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3& Rff Reclpt Book fin
Avoid the Knife!
It Has Saved Thousands I
of Suffering Women. I
Mr. W. P. Nelwn. merchant ef niion.
Tana-sara that tha daughter ol on of
Ms nelslibora. Mr.Jtmra lloberta, wan In
ueb condition vlih fernala trouble tht
an operation wm advised, ami tha jounir
tadr wa sent to Chittanooca for Its per
formance. She dreaded the operation.
and SUUs-VlUa having- txn roeon-merd.
ed. decided to try that flrt. She h talen
alxbotUea and U happllron tho road to
recoverr. mielaabletodo her uaual work
. ..lUTucr nr&iiointn xor ycr im
foiAbot contlnoea tout It. She vtlt (
SulUVIu.wni f.oa.1 ym claim.' Ilrr
rath .v. i : i .
iilla Ik W aa .. . m a
on5.tr taking Bul-a-VlUn." Thoue
andaof other women on thevtrecof e'rl
ous surgical r.ieraUona an sated by a
timely use of blol'a-Vltae, tho great fr
mal ramnly. Try Btella-Vltae on our
rnoney.LaeV.lf.not -bcncCted guirintoo.
II at yonr dealers.
Chattanooga. T.nn.
Ja n. c.ttintle disease
I' Ufa d
T. ROUBLE "'"' ucm know "
imiTi y"u wam K00d results
ou can make no mistake b iibIiik Dr
Kilmers Swamp Hoot, tile crcat kidney
remedy. At drURKlsts In ntty cent and
dollar sizes b'nmplo slzu b le by 1'ar
f,Cl K,"h Bl8?xpa.m'hUt 'lllnK ou about
.... 'V" r Kilmer & Cu , ninxliam
!?n'.. : a,ld enclose ten cents, alio
mention this paper.
.Soli! for 47 rnrs. I'or Mnlnrln, Chills
niitl Inrr. Also n Tluo (inn-nil
dtrciillicnlni! Ionic. iEi.Si'
W. N. U.t Oklahoma City, No. 34-1916.
'I liu fiiinous hummers of history,
mining warriors it ml mints, nre I'lerre
d'AIIIy, hummer of heretics who pre-
nl ' oer in eoiiucll which eon-
1( (tl .loin, lluss (l."V) HLTi) ; Jud.ts
Asmonncus (Mix Milieus), the llihrew
warrior (It C. 100 l.'ll!) ; St. Augiis
tlne. "hummer of lit levies" :i!).-l !0) ;
John rubor, who wrote n hook 'Ilum
llier of llcrellis" (ll70ir.ll), St. 1.
lnrj (USn.lliS), the "liniiinii r of the
Arlnns, mnl. most generally so naiueil,
Charles Mattel (ISM) 711). I'hlhiilel
jihlu Kvmltig Ledger.
The Best Passage.
A somewhat conceited (lerg)iuau,
who was more telibrated for the
length of his set minis than for their
eloquence, one asked the late Patlier
llealv what he (bought of the one
Just preuihod.
"Will, blr," leplled the bumoilst, "1
like one passage eeeeillngly well."
"Imbed, rather Ileal), uiul paiilon
me for asking vvhiili passage )ou iefv'r
"Well, my dear sir," repllid the wit,
"the passage I lefer to was fiom the
pulpit In the ves(r) loom."
"Is ltaiii! happy In his marilage?"
"Happy? If Hand were to see Mrs.
Itimil today for the tir-t time, he
wouldn't even usk for an Introduction
'1 he uiaii who sits iiroiind and boasts
of Ids braver) Is usually the first to
hike for the tall timber when danger
Mnny arc not nwnrc of the
ill effects of coffee drinking
until n bilious attack, frequent
headaches, nervousness, or
some other ailment staits
them thinking.
Ten days off coffee nnd on
the pure food-drink will
show anyone, by the better
health that follows, how coitee
has been treating them.
"There's a Reason"
Sold by Grocers
Possibility of Economy In Expendl.
ture of Money Now In View of the
Advantageous Situation the
Market Afford.
