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Advertising Policy of M. Koehler
Co., "The Heart of Lawton"
We believe in patronizing home people and home indus
tries in the fullest sense of the word, therefore in presen
ting this message to you, we only solicit the business you
are unable to do with home merchants.
Being located as wo are witiiin reach of your city and
carrying one of the largest collection of seasonable mer
chandise at the most conservative prices, we believe that
your business connections with our store will be agreeable
to both patron and home merchant.
With our tremendous outlet for merchandise and practic
ally low cost of doiog business we are able to indulge in lib
eral assortments of the season's latest novelties in our La
dies' Ready-to-Wofir Department, Silks, Woolen Goods, Mil
linery, andNoveltiei.
Buying direct from manufacturers and importers we ore
able to cutout the middle man's profit and offor our various
lines at phenominally low prices.
If you find it inconvenient to nccept our liberal oiler of re
funding railroad fares wo will be glad to submit samples, pri
ces, and descriptive matter on any article you may direct.
We fill your mail orders the day received and prepay post
age on same to your door.
Watch this space for next week's announcement, we have
something very specinl in store for you.
4. . ..
Farmers' Champion
Wettengel and Sons Publ'h'a.
Publiched Every Wednesday
Elfin, August 5
Entered ai second-class mat
ter, December 3rd, 1912, at the
postofllce at Elgin, Oklahoma,
under the Act of March 3rd, 1870.
tiae mr 11.00
Bit months.., 60C
Ycur subscription has expired or
will expire with this lustio If there Is a
eross (X oi the margin opposite tbl
Display ' 1
escu Ins .ti 1
Ji-go d- A" a o.
until paid uud m 1 if
itu inn Inch (or
jits Klven 00
1 u' matter run
Decs Advertising Pay?
The other day a local merchant
elevated bis chin, squared his
shoulders, assumed a belligerent
attitude, and defiantly told us
that "advertising doesn't pay."
He is still alive, but let ua con
sider a minute:
A London baronet who manu
factures pills has sold a part of
his real estate for the tidy sum
of $90,000,000. He made it out
of the profitsof his business, and
he built h.tt business up by ad
vertising, often spending as high
as half a million dollars a year in
printer's ink.
John Wanamaker, the best
known and most successful mer
chant in this country, made his
millions by advertising, and said
The great department stores
of the country are kept alive by
advertising, and are coining
money by more advertising.
You never hear ef a large mer
cantile house in this country that
does aot advertise, and advertise
If a politician wants to make
himself known to the dear peo
ple he uses the most effective
rfeans newspaper publicity.
That Is advertising.
If a new son arrives at your
house you are keen to havo it
"put In the paper," where your
friends will see it, thereby ad
vertising the fact that you are
walking oh eggs.
If the editor called you a thiof
in a two line item and stuck it n
way in the most obscure corner
of the paper, would you pass it
by in the belief that it "would
never be noticed?"
NEVER! You would consider
yourself defamed before the en
tire community, and would paw
in Barber Shop
First class barber work.
IriagiM yew laimeVryt
hajlse Uavas on WeeV
A P.
4- .:. . j. .5. .).
up the earth in your bellowings.
You would be only too quick to
concede that every line in the
paper is read.
Yes, advertising certainly pays.
There is tio ad so small, or in
significant, but what some one
is waiting for it.
There are plenty of people who
want what you have to sell, but
they are weary of looking
through a haystack for a needle.
They prefer to find it in an ad
vertisement. And they will look in the local
paper for the ad.
They will find someone's but
will it be yours? Exchange.
n '
One Of The Results
Of Ex-bandit Display.
One of the results of the Al
Jennings pictures is noticed in
Lawton by the youngsters boys
and girls playing "train rob
bing." There is no moral lesson
instilled in the minds of the
young by Al Jennings' pictures
nor by his pretended reforma
tion. All that the mind of the
young retain is the glamor of the
deeds of deviltry and lawlessnes.
As has repeatedly been said,
Al Jennings as a movie picture
hero and a maudlin sentiment of
political worship, will do greater
injury to the youth of the land
than his actual deeds of lawless
ness, because they wero not so
spectacular. In other words he
was more of a "four-flusher"
than anything else, and there is
no genuine reformation in him
or he would be willing to play a
modest part in life und attemnt
to mitigate his offense against
law, decency and upright living
by letting the people forget his
misdeeds instead of flauntine
them in the fnce3 of the young,
where the injury will be Incal
culable. Lawton Constitution.
