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City and County
Brief News Items
Alfa'fa ie?d fir sa'.e at R. S. & Z.
Attend the dance at the open:
bouse. WeJnes Jay night.
Dr. C. T. Hockett returned Satur
day from a pro'e:sional trip to L;.
E. A. Aii'leraan left Monday f"i
Heppner aid vl laity on a bjiin.':
rs. .m. DaiV.ey went to Loslinr
saiu.day to i;it her people several
Woodlark poisoned wheat. It kill
the squirrels. Buy It at Bumaugh
May fields.
Engineer R. K. Lowry was here
several days lan wee'.t looking afte
.jj..ifjr lO.uieaeJ with the wale,
works co .t:a t.
Elgin Flour at V. J. Fuk & Co s
Patent $1.50 a sack, straight grade.
$1.40 a sack.
Judge J. AV. Kno.vles anJ Distric
attorney F. S. Ivanhoe of La Grand
came in Fiiday to be ready for the
opening of tlie Y.ay term of circui
JacUsjn & We war's Antisoptl
Tooth Fodder wnlteis the teeth
hardens t".e gums and purifies th
dens the gums and purifies the breat'
'Satisfaction guaranteed.
H. E. Oakes has had his shop r
fitted Into a nice retail siore roan
and he is carrying a large stock o
paints and wall paper. He will pain'
Assessor B. F. y liter's large new
T. M. Littleton, who was locate'
at Oakland for some months, ha
Wight a home at Lodi, Cal., atid wil
reside there. He writes there is i
"promise of an abundant fruit croi
Mr. end Mrs. C. S. Brad'.ey anc
child of Gravity, Iowa, arrived in En
terprise, Saturca", and will locate
here. Mr. Bradley wa? in the real
estate business back in Iowa. an
bis former partner, L. B. Payne,
writes thh paper that Mr. Bradle
is a live, wide awa'ie man who wi!
.prove a welcome addition to our
citizenship. Yr. Bradley and farn
i lesidiilg In the Long cot
tage on Le:.o: street.
If you Ceaire a cteir comp'.exior
take Foley's Orino Laxative for con
8tlpation and liver t ouble as it wil
stimula e theie organs a:id thorough
ly cleanse your system, which i
what everyone neels in th spring
in order to feel well. For sale b
Eurnaugh & Mayile'd.
Sit Up And
Take Notice
Every department of our store
has been replenished with new
and up-to-date goods and our
c is no.v complete in al
most every department.
We pay spot cash for our
goods, and therefore get the
benefit of all cash discounts
and we give our customers the
benefit of our cheap buys.
Our New Goods
just received direct from Chi
cago in the dry goods depart
ment consists In part of tne
In dress goods of the newest
and most exclusive patterns,
NOTIONS, Etc, etc.
We have In transit a large in
voice of Men's Clothing which
wi l arrive in aLout 10 days.
We also tale orders for the
Our spring shipment of Hats
Is already here, both men's and
boys'. We carry the HARDE
MAN HAT, superior in style
to any other hat in the mark
ed and only equalled in dur
ability and holding its shape
by the celebrated Stetson.
We have just received a large
assortment of men's, boys' la
dies' and Aiijses' Oxford Shoes
In black, tan, chocolate and
ox-blood (lace or buckle.)
Oup Grocery and Hardware de
partments are also complete.
Drcp in, look at our goods,
and compare prices.
R. S. & Z. CO.
Electrically Welded
s in a class of its own because it is
he on'y Fence of its kind made,
it is the Fence for you to use
1. It is the best made.
2. Has same sized stay as strand
3. Has no wraps or clamps to
told moicture and cause rust
4. Stays cannot be spread by
5. The price is right.
6. It is the strongest Fence on
he market.
Buy it, try It, and your Fence
roubles will be over.
or Poultry, llo;s, Horses, Cattle,
Lawn and Corn Cribs,
Before buying a mattress see
uhley's $13.r0 special.
lanalac. varnish stains, linseed ol'
t BurnaiiBh & Mayfleld's.
Cut prices on nieat3 at Cray &
i letfs City Market.
Fine svveH votatces at W. J. Funk
i Cos.
w. S. Wilson of Wa'lowa was here
;a business over Friday.
Carpets, China and Jap Mattings
it Ashley's.
Mrs. E. A. Fosner and children of
V.-Iinpto i, jo:ned Mr. Fosner here
tioou music and be;, of order at
'ie dance In the opera house, Wed
a;. a nU-ht. Tickets $1.00.
