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The Mission
M those corpuscles In your blood
LVt have been called " Little
joldlers," l to fight for you
tealnst the disease germs that
instantly endanger your heaith.
hose corpuscles are made
Uatthy and strong by the use of
Iood'sSarsaparllla. (J
This medicine is a combination of
ore than 20 different remedial agents
proportions and by a process known
,lv to ourselves and it haa (or thirty
pars Deen constantly iiuviujuuiui.
So substitute, none -jusi-as-gooa.
On IMnch.
"For the prr-sent, said tne poimnii
jnate, "you will nave to De aaiisnea
h filling 80,1,6 temporary vacancy from
ie to time."
I'll be more than satisfied," faltered
. despairing ofilivReeker. "with any
ne that will fill the vacancy in my
kmaoh from tune to time:
Vc st. vit
linr ana urvnaa inasaa persts-
Bcatly cT4 by Vt. i -Ino'e Great Nerve Ke-
H.H. KJine. Ld.. U . Philadelphia, Ps.
Kan The trouble with Billy, is that
; awkward when lie in company. He
n't know what to do with his hands.
:!, Oh, yes, he does ; he told me once
t you wore too many pins in your
tChicngo Tribune.
,'PKVt KITKRH. "New Vlnlhln Yost." All am lew
lit like new, at an'ond-hi.nd prire. Two Hniith
..R mingTon from $2f to WIS. Hupplim for nil
lliwhini rented. C! to H.fiu nionthlr. The
Lwriter Kichanire. 2V Montgomery. Han Francleuo
Looketl Sunpirtoua.
aptain (of baseball nine) You think
Impy is Rolling sort o weuic in nis
1? Why?
Ilanajrer He renewed his contract for
Reason without making a kick for a
Iter stilury. Clucaso Tribune.
hthon will And Sirs. Wlnslow' Soothing
uptbeb'-st rmueuy to use lur their chUdxaa
ug tne leeuung periou.
. Mire.
What was it rrisollln said to John
Von niciiii, 'Speak for yourself,
Yph; what did nlie mean?"
'I don't know what she meant, but 1
nv It must have been liefore she and
li ii were innrried that she said It"
ustun I'ust.
C. Gee Wo
The Chinese Doctor
This wondeful man has
made a I if e study of the
properties of Roots,
Herbs and Barks, and
is civins the world the
benefit of. his services.
No Mercury. Pojsons
jjidil'SiV Operations or Cutting
...hf vi iiuKi us ran
Guarantees to cure Catarrh, Asthma, Lunir,
Stomach and Kidney troubled, and all Private
Diseases of M n and Women.
Just received from, Pekin, China safe, sure
and reliable. U..failinR in its works.
If you cannot call, write for symptom blank
and circular. Inclose 4 cents In sUimua.
The C. Gee Wo Medicine Co.
162Mi First SL, cor. Morrison, Portland, Or.
P?? 1 ke ftnd SeU More Men's $3.00
riL h08 Than An? 0'ler Manufacturer
l my d.uif if ""2 ' B part of the iboa,
telS JLr iiL akts. la every department, Is
llleeSd JsJ? ehoemA-pt u tU. ahoe mduitry.
iapTst'CL? """i""" Mdenund wbr theyliold their
M.u A ' w"r " ts" soy other siake.
filwl! VannlngthtSolet makes them Hon
nexWeanrf ionoer Wearing than any others.
MuHZ.FfF' 1H''Eh"- rthe Family,
- ' M asies, M ia.es aud hlldrii.
rs.,TlS hT "ho 1B,er" -verywhere.
lAUT UN ' S""1" lioilt W. L. Doi.dlas
aVT VMt ElclM"ly- OaUlos maUed tree.
W. L DUIQLAS. 167 Spark St.. brocklso. Maaa.
-yr m. m
r. u s ji ,. estsfL ,
?m . CM i r. ago, . nit
w- rflr., ....,ci4 V ii li-
First Jtpitanr J'tnXimytmr.
i n iirwi jaimnese ptgawar rrer
brniiKht to lVnuton arrived- ou i steamer
from Iindon the other oiry.. He gave
his name as Tasujo Nakamura. aged
30. and claimed to have been mem
ber of the crcw of an American sailing
il was learneu that he was a gallon
on hoard the ship Johanna, which ar
rived at Faiinouth, Kng., some months
ago. Hp wns starvlns In Ixndon when
nc determined to come to this country.
ne wanuerea about the docks in the
J names and stole on board the Phlla
delphlan and hid In the coal bunkers.
iNHKaiiiura said he was all through
the niissian-Japanpse war, having been
one of the crew of a cruiser in the Jap
anese neet.
iiii-ciiir itooi examined the man
and ordered that he be sent back on the
riillndelphlan when she leaves on her
return trip.
