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Mi Jm-i
NO. 47
a. riK n its kj
elek eKfiBi &Ql aufei f '" A l7
Stony Point Kunr.b'.inga.
The Official Vote.
Mm Credit
j Arc having some dry wiathpr; ' Fallowing is :iven t to n'fWnl
n nice ram would be appreciated, votes (tit tli" till! .'tout dem icrnt-
cs3niTrr.7t;rrw -Ty
li it never loo curly to begin building
your credit. The hoy begins building
credit by being taiv in Siij piny. Everyone
r.dmircs fairne33 ekhrr in ploy or business.
Thero i3 nothing thnl inphs confidence so
A f,urnri?o liirilulni- dinner was is canri;.lnty in (lie prf'n."rv H
i vii'uti Tikis, E1Ii..k ..us. 1. A August 1 A'; thote win only $
i .... i. . . . .... .. 1.1. .,. ... ...... i. . m . . . .. i
VOrV ''lljnyaniu (lV W iS Spoilt "'ll- tft'i'iiiiiiii: i"i 11-.-11 m.r imi
5 'ith dinner on th" ground'. The the republican a' d meinhat 'nk
i !dav v.ai nont.vimn.lnt.'. swlnir-'ets the Mile? for i hem are m t
. . . ,. . ,., ----. , ...
. . .. . ' i .r m. ...i' .. .. .!
-nitr. eating ici cream ami t illctng Kiven. i ne n-ntwnr-.-i r nm
ho'i h'll gossip and politics, 'dutes polled from iihrnt 7(i0 to
.Thosn prp"n: wer.i J. II. I'urU'r 770 vofs and tho socinksls trum
,nnd family. T. . Morris aud 'hont fi7.ri to (510.
I !'' fum,ik' K-";th "'"'..f'1"1-! State Committee.tnn
dv.fipo vidnn and family. I box. ' ,. . ... . Q, , ,,,,.
1 Elliott and family. Avail. Helen , Madviile 7G. Shipley 1JSC.
tnd Brownie Bevuiis and Oscar t County Judge.
1 Hay 10S0.
it i'm p
7ii' hi
ifi'n .&
! (Joo.tin.
& Miss IIol"ii Sknb'r visited Fri-' County Attorney.
I irliy at the home of Hetty and Rhinefort llf.'J. Mooie W4. Dif-
Geneva r,il:iti. femlaitor 7!) I.
1) L. Gilniand was . uallsr in ' Cnnrt Ch-rk.
Elgin FiMpv Siiiipunn 1110, Murphy 1013.
Mi: Avah Hw-vans of Othicka- Cotintv Clerk
sin visited foni Saturday until .,, ',' "'. .
w..iJ,.,.l...v. .ith Mnn.. Mnrnn. CiroRory !U). Critcher 1K.I.
i ji r iiz. 'u ". li. jc, u
4.4.itw;. v.uu -M-i.-.- 4-.,1t.j,..-.
i1 J. V. Hnllnn and fmtnly visitrd. Wie.iff. Jg
f S unlay at tn-s h mu of his broth-1 FroneliBrjror W. Nix G12. Perec frj
'Tf f 75' j rr .er, T. W. Htillou. I5IK), Sadnlm-:!. w
f! 4 73 I I Vi '( Jew Gluvton and family of' Treuauror. M
jJiiJ '-u J i Wayioln.ur.vedSjtjr.la.v at thelUny- - 730, JuquesB nOS. Me Gee V
A I J I.;.. I I T M "t llll-
Lee Tobey
inu.neot ms uroiner, u. r. waywo.
1 ton, whriv they fppct to l-c:ae. Snrvovor.
I Iiijrnice. Gr.ijgon. :na v'iifird j Japp 1180, Joytior 810.
t'orier vioiteu wmi me .norns e mrintniwti.tit
lOronby 070. Johnson 1100.
I Awessi.r.
eniltirea ouiiuay.
