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City and County
Brief Xe s Items
Mrs V E Enitons wat to La
Grande FVi lav to vl.li friend an,
Mr Varvln and du?h:e:
Rosalind weat to Summerville. Tuur
day. to vhl: seve.al days.
Emery Flatters returned to bi
home at Prwcoti. Wash.. Ta,r;J,
after a vUlt ui:h UU brother ou iht
big s;o k ranch north of town.
Lea R Ivo U giving bU band
.orne new home in the s ouiheusi part
of town, several coau of paint.
is also painting the roof.
Dr. J. D. Gillian. M. E. presUm?
elder for this district, is visiting t:ie
churches U LoUi and rave e
valleys, Ida.
George M. Gi'v left Thursday
for a visit with hi mother. Mrs. UJ.i
Gai:y of Sterling. Kansas.
Gas Price returned to Hot Lti.t '
Thursdav to give the curative watc:
there a further trial tor hU oilmen-.
Wm. Di-fbman, the well knovii
Ftock dc-a'.er. experts to bring his sin
end daughter from Portland to vi..t
here after their school is oat.
M. F. Wheeler of Vancouver.
Wash., formerly resident of this ci y.
came in Wednesday afternoon to re
main during the shearing season.
FTed Holxe?, who came in
the Royal Arch party, remained ove
a day looking after business in'3:
ests "and visiting relatives, He rc
turned home Thursday.
Miss Grace Wood, who conduetei
a millinery shop in Lostine the pas
year, has moved her stock to thl
city and has also bo ight out Mrs
Helena Zurcher, combining the tw
stocks and occupying at present tU
Zurcher room three doors east of th
postoffice. She will begin a big
clearing sale next Wednesday.
(Continued from third page.)
Hug 83 0 1 0 0 4 1
Pace lb 3 0 0 0 15 1 1
Bauer ct '3 1 0 1 0 0 i
Bilveu rf 4 1 2 0 0 0 0
V. Pidcock c.. 4201400
Conawav p 2 0 0 0 0 2 0
3ivage If 2 2 1 1 2 0 0
i-re. ch 3b 3 0 0 0 0 6 2
.1. Pidcock 2b.. 1 1 1 0 0 3 C
Totals .... 25 7 5 3 21 1';!
Oliver rf 2 0 0 2 0 0 0
B. Clark ss....2 0 o l - -G.
Clark 2b .... 3 0 0 0 1 2 C
Skiff 2b 3 1 1 0 0 3 f
Jlulvmui c " i - - - -
Sheets If 3 1 0 0 1 1 f
Davis lb 3 0 1 1 10 0 (
Nodine cf 30 0 1 1 0 1
Cline p 3 0 0 0 0 2 1
Totals .... 23 3 2 4 18 12
Union 0 0 0 3 0 0 03
Enterprise 0 3 1 1 2 0 7
Sacrifice hits, Conaway, Pace, R.
Clark, Hug. 2-base hit. Hug. Homt
run, Bilyeu. Double play, French.
Pace, W. Pidcock. Struck out, by
Conaway 2, by Cline 2. Base on
balls, off Cline. R. Pidcock (2),
Bauer, Savage; off Conaway, Oliver.
Wild pitches, Cline 2. Umpire, Ed
gar Marvin.
. o r '
Watch Chain
No chain of superior quality made. Guaranteed
highest grade gold-filled chain, solid gold soldered
throughout, bright polish, medium size linKs,
extra strong
Price $6.39
Main Street, 3 doors east of Postoffice. ENTERPRISE, OREGON
Good Wheat Land
From $20.00 to $25.00 per acre
Will raise from 40 to 50 buihols per acre. The New Era Land
Company has some of the cheajst and best wheat land in East
ern Oregon. This is not wijd but the actual facts. Come and
Investigate It for yourself Alio good dairy and timothy ranches
cheap, and I have some of the biggest snaps in town property
in Eastern Oregon.
