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Farmers' Champion
Epitome of the
World's News
Little Stories of the Week'
Happenings In All Nations
tariff conference
Tho tariff conference otcd
lenvo bananas on tho frep list.
Secretary Lann of tlic Interior do
partment In seriously III In California.
Pres. Wilson has returned rom Ills
vacation, expecting tho tariff bill to
bo ready for his slgnnlure soon.
American battleships probably will
remain In Mexican enters despite
ilucrta's declaration that they will be
unwelcome after this month.
Twenty passengers were Injured,
one probably fatally, when Hock is
land passenger train number 40, east
bound, was derailed on a curve a mile
west of Manhattan, Kan.
Oeorgo II. Illxby, Iong Ileach ml
onalrc, Indicted somo months ago on
charges resulting from a morality cru
sade here, bus been placed on trial In
the superior court at Los Angecs.
Goldllcld, Nev , was swept by a tor
rent from a cloudburst that caused the
loss of at least live lives, carried
away several scores of dwellings and
damaged merchandise estimated at
Nearly 200 new Indian students
from tho live civilized tribes In Okla
homa enrolled at the opening of tho
term at Haskell Institute. Tho 'num
ber of new-comers Is considerably in
oxcess of any previous ear.
A deadly dynamite bomb was mailed
to II. (1. Otis, owner of the l-o An
geles Times, whoso plant was blown
up by officers of tho Iron workrs'
union thrt'o years aho. Thn box was
discovered by his valet and a catas
trophe averted.
Tho mysterious murder of an un
identified man, whoso body was found
In tho White river, twehe miles from
Des Arc, Ark., may bn solved by thn
arrest of Mrs. llelle Dolaney, aged 17,
at Hot Springs, Ark. The motlTe of
tht crime Is not known.
Thn (inhesion water front strike,
Intolvlng approximately .'i.SOO long
shoremen, whites and colored cotton
Bcrnwmnn and draymen, was brought
to a close when the local unions voied
unanimously to accept the proposition
that tho International Colored Cotton
Screw men nfllllttto with (he Interna
tional longshoremen's association un
der separate charter. Work was re
burned on parts of tho water front.
Members of tho supreme council
Ancient Accepted Scottish Itlte of the
Northern Mnsoulc Jurisdiction, com
prising sixteen states north of Mason
nnd Dixon line, were In Philadelphia
to cclehrnto the ouo-bundreilth anni
versary of tho founding of their organ
ization. One thousand quarters of Argentine
beef, tho first big shipment eer
brought to tho United States, were
unloaded from tho refrigerator store
room of the steamer Van Dyck In
Brooklyr, consigned to dealers in New
York, Philadelphia, llaltlmoro nnd
Three employes. of the New York,
Now Haven and Hartford railroad nro
hold by Coroner Ell .Mix to bo crlm
I nail y responsible for the dlbastrous
wreck at North Hnveu on Sept. 2,
when the Whlto Mountain Express
plunged through the second section
ol tho liar Hnrbor Kxpress, exacting
a toll of tewnty-ono lives.
Fire which gutted thn three story
brick building of thn Fletcher Coffpn
anil Spice company at Little Hock,
caused a loss which olllcers of the
company estimate nt $15,000.
Two tnoro crlincB took their place
on Hip pollco record of Hans Schmidt,
tho N. Y. priest who had confessed
that ho was n murderer nnd n coun
terfeiter. In ransacking Schmidt's
room, detectives found evidence that
Schmidt had stolen f-100 from the
Waster collection nt St. Joseph's
chinch nnd Hint ho had robbed a vis
iting priest wlln "pent t,ln night at
St. Joseph's rectory ns the guest of
the local clergy.
Consolidation of a I the freight and
passenger trnlllo agencies of the
Gould lines In St. Louis waa an
nounced. Tho linen concerned are tho
Missouri Padllo thn St. Louis, Iron
Mountain And bfnitiiern, Denver k
Rio Orunde'nml tho Western Pacific.
Louis Moilanem, 30 years old, be
lieved to be tho largest man In tho
world, died In a1 hospital at Hancock,
Mich., after an Illness of a few days.
He waa 7 feet Inchea tall, and at
one time traveled with a circus.
