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Farmer's Champoin
J. . MULK, Publisher
Sapulpa will goon have a mattress
Thin brnnd of weather Is the fana
er's delight.
Dr. L. W Cotton has entered the
race for mnyor of Knltl.
Waurlka Is vufforlos from an ppi
demlc of petty inlet-pry.
Vive, prisoners sawed their way to
tL . .i. 1-11 ., ,..
i anny irom intr jail ui t inm. .
This week promise to be an In- f
tcrcsting one In legislative circle.
The opera house at Wagoner was i
damaged by flro to tho extent of iZ""
Seeral new intcrurban railways are
being built over the state on paper
Two new rural roaH delivery rotiet
out of Durant may soon be aaiab-
Now there are more bHers In
the accuracy of the ground hoe's pre
diction Knld may soon haw a tnagjilaent
V M. a A. building to be eroded prin
cipally by the Frisco railway.
The real danger In this sort of
weather !s a killing freeze later which
may rfettroy the bulk of tb fruit
Uartlcsllle Is looking forward to the
completion of many public Imprr-t fo
ments and private residences this
Reports from Bryan county are to
the effect that several bortca In that
county have beon afflicted with bllt i
- Henry W. Lnwton Eneampment No.
8, Spanish War Veterans, has be-n
organized at Lawton with a member
ship of twenty-four.
Judge Hudson of-the district court
at Bartlcsvlllo admits he has been out
of Oklahoma but twlc" since the state
was- admitted to statehood.
Already having municipal light and
wafer systems which. I' Is said. a
paying well Sayre Is now wins after
a municipal telpliar.c ttira.
A committee, of bare-ball fans start
ed a subscription list to raise $2,000
In order that Ardmore fans might
witness baseball tho coming reaton
l( (s about time Komionc came fur
ward with the llratroblnofthe-seaBon
gag. That's all that's needed now to
complete the assurance? of an early
The newly constructed schoolhouse
at Dluejacket was dcstrojrd by i ro
of an unknown origin, itfialti& a com
plete Iosh of $13,000, wm S'.OOO
Ilobart Is soon to have p . Ilnp
tlst church. Pinna for tho structure
havo been approved and the ground
Is being cleared preparatory to exca
vation work being slatted.
When the home or V. C. Rodger,
principal chief of the Gliorokep n
tlon, wan destroyed by fire, vuliinbl
impern, datn. relics and mementoed f
the tribo in the chief's custody wire
continued by Ibe flntnua. Tlio orlglii
of the lire la unknown.
Smoked glasses will bo quite pop
ular In Oklahoma t tils your. Thero
are dim five ccllpH'.K of tlie huh ami
two of the moon thin year. Tho II m
ecllprn will be a total one, and the
moon will bo Uiu central figure. It
will occur Match 22.
Oklnhnnui will bo well reprosi'vi'd
In Washington during tb- luauniral.
Likewise the people in that so-tinn
are going to know morn nboiti thta
great state after the return of tin Ok
lahoma boosters than they knew lie-
Two burglniH entered the poslolllco
at Hominy and secured a number of
stamps mid n Ritpll amount In cash.
Entrance was gained by prying open
tho rear door
Tho oil and gas fover Is spreading
over the state like wildfire, and Irom
" the present rate It will not be long
before test wells urn being drll'nd In
practically every county In tho ftnto.
The presence of si wild dogs In tho
rifh Creek and Glen Oak districts of
Washington ennnty la causing the
farmorn much uneasiness. They n
MiM io rrsrrnlilo wolves, anil are ex
ceedingly vicious Ono lad herding
rnttle claims to have been chased by
the pack, nnd bated himself only by
climbing to tho top of a high fence.
tDltorcclcsn alimony Ih to be triad
out In Comanche, if Mrs. J. M. Cun
ningham gets fnvorablu uc.tlon on' a
suit filed In the district court nt Law
ton. Sim alleges her' litislmud, J. W.
Cunningham, has deperted Her nml
their five children, and left nil potrii
lest, and wards nf her brother. Site
sks alimony In tho sum of 2,0U0 and
1100 for lmmedUlM qm4i.
