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UlltlorH of wlilio from fronlily paint
Mi hulldlnKx. Amerlrnn colors hoisted
on pretty flngBtnlTx, extraordinary
work of InndHcapo gardners, and evl
(Iimicch of the Haw and hammer every
where glvo some Idoa of th prepara
tions (hat aro being rnndo for Okla
homa's greatest State Kiilr and lOxpo
ultlon, Oklahoma City. September 22
to October 3, I ill 4.
Main Exposition Building and comer of Plara, Oklahoma State Fair and
Exposition, Oklahoma City, which will be ready for all the people
twelve days, Sept. 22 to Oct. 3, 1914.
Not slnco the organization of tho
Oklahoma Statu Kalr nnil 12poHltlon
In 1907, nor for many years to como,
will tho Houthwest be enabled to en
joy such a wonderful array of exhibits
as In 1914. This Ih Indicated by the
unprecedented number of entries al
ready inado In every one of the twen-y-ono
Reparole niul distinct depart
ments. Cornucopia will bo oxemplltled as
never before when tho gates awing
liack on Tuewlay. September 22. The
liorn of plenty will bo found In every
one of tho sixty buildings ami barm
that now reveal tho splendors that
will greot all tho proplo for twelve
days this fall.
Hon Requisites for Any Meal May Be
Prepured Through the Agency of
the Latest Kitchen Laber-
Savlng Device.
Boms new things which mny be pre
twred In tho flreloss cooker were pre
sented by Miss Fannie Merrltt Far
mer. Following are tho recipes:
Cracked Wheat Soak one cupful of
cracked wheat In flvo cupfuls of cold
water twu hours. Tut over flamo and
bring to the boiling point; add salt and
let boll for thrco minutes, stirring con
stantly. Set pan Into a larger one
containing boiling water and cook In
a flrcless cooker over night. Serve
with sugar and cream.
Smothered Haddock. Cut fish Into
Allots and season with salt, pepper,
and lemon Julco Arrango llsh In ket
tle, cover with prepared tomato soup;
over this put a second layer. I'lace
bottle In a larger ono containing boil
ing water and let water coutlnuo to
boll for three minutes Cook with
or without radiator about 45 min
utes. Holy I'oly Hcmovo fat, skin and
bones from n loin of lumb. Itemove
meat from eight veat chops, arrango
tho eight pieces of veal, separated l
Something Vrong.
Pro mtlio officii window of the Eve
ning Holler, In thn gay and brilliant
metropolis, thu staff funny man
Hcouled with vexation. "Oh, dear,
what can the matter bo?" ho sighed
"i had my grist set up In 17 different
liityles and sizes of type today, and
,Btlll It Isn't humorous."
Old Silver Coins Found.
Old silver coins belonging to (he
reigns of Kllzabeth, James I. and
CharleK I. Imvo been found burled In
tho garden of Manor I'urni, Itrhon Ab
bas, Hampshire. It Is thought that
thoy were placed there, by it Itoyallst
who fought for Charles I. nt (.'herlton
(1041) unci wot) killed In the rout.
Pray and You Will Receive.
Ab tho fomlly wns ubout to leave
tho dinner Initio little Klsln was ob
nerved with her head bowed nnd her
hands Mnspcd. "Why, Klsle," said
her mother, "don't you know that
dinner la ovorT" "Don't Interrupt me,
please." replied Klsle "I'm praying
for nnothor dish of that puddln'."
Chicago News.
For the Sake of Shopping.
A fow women Ret so much fun out of
hopping that thoy really hope the
articles thoy roally buy won't last an
long a the clerk promises, so that
they can tho sooner repeat the 'ex
perience. "
Muskrat Skins.
Tbo muskrut Is tho most Important
fur-bearing animal nf North Amcrlcn.