'i:s Vest i Jackson of Wallowa
vas a visit ir wit'a relatives here
ver Sauday.
Mrs. C. Foe of Lostine visited
er S:in;iay with her daughter, Mrs.
ohn Smith.
Po;k sausage 'only 10 cents a
ound at Cray & Wlllett's City Mar
ket. Grace Wood of Lostine came up
Saturday for a short visit with her
lother, Mr3. Martin Larsen.
The new pastar of the Presbyterian
:hurch, Rev. Samuel Harris, arrived
rom Sand Point, Ida., Saturday.
Fresh Fish every Friday and Sat
rday at Cray &' Wlllett's City Mar
et. The best washing machine on
arth is the Flyer. For sale by
: D. Kel'ner.
Mrs. W. C. Flesner of Lo3tine was
re ovsr Sunday to see her new
r.iriddnughter at the home of Harley
As a nrwentlve and cure of chap
ed hands, fa?e or lips, use Jackson
i Weaver's Almond Cream. Your
noney back if not satisfied.
Co -r Reporter H. R. Hanna, with
lis wife and little girl, of La Grande,
ame in Saturday for the Mav term
)f court.
Mrs. E. W. S eel, baby and daugh
er Marearet, returned Saturdav from
visit of several weeks at La Grande
vith her sister, Mrs. D C. Brichoux.
Harry Eowd of Cheney, Wash., the
.e'.l known ntoekbuyer, arrived Satur
day from Deer Lodge. Mont., sum
'.noned here on coart business.
Charles Crumpacker visited severa
lays with his family last week, leav
ing Saturday for Baker City, which
will be his headquarters while selling
nceries in that vicinity.
Loin steak only 10 cents a pound
at Cray & Wlllett's City Market.
J. A. Elack and daughter, Mrs. G.
W. Hine3 and children, of Walla
a!!a. arrive! In Enterprise Monday
o.i their way to Grouse where they
will visit .Mr. Black's nephew, Jesse
Jreen. While here they were guests
of their re'.ative3, Mr. and Mrs. S.
K. Clark.
Many weak, nervous women have
ue'ii restored to health by Foley's
Kidney Remedy as it stimulates the
kidneys so they will eliminate the
waste matter from the blood. Impur
ities depress the nerves, causing ner
vous exhaustion and other ailments.
Commence today and you will soon
be v-o" For sale by Burnaugh &
Ice Cream
Ice Cream Soda
Sundaes, Root Beer, Re
freshing DrinHs
When extra CANDY
is wanted come to
Next Door to Bank
Enterprise, - - Oregon
Plenty of bran and shorts IV
ceau, at Lostine Mills. 4btf
Jacob Bauer returned Tuesday
from Curry county.
G. J. Wagner arrived Tuesday
from Portland.
..lis RhoJa Wood went to Elgin
Tuesday to spend the summer.
Just received 6,000 new Post Cards
the largest assortment in town. Jack
son & Weaver.
rs Nancy J. Lapham returned to
Pendleton Tuesday. She had been
-o.e on court business.
L-. Fitzgerald of the La Grande
Iron works came in Monday on a
business trip.
Mr. and .Mrs. T. A. Ratcliff of
-a em came Tuesiay to visit their
wa, G. I. Ratcliff, and family.
C. W. Brown of Smith Mountain,
A'ho ran for cojnty commissioner
against Mr. Locke, was a county
seat visitor Monday night.
P. L. McPherson left Tuesday for
fitter Springs in Grant county to
try the curative qualities of the
jaths. He is sti I safiering from
A. M, V;ner returned Monday
from his trip to Curry county. They
are ha lag a cold spring on the
j-j.. same aj everywhere.
Richard Stablea and son Matthew
i Smith .Mountain were here Mon
day, the elder Stables to secure his
.inal naturalization papers,
A farewell reception will be given
it the home of E. J. Forsythe, Thura
lay evening, May 13, from 8 to 9:30
ic.ock, in ho.iqr of Miss Gusale
Hutchinson and Miss Kathryn DuFur.
Pos master Weathers received an
ather new sjctlon of lockboxes Tues
ay, making the equipment com
plete. He and the people of Enter
rise and vicinity have surely cause
o be proud of the new postofflce
.'or we warrant there la none prettier
r more convenient In the state.
The tamarack, mission finish, gives
he woodwork a rich, elegant appear
mce not often seen except to costly
Exhibits Milking Machine.
