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IIDAV, JULY 3, 1800.
(flrornlogUnl Record. '
tlx fi SB, 8
! Kg
14 270! M.3
si S4 H w 18 Mi: 78,(1
Ml 5.V
io; m.o
'ill k w U! SW' 71
1.11 311, 78.
TS ! M
SSl 78.
vv . ll. liiii.DS, Observer.
, ml aw 7.H'
iiillll fl'1 t'lvuii:ei ihiii ui.; pawut
get vuur lunch tmskcls lilted. Itftt
Prrscott, oculist and specialist iu
Icfcrtivi' eyes, can ue consuiicu at
f,,,,-.,. Room 1. Hours, 10 a. in., to
(KtJii to T :: l. Mir
Mining "up to date" ar CLAPP A
r 7tf
njo awl Utillor 8trlng4f best quail
(ichines sold on monthly Instalments
Lest. Any make of machine taken
,eiit. Needles, uu ana supplies ior
oniee over Durgln's wug store,
TV. 6. COIXEB, Agent.
tames in upwards oi iwo mumz-uu
tg A .101108'. 13tf
faiior Weight Calendars and Pletur.
cboro.iit Liapp A Jones'. "ajii
and Blank Books for Business pur
w. louts. . Wtf
replace Mat uroKt'n main spring; in
ind warrant for 1 year. w.
ijoilie American House, Brattle-49tf
'im... it..,
holdn I,oa'8Iunrtn.v school win
Park, Vernon. "Pune8Uny ,lt' entrl
i. V n, uulm(D have sod the 4a
he idr,;m8r0,?H8,iatec, ttt
,,;,; M j 0 Cl0cki
.. Hiic or a arouth
Mr. Crowe ig running u:
n,? u .9u G,Hlft pot uut across the
thumb of the left hand. , Beverir.tr the
h1,MonLayA,?,hilfi h4 the
j.. U'1I1 L UIILIIiniT 1 1 Unf-nU..
iur uie wound,
very low
IB snrinna
his pumninn-i
ItNE. I'atrons who destre to change
mnli. In insure service that week,
lig Wednesday icorning, and get iu
-Ih change off Thursday eremng til
Tim trim el '" tlte OPV mrlV
L (( rush of the Inst day or two, at.
Ulu beM u-orl: -
: 3 ; q
iim; dav kakmkb.
it Friday that the circus comes,
n this section w ill want to read
then, and the overworked RE
:le will ail want to have the day off,
b will he issued Thursday.
Unite find advertisers are therefore
L genii In their favors one day
xiik nnuciODOro orulientrn ivlll .,7,
Concert durinp- Mm wln.ln ,i. t un...
d"- Spofford LHke, tomorrow. Dancing
... vuiujt'U 111 LI1U pa
the afternoon uud evenine.
n., .. . . "
iiio ltuciitaim navA not i.,nf i
of shirt waists to the boys tit Kurn Hat-
un scnooi at Westminster.. The ladies
i uio society maae the same at their
monthly meeting, and must be reeeivine
the gratitude of the boys this hot
vv VttbllCI
A new grate has been put in at
the lockup where the bocouiI man cot
out recently. Probably the next one
. . . thf0,l8h the panels
m could be done in about two min
utes. aThar?Jwer Dine bicyclists from
Springfield, three frtmi Northampton,
two from Chester, two from Grecn
neia, and two from Munsoo at the
Kropks House Sunday, all coming on
their wheels.
n ".T.hI,y fJo B"y tllat Beven or eight
Hrattleboro sprinters made the dis
tance of Ave miles from the scene of
the tire tn Pnlnov .,,..., ...
m minutes.and only one failed to ant
Thorn II
W K Wflm will hara a nt,Ut).,.i;nn
oi iiMKemno, uhesterfleld, tomorrow,
kVi Bl'attleboro-ChesterHeld base
ban game and a dance in the evening
..u uiiihii iiv Tim .'n I n B.irm, ,
, - " uiiiiniujuuii. m-
"The Permlfta Nnfi,nul l,Dnl. l.
ii regular seur.i-annual or 3 per
'i. iiut9 uee Hrno an nvira rtiinHonri
Of one-half nnr rant fi.,,in th ,..
tilated surplus, which is now equal to
The post olllce will be onen tomor
row from 1) to 12, No carrier delivery.