In one year olono 5,500,000 inimkrat
skins were put on tbo innrkct, real
izing to tbo trappers a sum approxi
mately 1,700,000,
Viewed from every angle tlio eighth
annual Oklahoma State Fair and Ex
position Is far ahead of every event of
the kind that has Rone before. Coun
ties In every section of tho state of
Oklahoma, from the mountainous re
gions on the east to the high plains
on the west, from the broad plains
and prairies on the north to the coast-
nl plain on tho south, have applied for
Bpaco In tho new Agricultural build
in j;. Leading to this palatial exhibit
hnll this year will bo n series of rare
urn! beautiful flowers, fragrant In tho
extreme, on both sides of tho spacious
Near tho now homo of agriculture
will bn found Machinery llnll, In the
center of which will bo nn immense
dairy cooler, ono of thu largest ever
seen In tho Houthwest, while the build
ing Tor tho display of Indian agricul
ture Is only a short distance away
Tho Indian building Is ono of the now
est educational features nnd will bring
together the best products of tho vari
ous tribes and schools of Oklahoma.
a thin piece of fat salt pork, close to
tho lean meat of tho loin. Season
witu sun utiu pepper una sprinkle witn
a rounding tablespoonrul each of fine
ly chopped carrot, celery and parsley.
Holl as tight as possible, put over a
fow strips of err thin fat salt pork
and fasten with a string to keep meat
In shape. Dredge, roll with flour and
brown In a pan placed over gas flame.
Cook between two radiators two and
one-half hours.
Scalloped Egg and Potato With
Cheese. Arrange alternate layers of
cold sliced boiled potatoes and sliced
hard boiled eggs, and on each layer
of egg arrange one-half of thin sliced
onion which has been parboiled for
ono mlnuto. Tour over a thin sauce
flavored with cheese, salt and pepper
lo tnsto. Cook over one radiator ono
and ono half to two hours.
String Deans With Cheese. Ro
movo strings by cutting entire
length of each Bide, then cut beans
Into two-Inch lengths. I'lungo Into
cold water and allow them to remain
until all tho beans drop out, which
may afterwards be discarded. Cook
pods in boiling water, allowing one
quarter teaspoon of soda to two quarts
of beans, for five minutes; then cook
over one radiator two hours. Drain
thoroughly, put In servlngdibh, sea
son with salt aud cayenne, add one
half cup of graded rarebit cheeno and
ono quarter cup of heavy cream. Stir
until well mixed, sprinkle generously
over top crated Parmesan rhceso and
dot over with one tablespoon of soft
She Stopped Talking.
A very talkatho llttlo girl, who hnd
been chattering awny Uku a mngplo
nil morning, suddenly became silent
when n lnily, dressed In thu extreme
of the fashion, culja'd on her mother,
Wishing to bo amiable, tho visitor
said to the chatterbox: "Hovo you
lost your tongue, my tlenr?" "Oh,
no, nia'nin," was tho reply; "only mv
The Book Said So.
Thn geography class was In session.
Ono Binnlt pupil astonished thn class
by stating that In n certain section of
rfouth Amerlcn there wero talking
moukoys. When thn teacher ipips.
tinned tho statement the youngster
opened his geography and triumphant
ly rend' "This region Is Inhabited by
a species of monkey; properly speak
ing, apes,"
What He Should Do.
Thoro'n not much usefulness tn bn
expected from n man who thinks he Is
doing a great public service by digging
up new questions Instead of helping
to answer tho old ones.
Beatt and Burden.
In savage countries woman Is a
benst or burden, and In civilized coun
tries man la a beast and woman Is a
burden. Life.
Hint on Paper-Hanging.
A good hint for those who do their
own papor-hnnglng is to apply tho
paste io thu wall Instead of to tho
paper. Amateurs will And it much
easier to match the pattern, nnd tho
poper Is less llahlo to tenr by follow
ing this method, besides saving tlnio
and trouble.
Moat of the Models Easy to Copy by
the Woman Who 8ew -Looie
Robe Should Be of Soft,
Supple Material.