W. H. Blount or the Hazelwood
mpany was at the Enterprise cream
try several days last week exhlbit
ng the company's milking machine,
tainted to be the best as well as
he cheapest machine on the market,
t Is used on the big. dairy farms of
he Hazel wo id company.
Hoarseness, bronchitis and other
hroat troubles are quickly cured by
Foley's Honey and Tar as it soothes
uid heals the inflamed throat and
jronchial tubes and the most obstl
ate cough disappears, Insist upon
laving the genuine Foley's Honey
.nd Tar. Rurnaugh & Mayfleld.
Marriage Lloenses.
May 8 Jasper A. Prout and Leona
C. Dale.
May 8 Henry W. Downs and
ranees M. Ward.
For dyspepsia, indigestion and loss
of appetite take Levy's Oregon Grape
Compound. Sold and guaranteed by
Burnaugh. & Mayfleld, Enterprise,
'A'lto all the care and pains we take.
To fill prescriptions right,
To fill them promptly at all hours.
In the daytime or at night,
ion might think we'd charge some
But such 13 not the case;
Jo when you want prescriptions filled
Jackson & Weavers is the place
If you want to feel well, look well
md be well, take Foley's Kidney
Remedy. It tones up the kidneys
ind bladder, purifies the blood and
restores health and strength. Pleas
int to take and -contains no harmful
Irugs. Why not commence today?
Burnaugh & Mayfleld's.
ui prices
on Meats
Beginning Monday, May 17, we will
sell strictly for cash, and have re
duced prices to a cash basis.
jood boll 5C ib.
3est boil 6c n,.
Shoulder roast 7C lb.
Hamburger 7C lb
Loin roast 8c lb.
i-nucK steak 8c lb
Round steak 9C lb
Loin steak i0e lb.
Pork sausage lQc lb.
Fresh side pork I0c lb.
Pork roast ne lb.
Fresh hams UMiC lb.
Pork chops llc lb.
Bacon 16 c lb.
Smoked hams 17V4c lb
Lard, 5 lbs 75c
Lard, 10 lbs u.45
Special rates on large order.
River 8t., 1 block south of Funk's
(ContiD'ad from front page.)
Th rd Judicial Cay.
Friday, May 7.
In the matter of the Wm. Xewby
District attorney having reported
favorably, it is considered and or
dered that sail road b3 allowed
and opened for public travel ac
cording to the survey thereof.
Ahen the petitioners pay all dam
ages. In the matter of the T. M. Gilmore
The district attorney having re
ported unfavorably, on account of
the affidavit of posting being de
fective. It is ordered that the
same be and is hereby continued.
In the matter of appointing a county
fruit inspector:
After fully examining all petitions
on file, it is ordered that the
same be and hereby is continued,
a the nia'ter of the application of
ihe City of Enterprise, Oregon, for
i right of way to lay mains or water
pipes underground, upon and across
he county roads in Wallowa County,
Oregon :
Application filed by said city tc
lay pipes aero is and at other
points lengthwise in certain coun
ty roads, and it appearing that
said city will place all of said
mains or water pipes three feat
underneath the surface of the
ground, and securely cover the
same and will keep the surface of
the ground level with ground on
either side right of way
It is ordered Uat said City of En
terprlse shall have the right to
excavate, lay and maintain mains
or water pipes In, upon and across
the county roads of Wallowa coun
ty, mentioned in its application
dated May 7, 1903.
'n the matter of appointing a coun
ty physician for the ensuing year:
Dr. E. T. Anderson appointed for
the year ending .May 1, 1910, at e
sa.ary of $150 a year, and It Is
further ordered that said Dr. E. 7
Anderson is to attend to any anr"
all cases of a medical nature that
are declared county charges by. the
county coart, and should any be
found to require a surgical opera
tlon said coanty physician shall
perform said operation at a reason
able price; and it Is further or
dered that sill county physicia
is to furnish all medicine for coun
ty charge.
tn the matter or W. H. Decker, a
county charge:
It appearng to the court that W.
H. Decker ha3 ample means of
1 'Pport at this time, It Is ordered
that he be and hereby Is dlscharg
ed from receiving any further aid
of t'-ie county.
Banish Dimples, blotches Ami hniis
by taking Levy's Oregon Grape Com
pouna. boia and guaranteed by Bur
naugh & Mayfield. Enterprise, Ore.
Paradise, May 7.j. b. Ready of.