New Era Land Company
J. B. Seibert, Manager, Enterprise, Oregon
1st Door West of Sheahan's
(Coniinued from page three.)
"lighi with four errors. Hug reache
.irst o:i an error by Skiff and a
nue purloined second, and scorec
a lieu 15. Clark couldn"t make up his
nind to stop Ptces hard one. Pace
was caught trying to score or
Bauer's hit to short. Bilyea madt
i clean hit and went to second on
wild th ow by McMillan of W. Pid
cock's roller. Conaway. Savage ani
rreach were given bases on ball
by the now rattled McMillan, and R
Pidcock banged a scorcher square
r.er first base, bringing everybod;
aome and resting on third himself
He ran home while the Union tean
put up a prolonged kick on the um
pire calling his hit fair, but was
e:u Lack to thy-d as a pacifyint
compromise. Hug went out on a fly
o short, Fa?e made a clean single
Bauer went to first on balls and Bi'
yea hi'., scoring Pace. W. Pidcocl
eu.led the agony by grounding out
pitcher to first. That was all but i.
was enough. Savage and French cor
tinned their base on balls habit 1)
the seventh but were left. Baue.
reached first on a funijie by Skiff i
the Sth but died on second.
Following Is the score:
H.!g m ' 1 1 2 4
a e lb 5 1 1 1 16 0 (
;aisr cf 4 1 0 0 1 0
:;ei p o 1 2 0 0 6 (
V. Pidcock c .. 5 1 0 0 4 1
:onawav, rf .... 3 1 1 0 0 0
lavage If 2 1 1 1 2 0 1
French 3b 2 1 0 0 0 2 (
3. Pidcock 2b . . 4 1 2 0 2 2 (
Totals .... 35 9 8 3 27 15 1
)liver rf 4 0 0 0 1 0
:. Clark ss.. ..4 0 0 0 2 3 )
1. CUrk 2b .... 4 0 1 0 1 1 (
!l.l:i 3 ) 3 0 0 0 1 2 .
.iulvihlll c 3 0 0 0 9 0 (
Sheets 7 3 0 0 0 2 0 (
Davis lb 3 1 1 0 8 0 (
oline cf 3 0 1 0 0 0 (
dcMillan p.... 2000031
Cihie p 1 0 0 0 0 0
30 1 3 0 24 9 f
Enterprise... 00000900 f
Jnion 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 01
Tv.o base hit, Nodine. Three bas
lit, R. Pidcock. Innings pitched
UcMillan 6 2-3, Cline 1 1-3. Hits of
McMillan 8. Struck out, by Bilye
by .McMillan 7. Base on balls, off
iIc.Milian, Bauer, Conaway, Savag
(2, French (2). Umpire, A. C. Mil
"Casey" French showed he is t
all player and only needs a littl--jxperiewe
in real games to be bette
nan the best.
Considering the weather, whicl
was beastly, good crowds were out.
The Union boys made lots of
friends by their lively playing and
gentlemanly behavior.
.McMillan threw his arm out in the
seventh inning of the first game and
retired in great pain, Cline taklnf
his place. N
A personal examination after the
sanies showed the scalp lock o
every Enterprise player fitting tight
in its accustomed place.
Hug wa3 a tower of strength in
the field and at bat. He was the
old hand and head needed to steady
the kids.
Savage's bad throw was caused by
a wet ball. He more than redeemed
Rimseli by two grand running catch
es, one a high Unr earried almost
to the foul flag by the strong wind.
W. Pidcock caught good ball and
was in the game every minute. Pace
and R. Pidcock also starred In all
iround play. Pace had 33 chances
M first and accepted all except one
excusable muff of a thrown ball.
The Union boys excelled In team
rork, and played gamely to the end
)ut were outclassed for the day at
Savage reached first six times out
f seven chances, and made three
icores. W. Pidcock also made three
ailyeu hit safely four times, R. Pld
:ock three. Hug and Savage twice
iach. Savage also stole two bases.
