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Let all the ends thou aimest at be thy Country's, thy Hod', and Truth's.
jitTertlsement. under Mil. hmitm ....... .
wi,ra 111 m iiipti uvu, ami win cent a worn in nh
Williams St
rpo HKST.-A
1 Ijkx'k,
furnished room in tn
v . .,.iuiirom,
rpo ItKST. A downstairs tenement of three
a. rooms uu fiiK"
Kn.julre of Kii
"KSEMENTS to rem In Whetstone block
Apply to S. W. Eduett ft Co. . 43if
H. A. ROBERTS, M. D., Homrppathic
Physician and Surgeon. Ofliee. Bovden
liiork. Elliot St. Honrs, to 10 :) a. m. ; 1 to S :.w
r, m.; 7 to p. m. Kestuence, 8 Walnut St
Telephone 48 -4. ijyi
rR. J. L. RATH BONE. Veterinary 8nr-
s-f peon, (.uroiii university.; uwoo tu Alain
telephone .
smiat mute', i.ivery etauie
S5-4 and 37-2.
TAMES CON LAND, W. D., Physician and
) Surgeon, Brattleboro, V . Office In Crosby
Block, opposite Telephone Exchange. No 18
a'almitSt. Office hour, from 8 to Ha. m., 1:30
to 3 p. ni
and Residence, No. 84 North Main Street.
Hours until 8 a.m.; 1 to 2.30 and early evening
w; sunuaye, i iu 4 p, ra, o-yi
TH. C.
U 111
I. CLARK, Dentist, Whitney
Brattleboro. 5-yl
I ITAt KI.EY MORAN, Furnishing Under.
I fl takers, No. So. Main St. Telephone call.
and Guitar
cox,86reen St
V block.
ueboro. Vt.
GRAY. Office. Crosby
Night calls at Brooks' House, Brai-4ivl
GEO. H. GORHAM, Jll. U. Whitney
Klock, Male Street, Brattleboro Practice
. limited to the deseases of the Eye, Ear, Throat,
mdSose. Office hours, 9:90-13; 1 p. m.-4, Tues
ivs and Fridays only, Remainder of week at
follows Falls. IStf
V ncys at Law, Bank Block, Biattleboro, Vt.
PRATT. 41 Elliot
street. Brattleboro. Office hours, 7 to 8 a.
r.. ro 2, and 6 to 7 :S0 p. in.
Es BOWEX, M. u., Homteopatntc rnysi
. ,.id and Surgeon. Office and Residence,
leonard's Block, Brattleboro, Vt. Office hour
..ui' i a. m.. 11 till 2 and till 8 p. in. lot:
Dentist, Pratt'. Block.
Dr. p. A. WOODHCHl', wenli.l. umce,
! lb Elliot St., Brattleboro, Vt. 12wly
leiice, corner Main and Walnut Streets.
Phrslclan and
Office and real
Irom 1 to J and from 6 to 7 o'clock p.
DR. A. KNAPP, Dentist, Hooker Block,
opp. Brooke House, Brattleboro, Vt.
1f ASTKr -
fflOO. KlIKiose slunm tnt. ..,! .;""
ttllsoflice. ' rr.nnAST.Kr
sized barn. Addril i.'V.. !"Ae.,"!"'
condition, rem wr veVr ri L?S
18. I.. C'ORSKH. 14!
to location
sell for. and !..!
mal Ave., Buffalo, K. V.
WANTED. To let,
toNJO enrtla
tween now and Mondar
Co.. Springfield
. nunc num. Ann lv he.
Jia Monday next in person to W.
i. Contractor, Springfield Electric
vt- 51wl
WAvJK,J-W"hl,,KBn" h-onlngo do Z
fVANTED. To borrow 1000 to 1200. Triple
SALESMAN WANT.D-tlO0 to 1J5 ner
VTfgfci.: '-"wirSJI;
K,JLW.ei!L w,Bt1 10 Warranted
HTh Sperlal terms to beginners.
Thit.'. Agent. Wter
s,?,, 1 T leclalties. Right price,
steady work, salary or commission. Cbautau
iua Nursery Co., Geneva, N. V.
Si.OOOutfitFree to Agents
With Gold Badn for in ,
Hiem-we give tliein away., "Life of Mi Klnley
and Hjlart," by Murat Halstuad. Intrmluction
by Chauncey M. Depew. Agents make JM a
2I- PJ freight. Largest commissions,
r ot6, Clf. offcrc,l- W In golil each agent sell
ng 100 books; tM agent sening most; (Unext
largest; 10 third. Send us your orders.
