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Farmers' champion. (Elgin, Okla.) 1912-1922, June 08, 1921, Image 3

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"Dodson's Liver Tone" Is Taking
the Place of Dangerous,
Sickening Drug.
Tou'rn lilllous, xltipelMi, cnnstlpnted
and believe you need rile, dangerous
calomel to ntnrt your liver nml clean
your bowels.
Hero's DimIhi, iniiiriititcel Ak you
drtiRKlst for n lxntle of Iodon'.s Liver
Tone nnil tnko n spoonful tonlnlit. If
It doesn't sturt your liver nnd strnlRht
n you rlnht up lictter tlmn cnlomel
and without crlplni; or imil.lni: ou nick
I wnnt you to go buck to tliu store and
Set your money.
Tnko enlouiel todny nnd tomorrow
you will feel wenk nnd sick nnd una
jentcd. Don't loe n ilny's work Tnkn
a sHjnnful of hiirmless, ecetntila
Dodoon'H I.lier Tone tonight nnd wnks
up feellnc grciit. It's pi rfeetly hnrtu
less, mi plo It to jour children nnj
time. It enn't anlliHtc n let tliem ent
anything nf terw urils. Adv.
Embarrassing Moment.
I neer miw ii limn In n more emlmr
racing Kltiiiitlmi tlmn the unuingcr of
n lecture dull In n town 1 ued to
live In.
It won the npMlnted hour, Imt th
lecturer did not uppeur. 'l'lie midli-me
was beginning to oliow sign uf Impa
tience. Suddenly tlie innimirer intule Idi iit
jienKiiice on the pliitform.
"LndleH nnd gentlemen," he snld, lu
apologetic tones, "I 11 tit Mirry to linve
to Inform you Hint the lecture oil 'How
to Keep L'lt' wilt have to be portioned
jwIiik to the unexpected lndliiHlllou
of the lecturer."
The humbler tbnt followed luted
reernl minutes lifter be hud lied from
the fringe. C'lili 111:0 Atncilciin.
Her Locks Were False.
After it niece of tMdiold feer my
lialr nil ciime' out mid In order to
tnnke It come. In better I imd it nil cut
o:T. Hud to wenr n wig. One lifter
tiooil lute I went to the train to meet
soirn! friends nml Just ns the engine
vhlzsetl by tlwre wu.s 1111 utiuuiilly
strong rum. of wind.-. To. .my nuuize
tn(nt udhorror my lint -mid-my Imlr
wojiLlljIng don 11 the lihitfonn, nml
there I Mood looVlug for nil the world
like 11 briihd-iiew robin. I cried out :
"Oh, there rocs my but nnd my hulr."
Of course thut drew ever) one's nttcn
thin nnd It eemed jours before 11 kind
youiiR mim returned It to me. I wiisn't
Jong In RettliiR nwny from the curious
crowd; my sisters greeted the newly
arrived friends. Chluigo Tribune.
Style of Construction That Reduce
Danger of Fire to the Lowest
Possible Point.
It Is well known t tin t the ordinary
lirlik-iitul-mortiir chltniiey, us usually
contrii' ted, I 11 soiir.-e of duiiRer. The
cuiMiitit befit from lire In lime cniis
the mortar to heroine dry, ho thut It
fulls out of jili.ee, leiixliiu hole In the
chltniiey. Sm h ti condlllou ustitilly
rock unnoticed nnd It h constant source
of (limner from fire.
lu constructing clilmnc in build-
In v. made of combustible tiinterliil, the
clilmitc) houbl be built Mriilglil lli
fnuu the Rrouiid, nnd nut plncetl on 11
bnirki't, ns Is often the ciiw, mid
should extend two f.it or more nbovo
the -nk when the clilmuey la In the
center of the roof, nnd three feet or
more nhoe the surface when n tint or
-li'iitlns roof. For n projier Urnfl the
mliilmuiu-sigml opening for tlo ttue
should not be less than (II miuilie
Hit ho, while the wnll sb I be lit
lent! elittit Inches tlilelc. the bieie
of nili Hue n elenn-eul dm. l.ultl be
lrnldei. If jHisslble. Wlmtei.-i the
muteiial iimhI in eonstrtiotlmi. It should
be of Rood quality nnd laid In cement.
I'ltle holes should never bo tilled wltti
any Inllntmiinhle imitorlnL but should
be covered oer In 11 feciire milliner
wltli h metal Hue mop.