Urewerr No 4, Including that nt the
suspension bridge, has lust opened on
the Iluuipshire side, in the slaughter
The silver men are talking of run
nlng It S Chlltls for representative
1 hey claim thov can muster HIM) votes
in town to dav and it is surprising how
thickly they are cropping ub.
Mr. Dillon of Hinsdale got Into
row with some one at the brewery last
Friday nigpt In which he seemed to get
the worst or the bargain. His assailant
LettRm hflVA hoar, a..aiua.l
BOWL. D.TnmnlB from Dnrhnm V
where he visiter) thu
While a trolley wire nole in front nf J. u ?,ext po,Dt would be Edin'
1oldn'aLTil:J''ir He says the country is too
day. one of the ropes save wav. letting ,l"?.TIrAne "se ?J 8 .,b,?y.cle'
e fa on set! orwn.l a " " r."'. . ? i"ujeier inai me rtuinians
a wire fall on sethe ground and across
another and making a lightning dis
play for a short time. It also narrowly
....ooo.i uiiiiuK auorsetnai stooa near.
Winifred. II. Babbitt, son of Rev. J,
ii. uamjltt of West Brattleboto, has
closed his connection with Siglar Pre-
(juiaiuiy scnooi ior ooyg ana goes to
unuuiuijun to assise nis orotner, 1'rof,
j as. a. monitt. Karly in August he
leaves for Honolulu, where ho will teach.
S. D. Brown's arbor of roses at the
entrance or the walk to his residence on
Frost street, has this week been admired
nv everv one who chanced to naas lw
mi, ..: , ... J
iiiu vines which cover me arDor are
now 14 years old, and never In any pre-
viuus years nave tneir present beautv
been equalled.
H. R. Lawrence, while drivine down
Elm street Sunday, met with quite a
mishap. His horse, became frightened
ar, me approacning cars, antl in turning
gave him registered 520 miles.
-Advices from Knrinrrfinld voutor.
day state that Eugene Knight who was
beginning to pick up-Btrengb encour
agingly, has had another set back in
the formation of a bad abscess which
is digchareinc cnniniialv. in tha
ed lung, fhe physician in charge says
" ii ue recovers at an it will take a
long time.
M. a. Emerson has returned from
a several weeks' tour of the west look
ing after bia business interests. He
is a shrewd and a cool-headed nhsnrv
or, uuu his judgment is that the po
litical conditions out there are Ire vol u-
tionary. He says the disposition is one
ior a cnange, regardless of conseuuen-
ces.and with the belief that ihincrn
can i oe worse.
All the insurance in the Guilford
lire last week was through the agency
got his teeth almost through the joint of
ins nttie linger and ulsloentoii the
knuckle loint.
Mrs. Elmlra K. Morse med lust Sut
unlay at the homo of her son, J. If
Morse on Chapiu street, at the aire of 84
years. The funeral was held Monday
afternoon at her late homo anil the body
whs mtu'ii to tiuooaraston, Mass., l ues
day for burial in the family lot.
tnc corner his carriage was overturned of Sherman & Jenne. There was $1,000
ana practically demolished, air. J.aw- on the building and $500 on the ma
rence was unharmed, and the horse bus- chinery of 8.A. Smith & Co., in the
ston also plans to strike for
ifter thi3 full.
H. and L.E. Stratton fire
en adjusted at $1890.'
a lame party from here
arrow at the lake.
W Kipling returned Wednes-
hsbing trip in Uanada.
bpartv from here attend the
entval 1'ark, Vernon, to
ur barbnnnir done at . the
ouse. three good , . worn
unaccompanied, by their
houid not be admitted to
iit outing of the Hampshire
press club will be held in
Julv -27,
iool mniiuittee already have
UK) applications, for the
actpal of the High.school.
Wheel club resular meet-
luesday evening, at 7 :30
Austin, Jr., Secretary.
mtfire atthe plating worRs
wttgatecl,' because- it is be;
clear that it was incen-
Century bicycle club of
rode to Hernardston Sunday
Ifw came tbroueh to this
that hardly a freight
p nowadays that doesn't
concealed somewhere
lesterheld stace will run
the restTof the season, be-
rt Sunday and leaving
rootufat 8 :30.