SEEL ft CO., lWiCbemnutSt.. PMIadclnhl.i. Pa.
Who can think
Of wiini. ctntnlM
thing to patent? Protect your Ideas. They may
bring you wealth. Write JOHN WEDDEti
BUKN ft CO., Patent Attorneys, Washington.
D. C, for their 11,800 prize offer. 8-yl
CLAPP at JONES, Books, Stationery,
Fancy Goods. Pictures and Framinir. l'vl
AT. COX 4k CO., Stoves and Tinware,
Main St.. oun. American House.
BARROWS , CO., wholesale and retail
dealers in Coals of all kinds. Oilice No. Xi
Main Street. Brattleboro. - I2y2
A dverUsements under this head two cents a
woru ursi insertion, and one cent a word In each
VUVKKjllCJll issue.
PB, ALE. To close an estate a mortgage
. of tiKio on real estate vnlned at S4tO). In
terest at a hi per cent. W. D. Snx kwf.i.l
West Brattleboro. sotf
ITOR SALE. Pony weight 500 pounds, not
afraid of anything, cart, harness and sad.
u'i" nousenoi.i lurnlture, all kinds; to
lurmsneu nouse. C1IAS. MlSKH, North
Main street. 4tf
kE SALE. Hoir.e maile Food, choice Tea.
and Coffee.. Also Lunch, with Hot Tea or
wmcw. whs, muuss, aiuot at. Iwt
fOR SALE. Carriages and wagons of all
kinds. Kenalrlna Dromntlvatundeil to.
4 If
F. D. Williams.
TJ"OB SALE. One run of French Burr Stones,
- S ft., 8 In. complete, one Sullivan Machine
Co.'. Corn Cracker, Noi 4, one elevator 31 ft.,
one elevator 30 ft., one elevator 12 ft., belts;
shafting, pulleys, Ac. The above can be seen at
ldlng of the Brattleboro Jelly Co. on Flat
iboro, Vt. inquire of If. A. Wkatii.
the bul
St., Brattleboro, Vt. inquire of
r.KlinA V, or rKKL fl I WD to,
A delightful tonic and lax
ative. Can be taken by young
'and old. .No dieting necessary. I
jEat anything you like and
plenty of it. Builds up "run
down" people making them
well and vigorous. Try it.
At Druggists. 0lt5prbottl$.
Henry, Johnson k Lord, Props., Burlington. Vt.
lit mnmt Iml rtinr
mrm mi ft rt its.
Aa mrcomplieibrd
n..Phralclan and Snr-
neon. Hooker Block, Brattleboro, Vt. Office
tours before 8, 1 to 1. 6 :30 to 8.
DR. P. G. PETTEE, Dentist, Cro.by
Block. Over Holden's drug store, wsiitf
t Kurirenn. Wllllamsville.
lie 7 a. in., 11 to 1 p. m., and 6 to 7 p.
Physician and
Vt. Office hcsirs.
. m Tele-
THAYER 4k. RHODE. Carpentering,
cabinet work and general Jobbing done to
order. Steel ceilings furnished and put up In
ifce best manner possible.- 2 Cahal St.
sttyl ,
Cleaning Works, 8 Flat St, E. H. Thomas,
Proprietor. 33wyl
H. HALL. Carpenter and Slater,
er In slate, lb Clark street.
DWAITE, Carrlsfs Painting. Prices
according to the limes. Shop, D. Abbott
Building, Canal St.
W A. MORSE, House and Sign
' in. Hard and Soft Wood FlnliJiii
in. Hard and Soft Wood FuiiOiing, Paper
HMjring and Decorating. Flrst-clas. worn guar.
sctted. Shop. Harmony Blgck.
An Illustrated Birtgrahica llisury
of the State of Vermont.
A complete biographical history of Vermont from the beginning, and a series of
biographical sketches of the ojost striking Tronslitip of today, both at home and
abroad ; showing tha development of that sturdy and aggreive Vermont character
which has made tha State famous as the birthplace and Lome of a nation', great men.
It is a volume of which Vermont may well feel proud.
Biographical Sketches of the State's Early
Fathers Tha Governor. Senator, in
( 'ongress. Congrmen(Ulustratd.. By
Charles H. Davenport.
Biographical Sketches of all Membe-s of
the Vermont Bench (Illustrated 1. By
Hiram A. Huae.