Francis J Heney, tho famous graft
prosecutor of San Tranclsco, has an
nounced himself as a candidate for
United States senator to succeed
George C Perkins of Oakland, whoso
tfrm expires March 4, 1'JIB. The only
other candld'ito Is James I). Pholnn,
democratic leader of San I'ranclico.
Willie Knnsus City Southern pas
senger train number t, northbound,
wns taking water at Salllsnw, Okla.,
a terrific storm broke and Fireman
A O. Farmer of Monn, Ark, was
killed. Po was on tho engine tender
manipulating the spout when ho was
blown off.
Announcement was made In behalf
of Major (Sencral Nelson A. .Miles. I1.
S A., retired, from bis homo In Wen'
minster of his candlducy for thn re
publican nomination for congrchB In
thn third district of Massachusetts.
Tho seat was made vacant by the
death of Congressman Win. Henry
Receivers for the St. I.ouls and San
,,ranc,HCO railroad system have been
ordered by Judgn Sanborn of tho
United States district court to make
pa incuts of approximately $1,500,000
as principal and iutorpst on bonds
and mortgages of thn company nnd
for extensions and operating cx
Col. Francis J. norchnrdt. 63 years
old, a Justice of the peace, well known
In national guard circles and political
circle -'broiighoiit Wisconsin, was son
tencei. to nine months to the house
of correction by Judge Page for on-
tributlng to delinquency of girls. Four
joung girls told District Attorney Yep
key that the Judgn gae them money,
made Improper suggestions to them
and hud them appear nude before him.
L. P. Lucero. representative In thn
fltst Now Mexico legislature, was put
mi trial In district court charged
with tho solicitation or a f.'OO lirllin
in connection with tho plectlon of A,
It Fall to the United States senntii
Inst spring. Four legislators, Julian
Truglllo, Manuel Cordova, Ixtuls II.
Montoju nnd the defendant, were tried
by the bouse of representatives and
ncultted but later were Indicted by tho
grand Jury.
General Porforlo Dlnz, former pres
ident of Mexico, celebrated his St'll
birthday by a banquet at Illnrritz.
Them Is evpry indication that worn
pii will shortly bo given the parlia
mentary fra'nehiso In Holland.
Four persons were klllpil and six
fatally Injured In the collapse of a
tenant house as tho resuft of n gas
explosion at Coburg. Germany.
A workman found on the sidewalk
In London the entire pearl necklace,
valued at $050,000. which was stolon
on July 10 while In transit by mail
from Paris to London.
Prof. Helnrlch Mhubb, court painter
and social leader, today shot and
killed Count Von. Wcstcrnlmgnn, n
captain of thn army reserves at Her-
lid, while trjlng to nrrungn for a duel.
Tho Italian commander, General
Torrelll, nnd thirty-three Italian olll
cers and men were killed In battle
with Arab tribesmen. The Arab losses
are not stated, but undoubtedly wero
ery heavy.
A remarkable flight, establishing n
now cross country record, was made
by the I rencb aviator Kmest Gulllnux.
Willi a passenger hn covered 118 miles
from his home nt Savlgny-Siir-Urajo to
Paris In fifty minutes. This wns at
the rate of nearly 112 miles an hour.
Dr. Aurellnno Urriitla, Mexican
minister of tho Interior, has resigned,
Urrutla's anti-foreign sentiments hno
not been disguised during his term of
ofllce, and it is said that tho foreign
dlplomnts were opposed to his reten
tion In thn cabinet. David Do Lu
Fuente, provisional minister of com
munications, nlso presented his resig
Three hundred rebels of Frnnclrcn
Villa's command wero killed In n bnt
tie with the federal forces of Generals
Mnrcelo Carcelo nnd Antonio Itojnc
nt Dustlllos, Chihuahua.
A list of rebel nnd bandit chiefs hi
Gnu Luis PotosI nnd bordering states,
compiled from reliable sources hsowa
n total of forty-thrno nt tho head of
bands ranging from thirty to 600 men
Sir Kdwnrd Carson, leader of tho
Irish Unionists. Is making n visit In
Ireland. Ills object, It wus said, was
to Inspect tho volunteer nrmy being
rulsed In Ulster to support tho pro
lstonnl government which will lin
brought Into exlstenco In case the
homo rule, bill becomes ?. law.
Ono hundred Americans, Including
a number of women nnd children, re
fugees from Torreon, are reported to
have fallen Into tbo hands of rebels
while proceeding overland to Saltlllo.