Lee T. bu .vv'mie serious illni'ss! Sidney C E;i;;Ii-i!i of Eljiin ' A. L. Gilmn motored to Car
... . ,. ! ... ,V,.j .,u.,,... I :init tijj '.I,, It.in.i.i f.l' IO.ivaii IiM''h Htlll'l SAttll'd.'lV HVOIliniT.
w.im iinnnuMi.i.M iii imn 'cii-i urn ' ....-;. .... ............. . - - - ..- il,irHmi 1 fill 1
w.'i-!'. .'id ol utihoi I f.er!Hiutv'iv united )n the holy bonds of D. U. Grant niotjfjd to Eirin ... ' . UUJ
7 iVWi; int VVednosdaveveiii'ie. I livttri'rio'iv at Oklahoma City lust Wi-dt !.. i Yveit-'hor
The tiody wai takei rii HAtinKi' U'e'.nrday. They retnrnei to
on Thursday for burial. AstheiJUin the nvXi day and on Fri-
l.y QVIIIUM i IUI UltlUll V 13IV-
cn u rei.'L'ytioii .TK Riven tht-ni at
the ho iv of tha rfro mi's p-u'iiitn
wh'c'i wi? ntten led In a lartre
ninth"- of friends und relativai
D"' ci' a r,!fr'',-4huiiiit3 were ser
ved and ail-ipiai a very pleasant
ThJ ffnTn is ill? el l.Mt )! of
Krihco train jroiiie west at noon
Was late tuo body was taken to
1 Sdl find ilncud on the Itoeit
Island train 'here.
" Deceased was almost a total
lUranvjer hetP, havinfr workpd t
tJnut one month on the farm for
'L IS. Spark. He took sick ami
wan soon moved to town wh-re
better euro r.uild lin taken of him.
He row worse r"rHi!lJ"- iritu '-ta ofIllffin. lie i a itendit(
death relieved htm of bin suffer-' iadnatrioiu and trus'.wnrtn Vouiir
'mm anM tor CiViir! y"iri lias
I ben i.nynv I Ik t.ntori rn-j m
iVaMou pnnM Tii br, I- in--, '
resided at Faxon for annte time
whurj she wai orv pjp.ibr a-
rn'i'ti? tho yonnj; pujpl".
Th" younry eouple went to Fax
on the (hm of the w o'c for a i
jh.irt visii with rola iv.i after
Wed i '.At.
T. A. Morria mvl a bnsiuo?3 ' w"" !,i'r ""'. Moelt 400. Adams
trip t.i L'tw'toii Vj.na-iiay. I'wl. Mead.vs 'J.bo, Uilley ub.
Mri. .1 JT. P.Ttsr waa a caller! r'n ''-eaateru Diut.
in !2!xi M-mdrtv. Gn ory lily, Niokell 231, Dan-
U"rnicj Iv'rfei w:n a visitor ' 'mm ','
?iiftdy tr laat vi eo( wiui Lox Com. Weftirn Dist.
Miller. ! F ! wards 2D.'. Crutcher 85. Davis
1 ' "
"i fi. n ti. h n v
jt i ne
Badger Lumiber Co.
Defeated Fletcher.
The Elgin ball team played th
Fletidicr boys a came at that
Mr Tinv d-d'er-d a load of
hoc: in 15' jin ThuiMil '.
L. I'. Chvton rtnd End Scam-
nnd J. C. Eiiiihsh, who livulmahorn were in E.ta-in I'Viduv.
Ho was a ynunjr nnrried nnri
and ir. survived b hi wif-und
;mall child. lb' mother, Mrs.S.
13. Shell who lives at Tempi'.
It.ilf sistei". Mrs. Liliri Toboy from
Klmer. Wasli.,hiM brothoy-in-law.
J. T. Itecer. of Temple and s mie
other relativco vere present
When ho died.
Loving Cup.
John H. Evans, jmvetar f L.t.v
tnn. has offered a silver lovinjr
cup in the person making the
hert displnv of farm product'! at
Harmony Points.
Miss Iene I'rr-icic of L'twton
Com. I." wliti Diet.
Tulinatlire 301. Tcdford 411.
State Sronntor.
j 1 Thomas 034. . Thomas 1020
I tiep. Didtriet 2.'
! HI ick fJ50. Hunter .r)23. Meaii 4GS.
.bnroyer 2J0, Tullis 421, Wood-
ward 82.
! H-jp. District 8.
itt before loavintf there hoi h'Jt they failed to get roaay hit
..sitinjf toward the northern U Mitchell, the ElIn pilehei.
i ...f ...i
..u: !. .1 ..:ll l u ivjci utiuuuwii
wuicii fi'iv win s;u io iriiiitxtiiip i i ,,.,, ....
iii); iii n iv.i.r-si wiiiiiu nc iiua a
poiitio.i with the u'in.
spent tho -'k wiiu Anna dkacel.
John St nee I came back to see
his children then he letumed to Uo.i.s 700,Uiley.057..McCallum 204
Chickasns. j Conttreps.
