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VOL. XJ. NO. 34
Jfra. J. f. Hell. Oauanatomie, Kan.
wife of tho editor of ThoUraphie, tho lead
ing local paper of Jllarul couuty, writes
"I ri troubled with heart dineaae
for six years, severe palpitations, short
ness of breath, together with such ex
treme nervousness, that, at times I would
walk tho floor nearly (ill night. Wo
consulted the best medical talent.
They said there uw a no help for me,
that I had organic, disenso of tho heart for
which there was no remedy. I had rcud
your advertisement in Tho Graphic and
a year ago, as a last resort, tried one bottloot
Or. jailrn' eir Cure for the Heart,
which convinced mo that there was truo
merit In It. I took threo bottles each of tho
Clcart Curo and Bcstoratlvo Nervino and
it completely cured me. I Bleep
well at night, my heart beats regularly and
( have no moro smothering spells. I wish
to Bay to all who are suiTering as I did;
there's relief untold for them If they will
only glvo your remedies last one trial."
Dr. Miles ITeartCnrc 1b sold on a positlva
enaranteo that tho tirst bott le will iicnctit.
All druggists sell it at $1, 6 bottles forKi.or
ttwill be sent, prepaid, on receipt of price
try tho lr. Miles Medical Co., Elkhart, Ind.
Dr. Miles' Heart Cure
Restores Health
(fibers lij Miiriiinn mill .'loruii-TIU'
Knlijict Nlill lluiiil Cp In I lie Sruiile
Clevelmid luvmliuiitinK to tlw Pro-
pilrly ll f ltn oglllf loll Veat Aaailll Spits
nt lllm -House Hushes TliroiiRn an
Outrageous l.cillcl Htrnl-A 8.(0,000,000
Mivnl Pi op i I I.odu;t'a Non-ell on I in
lulumfton-A lllll l Vn vt m (he Su
iii'itnlnn of 1'eiiNitm.
The Cuban resolutions an' Htill huuft
tit) in tlie senate, mid they may tint
reach a vote for u week jet, though
Sherman aud tho oimiiintteo on foreign
nll'ah's urn constantly trying to fores
one. f.lKmsol West Virginia gave tno
discussion n fresh turn Monday with
a ri'sohition direotiug.tho committee, to
report to tno senate tno lormation
necessary to action on lis roenmmen
dalions. Hiiimlv another method of
cettinir deiav. Sherman in his speech
Friday, in reply to Monalor Hour, in
timated thatbo would have no objeo
tiou to sending tho resolutions back to
conference with tlif understanding
tliat tho third resolution providing for
intervention by tho tinted blatca un
der certain cond it ions should bo some
what modified, lint there does not
seem to bo any general desire, in the
senate to go through this performance.
Hill made a curious, though able
and powerful speech Friday. He an
nounced that he was going to vote
against the conferciico report on ac
count of the intervention finite, and
then devoted an hour to a fervent
apostrophe to Cuban liberty. Tho Now
York senator made an earnest presen
tation of argument!) in favor of rcsolu
tions nmiiust which lie aunoiineed his
intention to vote. Ho was especially
counsel regarding the Cuban niton I
lion, Seywd of his friends have en
dcavorod lo draw liim nut of late, but
without success. It is probable Unit I
whatever conclto-ior.s urn reached by
Pouiihoit I tlnvclrind. Ihov w ill be dim- .
uiunicnted In congress in u special,
message. If he determines to ivengniiio
the insurgents it would be a murl, sy Cite
on Ids pail to make congress ii-iiii in I - : "
ed with his intend ns while, on tiie
other hand, ho is said to feel it his
Z Zivm mm. mi due jiil?. m
insurgents should ho doom it impolitic
Ceotralia and Chester
Railroad Company
fiflortgags 5 Par Cant.
30 Year Gcltl Bonds.
to do so. More thau il week ago Con
sul (Jenei al Willinuis id Havana was
loiuesteil to furuish the slab- depart
ment with u full and exact account of
tho situation in the island from the
tinio that lien. Weyler took command.
If it shall bo shown from the roues-
nondonoelthnt tho insurrection is likely
lo he short-lived It Inn govormont will
carefully abstain from any recognition
of the Cubans. If, on the other hand,
it shall bo shown that tin; latter aro in
creasing in strongtn ami eniiiusinsm
ind .that lieu. VYcyior purposes pursue-
int. a policv of extermination, the pre
sident's action then, it is asserted,
will not be long delayed.
The house Tuesday passed tno Dili
amending the eustoni4ndministration
act of Jh!K, which has worked so well
but in which experience) has shown
soiiio chance for impmvmcut. Under
tho amended act the iloojsi, .1 of
the board of appraisers as to any mat
ters of fact shall bo final. An appeal
tho courts is permissible only
upon iUe.slions ol law.
Knpresentative urout lnr tun sceouu
time at this session was called to the
hair bv Speaker lieed last week
A hill has been introduced in tin
house providing that pensions shall
not be reduci d or discontinued except
llilr.isl fll) nlili-,ll')' l-l llllil.lHlV 111
VI Till
Farmers' Loan & TRUST CO. of H. Y.
TlifKi' limitlH art' jioMihlf, nrlnci
pill and IntcrtHt In ;!.!.
Fresh, Salt and Pickled Fish,
Fruits Tobacco and ( iiiars.
We wish lo announce that the 1'ish
Market will be open froui " to ! A. SI.
Mtiudnvs. :ind Unit our ''carts" will voiv
riuiic to rim as usual hoth in this and
adjoining towns.