Tim authorities' at Saltlllo decline to
take tho responsibility of sending a
force, to their rescue, fearing, they
say, (hat the rebels might commit
atrocities on the refugees which oth
erwise might he avoided.
Commemorating tho disastrous fire at Chicago on October 9, mil.
Oklahoma will Join In tho movement of many of her sister stales and
obsorvn October 9 as "Flro Prevention" day throughout the stnto. A
proclamation designating that dato as Flro Provcntlon day has been
Issued by Governor Cruco on tho rciiuo.it of State Firo Marshal Ham
mond. In his proclamation tho governor calls attention to tho great loss
by firo In tho state each year and points out why nn "ounce of preven
tion Is worth a pound of euro."
Following Is tho proclamation;
'To tho I'euplo of tho Slate of Oklahoma Grcotlnr.-
"For tho past two year tho pooplo of this stnto have obsorved In
a general way Flro Provcntlon day. Tho results of tho offortR on tho
part of tho people of this stato to reduce the waste from lire has been
"Kfllcloncy In flro prevention Is not commensurate with efllcloncy
In flro fighting. Oklahoma has learned how to discover nnd extin
guish fire, hut has not learned all that can bo learned nbout pre
venting fires. The property In till stato dpstroypd by flro In 1912 was
valued at $2,193,0S4,0, much of which might have been saved had
our methods of flro preventing boon as ofTlclcnt ns our, methods of
extinguishment. We have devoted ourselves ns Individuals and ns
n state to tho task of preventing disease, crime, Immorality and other
Ills which tend to kill and destroy. Is It not time that wo should de
vote oursolvcs to tho prevention of flro, tho most common nnd the
most destructive, perhaps, of all?
"It hub paid the owners of property In the pnst to obsorvo Flro
Provcntlon day. Other states havo adopted tho custom of proclaim
ing October 9, thn anniversary of tho disastrous flro In Chicago In
1871. as Flro Prevention day. The advantage In hnvlng nn early dnte
Is that tho attention of thn people may be called to the Importance
of tho care In tho prevention of fires at the very Inception of the
season when artificial heat Is essential to tho comfort of our people.
"Fires are easily prevented It simple paths of knowledgo nro
followed. More thought of the loose match, tho neglected flue, thn
rubbish pile' and the oil rag In n dark corner vIlt capitalize Itself
Into dollars. Therefore, to tho end that wo may conserve not only
our pfoporty but our Uvea nnd safeguard them to tho best of our
ability, I do hereby proclaim October 9 as Flro Prevention day In
tho stato of Oklahoma and do call upon all citizens on that day to
glvo personal attontlon to tho removal of rubbish nnd dobrls from
their premises; to sot their 'heating appliances in safo nnd proper
condition for winter use; to examlno chimneys rind flues that bronk
ngo and cracks may bo properly repaired and that on nil other days
ns woll ns this day they continue the removnl of rubbish nnd com
bustihlo refuse, which by heat will cause spontaneous combustion
"I would suggest that on this day Instructions bo given, to the
children In tho public schools with referenco to tho flro hazard of
matches, gasoline and other volatile oils and that simple methods
for lire prevention and rescue work be taught. I would especially
recommend that the mayor of each city and town within tho stnto
proclaim the above mentioned date as Flro Prevention day for his
city or town and make a special effort to havo all rubbish removed
from the streets and alleys nnd thn vacant lots.
"In testimony whereof 1 havo horeunto sot my hand and caused
tho great seal of tho stato of Oklahoma to bo hereunto nmxed. In
my offlco In Oklahoma City, Okla., this 11th day of September, 1913.
"LKB CltUCE. Governor."
Reports From Ellis County Are That
Game Bird Hat Practically Gone.
Arnett. The open season for prairie
chicken In Oklahoma la from Septem
ber 1 to November 1 and many In
quiries havo been received hero In re
gard to tho prospects for tho sports
men In Kills county, which has for
several years been about the only
place whore the birds could bo found
In any great numbers.