Some Deonle seem to think
that things are very quiet with
the candidates now. But we
would judge not. They are pro
bably very busy figuring up to
Bee how many liars there are in
Comanche county and the State
of Oklahoma.
Lawton'B celebration seomB to
be coming just at the right time.
Several of the candidates are
probably needing something to
cheer them up.
If you have nothing else to do,
get ready and attend the Law
ton celebration.
Ask those single boys how the
ball game came out Saturday.
Turn Over
a New Leaf
By abacrlilasl
Loose Rough Bark U Intend tar
Protetlon Against Sun Scald aitS
Severe Winter Storms.
Scrnplng off the rough baric from
fruit trcoa, specially tbo apple, la ot
doubtful expediency, eaya the Fruit
Grower. Wo see on thn trnnko of I for
est tieee old bark cllnglus there which
has been present for perhaps hun
dred )ars, doing tho trees no Injury.
Especially la thli the case with the
hickory tree, some klnda ot which are
railed bImr bark hickory, owing to
the long atrlpa of partly looae bark
which clings to the trunka. The oak
has thick and horny bark, but 00 one
thinks of removing It. The loose
rough bark of trees la Intended by
nature a a protection from tho acalrt
Ing aim of summer, and possibly from
tho severe storms or frost of winter.
tlut when tho orcbardlst sees loose
bsrk accumulating on his apple, pear
Or cherry trees, he feels like attack
ing It nt once with a hoe or other Im
plement and scraping It all off. Tbero
la one advantage In hating the apple
and other fruit trees freed of the
rough loose bark, for It removes' bar
bora for Injurious Insects. Where the
bark Is removed It should be careful
ly scraped up and tho scrapings burn
ed, for tbero are sure to be In this re
fuse some eggs or bodies of Injurious
Insects. Should r-u scrape tho trunks
of your trees to remove tho rough
bark be careful not to scrapo deop
enough to touch upon the Inner soft
whitish bark.
Ptants May Be Prepared for Setting
Out Whin All Danger of De-
tructl.'e Frost Is Past
March should seo the amateur gard
ener's hotbed prepared end planted
with flower and vegetable seed la
preparation for his scMon'a work.
A hotbed Is made by tramping
down two feet of fresh manure cov
ering tho area, for which a glasa did
Is available. Put a few Inches of soil
over the manure, and after the Drat
Intense heat has passed seed mayibe
sown. t
The glass rhould be raised to give
air on all fine days when )ha
weather Is worm, and the bed must
be kept moist. 4
Ily sowing a pinch of lettuce seed
every ton ilas a succestton of salsd
can be produced for the table before
tho outdoor garden begins to beer,
but the chief use ot the hotbed Is to
prepare plants for setUng out wben
danger cf frost Is past. IJeets, all the
rxbhage family, cauliflower, lock,
lettuce, onion, barley, squash and to
mato seed may be sown In prepara
tion for the vegotablo garden.
Watch the temperature of the iMr
within tho hotbed, and also th"tdhv
perature of the soil Better une two
tbonnomctora. one rr tbe atr &d
the other for tho soil.
Apparatua Acta Automatically and Will
Hold at Least Dozen Animals
Before Filled. ,
My rabbit trap Is always set, sets
Itself automatically and can catch from
one to a dozen rabbits before they
need to be tnknn out, writes HtL,
Winston, of Ellonsburg, Wash , In the
('armor's Mall and Hreete The trap
should by 4 or B feet long, 4 Inches
wldo and 6 Inches high. One end Is
closed with woven wire. Tbe trap
Rabbit Trap.
door Is In the bottom of tbe trap over
a pit, barrel or box. A door Is put In
tbe top over the trap door. Pas ten a
weight to tbe short end of the trap
door, Just heavy enough to bring he
door back up level after the rabbit
baa fellon Into the pit
If row iateaa
te have a sale"
iet ef r prices
We are fixed for tummc
out work of this kind
in double-quick time.
Eyas Tested
Glasses Fitted
Leading Optician
Correcting Eye Defects and
Relieving Muscle Aches ' .
Office 411 Avenue D,
(3nd floor)
; f i i )
Local Ncwslttnif
Farm for sale. See Charley
K. Gilliland. adv.
J. H. Harrison was a caller in
Sterling Friday.
W. F. Wolcott was a caller in
Lawton Monday.
John Ren fro was In Lawton
on business Saturday.
R. R. Farmer was in Lawton
on business Saturday.