Assorted Chocolates Fell
Tlie.v arc now at 35 els. a pound.
(Joinc in and got a pound 'put
up m u nice hox ior ,") ccnt.s.
scornful and dianuitic in his treatnient fo,. frilU(Ii ..jp,.-,,..,! ,,,.,,. ,'. Iuistake of
fact. Where tho lirut 11 charged, the
pension may bo suspended until an in
vestigation is made and decision ren
dered. i hero tho second is chained,
tho person making the charge shall
lile a statement of fraud in writing
and within JJ0 days of that date the
coinnussioner shall give 'M days' notice
of a hearing on the charges, and the
ponsioner or his attorney may be
present and question all witnesses. If
all tho charges aro sustained, the pen
sion shall be annuled, otherwise the
pensioner shall continue to receive his
senator lodL'o made a vigorous.
speech Monday in support of the bill
to prohibit the immigrntirn of persons
unable to read and write. The bill is
substantially that prepared by Kobert
Treat Paine, Jr., and otiier otlicers of
tho induration restriction league and
simply shuts out of the country those
who cannot read and write Knglish or
their own language. .lr. ljd;;e pre
sented some of tho statistics (;atlii n d
by the league, tending to show that
the restriction upon illiteracy would
affect n very small percentage of the
sturdy races of the north, but it would
shut out a considerable proportion of
the Poles. Hungarians and Sicillian
lixlra Fine Teas and (oirces a
specialty, at No. 7 JIain (Street.
31 (jL;"1"-. S20
ri Ik W'1"' ' '"''' wW"'
Wttt. - "
II1, LVtf t J -lut! I.
It s a 'luiple matter to ascerlain the
price ol waking clothing. Von know
our place ol iiiikiiicss, piohalily you pass
When you want to know anything
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wili not ho importuned to order.
It is presumed that you will do asvoti
Oui method ol clinching a customer is
not to grab him by the buttonhole, hut
co display "taking'' goods, so that they
wilPattract his eye and mention a tak
ing price when asked, lor making them
up without further comment.
We also do cleansing, repairing aud
dvoiug in a first-class manner.
ll Main Street, lirattlehoro. Vt.
My Millinery
Tie- to
anil fancy liooil- Inn
.ind t:ike this opportunity lo thank my
friend and the public gcneiiiliy forjiaet
patronage, hoping for a continuance of
, hp same tor my successor, who ready
to serv c von at (be old stand.
M ill pi a-,
iilile and
call ill the slorc soon a pos
se.'tlc Iheir :icenunl .ind
' d
.- .MAIN STItt'KT.
1 4Zw8VS
i I OotCougt8T
I ; lo tlaiiv
lllldt At I CI CC LAI
i Be Couijji 8rrurx tmico '
of the New York business men who
have been showering telegrams upon
him unci on other members of the sen
ate, protesting against the present at
titude of congress, on tho ground that
it was seriouslv all'ecting commerce
w;th Cuba. Ho engaged in n oolloouy
f with Senator Hoar in regard to tho
effect which the resolutions could
have, during which he brought out
tho point that tho salo of arms to in
surgents was not unlawful now aud
could not be any moro unlawful in case
tho resolutionsshould be adopted.
"I should have hesitated," said Mr.
Hill, to have voted for 11 joint reso
lution which would have required the
president's action within ten days,
iiut the resolutions are safe because
they merely express our opinion and
hi nil no one but ourselves, although
thev will be received with respect by
the executive and will have their
moral effect through the country and
tho world, They are in accordance
with preeodont. aud in my opinion
congress should go thus far, but no
further. Hecognition of belligerency
is made on the theory that a whole
people cannot be prosecuted for trea
son. The Cubans now hold three
fourths of tho island. Prisoners of
war should be exchanged. Were we
to stand by and see them guillotined,
garotled, suot or executetl in any
other way.' J ho resolutions could
give nojolfense to Spaiu. Wo could
not do less. I ho ouestion of recogm
tion of belligerency addressed itself
to the uisception of all foreign powers.
It could do no harm in this instance
and might tend to stay this cruel war
fare. Shall wo not, he asked, rid tho
war of its infamy, degradation and
brutality? That is all theso resolu
tions proposed to do except tho hist, to
tho pusilanimous terms of which I can
never give my consent. Who is there
so craven that ho would abandon the
ideas under which wo unfurled tho flag
of freedom to tho world? Cuba is to
day resisting taxation without repre
sentation. It is the story of the
American Revolution over again.
I hero were Tones then as now whoso
sympathies were with aristocracy and
monarchy,and nowjas then they will
be crushed by tho force of an enlight
ened people determined to be free.
Tho conflict between republicanism
and monarchism is irrepressible, and
wili go on. God grant that Cuba may
succeed. If sho does not. let us hav'o
the consciousness that we have done
our duty-
Sherman answered all the objections
to theso resolutions in one terse epi
gram. "If war does not exist in Cuba
whoro outside of holt do?s it exist?'
"It was idlo," he said, ' for Spain
to declare that war did not exist
when, in fact, warfare was going - on
morn atrocious than any in the historv
of the Dark Ages. Continuing, Mr.
Sherman Biiid that it was impossible
that the present terrib'e eonditiou of
affairs should continue much longer,
Hero Mr. Sherman turned aside for i
tribute to President Cleveland. The
senator said there were differences of
political opinion between him and Mr.