3 have been made out
p ?49,0(iS. The to wn tax
n school $83, G10, village
school 2,474, highway
A Walker has a fine col-
"bs, which he has gathered
"uu winch aro well worth
some of them being taller
Ion has just secured a re-
'asurance rates from 90 to
TOlline house risks, be-
in a paid fire depart-
leboro nayg i on such
Mail to read all of the
it. So many have
seek who have gone to
lake the forenoon train
r'o? its denarture time to
ptofore, and finding that
:10. - I
w despatches received by
given out to the public
El-Guv. Knllpr Bavin?.
FMnsratulations and beet
nuorit is as true as the
. m this great work,
'thin our reach. God
the state exchanges are
Ur- H. D. Holton is to
iBratus fnr rrartArutino the
'f''t is that tin hud been
'he subject and con-
'y arf nnt nt nnnnrrh
tility to iibp t nresent.
!to he in the future. .
"f Pullen & Whitney
"Wn coinrr throuch a
N 'quipped grocery stores
u.wnere. The parti -.
torn down, making
' wra wood floor baa been
" C-. iiintpro nilrliwl.he-
irairt. a.. i Mf
ele-ator. et:. IKiwn
'Y"' flor has been laid
f for barrels, hogsheads,
Anient for the storage
Probably the beat that
j'n.'wiiere, and prevents
rsene in ih store,
ct"r in the grocery
i pnoneu rrom ii.b
into sealed lanss
.ta'rs with a hydraulic
"ng absolute cleanli
arrangement is the
J'"?f-whu has for many
Mul mechanic, until
r. business.
tained no serious damage
What came very near beiucr a se
rious accident occurred Sunday at the
lake when Lucius Harris was riding
his wheel down the hill by the old
mill and the wheel sank into a deen
rut in the sand, throwing Mr. Harris
heavily against a tree, spraining his
finger, and bruising bis arm and head
severely Had it not been for an aper
ture of some size in the tree, Mr. Har
ris injuires would have been more
serious, as he struck his head near
the temple.
The Moutpciier Watchman of Wed
nesday had the following pleasant no
tice: "At the service of song held at
Trinity church last Sunday evening,
Miss Alice Jackson of Bellows Falls,
who is a guest of Rev. and Mrs. A. IL
Webb', sang three solos that gave great
enjoyment to the large congregation
present. Miss Jackson has a cultured
contralto voice of great compass, purity
and sweetness and enjoys more than a
local reputation as a soloist in southern
Vermont. Miss Jackson was for some
time connected with the Baptist choir
and is also one of the soloists of the
( horal Union.
It is wonderful how Utile real un
derstanding there is among our
most intelligsnt people ordinarily
on subjects upon which they ex
press the most vehement opinion and
about which there has for years been
the fullest public discussion. For
Vermont .Mutual. 11.300 on the house
of W.L. Boyden, for which he had giv
en a bond for a deed to E. P. ijqulers,
and $250 on the household' furniture
and $950 on produce, tools, wagons,
etc., of Mr.Squiers. in the New Eng
-The selectmen cava v.".x m a blow-
off for the boilers under the town hall,
and so connected it with the sewer
down the bank one of the .multitudi
nous things that were left undone in
the opera house scheme. A large new
tin pipe ventilator is also being put in
by Galvin to take the place of the
hemlock box-which was really chietiy
a framework of cracks which wa
called the "ventilating shaft" an
which amounted to simply nothing
for that purpose.
The Swedish Evangelical Mission
church will have a" Mission Meeting'
beginning Friday, the 10th of July
and will continue oyer Sunday, tb
12th of July. The meetings are to be
held in the Mission ch-irch on West
street at 7 :30 p. m., on Friday and
Saturday: 1.0 t'M a. m.. and 7:30 D.m.
on Sunday. The f jllowing pastors will
preach : Rev. L. w. A. Jijornman,
Hartford. Conn. ' Rev. J. M. Hennk
son, Orange Mass. , Rev. '.Thunbergh
Brattleboro, and Rev. C. Suber, Chi
cago. III.