Biographical Sketches of Important Ver
mont Inventors. By Gov. Levi K. Fuller.
Biographical SkeMiesof Vennont'sQuw
Character. By Hiram A. Hase.
TOHX GALVIN, Stove, and Tinware.
'1 .Main Street, Kxcnangc Block, 38
JOHN DCVLEV Y,Cntom Tailor, boss
' er Block, uo one mgnt. cleansing,
'f and Pressing done at short notice.
HViin. .ntnr those Er Beaters that have
f,ni..,i r.nt. for tho' we sold all
luat ive had.we'aoon got more, and can feel sure
Hut everv person having one will tell you It la
tr,e best Egg Beater I ever saw.'' To be sure
l!,f r ,, . ,n.,irr but thev are woith four
V,. u ua itin'np.r ftets have ar
rived. We mean another lot of them. The
tiitrs went rapidly and we've placed tnem so
toy mioht nil i,v a chance. Fruit Cans tse
,v - r.i- i..,tti,jn vnn did not hear
e liad in sav, so please caif In and we will tell
it again. Briefly told It is "Lots of em," dlffer
mt kinds, bottom prices. Then Toilet .sew. e
saven't a million ol thera but we have them for
tx million and at prices "the minion ju
fn to uav. O, well, about raising cane, wou u
.. , . , .I.,. ri.-in,tv has for sale
mat uuviic cik 1" into ......... j --
"The M. Kinley Musical Cane." It is made of
in. i ,nnti. aui and iust the thing for the
times. A label on the cane will tell you tbe
'ft. We have them In different styles. 1.00k
Mtlieni and decide which kind you want.
49 Main SL, Brattleboro, Vt.
oliinibus Building, Greenlleld, Mass.
1 W.CHILDS SV CO., General Insurance
and Real Estate Agents, 10 Crosby Block,
(Formerly Lake View House.)
Lake Spoflbrd, X. H., open. June I3tb.
' ' an a.-coiiiuiodnte 80 to 100 euests. Kver
thlnsr new. clean and flndclass. Board br
tbe week. lav or meal. Gool stablinif and
livtry. Ice 'Cream Parlors, Confectionery
'l news stand.
Dancing Social Saturday Evening,
D.i everv evening following tbroiiKuoiit the
a.n. For further particulars, cinjilars,
tausrl , Cbeterfield, . H-
Local Markets.
: '.rre. ted weekly by Brattleboro Dealers.
J't;.us, r"r bu. Hides.
f.m-, bueh.. 1. Calfskins each,
B "ter, per lb lsa Pork, dressed, live, J
Sail Beef, M lls., 4 1 as
l.-t. i-r dot., al i Veal,
"'Ne-unr.ke is Jowls,
No one not naturally dull of intellect or wanting in ib artistic sense-in the love of
home and native land, can fail b. appreciate this great work. Valuable as an historical
work as a work of reference as an onieet lessnn.
Printed on extra fine coated paper, km jages. A c-.nildc. Bmgraph.wl Ii.cu.mar;
of Vermont as well as a State portrait gallery.
Only a few copies of the second and last edition of this great
work remain unsold! they will be closed out at the f ollow
Ins; price per volume 1
The REFORMER has obtained a limited number -f thefce volumes
which it will sell at 3.00 a volume, as long as they last.
Biograpbical Sketches of Prominent Ver
inontetsof Kxlaydllustratedl By Jacob
i. Cilery.
Bir graphical Sketches of S"WS of Vermont
.illustrated). By J. it. Cilery.
This Week Vauderpool Now Pilling
with Marble Dnst Instead of Prohibit.
ory Juice Tn o Pro.erntlon. at Town.
It has been another weeK of rich
prohibitory blossoming, with six canes
to report fc. Jfi. Vantlerprail and Wm
JacKsoo, colored, got on a rampaee.
Jaoksoti wba had been working at the
Retreat acd been on a vacation at his
home near Castleton, landed here Sat
urduy after stopping- over at Kultand
Vanderpool hod sent off and cot
supply of stuff, and the result was that
Officer Hall was sent for, found one
of them on the bed' yelling at Vender
pool's home on Flat street and tbe
other racing up and down the street
Monday they were brought before Jus
tiLe Newton, and pleading guilty.
