tho W. R.
C. will bo held next Thursday evening
at G. A. R. hall. After the close of
tho meeting the Post and other friends
who are interested aro invited to he
Miss Jessie Hawlcy entertained a
party of friends at her home on Chapin
street Monday evening in honor of her
birthday. Refreshments' were served
and tho guests enjoyed a merry time
with games.
On Thursday evening, March 2ti,
thero will be a supper nnd entertain
ment at tho social rooms of tho Bap
tist church. Menu : Cold meat, rolls,
chicken-salad, cake, tea, coffee and
orange ice. Supper at 0. Price 25
Thp Murray club held a meeting ut
tho Universalis! church Wednesday.
evening and listened to a well written
paper on "Charles Dickons, "which wa
prepared by Oeo. A. times. ;r.
Hines also read several selections ft,. .11
the author.
The Daughters of tho American
Revolution had a pleasant meeting
with Mrs. Fred Holden Tuesday even
ing. March 17. The program consist
ed of reading from American History.
Choice refTeshmnts were serv.d.
Dolla M. Sherman, Sec. D. A. K. ,
Wed. a Prontlnent and Wealthy Spring
Held Man.
The following item clipped from a I millinery. Mrs.
Boston Daner of March 17 will be I Tuesday for a few
Miss Barbara Murphy returned homo
Monday from her visit in Windsor and!
Bellows Falls. Misses .Maud . Lennox;,
and Ruby Stock well leave tomorrow
for a visit in Springfield, Mass. Mies
Bertha Lyons is visiting in New Lon
don. Mrs. B. F. Ketch u 111 and Mrs.
I. H. Williamson returned Saturday
from New York. Miss Isabella Holmes
leaves next Monday for Ansonia, Ct.,
where she will be the guest of Mrs.
Wayne Reed. Mrs. F. H. Morse i u 1
New York this week selecting spring !
Alice Knights left '
davs' visit in New
f interest to Brattleboro readers. lork.Wm. -ucCarty of St. Albans
' Min-h intercut centered inn nniet 1 visited part of the Week in town.
wedding in the cathedral parish house John Gordon, wife aud child of Griffins
at ;i:30 Monday afternoon, when
Henry D. Marsh, councilman, n well
known society man and eldest son of
Daniel J. Marsh, treasurer of the Fivo
Cent savings bank, took a Catholic
bride in MiRS Anna Fiances Lillia of
this city, daugbfor of Mrs. A. F. Lillis
of Brattleboro. Long before the cere
monv a crowd gathered in the howling
snow storm to get n glimpse of the
heidn nnd t-ronni. Fr. tternrml S.
fYinnfv performed the simple ceremony ers. of New
in tho nnifipnee of ft few relatives and IS Visiting 111
intimate friends of the. couple. Wil
liam C. Marsh, assistant collector of
customs hero and a cousin of tho
grxim, was best man, and Miss Jo
sephine M. Cave was bridesmaid.
The bride Im ked charming in a gown
of gray broadcloth, with trimmings to
match. She carried an enameled pray
er book. Miss Caye wore black silk
and carried a bouquet of white roses.
At the conclusion of the ceremony the
bridal partv were driven to 42 Maple
street, the home of the groom, whero
a wedding dinner was served. Mr.
Marsh and his brido left on tho 6:33
train south. Thev will visit Jaekson
..:n i?i.. .1 'n..Pf,:i,i c..nnn.,i.
me 1 III., mm 1 1, 11-0 1 1 Kfi, 111, u, ii, . - . -
Ga., where thevlwill remain five weeks tin?" aud friends in Li
for the benefit of Mr. Marsh's health. Greenwich, V . Dr. I).
Upon their return they will livo with
Mr. Marsh's father, and in May will
go to housekeeping. Until yesterday-
few knew that tho eoupln were en
gaged, and the announcement caused a
sensation in society in which Marsh
has moved for vears. Last fall ho was
elected councilmau from ward 3, but
he was taken ill with diphtheria, and
he has been slow to tully regain his
health. His physician has repeatedly 1
told him, that he was sadly in need of a
rest, and his sudden decision to marry;
was due to the fact that he can com-
bino his recreation with his honey- j
moon. The bride, who is considered .