Miss Gustie and Johnnie Ska- Ferris 1771.
the celebration bt, Corp Cum Lon)r Torm
Harrison 500, Johnson G30. Rus
To Sell Conceciion Iligbts.
At the moetint: of th" Elpin
street fair committpe.s Womhv
eveniinr it win decided to Hell the
, w Anrin Skucvl came very al5 Wll80l 230tWillmorInu
'near btcultiiiir her let t arm ').
' Mis.s Hazel Rhodes will i;o to
Home Front Caiiforniu.
D. F. StaulTer returned Inst
Tuesday from Cilifornia whete
he went nearly a year aco to vii- place Saturday aftornuoa which
it his son and daughter mid other j resulted in n score of 6 to 1 in
rolutives. lie hn3 many thintrs favor of the Eliiin boys. Fleteh
of interest to tell about the crop.t. . er had a Kood many of htr old
liminte, people.etc.ot that atats. itune star players on the itata
part ot the state ami snys the vvnue tne uoys enaixea up
:;ra)Rf) were not ripe at the time .Rood score it might havt ba
of his leaving but that after he three bettor had it not ben for
readied this side of the inoun- littlo error. In one iraning whe,
tains on his way home they had I Elgin had two men out and witi
"California" Branca to sell on ! two man on bans, Burch knock-
tile truim3. , -'d a home ran and tke two Mea
He . said that when vcu saw a '" . wat in akead af him.
... ... TKn Mmrilt-r. aairl Duliik ilifl wink
man in uaiuornia witu very , . ,, I'V "hwYj'-i1"
much money and asked where he ,0;1.ct llt base and put him out,
made it the reply vvmi'd WTtit"In w,Ul1'1 prevented all thre me
NwYorlc,Penns.vlviini',I'tinob,,lfro"1 s"''nB.
or some other o-mtern state. He I Joan Pierca the first Fletcher'
said the ImsinesB of most ppnpl player to bat, knocked a koine
there was to make a living off of rin which (ooked like pior
the touriatH from the east. 'iar' f' Kluia but it had the ef-
Hl3 son Georrc lives at Duns-' ct ,of 8Urri" "P ne "ttl j"
tntilr near the OreKon line, a city h, 'a .ai111 prevented
of ItiOO population. Thin city has' 1,ul0,lur from makinji .nother
Corp. Com Short Term.
Austin iivt ir.nia 'iu nion on-
Okluh'imu City one day this imll1I.1.,R!vi ' " '
iPreaidential ElcPtora (Doni) 1103
the Elin Street. Fair. 3pl. 7 to llr)n(.e,s:on ,.1, ,Jllt ino hi;!i
11. It will bn q-ute an honor to Q,t bidder and the 1 th'tt pernor:
nnui n iiromiuni imui uiih unu me
fnrmers around here should make
an uffort to land it.
Sold Rosidnco.
Dr. J. F. Gamble sold hii res
idence pronerty In El;?in last
week to K. V. IToff'r who has
moved Into same. The doctor
liai move) hit ho'itnlnld kooiIsi
into his ofnee rooma for the pres
ort t.
J. A.Whalev and wife andMrs. Piesidonlial Electom (Rep)
ICitsmiller went to Lawton Sat-' o
1 Revival Closed.
..it'll Iiqihi ., nnilnn tV,..n 1 1,,. .iii li Mi.qi A rum Sltncfi silent Sun-'
forent in liv'iduals who conduct .day with Hnaol Ulimlej. ri T1'e t revival nicotine; nt the
ntandrt here durinc flu fair. Mr. uml Mrs. M:it1ne.U snent ' Ri"' ,HIUI? " . "loiou annuity
Mil-. ..!... ......li i 1q....,i ,.;ii. ft m .1. ...,a niKht. Ki
mis riynt urivtieju win ne juuuhjt hu ua miuuiu uuu
sold to the hih'i: hi hler at ft ,'''-'
o'eloyk next Su.'ir lay if'M-noon. Mel Cormvoll ami wife spent
Aujrnst 12, in frjnt of th' Hwk Sunday with T. F. Harney,
of El Tin. Trtr.nyi'id conditionn' Mr. am ,.i,e. Ki.vz spent Sun
will lv- I'xplmn" I at t!v; tune of ,in,. wn), Wnii iMn,.
Lira. Marie Skin-d spent Sun- uixht on the
day with her uiu.uier. Mrd takiiiK hi i t"
n huwspaper, the pub-criiiMon ,sc"rcJ'
price of which is S2 00 per year! I'0'1
price of winch is S2 uu per year u""'"u " "'K hiiuujj ui iu
and he aavs the Faiimiu'S CltAM-1 teams:
iion prints aa much news in one
week as it prints in a month.