Ernest Walling was a visitor
in Lawton over Sunday.
C. S. Walling transacted busi
ness in Lawton Saturday.
B. V. Hamilton was a business
caller in Lawton Friday.
J. P. Kennemur of Lawton
was a caller here Saturday.
Fresh Bread at the old reliable,
and lassis to spread on it. adv.
Gaines Murray of Vinita, came
last week for a viait with rela
tives. H. P. Wettengel retund
Wednesday morning from a trip
to Lawton
Will Dav 20 cents for crenm
Fresh meat on hand all the time
now. G. W. Walker. adv.
See H. P. Wettengel for Insur
ance, farm loans, real estate, In
diana silos and notary work.
Mrs. A. J. Barnes came here
Thursday for a viait with hr
sister, Mrs. T R Bennett.
Try Borne of that Old Reliable
Coffee, its tine only 25c a pound,
you know where to get it. (adv.)
Stock salt $1.85 per bar
rell. Brunskiil'e Elevator.
Far Sale-Bnled Alfalfa hay, 2
milea north 2 1-2 miles' west of
Elgin; phone No. 54 Red Line,
Apache. Chas. D. Campbell.
John E. Williams and family
of Sterling, J. H. Harrison, Ed
Sanders were among the passen
gers, to Lawton Tuesday night.
Every thing in the eating line
at the Old Reliable, at the very
lowest pricea.
Yours Anxious to please.
L. C. Coffin. adv.
While attending the Lawton
celebration. Aug. 5 to 7. get a
.good bed at the Fair Rooming
House. 426 D Ave., J. P. Ken
nemur, prop. adv.
Mrs. J. H. Harrison returned
last Wednesday from Edmund,
where she attended the state
normal for ten weeto. Mr.
Harrison arrived the Saurday be
fore. Mr?. A. J.James and children,
returned last week from a three
weeks' visit with relatives and
friend" at various points. Her
sister, Miss Eula Barnes of Ryan,
accompanied her home.
Milk, Is wall known, Is a
medium for the development of
germs, Including that ef tubsr
culssia. A the ferret $0 ths
fax can prevent rabbit plagues,
auch aehav&nrovajsl ao unfortu
nate In Australia,, If either oan
bo cultivated In tho oame terri
tory, so a "friendly srm" can
bo planted In milk Immediately
and given tho otart 00 thai tho
Metonnlkoff No ohown Mist dlo
Motowlttoff he snown that e)la-eaee-preduolni
fne are reutod
In Mie largo Intestine fcy the
gen epeelally euttlvotod or lit
ordinary buttermilk. Several
tpaelal ewtturec ore now to bo
has In tablet form by whlon a
dcalrablo germ can bo culti
vated In milk and others largo,
ly cxcluied, at the same tlfte
mMn.,i tln milk moratilgettlbla
by denlCilliig tha cefcrse eUfd
illicit makes tow's mllkcithJetirt
of digestion,
ay 0 r. . allbm
SSsi SlUllllt.
J. M. Hinds was Caickaiha
caller Thunday.
J. N. Renfro was calling in
Lawton Wednesday.
W. C. Hunt made a business
call in Lawton Saturday.
Henry Worley returned from
Oklahoma City Sunday.
John E. Williams of Sterling
was a caller here Monday.
Mrs. E. West went to Chick
asha Thursday 03. business.
J. Mason of Fletcher visited
T. J. Page and wife Sunday.
J. C. Byrd returned Monday
from a visit at Knoxville, Tenn.
Will Davis of Lawton vlalted
his brother 3. M., here over Sun
Scott Walling is visiting with
friend and relatives in Marlow
this week.
Joe Wiggins and J. H. Harri-
were visitors at Ft. Sill Satur
day morning.
Everett Mav of Norm 11 n nrriv.
ed today for a visit with friends
and relatives.
M. P. Rice left Tuesday for
Carter, Ark., where he will visit
friends and relatives.
R. Voss of Fletcher and B. V.
Hamilton were business callers
in Chattanooga Friday.
S. H. Manning and family
from west of Fletcher, spent
Sunday with T. J. Page.
Chas. Eads came Sunday for
a visit with his father, James
Eads, and other relatives.
For Sals Good quarter section
of land near T gin. good, im
provements. See H. P. Wetten
gel. Mrs. J. Fitzgerald and Athel
Stone returned today .from Blue
Mi, Ark., where they had been
Archie and Gilbert Hngle vis
ited their grandparents, J. P.
