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Farmers' champion. (Elgin, Okla.) 1912-1922, April 20, 1921, Image 3

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Flavor j
Lasts 5
Sleeping Appurtenance Proved Effec
tive In Concealing Elongated In
dividual In Lady's Bedroom.
Lord ltnvsmore, who Um ' st illcd
In I-nelnnd, wits a Krcnt ;iort.sumn
mid hunter mid Iiml iminy good Morion
not only of the liniilliu Held hut of
llfo In ninny other plines. One of
these concerned his friend, liny -Mid-dleton,
uhoiti he describes ns one of
the best riders to houndn Unit ecr
lived, find runs ns follow k:
"liny once bet it Indy that he could
hide fco effectunlly In her bedroom
thnt she could never discover him.
She hunted hluh mid low, but never
n truce of the hidden one could she
"The lndy wns completely nt her
wits' end, nuil nt lust, when she luul
literally 140110 nil ocr the room Inch
by Inch, she was startled out of her
seven Benses by hearing Hay's voice
i-xcliilmliiK. 'llullol I can see jim.
This wits 11 puzzler mid 110 mistake,
but tliu mystery wns nt lust sohed,
for Mlddleton, who wns lonu and thin,
had got IiihIiIo the bolster I''
Smart Dog.
"I've Just paid three dollars for tin
nlnrin clock, utid I consider It pcultlw
ly dlsKriiet'full" i-ruiiibleil Urown 01111
"Hut why buy nn alarm clock?" nn
Rwered Jones, "I have a doc thnt Is
ns Rood us any alarm clock, lie barks
every uioruliiK nt 0:110 o'clock."
"Wlint n wonderful din; I" remnrked
Hrowii, without much enthusiasm.
"Yes," continued Jones, "nil I lune
to do Is to get out of bed mid hit the
iloK, nud then he bulks, and I know It
lii tliuu to get up."
More Disarmament.
This would ho a better world If
put) body would take n live- ear hol
iday from gossip. Chlrncu IMII.V
Altruism Is ono of the best of Isms.
J -mil -
V SaBa. sWl
r 'VB7 v
.f-V Mil,,, , U
I ' A If! Ill HI nrTTTTTrrf mtrmTTrtrTrTTrT"T,rl''" '" y
It's Really Amazing
the amount of nourishment
you'll find in a small dish of
Grape Nuts
With cream or
St.ropr t.nt-'h irs own
developed from tha grains in
the making, this stuTdy blend
of wheat and malted barlejr
contains, in compact form and
at low cost, the nutritive and
mineral elements needed to
build health and strength.
Euery Meat"
Next time you
want to concen
trate on a piece
of work Just sliD
between your teeth.
5 its a wonderful help
In daily tasks and
J sports as well.
and hard
place-; come easy,
filves you comfort
and poisc-it adds
the zest that
means success.
A great deal
Rich New York Danker Certainly Can.
not be Justly Accused of On-
di'e Wastefulness.
Iliiset'll Sage Hindu 11 great record
but there's another rich old tuna who
is hot on Ids trail.
This man Is 11 New York Invest
ment bunker, who Is largely Intel c-ted
In n southern railroad. Once 11 year
he makes 11 trip uf Inspection oer
the property In it prlvnte cm. L'siiul
ly he tnkes with him two big vulK-s,
Into which his extra clothing Is picked.
Arriving nt the end of the road he
sends his valet t 11 barber shop, which
be has patronlcd once 11 enr for
years, to nrrauge for n bulb. A por
ter curries the two valises there and
hack. Tor this he receUes a tip of
S cents. The banker pa.s -'."1 cents
for bis bulb. After bathing ho returns
to the prhuto car. lie sleeps In It III
the rullroud ymd rather than pay tho
fancy price the hotels charge.
The lliiniiclul man's vnlet never
washes out his einplojer's shaving
cup. The hunker does not believe III
wiiMIng soap. riillndelpldu 1'ubllc
It Vas His Brother!
At a crowded diilue one eeiilng 11
fellow I bad Just llnlshed tin previous
dance with humped Into me. IVellng
Indignant tit him for having trampled
on nt)- pet com and new satin slip
pers, I exclaimed to my partner, "Thnt
fellow Is about as light on my feet
us the hlld Ihey cull the elephant."
"Yes, It's too bad. My brother Is
Just learning lo ilnnce and jou know,
the first hundred jenrs ate the hard
est," was the unexpected reply. Chi
cago American,
Without Interrupting.
"Is she really so curious?"
"Curious? Why, that woman would
listen to ndvlce."