Ftnrgnlns In summer fabrics nrp so
plentiful Jun now thnt many women
ilo not consider It extravagance to mill
now frock or two to her summer
dresses, even though mere desire, not
a nceil, inspires the purchase. The
Bumnier Frock of Plain and Printed
, home tlresmal:er never had Krenter
ptivauroeemcnt to try out her own
Ideas In mle design thin ditrlnc the
present heitsun, herause huch luliultu
About the First Thing Is for Ono to
become an Adept In Tying
a Bow.
This Is n ribbon season, ns we nil
know, and the shops, naturally, linve
put fortli n big nnd goodly supply of
uttractlve ribbons In response to the
demand fashion lias made for them.
Do )oti know how to tie a 1mv7
I'robably not. In this day of special
ization few women do know how to
tie more than a llngeilo or hair rib
bon. We leave It for the saleswoman
nt the ribbon counters, for our dless
mnkers ami our milliners to tie bows
of every other sort.
Tii begin with, If )ou would tlo
bows successfully, buy n reel of fluu
covered who and use It to tie the
loops In position. This, for Imtance,
Is the way u pinfessloual lies a sash
rosette for a child's fiotk. She takes
linn end of two or three ) arils of rib
bon and measures off about thirty
Inches to go iiroiind tho waist. Then
flie makes us ninii) loops as she
wishes, gathering thu ribbon for each
through her fingers.
Next she measures off with her
right hand, holding the loops In her
left, enough ribbon for the two ends,
nnd, ut the end of this ribbon makes
one more loop. This leaves a long
loop of ribbon, later to bo the two
mils, and with one of them ties
around the ros tt loops, so maklnj
one end shorter than the other.
Moire ribbon Is pel Imps prettleit
for children's sashes, although n stiff
quality of taffetn answers tho ranto
purpose well. The soft satin rlobons
are not bo pretty on chlldien us uie
Pronounced Feature of the Season's
Styles Is a Thing That Has to
Ba Recognized.
Iluttons nro not nt nil left In the
lurch because of the nmoiint of hand
work used. In fact, they servo to nc
centtintu the special feature of the
waist, coat or suit they tiilorn. Hut
tons Increase tho Importance of pock
its, belt and capes and give themselves
I chance to assume cxtruordluar)
riinpcs and sizes,
lleenuse of tho vogue for dark sultu
with white hats, shoes or gaiters, white
Ivory buttons are allowed. Sometimes
they lire ringed with black or a fash
ionable color, sometimes they have -i
penrl center, but all of them ure light
In weight, and that uccountH for ut
least part of their populurlty. They
nre also made on dark tuffetu dresses.
Those used ou coats nnd suits uro
morn conservative, mushroom and
raucer shapes being tho most popular.
Hulls, squares and cubes uro also cm
plo)ed, lis well 11s ncorns. I'earl but
tons eoiiio In ull sires unci shapes, from
tliu large ball buttons, appruprlnto for
novelty suits, laid the flat styles for
separatu skirts, to the tiny ones for
shirtwaists. Heavy colored materluls
make use of ribbed buttons.
Che ked suits nay bo thanked for
tliu plain aud checked button, as well
1 M (
nrlety ohlnlns In rut mid color or
fabric combination that It Is dllllctilt
for an ono with the sllRhlest Uinel
nt Fewln' or wth artistic Ideas to
K M-ry far wroiiR.
l'rlnted and jilaln white, olle nro
stiKKested as suitable for the llttlo
frock shown In the nki-tili, iiHIuiurIi
plain ami dotttd handl.erelilef linen,
checked Klnclitun and plain color
chanibray, eU mlcht bu used as of
feitlxely. Tho double tunic Is sucKcttho of n
stjle line that Is to be Klcn (onslder
able prominence In the first allowing
of fall frocks. Advance bulletins and
udMince models carry out an llltiMon
of brevity In IciiKth nnd bnadlli of
skirts, while they nre In reality loncer
and narrower than those general!) fa
Norttl at present, nnd the long tunic
aids very materially In this Illusion,
tins underskirt being reasonably closo
reeful ami modthtly long, while tho
tipper skirt or tunic Is given a decided
flare. The hosiery dlsplaj of the past
season or two will not bu looked on
with favor In tho fall, ns practically
all frocks blush lower than the shoo
The little frock In the sketch Is, how.
ever, distinctly n summer model, nnd
exitllent for tub fabrics. The bnck
of tin bodice has a deep round ok,o,
coming In low the i boulders, of white,
voile, and the hack of the skirt Is ex
actly like the front, paneled In wlilto
and prlntt d voile. The dress fastens
In the center front.