Those who keep Hamlins Wizard Oil
in the house do not have to buy any
other remedy for sore throat No other
remedy will cure this trouble so quiet
jr ui do nureiy. nemember this.
Dec-lined (be Part.
Percy Esmeralda, will you marry me?
j.-ii.cruiua so; Uwendolen refused
yon last nignt, and I'm not
first aid to the injures.
acting at
I anally They Are.
'Trofessor, what is the meaning of th
word 'monologue'?"
"My dear sir, consider the derivation of
it. Jlon is slang for 'money,' and 'logos'
means a word." 'Monologue, words for
Good for Sore Eyes,
for over 100 years PETTIT'S EYE
salvi, nas positively cured eve dis
eases everywhere. All druggists or
nuwuru eras., rsunaio, JN. I.
ine chimney swift is truly a bird of
the air, for it never alights on a fence
or minding. It drops into the top of
some mule-mouthed chimney and cling!
to Its rough sides with tiny feet
The I.ncklret Man.
Ehen So Miss Antique Is going to
pet married at hist. Who is the lucky
i'lo The clergyman. He's going to
get paid for It and assumes no re
Shake luto Tour Shoes
Allen's Foot-Ease, a powder for the feet. It cores
painful, Bwollen, smarting, sweating feet. Makes
new shoes easy. Sold by all Druggists and Shoe
Stores. Don't accept any substitute. Sample
Kfcii Address A. a. Olmsted, Le Kay, JN. x.
I Probably Not.
Trovoked Mother Tommy, you're the
plugue of my life !
i Tommy (snuggling np to her) Tou
j wouldn't talk that wuy if somebody'd kid-
nnp me, would you, mamma
In a Different Class.
"I hear, Mike, that your wife has
gone Into society. Has she become a
clubwoman yet?"
"Indade, an' she has not got iuto
that class; she still uses a flatiron,
Bor." New York Times.
May)ccmoxveT ov&xcoxue
qxolVvv6 tsmsJiySjiTOp cjrviUavr
VoSbWs ii so loX asssaTc6ottauT6
wx) be graiVaaWji fiwpeusei W
vivicatvo lower tieedelas vej cj
vumcaAcs vGtvT&avre3i ore Vcass'xsl
JuticVvoxxs , wtacVflMxs dfiijenji iViv
vo3tcy tton proper iW3ursvTfteTv.,
proper jjots.andtvu6 eactaWy
nflrnr aro V C
Fig Syrup Co.
A flaeoring; used the same as lemon or vanllls.
By dissolving granulated sugar in water and
-adding Wapleine, a delicious syrup is made and
a syrup better than maple. Mapleine is sold by
grocers. If not send 35c for 2 oi. bottle and
recipe book. Crescent Mfg. Co., Seattle, Wa.
Makes the
Baking Sweeter, Lighter
Always works rl&ht
Costs YOU Less
25 Ounces for 25 Cents
or your money back
All American Property at Kessab
Has faen Destroyed.
People Return to Homes Only to Find
Them Looted, and Wander About
Absolutely Destitute.
Beirut, Asiatic Turkev. M s An
investigator who has
here from trip to Kessab reports
that all the American property at that
place has ben completely destroyed by
the Moslem raiders. The American
property there consisted of a girls'
high school under the direction of Miss
Effie N. Chambers. Three-Quarters of
the native houses also have been de
stroyed, but the Armenian church and
the new Protestant school buildino- are
standing. Almost all of the people
who fled from Kessab have returned to
find their houses looted. Thev are ab
solutely destitute. Some food and
clothing are being distributed, but
there is no system in the work and the
supplies are inadequate.
Une band of Turkish reserves has re
turned to the town, but as they took
part in the rioting and killing there,
the people cannot trust them. The
protection afforded is in no sense suffi
cient The situation at Deurtyul, on
the coast north of Kessab, is still criti
French Government Will Dismiss Em
ployes Who Take Part.
Paris, May 8. Warned in advance
that to strike means dismissal from the
service, the members of the Post, Tel
egraph & Telephone Employes asrocia-
tion in various cities have already vot
ed in principle for a general strike, and
the congress of railroad men has order
ed a referendum on the question of or
dering a strike and has appointed a
strike committee.
