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Novelized Trom the Play by Frederick R. Toombs
HAINES sat at a table In the
reception room, across from
nope Georgia, and Lis grat
itude for her battle in bis fa
vor mingled with a realization of qual
ities In this young lady that be had
never before noticed. Probably he did
not know that what be bad really seen
In her that day and that evening was
the sudden transition from girlhood to
womanhood, her casting aside of
thoughtless. Irresponsible youth and
the shouldering -"
or tne respuum
bllltles of the
grown woman
who would do
her share In the
world's work.
He stared
across In aston
ishment at this
Blip of a girl who
Lad outwitted
two resourceful
men and an old
er sister of un
questioned abili
ties. "I do not rec
She would do her share
in theworld's work.
ognize you, Miss Hope,'
he eald flnal-
"Perhaps you never looked at me be
fore," she suggested archly, feeling In
stinctively that this was ber hour; that
the man she loved wus at this moment
thinking more about her than of any
thing else In the world.
Haines inude a gesture of regret
"That must be It," be agreed. Then
he leaned forward eagerly. "But I'm
looking at you now, and I like looking
at you. I like what you've done for
"Ob, that was nothing, Mr. Haines,"
she exclaimed airily, ber intuition tell
ing her of her sway over the man.
"Nothing:" he exclulmed. "Well, It's
more than any one ever did for me be
fore. I've known lots of glrta"
"I don't doubt that. Mr. Haines,"
Hope Interjected, with a light laugh.
"Yes, I say I've known lots of girls,
but there's never been one who showed
herself such a true friend as you have
been. There's never been any one who
tielleved In me this way when I was
practically down and out."
"Perhaps you're never been down
nd out before, Mr. Haines, bo they
never had a chance to show whether
they believed lu you or not."
"That may be one reason," be an
wered. "I wonder why" he paused
I wonder why your sister Carolina
did not believe in me."
"You were quite fond of her, weren't
you?" the girl began, then stopped and
turned away her head.
Haines gazed curiously at Hope.
"I was, yes. I even thought I loved
her, but I soon saw my mistake. It
wasn't love. It was only a kind of '-
Suddenly pausing, Bud Haines shot
n swift glance at the girl.
"What wonderful hair you have, Miss
The girl smiled invitingly
"Think so?"
ies," he declared earnestly. "I
know so. I never noticed It before,
but I guess lots of fellows down In
Mississippi have."
Hope's tantalizing smile worried him
"I hope you are not secretly engaged
loo: ne exclaimed,
No, oh, no!" she answered quickly
nerore she thought. ,
"Or in love?" he asked seriously,
Haines had stood up and was now
leaning intently over the table. He
realized the difference between the
reeling he had had for Carolina and
the tender emotion that thrilled him as
he thought of the sweet girl before
him. This time be knew be was not
mistaken. He knew that he truly
iovea Hope Lanedon.
"Or in love?" he asked again, anx
ious at ner silence.
uope looked at him slowly. A faint
mush illumined her face.
"Oh, don't let's talk about me," she
"But I want to talk about von." he
cried, "i don't want to talk about any-
ming else. I must talk about you, and
0 one uu believed In mr. hut nou,
I'm going to talk whether you want
ueur or not. You've believed In
wneu nobody else believed. You
lOUgnr uir nm mm, ernfwu; euse
was fighting against me. You've sbovn
that you think I am honest and worthy
of a woman's faith. Tou fought your
own family for me. Nobody has ever
done ror me what you have, Bad
end" ne faltered, full of what he was
bout to say.
"And you're grateful," she ended,
ne looked her squarely In the eves
as though to fathom her thoughts.
Then he ranched toward the girl and
seizeu uotn her hands.
"Grateful nothing!" he cried. "I'm
not grateful. I'm in love in love with
you. I want you want you as I never
wanted anything or anybody before.
and I tell you I'm going to have you.
do you near?"
Hope could not hide her agitation.
The light in her eyes showed she was
all a woman.
"Oh, nothing in the world could hao-
pen as quickly as that, Mf. Haines!"
she protested, with her last attempt at
Nothing could V be threatened. "I'll
show you."
He advanced quickly around the ta
ble, but the girl darted Just beyond his
grasp. Then Bhe paused and her lover
gathered her In his arms.
"Hope, my dear; you are my own,"
was all be could say as be bent over
to kiss the lips that were not refused
to blin.
Hope released herself from bis fer
vent grasp.
"I love you, I do love you," she said
fondly. "I believe In you, and father
must too. You've got to straighten
this tangle out now, for my sake as
well us your own. Father will listen."
"It's nil so strange, so wonderful,
I can hardly understand it," began
Haines slowly as he held the girl's
Unknown to both, the door leading
from the hall had opened to admit
Senator Laugdon Into the lower end
of the room. Surprised at the sight
of the couple, so seriously intent on
each other, be made a sudden gesture
of anger, then, apparently changing
bis mind, advanced toward them.
"I believe you want to see me, sir,"
he said to Haines. "I hope you'll be
brief. I have very little time to spare
from my guests."
Hope's bosom fluttered timorously
at the Interruption. The man nervous
ly stepped forward.