Depots Robbed.
s't'o imd all p" miis interested
t Flo-
should be prc;"!it to bid
AdvcrtL-ie in th Giiampmn.
an Street
Sept. 7y 8, 9.
Different Program
a t?
Every Day.
Basket Ball, Tennis, Races and other f.pot ti
on all tha time. Free ico water arid
irht. Uov. Haley of Chiekasha
preached during the first part of
the mci:titis; but during the last
week the hitvi'cc3 were all con
duced by tlwt pastor, Rev. Pey
ton, who preached tho nblei.t
eermon of tue series Sunday
subject, "Hell,"
t lrom the rich
buckled. mm and Lazarus.
The Harmony School will benin The service were not larffely
the first Momlny in September. aMondel but there was some in-
It will not be loiitr till thp El- tai't,sit n'RiuJested and several
Kin Swrt I-'iiir will lieicln; it ia . "vtra,t",sl 'esulted. Somo ol
the 7, 8, a of September. l' converts were baptised by
() tho pastor Sunday afternoon on
.,"." . thu Holier arm north enat of
At the Lolcbrntton. .town, nmone the nnmbef bn-nir
Those from this locality
weru seen at tho Law ton cole
tiiii i in Tilriitiif uiniii I. I". C.nf.
fill. H. P. hoiiackor ntid 'wife. . Tlw pastor will beiiin nrcvjvRl
John Cost an
I nnd wife
'Mrs. C. :.'.. Wolcott and three i "
I (sons. W. F. Wolcott and thrt-e, Roceived Appointment
5"Kons, J. F. Billon and family, W.I
i F. Hullou and famllv. J. N. Hah I On Tuesday Julius Himes rr-
0!lou and family, E. Went and (reived notification tYorn the pos'-l
J j daughter, Miso Atulrpy, Mis. 'office department that huhod.
V Alma liove. Jatnea Hng!o. AI-1 heeu appointed permanent earn-1
l-thert Uremer, .1. A. Price, T. K. ,er on tne muo route A out ol
t!Honnetc nnd fntnih'. Mrs. Eva' Fletcher and running throuith
I J Spencer and children, Dr. J. F. t Elin. This is tho first timo that
The E!n.in depot was broken in
to Friday night and five gallons
of whiskey stolen. Just a few
iilirhtq linfnri tho rlonnta nt !
Fletcher nnd Cyril were broken l Mitchell
Into. At Fletcher one gallon of ! brown
wlitskoy and a suit of clothes
F. iiusaall
D. Hauah
J. Huugh
C. Seasume
J. Burch
B. lesseme
A Few Pcnches.
weretaltcn out nothing wasiniss-
od at Cyril.
If these denredations continue It ennot he said that the peach
It might he a wise plan for the crop around here is a complete
Frisco railroad to construct vaiil's failure this year as J. P. Keene
in its depots in which to store fire mur reports that he has a tree
water. , with four peaches on it.
. '.Hsi'sIliimiiMansell, MaeiJanlo
,' and Cleopha Spencer, and Arthur
1; ( Murray.
iVtr . Thi pastor will begin a revival
ud family. H.G.Smilh i meeting tonight at tho Mt. View
Mrs. r.attie Nelson, " school house east of Elgin.
t--':i !- - s- s- ! !":
'Gamblp, Misses Elva
Shirk, L. 1. Sparks, I
Tell Everybody
---- - -----
and VniJit
Dan T bur-
man, J. H. Wlllnlte and mother,
II. P. Wettenael und son, Wendell.
Fresh Beef On Sale
All the time at
' I W'ii iWW H.iWWW..ii. ie. .
any or.p has received an appoint
thent on this route as permnr.ent
carrier, all previous carriers on
this route being temporary.
Up to this time tho mail lias
been delivered to tho patrons of
this routu fiom both postofflces,
waiting to sue what miffht be
done permanently tvit;; the route,
In tho future all mall for patrons
on this routo will bo sent to
Fletcher and thu patrons will be
gervid from that office,
Will coon be over, and you will fccjffn
figuring on that now bouse, or barn, or
granary that you cro going to baild.
Wc hove in stock a full lino of baUding lumber
which is suitable for building anything you wish.
Orange and Sumac Cane Seed,
75c per bushel.
Cow Peas
tD. E McAnaw!
2 l-2c lb.
.ie)) ,
f v..S

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