To make this gown, three jnrds of
plain fabric "0 Inches wide and sevin
nnd u halt jards of figured material
the same width will be required. Tho
bottom skirt measures four jarda
wide. A bright ribbon Is used for tho
The generous use of ribbon ns n
trimming or !' i' lug touch on sum
mer frocks Is u . tnblu feature, and It
strengthens tliu quaint and plcttir-
esque tiuduucy of the season's ap
parel. millions will be used rather freely
on the next season's evening frocks.
Colored silk or Ivad embroideries nro
favorite trimming touches for modish
utility gown of sorgo or gaberdine.
The tendency to favor a lower waist
line Is more and more einphnstred ns
the eiirlj fall models see tho light ot
day. Washington Star.
tho stlffer ribbons. Tor women, vel
vet ribbon of threediich width forms
n good girdle. It can be finished nt
the back with an upstanding loop nnd
u down hanging end to cover the se
cure closing made by means of simps
or hooks and eyes.
Ilnthand ribbons nre especially In
teresting this summer, n tnllorcd bow,
flat but not pressed down, finishes tho
left side of the hat when these rib
bons are used, nnd In most shops
lengths of ribbon with bows attached
are sold for varying prices,
Ilrncnded ribbons, with raised vel
vet figures on thick satin ribbon foun
dations, nro also smart. One such rib
bon shows panslcs of blnck, blue nnd
purplo velvet on a cerise ribbon. An
other shows overlapping pellets or big
polku dots of thru- colors peacock
blue, old gold nnd plum on n black
Colors for Autumn.
The powers Hint bo who determlno
what women will wear next season
have put their heads together In I'nrls
mid decided upon the new autumn col
ors. Would )ou like to know what
they nre to be? Yellow, It seems, Is
left nut entirely, nnd green, so fush
lonable this )eur, will have few ad
herents. There are purplish blues,
nickel nnd gunmetnl grays, several
charming reds, Including fuchsia, ge
ranium nnd brick red. Hi owns will bo
exclusively fashionable with n gamut
from bisque to chocolate. Tho great
fcnttirc In tills respect, how ever, will
be chameleon, each chameleon shado
combining two others In shot effect.
ns tho blnck nnd while effects In com,
blnutlons with white rims. Among the
new colors show n Is n Trendi gray but
ton - utch the shade now so popular
In dresses. A ring of black Is often
used to enbnnco Its beauty.
It Is Mads of Yellow Crepon, Pat.
ternsd With Fruit In Bright Green
and Dull Purpla, and Lined With
Black Velvet. Clusters of Applet
Appear as Trimming, and Bright
Green Ribbon Is Loosely Tied Un.
dr the Chin.
asajajajfaA ajS fsHa
Improved Beyond Expectations
"M wife Imp Inrn n lung mffcrrr of
I lung trnuhlr, and frequently with lictnor
rlnirc." mj Mr 11 f Ciimtur, nf film)
rcnn.vlvtnli Ave, Knalitillc. Tcnn. "Wc
liuil nlino.t given up lwpo nf her cur Winn
any licttrr Mic his taken four liottlca
ef Lung Vitn. ami she Ins never had nn
Macr licmorrlnce, nr even niiti)iu. blie
ha imprnvnl Ix-jond our cinccUtloa. In
piined in nVsli, and we arc almoat aiirc lie
will tcoa be Mtiml and urll " Jlr Car
rrnce it a prominent hinder nrni of tins
cit) tini is rnntircted viilli John 11 IUn
mm A. Co 'lake I.tina Vlts for conumi
tion, atlliini, and kimlrcil trouble. If
jour dwltr doe not hve it In stock, send
us $1 7S fi r s thirty div trpitment or write
for booklet to.Hy Nnhville Medicine
Co., IKpt. , Nilivillr, Tenn Adv.
Perhaps It's Just as Well.
l'ver man reiiiemhirs (bat be was
oiue ii bo.v, but most of us have for
gotten what kind of hojw we were."