Col.G.H. iiondihad an experience
with electricity the night of the lire at
instance, no less than four prominent Guilford. He went up to tne tatnonc
HnamnflR men m Brattleboro have de- cemetery to locate the tire, which
elared themselves opposed to free sil- seemed so near, and coming down, went
ver coinaee at 1G to 1 because it was after some rapping, into the office of
perfectly evident to them that the the electric railway on Pine street to
1 . . . 1 i . . I I.I I ' . n ......... ..1 vi i. tn .Diainr.
nonntrv COUldn I stanu it to ue cum- teieuuuuo. -uttraims m """s
nelled to coin 1(5 silver dollars for anybody on the telephone
pvnrv one of co d ! This shows how
he starter!
out. The door, it seems, is charged with
electricitv. to cuard against trespass
ers. In taking hold or the hood to en
ter he had no trouble, but in going out
he cot his hneer on the spindle bacu
nf trin knob and with the other hand
staudinn on its step a foot or so above
the floor, in order to swing the , door
onpn. In this wav he created a com
nletft circuit, clutching his hand so
r-IriHA on hoth sides that it was impos
ible to pull either ort, while he ten
the current in what seemed to be a
terrible vo unie passing through mm.
He tried to call for help, but could ar
tic-iilate nothing, onlv make a noise.
C. F. Nason and U. W. Bliss near Dy
hoard the noise and thought Borne one
was beine murdered, and tne latt?:
n.nrlo snmn search, but without learn
inn itj nonrr-A in HPH800 tO be Of U6IP.
fYiL Rond had presence ot mino
enough to throw his body forward and
itB weiffht from that height released
the hold which his strength could not
do. He believes that a few moments in
thai- nnait-ion with the current contin-
"BB ually passing through him would have
7' killed him. and electricians say it
lu5m". I. i ,1 rl have been ikelv to burn mm
,!., h iinloaa a fall UnOIl 110 COD
ii,ii.i,ua nnnnmnlished what he did
ni-."i'i,ii'i-'" J i r i L..I
1,1, hia tnmh e on purpose, ror uau
- . . I 1 . n 11 f nuin
on nour anerwaruB ui
i,.,t thrnnoh bin hn.lv like neuralgia,
The second finger of the right hand was
mnnh careless reading is done in
these times BoH proves that the igno
rant voting is not by any means con
fined to what we call the "ignorant
.,i. ,., Tf ia lili-n thar-asn of a leadinc
von in a neio'hhorinp: town, one who crasped the standard of a car,
has hold maov positions of local trust
unrl Hone intelligent and efficient ser
uir.p in them, who a few days after
the election four years ago was mquir
ing anxiously about Gov. Fuller's ma;
rnhnther "Fuller would get in."
Being assured thai, he would, that the
maiority, though much cut was a safe
one. he replied, "O yes, I understand
that, but won't tney una some wa iu
oii.'hrn mm OUI OI 11 iu lur cii-tiuini
college'" m
Brattleboream and Utliera
m. Tlrwlcrlrins'lfamilv oflFlorida ar-
-..ro.l last week and will make their
home here. Miss Carrie Johnson, who
has been stenographer for Prof. Bristol
at Vermont Academy, came nonie oi
i t,- tho aiimme:-. Mrs. E.E. Per
moo pbIIb.1 to New V'ork this week
to care for her sister,Mrs.Chas.Risby,
who is quite ill. Capt. x.
rlanirhter returned
from Cornish, N. H. Mrs. Weld goes
Mn.lnv to Massachusetts for a visit
-,ith h..r folks. Dr. II. L. Waterman
ho returned from Olgonquitt, Me.,
where he has for some time been act
nflvsTA rjDVSlUlilu v
1 1 1 1 o .11 . ..... I j , , j 1 1 0 BDVUllll uuu. " o .
Hoyt. -Alvah Canody has moved back burDed through to the bone where it
to West Halifax. -C. E. Downer and wag agaiD8t the knob spindle and a
waM nnllpii to CambriufftJ IN. l.j unn in iha haok of the hand was
Sunday by the serious illness of Mr. burne( large enough for a buck-shot
Downer's Bister, xurs. ",r and under tne ring ui incmn-
t.-j unt.inn nan uone to otaiueu.
u a viaii-. with his sister, after
v:i,' k. to hiB old home n
toxcroft; Me" for a stav.-Miss Grace
Emerson returned Saturday from her
visit with ner sister iu nw..-i
Mass. -John Newman and wife are
ih. o,oi.k- in Aistead K. H.
