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Farmers' champion. (Elgin, Okla.) 1912-1922, December 19, 1912, Image 1

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t W
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Succasaor to Irtdiatwrna Champion
3 VVJf
- .---BpujT" -YiTj vftggpiiR
AlWil !aiflcttttte
dPllLW !HWWilMl Edmund
'IliflHi nB5 Redman
BJkcSjr jfttMrnY MMMBm fJNaBmB aaa'wW 15507 frBRjl ami TB!WI3 mBaBB"!xE!J,?5e
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I D. E. McAnaw ,;l
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aV .ay Jwnr fi'TX' vv'sAefnai Irhartwn liter J mnw.t Vv sfi 1
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A7 Carols each ChrUWrW. hell TaTTY ili 1 Til
i a i 'j '.in uhvc
That gather anear the nudw-pane
nny has Iain?oR
muain would peeKv --.
JW !?
I umber
- Compan
"fc At!ii . 4tS,
All Kindt of ... -
Building Material
Grain, Cotton, Coal.
Best Mexico Coal
$7 a Ton
1 ! I I I I i4 I I I I I !!
AW;- AW1
Carols each Chrisc
What art the wr
That gather anear
Where the winter fro all;
They are toulltM clvea, wr
Within, and lauah at our Christmas cl
.Ring fleetly, chimes! Swirtswift,yrhysnti
i ney arc maae oijiae moaupg roisr
tL nmU ti hum 4
ti Ceailac r Lev
UttW OklM tktr Urm
pniac linala aa4 W
Heft. Mk itowmi la
gTmd tttM wkM tMUfy wltk
ihtMtotr to U atfc ef tk pm1 C
Aim Mrtk T Cfcrtot Hm AItImIt
ftritaal lytoMsi tat tkm twi
itMWMH aaa aatiM aptMrj
aat. Ua4, tkajr wMnk tlw wwM'4
Mto( that tfcta tu keth tf Man
aa Sea of Got.
Aa Iriah lam tails that, a Chrltt
aa 0f, th Chriat-ChIM waaaara out
la the darkneaa aa4 eall aad tha
paaaanta atltl pat llfht4 caadpaa la
their wtadowa to gaMa tha aaeFad Uv
tU taat, that they my aot ataaiMa oa
their way to their haaaae. Aa4 tan
Huagary tha people fa yat further W
their taaaaraaaa for tha Child, they
' spread faaata aad leave their doors
1 opea that He stay aatar at Hlew)ll.
while thraughoat Chrtitaadoai there la
a belief that a evil eaa touch any
child who la bora aa Chrlitnaa eve.
Tha tagead which telle how the very
hay which lined tha Banger In which
the Holy Babe waa laid put forth liv
ing red bloatoma ht atldwtater at the
touch of the Babe's body coald only
have arleea frost belief la the raaawat
ef life through the Lord ef Ufa.
r eeatanea
was that holy
then at Glastonbury which
bloaaessed every Chriatmaa, aad, aa
raa the tegead, had dona ever since
at. Joseph of Arlawthea, having con.
a apestle to Brltaia, aad, leading i .
Glaateabury, had stuck Ms staff ef tf;
hawthorn late the aatl. eeamaadtsg It
to pat ferth leaves aad Maaseau. This
mWMT Is aet se sjbm
fr asw staee these
The Bank That Accommodates
Bank of Elgin
Elgin. Oklahoma
Deposits Guaranteed
If you ara not akaasly our custom, opart an
account without slalay.
A. L McPhujon, Prcs. 0. A. McPhsmon. V. P.
.E. McPhsmon, Cashkr.
Onw Notr -A2&4 s
Cease, cease, each Christmas bellf mmmm
Under the holly bough, S
lcre the happy children throng and shout.
What shadow seems to flit about f
ftSit? the mother, then, who died t
!Treothegreens were sere last ChristnuuMider
falling chimes) Cease,
$ ii. .t 4.r M
The patnoiic man
Always Takaa His Lo
cal Papar
PSH JLMiJlaBlgfrf1rf VK9V ManVtalBBV aLaag
l9Tj' IjikUB Ml nt gMstf I V'V'Jc IrfllaKlgafctfll 1
JBJBBbt mm mWMtm J ft m Mm 1 R'sM'tfMw IM tM a
The Farmers9 Champion $1.00 per year
was the 'king aMvMdle thb Carte
tlaa faith, the faltlWwhlWi Breached
Ufa from death.
The holy thorn ef Olastoabwry dear
tshed during the .caaturtes uaUl the
civil wars. During those It was an
rooted; bnt several persona had had
trace growing from cuttings from the
original tree, and those eoaUaaed to
bloom at the Christ-season, Juet as
their parent, which had grown from
Bt. Joseph's staff, had bloomed. Aad
about the middle of the -18th century
It waa recorded In the OenUtmaa'a
Magazine how the famous holy tbei '
would aot deign to recognize the aew
style calendar, which had thea came
lato force but would persist la blee
semlag as of old oa old Chriatmaa
la those days the anniversary ef the'
advent ef the Babe had. certalaly
meant more to the eemaiea people
than merely a time for feasting aad
revelry, for giving and receiving; It
had been also a season for holy ob
servances, for they refused to go te
church on New Christmas day, the
hely thorn not being than la blossom. '
Be esrloua became the trouble that the
clergy found It prudent to announce
that Old Christmas day should also
be kept sacred as before. Only an
other story of men's weak, supersti
tious minds? True, perhaps; but they
are better who evidence some spiritual
weakness than those who wallow la
the wholly material, aad whea we
oassa to be careful of the cup aad the
platter, we become aet ever careful ef
their contents.
kimai Ro4.
NOTHER bf these spiritual
parables Is the legend of
the Christmas rose, and It
tolls hew good things. It for giving,
spring up ready te tie aaad which
earnestly desires to give te the Child.
It la aald that a eertala maiden ol
Bethlehem waa se pear that she had
nethmg to give to the Babe te whom
kings brought wealth from afar, aad.
as she stood, longtag and mourning
aad angel appeared to her, Saying:
"Leek at thy feet, beaeath the eaew,
siid le! ea obeying the maieea feaad
that a aew flower had mlraeuleeety
sprung up and blospomod at her needs.
Every since then, runs this story, this
etaulette flower, with Its saowy petal
just touched by sug geeUeaa ef plaMsa
-bUnas, Is to be tout at tt
aad. IsMsasl, tts
llh ahjjgan of
Babe ef spotless uaasenee.
- -- mmsi in
tM sbfir .
scacvjc !
heart was la fatal ft fc vo.
n.-.-. l?L
-- v -,!
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