Kor luntnnt relief and biicedy euro
use "Mississippi" Diarrhoea Cordial.
I'rlco 50c nnd 2.'ic Adv
Like Many.
"Have )ou a site jrt for the slimmer
(ottage von vveie talking about build
'Oh. jesj In my mind's eje."
There. Ii No Art In Taking Med.dne.
Just follow directions on every bol
tlo of "Plantation" Chill Tonic and
rco how quickly those dreadful chills
will leave jou It lenves tho liver In
hcnlthy condition and jet contalua no
Calomel. I'rlco CUc Adv.
Messenger bo's the swell jp was
tnll.lir to, .llimuie?
Nevv-lm)- Aw ' 1 II in an' ine's worked
together fer .veals, lies the cdllor o'
one ii my papers I
Easily and Cheaply by Using Cutlcura
Soap and Ointment. Trial Free.
Smear tho pimples lightly with Cutl
cura Ointment on end of finger and
allow It to remain on tlvo minutes.
Then batho with hot water and Cutl
cura Soap and continue noma minutes
This treat mon t Is best upon rising and
retiring, but Is effective at any tlmo.
Freo samplo each by mall with Doolt.
Address postcard, Cutlcura, DopL L.
tloston. Sold cvorywhoro. Adv,
The End.
"Smith's ambition went speeding to
the goal of olllce."
"How did he liuike out?"
"Came home on it ll.it tire."
"KeraeuinV is the wonder wurkur for all
female disorders. I'rlco 8i ouondjoc. Adv.
"Don't )ou like the silent watches
of the night?"
"Yes, except n moonlight one, when
the spoony couples spoil them with au
dible I.tiua-tleks."
so on llrsl symptoms uso "Konovlno"
and bo cured. Delay and pay tho awful
penalty. "Henovlno" is the heart's
remedy. I'rlco $1.00 and COc Adv.
Paradoxical Procedure.
"I guess the siibm irlue will put II
over !ur vvatdilng enemies."
"Hut to put It over, she Iris to go
Tho Strong Withstand thu Heat ol
Summer Hotter 1 ban the Weak
Old people who are iecblu. and jouuger
people who are weak, will bo strengthened
and en-ihled to go through tho depress
ing heat of summer by taking regularly
Grove's Tasteless Chill Tonic, 't purities
and enriches (ha blood and builds up the
whole system 50c
Tho sunlight of happiness seldom
falls on 11 shady reputation.
Ill I
ALCOHOL- 3 run u-i"
sltnUatinrt IhcFood and IfesluU
ttoglbe Stouixhsaii'tUo,tlsa
Opium.Morpb.lne norMliina
Not Naucotic.
-V. s
TOWSun sy-n-s.
Exact Copy of Wrapper,
ififclj' Wet Conf nts 15 Fluid Drachms
jt'Cill. i-U
mummpr . 1
rSi'Hillll slllatS
I Guarantee "Dodson's Liver Tone" Will Give You the Best Liver
and Bowel Cleansing You Ever Had Doesn't Make You Sickl
Rtop using calomel! It makes you
Rick. Don't lose n day's work. If ou
feel lazy, sluggish, bilious or constl
li.it ed, listen to me!
Calomel Is mercury or quicksilver
which causes necrosis of tho bones.
Calomel, when It comes Into contact
with sour bllo, crashes Into It, breaking
It u- 'rb' , when you fed that nw
ful tin. . and cramping. If ou feci
"all knocked out," If your liver Is tcr
pld nnd bowels constipated or ynu
havo headache, ditness, coated
tongue, If breath Is bad or stomach
sour Just try n spoonful of harmless
Dodson's I.Ivor Tone.
Here's my guarantee flo to any
drug store or dealer and get a BO cent
bottlo of Dodson's Liver Tono. Take a
Have to Oe Bravej
" es, my son."
"I don't believe In this scheme of
olTuliig prlt n for swatting a few In
lion ut tiles."
"U'hj not, til) bo.v ?"
"h) don't )on liuike the Allows
show tin Ir braver) b) going out and
swatting a few honnts'i"
Makos clothes whiter than snow. Do
lights tho housewife, l-nrgo packego
G cents at all good grocers Adv.
The mini who knows the bast Is of
ten In the biggest hurry to tell It.