Dainty negligee robes and earks
aro doslrnblo possessions at any sen
son, but tho average woman feels the
nooil of them inoro In summer thnn In
winter and buy them more lavishly
for tho hot v.-cilher than for any other
For thn woman who sows, the pos
session of attractive summer negligees
Is n simple and In
expensive matter
(iood patterns for
such garments
abound, nnd par
ticularly late In
tho seanon It Is
easy to p.ck up
pretty summer
m a t n r I a 1 s nnd
trimmings at nb
surdly low prices.
Among the dain
ty models shown
In the shops, situ
plo of line, are
tunny which mny
be easily copied
One, for In
stance, Is of plain
white olle. made
with rliort wnlst
ed hnilcp shirred
onto a full skin
by two cords
Thcro nre cuffs
and a deep c.ipe
collar of flowered
net Inset a n d
rd"d with lace
nnd Insertion.
Another negli
gee Is of white
Flowered Voile
chitted swIss
Tho edges nro outlined
with laco and insertion, and Inco In
sortloii Is set In at tho upper part nf
tho negligee, crossing oer and form
ing bodice effect.
Ono Itomnti stripe effect which Is
shown In silks nnd cotton, is alpo
shown In tho washable crepes, and
effective kimonos are made nf this
mnterlal. Often thero Is a plain
trimming color of tho eniiio tono as
tho predominating shade In the
Tho loose robe is nt Its best in soft
nupplo material, such as crepe de
chine, silk, chif
fon and shadow
lace, which nro for
thoso who can ef
ford to pa ex
travagant prices.
One was of aprl
cot charmeuso
with nn oversklrt
and tunic of palo
c r o a m shadow
laco. Thern was
a broad girdlo of
palo blue satin
edged with tiny
palo tinted roses.
A chiffon cont
completed tho
robo. At tho front
closing thero was
a cluster of ttmall
pink roses.
Still more elab
orate and costly
was a gown of
palo pink crero
draped In shadow
Inco and chiffon.
Thero wns a short
bolero Jacket of
chlrfon, bordered
nt tho bottom with
White Voile, Flow
ered Net.
Hhiulow loco running up on tho bolero
In deep polnu. Thero was a long tunic
falling In n deep point at tho buck.
For Physical Reason It le to De
Avoided, No Matter What Fash
Ion May Decree.
Slouching Ih n habit which many of
our women mid girls hnvo contracted.
In sumo Instances it is affected for tho
purpose of attaining n certain polso of
tho bod) n poise which has been de
creed by recent fnshlon authorities
with little regard for hygiene. The
ennsequenco la, In many enses, mis
placed urgaus ami Inability to with
stand physical exertion; these oontu
ally lend to premature decay.
While slouching, from the fashion
standpoint, Is but u passing mode, It Is
n dangerous fancy to Indulge In, for
when the tlmo comes, which It Is bound
to do, for uu upright pose, some of the
organs may have become, weakened to
such n degree that they will not re
spond to tho call,
As a means of attaining an upright
poso nnd to assist nature In regaining
its normal condition I would suggest
tho following exercise:
Standing erect; feet slightly sepa
rated, anus at sldo, begin by raising
up the shoulders and throwing them
back; repeat this movement eight or
ten tlmos. Now raise tho shoulders
und with tho muscles cause them to ro
tato; two minutes should be consumed
In rotating.
Next join the hands at back and
raise tho shoulders high; while hold
ing this poso the bands still clasped
nro slowly moved up the back as fnr aa
ono possibly can, held so for a few sec
onds and then lowered. This move
ment should be repented eight or ten
times. Kansas City Btar.
. .
V 'I '
J. i
'I '
Another attractive model was a
nah and petticoat combination of pate
bl no crepe trimmed with plaited frills
nf shadow lace. Tho sash was out
lined with tho plaited shadow laco
Tho shirt had a long tunic of taffeta
with an underskirt of plulted shadow
Gin and Water for Black Satin or Silk
To Keep Light Woolen Dresses
In Beit Condition.