Lieveianci. unt, lie added, "no one
doubts his courage: no one doubts his
fidelity to tho flag of our countrv: no
one doubts that. ''
The other most notable speech of
the debate was that of Morgan of Ala
barna Monday and Tuesdav. He main
taincd that a state of open, horrid war
existed in L.uba a war involving the
property, rights, liberties aud lives of
American citrcus who happen to be
there. The lino of action for congress
to take, ho said, was to declare "that
open war existed in Cuba, and that
tho laws of war should applv to it. If
neither party to tho struggle in Cuba
could defend the rights and property
of American citizens who were there.
then ho proposed that the government
of tho United States should intervene
to protect them. He answered tho
standard argument of tho opponents of
the resolutions, that the rebels have
no capitol. thus:
How many places of liabitationldul
tho government of the United States
and tho Continental Congress have
during tho Revolutionary war? They
li ad no less than nino capitals, and
the IJritish government could not
chase them down to cover. " And to!
Hale of Maine he said:
"The Spaniard had neither mercy nor
consideration in his heart for tho "poor
people of Cuba- for thoso poor
mulatocs and negroes and vagabonds
described by Minister I'D lome. They
have no recognition at tho court of
Spam. They never had, and never will
have. And tho Spaniards quarrel
with any American citizen (particu
larly if he resides in a negm commu
nity) who stands up in the senate of
tno united Jitalcs and demands for
these people all the rights of man.
The senator from Maine negatives that
demand, and is not willing that they
shall be free men in Cuba: and I take
it for granted that he is not willing
they shall bo free men here, either, un
less, by hook or crook, tnev pan be
; made to vote the Republican ticket."
! the president has not fullv do-
would have felt souien mil embarrassed
ifjho two houses of congress had
forced him to act within a limited
time by tho adoption of a joint resolu
tion, tno leaders of both parties ro :
aid to bo willing to leave the presi
dent free.? now that they liavo made IftMlO'S KMl.l.s cure
their own record in favor of the! Blliounncn, ImligrsMnn,
C'ibnrs. Hi- is keeping bis own A plmwit laxative. All
Alimil IIM I nrli'a Will, till) Poverty ut
Itia Vomit anil llir tioinl 1'ortniH' of
IIIh lllliiil llrnlliri-.
To be totally blind all of one's life1
to be so poor ill boyhood as to have
only a single "diess up" suit in com
mon with a biolher anil atill to be
worth over eTitiO.lMK) before being ."(!
yearn old und tho richest mnn in the
coun'y, shows seine of the changes that
can ciiuie to a man.
Of Conine tht io Is only one man in
Franklin county Unit fills file bill for
tho above description and that is Wil
liam Watson Davenport of heydeu.
I "Wat I'avenport. as he is familltirly
! known. While there may be men in
the county having moro than ?.(, 000
nf property in their possession, it may
well bo doubted if then- is a single
one that would have that amount of
wealth after his debta were paid, aside
from .Mr. Davenport.
Tin' filing of tin- inventory of the
late Oliver Davenport's estate tho past
week proves conclusively that there
was no exaggeration of his citimnted
wealth. Aside from a few minor items,
the property is in stoeiis and bonds
that can be turned into cash as ipiick-K-
:im the holder eim reach a financial
To start as a poor country buy and
accumulate 8i:t.tK is certainly a re- j
markablo record, and now that the old !
gentleman is dead the greater portion)
of the estate is fo go to William j
Watson Davenport, who, notwithstaud-I
iug tho fact that he started with noth- j
ing but a good constitution and total '
blindness, has accumulated $.j00,0(H) by
his own efforts, and now, seemingly tot
compensate him in a nioasure for his I
loss of sight, a great fortune of ). j
V oflVv n liiiiilnl iimoiitit of tln-e
liiiuiln, M1I1J1M t In nli' nt mr unit ni-rrni-il
inlciral. mul Mil 11 incli 1, 1100
Imi ml HM."0 par vnllli of loi -It.
We 1I0 not hc.ltutc to reriiinintuil tile
above bonds for investment, anil believe
there is no other security in the market
absolutely us Mile, that end lie bought
ut imy such price, which will pay the
ievctor so high rule of interest.
They are not 11 new ucurity. n U10 Tliir
tirlifli Coupon was pa hi ut tin: i'ariner.O
I.o:in ami Truet Co., Trutee of the niort
gage, on the first day of .human, .
The Centraliu & Chester Itailroail i-
a ntnmlard -e!ii2e ro:uI extouding froai it 1 (KM) is beoueathed to him
ronueetioii with the Illinois Centra! ! George W. Davenport, one of the.
IlnilroiKl at (Viitnilin. III., lo Kiiuisville, ! brothers, and who by the will of hisj
ill itl. ., 1. 1.', r.-in-l, III .01,1 1 uucic quiver comes 10 a hiiuui Limine
is 111
romiiiion, ooiiuen wr imi u,in ',..), 1,., ,.:.! .
per mile ol first .Mortgage X per cent, j (),. f.lt,nr. Calvin X. Davenport,
bonds, wlih li are a first und only lien j wai fan(,r u,u butcher in Ixiyden.
on the rond-bed, equipment, depots, j and died in 1S.V'. when ho was 17
terminal facilities, mid miy and all ! years old. As to his strength of charm;
property ol the Company. j tor and ability I can only quote to you
ThcKoa.l passes through thiiklv popu-: " renmrk made by my brother, Charles
latcl and fertile a--ri. altt.ral .H-tri. I proilue- ' ' 1'avouport, one tune when wo were
- , . , ,.., ; Ion our wnv to the court house in New-
mg enormous crop of cereals. I he I niletl . ,.(
Slates ;ovcrmniit Mntistics sbr.iv that j .. .,;, ,.. .,,. f.,ther was
theiv were .ioduce.l hi 11 single year In the ja stronger man in natural ability thiill
live counties through Which tins noon ;niv of pis six bnvs
Our Hint's imuit of incs lour, pur,'! ,.(
parked hot from 111'1 oven in fxischourd arlom
I to preserve its delightful flavor trnd rriswcu. '
George W. Smith Si Sim, Bakers and Confectioners, While ftiver JctVL
Useful in Every Kitchen,
A uniijtic and convenient irttir fci
can be used for biscuit ami f mil,.."'