.fct: mi
PP 1
yiAZZ5HSj4 K&ir&sr
Redistrictlno Bill Reported
Oklahoma county is given two sena-1
tors and divided Into two districts I
under the terms of the senatorial I
restricting bill by Edwards, liolwi
and Sharp, reported favorably by a
committee of the house. Under the
present apportionment Oklahoma and
Canadian counties are one district
with two senators.
The republicans on the senatorial
and judicial rcdistrictlng committee,
George M. Disney and Fred B. Hoyt.
reported a substitute bill representing
the views of tho minority.
The new apportionment plan creates
forty-four districts with on senator
from each and according to tho auth
ors of the bill is not In any sense n
gerrymander. It merely attempts to
comply with the constitutional require
ment for ono senator for each 37,000
population, according to Representa
tive Bolen.
The senatorial districts as contemp
lated under the bill would be as fol
lows! Klrt 1ltrlet, nmr, Texas and Cim
arron, Second, Ilnrpcr, Kills nd Roier
Mills; Third, Woods and Woodward;
Fourth Alfalfa nnd Major. Fifth, Grant
and Kay. Sixth, OarfUM, Seventh, Noble
and Payno, nichth, Oxage and raw nee;
Ninth, WnnhliiHton and Holers, Tenth,
Nowata and Creek, Eleventh, Mayea,
Delaware and Ottawa; Twelfth, Sequoyah
and Adair. Thirteenth. Wagoner and
Cherokee. Fourteenth, Tulaa, FlttHtith.
Creek and Okftixken, Sixteenth. Lincoln;
Seventeenth. Iyignn Klghtcenth, Cana
dian and KltiHflMier Nineteenth, Illalne
and Dewy, Twentieth. Cuater and
Wanhlta. Twenty-first, Caddo. Twenty
necond, Orady. Twenty-third, Hast Okla
homa County district; Twenty-fourth,
Weat OklahntriR County district; Twenty
fifth, Cleveland and McClaln. Twenty
sixth, Pottawatomie, Twenty-seventh,
Okfuskee end Hughes, Twenty-clKhth,
OkmulRPO and Mrlntosh; Twenty-ninth,
MuskoRce. Thirtieth, Flore and Push
mataha. Thirty llrst, Haskell and t.atl
mer, Thlrtj -second, PlttshurK, Thirty
third, McCurtaln and Choctaw; Thirty
fourth, Atoka and Coal. Thirty-fifth,
Hryan. Thirty sixth, Johnston and Mar
shall; Thlrty-re-enth, Pontotor and Sem
inole: Thlrty-elKirth, Garvin and Murray,
Thirty-nlnlh. Comanche nnd Stephens;
Fortieth. JrnYwn and Cotton' Forty
flrit, Klow-a and CIrcor; Forty-second,
Carter and Love Forty-third, Tillman
and Jackson. I'orty-fntirth, Heckham and
Russell Offers to Reduce Cost
Stnto Sonator Campbell Russell has
put It up to tho board of regents of
tho state A. nnd M. College nnd O. T.
Hryan, president of tho board of ngri
cull urn that the coBt of living to tho
students of the Rtato Institution Is too
high nnd to show that he menna what
ho snys he offers to conduct tho dor
mitories nt a much lower rate per
student. Senator Hussoll agrees to
forfeit. $250 to tho common school
fund If he cannot carry out his plan
to the satisfaction of tho students,
both as to the qunllty of .food and
tho service rendered.
', In-a letter to President Bryan of tho
board of agriculture, 8enator Russoll
calk attention to the answer made by
Mr. Bryan to Hie senate Interrogator
les in regard to the cost of conducting
the dormitories of the state A. and M.
College. According to, the report, Mr.
Bryan had stnted that It was the pol
icy of the Institution Io charge each
pupil In the dormltorie only a pro
rata ahare of the coat actually In
urrad la the lataiaana. Tata
Thirteen Oklahoma newspaper men are at the state capital for a sixty
days sojourn which, being Interpreted, means that an even dozen Okla
homa editors are in Oklahoma City in attendance upon the state legislature
as members and the thirteenth. C S. Gllkerson. editor of the Waurlka News
Democrat, has beia selected to fill one of the Important appointive positions
All of the legislators shown In the picture are either active In newspaper
work or have been very recently.