Kennemur and wife, in Lawton
this week.
Advertise in the Champion.
Elgin Methodist Circuit.
Rev. D. L. Hinckley, pastor of the
Elfrfn Methodiot circuit, will preach at
the different appointments on the
Sundays and hours tfiven below.
Sunday. 11 a. m. 7:30 p m.
1st Beaver Bend Sterling
2nd Stcriiro- Tln
3rd Boave Bend Elgin
4th Elgin Starling
5th Beaver Bond Elgin
JT 100
Waal o Clerk
Waal a Perlaer
Waal a SItaatioa
Waal a Senraal Girl
Waat te SeU a Itsae
Waal Is Sell a Cai-rlsfe
Waal Is SallTowaPraperty
Waal le Cell Yoer Crecerlce
Waal le Ml Yoer BareVare
Waal CaalaaMro tar Aajrlbktg
Advertise Weekly la Tale Paper.
AdvM-tls'af la Ike Way le Sseceae
Aiverilami Brlags Caateejere
Advertising Reapa Cjuteaers
Advertising laaerea aaceaae
ArfveiKoieg Sbewa Caergy
Advertising ShowsFleck
Advertising Is "Ms"
Advertise ejr Bast
Advertise Leaf
Advertise Well
Al Oaca
In This Popqr
f '
V ' O 1
RisrBo'a! TMea Tftkla
No. 408 leaves , . . G:59 a. m.
No. 10 leaves 11:03 a. sn.
No. )Sm$" 12:28 p. m.
No. 407 leaves. ...... 9:19 9. m.
District Judge 3. T. Johnson.
County Judge H. N. Whalin.
County Attorney...., T. B. Orr.
County Clerk S. W. Oregory.
District Clerk........ R. B. Compton.
County Treasurer J. L. Porter,
Co. Supt Mr. JcnnoU Crosby.
She riff ... ,... W. E. Nix.
Reg of Deeds, .alias Chart Catcher.
County Clerk H. N. Pope.
County Surveyor 8. A. Joyncr,
County Assessor H. B. Roberts.
Diet. No. 1 W. O. Weaver.
Dist. No. 2 B. F. Hall.
Dist. No. 3 J. J. Davis.
Mayor H. F. Shirk.
Clerk J. H. Abbott.
Treasurer G. W. Walker.
Marshal J. II. Crawford.
E. S. Stone.
R. M. Young.
C. M. Wolcott.
Postmaster H. F.' Shirk.
Carrier Route 1 E. H. Buckley.
Carrier Route 2 R. B. Lesley.
Carrier Route 8 A. J. James.
Substitute Carrier H. L. Cramer.
Trustee W. F. Wolcott.
Cleric R. C. Choens.
Treasurer T. Ryan.
Principal J. H. Willhite.
Intermediate Teacher, Miss Cora Ray.
Primary Teacher, Miss Mae Carter.
M. W. A. Camp No. HUSO, mcota
flr.t Saturday night of each month.
R. f. Choens, Consul; J. P. Brown,
Eastern Star, meets second and
fourth Tuekday nights of each moath.
Miss Cleo Harney, Worthy Matron;
L. C. Coffin, Secretary.
Yeoman, meets first Tuesday night
of each month. C. F. Brandon, Fore
man; Mrs. Mary Putney, Correspond
ent. A. P. & A. tl., muct.1 second and
fourth Saturday nights of each month.
Thos. Richardcon, Master; E. S. Stone.
Chairman II P. WettonKtl.
Secretary J. H. Willhite.
Subscribe for the Famebu'S
Champion and get nil the local
PO t
anxious to
have yon
fi.id nut
about them
They will
you whea
you're ki
need of
Lawton, Okla;
j--- - - -I-, - rsiiM.ajn.ru no .iu.rani ,
Physician and - Surgeon
Calls answered promptly
'Phone 31. Office at Elffin Hotel
Lawton, Oklahoma
Specul Att - r to Surgery
AWt) C i vATlONS
'Plone ' t, 128
DR. je:
Office: - - - 1. ,, ,r Hotel
Calls Anb.,e.d
Day or Night
Fletcher, - . . Qklahnm.
m otssasasaaea w w aaa.
H. P. Wetteagel,
Notary Public
Deads, Morteages, Laasas,
Wills written accurately.
" "
W. Ofcla.
VvBiehint, 'V ;,
aaJ P4JWt a,.!-!
Satitfaocicci MrantoMol
." -- ...
, ,L

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