JacKson was fined K and costs for in
toxication and Vanderpool his third
offense Jit) and costs, amounting to
?2.")..r)7 Under the act of '94, this offense
is only punishable with fine and as
lone as a man can pay, he can peep out
of the House of Correction. But Van
derpool got full again Wednesday and
after spending the night in the lock
up, was hauled before Justice Newton
and found he had feacbed the end of
bis resources. He waa fined "0 and
costs for intoxication and $20 and
costs f ir disturbance of tbe peace, the
a.'teiBJJtiv-e sentences amouoitng to 208
days in the House of Correction, and
Hall took bim up yesterday. '
Michael Galvin.a cigar maker who
has been here but short time and
MichaelFl"ining and bis so-called wife.
were another aaturday night trio, and
after playing cards arid soaking about
all night got into a jealous racket over
tbe woman which necessitated Otiieer
Hall's services. Before Newton Mon
day Galvm disclosed that it was
"brewery beer" with him and was
bned 8-i and costs. Fleming and tne
woman were on the request of the town
officials allowed to go on condition
that they would leave town and keep
away and they are now ornamcntiog
ew London.
Our correspondent tells of two other
cases, one of cider neinng and tne
other of attempted burglary at Towns
SI' P ft F.MR C'OI'RT.
"The Cattle of the Standards
"Ceresota" Flour Makes the rlKht
Kind of Bread.
Burlington. Vt.,
' ' -...,...,. rvrinvf;;. E. V. HARLOW. MAX-
THE FARMER a.m. .m ""'Yr VpvTT
Mn" t.rnp
TnaTS I-ambs'
. per bu.
as Tea, Japan per II... 5SnT
joaiS ixdong.
. . V 11, tUM
ei,.. i . 1 - v Hvson
ir .loa ais B.iled oil per
..... . ,wr gal 4ia Raw " "
'lai'le vrup. mal 1 Kerosene,
"" ir .r. r l!ne.L 6 H"T Ion
".--ir. M.iple aiQ, haled, "
" t.T. 1. . bi, su Wood, cord. 4
- ur roller u. Mixed feed.
..' - bid., 4 iia 4 -VI Kye Meal, per
' ";r. (.iient, a4.TS i ..ttonsd M'l
'-ri, 4ili5 Bran
r.,nlwrn, Linsee.1 oil M I
1 '-. ) r bu., 3CU1U I'rovendcr,
l-r.-t., pAass' Middlings.
" -..ted tmlS l.ralwa meal
to ""7.
" .at J
dealt. ,.V,,iui eoow
in siiT" .he vr M(' '
ilial fOV"" , inSl..""ii.tK.n. An nn " -erti" :"fri.":.,,i if Un"
J . mho n- -
j,,. Him- -- cr
"-reCO'"',r ,ill
Lot of Reversed Judgements Town
Wins Its Llqnor Agency Case Anoth
er ling Over the Sewer Assessments.
The Supreme Court met at Mont
nelier last week Thursday and an
nounced its decisions in a number of
cases heard in the May. term and pre
viously. . i
In the liquor agency case of state
against the town of Urattleboro the
court reversed the judgment of the
county court and held that tbe law
compelling the payment of agency
nrofits above 10 per cent couldn't be
retroactive. So Brattleboro will not
have to part witb any of ber rum
Drotitt except to pay lawyers' fees.
inasmuch as it was fixed so that there
wouldn't be any more above JO per
cent. Baker for state, Waterman.
Martin A Hitt for town
In Smith vs. Coolidge the judgement
of tbe county court on the auditors
report in favor of defenant ie reverse
and judgment ordered for plaintiff.
Cudworth & Read for plaintiff, Water
man, Martin ,t Hitt for defendant.
In Caranaugh vs. Savings bank, over
I deposits made in another name but
which plaintin claimed to oeiong to
her, and where tbe county court or
dered verdict for defendant the judg
ment is reversed and the case remand
ed to county court for retrial. Has
kins Stoddard for plaintiff. Water
man, Martin &. Hitt for defendant.
In Sanders vs. Pierce the court sus
tain the motion to quash. A curious
poiut was involved here. In the
printed form of the writ, bought at
Slontpelier, at one place the words
"one hundred" were omitted, and as
the suit was for 105-and the "five"
only wirtten in. the defen lant in the
countv court raised the point of want
of jurisdiction or that the suit was
for less than 20. The county court
held that this pont was not raised in
time, but the supreme court holds
that it was. Waterman, Martin A Hitt
for plaintiff. FitU. Haskins and
Stoddard for defendant.