We feel sorry, for n iiiun who gets
what he really deserves,
J - .-. m -i,. mtz
good milk added
Parisian Garment Has Lost Noth
ing ol Its Prestige
Trifle Lett Diversified In Style Ad
heres Mottly to One Straight,
Uncompromising Line.
The pelllo robe, t lut t loveliest of nil
1'urlslun nihlcvcliiculs litii lol nothing
tif Its pretlgo during this spring sen
"ii. It J, pet Imps u trllle less ill-t'i-tflcil
"in style tluin It mit-e was. but.
though It mllifit't mostly In ii
stinlght mill uncompromising lino, II
I" llolic till' less developed III II HlOU
Mlllll different WU". I'llL'll tllr perfect
tllllll bofoe. Ill tu subtleties (if tlll'Se
developments there lies a dcnl tif
(Inn in tlmt seems Impossible tn Imi
tate. MlWt lf tn. till X t lllf tllVMM'l, If the
collection nri- view til as n whole, are
iiinili' from cij line serge ir finiii iiiii'
ur tin- iiiiiii) VM rt dies of trope !
chine. .Mote often the trucks of dark
blue seme, fur litis Is ii tiiiili'i'lul iV
never ending popularity with the
I'nrMciiiic, ii n trimmed with nine
shade of nil applied In more or les
Intricate ways. Hut with tin- blue goes
Hit' red almost im a mutter of cnuro.
Tin ('tiiiililiiiitluii of icil mill blue In
used li.v I'olret ninny times over, mill
on most or his ilnjtliiu' frocks lie Is
making it puliii of tho longer skirt
V.llllll fondles pclo.V till' Illlkll'S.
IiiM'illi't shows mi tiiliiptiitluii of tin1
HiiMiii:; costumes, which has linil till
cuts i.f Interested attention In Paris.
It is tin- prettiest combination of lilni'
urge with rnl trimming. Another
frmk which appeared nt the opening
of tills nmlson was made up of two
panels of red fotilnril, one tit front iiml
one tit hack, iiml oitcli of these wits
embroidered In mi all-over pattern
with ilnrl; Mm thread. The remain
ing portions of the dress. Hint Is. tho
full sides iiml sleeves, wore of blue
scree, to carry out this ever-prevalent
stylo of rt-il iiml blue.
In the mini' style otic sees among
the collection of .Mnrtliil et Anniiliil n
red tinil Mile dres ciilleil .Mnrnioit-et.
Mllilelelneet Madeleine have n reil ntiil
lilue frock, ery simple iiml chaste In
line. It Is tiullt iihottt n liluh licit of
red llli t line, minimi ulilcli nil (lie
arge chapeau of navy hemp Is
with crepe de chine of the same
which alio adds softness to this
Style for Evening Gowns
Paris Mode Permits of Droad Ind
i vlduallsm in Selection' of Gar.
! ments for Formal Wear.
I I'roni Hie spilug openings In Paris
t'oiae.s the retiort thnt the style for
evening gowns continues lo be "eclee
lhiie," which being Interpreted Into
crude Alueilcnn slang means endi fel
low for himself and each In his own
way. 'I here Is much to be said in
fnvor of tld, for It glws a large va
riety from which to make a choice
and' It allows that trend toward Indi
vidualism In dress to have full and
unlnteiriipted sway. The Parisian
designer this season, It seems, bus ue
compllshed cwry manner of style and
bus drawn for his Ideas upon every
source of Inspiration.
I'olret, for Instnnce, has done n
great ileal In the way of Spanish eve
ning gowns which show panniers lutlg
lug out over the hips In many mid
voluminous folds. A frequent decol
lete Is termed "The Ihnpress Hit
genie." and when the sort of gown Is
cut very low, ns It often Is, there nre
delicate metal chains used to slip over
the shoulders and to hold the gown In
phlce. At this lmne, too. there !s In
ii seen nnotber evening fashion which
discloses completely one sboiildel and
which has a point of the draped fab
ric reaching over the other shoulder,
lenvlng the hack itlllo free from cov
ering.. Over the uni'nwred shoulder a
strnp slips lo bold the gown In place.
It Is the evening gown which was
lirst liked In I'nrls during the winter
season and which I'olret has seen lit
Q 1
atfm.tTanrfxt wwrtrt
White English fl.innel Is always
good for cprlng and summer wear and
affords a cool and winsome outfit
which appeals to many women.
Inlet e-t centers. The skirt Is full and
the bodice slightly blouseil. At this
iiuisi popular of designers the after
noon gowns of silk and crepe are wry
apt to haw their skirts silt In some
way so that another mid 11 lighter
simile appears between the apertures.