Rain stopped the first game at the
jnd of the third Innlnss Thursday,
die players and spectators being
drenched to the skin by a heavy
lownpour It rained off and on all
day but cleared off a little about S
clock and announ- eaient was mad
x game would Le played. Over 201
spectatois were present when Um
)ire i i ier called play at 4 o'clock
lie uae paths, the batter's box am
hortfiled was very muddy. Nc
ain feil the llrst inning and tht
irst three Union batters failed U
xiuch Bllyeu's puzzling curves. Cline
or Union was wild giving Marvh
ind Bauer base oa balls, but he wa:
taved by a lucky catch of a fly b)
.s'odine. A drizzling rain started an
he game turned into a farce, hu
.as continued In hopes the ral
vould cease. Instead it came dowi
.arder and harder until everybod.
as satisfied to quit at the end of the
bird The downpour prevented goo
)laylng and neutralized Bilyeu'i
Etching, so that oa wild throws
assed balls, with a lucky Texa;
aaguer mixed in. Union made
icores in the second, and another it
-he third on two short hits. Entei
.wise batted In a run in the second
The features of the piece of a ganu
vere two fine running catches b
.'ace In center field and a splendu
hrow to homeplate from right fleU
by Bauer.
G. J. Wagner returned to Portlam
Thursday, to spend the summer a
Us Albina avenue home. A 20 acr
jlty park will be laid out just ol
josite his house.
L. B. Haggeity returned Thursda;
rom a stay of several months a
tupert, Ida. This is a town in the
linidoka project in the souther
wrt of the state, or was when Mr
Haggerty le.t a few days ago, hu
die wind was blowing so hard th.
.own may be blown over into Neva
ia or Wyoming by this time. Mr
-laggerty says he wouldn't give one
jreath of the pure air here for sb
Jionths gulping of the sand mlxtur,
aiied air in the Minidoka country.
They are trying awful hard to ere
ate a boom over there but are no
iucceedi:.g very well
Continued from pace three
ages to the SV of NW 8ec
19, Twp. 1 N. R. 44 E. W. M. lr
the sum of two hundred twenty
five dollars.
In favor of E. W. Southwlck a
damages to the SEVi of KE
Sec. 24, Twp. 1 N. R. 43, E. W. M
in the sum of fifty dollars.
The court being satisfied thai
said assessment of damages L
jujt and equiiable, the same i'
hereby approved and allowed; ant
that the road is not of sufficlen'
public importance to justify th(
county in payi.ig said damages o
any part thereof: Therefore, i
is hereby considered and on', ere
that the petitioners pay or caue t
be paid in to the clerk of thi
court on or before the next regu
lar term of this court the amoun
of the damage i so assessed a-c
aforesaid, for the benefit of the
parties whose lands will be render
ed less valuable by reason of the
location of said road, and that al
of the records and files of this pro
ceeding be submitted to the
district attorney for examination
and report, and that pending said
report and the payment of the
damages as assessed the final or
der herein allowing said petition be
stayed; and this matter be and
the same is hereby continued until
the July term of court.
In the matter of appropriating money
for the Troy road.
Now at this time the court coo
elders the matter of appropriating
Enterprise Cleaning
And Pressing Works
Has just received the large book of
Sample from Edw. E. 8traus Co.,
and is prepared to Bv you a nice
Summer Suit
Ladies and anV suits cleaned and
en. old Hat cleaned and re
blocked, by J. I,. SIEGMUND
money for the Troy road, and
after fully considering the matter,
It is hereby considered and ordered
that fifty dollars be appropriated
for said road.
In the matter of appropriating money
for road district No. 13.
Now at thU time the court consid
ers the matter of appropriating
money for road district No. 13, and
after fully considering the same,
It is hereby considered and or
dered that fifty dollars, be appro
priated for said road.