E.C. Crosby et als vs. village of Brat
tleboro, over sewer assessment, went
nn on a motion 10 uismiss uu iur
ground that there was no bonds. The
connnty court overruled the motion
and the rulinp Is sustained and tbe
case now croes to commissioners for
hearing. Waterman. Martin Hitt
for petitioners. Fitts lor village.
In Vermout Farm Machine Co.. vs.
Francis Batchelder, the separator
cape, which took two or three weeks
for trial last fall, the judgment for
defendant is affirmed. Read and Has
kins and Stoddard for plaintiff. Lsmson
and Waterman, Martin A Hitt for
defendant. . .
Among other decisious the petition
for a new trial from Rutland county
of the case of the Fall Mountain Pa
per company against toward 11.
Geno was dismissed witn owls,
iiidcenipnt was affirmed in tbe case
of Edward Shum against C. A. Clag-
born: in the case of the state against
Clinton L. Sherwood, wnre me re
spondent was coovicted in the Rut
land County court of Digamy, juuge
niAnt waa rtfVe rsed. the verdict set
aside and the case remanded for a new
trial - inrlfroment whs affirmed in the
case of Fuliman Ar Adams agaiust Fob
ter A Jaquith, an actum in trespass
from Rutland county, wnere tne
plaintiffs obtained a verdict and
Its Ravages In Westminster and Other
Towna How to Cheek It-The grlen
tlnc Fact. About It. -
The army worm whose ravages bad
for 10 days previous been reported at
various points in Massachusetts and
New Vork, is appearing at various
points in tbe Connecticut Valley in
this section, like a veritable Egyptian
plague. Our Hinsdale oorrepondent
tells a woful tale of its work there and
in Weatm inter hundreds of acres of
corn and oats have been entirely ruin
ed and thousands of dollars of dam
age done. In some cases farmers have
burned tbeir crops to ret rid of tbem.
Several other towns report the destruc
tive worK in less serious proportion.
Many fields about Centreville and east
Brattleboro have suffered severely, and
even some gardens in .the village
here have been attacked.' It is the
habit of the pest to devour everything j
green in a field it attacks.
It tras 'M years ago that this worm
appeared here in serious proportions
and J B Thomas whose fields were
suffering, took a specimen to the late
C C Frost who recommended a remedy
which Mr Tbomas successfully applied
and which the agricultural depatrhent
officials are seuamg out in bulletins
cow, with-some additions It is to plow
around the affected field a deep ditch
or furrow, leaving a perpendicular wall
on the outside, up which the worms
cannot climb. Then bolen made a foot
or two deep, at 15 or 20 feet apart
would in a short timo tie HI led witn
them, where thev could easily be
crushed or killed with kerosene. A
broad band of tar also makes a good
Imrriei, and is renewed as it becomes
tilled with its captives.
When marchng over a comparatively
smooth piece of ground a heavy roller
can be used to crush them. When al
ready entered into a cornfield they
mav oe kept from proceeding lurtner
by ditching as above indicated. A
few rows in advance of the progressing
army should be spiayed with Pans
green in water, or dusted, wnne tne
dew is on, with dry Paris green and
air-slacked lime.
It is believed that the sudden ap
pearance of the pest in localities 11
due to the fact that it thrives in
marshy and wet . places from which
it has beeo driven by the drying up
of its haunts, and it is forced to seek
its food in the fields of grass, rye,
oats and wheat Prof. Lintner, the
New York state entomologist says:
It is not quite certain that this is
the true army worm, Leucania uni-
nuueta. Some of its operations in
dicate that it nisy prove to be what
is known as tbe wneat neau army
worm, Leucaoia albolinea. The cater
pillars of the two are so much alike
that I cannot determine this point
until some of tbe moths have been
'The armv worm, when abundant
is UBuatly'at tacked by a parasite which
lays a number of its eggs on the fore
cart of tbe. body near tbe bead.
None of these are tojjtie seen on the
caterpillars now with us, nor nas
another parasite been observed prey
ing upon thera.
But otner observers say: mobi 01
the larger worms now bear on their
backs, closely adhering, small, white
eggs, which were stuck were oy an
active little insect looking very mucn
ke our common house fly ; from the
eeg tnere will soon naicn minuie
maggots, wnicli will Durrow mto tne
army worms and revel in the juices
and fatty tissueB of their bodies, grad
ually sapping the life of the caterpil
ais. raw, 11 any 01 tne army worms
bearing the eggs of this little parasite
nv will ever succeed in passing
through the wonderful trafiformation
to tho moth age."