And It is true thnt these foundation
tolors nre more often t tints not
adorned with embroideries of differ
ent sorts, .Moljiieiix shows a stri-et
flock In dark blue serge which has 11
wide, crushed belt of btlgbtly glis
tening red leather.
Arm Decorations Are Often of Com
binations of Ivory and Tor.
tolse Shell.
Hracelets nre still In high faorwltli
the fashionably attired woman, .Many
are worn together, but they need not
be of the same metal or enriched with
similar Jewels. When two are used on
ono uriii wry often the combination
of one Ivory brncelet and one of tor
tolse shell Is noted.
Another type of bracelet Is that
iniido of tiny pearl bends strung ou a
small chain. Such bracelets muy be
of great length, for they are wound
urotiiid the urtii a number of times
and fastened at Ihu wrist.
Kgyptlim mid oriental motifs are
shown In the new neck chains. The
pHidtints are Imitations of the scarab,
sometimes enriched with tiny colored
stones In fasi Iniitlng color combina
tions. The colored silk cords to whlih
they lire attached often mulch these
Cut crystal Is iiImi much In request
this season. Neck chains, pendants,
bracelets nud hiitplus show most pleas
ing use of the stones. The hatpins
' are both large and small In shape. '
!c repeat, as has also the bouse of
Madeleine et .Madeleine.
Madeleine et Madeleine Iiuve a fas
limiting evening gimn of metal bro
cade In Persian cnJotlugs. One arm
Is left entirely without a sleeve of
any sort and the other one Is covered
with ropes of pearls wound about to
form a sleeve tightly lilting and to
tally transparent.
The Oriental Influence dominates
all of the gowns shown by Pntou. The
robe called "Cleopatra," as Its name
suggests. Is wholly Hgypllan in ihar
acter. It bus a belt of metal orna
ments set with earbuncJes. Another
termed "I'rlncesse Persatie" Is of tulle
braided In gold, Interspersed with
green r.ud gold threads.
For the "Wee" Girl.
A little child looks admirable In a
pure white sweater, especially If the
tiny Jacket has angora trimming. One
of these enchanting sw eaters" for a
wee girl Is ctt.fli.ied In mi open filet
stllch vvlllt while Iceland wool. Col
lar and cuffs are of angora and below
the waistline the sweater ripples
grncefully. Narrow black velvet rib
bon Is threaded through nn openwork
banding above the cuffs and around
the waistline.
Attractive Type of Sleeve.
An attractive type of sleeve Is
formed by allowing the fabric of the
waist to droop to Just below Hie elbow,
where It Is gathered In looso folds
Hint are attached to the waist, about
two Inches above the waistline.
t H T
J Yin
-w 38ar J
W J " r
l: ! K. A u
fW I m
iixxiindinamm m tk i
JCMiUUCHPrel!tAt-. i . I
What to Take for
r'Hiii Tnwir
If nol .old by youf dr uggt.l. wril. Atlliuf I'.l.r Co.. Loui.vtlle, Ky.
Reward of Merit.
Mrs. Horein- Klsie, why Isn't your
brother, Unbelt at the party, too?
Isle- rloiise'eir Hobby's been i
good boy all week, mid mother said
he needn't come.
lied Cross Hull HIiip Is the finest
product of Its kind In the world. Kv
cry womnn who hns used It knows
this statement to be true.
If It's iiiicomfoi table, It's stylish.
Who says Satan hasn't -a linger In the
Makes Hard Work Harder
A Kid buck make a diy'n vvnik twice
as hard, ll.iclinclie usually roiiics from
weak kidney, nud if liendnclics, dizzi
iu'sh or urinary disorders are ndded,
don't wait get help before the kidney
di.cr.fe tnkrs a grip before dropsy,
gravel or llriuht's ditcaFo rets in.
Doun's KUlney PHI' hiva brought new
life nml new etrcngth to tlioumiiida of
working men nr.d women. Used nml rec
ommended the world over. Atk your
An Oklahoma Case
John W. Little.
V'J W. Syminun HI.,
Nor m a n. Okl.i.,
nuyst "I was bolli
orvd considerably
by a cntch In tliu
(mall of my back.
V h e n I stooped
over I could bnnlly
trnli: Ii ton up
ngnln, My klilnuys
ncted entirely ton
frequently, and I
had to get up kov
crul times at nlubt.
Zi .i
I was advised tn try Doun's Kidney
l'llt. Tills medlclnu gnvo me iiutck
C.t Dotn'i st Any Store, 60c Bos
Right Diet Means Much.