Miss Ella Scott left WeUneiay for a
month's stay in rmiaue.p .
k. wont: ham! the flesh was white
. tut. . .
1 .ho rranoru fee inB WBS ODS OI
UUU I u .i . i. . - ,
burning not blistering.
lhe listers filed their final abstract
in the town clerk s omee oaiuiuay.
1 HI VI . . .. .
- ....I ' 1. ,S.1,(H
tilnuuiain 'ITlostU
:i7 mum
Hie tlincrence ueiwccu ---
UIMUIU o !.- --- - - , , - ,,,,
Ella Blod3ett leaves 0,.h'nHY t iet lists is accounted for by
Boston. -. . ?Z" 'V"7h.s the fact that a little of Esteyville is m-
kMoinpsa trip in Kansas,
ednrnW ,,
Knight returned Monday night from the village
her month's vi.it. w. Ur reuones . Jiver y
Davenport, la. -Or. A. n.u "j rn,, Meshawaka, Ind: W A Hopkins
Saturday from his etav in Boston.- w o f'V u.lr0Uteiiler. wife and child
VV. Barry and Miss iucy 1,,,,. A P Walton, ew rk; .....-
A mctMff w n.1 '
Mrs. G
nj-a T, Ifniltrhton
r iT"Tr.. .1. L. Ray
Sn'TueSay night from Boston to
.k- mmer here.-K. H. Lnncis
. fThiago next week, to shout
for free silver. He might have been
It', ed . ietegata if he would take the
other side.but he wouldn't.-imiioru
gSrS Richards .w.s at Esex Ju-
tion Tuesdav ior yw ? r .j
Hotel Mens AssociatHm of which he s
secretary and treasurer. r.
d sffnLFreu all Ge.-g.e went to
NewTork this week to have so opera
Horf performed on the tatter's eye, Mr.
aZZ has sin returne.land rerB
the operation as being a nlwt ,,c?f
f.il nne. Psvton Sherwin ami Mrs.
sCwtn of Elgin, Hi-, who a taking
this week-
iiri. Mondav af-
.,n fnr assistance In denunit .
one ha I .miles above East Putney
swrtin. l i a brush heap spread, over some SO
".5 irTr.l - I-" " '
Kwesten. Ave .TjegUy .We
his wv home iron, j. ,
"7 : -r.Kirf hi. rr wheel. 1 ne oiirei . V"L"
At the encampment of Sow of Vet
erans at Manchester yesterday A I
Howe of Brattleboio was elected divis
ion commander on the first ballot;
Smith J. Davis of Johnson was elect
ed senior vice commander, anil W. H.
Griffith of Danby junior vice com
mander. The division council is E. F.
Manohan Of Undeihill. A. .1. flavin nf
Manchester Depot and I. E Moore of
Cambridge. The deloeate at lnrce in
Gen A.Wilkins of Underhill delegate
W.W.SIackof Springfield and S. W.
Dunton of Dorset. The Ladies Aid
society elected these officers: Pres
ident, M. J.C.B acker of Mani-hoster
Depot: vice president. Nbllie Geen-
ough of Bristol chief of staff Mrs M
W Wilson of Bristol :doleiratn nt larffe.