Prntrlo chickens nro very scarco
In Ellis county this year. Inquiry
mode among tho farmers in the south
east part of tho county Is very dis-
cournr.lng to tho chicken hunter,
Tlicro nro vory fow chickens In tho
sand hills this year, duo largely, It Is
claimed, to tho late prnlrlo fires last
spring, which swept over that part of
tho county during the nesting season
Several years ago thoso sand hills
wero literally alive wUh prairie
shlckcns nnd old hunters sny that It
was no uncommon occurrcnco icir
them to go gunning for n couplo of
hours In tho nftornoon nnd return
with nil the chickens they wanted.
The pralrlo chicken hns drifted on
west. Tboy commonced leaving this
country when thn settlers camo In
nnd tholr passing In this county virtu
ally means tholr passing in Oklahoma.
City Marshal Acquitted.
McAlcstor, II. H. Sherlll, former
city marshal of Klown, will not havn
to pay n pennlty for tho killing of
Daniel Beats, whoso enmity he In
curred by nn nrrest whllo ho was serv
ing ns marshal. After two bourH of
deliberation thn superior court Jury
tioforo whom bo was tried, returned n
verdict of not guilty, nnd Sherlll wns
freed of the chnrgo of murder.
Five Brothers' First Reunion.
Ilrokon Arrow. For the first tltno
In their llvqs thn five Ooodson broth
ers, two of wlipm live here, wero to
gether nt tho same time when they
met here last week. J. A. and J. It.
Goodson llvn here. Another brother
lives In Sherman, Tex., one In Noith
view, Mo., nnd another lu Ilakorstleld,
Cnllf. The. two older brothers came
hero to visit tholr relatives, not know
ing tho oungest ono had already ar
rived. This Is thn first tlmo thu old
est brother had ever seen tho younger
After Holy Rollers.
Atoka. Citizens hero will probably
takn some fiction Immediately to rid
tho community or a baud of underlB-
nbles calling themselves Holy llolli-ra.
Ten members of the band camped
hero several clayB ago nnd the rankn
wero Immediately recruited up to
nbout twenty. Only a few .days ago
measles broke out among them and nn
Infant died, It is believed, without
medical attention. A woman gavo
birth to n child but no doctor wus
called until afterwards. The gang Is
now being fumigated.
. t
Former Governor Purchases Rentals
of Arkansas River Bed.
Former Governor Charles N. Has-
Itcll, representing tho No. 1 Oil corn-
puny of Muskogco, In which ho Is In
terested, got tho lion's share of the
oil nnd gas lenses on tho beds of tho
Arkansas and CImnrron river, accord
ing to announcement by the school
land commissioners.
Governor Haskell's bid for leases on
tho bed of tho Arkansas river bolow
high water mark through range 11
nnd 12 with tho exception of n small
portion of nbout ono mllo nnd n half
west of township 19 In rnngo 12, was
accepted by tho school land commis
sioners. Thnt part of the river cov
ered by Governor HankoH's Md ex
tends from about four miles west of
Sand Springs to n point nbout four
miles south of Tulsa.
Governor Haskell's bid gives tho
stato n royalty of one-eighth on nil
thn oil and gas produced on tho leases
and 26 per cent of all profits accru
ing to tho lessen from tho remaining
seven-eighths of tho oil and gas pro
duced. George Miller of Miller nrothers'
101 ranch, was given the lease on the
CImnrron river In township 18 north,
rango 7 east of section fi, but later
transfened It to Governor Haskell
with the consent of tho commission
ers, HaBkoll taking over tho bid mado
by Miller
C. T. nolt of Muskogco got tho
flame, portion of thn CImnrron river In
thn snmo township nnd rnngo In sec
tion 8.
That portion of tho Arkansas river
bed In tho western hnlf of Bcctlon 8,
range 12, township 10 wpbL went to
Chnrley Pago of Tulsa, who propose,
to glvo tho stnto n roynlty of fovnn
eighths working interest to nld the
Sand Springs Orphans' homo.
First Hunting Accident.
Nowata. The first accident of thn )
hunting senroti occurred hcie In tho i
death of Jnmcs Ilcnublen, 12-year-ohl '
ron of Mr. nnd Mrs. William Ilenublen. I
Tho boy wns out bunting nnd coming
lo n gain leaned bis gun against n I
post. When In! renched down to get j
tho weapon ngnln ono of tho hnmmers i
caught nnd the gun wnB discharged.
Tho whole charge struck bis nrm,
tearing It off. Tbo boy lingered until
tho noxt day, nnd died from loss of
Same Old Story.