MS. Blasslngame Is from Salllsaw; H. H. Sherman halls from Mann
ford: Snawnee Is the home P. V nnrrett- t n niii.. ..., .
LAWtont Chas. R. Peters rnmra frnm
Cheyenne; Tom G. Taylor Is editor and owner of the Democrat-Record. Ida
bel. Senator F. W. Anderson is publisher of the Waurlka News: A. Mc
Crorey comee from Cornish; Senator W R. Dutton is from Foraker; I. L
Cook Is from Atoka, and Andred Allen Veatch Is editor of tho nemonstrntor.
amounts to $17 a month, $14 for table
board and $3.00 a month for room
-Senator Russell believes this Is too
much, though he does not call In ques
tion the correctness of the statements
made by the department. He says
however, that one of Che greatest les
sons that should be Inculcated In the
youth Is economy and that' this lesson
is not taught in the dormitories. "A
difference of 3.00 to $4.00 per month
in cost of board for each pupil," says
Senator Russell In his letter, "Is a
matter of no small importance to many
parentB tn this state, so much so in
fact, that It Is the determining factor
in many homes, when the question of
higher education for the children is
under consideration.
In making his offer to reduce theso
expenses Senator Rvtsell obligates
himself to furnish all food supplies,
prepare and serve It for the sum of
$2.50 per student per week and stands
ready to close the contract at amy
In commenting on his offer to Presi
dent Bryan, Scnattr Russell made the
following statement: "If I un bUKlng,
It Is a mighty good tlmo for the board
to call my hand and put me up a tree.
My offer Is a plain business proposi
tion with no underground wires. Its
acceptance will mean a saving of $500
i per month to tho dormitory pupils.
If more than twenty years' experience
feeding Oklahoma children has not
taught me the cost of same. It is time
I should pay the price and learn my
After Gas Pipe Lines.
A bill to mako gas pipe lines com
mon carriers and to regulate (he uso
of compressor pumpsupon wellsby
the big pipe line caipanlci:ja Intro
duced in the hoimojfy H. Hjjjjalth and
others. Indoptwidei ,pwaijBpJ!pf gas
wells are said to bo' the chief backers
of the bill, the purpose of which is to
prevent tho pipe lino companies from
sinking a well nnd draining the gas
out of a large number of privnte wells
by the use of compressor pumps. Pro
moters of the bill claim that at present
hundreds of wells owned by private'
individuals and smnll companies are
being pumped dry through wells sunk
by pipe linn companies to supply gas
tn cities outside the state. By re
quiring tho gas pipe line companies to
be common carriers It is clnlmed that
they will bo forced to take all gnR
offered to them along any given line
or a proportionate shs.ro of tho pro
duction offered by each operator.
A State Sanitarium.
Tho houso committees on appropri
ations and public health have agreed
to make n Joint report recommending
for passage a bill for the establish
ment of a stato tuberculosis sanitar
ium in Oklahoma. The bill carries
appropriations for buildings and main
tenance aggregating over $100,000. Dr.
J. C. Mahr, state commissioner of
health, stated that there are more
than 800 deaths each year In Okla
homa from tuberculosis aa that the
whlta plague Is mar to sa faars4 than
lintntn.. r" ? fft.t.-f..- . . .
For Insurance Rates
A bill Introduced In the senate by
Barrett of Pottawatomie county
would confer jurisdiction on tho cor
poration commission relative to flru
Insurance rates In the state. It would
give the commission power to Investi
gate all complalntB of alleged unrea
sonable rate in case circumstances
Justified, and prevent discrimination
in rates.
Pasesnger Fare Bill la Favored
The 2-cent railroad faro bill,
wljich the senate passed last week,
has t"-n favorably reported by tho
commltteo on public service corpor
ations of tho house and Is now on
the calendar there for consideration.
Senator Vandeventer of Bartlesvllte
is tho author of the bill nnd Its
chances for passage in the house are
said to be good. Joyner bill, to
make tho question of abolition of
tov-nship government a matter of lo-
i cal option in the various counties,
mai is, Dy voto (f county, was
reported out favorably by the com
mlttee on county and township organi
zation and government, of which
Charles B. Peters Is chairman.
New bills in the house include a
very comprehensive food, drug and
disinfectant bill by Messrs. Dearing
and Wright, said to have been pre
pared in part at least, by the assist
ance of Dr. J. C. Mahr, state com
missioner of health.