;I.ipteii tor
iine illustration snows it ;i
crullers. The inside part
y is easily removed when
-iren. th-,,
f.r.t.class financial and physical I "f SIO.(HH), was asked a day or two ago
-. . .li- ,1.. Ii iwiii 1 1'1 '-'hat about his family. Mere is
adapting it for biscuit.
How to Get It.
Send to Rtmitord Clieinjra! Work.
Providence, k. I., two labels trom bv'
torn 01 can of Horsford's Baking
Powder, with two J cent staim.,. ;
(he cutter will be sent free.
I'rii e without labtls. J.'i 1 List-
Biscuit and Cruller Cutter Combined.
pusses. .1. .Vi I, HIM Imsliels of wheal, 1,'
508.1MI bushels of corn. 'J,?."I,:1GI
bushels of outs, I I I. !!;! tons of hay,
lll,U:iO bushels of potatoes, and 07.
00(1 barrels of apples. The grcatei purl
of the product of these Comities sick a mar
ket ever the Outralia A Cluster Ihiilrondi
I it heing tie: only direct outlet to Chicago.
via the Illinois Central Itailroud, nnd
to ew Orleans and tide u ater, via the
! Mobile .V Ohio li. It., mid Mississippi
I Kivcr.
j The entile country through w hich
j this ronil passes is iinderliiid with coal,
j making the supply inexhaustible, and
The six 'boys' of tho Darcnport
family were Charles X.. who at tho
time of his death was recognized as
one f tho leading lawyeis of this sec
tion, Martin V. of Iternardslon. Wil
liam Watson of Tjeyden. myself. (Ste
phen Tabor of West lirattleboro aud
K. H. of Wilmington.
"Four out of the number were law
yer.", and I have always supposed that
one reason why we had a tendency to
ward that profession was because of
the litigation indulged in by father,
lie vas so unfortunate as to become
involved in a bitter district school con
test in f'yden, and while he lived we
heard law at the liresido mornintf.
111s speecu was nu e oioioiiiuii airesunic p,,.,,,. In,,s , now open lit Ccutrulia, ,,, n.i :,,,. Tim flnbt wmh unveve
of the material ttathered by the league,
but wound with tin appeal in favor of
maiLtainin? the integrity of the race,
which was attentively listeued to.
Cannon, the new Uopublican senator
from Utah, went for; Secretary Hoke
Smith Monday in a speech on the bill
in reference to the Uintah and
Uncompahjjre Indian reservation in
Utah. He declared that the secretary
had no right to set up his individual
opinion against tho plain provisions of
tho law. Ho protested, in, the name
of tho people of the west, against the
eoursa of the secretary.
The senate committee mi territories
made a favorable report Friday on tho
hill to admit New Mexico as a state.
In the Alabama contested election
case the house voted Friday by 17:5 to
.VI to give Mr. Aldrich his scat. Ho
was escorted to the bar amid wild ap
plause ami was sworn in by Speaker
The House committee on naval
il flairs decided Tuesdav upon the
most liberal policy of naval construc
tion since tho war. providing for four
battle ships and Vt torpedo boatsjat a
cost of J.TO.000,000. The senate com
mittee on fortifications has already
reported a bill providing f ir the ex
penditure of fWi, (XXI, 'JW within seven
years for coast defenses. Either or
both of theso plans are likely to curry,
much to the disgruntlement of Speak
er Keed who has been csleulatinejon a
record.flf economy.
Senator Vest delivered himself of a
passionate speech Wednesday on Cleve
land's home mission address, holding
the president up to scorn aud ridicule
for his slander the people who
"blazed the pathway of civilization"
in the "wild and woolly west." The
opportunity was all'orded by the bill
about. Itah Indian lands regarding
which he claims Secretary Morton has
defied the will of congress.
lot House passed a bill Monday to
deliberately throw away f 15.000,000 by
providing that all bona fide settlers on
the public hinds in Oklahoma shall
be given oatents after five years rcsi
den ce on their homesteads without
paying the price per acre required by
law. Secretary Smith says that the
government has agreed to pay the
Indians !1S.OOO,000 for these lands,
and that the amount dun from settlers
at 1.25 to 2.50 tier acre is over 15.-
000,000. A more outrageous piece of
recklessness has not been seen in
Washington for many a year.
I he House commerce committee has
prepared a Nicaragua canal bill under
which tho government shall guarantee
100,000,000 of bonds, take as securi
ty glOO.000,000 of f toek and have 10 of
the 15 directors. j
1 no liayaril resolutions censuring
Nashville, Coultc rvillc, Sparta. Itosboi-' enough to rat up one of father's farms
onsli and Srhiilincs. ' and leave the other one moi tpaL'ed at
The Kaudolph Coke A Coal Co., an urpin- i his death,
izati-n with :i capitali.atioii of s,VK),000, is "Our mother was L,ucy White Dav
uow successfully operating several l,.Pf,1r who before she was married,
. . I lived on Honda mountain. Liike so
ovens on the line ol this road in the vi
Creamery, VI and N If, a-orUvl ,aw
Northern N V, asserted size-, il;
llrsts, 91 a '.'1 ; easteru, 17 a ft!; western' 8r.