Corner, N. Y., are the guests of her
parents. J ihn Nesbitt aud wife at
their West Brattleboro farm. Harry
Devere left Saturday for a visit iu
Burlington and vicinity. Miw Lou
Coates is visiting frieuds and rela
tives in Deep River. Conn., and Prov
idence. K. I. -Mrs. G. II. Smith re
turns .Monday from J.'ew York with hor
spring milliuery She will be accom
nanied bv her new trimmer, MissPow- 1
York. -Mrs. t,. U. Warren
New lork .Mrs l.una ;
Angier has goue to Greenfield and
vicinity for a few weeks' visit Lucius
Whitrty and wife are visiting in Bos
ton. E. A. Starkey is in New iork
this week buying his spring goods.
Mrs. Starkey and daughter are also i
visiting there. Mrs. Wm. Martin left 3
Saturday for u five weeks' visit in I;
BostonMiss tlhrista Parkn returned
to her school duties in Hinsdale
Monday after a three weeks' vacation. E
--Mrs. D. F. Brackctt is spending the v
week with friends in Concord, N. H. i
Sho was accompanied by her daughter, s
Lucie, who returned Tuesday. Louise 1
Rawson returned home last weekThurs
day from a six week's visit with rcla-
LirooKlvti anrl
P. Webster i
and wife and W. H Vinton ate in '
New York (his week. S. S. Hunt and :
wife attended the funeral of the late r
W. H. Lvnde at Winchester Tuesday ,;
Mrs. '. H. Phillips and Miss Belle ,1
Emerson returned yesterday frooi thoir ;
trip to New York. They were ac
companied by Miss Melntyro whi. is to
be the milliner for Miss Emerson. t
L. D. Greene is in New York. Mrs. "
Geo. Herrick returned Tuesday from
Boston where she had been for week
with her son for treatment of the lat
ter by a specialist for club feet. F. J.
Emory of the Fitchburg Steam Ei.gino
Co. who has been repairing the engine
1 . 1
1 'ii
. 1 1
bv many to be the handsomest and an no enctri.; iigni. mhiiuii i.e- ,...
most stvlish young woman in Spring- i week, returiied Tuesday to his home
field, is comparatively little known i " . itehbuig.-Mis. L. A. lke is
here. She came to Springfield soveral ; v1""t,,n1-' h".r, 9"n rmk. editor "f the,
1 ..Vi ! Hera Id at (ireenbiish. X. Y. A cable-
(cam KOI hiiu lutiiiu ,.., , u ... -
thn wnin,i .linino- nuinm n a waitress. I gram received nunuav
but. being verv progressive, she was
soon engaged as saleswoman in the dry
goods store of Meekins. Packard A
Wheat, where she stood behind the
counter for sonic time. She bad many
admirers, but Henry I. Marsh was
the lucky one. being smitten, it i
said, with the young woman at first
announced the
safe arrival in Antwerp of Dr. Fred ¬
erick Crosby, son of Edward C-;
Crosby, president of the Urattleborn
electric iniloHil, and A. Shaft ticic of
Groton. both graduates of Dai ti.iotith.
who will take a course in the 1: e lira.l
evil lego in Vienna. They n.-ached
Antwerp Sunday noon after a hp.Ktidid,
passage of II day.
Lrse iess snap ami
to 100 worth a year.
Th-ro's 11
.kitties too.
inney in using Ie
,-. r rieir- ire cribbing :niei""". " a
It 1-iU' 1 '" .-i.!': Bnrtiift"a-Yt V-jSgV
and that he levied on tho waeon and i he can help a person when looking at
took tho same into his possession j them, and does not claim to cure every
where it was when replevin in thissuit. (one. He said that probabiy not one-1
The real defendant, Hrown, claimed half he had treated had Keen helped, j
the warjon by virtue of hia conditional i 1
! sale and also" claimed that tho con- j Save 50 to 100 worth of clothes a !
year tiy using less soap. -
The mission hand of the L'niversa-!
list church, met yesterday afternoon at'
the church unit listener! to an in
Highest of all in LeaveDing Power. Latest U. S. Gov't Report
duct of Reed's in relation to the prop
'erty .treated a secret trust and was in
fraud of his claim. The jury rendered
'a verdict for the defendant for the re
turn of the property aud his costs. C. ' Ic-eMing paper on home and foreign i
:C Fitts for plaintiff, Waterrmm
'Martin Hitt for defendant.
missions read bv Mrs.
Methodist cburch.
Beeman of tho '
11 cy
u m ttBv-ak. mm '
WM M my a
1 1

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