Durnnt.- Hoy Henilrlx, eon of Mr.
nnd Mrs. W. W. Hondrlx of Caddo,
nged 9 vears. nrclduntally killed him
self whllo plalng with n t-choolmate.
n sun of Jack Drokp. Whllo Drokc
was up stairs changing clothes ho loft
th boy dnw'tiAtnlrs, and, hearing a
shut, rnn down to find tho llttln boy
with a wound In tils side. Ho ran ta
tho nelchbnrs who summoned n doc
tor, but tho boy was dead boforo they i
camo. He bad found
a .45 caliber
mlnin nnhiurin-iri: !
kkH a aM Mils l I a
Horse Show, Auto Polo, and Famous
Automobile tlacers Among Star
Attractions Added to tht
Oklaohma City. rtocordbrcaklne
crowds from all parts of Oklahoma
and tho cntlro Southwest nro swarm
ing to the soventh annual State Fair,
which opened on Tuesday, Sept. S3, tor
a period of twelvo days. It Is a better
thanover fair, with tho utato'a flneat
products on display, and thoro Is every
Indication Hint tho attendance will
moro than doublo tho crowds of last
year. Oklahoma City Is putting forth
every effort to mako visitors and
friends from all parts of Oklahoma,
Kansas, Missouri, Arkansas, Texas
and other points have the time of their
Tho opening day of tho Stato Fair
Tuesday was featured by the spectac
ular arrival of United States soldiers,
a musical festival In which four bands
took part, songs by world-famous
grand opera singers, sensational har
ness and running races, many cele
brated vaudeville acts and hundreds
of other big, extraordinary and excit
ing events. A regimental band accom
panlcd tho troops and the Model Mil
itary Camp, located on eight acres, Is
thronged dally with people who are
anxious to boo Uncle Sam's best fight
ing men at closo rango. The soldiers
give dally oxhtbltons of
drills and maneuvers.
Ono of the first things to Impress
the visitors In the splendid conditio
( of State Pair Park; The grounds-ere
In improved condition with regard to
flowers and foliage rjorgeous beds
of cannas, magnificent groves, miles
of cement walks, thousands of bril
liant electric lights at night and sixty
big buildings and barns that are ta
the pink of condition just begin to
tell tho story of tho jonoral appear
an co of tho grounds. In a word, the
grounds of tho Oklahoma Stato -Pair
and Exposition, consisting of 160
acres, havo been converted Into a gar
den of beauty.
Tho next Idea of tho Stnto Fair and
Exposition concerns the mngnltudo of
tho fair Itself and finally tho unusual
quality nnd rango of the attractions
nnd exhibits. Displays nnd premiums
and prizes nro larger, competition Is
keener, races offer bettor sport, and
lu ovcry respect tbo fnlr cxcls formr
exhibitions. Tho llvo siock snow win
doubtless bo the greatest In tun his
lory of tho Southwest. Tho poultry
building la overflowing, swine barns
nro filled with nil tho breeds that
thrlvo in tho Southwest, tho sheep
imw Is flno and thero Is not room
enough In tho Immcnso Agricultural
P.ulldlng for the county collcctlvo ex
hibits and individual displays of prod
ucts from tho farm, field nnd garuen
Conditions In these departments nro
Indlcntlvo of tho conditions prevailing
In nil tho other big buildings and de
partments. Track ovents this week have Includ
ed harness and running areas, vaude
ville nets between heats and races,
concerts nnd novelties, such as chimes
nnd bells, by Natlcllo's Hand, solos by
Miss Olive r.lsom Scharf, a noted bo
prnuo, nnd Joseph C. Ilnmser, n fa
mous baritone. At night, In front of
the big grandstand, everything except
tho rnccB haB been repented before
great crowds that could hardly be ac
.. t.ii .. . .
fTmmm nnlu nellltial UatihlHtinHla
v wksiiipii rvinei m
tlme ln Oklahoma at the Oklahoaia
' of the second week. "
Rnnrinr. BsbL 28. Musical I
tvntivni. inssectlon of ground
during day and Immense Nlgat ep t
......, p.
Show. . st
ti.,.i. o.nl 99 JSmdlarSr SI-1 -
riUUU.J, wvj,, , 1
Day; Hoys' and Olrls' School
open; Horse 8how wetlc. Aat
iiniH cam rniin tiava -eav v
Tuesday. Sept. 30. Keatoeky Vd
Day: Socialists' Day; iwlM ,.,!