Too Much Soap Rots t'lothesi
Use less soap by using Harmless.
Rnstnn is interested in t he announce
ment, onlv a week before the wedding,
of thp marriaire engagement 01 jiis?
Jnly Jaunts.
Mrs. P. M. Baker ant! children are
spending a couple weeks at Casper
inde' in ortn tlinsaaie. airs.
Scribner is at Walcott for a
weeks visit with ber father. r. M.
Sears of Holvoke, Mass.. visited at his
father's. M. Sears this week O. L.
French ha9 returned from 'his three
eeks' outing in the northern part. of
the state. P. H. Mctiuire returned
Thursday from his stay in Boston.
Mrs. John Shea returned Thursday
from her two month"' stay in St. Al
bans. Frank Tyler returned Thursday
from his visit in Ureenheld, .Mass.
Elijah Wales and son Harry returned
Fridav from a stay in Peterboro, N.
H. W. E. Neal left Tuesday to re
sume his business duties in New
Bedford. Mass. Miss Lillian Lennox
has returned from a stay with her
sisler. Mrs O. E. Drury. in Spring
field, Mass. Miss Jane Hall is at
the iHke for a week. Tuesday she and
her" molher, Mrs. A. B. Hall, will
leave for Cooperstown, N Y., for a
visit with ber grandmother. Eric
Landry returned Monday from his
visit in Worcester. Mass., but Mrs.
Landry will remain longer for a visit
cirh her sister. F. H. Holden is
on a week's vacation from the store.
Louis Knight is working in the store
for the week. -Mrs.banny Kice nas re
turned from ner trip to Portland.
Mrs. Sarah Uoodnow left luesday
morninir for a visit in Rutland and
a la. 1 exnects to call on friends in New
Hampshire and .Hassacnuseue Deiore
er return. L. Stolte, Jr., left Monday
nmrnlnc for Springfield. Mass., on
hia wheel where he will spend the week
attending the conference of physical
workers. -Mrs. ri. Larey nas returneu
from a several weeks visit in Fitch
bure Masss. Will Toomey has return
ed from Boston. Miss Agnes Msguire
retorted Saturday from ber two
weeks' stay in Northampton. .Mass.
Small Audience, Chiefly Women and
Little Enthusiasm Kindergarten Tar
iff Talk by Col. Hooker -Account ol
the St. Lonl. Convention by Or. Hoi
ton-Sliver (Question Discussed by Mr.
Because of the hot weather, the
audience in Opera Hall for the open
ing Republican rally was a verv small
one and there were more ladies persent
man men. ine lack of enthusiasm
was marked but, much better, it was
an attentively Jitetening crowd, in
dicating that this is to he n campaign
of thought and information, seeking
instead of shoutng. Tbe "Bratlteboro
Protective Quartette" consisting of
Walter Gilbert Walter Stearns Fred
erick and Frank Brazor ren-
drred three selections very spiritedly
from the Republican song book
and the speeches were bv Col. Hooker,
Hon. J. L. Martin and Dr. H. D. Hoi
ton The Colonel's was chaarcterstc,
abounding in bis bright turns, genrous
in his allusions to .Mr. Kryao than
whom be admitted there was "no
more brilliant man living" but fur
nishing assertion entirely iu place of
arument His topic was the tariff and
bis position, was ever, with the ques
tions that have puzzled the profound
est minos of tbe world, was that it
was "too simple" to admit a discus
sion before an intelligent audience.
Ail'tbere was of it was a question of
WBger, whether our labor shall be
reduced to Englard's standard of
living. "Free trade" (with a tariff
on the article it covers averging
higher than in war timet bad brought
such importations (which as a mat
ter of fact are running 810,000,000 to
?20,000,000 than under the McKinley
cia) bad shut down shops and tha
was the reason for the duloess in our
organ business (fully half of whose
product is going abroad and beating
"cheap labor" in competition) and
tbe shutting down of the Hinsdale
and Ashuelot mills. And some one in
England had told some one in New
York who told bim that mills in Lan
cashire were running 18 hours a day
and if Democrats would give them
five years more of it, they would get
rich enough so they could afford to
give away tbeir mills.
Dr. Hoi ton came in late because be
bad been called to Vernon for a sur
gical operation, but gave a very
graphic and interesting recount of
the Chicago convention, which be re
garded as the most notable in tbe
history of the party, and like that of
1800 for importance to the country.