That a Btrike will result is a foregone
conclusion. The cities where it has
been decided upon include several of
the largest industrial centers, such as
Lyons and Havre. The time to strike
alone appears to be undecided, having
been left by the local unions to the
general strike committee of each or
ganization. The determination of the government
to fight to a finish the question of the
right of state employes to strike is
shown by the declaration of M. Bar
thou, the minister of public works,
that the government, in the event of
an attempt being made to strike, will
instantly discharge from the service
any postman who ceases work.
New Line to Butte.
Helena, Mont, May 8. Montana is
to have a new railroad. Because of
its proposed Western connection, it is
supposed to be a Harriman property.
The company has an authorized capital
stock of f 16,000,000, for which filing
lee of $1,800 was paid by J. L. Wines,
of Butte. The road will run from Lap
wai Junction, where it connects with
the O. R. & N company's lines, along
the Clearwater, crobsing into Montana
by way of Lolo pass ; thence through
Missoula, Granite, Powell and Deer
Lodge counties to Butte, S50 miles.
City in Grip of Strike.
Buenos Ayres, May 8. Buenos
Ayres is still in the grip of the strike
begun early this week as a protest
a?ainst the action of the authorities in
firing upon a crowd of demonstrants
on May Day. The customs receipts
show a great falling off as the result
of the stoppage of commerce and vari
ous navigation companies are holding
tieir ships in port, as it is impossible
to load or discharge cargoes under
present conditions.
Rivers Found Navigable.
Los Angeles, May 8. Lieutenant L.
C. Easton, assistant to Captain Fries,
government engineer here, returned to
day from an exploration of the Grand
and Green rivers in Utah and Arizona,
and stated that as a result of the trip a
report will be sent to Washington de
claring those two rivers navigable for
many miles above their junction where
they meet and form the Colorado.
Vast Fortune All Gone.
New York, May 8. C. W. Morse,
the ex-banker, who is now in the Tombs
prison under sentence for violation of
the national banking laws, has not a
share of stock, a bond or a piece of real
estate left of bis fortune of an esti
mated value of $30,OQO,000, according
to evidence which he gave in supple
mentary proceedings made public to
Houses for Homeless.
Messina, Sicily, May 8. Lieutenant
Commander R. R. Belknap, the Amer
ican naval attache at Rome, bas turned
over to tne prelect 4UU American
wooden houses to be used to shelter
sufferers from the earthquake of last
December. The attache expects that
300 houses will be completed by
une 7.
Abdul's Money In New York.
Constantinople, May 8. The parlia
mentary commission has learned that
Abdul Hamid recently deposited con
siderable sums of money in New York
banks, and it appears that be bas in
the neighborhood of $10,000,000 in
German banks. I
Uniting Franc and America by Wire
less Phone.
"Hello, Paris! This is New York."
To start a conversation like this
across the universe seems like an
achievement beyond the dream of a
Jules Verne or the imaginative picture
of a Bellamy Storer, yet in the busiest
city of the world, New York, such an
experiment will take place shortly,
with every assurance of success. On
this occasion, when science announces
its triumph to the world, society of the
nations will offer its congratulations in
a unique and unrivaled n anier, and
will feature on its social calendar a
luncheon at which Frederick Townsend
Martin will preside, that for interest
and charm will make all past society
events seem common p' ace, when the
first wireless luncheon will take place
in the salon of the Hotel Plaza.
While this luncheon is being served
a voice will speak uniting two of the
greatest nations of history. It will be
the voice of America's most prominent
society man reading a message of Pres
ident Taft to President Fallieres of
France. It will be transmitted to Mrs.
Nora B latch De Forest in the Metropol
itan tower, the talented pioneer of her
sex in this field and foremost woman
civil engineer in the world, who will
receive this message from the Plaza and
send it over a radio wireless telephone
at the rate of 186,000 miles a second,
to a fair daughter of France in the
Eiffel tower.
The salon will be decorated to re
semble a forest. Trees will be in full
bloom and birds singing from their
branches. Presiding at this table will
be Mr. Frederick Townsend Martin
who will be the guest of the American
Wireless association of which Dr. De
Forest is president. . The guests will
be leading society people and scientific
men of note. Mons. Etienne Lianel,
consul general of France, representing
the French government and one of its
guests of honor, has said that if wire
less telephony is brought to a state of
perfection it will become a political
and diplomatic time saver.