Buy materials that last
I'ully guaranteed
General Roofing Manufacturing Company
IPtiHil'i Lirvvft niuiiuucturcra 0 itaoIntf dihl Hulldlna Iuxrs
.w T.rl ntj (V..M rIU4rlM SI. UbI. Bm1 C1.m1.bS ISIUrv btill Sm trMtoa fSfrataaal
O.U... U,laf.lM ai....(H,Ui . Ill; smite lu.aUl llluu IMuri U lulu lata Sfea
Tell ycur dealer that
Curlis, Booth A Bentley Co., Oklahoma City
ate wtiolcaale distributors
The Wheat Yield
Tells the
of Western Canada's Rapid
The heavy crops In Western Canada
new records to be made In the handling of uralns
by railroads. For, while the movement of these
heavy shipments Ins been wonderfully rapid, the
resources of the different roads, despite enlarged
equipments and increased facilities, have been
strained as never before, nnd previous records
have tlius been broken In all directions.
The largest Canadian wheat shipments through New York ever known
are reported fur, the period up to October 15th, upwards ol lour end
quorlcr million bustieln being exported In less than six weeks,
nnd this was but the overflow of shipments to Montreal, tlurougli which
point shipments were much larger than to New York.
Yields as high as CO bushels of wheat per acre are reported from all
parti of the country; while yields of 45 bushels tier acre are common.
Thousands of American farmers
uucuun. unt prices ate aim low unci
v lu eicxxl localities, convenient to
Titers Is no war lax on land
Write for Itltiitrated pamphlet, reduced rallroid tales and other
laiorniauon 10 supcrwtendem immigration, uttuwa.
Canada, or
0. A.
Canadian Government Agent
Children Cry For
Cnstorin is n linruiloss flnbstlluto for Castor OQ, Par
gorlc. Drops nnd Kontlilnjc Syrups. It Ih pleasant. It
contains iivltlicr Oiiluni. Jlorphiuo nor otlier iNiircotlo
etibstnnco. Its ncro Ih ila gnnruiitoo. It dchtroya Worm
nnd nlluys Fcvcrlslincss. For muro tluui thirty years 1ft
litis been lit constuut uso for tlio relict of Constipation,
I'liiUileiicy, Wind Colic, till Tccthlnt; Troubled nud
Dlurrlitua. It rctrtilutcH tho Ktomsu-h and JUotrclSa
assimilate tho Food, (flvlncr hcnlthy nnd iinturol tdocBa
llxo CUUUxou'h lMuuccn Tho Mother's JPtUtad,
Bears the
In Use For Over 30 Years
The Kind You Have Always Boufht
Rpoonful nnd It It doesn't straighten
)ou right up nnd make you feel Una
and vigorous 1 want yon to go back to
the Htorn and get your money. Dod
on'n I.lver Tono Is destroylnit the
snln of ralomol becnuso It la real liver
medicine; entirely vegetable, therefor
It cannot sallvato or make you sick.
1 gunrnnteo that ono spoonful of
Dodeon'a Liver Tono will put your
slttgglBb liver to work and clmn your
bowels of Unit nour bKu and consti
pated wanto which la clogging. Joar
sjstem and making you feel mlHcrahlo.
I trunrnntce that a bottlo of Dodson's)
I.lver Tonu will keep your entire fam
ily reeling flno for months, (live It to
)our children. It Is nannies; doesn't
grlpo and they like Its pleasant taste,
American Date Trees.
A number of dnte-piilm troesj have
been brought from Afrlro to Califor
nia, wberu dales are now raised suc
Is hor hair. It yours Is streaked with
ugly, grirzly, gray iialrs, use "I Cre
ole" Hair Dressing nnd clmngn It Is)
tho natural way. I'rlco $1.00. Adv.
It Is easier to rlll'l the small mis
takes of otheiH than It Is not to make
ii few large ones yourself.
A bomi ly girl Ih always pretty In Uie
e.ves of the nmn In love with tier.
For aale by dcaiara
et reasonable prices
ot iertain-teeu I roducts.
have caused
have taken pirt In this wonderful pro
lire nomes;raii lamli aie eamy arcurm
churches, n.lux', uiaikeu, luitwan, etc
anil n conscription.
Signature of
1.3.1 1, v "

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