Among the methods of cleaning
black Ratiu or silk is a curious old
process known us tho gin and water
euro. A Hpongu dlpiicd In u mixture
of gin and water Is used to remove tho
shlno and clean It thoroughly, the'silk
being Ironed While still wet.
In order to keep light woolen dresses
nnd skirts In good condition and free
them from dust every woman should
keep a cat o' nine lis with which to
flagellate the gowns used for street
wear This Instrument is made of a
short stick, to thu end of which narrow
strips of leather are attached With It
skirts cun bu thoroughly cleaned every
An old fashioned msthod of cleaning
white kid gtuvcH consists In rubbing
them with white custito Boap. Tho
soap Is merely dipped In water nnd
then rubbed over the linger tips, tho
gloves first having been drawn over
the hands. The soap is then rubbed
off with a piece of hoft liuimel, the re
milt being Mulllclently satisfactory to
ennblo the, gloes to be worn onco
more without undergoing cleaning
with benzine.
A way of cleaning white cloth or
serge that most people overlook is to
rub spots with French chalk, then
cover the garment with the chalk and
lay It away for soNernl dus. When
taken out it needs only to be shaken
to be quite clean and reudy fur wear.
Childish Footwear In Contrast With
the Elabcrate Finery of Their
If jou look at tho beat-dressed chil
dren In the parks or on tho avenues of
the big cities, ou will see that thoy
all wear sensibly shaped shoes
shoes that tnko a good coat of black
ing and stnnd heavy wear, too.
Bvcn tho white dio'es for afternoon
wear or for nll-the-tlmo wear as somo
children wear them have round, bulg
ing to'es. Tho pumps for house wear
are never pointed, either.
This Is not becnuso tho children of
today dress simply; not at all, for
never wero the little frocks shown for
children more expensively wrought
with hand embroidery, lace rosettes
and ruffles.
And their shoes certainly cannot be
patterned on tho shoes of their ciders,
ns many of their frocks nre, for the
shoes of their ciders aro anything but
For some reason, no matter how
much finery the small girl of the day
weurs, the shoes that go with It nro
The Tennis Girl,
Kory summer girl plays tennis
that Is If sho Is an outdoor' girl, nnd
the summer girl of 1911 Is a lover of
tho great outdoors. In the morning,
when she first gets up, sho puts on her
tenuis togs, simple linen clothes made
with an eyo to comfort ns well as style.
Tho tennis skirt must be short, and It
must bo full to allow of a free stride,
and this season, when plaits are so
much In vogue, n plaited skirt either
of whlto serge or linen Is Just tho
thing to wear on tho court The blouse
to nccomputiy this skirt must bo made
to lit loosely, so that the arms may
have full swing. Sometimes the ten
nis outfit takes the form of a one
plcco gown made In linen or thin
Modtl of white sattn covered com
pletely with fecther fanclei.
! A. JsK
l UaltHIBaBsT't' ' ','BWk
i- v -v
First Time He Had Shaved Man
Whose Face Had an Unequal
Growth of Hair.
Cnpt. W V. I.ucos, who wns nn ofll
rer In thu Fourteenth lown regiment,
tells nn amiiBlng Btory of nn Incident
that occurred during Ocncrnl Price's
raid Into Missouri In tho Inst yenr of
tho Civil wnr. Tho story appears In
"Pilot Knob," by MeB.srs. C A. Peter
son and J. M. HnnBon.
"On arriving nt Pilot Knob tho nft
eriioon before tho engagement of the
Twenty-seventh, I went Into n barber
shop to be shaved. Suddenly, when
tho barber hnd shoved only one-half
of my face, tho long roll was beaten.