Mrs Ira A Ellis of Cambridge, Mass
delegate Mrs G V Van Steenburg of
Burlington, alternate. Mrs S (! Baker
of Burlington The officers were in
stalled by Mrs Van Steenburg, the re
tiring uepairmenr, president
Dr B F Ketch u in was at Manehes
ter last week as au expert witness
the case of O. M, father of Helen Lin
coin vs. Lottie and George Guild for
sn assault which si claimed to hav
resulted in death. The parlies are
from Rupert, the girls were musicians
and church organists and there was
jealousy between them and one eve
ning as Helen came out of the church
Lottie and George, who was then her
beau, etoqj on the sidewalk and
jabbed her with the elbow in the low
er part of the i-hest as Bhe passed, and
repeated the operation further along
on me roan before they got home,
Helen complained that night of severe
pains and though ehe was out the
next day, she died in about a week,
and her father sued for 810.000. The
doctors who attended her called the
di tease pneumonia and the claim of
tne defense was that it is a conta
gious disease and she caught it from
her brother who had it about the same
time. The plaintiff's exnerts.of whom
Dr Ketchum was one, claimed it was
pleuro-pneumonia, or involving the
membrana sue, and that it was devel
oped from the innamation caused by
these blows, giving virulence to the
micro-organisms that exist in a largo
percentage of people. Their contention
was that the disease is only infec
tious instead of contagious. It was i
royal battle, scientifically, but after
the evidence was nearly all in, Jury
l.eray of Keadsboro was taken sick
with the measles and it was put over
another term. Barber and Waterman.
Martin & Hitt for plaintiff.Batchelder
and Martin for defendant.
The July Vermonter is the second
of the War Uovernor' numbers and
largely devoted to ex-Gov Holbrook,
now in his 84th year enjoying the
honor of his countrymen as the last
but one of the war governors of the
union , The article, from the appreci
ative pen of Editor Forbes himself,
sketches the salient points of the gov
ernor's career, a captain of state mil
itia at the age of 18, Register of Pro-
nbte at 01, state senator at 3G when
he " prepared the memorial to CongreES
advocating and outlining a plan for a
national Bureau of Agriculture, whicn
had the endorsement of President Tay
lor and in late years has become in its
main features a part of the law of the
country.filling in the subsequent years
a place of usefulness as a prolific agri
cultural writer and as president of the
state agriculture society for ll years,
until in lBhl at the age of 4a he was
elected governor. Jude H. H. Wheeler
was the secretary or the convention
that nominated him. Gov. Holbrook 's
important serivces in the two years
following in his plan of paying hulf
the war expenses as he went along and
funding the other half in state bonds,
his success in negotiating, through
Geo. BeattylBlake $1,500,000 of bonds
lo times bs many as the state naa
ever put out before, his part in urg
ing the call for 3,000 men in 1802, his
leadershin in the address of the loyal
governors at that time, his establish
ment of the hospital here, and hiB
journey to Wash in ton with Cols. Bax
ter, Smalley, Waite and Clarketof his
staff to urge the adoption of this,
which r roved to be one of the most be
neficent ideas of the war for the per
centage of cures at the Brattleboro
hospital was the largest in the coun
try, the confideneeLincoln reposed it.
him and his clear view of the situa
tion and needs of the country, are all
a part of the nation's history. They
are told in the article wnicn is em-
ihelished with portraits of him as he
1 . i . ,i.i hi. ; .. .. t
ooaeu in sou now, wnu .view, ui
the hospital grounds, the old Brattle
boro house where he had his head
quarters and many other figures and
places of interest in connection. This
number of the Vermonter, which is a
gem typographically, also has an inter
est in and richly illustrated article on
Middlebury college, with portraits of
the professors and half tone cuts ot
the buildings.
Reuirnilter tin Poor Prluter,
Aud when you come down to tho circus ncx
Friday call in at the Riihuimur olllce and pay
that bill. Why not?
Officer Hall has found five blcvcles
carelessly left out of doors the bast tw
Coleman's barber shop will he open
tonight until 10 o'clock and will close
tomorrow at I p tn.
The First Regiment band will give
tneir regular summer nights comer
next Wednesday evening.
Crosby & Co. aro going to lay
large pipe next week from Wester
Aqueduct to their block on Main street,
'.lie old one proving Insufficient.
Five dollars reward. Lost while
driving a pair of opera glasses, brown
morocco covered. The above reward
will be paid for their return to Mrs
S. Balestler, Brattleboro, Vt.
The marriage of Martin Austin, r-
secretary or l arpenter Organ o,
Miss Annn Hanley, takes place next
Wednesday at her home in Amsterdam
. 1.
The Ladies' Aid society of the
Methodist church held a lawn party at
tne nome or m re. rnas. stiutn on spruce
street Wednesday evening a ad served an
excellent supper. -
There was a running battle com
menclng on the Island and continuing
through Flat to Elliot streets Wednes
day night. It included several knock
downs and lots pf bellowing.