The Doctor was on the committee of
resolutions and told of many of the in
cidents of its work and tbe discussion
over different planks, especially on
woman's suffrage, interspersing it ali
witn many orient turns of tbougtK.
The chief address of tbe evening was
tnat of Mr Martin, who made a strong,
a well-thought and well-studied ar
gument on tbe money question. Especi
ally good was bis illustration about
bank deposits and checks and tbe
effect of confidence or tbe lack of it
One or two of bis positions might be
controverted, but as a whole it was a
discussion such as tbe people are look
ing for in these times, and we there
fore give it Dearly in full:
The first claim of the sHverltes Is that under
the act of Congress of 1873 silver was taken
from Its place as money, thereby forcing a sin
gle gold standard for our currency, resulting In
a contraction of the money In circulation.
This jioslUon is erroneans. In the first place
the act of demonetization of lt73 has nothing to
do, can have nothing to do, with the contraction
of currency.
We are using now all the silver that cm lie
used and lie kept on a parity with gold. From
ITui to 1871, a period of SI years, there was
coined almiit 14,oii,ooo of silver. Prom 17:1
down to we coined tinder sjtecial acts of
Congress, in a period of H years, 5(i0.0is),000.
We have coined In tbe 12 years since the act of
demuneUzation over three times the amount of
silver buillion that was coined tn the 81 years
proceeding It. 1
tvery nnancier admits tnat to maintain
Mrs diaries R Simonds gave a pleas
ant tea party last evening to a few lady
Home 30 of the Red men partook of a
superb supper with landlord Chamber
lain nt the Vernon hotel Tuesdav evening.
Mrs. Lilla Royce entertained a num
ber of her friends with a tea party at
her home on Walnut street, Tuesdajr
The engagement of Myron I. Mather
of West Brattleboro and Miss Minerva !
A. Tyler has been announced this 'week.
W.K.Ware has a dance at Lakeside to
morrow evening. He has lust opened a
number of new rooms at the Prospect
House. ,
A party of the Christian Endeavors of
the Baptist church went to West Dum
nierston Sunday evening and formed a
society there.
Twelve yoong ladies are enjoying a
week's outing at Amadou's cottage at
the lake and are chaperoned by Mrs W
L Gilson and Mrs Emory Farr.
The Epworth League will give a lawn
party, with supper and ice cream,
from G to 8. at Mrs. Atwood's on Wii-
iiston street next Thursday evening.
The ladies of the Unitarian church
will give their annual fair and dance at
Festival Hall on Thursday, July 23d.
Doors open at four o'clock. Supper on
European plan served from six to eight,
and the dance commences at half past
eight. Admission fifteen cents. All are
cordially invited.
- Tbe logs of No. I drive of the Con
necticut River Lumber Co. were start
ed running over tho dam at Olcotts
Falls last Saturday, and will soon be
at Bellows Falls, i'he Fall Mountain
Paper company has arranged to pur
chase enough from thera to last until
their drives are brought down.
Charles Cassidy, who Is employed in
the transfer department at the railroad
station, and Miss Nora lune of Vernon
street were married at 9 o'clock Tuesday
afternoon at St Michael's Roman Catho
lic church. Rev Fr Cunningham perform
ing the ceremony. The Dridemaid was
Bridget McGrath and Michael Fitzgib
bons was best man. Mr and Mrs Cas
sidy will keep house on Elliot street.
Guy Estev went Wednesday to Cam
bridge, N. "Y. V H. Hayward t
the University of Vermont is back lor
tbe rest of the vacation from Island
Pood where he has beeo attending
a -summer school of surveying. A.
E. Cutter was here this week on a
wheeling trip from Windsor back to
Boston. Mrs. Cutter is still here.
Rev. Dr. Geo. Leon Walker and Prof,.
Williston Walker and wives ef Hart
ford are at their summer home here.
Anthony Scbwenk, Harry Thomas.
Harry White. Alfred Thompson ami,
Hayes Morey go to the . hike Monday
for a week or -10 days outing. Misu
Margaret Hubbard of Sioux k alls.
Dak., is spending the summer at ber .
grandfather's, CoL Hunt's. Mrs.