The Joists used to mpHrt the floors
thniUKh which the chimney pus-os
should not bne their ends rmjijMirte.1
In the brlek, ns the chimney inuy set
tie, letuliiK nt these jioliits cracks
throiiRli wbl h lire nitty creep to the
Joiis; furthermore, no other wood
work should toiiie In contact with the
Approval Given for B55 Projects Up
to September 30 1920 Western
States Lead,
(1 rcpnred tv Hip Unlit-1 HlftW" Depart
merit of Auriiultum
IVdernl uld for ihe colislriictlon o'
P.i Kin miles or lilitlotlill hlRhwn.vs lin
been nppnued b the L'liltod Slates
Iiepnruiient of Aerlviilture. I'p t"
Sepleinber .T. IB!0. npprotil hud been
islvcn for SV projeeis, which fnri'i
links lu (Hie or tin1 other of the '.'I
mnrkeil mills which have been Inl I
out h prhnte iissoelutlons to cros
the rmintry from Knst to West nnd
North lo South
The mllcuito which will be coii-
stnieted with federal nld on ench 01
the severnl trails la kIiowii In the fol
low Inn table:
.Stmt of I'lghwsr.
I (iiini
ai.t 111
inn. .
pri) I
Mil. -
Pearlle's Sorrow.
Upon leturnliiR from ktmlerRiirten
one ufteriiuon Jerome said to his ninth
ari "Oh, iiiiitiiiiia, I'enrlle I'eier.son
cried mid cried In hluderRiirteil to
duy." "What wns the tiiiitter. .lerome?"
the mother inipiireil, s.Mniuthetlcally,
"Well. on know," Jerome replied,
".Mls I inn let us liaxe 11 WiishlliRton'i
i)lnhd:i pirtj, and I'earlle lil'ollu'lit 0
lliilel'..eri hlef for WnshlliRton, nnd JII-9
I'lnii told her he w is di id."
Really There Is No Reason Why There
Should Be Any Unused Ground
in Community..
A Rnrden Is 11 Rood Investment. A
Riirdeli Mixes money. A Rnrden pro
motes health.
The cost of HvIiir still Is burden-
some to mnllllmli-s. Here Is where the
Rnrden can be timilo to help. It nil de
pends on the man with the hoe. KiioiirIi
of Mm. worklin; at odd times iturliiR
the next few weeks, with slluht litteil
tloii diirliiR the summer, can nccoiii
dlsh more for the rciiciiiI materhil
welfare than can be uciouipllsheil
throiiRli the operntioii of treaties nod
turllls. No doubt ubinit It at all! Let
the tiMilhible unused plots of ground
III the nation be HtHIisl for Kiirdeli
nirpostt; let eier) citizen tend his
little patch ili-h miin. tioor mini, beg
gar mini with the school children do
Iiir llielr hit, us whs done during the
war, mid lo! the most elug Internal
domestic problems will be sett led. and
millions of people will be out ot the
trein lies of trouble before Christmas.
Now Is the time for the until Willi
the Ills' to Ret busy. Whether prices In
high or low. It pays to make a garden.
Cllicliiiuitl Kinpilrcr.
luxtf Hhrhway .,
(ark Trail ,
Yell. mitotic Trail
banklx-nri llignway
Mvrlillitn HMthnrcis ,.
Naiienal Oil Trail
Kiim ( Trails
Nclonal l'arks Itltrhuay
Tlu ori! hor.imvaC ItiUmaUiinnl
Jrflrraon lltshwiy
Un.eln l!latiu.i-
Hit 8'Milli Tr.ul
Mississippi Vnlloy llltdinuy
tMxIc CivvrtntKl llictiway
Jitcksiin lllRliwuy
! irif? HlBhWrtv
Itnnsvvplt Natlnnal tilirliosy
Cnlorado to Oulf
I1kn lsk Ores 11 In Ucnn
Atlantic Itlhway
The extent to which federal uld bu
been itiilled to the trulls varies in
ihe dlfT nt states. Naturally, the
Western MUtes ale tl'IIIR much ttlire
of ihe federal iipiMirtioiinieiit.s In de
xidnpliig riiads ot Ibis iharncler tlmn
the i:aseru stales. This is due M
the fact that the routes In the East
ern stuics already hud been Improved
to u large extent before the rond
were selected by the pathfinders. ThH
wns not true In tho We-t, where long
etietihcs of the selected roads wire
still In an unimproved condition when
they wcie designated.