!la!; seconds, Pials il.ilrv Vt. extra -l vv
extra, 5); N Y and Vt, llr'sl-, 11; :, 1,; 44'
14H; boxer, extra erean.rrv, a
dairy il a ' nm
New York .extra, 10 1-S; VcrinoM.nnxHl'
Venuout, larra extra, a D1.V1
seconds, S a C; age, 11 I ran kinV;v,
liancru.i hoiec fresh. 1'.' I-i.l.".: I'd, i.i...
PxhI, 11 alS; Vt and X II, clmlee fresh, bijb
AniOstiirk C'n, Hebron, a .Hi; ArooH k ii,
(0; X H'ilel)iwH a i'; Durliaoi-au,! 6h
stare, a".') Oreen Mountain ;i n 1 state "f.M.'V
Ponllrj .
Northern and ra&tern, spria rr,i, ke!)-. eMr..
Ilia Is (inrjiitf elilrkens, remnKm to snoij, Hi
14; fowls, extra rholre. Ma H. Imili.rma
to (rood, lu.i 1J; turkeve, rbnliv vmmg, rws
ronunon fo jkhi, 14 a 1:1.
Corn .
I steamer yellow,
cinity of Spuria. The coke business is
nnen und very important industry in
this locality and is proving ol very
Brent value as n freight producer lo the
Ceiitralia A t hrnlnr Kond.
A counectioii will lie made witliiu the next
few weeks at Nalem with the Ohio A- .Mis
sissippi It. It. (which is the llallimore &
Ohio system) giving 11 direct outlet to the
Knst. At (Salem, a connection will also be
made with the Chicago. 1'gducah & Memphis
K. li. which will give the Ccutrulia A
Chester II. 1!.. another direct outlet to
many other Now Kngland mothers, she
was a noble wjnian. If any of us have
done anything worth remembering it
is due to ner training.
" Wo were bitterly poor at father's
death, but our is,nhpr with four chil
dre 1 under I t yeuii- of age not only
cheerfully carried the load, but also
did moro than her share in caring for
those who even had less than we had.
"It makes me laugh to think of it
i now when 1 recall that tu our boyhood
days Wat and I had onlv one dress
It. 1:.. another aircci outlet 10 : ,mm v
Chicucovia tin- Chicago. Paducah & Mem-1 . , . , .
phis und Waba-h i:ailroa!ls. ,111)0111 tlie s,i uo sue .11111 w, mok turns
The short piece of road Iwtwieu Kvans-1 " wearing tho suit whenever one of us
ville and Chester on the Mississippi Ilivcr i went out ol tlie town wnieli was not
witl Ik: completed bv October. 1st ne.xl. verv often.
TIIK KAII,ltOI COMI'ANV IN j ' I have b.-en tola that Uncle Oliver
iST-i.,VAfVViV?iTii j U!"' bout sS0tX) when he sold out his
. i,f,..r ri (i ' K,, iv-'tu IJI vrvira
ago. He went west and invested in
I'll KMTKK, HIIKKK Till' co.w
mm. Tin: main mm: ototiii:
will put in a Side Track lo the I'eniteii
tiury, which will also give the road n large
amount of business from their large output
of manufactured goods. The docks as
well us the land will be owned aud
controlled by the Kuilroad Company
und covered by the lirst mortgage
bonds of the Itailroud Company: the
docks will allord an opportunity to the I
harirc tows going up the river to drop off
their empty targe at the nocks of the Com
pany, to be filled with coal and taken dow 11
tho river airain on their return trip from Si.
Louis, thu saving about 200 miles of
towing from ( holer to M. l.oms ami re
turn, and a!-o s;n ing a charge of 1 per oar,
charged bv the dock" at Last St. Lorn, w here
coal is loaded on the barges at that mint.
With this connection made w ith the Missis
sippi lliver. it will give the roal miners a
most direct outlet for their products to
the Cairo. Memphis and New Orleans
markets uud sive to the shippers of
grain for the Ibrcign market n cheaper
and more direct connection with ocean
transportation lo New Orleans thau
via any other line.
Since the agrci input of the Knilro-nl Com
pany with the llanilolph Cuke and Coal Co., ;
to give them this outlet, arraii.-eineiit. have j
been made bv wvcr-.it independent parties to 1
real estate where the city of Kalama
zoo, Mich., now stands. That land
netted him a small fortune. Then he
had a country store there and made
money in that rapidly. Then he went
to Chicago and beanie a broker and real
estate dealer.
"I have heard him tell of purchas
ing a piece of real estate in Chicago
nnd paying ji5,090 for it. Tne people
thought him insane, but he sold the
same land lie- years later for cTo.OoO.
"Speaking of our poverty in Leyden
I recall that at one time uncle Oliver
was coming back to Leyden after he
had been away for a number of years
and mother wished to entertain him.
"She needed flour anil molasses aud
she sent ' Wat' to the ljcydon store for
the goods. Although her word was as
good as a bond, the merchant refused
to trust her. 'Wat- had carried a
asket of eggs, und in return for them
In' brought hack the molasses hut uo
" Mother was so put uit that she
cried at th- man's meanness. F. W.