I left my cbnlr Instantly, nnd reached
my company, hnlf n block awny, with
ono sldo of my face shaved smooth,
whereas tho other displayed a two
weoks' growth of beard. I did not
rnmpleto tho shave until bIx days
nftnrwnrd, when n colored barber did
tho Job nt Holla. 7." miles nway
Whllo working tho dirt and sand out
of tho 'long side,' the fellow's curiosity
wns exrlted, until ho could no longer
refrain from comments.
"'I novuh seo u faco befo', sail,' said
he, 'dnt ono sldo was richer dnn do
odder; but yo's Is, sunh!'
".My explanation seemed to nffnrd
him great relief." Youth's Compan
ion. Cultured Tramp
There came to tho kitchen door of a
certain household In Philadelphia n
rugged hobo, who took his stand
ngnlnbt tho doorjainh and gazed long
ingly nt food displayed on tho kitchen
"You look strong." suggested tho
lady of tho house. "Aro jou equal to
tho task of sawing nnd splitting half a
cord of wood?"
"friunl to It, modnin?" said tho
tramp, with a courtly bow. "Tho ex
pression is Inudequnte. I am superior
to It."
And ho went nway
His Method, Exactly.
Tho teacher in an Knst sldo school
was reproaching Tommy, who hud
"licked" Ilelno In satisfaction for a
grievance. Tommy's penitence wns at
n low ebb, and teacher's golden-rule
admonishing fell on unreceptlvo earn.
Hut at Inst sho struck n responsive
"The right wav to treat your one
tnles. Tommy," gho snld. "is to heap
coals of liro on his head."
"Yes, ma'nm, that's Jes what 1 done,"
unid Tommy, brightening, "I glvo him
Iiisufllclcnt sleep nnd Into hours nre
bouio of tho cnuses which retard
growth and henlth of children,
Helped Wisconsin Couple.
It doesn't pay to stick too closely
to old notions of things. New Ideas
often lead to better health, bUCL'cuB
and happiness.
A Wis. couple examined an iden
now to thorn nnd stepped up s.overal
rounds on tho health ladder. Tho
husband writes:
"Several years ogo wo suffered from
crjffeo drinking, wero Hlceplcss, nerv
ous, sallow, weak and Irritable. My
wife nnd I both loved coffee and
thought it was a bra cor." (Delusion.)
"Finally, after years of suffering, we
rend of Postum nnd tho linrtnfulnesa
of coffee, ond believing that to grow
wo should glvo Bonio attention to new
Ideas, wo decided to test Postum.
"When wo nmdo It right wo liked
It nnd wero frco of ills caused by
coffee. Our friends noticed tho
change fresher skin, sturdier nerves,
better temper, o'c.
"Thcso chiuip'T wero not sudden,
but Increased us wo continued to
drink nnd enjoy IVMum, nnd wo lost
tho desire for coffee. '
"Many of our friends did not llko
Postum at first, bocauso thoy did not
make It right. Hut when they mado
Postum according to directions on
pkg., they liked It better than coffee
nd wero benefited by tho change."
Nam given by Postum Co., Hattle
Creek, Mich, rtead "Tbo Koad to
Wellvllle," In pkga.
Poitum now comet In two forma:
Regular Poitum must be well
boiled. 15c and 25c packages.
Inttant Postum Is a soluble pow
der. Made In the cup with, hot water
no bolllpr; 30c and 60c tint.
Tho ccst per cup of both kind !
about the same.
"Thero'a a Reason" for Piihitt.
sold by Qrocew.
It answer ererjr beverage
requirement rim, vigor, re
freshment, wholctomencss.
will satisfy you,
Dmin4 tb fnutn
f full lump
NUknimrt encourtc
Tub Coca-Cola Co., Atlanta, Oa.
University of Notre Dame
Thorough Education, Moral Training,
Twntjr-ottfl conre lenilliiir trt ilrfrrri q
ClnHMti'H, Mutlern lttfrH, JminirOlnm, l"ulltll
Eeonomj, Com mrrvr, Crum1tr, HMtmy,
riiitrinucr, Eiiitlureiiiifr, Arclillrottirr, lw.