Nevada lends lu Its use of federal
fiiinU oil roads, of this character.
I'lRht) -three tier cent of Its entire
mileage of uppi oed federal-atil roads
lies on one or the other of the mills
which cross the .slates. On these
roads Nevada will spend !K) tier cent
of Ihe federal money width bus been
granted to her.
Indiana Is a close second, with HI
per cent of Its entire federal-iild mile
igc mid 's'i per cent of Its uionej aid
This stomach correct Ivo Is a purelj
TORctnble dlRestive. mildly laxative.
Sold under tho trade irnuio of Dl
So positive aro results that every
package. Is sold on n money lack
uarantco of satisfaction.
lloltonSmlth bruR Cu.. of I'ulton,
.Mo., say: "Wo havo sold DlRostoli!
for about two j ears nnd they haio
given splendid sitlsfactlon. Have
never hnd n single complaint. We
think. I'lKcstolds ono of tho best ill
estlvu remedlLB wo ever told."
DiRestuidi should bo In every
linino, Get n p.ickhro today. At your
druKRlut on a Money Hack Guarantee.
Jl'rlce 00 cents.
Ill's needless and ilanRerous to I
Home Garden Saves $IC0.
The nveriige Am-lleini t.u .lly cnti
grow one ellilh of Its IoihI i.nd mi Mi
Slisl iiiiiiunll.v b home Riiileiis. 11 Col
umbia UiiKersitj Hurvi) bbows.
O. .S M or gun. prufessur of ngrlcul
Hue at the uiilvoill. hi linikln
imlillc the stirve) urge the thoiiMiiids
df rii (-(tellers who made u start with
home rupI-'Iis during the war nml who
"iitlt Iheio Ju-t ell the ee of vletnrj."
to reeiillst. He sii.ih that "-'." 10
farms bine been iitmndoned In New
York slate during the past decade,
A reduction of Utt per cent of tho
total number in 1U1U.
"lu a recent sin vey of n thousand
families with home vegciable nml
fruit gardens, It was shown that ns
1111 iierage Ihe garden produced olli
elghllt of the food requirements Of
llieramll." Piofisiuir ruriinu snld.
Al uirrtMit p.'lie It Is cstlinaliil.
Unit eien in remote suburbs this
would ri present well over J1Mt ttrtunl
siiiliig to i-iidi fiimll.v."' New York
Duildmu a
F-ederal H(liway
Baby Specialists.
THAT there ciro Physicians who specialize on Infant ailments you know, All
Physicians understand Infant troubles: all Physicians treat them. It is his
profession, his duty, to know human ills from the Stork to the Great Beyond.
But in serious cases he calls in the Specialist. Why? Ho knows as overy
Mother knows, or ought to know, that Baby is just a baby, needing special treat
ment, special remedies.
Can a Mother be less thoughtful? Can a Mother try to relievo Baby with
a remedy that she would use for herself? Ask yourself; and answer honestly!
Always remember that Baby is just a baby. And remembering this yoa
wW remember that Fletcher's Castoria is mado especially for Infaits and
- .... a- jj . . 1 1. --J- -
1 zt"&l&ZZ&
Children Cry For
SVt Contents lJFlui'l Ufachnv
1 ,SA0Rij
r '
, , v I
lALCOIiOt.''3 rLKCLNtjl
ssiana t
Tit dctyVwmoiinii DMcsto
lnp a-
. . i....ui...ffrr
a ncipiui"1"""' -- ..
rcsultinC ihfrcfromjnWiiM)-
NEW ui""
V. 1111 II MCrTW
RSiTTE v lUshaW
Exact Copy ol Wrapper.
The False and the True.
Ad vertislng by the use of large space, the expenditure of huge Bums
of money have placed on the market, have put la jwir home, pcihapa,
many articles that today have been discarded, as you wilt readily admit.
Do you tecull anything that has more modestly appealed to th
public than has Fletcher's Castoria: modest in all its claims, pleading
at all times and truthfully for our babies?
The big spltirg, ti.: misleading claims may win for a time, but
the honest truth-telliug advertiser is like the old story of the tortois
that beat the hare.