Hinersoti said: "(ilvu mu bealtli nud
it day und I will make the pomp of
emperors ridiculous." Itlght habits
of eating do a lot toward supplying
Prosperity smiles on tho few nud
gives tho many the horse laugh.
A Into supper embraces tho things
of which dreams are miide.
Jw nationally
accepted wall tint
Withtut Cnu
an J Cirtli
PHnttJ in lit J
You Can Not Be Deceived!
This Package Protects You
You want Alabastinc. Alabastine results alone will satisfy you
Alabartine results can be secured with no other material.
The Cross and Circle printed in red on the package is your
guarantee of quality and results.
AUbmlne artistic, unitary, durable and economical. Aktbaillne wilt
permit you to put your own Individuality in your home, match your tugi and fur
nlililngi and have complete color harmony In all your rooms. Combining and
intermixing the different tinti enables you to secure unlimited color rffecti.
Alabaittne requires only pure, cold water to mix and can be uied on all In
terlor turficei, plaittr, wallboard, over smoked and crlinr painted vralli, or even
over nail paper Jiat Ii solid and lias no raised figures or aniline colors. licit paint
dealers everywhere sell Alabastine. Writs us direct rather titan take a substitute.
Alabastinc Company
1691 Grandvllli Ave. Grand Rapids, Mich.
"l" 'k and tired inrt etmli htntlr ft ttijthlnir natll I
nixll'arut.L Hoon mt irr'lltoi ipioU nd inrnrrnitth
rtturnetl. 1 toM mf tif Ighlmtf .nd etc can of them fuun.l
It ft wumtprful meittcto. You ran ftlwra gtl do, of
f tu nt tt mj Ikium no mmrr whtl tint ir In."
Jtft.1. N, Wmnnsti,
llui U, Urtmi City, lto.
Catnrrh of the etnmnch nrnl ljoucla Is nmotig
tho many forms of catarrhal ilUcnuca from
which lnr; nuinlior of pcnplo ncotllcsgly
BtllTor. Fifty years of usofuItn:("i Is tho gunr
antco behind
Tablits h liquid Sold Cverynfitrf
Take a Rood dose of Carter's Little Liver
I'llls then take 2 or 3 for a few nij;hts after.
A few doses restore your organs lo their
proper functions and the Headache and the
causes of it pass away. In the same manner
Thty regulate llit Uoweh and ptecenl Conillpatton.i
fn"!u','"" stf?c-.t S Ml! S-.ll It..., 5-.ll r,w'
Not Spring Fever
But Malaria
v causes that lazy
Afti-nt Tn ..II nrw pnttnti!. tiuvtni( nlr
rr s. in in., wii.ini. M.k. m .ii.nr.
Wilt. ... Hp.o I'rn.lurt Co, !,au1finvlll, Ol
I bate & bargain fnr yun, rnm. quick,
Citlar Haiildi, luwst
Active and Healthy
With Cuticura Soap
Soap 2Sc, Oialacat 25 tail 50c, Tal
tfnorrCtnarnl!r Kt(illsilitjsJMor
Ktuom (Lnln aufl
BMuty to Cra? and Faded HaM
HlTAt lbrm WH.I'iiUtfti,H y.
HINDERCORNS nemom cvm,. no.
nnt-. ft., ttn H io. rnturr rttmfir to tb
frrL, uikN Ulnr -t. 11. t Itiall or l iTVftV
fUU. UlosCbaacftt Works. l'utWffv,N.y.
Saved My Life
With Eatonic
Says Haw Jaraoy Woman
"I wns nearly dend until I fonnil
Katonlc and I can truly say It saved
my life. It Is tho best stomach medi
cine ever made," writes Mrs. Klla
Acid stomnch cnuses nvvful misery
vMch Katonlc quickly gets rid of by
tnltliiL- on nml cnrrvlm nut tho nclditv
I und gases which prevent good dlgi
I Hon. A tablet taken after meals brings
i quick relief. Keeps the stomach
healthy and helps to proveut tliu many
Ills so liable to arlso from excess nclil.
Don't surfer from stomach miseries
,vhcn you cnu get n big box of Kntonle
for ii trlllu with your druggist's iruur
uutce. Wonderful Transformation,
figures from Maine show Hint cap
ital or $8,000,000 Is Invested In the
business of transforming the raw her
ring Into tho baked sardine. Hostoa
Contentment gives n crown vvber
fortune bath denied It. ford.
It's nvvful to bear n tomcat tell an
other tomcat to go to the devil.
Tt Grt .
Rnutli You
Muit Ask fir
tj Namt
i i t ' -

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