The Central Vermont road has lust
added tnirteen Handsome passenger
coaches to its equipment. Four of them
are first class smokers and the others
first class day coaches. The cars weigh
70,000 pounds.
A bicycle was brought into H M
Wood's for repairs Saturday which he
recognized as having been there before.
The man who brought it in appears to
have been al! right and to have bought
it from tnc tnier.
Next. Sundnv Uev. Hal D. MnYwell
will preach his last sermon before his
annual vacation of five weeks, during
which time the church will be closed!
He will spend his vacation at his home
In New Brunswick.
The bailitfs Tuesday evening ap
pointed seven special policemen for
the Fourth, August Rhode, John D
Perry, A H Ward, Herman M Merbe,
Timothy A her. H H Burnett and Win
The delegates from here to attend
the Ietcrnational Christian Endeavor
convention to be held at Washington
next week are Arthur Mavnard, Mrs. v
B. Lamson, Miss Worden of West Brat
tleboro, Mrs. L. E. Holden, Miss Kftlc
Dexter, and Mrs. M.O. Howe.
Mrs. J. L. Sloorc of ("lark street was
thrown from a team Monday and quite
badly injured about the head and should
ers. The family were just starting out
for a picnic and Mrs. Moore and baby
were on the back seat when the horse
started suddenly, throwing them both
out, but' Mrs. Moore managed to hold up
the babv and thus save it from being
E. D. White and II. W. Willis of
Meriden, Conn., came up Saturday night
with one of their handsome pianos with
symphony and mandolin attachment,
which they placed on exhibition in E. A
Miller's store. Mr. White returned yes
terday, but Mr. Willis is still here. The
piano is a handsome piece , finished iu
mahogany, and should be a new era to
mysic lovers who do not know how to
--Ouite a number of summerers
have arrived at the Brooks house this
week. Among them are Mrs F E Mc-
Goric, Miss H F Daniel and Miss E C
VanBuskirk of New York, Miss Sarah
M Brainard of Hartford, Conn., Ar
thur II Richardson and Miss A 11
Lawrence.G and Leroy M Richardson'
who all plan to stay for the season. R
II Riddel I and wife and son Guy of
Boston are also there, guests of J A
The Fourth celebrations will scat
ter in a good many direcitons tomor
row. The baseoau game win oi cours e
hold many heie; but large numbers
will be drawn to Chesterfield .by the
attractions elsewhere announced. A
delegation of Foresters is expected to
go to White Kiver Junction for the
field day of that order at Billings Park
there. Some will take in the Green
field and Millers Falls excursion to
Lake Walden.and others the $1 trip to
Lake Pleasant to hear Uol. Bob Inger-
soll on the "Declaration of Indedend
ence. "
The Choral I'nion last evening re
peated "The Holy ( ity" in the Congre
gational church, which was well filled
with a more than delighted audience
Seats had been built up from the edge
of the platform to the choir for the
chorus. Lucien Howe presided at the
organ, Mr. Howard of Springfield ren
dered the tenor solos, Miss Marion Mi
nor sang two solos very acceptably, as
did also Mrs. Hubbard and E. II. Miller.
n fact the whole programme was one to
insnire all. and showed excellent work.
During the intermission Miss McDonald,
the harpist, favored the audience with
the quaint little selection, "Annie Laurie"
much to their pleasure.
A $25 Chamber Set
FOB $20.00.
How eun we afford to give $5.00 on a set will of course enter
the mindu of renders of this "ad." This is tne way we do it: A
manufacturer, who was in need of cash offered us a discount of
$300 f er set if we would take a car load tor spot cash. And as
, ther- re 46 Sets in the lot, which is a large number for a coun
try sirne to handle in one pattern, have taken $2.00 off on profit,
making this the best set ever sold in Brattleboro at the price.
- The Redstcad, Dressing Case, Comode and Table, are made
from selected Ash with raised carvings finished in Antique Oak.
The Chairs are Oak of a new artistic pattern. The Dressing
Case is large size, 40 inch top fitted with a German Bevel Plato
Glass, 28 x 22.
We will ship these sets, freight paid, to any freight station in
New England, and if they are not found perfectly satisfactory
may be returned at our expense.
Furniture, .Carpels, Crockery and Stores.