The table will represent the Atlantic
ocean. At one end will be the Metro
politan tower, architecturally raised in
candy; at the other end will be the
Eiffel tower. On this miniature ocean
will be small ships of various nations
Bailing back and forth. The shore
landings of both France and America
will be appropriately represented.
The menus will be small telephone
directories, and the dishes will be list
ed as telephone numbers. The place
cards will be wireless messages Bent
from the Ritz Carleton in France to
the guests assembled at the Plaza in
America. These messages will be re
ceived through wireless table phones
permitting the guests at both tables to
converse with each other, although
separated by half a world.
The waiters will be summoned by
wireless telephone and at the end car
riages will be called by this means.
The favors will be small radio spark
less wireless telephone outfits of very
light weight and will be utilized by the
guests in the ceremonies attending the
luncheon and carried away to commem
orate the latest gigantic feat of mod
ern science.
It will take just one fortieth of a
second for the message to travel across
the Atlantic and about one-seventh of
a second to go around the world. Fol
lowing this, mutual toasts will be
given by the guests of this wireless
luncheon who will be separated by an
ocean, yet able to converse as if face
to face.
The value of this marvelous scien
tific and mechanical feat, can hardly be
estimated, and will stand among the
first half dozen scientific wonders of
all time. Its effect upon the trans
mission of commercial business will be
revolutionary, and will mean that we
can communicate with Europe at the
cost now prevailing for a domestic tel
egram. The great station in the Metropoli
tan tower is now being rushed to a
stage of completion. This will be ab
solutely the finest wireless station in
the world. Its cost is not comparable
to that of other equipments, as the sta
tion comprises all Sorts of experiment;
ing apparatus. It is thought that
$300,000 would not cover the outlay if
a structure as high as tbe Metropolitan
tower had to be erected especially for
th work. As long as the tower has
already been constructed, the cost, out
side of the apparatus, will be neglig
ible. The" workings of the. radio wireless
peone are wonderfully simple when
tbe complex problems involved and
overcome in its creation are consid
ered. In telephoning, the operator talks
into tbe mouthpiece exactly as with
the wire telephone and listens for a
reply through a head phone instead of
a receiver. In order to get into com
munication with a wireless telephone
station, it becomes necessary to get
tbe instrument to the known tune of
the other station and then press the
buzzer key which calls the person to
the phone at the other end. The con
versation is then carried on as if the
two operators were face to face.
The mechanical principles upon
which the radio wireless telephone de
pend are simple enough, although there
is a great difference of opinion upon
the actual explanation of the phenome
non of wireless telephony. Speech is
the forming of very rapid and e very
varying serUs of vibrations in the air,
and their measurement by the nerves
of the ear. Owing to the resistance of
the atmosphere, these vibrations grow
weaker and at last disappear as we get
fart Car from tbe source of disturbance.
Telephony is the art of translating
these vibrations into vibrations of ether
whose lesser resistance enables them
to be carried to great distances fcr the
translation into air vibrations afrnin,
as only the air vibrations can be meas
ured by the ear. In the wire! tele-
Wy r I laiin hi I am i ia I asaasasaaa-Ta-in , pawa ml SH'STS ss
r 1 T IT r',LJ"" - ' ' i a ll i rt liii, - i -fc, aaanil
The Kind You llavn Always
4mtA ' 11 . 1
mc v iii-. aa. 1 u-U'lll'l, mid Il.lt IH'Cll inline Ulldf r IMS
personal supervision lor over UO yenrs. Allow no one
to aovcivo you In tliU. Counterfeits, Imitations and
Jiist-as-srood' are hut Experiment, and eiulantrtr the
health of Children Experience ngninst Experiment.
What is CASTOR I A
Cntorii 1 a harmless substitute for Castor Oil, Par.
Rorie, Drops and Soothing Syrups. It is l'lensant. It
contains neither Opium, Morphine nor other Narcotlo
substance. Its asre is its piiurantoe. It destroys Worms
and . allays Fevcrlshness. It cures Diarrhu'ii and Wind
Colic. It relieves Tec thins; Troubles, cures Constipation
and Flatulency. It assimilates the Food, regulates the
Stomach and IJowels, civinjr healthy and natural sleeps
The Children's Panacea Tho Mother's Frleud.
The Kind You Me Always Bought
Sears tne
In Use For Over 30 Years.
Txc esNTau a. jhnnt. TT atuaasT STStar. nasi roaa srrv.
fB7raffffi.',i.v:.: Br. i w 1 -zj
phone the air waves are translated into
the vibrations of an electrical discharge
which oscillates the ether.