.uterprise was here recently.
uice Brothers and Cole Brothers
assed through here with a fine
bunch of fat hogs bound for Lewiston
Lake Osburn and Harve Hendrlci:-
son made a trip to Lewiston.
Ray Renfrow sold his 80 acre farm
to Thomas Boone.
The protracted meetings held at
Paradise and Flora bv
have closed. Over 100
iin the Christian church during
me revival at the two places.
J. A. Stowell and wife made a
business trip to Aso in this we 3k.
The Flora Journal in the issue of
l:il 30. goes for the Parartls
"espDiident of the News Record and
...wei or wants explanation, and uses
-ne words "Barbed Wire Steal." I
iU not use those words but bbM iho
wire was taken from a fence near
raraaise, and had bean on the fence
iLout seven years; was there when
the present owner bought the farm.
As to being hard on the neighbors,
I Just told the truth. The word
steal, was. used In regard to some
bacon and grain that was stolen in
ower Paradise. I will say in regard
to the item, if the Journal or the
person or persons referred to don't
e the paragraph in regard to th"
barbed wire, they can appeal to the
courts and find out something.
Nature's Remedy.
LeW'S flrRlrnn n
- 0wu umjio vuiupounu.
Enriches your blood Rpmi.iu u,
ney and liver. Sold and guaranteed
by Burnaugh & Mayfield, Enterprise
Ctill Waters.
wuKh,n handBome Algernon,
With keen deltgl,) for any f un
Approved the .T,y Miss Annabel
And MfUy Mid, "Now. win you tall
W you prefer"- And. Nvlth a smile.
"You w.nh!' WUh ",mle
k- . 5 " """wer to your Ciattv-
Adl1 bw BWeel' ""ve eye.
X?' bow or two beau
A bird in the hand la the only thing "
-New York? Herald.
25 a cynic.
Fot Thst Nvr Happened.
A grotesque and foolish view of the
(rest leads many who are not ac
aualuted with that part of the country
to" perpetrate "musing blunder! re
pirdlug the possibilities of the typical
western weainms. the rlOe and the six
hooter. To shoot an.anlmara eye out
it a hundred pncee Is a common feat
lu wild went literature. Sometimes it
Is done with a six shooter In type, not
anywhere elsf. Of course, no man
run see the eye of an animal that far.
I hare had a good rifleman tell me be
could out off a robin's head at a hun
dred steps. The truth is that he could
not see the bead clearly thnt far. You
rend that the desperado Rlade could
with a six shooter at fifty or sixty
steps hit a man lu any button of bis
coat that he chose, but you may be
sure thnt neither Rlade uor any one
else could do anything of the kind.
Even trli k and fancy shooting at Its
best could ever cover feats ascribed as
matters of course to the average fron
tlersimin by those devotees of frenzied
fiction who never saw the frontier.
Outing Magazine.
Eluding th Offictrt.
Here I nn amusing description of
one of Balzac's periods of lmpecunlos
Ity. Mery, the ioet, a preut friend of
Balzac, was an Inveterate gambler
nud rarely left the card table tiefore
dnybrenk. nis way lay past the Cafe
tie Paris, and for four consecutive
mornings he had met Bnlzac strolling
leisurely up and down dressed in a
pnntnlon a pleds (trousers not termi
nating Ik'Iow the ankle, but with feet
In them like stockings) and frock coat
with velvet facings. The second morn
ing Mery felt surprised at the coinci
dence: the third be wns puzzled: the
fourth he could hold out no longer and
asked Balzac the reason of these noc
turnal perambulations roundabout the
same spot.
Balzac put his. hand in his pocket
and produced an almanac showing that
the sun did not rise before 3:50. "I am
being tracked by the officers of the
tribunal de commerce and obliged to
hide myself during the day, but at this
hour I am free and can take a walk,
for as long ns the sun is not up they
cannot arrest me."
Equal to the Occasion.
The author of "Across Kugiand In a
Dogenri" once sniped to examine
church In the llu.. villuge of Enstone:
The diiy v.iis warm, nnd on leaving
the church I rested for awhile in the
grateful shade of bulldlug and for
the Bnke of the co .ess still kept my
hat In my hand. While standing there
I overheard one workman ask of an
other: "Why do 'e keep 'Is 'at off like that
uut of doors, mate?"
" 'Cause 'e's a Quaker, o' course," re
plied the mate. "Quakers alius do In
Here was un opportunity not to be
lost. "Xo," said I, "I am not a Quak
er. I am nn Episcopalian."