Prrparfitorjr Hchool, rarluuti cuumei.
Fur CatftlofpiFit nddrrft
Oklahoma Directory
Oporn Chairs and School 8upplloa
Among tho curiosities of the Eng
lish language is thn bore, so called be
cause ho never comes to the point.
NowFpnpcr stereotype use I Ian
ford's Ilnlsnin of Myrrh for relief from
splashing metal bums. Adv.
No, Cordelia, n siiunll at sea and ono
In tho nursery are, not Bynouymous.
Smile on wndi d.iy That' wlirn you una
Red Cron Hull lllue. ClnthiM winter than
fnow. All grociTC Adv.
There nre people who look upon
matrimony ns a necetsnry ell.
An Ounce of Prevention
Mot propln who enjoy s frequent drlok
of becrnr liquor fall to rcalUu it's weak
ening vllvct on the kldnej .
Kidney weaknuta jots up backache, head
ache, rheunmtlu pain, neriuuncM, and
disorders of the urine and If iieglrcu.il leads
to drupsy, travel, and Hrlgnt'a disease.
In the early stages kidney weakness can
be corrected. Doaii's Kidney Tills tone
and itn-nnthcn weak kidneys ami are
UMtl with success all over Hie civilized
world, 'there's no other klduey remedy
so well recommended.
An Oklahoma Cite
W. F. noortey.
Miles nnd KKtli His.
Kingfisher, Ukla..
ays! "1 entlureil in
tent pains when
p&ntnir the kidney
secretions and my,
bladder waa badly
Inflamed. I had aw
rut lialna In I h fl
small nf my back
ton, and they rarely
left ma. A friend
Kav m a bos nf
Drian's Kidney IMIla
and the. nrst few
riusea helped inn. Ileror Inng, tho psin
In tny hack left and my kidneys wern
nxed up tn aooil shape I will alwas
recommend Dn-tn's Kidney rills to other
kidney sufferers"
Cst Doan's at Any Store. 50c Dox
Tho most economical, cleansing and
germicidal of all antiseptics U
A soluble Antiseptic Powder to
be dissolved in water as needed.
As a medicinal antiseptic, for douchoi
in trentlng catarrh, Inllnmmatlon or
ulceration of nose, throat, and that
caused by femlulno Illsltha.i no equal.
For ton years tho Lydia U. I'lnkhnm
McdlcluoCo.lms recommondod I'axtlim
In their prlvnto correspondence with
women, which proves Its superiority.
Women who have been cured say
It Is "worth Its weight in gold." At
druggists. COc. largo' box, or by mall.
Tho Paxton Toilet Co., JJoatou, Maaa.
Why Scratch?
ontccd to stop and
permanently cure that
terrible Itching. It is
compounded for that
purjiosc nnd your money
will be promptly refunded
if Hunt's Cure falls to cure
Itch, Eczema, Tetter, Ring
Disease. 50c at your druggist', or by mail
direct ifhehflnt If. Mnnnfurtiirfti nn1tris
nwartrMvtle. tfce il m, wfcctltf tw
aiiSrsfcW "?' 'art rtsr ea
WtHaMTiiU'iPWe tiMiaeatgatisil n
B Flirt ftfTMe,
' f
srTTnaTasaieesHienaaiavaiia. if '"
fjstssl Mrs stssr tasslsis fait!
Writs for Utlt and UMlr-.ij,!.,r
M .FA m Hi - Blsiklia t-ll.s a I. as
ssleVsia M-lss skse. Slsotiic fins 4.3
la ansr lnUi .. .. i
1s aursrhritr of Culler crodueit li dm to oVefl
ftsrs of SMeUll.tna In ssMlaM m . ..,..
miVLf Cl!,, sT noMalnslIs. Mder lUrsot.
Tks Srttsr Uksftlsor, asrkslej. Cat., ar CaltaeiTHI
,Al? , w-JUiO.it, A
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