In the matter of the allowance of
miscellaneous bills against the county
md the Issuance of warrants there
for: Now at thi3 time the matter of the
allowance of miscellaneous bills
against the county came on for
consideration, and the said bills
having been SJbmitted to the
court, and the court having passed
on and audited each of said bills
separately as appears from the sig
nature of the court thereon.
It is therefore considered and or
dered by the rojrt that said bills
be allowed and warrants issued by
the county clerk in payment of the
same as a'lowed in classes and
amoun is as follows:
f. L. Hamraack, wkneis before
grand jury 4 00
'esse Hammack, wi'ness be
fore grand jury 4 00
. Austin, witness before
grand Jury 11 00
ohn L. Hammack, witness be-
foe grand jury 5 00
V. F. Ho.ke'.t, witness before
grand Jury 2 20
3 Carlyle, witness before
grand jury 4 20
tester Que3enberry, witness
before grand jury 3 40
?. V. Bowman, witness before
grand Jury 3 40
Joseph E. Harris, witness
before g-and Jury 2 20
f. H. Whltmore, witness be
foie grand Jury 4 00
luy Harris, witness before
grand jury 6 20
.VIII Baker, wltnsss before
grand jury 2 20
'has. T. White, witne33 before
grand Jury 3 40
Jscar P. Victor, witness be-
fove grand jury 8 00
Thomson, witness be
fore grand Jury C 00
il Graybl'l, wltne3s before
grand jury 2 20
Ienry Wrighf, witness b3?are
graad jury 4 20
Ienry Sturm, witness State
vs. Dan Clark 13 00
Jova Straley, witness State
vs. Dan Clark 19 00
ooks FrazlBr, witness State
vs. Dan Clark 20 00
4. D. Osborn, witness State
vs. Dan Clark 19 00
2. F. Sturm, witness State vs.
Dan Clark 21 40
jestar Locke, witness State
vs. Dan Clark 8 00
V. J. Robinson, witness State
vs. Dan Clark 17 00
Vm. Cottingham, witness State
vs. Dan Clark 21 00
Nellie Cottingham, witness
State vs. Dan Clark 21 00
Hora Clark, witness State vs.
Dan Clark 22 00
Emeline Akin, witness State
vs. Dan Clark 21 00
Scott Clark, witness State vs.
Dan Clark 2 20
C. T. Hockett, witness State
vs. Dan Clark 2 20
2d Rodgers, witness State vs.
Al Emmons 2 20
auy Harris, witness State vs.
Al Emmons 12 20
f. C. Shackelford, witness State
vs. Al Emmons 2 20
2hus. Stiebrltz, witness State
vs. Al Emmons 2 20
ajarus Wright, witness State
of Oregon vs. Joa Allen 11 00
J. W. Steele, witness State
vs. Joe Allen 4 20
2has, Thomas, witness State
vs. Joe Allen 4 20
Chas. E. Funk, witness State
vs. Joe Allen 4 20
H. D. Crumpacker, witness
State vs. Joe Allen 4 00
I. I. Surber, witness State
vs. Joe Allen 2 20
3. L. Burnaugh, witness State
vs. Joe Allen 2 20
T. C. Bunnell, witness State
vs. Joe Alle;i 3 80
X. A, Bookout, witness State
vs. Joe Allen 4 20
S. D. Keltner, witness State
vs. Joe Allen 4 20
C. J. Sanford, witness State vs.
Joe Allen 2 70
E. A. Crossler, wlt.iess State
vs. Joe Allen 3 60
A. Bloodsworth, witness
State vs. Joe Allen 3 40
Henry Wright, witness State
vs. Joe Allen 10 20
Geo. w. Hyatt, witness State
vs. Joe Allen 4 on
V'. H. Gibson, witness State
vs. Joe Allen 11 1(i
f. C. Conley, express, stamps
end freight e f.ft
Edgar Marvin, board of pris
oners 1r f-
-sMgar Marvin ' te:e I'm mo
Tucker and Robin 14 '74
C. E. Lewis, boarding Jurors 3 25
Chas. E. Crow, expense after
Euster and Houston ir o-.