Mothers everywhere, and their daughters, now mothers, speak
frankly, glowingly, enthusiastically In praise of Fletcher's Castoria.
Speak of it lovingly ns a friend that has brought comfort, cheer and
smiles to their little-one.
To them: to these true mothers no argument can Induce them
to set aside their bottle of Castoria, their old friend, that they might
try even another nnd unknown remedy for babies. Then, would YOU
think of going to YOUR OWN medicine chest to find relief for Baby's
troubles? Can you not separate the false from the true?
Bears tho Signature of
, Or, '
Women as Taxpayers.
Klcurid slum tint ou llfllt of tin
tiiMmjers, cuiitrlliti" 111; t tin- ciit of
iiilmiiilSitcrliiK tlie iilTiiirs .if tlu- still
tire Mniioii Wiiiniii. iiiiirrtcil ninl Hill
Klc, Dint 1II.IHKI (if tlie Tl.VlMU IIICIIIIIC
tn r. turns lu 11' '.
To Insure plNlcnlns-wliIte tuMc
llui'iii, u.t ltcil Cross Hull Blue In )our
liiuiiilry. It iiout ill-afpoluts. At all
Kooil grocers, Cc.
As She S.iw the Elephant.
IItU I. 'In r i.e. lie. I f 'ttr kiw 1111
I'li'l 1 nil in it 1 run f- r n.i. iirst tl.jn
l.llll' 11 , 11' It, slic III" H'll "i Hi
mumiiiii, in 't nt tin f.ii I r-c with 11
lull i.c r h i.M'i."
What to Take for
Disordered Stomach
Take a pood dose of Carter's Little Liver Pllk
men tane e. or a tor a iew ntgius auer.
You will relish your meals without fear of trouble to
follow. Millions of all ages take them for Biliousness.
DiHiness.Sick Headache. Upset Stomach and forSallow,
I imply iiioicny sain, inty tna int mucy 0 t-oninponon.
?A'f-" sZcttZt S.ll Mil S-.ll Do..; S-.ll fries
A u mil niiilcr tjil.is In 1-' ur II! let-1
tcrs nt utio kIiiiicc
1 a
It's needless and dangerous to
infler from n ticcRcn up sjnicm
because It often lays the foiiniSa
lion tor a lifetime ol misery and
taken one or Cho nl bedtime,
quiCKiy ciiiniua:es un iuuu..uu n
waste mailer from the systcss I
ana srrenginen we uontu.
KODAK KIMSHIMl. On. roll, any tlic.dt
v.loprd in.l I ii.lnti tor c.nti (ruin) Ka
tartrmtnt trc. Kodik Kllcb.n, Talt, Ok I.
Plant Memorial Trees.
Mi n liiiini 11 11 rt, 110 mutter lime
l-r nt llic i.-'iilns of tlie .rtltlcet', Cflilllilt
Iicl'Iii t' ('iiiiifire Willi the nrt of tin-
tnrc 'llii'ie I something IllilHiullllfC lu
tlie hitii r wliieli reielerM It far suiieil
or t" nnt'liini: uf the kind 111 stoiiu or
ti:-1 1. 1 1 r xii ainns.
fit .s iiikI town", liny, een vltliixe-t,
01, ti.tw s,.i of tlie Atlnlitlc that linve
lii.it lien i.il nf their ons In the wollil
eimil'ivniii'iii of the M'eoiul (lociltlo of
tin. Iw.'t tuth (iiitury ciinmit (lu liet
ter tli in to telle 11 lenf out of 11 lunik
of Hi. '"!'. (liC'ers of lliilhiitit, Atixlru
Hli un I irenle lili'llioillll llelllie. lllieil
on e iln-r -nli imt li.v slmie or hi'iiim)
Httitil'' l'n' l' hetilltlflll llvlllR lililile
or hi' tr 1- Hint will henr llielr liillliei
nml tii t "in 'i'vl"i ninl iluurlsli with
the trc. ith l the tounlrj. Molilreill
t'uliill) lleiuia.