2 and 4 Main St., ' Brattleboro, Vt.
A Child Enjoys
The pleasant flavor, gentle action,
and soothing effect of Syrup of figs
when in need of a laxative, and if the
father or mother be costive or bilious,
the most gratifying results follow its
use; so that it is the best family rem
edy known and every family should
have a bottle.
Fill tings.
Frank Taft spent Sunday in Spring-
filri. Mrs Dr Arthur Gorham of
Waitefield was the guest of Mrs George
Wilcox this week Everett Colby and
wife of Keene spend tomorrow with
(Continued on lath pag-e.)
Welcome, Welcome do I Sing.
Miss Lizzie Russell returned Sat
urday from her two weeks' stay in
Aew. iora. Mrs. Micnaei Lyncn and
niece,Minnie Shea, of Holyoke, Mass.,
re guests of Thomas Lynch this
eek. Mrs. . R. Vaughan and her
mother, Mrs. Augusta Vinton, re
turned Saturday from their visit in
Newark, Ohio, accompanied by Kit-
tie Si monds. Mrs. U. U. 1 Tyler and
son Frank returned Svnday from their
isit in Northfield. Will Combs of
Springfield, Mass., is spending the
week in town. k. a. rowier ana wiie
of Worcester, Mass., ar d son Henry,
a Harvard student, spent Sunday at
Edward Clark's. Perley Holmes and
Myron Davis aro here for the summer
vacation from V. A. Alfred Ueiger of
Chicago is the guest of his brother,
Anthony Geiger Mrs William Martin
returned Sunday from her visit in
Hatfield, Mass. Mis. Ella Noyesof
Orange, Mass., is a guest cf Mrs. b.
A. Johnson MiBses Nellie Kennedy
and Nora Fitzgerald of Holyoke,
Mass., are guests at Mrs-M.J.Moran's.
C. J. Dunn of Boston is at tho Brooks
(Continued on lllh page.)
Ladies' Bicycle Leggings and Shoes at Cut Prices.
Canvass Legglns, black and tan. 4ttc. cost 75c
Jersey Legghis, black, tan and grey m'd, 79c, " $1.25
Ladles Blcyclelow shoes, $1.23,
" " high " 1.47,
Mild. Heavr-bodled Durable,
That's whyyou won't use as many
pounds of Harmless soap.
lint If he
ana nsneo i " " " hi. neel
H-da thrown bw"""
wm sort h sot made it known.
. i wWeAtioanitsforthe New ork
, ,r rt?weVk litrt l mutual endowments
Pure and Sure.'
The special 40c sale of sniail sizes or ladies' Ion shoes
has made a bite excitement. We have only 30 pairs left, size
2 1-2 and three widths, B C & 1). Every pair is worth at least
We have one case left or the men's tennis oxfords or last
season's make. Price now 3 Sr. .
Only three cases more or the men's dress congress and
lace shoes, wide and narrow toes, at 00c.
The men's plow shoes at 80c are solid but slightly shop
worn ; otherwise would be worth $1.25. Sizes 0 to 10.
Ladies' $5.00 Russet, Polish Cloth Top. pointed toes, now $4.
Have also reduced the $3.50 grade to $3.00. Can show you
some which are very stylish Tor $2.00.
We take our annual inventory July 1st and shall make
low prices on all brok
Brattleboro and Bellows Falls.
Man Wants But Little Here Below,"
ashburn, Crosby's
The joy of the household all over the laud. Made in the
biggest mill in the world, of choice wheat, by best process.
Washburn, Crosby Co., Minneapolis, Minn
Baking P&wdek,
" I have used Cleveland's Baking Powder exclusively for
several years, because I have found it what it claims to
be- pure and wholesome and uniformly satisfactory."
Mis. Mary J. Lincoln, Autktr Bisltn Ck Bttk.
You (now
That the New York Life is the only
Lite Insurance Company in which yon
can get ail of these benefits any yesr
after three years. Guaranteed Loans
at 5 per vent.
Guaranteed cash value. XIZH
Guaranteed paid up value.
Guaranteed extended Insurance, end
Guaranteed incontestable policy,
Kree from restrictions after one yeai
A. W. CHILDS CO., Agents,

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