Edgar Marvin, expense during
an issanzzanumnxsa
The Closing - Out
And people are getting the greatest bargains in
Watches, Clocks, Jewelry, Silverware and Musical
Goods ever heard of. Only a few of those 17-jeweled
Elgin or Waltham 20-year guaranteed watches
left and when they are gone there- M A A
will be no more at this price - P A ".UU
Ladies' size Elgin, in &7 Cfl
a 20-year case - P
$5.00 solid gold Ring 2 f
All other goods at proportionate prices. COME
AND GET A BARGAIN before the particular piece
of goods you want is gone. NO TROUBLE TO SHOW
THE GOODS whether you buy or not. oNgvimjtcs
court 67 00
S. D. Keltner, hardware 1 30
Ri'.ey & Riley, wood to Jail.. 60
l.. J. Davi3, State vs. Allen.. 3 40
3am Lltch, a' tending county
court 6 70
W. G. Locke, amending county
cojrt 21 50
Road Fund.
T. F. & Daane Lathrop, 249G
feet of plank 27 40
T. F. & Duane Lathrop, bridge
plank 27 37
High School Fund.
Jack Kerns, salary 125 00
Kathryn DuFur, salary 90 00
Gene V. Hall, salary 90 00
Ivan Jackson, salary janitor. . 16 25
Sam Lltch, money advanced
for expenses Prof. Re3sler
acc't graduating class 20 00
V. M. Welch Company, mdse 25 00
Rliey & Rl ey. 3 loads chairs
to high school and return.. 6 00
(Continued on last page.)
The branch train was outrun by an
automobile, Tuesday, from La Grande
to Minam. J. D. McKennon and W.
T. Church "got leff'by the train but
Jumped into aa automobile, ran to
Elgin and across the old stage road
to Minam, where they were waiting
to Join the rest of the Roval Arch
Masons when the train reached there
on the way to Enterprise.
We Have The Best
and only complete line of Hardware in the County
Call and inspect our goods and compare our price!
with others.
La Grande Iron Works.
D. FITZGERALD, Propriet or.
Foundry and Machine Shop. Casting and Ma
chine Work done on short notice.
Sawmill break down jobs promptly attended to
; II
r "too-"
Will maKe the season as follows:
Friday and Saturday Morning at Enter
prise; the balance of the week at the
ranch of Thomas Morgan. '
TEREJ ch $100 for season and 15-00
S?? .de uPn the trading, selling or re
9 movmg the mare from the county, f
C. M. WILLIAMS, Manager.
Still On
Solid gold Signet ring with &o
your initials engraved free
$12 50 Mantel Clock,
a beauty, for
$6.95 I
D. A. McAlUter, who had been Tli
iting his daughter, Airs. Willard
.Moss, and family, returned to L
Grande, Friday, accompanied by bit
grandchildren, Muriel and Guy Moss,
who go tor a visit.
Could Not Be Better.
No one has ever made a salve, olst
meai, lotion or balm to compare with
Ducklen'e Arnica Salve. Its the one
perfect healer of Cuts, Corns, Bums,
Bruises, Sore3, Scalds, Bolls, Ulcers,
Eczema, Salt Rheum. For Bon
Eyes, Cold Sores, Chapped Hand Its
supreme. Infallible for Piles. Only
25 cents at Burnaugh & Mayfietdl.
We are the sellers of the E. How
ard watches, the best on the market.
Call for them at Martin Larson's.
Reliable Seeds
So much has already been said on the
importance of buying your seeds from
a reliable dealer that to repeat it ii only
waste ot words. m9 Seeds km
proved their worth our incrau-
ing business is proof indeed thai
merit alone has made the
Chas. H. Lilly Co. fore-
most seedsmen on the
Pacific Coast. Send
for catalog, 120
pace, lilus-
wrtX.M sialic X.
I - . V. m m m J
Roi.n 11 t
111. I

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