I1iaa1am' 1U 9 I i H
" Wednesday. Oct, lw-T '
Men's Democratic Clubs; KaigBW v y
Thursday. Oct. 8 Derby Day: J
Klro Insurance Agents' Day;
Keenors' Day. ,?,W'
Friday, Oct. I Mammoth ,,,
a . ,, A-...l. w.tftt HUH A i
rnue oi hvo iuv u ..-.. w ,
million dollars. . w, v
Saturday, Oct. 4 Auto naeeew.r
by worhVa champions. AwarinC ',
premiums In "Better mmmmr w!
.... -mm m 4LA tUmMM Sfkiji'
iioici men, omevn wi r; -; yfj
nn.t nlhura tatMMtrd Ht latlMltl f 13
by this weok'a atteaaaaos) af.M
VMMUV .. .- I
ordinary crowd la Oktehoaa w,
noxt week, when new aat tAMtttoa;,
ovents will be added to UM any aw i
.ram .if tha BUata.V'ltr SUM Wamt V
iinn Th diiiM snard thk'WMll ,
has been bigger tham ate tejeaa y
krn iha rtaa of the fair. it v .
day. October 4. Oklahoaw Ot HI
enicnain a isroac r wi- - J'y
proportions. With nearly MM , -,.
dred hotels and thousands at heWdlM -. ';.'.
I...-. ni.i.i.ni ritv la la a aet i ''
UUUBUB, l.ll.lM ..- - r- . . ,
commodate half a wMHW
Hon to
An IniDortant feature of the)
week of the fair, for four days.
nlng Monday, 8epL , wilt few
Polo, the world's most
BoorL This wonderful
scribed an too fast far the
wilt take place la front of the
stand Monday. Tuesday,
and Thursday of next
Still another great feataro fa '.Ife
eeoofld week will hatha
settle aieet aa th laet
dar and Saturday. Oct aha eV
Dlsbrow, the world'a oircalar '
track champion: "WUd Mil'
dean of the tuaoM lad!
sneedwnv: "Heine" tllhfleht af'Maw
York; Joe Rlkreat, tho faasoaa urn
Angeles helmsman; piaaao Newhoaao,
and others, wilt endeavor ta nuke atw
gasoline rccorde. Owlet to tho foot,
that tho top rails of tho Inner aac
outer fencea havo to ho ramsTod.
there will be no horse racing aa ttW,
last two days. ' "" , '
Tho fourth annual OklahoM Woraa'1'
how will also feature the second .weak'
to, tartls
of Oklahoma's greatest fair. It wtli
open Monday night, Sept. M, la ta k
mammoin uivo biock rariuoa .ana i
continue for five nights. NatleUo'a
Dar.d and grand opera eiagera, bmu
Three Duttona. society nniinatrlaaa' "
Alexander the Great, "the nu "saaa. i":"3
key with the human brain"; 8hawa? -'-ff. W
Comedy Animal Circus and other aeta -
will be Horso Show feataroa. ') ' rf (1
All thlnea considered, thai aaaoaal'.i.W .
. .. , .. ; .VTvLiir-L-T: --tjivs
wcca oi mo inir reauy nsnoo sw
big ovents than the first.
:....:: "r "" JZ7Z17Eri3r'm i
mobllo meetings All tho great fea
tures that have thrilled this wek wlH
still bo on the grounds and ao peraea
In Oklahoma can afford to mm tho
big show this year.
Explanation of Potlateh.
Tho word potlateh Is a corruption
of an Indian word common among tho
l'nclllc coast tribes, meaning fee
tlval of girts. At a patshatl (pet
latch) celebration tho moro personal
property an Indian gives away.
blankets, ornaments, etc., the higher
he stands In the estimation of hie
neighbors, and the more he expects to
receive In return at the next potlateh.
The festival Is also accompanied by
music, dancing and feasting. '
. . . ..... .i .,. .
Aiee tlnln Still kts alditnrl fna I sWaa aV
weieiiii ,-eeew .,-
atate Fair and Exposition for fours!
- - r - --! ,
'. '
y VA
a- J.
3ft l
i 'r m
yt. i
'h Jfvc
' ?.7FPxxas&
K'rf r"
f " : t ii
f. .-!
!f.(r t,

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