I'nckrr, the father of Snow Packer of
Greenfield, came to the house aud saw
that mother was in trouble. He found
out what the matter was, came to
(ireenfiel.l. and a barrel of Hour came
Xali-Kenld-nt VM-moc rut lllttl
Star nf DrniiKTiu Ic If opt-,
(Krom the Wa6Uln(rton 1'ct.)
Wo hope no reader of the Post has
f. iled to read, mark, and inwardly di
gest the verified and startling report
that the city of Rutland, in the state
of Vermont, went Democratic on Tues
day last. We do not know when Kur
land was created, but it was far in the
past. For a time it was a village,
where ten chimneys smoked contig
uous to a steeple. " liut.as the ysarn
wore on, oiher chimneys rose and
smoked contiguous to other steeples.
The village grew at length into a city,
not great, but good. Its peoplo were,
and aresind wo trust they always will
be fond of the preacher an:l teacher,
lint they were not altogether exempt
from the infirmities of human nature.
Thev hail their likes ami tlieirdislikes
and stuck to them wifh a lit mures that
lers-ujoico iiui ciinonnuc piciuuim In'! i. 1 i- Inrji f, ,,,
One of iheir dislikes was democracy, ! Corn Meal
and they were so obstinate that they j oranulatcd. per bid, i.sia j le
would voic nguinsi a capame anil n.'iu- niu, 1 sua 1 .-.,; ting meal, 71 a 7'
est. I 'eiiiiM'rat anil for a liepiiblK'Uii of
doubtful antecedents to Jill a local
olhec having no legitimate connection
with politics. Therefore it eo icll out
that, in all the years ol its life prior
to this eventful year. Kutland went
Whig or Republican. Flections camo
regularly, but the turn nf the Demo
crats to carry an election came not at
Iiut in this wjr'd of mutations noth
ing lasts forever. The lontrest road
has a turning, aud the darkest niaht
ends in dawn, lly patient continuance
in well-doing even Vermont Democrats
may hope for victory. The Democratic
bretberen of Rutland are happy in the
reward of their lidelity. It is an event
of "more thau local significance," ar
we aro advised by some of our Demo
cratic contemporaries. Even so con
servative a journal as the Philadelphia
Record expresses tho hoe that "the
Rutland election will prove to have
been a prophidic straw blown out by
the March winds." Why should it
not be accepted as a fair otisct for the
Philadelphia election?
i !.'
.11111 Feel
Miiliilimr., sacked, per ton, 1,1 .V ,i
sicked, winter, a if 00; bran, sarin. 1
ai i.-ioi ounsctMi meal, u 21
liny anil St ran
lfay.N V aud Canada, i-Uoiee tu l.ns v, pin
la do; S V and Canada, lair to goon, 'lmiia i;
ujou ii, w; casern, ontina.-t
lfi Oft; eastern pimmm. r;m;
eastern, choice.
to fair, 15 (i a
If no.
X aiel above,
hi a 17; Xol,
.Ministers Public speakers singers
and every one using their voice will
lind Adamsons llotanic Cough Balsam
an indispensable preventive. It im
mediately stops that dry husky feeling
aud cures everv form of cough'or cold
10c. and .15 c
-'! ;i
Is .t Oil V-, '
-'1 a ".Mi line unii-aehetl. 11 a li inini,nar,).'i
no i.eorooin, 3.S ami 1-. bssfl.
jut so a, coaming, I I Moo, I. :i a .
l!i a 30.
Pulled ami S omul.
A line, 31 a 3S; A super. la :!5: l:
2;(: super, S3 a at; comMns. line.
i-onimnjr, common, a :n.
Live Mm k
Kat Hons. Western fat swine, 'be . I all!
e ; Northern dre.scl hoc-, .V per II). Vjmhe
of swine ai market from Vermont, I V, Nc
SHEF.r A!n Lami. In ion o:
each; extra ii 7.. a 4 SO. or from - a 4f wr
lb; lamlis, a s a is'.
MABKKT 1IKM-.-A fen- ehoiee.
tra. ft 50 a 5 7.' lirst ouaiiiv. 4 7:, a
quality, 4 00 a 4 .Vi; third ijualtty, ; a .
Much Cow. -Sales rather slow
about ttemiv.
iii'".."; c
ui; cv"'
ul ii:-
stock, and tiii
tatiou limine
liractirallv tiai
and eoai -trikc-
time when Hie transpor
ihc entire eoimtry was
I bv tiie tfival railroad
T itli the addition lo
, . . , . , . , , , : ami 'siai -ir,i,CH, ii mi iiii .iiiiiiiii.ii i,f
htm for his speeches in Fntrlai .l j ,i. ,,1(,m.rtv of the i:v.insvi!lcettensin
against urotcction and t'-c tuiblic !
niorali.ation it has wrought, came up
in the House. Wednesday. Chairman
Ilitt of the foreign a (fairs committee
and Cousins of Intra spoke in sui uoil
of them. the latter winning tin
oratorical triumph of the sessii'O and
receiving an ovation as he closed,
llov. McCreary of Kentucky defended
Mr. Rayard. aud referred again to the
case of Vanllurcn. who became presi
dent as a result of a similar attack.