The ether waves, sent out by trans
mitting station, having been there
modified by the human voice, are
changed back at the receiving station
into Buch form as to effect the receiver
and cause the exact air vibrations
which were made to modulate the
transmitting current, and therefore,
the words of the speaker are heard ex
actly as spoken.
Dr. DeForest bases his claims for
success on his past experiments with
the wireless telephone at the sugges
tion of Admiral Evans, who conducted
the experiments on board his flagship,
the Connecticut, and another vessel.
Every battleship, cruiser or torpedo
boat of tbe great Pacific fleet was
equipped with radio wireless tele
phones before setting out on the mem
orable cruise. These instruments were
given a thorough .trial in inter-ship
communication and in conversation
with several wireless stations cn the
Pacific coast.
In the meantime, the young inventor
has not been content to rest on the
laurels obtained from his successful
work in the navy and has carried on
many experiments, both at home and
abroad. In May, 1908, from the Eiffel
tower, wireless messages were sent by
the radio telephone to every wireless
station in France. A warship off
Marseilles, nearly 600 miles away,
heard the transmitted messages just as
distinctly as did the stations near
Paris. While doing this, Dr. DeForest
had equipped several of the vessels of
the Italian navy and the instruments
met with such decided success that an
arrangement has been practically con
cluded for the equipment of the entire
Mrs. DeForest is quite as interesting
as her inventor husband. She grad
uated from Cornell university in the
difficult science of civil engineering.
She was the first and only woman to
graduate from an Eastern college in
this profession. After her graduation
honors were heaped upon her until she
stood before the world as its foremost
woman hydraulic engineer, and a re
markable example of woman's intel
lectual equality with man.
She was the first woman ever elect
Is Your Most Valuable Servant
It will bring you and your family into closer touch with
neighbors, the general store,
family doctor
IH tire outside world. It does
1 away with the isolation of
I frm Yt(f on1 fllniir.u
boy on the
ryS&W. 'Phone Is
nQJm I lf 5""1 wl"
V,' tisemcnt, rite
address on the margin and mail
it at once to our nearrst house,
we will srnd you a copy of our
Free Ilullctiu No.. 112 on
which explains how you and rour nclghhors can. by rutting- your
own poks. buyi!thc rest ol the material rvguircd lur building
an ahsnliilply st:iidard system at an espi nse ol about 20 bushels
of wheat each. You cannot afford to do without rural telephone.
New York
The world's oldest snd lsnreit tele
phone manufscturer. Tiisre sreover
4.000.000 WMt.rs Electric TiUpfconta
in use in tha United States to day.
Rural Telephones a specialty.
Northern Electric and Manufacturing
- - - - - awhttrfch
lintiirht lias borne th ni-rna
I . . . .
Signature of
ed to membership in the American So
ciety of Civil Engineers. She helped
to build the greatest water works sys
tem in the world's history, being on the
engineering staff charged with the
building of the $161,000,000 Catskill
system. In June, 1907, she was elect
ed fellow of Cornell university, an
honor rarely conferred upon women.
While at Cornell she proved herself to
be the peer of any of the male athletes.
She is a leader in the equal rights
movement and various movements de
signed to improve the social condition
of all women. And now she further
distinguishes herself by being the first
woman to engage in wireless telephony.
Crown and Bridge Work a Specialty
2AR-209 Merchants Trust Buildlnir
iaVs Waahinitlon, cor. Sixth PORTLAND, OR
The Treatment It to Accomplish
What Science Has Been Strug
gling to Attain for Centuries
The intenne intereM that ha been mmnifcMitad
throughout the country by the wonderful cures
thut are twins acromplmhed daily by epileptcide,
alii) continufii. It In really urprining- the vast
number of ptninle who have alnwdy been cured of
Ala and nervounetM. In onir that everybody
may have a chance to teat the medicine, lartre trial
bottles, valuable literature, Hintory of Epilepay
and Uwtimoniabi, will be Bent by mall atiaoluteljr
free to all who write to the Dr. May Laboratory,
548 1'earl Street. New York City.
No. 20.09
IIKIi writing toadrertlsarspUas
inaimon mis paper.
POUND 25c.
Get It from
your Grocer
the broker, the post office,
and the en-
the Best
c,,t f"it thi' advcr-
your name and
Saint Louis
Kantaa City
San Francises)
Los Angelas
Ssil Uks City
Co., Ltd., Montreal c4 Winnipeg

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