The bill proposes, In brief, to put
a license tax for revenue purposes
upon most patent medicines and bev
erages, and certain classes of foods,
such as .powdered milk, and dcsslcat
cd eggs and to require an Inspection
feo from slaughter houses, the pur
pose of the bill being to mako tho
department of health self-sustaining,
and at the same time to put all pat
ent medicines, disinfectants and tho
liko under its supervision and that
of tho stato bacteriological depart
mont. A resolution by IT. H. Smith, call
ing upon the state treasurer for In
formation as to all money paid Into
the state "treasury as fine for vlnla.
tlons of tho pure food and drug laws,
Indicates that Mr. Smith wants to
know whether that aource of revenue
is proving very profitable or not.
Among the new bills Introduced In
the senate was one by Edmonson re
viving the fight to abolish the state
highway department, and another de
fining what are habitual criminals,
providing for sentencing them to the
nenltentlarr for life If Convicted mr.
tain number or times for committing
offenses wherein tho clement of fraud
or felony enters. '
Farrls' Trial Begun
The trial of'state Printer Giles W.
Farrls before the sanata aiHtna
court of Impeachment was started with
the openlag statements of counsel for
each side, setting forth the evidence
they will produce, and what It will
show. The facts connected with h
dlfereat charges against Farrls which
eouftMl rer eaob side announced it
wauli FjMstaM tacUaaaajr t Mbata
i i-jt; jkB
Unto, prnctlcully are tho same as those
brought out In the recent trial of Far
rls before a justice of t.ie peace.
About twenty-five witnesses, some
of flicm summoned by both sides, an
swered when their names were called,
and were sworn In, while thoro were
a great many more who were not
Witnesses who testified were R. C.
Cain, an employe of tho stato audi
tor's office; Walter D, Caldwell, presi
dent of the City State bank of Okla
homa City; Carl Hammer, cashier of
the Wllkln-Halo State bank; William'
Stryker. editor of the Tulsa Dally
Democrat, who had the contract for
printing the now famous "Red Book,"
ana j. t: snearman ot Wichita. Kan
sas, an expert on handwriting.
i Testimony of Stryker
Stryker testified that trio three war
rants, aggregating $2,500, and made
I payable to tho Democrat Publishing
(Company of Tulsa were never signed
I by him and that no one representing
H-j company was authorlied to sign
He testilled funlier that ho nor no
ono authorlied to repreacnt his com
pany had mnde claims against the
stato for this amount, and that he
had never received the money for
them. Tho Warrants bear tho sig
nature of Stryker nnd the Tulsa Dem
ocrat Publishing Co.
Shearman next was called to the
stnnd and stated that it was his be
lief, as an expert on handwriting, that
nil of tho writing on th warrants was
done by tho samo person and that he
was of tho opinion It was done by
Farrls. This opinion, ho stated, was
based on cortnln formations of letters,
which ho snld ho hnd discovered were
characteristic of Fnrlrs' handwriting.
Lankford Clears Cruce of Blame
Assuming tho responsibility of om
ploylng the firm of Stuart and Cruce
to represent tho bank department of
Oklahoma, declaring that Governor
Cruco had no connection whntover
In tho employment of those attorneys
nnd setting forth that tho statutes al
low tho hiring Of local nsulalaneo
State Bank Commissioner J. D. Lutk
rord presented to tho senate a lengthy
report answering the ininrrnMinri..
contained In a resolution Introduced
in tho senate by Scnntor Jones.
Tho report shows that the firm was
authorized to act as the focal rr..
sentatlve of tho board nfter the attor
ney general had statod that his force
was Inadequate to enrry on the work
and that It was cmnlnvnH in xr...t.
1911, and continued In the service un
til September. t912, when It resigned.
A fee of 15,000 a vear h k
board as the compensation for Its ser
vices. Mr. Lankford sets foith that
the Arm of Stuart and Cme. -..-
sented the department In litigation
Involving approximately $500,000.
The J. B. Wells'' potato house la,
Hartshorns was destrovnd hv a. Ua
week and together with it 4,800 s)
shels of spuds. The lot la estimate
at tiv.aet, m t ,im i,
Vfcr It

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