J. E. Wells and Mrs. M. E. Wells of .
New York are at tbe Brooks bouse for.
tbe rest of the summer. Hisses Xelfie
Aher and Zeta Ryan left Wednesday
for a sojourn io tbe northern curt jot
tbe etatt. Misses Minnie Rawsor
and Lena Crozier leave next week-for
Springfield to attend tbesummer school
Miss Edith Estabrook left Monday
for a stay at the lake. 1
Miss Flora Sanders left Tuesday to
spend the summer at her grandfather's
id Jspringbeld. l)r. William Pish and
son were guests of II. H. Hackley this
week on their way to Halifax where
tbey spend the summer. Miss Lizzie
Cavanaugh returned Saturday from
her visit in New York. Geo. E.
Greene and family returned Sunday
t rtioht from their Ktnv ftt he l.lUp. .
uaiitv of coins, and of oaner monet wilh coins.
we liiust correspondingly Increase the gold re- 1 Mrs. J. Retting and daughter and
serve, unless the colnaae of silver is based upon I 1 .nn.nl vivinht Mt.,.nwt TnoD.inw
an International agreement so that In all the , ... . .
commercial ports silver has a standard ixed 1 from their moDth s sojourn at Pomfret
value. It cannot have It without, any more than i Merchant and Mrs. F. K. Barrows
bushel of wheat, a ten 01 pig Iron or a , t Block lslaDd for a week's stav.
""secondiyrwe arc told bv those wantlnir free ' Carl Henkel.wife and baby returned
silver that the greater the circulation of money,
the higher the values ot all products and com
modities and the greater the prosperltv, thrift
and Industry of the oeop)e-a proposition
A simple statement of facts will prove the
absiirditr. In 1873 the gold production was
Sh.hiMumo. In 18M It was over simi.WiOU.
more than double, and the amount of silver pro.
duced in that period was :iti,iKiO,oOO. Then If
this assumption of the siiveiites be true, our
circulation having Increased per capita and
more than doub ed In amount, the world oua-ht
to be on the tidal wave of prosperity and success.
The truth Is that this is a fallacious claim. In
the lirst place no country on earth can prosper,
never has prospered, without keeping its Issue
of currency, whether it he silver, gold or paper,
within the financial control of Its government.
When It evpsnds lteyond that point it is con
verted from sound to fiat currency.
A government Is like an Individual. An Indi
vidual who gives notes for an amount exceeding
(Continue! on loth page.)
Tuesday from a several days stay at
tbe lake. --Mrs. David Abbott. Mrs.
Geo. A. Eels ind two children are
enjoying a two week's outing at Wells
Beach and Miss Lena Eels is-spendiug
two weeks a Portland. Me. Mrs. D.
P. Webster is at the lake for a seasoa
and Miss Hattie Webster is attending
the teacher's summer school at Mar
thas' Vineyard. Gilbert Davis came
up on his wheel last night fromSpring
tiekland after a day or two manes a
wheeling trip of 300 miles and goes to
Norwich Conn for the rest of his va
cation. O D Stowell'and family are
spending tbeir vacation in London
derry. Mrs W H Chi Ids and son Fred
are spending some time at the beaches
E H VanDoorn and family returned
yesterday to the lake for tbe summer
T-onise fiomlelet to m rmnoK M : rm er left this week tor a
.1,1 1 on on ' - -. : T-uMnnn sj i im i.n
Th. .. ill en-Mi tneir oriuui trio mi
his yacht Miss Gondelet, a woman of
rare grace of mind and character,
secretary to the late lr Oliver endell
Holmes, ami high in cultured andlliter
arv circles, is a daughter of th- late
Ca'pt Paul! base, and so a sister of Col.
E 11 Chase. Ur mother left ip early
life, marrying a French professor.
- Too Mnrh Soap Rota rlotbea;
Use less soap by osins Harmless.
Children Cry for
Pitcher's Castoria.
riait in Lebanon. . 11. Airs. iuke
Eli and son Harry have returned from
a four months' stay in Canada.. Miss
Ann'e Gorliorino returned Monday
from an eight weeks' stay in Keene,
N. II. Miss Lilla Samson of Boston is
visiting at ber father's, Fred Samson's
Mrs. S. M. Ellis has returned from
i. stay with her daughter in Spring
field. Miss Ln Schildtnilier has re
turned from a visit with her mother in
Waterbury, Ct S F Ward and A L
Blair ar""in Boston on a business trip
Joseph Kenton and granddaughter
Nellie ieft Thursday for a visit in Bel
1..W8 Falls apd Windsor.
Too Murk Soap Rots t lot he,;
Use less soap by using Hannh'ss.
Absolutely Pure.

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