Con Ili'.infir .if AI fcci.l, nui.l : j .,.,,..!
and the Roshmoiitdi brunch, both of
which im- now in iiperntioii. and the
improved liiooiei.il mid indnstriitl siln-
ntioii Ihiiiushiiiit the countrv, tin- grosn
mid net e;li niiiu-s of the oMipnll for
the fiscal vein c inline July 1st, IS'Kl,
will fur exceed Hnitloni: in the history
of the road, and should show, in nddi
came there
........ .... ...... I .... ... ., ., .., il,,, i
tralia & clu'-ster I!. I!., which will L-iu- it at I " us from the st.iro of S. L. Shattuck
lea-tfiie times i he prcscul coal li.illie.
Uiirinu' the la-t liscal year, without the
Kvansvillc cxtcii-ioii or the ltoslmrouirh
branch in operation. the Company earned
not only the iiitercsf on its morlKimc,
over nnd above opcrtitins cipciises.
faxes, etc.. lint :i smnii surplus on I In
one of If .c oal-tiiiii
when Uncle Oliver
plenty to eat.
"I had worked on farms t
earned enough to attend the academy
at Hernariistoe. and 1 have felt vich
ever since. A contented mind is much
bettor thai; money.
"It was in 1850 lhat I went there,
and the principal was 'Prof.' Ward.
He and my older brother. Charles,
were ohmns. and he knew of my coin
ing. At that time there wore $ pupils
in the academy, and when I made my
lirst appearance with my trousers near
ly six inches above lav Imuran kIuhs t
heard the trills Inimh and s:iv to cur b
l..1,,r, ll !... .. t 1.
lion ti. -.11 fiM-ri.-hrfrr- :m.l rtnenus. '. "" " ". ""l " BCTUiiurp uc is.
il larce surplus, mid it is not unreason- ' 1 -'"'-"! to"
able to expect that by Jaiiunry next '
the Company w ill begin puyinc regular
niiKlemls u its stock
TJir XViltox A. M'liltc Organ Co. Increase
Capital Stock.
Tic- Music Trade Review for March
.say.? :
At a special meeting of the stock
holders of the Wilcox - White Organ
Co , held at their 'office in Meriden,
Conn., last Monday. February i4th.
tne capital stock of said corporation
was increased from fcJUO.OOO to f250,000,
by a unaoim us vote of the stockhold
ers present.
This important move will enable
them to take care of their constantly
increasing business, and to increase
facilities which have becomo tilcni,,in.
by necessary in order to -catch up" j TSlS
with the demaud for the "Symphony" I 10 w; planed, wide, una a ueo.
and eelf-playing attachmout.'for which .
STORE CA1TI.I:.-W.irk:mr ..ven. tier Hit.
irom ijo a au; iamiw cows, lo a -J; laney
,rs) a fis ; milch ews and calves, y a (s; vearlipc
Sa Ifi: two years old, 14 a ii . three vear e!S.
-'C a 12.
Hides, Tai.i.ow asi skixs. ltrlsblim foot.
."iftOc icr lb; tallow, ,'la4i- per Ihj woitn
hides. 4 a Or per lb; ta!lon ll-iai per IK
wool K'lts, ai a .- : rail' skin?, latraluo. Vn
klns, iia 40e
lltinioek btiard?, rouirh, in io a .i.j c.',,:.oi
11 no a 11 fii); So 2. 7 .Vi a s oo. Snniiw Iw.
J 1st, clear lloor. li) m)a 20; -.Ms. clear i!r. I"" i
I'm: coarse, 10 00 all 00.
Sbinirles, Kastern, sawed, eeiiar. i. -1
2 9; do eJenr.-J 23 a 2 ."iO;do ids, 1 7,"iv: "Jf
boanls. do 4ft ex. Si MO a :M ml ; do clear. '
"I Co; 2ds, dear, 2.rii0 a 2ii OHi rlanlitunb. rxirj
! 'o 1, It O0a If S.v
j Sl'KllX.
I SpriH-c lraini-s. cars, onl, 14 ma H 7, tw.l"
irieb, do. 13 00 a 13 23; fourteen Incli, ilc. l"'?'i
17 Si; northern Imards. 11 "s a 11 73 : eeenn-i, lo.
a SOnIO; N Xo 1 stork, boards P.'rt. iinW.i S
laned. narrow. i
they are alreadv m-srwliiilmj .i. !
orders, ' ;
Tho business of flu. v;i....v a. v;.:i..
r. . . -''-v'. i. "illli-i
yo. is in a remarkably healthy condi
tion. Sinen .l:inti,iv.. Ici il.:.. .
I , . ,i-i iiii-n ot;oi,s
i , . ti. ,nl-reaR0 cl.iuariy 10 per cent.
oui i iiaiiiioei mo corresponuing period of IS!).'
Aim luvorne tiymplionv"
leaps and hounds ' in popularity rlur
inij tne past year, and this popularity
will be accelerated during IStKJ, judging
from the plans outlined bv the com
pjiuy. Tho regular organ business has
also given the greatest satisfaction.
Ihe members of the Wilcox ,t White
Urga f'o. are to be congratulated tipen
tfietr progressiveness.
were col far from right. '
Oe sail no ehll t. remain in ttfltn iuc
w hue I prop. . ,ny cradle toan.l fr ...
Cct uo inv 'i cd res inter alios
1 rem 1 1 while we're ronsulting intei ii"-
JVasttiata little pain in media res:
loo lari! too bad! we'll have no in ice: !-
has made ! !. ! S1',n(l 11 r"Pi-'s for some wise expert
,i kuuiia noiv in eieci incna naiin -. e
No trespasser shall come to trouble (Jteei
for thou dost own this house In simple Pv
And thy administrators, heirs, a?isrn.