Iliilleil to the 1 Mii-nm 'i !
triilU; nml (lUliili'itnii. iili Ti
nf Ii iii!l-ni!f nml M 1 i-r
fmlertil fuiiiU. Is imt f.ir U
Pliiri'lii Hikes the h 11 I ii
I'cntiW of Its fiiliil win. I
used fur trull tniililliiu. "i-l-
teiit of lm I edem I uli"M'ii - '
tilled; hut this uiiiiniiit wi'l ' - '
for only .VI tier cent "t tl 1
Vi hUh has heeli nt'lH ( ' 'I lu '' ' -III
tlddltlon to the nl."M tn -'
of llllliols, Ktiiiiit, M' 11' mi "
Mexico, L'luli, nml Wii-I 1.. 1 'c
each tialns JW ftT tent or 1 1" . '! '
fulertil liinlli'J for the Ul'l.ii I I ii,l o
the trulls.
Th Vim Truck for light tlHIverr hu
aul. Juat th or fur the Parmer, Dairy
man, etc We carry In atock In Oklahoma)
City k complete) Muck uf car and parti.
ApTnt wanted in every county In Uklahoroav
Write or call
311 V. Jnil t. OkMliuniu City, Okt
Bad Stomach
Sends Her to Bed
for 10 Months
Pinamrew woth
laufear&i? mmxi'Mm
Life 'of Concrete Read
The life -of n ko" I on !
sliotlld lie lit leni iwciii) .. 1 1
It would seem thut this 1 1.111 11 1 . .
iifford lo l'iid 11 liirrfe -urn "f in
III the ieiiiiiiieiit "I mi Ii h l"
If till' luone.i were in Ii. r
which Will lust nt leit.st tw.-ni i.
under itioioriviii U ttuilii 1 !
hell' lllld llllioilil lielh ie llillt f .
Ill I
CI etc
loud U fi' 11 1
twmty jeurh.
fur lulu li loi.-ir
Good Ntws for Lawn Owners.
Ity iiMti' iiliiliii'iiluin suliliiite ill IllO
wilne iUiuitlll us iiltinte of sodn Ih
HM-iI f r fei till US U'1' Hi"" 'hi' re
quired nliioui t of tiltmsi'ii Ii ftiniHhtil,
Imt tin went 1 lire no we'lielK'd U.nt
tliej nre rrcwded out. The com Ii
khiiul the .-a. lie. 1
Intelligent Understamluig.
If we aio lo I'uie un Impr. iciutnt
ill the riiuiN, then the liui'ioiii tent
must cmui' fnuu tin llilellih'eiit in l''r
stniulltip' of the iiiohleiii.
Poor Reads No Hindrance,
In .ilte of the uliscliic of sultuldu
toaiU, there tire now hctween Hi) nml
fiCKI iiiitiiiiiohllei In tiUiitciiliihi,
Salary of Engineers.
Chief hlKliwuy mslnccrs of Catlfor
nla uiiil New JetM-y nre trnld ut tlie
rutu uf $1L),UM a ear.
Eatonto Cots Her Up f
"Out 11 jour ir,;o," snys Mrs, Dora
Wtlljii'iii, "I touk to lied niul for 10
mouths did nut think I would llvn.
Liitonic ln'ipcil inu so much I 11111 tiow
up nml nliie to work. I rccommi'ml It
liUhly for stmiincli trouhle."
Ijiinulc 1u'Ih ieoilo to (jet well by
tu' iiu; up mid carrlm: out the excess
ucid 15 11ml discs that put the tciunch
out of order. If you have InillK'cutlou,
("oiiriiess, heiirthuru, helchliiK, food r
pciillni:, or other xtoimicli dlntress, tukt
mi Kntetilc ufter inch mini. 111k hoi
costs only 11 trlilu with our UrugKlst's
Con key's, Pratt's & Jlcss
Poultry and Pet Remedies
mid 1'ieU. Seeds, plants, htilhi, etc.
Mill tout orilcti mtloilnj Montr Orilir or J rift.
W t cia lurplr tniihiol you mot rromptly.
110 W.dlHnrnlt. Clkl.hmni Cly, Okl.
Rat Killer
No taut, no imtll. Ealtn
iMitily vhtn mlied wtthj
bit, accenting lo dlrec
licni. Drlit them up, n
ti odor I'll to S3 ctnls.
For ti cy an dialer.
Mir by tl.W SM rktalul
Co , OkliU Citj. OkUiaaa
limn for
ft duplicate tu
u Vita. Ill
Olllc. 40S Colcord Bid,., OUakoma Clly, Oils.
hin & brcln fur run. wm
riiln 1
Oailar Haplda, luwai
W. N. U., Oklahoma City, Ns. 2-1Mt

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