There was a short, nwkward pause.
Then the first workman, evidently of
an inquiring turn of mind, said to his
fellow mason, who seemed to be con
sidered nu nuthorlty:
"A E-piscopnle oue, 'e says 'e la.
Wot's that, Bill?"
"Oh," replied the learned Bill, quite
equal to the occasion, "that's one of
them fancy foreign religions, sure."'
Used by the Multitude.
Levy's Oregon Grape Compound.
For general spring tonic. Sold and
guaranteed by Burnaugh & Mayfield,
The Word "Wallop."
The origin of the familiar vernncu
Inr verb "to wallop" is not generally
known. It comes from the family
name of the earls of Portsmouth. Sit
John Wallop, K. G.. was admiral
commander in the reign of King Hen
ry VIII. of the fleet which avenged
French raids bv burnine
nnd twenty-one French villages. This
was eanea, in the current parlance ol
the times, "wallonlnir" them unit tho
phrase passed Into the language and
mm survives.
King of Blood Remedies.
Levy's Oregon Grape Compound.
Sold and guaranteed by Burnaugh &
Mayfleld, Enterprise, Oregon.
Read the advertisements.
Vrice for
Pelts and Hides proprietor PHONE 20
Hack Calls to
any part of the city
answered day or night.
J. C SHACKELFORD, Proprietor.
First Class RlgS
and careful drivers.
New Minister to Servia and Hit
usual Romance.
Spencer F. Eddy, who was recenUT
appointed by President Roosevelt L
envoy extraordinary and miuUtw
Idoulpotcutlary to Loumaula and 8r.
via, will combine with bis duties n
thnt capacity the wu.'k of Anieric,.
diplomatic agcut lu Bulgaria. Mr
Eddy bus been called the best dresini
American In Europe und is one of th
handsomest. He was born in Chicsw
thirty-four years ago and educuted ,
Iliirvnrd nnd lu Germany. He speaki
several foreign luuguuges fluently and
Is a boru diplomat. He wus privats
eeretury to the lute John Hay WBta
the latter was umbassudor at tu
court of St. James uud Inter was madi
third secretary of legation. Subsj.
queii tly he became second secretary
of legntlon at Pnrls and from thett
was promoted to be first secretary at
Constantinople, serving us charge d'af.
folres during periods when important
matters were under consideration and
distiuirulKhlug himself by his able
'onduct In his post. He gained a rep.
utntiou for ability to tleol with dlffl.
cult questions through bis connection
with the negotiations regarding tlx
rescue nnd ransom of the captured
uilssiotinry. Miss Ellen Stone. Prom
the Turkish capital be was sent to fit
a 3 ivf 1
I , T - lf -
i IL
Petersburg and wns churge d'affaires
there in the absence of Ambassador
Meyer during a critical Juncture of the1
war between Russia and Japan.
An episode lu Mr. Eddy's career at
the time of the Victorian Jubilee" of
1807 was an udveuture he had during t
London fog with a fair Russian prin
cess in which he saved her from being
trodden on by horses in the streets of
the English metropolis when the mist
was so thick it was Impossible to find
one's way. The incident was made
the foundation for a romance entitled
"Love In a Fog," which nttractcd at
tention at the time. It was rumored
that Mr. Eddy was much smitten with
the beautiful Russian of his adventure,
but, however that may be. no nuptial
ceremony resulted, and instead, about
three years ago, he married into tbt
wealthy Spreckels family of San Fran
cisco. Mr. Eddy was chnrge d'affoirei
at Berlin for a year following his serr
Ice nt St. Petersburg and lu 1907 wa
appointed minister to Argentina, from
which post he has now been trani
ferred to Roumnnla and Servla. It
used to be snld of Mr. Eddy that h
was equally at home leading a cotillon
or as tackle on a football team. .
Too Great a Strain.
Every once in awhile the actor while
taking the part of a dude In a play
would spend large sums of bis stage
money. On one of these occasion it
seemed too much for a certain person
in the audience, wbiri a voice rang
shrill and clenr thrgh tj house.
"Hey, Bill, how about that five you
owe me?"-New York Herald.
Not Flattery.
"I wonder why you love me, dear."
"That's strange. I've asked myself
the same question a thousand times."
Denver News-Times.
Both Phones
Home Independent 40
Pacific States 45.
Our bus .nice tc al
trains. Fate 10c.
rt Enterprise Oregon.
-Chicago New1"" the Klrt
within city limits

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