To have, to hold, convey at thy ilc-i.-i'f .1
Correct thy pleadings, my own baby 1kt
Cet there be no abatement of thv jov:
(iuash every tendewr to keep awake,
And verdict, cost, anil Judgment llioli sliai! u'
If - ,,'?n, ?f ""loins' Steamed
Ilonmiy f Hulled Corn.) "It is de
licious. Full quart, 10c.
notice to his associates that he pro
posed fo ask a division of (he two
resolutions and the adoption of the
second only, which simply suggests
that American representatives abroad
should not indulge in one discussion
of American politics, without naming
any one as having dono so. He thinks
n formal censure would be goiiiL' Ion
Senator Frye has introduced m bill
providing for a department oi com
merce and manufactures, in order to,
relieve tue treasury ucpartmrri or : rnunlrr.
duties which of I.ifo wars have bii onie
so great as to be burdensome. fiaKWfi! (1 I RIIIFTT
l-'relu the abow facts it must be evident to :
any lui-iin s, nian that there is no risk or '
I speenliitioii huten r in bllillii; the fust
niortsairc bonds ol the i'eiitriiliii ,V i
; 4'hestcr Ilailroad, pasinir as it docs i
i through an uid and w. ll-pipu!:ded country
I sxi rich in jiLTa-nltim: and iitiTiral resources. ,
j aud bonded for only sU'i.OOO per mile i
ol first mortaire i per rent, bonds, ;
which is only about hall flic bonded in- j
I deblediicss of unv other Ritilrond in
i hot purl of the cnniitrv. j
Over Hsilll.OOO f ttu-sc Itonds lire !
! now licitl for intcstmcuf by nmny of t
j flic luicfst liisiiriiuce Companies, Snv-,
i iucs lliinks, tiuil some ol Ihe richest
und must r-ons-rxntic inii-sfors in ihc .
Wli. u II..:
lV)c n she
- o,s-.i-.. :. w-,. , h'-ri asti.na.
v. Mil! she -i-i,sl fr;.- Vj.st;.i-iv
ly-n-,f !!. mh el:W to Cn,,ri 1.
j ile
A'tu a si- i . i.isu-n.siie K.vtn-n. Cistm-.s
ainc and looked me in tt,e face, aud
cued o er my bed.
e neak v n, iiu
heart was sick.
O (ioil! I am not reailv
licur)'- I
Hut still the' siu'o,,.., g,,,, Hr .
iliaicn d In the wirk
wall, forallinv
yet' ii Christ, for
lame. !
I ""to1" l'm"- M,T. ...uerj
r0ZtfSK mu-nehswe., Hfe.j
t 1 1 hing wliii kiw.mrt ...... ........
breath "i"c uireart t
in darkii,.,,. tike a o-t
And (.Toped ai,,..
man In a cave.
Ihe House coniiutttee on territorit-s
has decided fo report n bill for a rvi:
ularly nrganiiocd territorial form of
gnrcmiiiout in Alaska.
SI-45 IIKOlt AY. N. V
,.rt,,S,'Ur,"" V! "-value nf this '"inTrAeS"'"' "iM'"n,:; "oil I k-1 alt t
advcrtisenun!. and to intniduce our sds :,f "f ( hrilti -li gu -
.nw-klvat.,.1hi.;. -i-m-ike,hc followlne r.-- the 'hrxr.- ILm"U """'r!" Anil
i,J.,. ,?".,'"', r..w, wl' '"l I'reo ,i packaeool j f ,,lrni5 1 .?r'd " :
h i . ';o".y "ri" ? w rea-. f l-n.J. rerTih u o.,wah. k.velv
j W alto i
Illlll, -si;,y:
l!..lill.sito ( hair Maliufalnr-.n 'iwiiimv t srtaer in i
, are ntakinp mam fon-ian slibiuicnts at pn-nt. I tion of lVa
Uxer Ilia,
A tsive atmiuiit r,n-s u Knt-laiKl
sowndiTiy M-vtral f.:4f.inrnti lo JoHanLeshurr.
is-v a: alsii m-iRiny n-r inc
- -'I sik tA'-br.ij r-h.-or. I).i-:i
i-i.,:.,o. :imi.. ..-rl.lM .),.
vl'lrcssid . l,i. ,!. -., M.-wMwt4Wt.-v
Isxitl Ilia t-!l..us.. . i. : .' . . . '"r "..
TbeyairaulinlM Ohs r!tfM prr.,s.ni.. to mVke t ii J. J " lav
and In hisaerrd I
th Alii.
li i-i:d
iiui I. ' I.
..n.i.o bik.w ,.,,,.. m a Canlcn. ThofoUrr
tijo is.r,t.n iTv.at;.-,. w.- siifTsiib,- p, ...
yw ; ay m,- is Till: P x;i: r i ra'
III F.X.K. l,,n,K , ..V J.""
to I uracil awav
lira up,,,, (j.
-M.xn,r fHf,:,m i ,be IMoH,m.
wail- tb
tin. V. " ' Ti
Than Ever
"An attack or La Grippe, thrrf
years ago. left uie a physical
wreck, and lieinp; jiaturally fnw
and delicate, it seemed as if I
never shnuhl rally again. In
duced at last lo try'
I was .surprised after takine il
two weeks, to lind I was giiinit'
strength, ami now I am ph'f
to kiv I am cnioving liettcr IieaHB
than I ever liml Iwfore in iJJr
life." Kv. IlitAoo. Lincoln. Ilk
Highest Awards
World's Fair

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