'I shan't take much of your time,
Senntor Langdon," be said. "There
has been a misunderstanding, a terri
ble mistake. I am sure I can convince
Senator Lnnsdon hesitated doubtful
ly, half turned toward Carolina, Ran
dolph and Norton, who bad followed
him, and again faced Haines.
Hope pressed her father's arm and
looked up into his face entreatlngly.
Randolph, observing this, quickly
stepped close to the senator's side,
saying, "I can settle with this Mr.
Haines for you."
Waving his son aside, the senator
finally spoke.
"I reckon there's been too many
attending to my business and settling
my affairs, Randolph," he said. "I
think for a change I'll settle a few of
my own. All of you children go out
and leave me here with Mr. Haines."
WHEN they were aloue Haines
faced the senator and spoke
"They told you I was not
running straight," he said.
The senator nodded, and the lines
about his mouth deepened.
Bud Haines stiffened at the word.
Every muscle In his body seemed to
become rigid as he mentally vowed
that he would retaliate against his tra
ducers if It cost him his life to do it.
Hope had Informed him only too ac
curately, he now realized. Little did
the senator know that what he was
now about to hear would give him one
of the severest shocks of his life.
"They told me you weren't running
straight," said Haines deliberately.
"Now, neither one of us has been
crooked, but somebody else has been,
and this was the plan to keep us
"Norton told me you were speculat
ing in Altacoola lands," said Langdon.
"And Norton told me the same of
you," retorted Bud.
The senator's face grew very serious.
"But mt daughter, Miss Carolina
Langdon, confirmed Norton's story."
Haines here faced the most difficult
part of his Interview. He hardly knew
how to answer. His manhood rebelled
against placing any blame on a wo-
man. ne revolted ai
ruining a father's faith in his daugh
ter's honesty, especially when that
father was the man he most admired,
a man for whom he had genuine, deep
rooted affection. But it was necessary
that the words be spoken.
"I hate to tell you, sir." he sold In a
low. uncertain voice, "that it was your
daughter Carolina who made me be
K this story told about you and
vouched for by your son Randolph.
Langdon started back aghast. He
stared at Haines and knew that be
truth. TbuUlwUlt-Jd
tank puibeilcaiiy. Tears welled Into
the eyes of the planter, and this sturdy
old fighting man dropited weakly Into
a chair, sobbing convulsively, broken
In spirit and wearied in body.
At length Haines spoke to bis strick
en chief.
"I know it hurts," he said. "It hurt
me to have to say it Don't believe It
until you get Jt
out of Norton,
but then you
must do some
thing." Langdon came
to his feet mop
ping bis cheeks.
But there was no
weakness in blm
now. Yes, be
would do some
thing. He would
go after the
thieves that bad
turned his own
flesh and blood
against blm and
root them all out
"I knv it kwrf."
show them all up.
"Oh, I'll do something," be said
gf!mly. "I'm going to make up for
lost time. Of course Norton Is spec
ulating. Who's behind blm?"
"Stevens and Peabody, I'm positive,"
answered Haines, "and behind them Is
Standard Steel,"
"What," exclaimed Langdon, "Ste
vens In a swindle like this! Are you
sure? How do you know?"
"A Gulf City man who couldn't car
ry his liquor gave me bo tne clews, and
I worked Norton into telling some
more," answered the secretary. "Where
Is Peabody?"
"He's here now."
Then be hasn't got my letter yet, I
sent him a note and signed your name,
senator, to the effect that the Gulf
City claims have been brought before
you so strongly that you might Tote
for Gulf City."
Langdon was amazed.
"You sent that note," he exclaimed,
"when you know Altacoola Is the only
proper place and Gulf City Is a mud
The newspaper man smiled.
"Of course," be agreed, "but I bad
to get a rise out of Peabody. This
will show where
he stands."
"Oh," said
Langdon, "I un
derstand. Thanks, boy."
A servant en
tered with a note.
"For Senator
Peabody, sir,
marked 'Urgent
The messenger's
been hunting blm
for some hours."
Langdon look,
ed shrewdly at
Bud, then turned
to the servant
"You keep that
note until I ring
"Show up at th old
for you, then bring it to Senator Peg
body. Understand? No matter bow
urgent It's marked."
The man bowed.
"Yes, sir."
"Now tell Mr. Norton, Miss Langdon
and Mr. Randolph to come here."
The senator turned back to bis sec
retary. "I expect I'm going to be pretty busy
the rest of the evening, Bud, so In
case I forget to mention It again re
member to show up at your old desk
In the morning."
"I will. Thank you, sir."
"You sent for us, senator," said Nor
ton, approaching with his two dupes.
"You are interested In Altacoola
lands," the senator angrily charged.
"I am, sir," he said.
"And you told Mr. Haines that I was
Interested In Altacoola lauds?".
The schemer hedtated, and the sen
ator broke lu on hlra lu rae.
"Speak out. man! Tell the truth, If
you can."
"I did," admitted the congressman
"Was there any particular reason for
your not telling the truth T' demanded
the Mlsslssipplan In threatening tone.
"I told the truth," replied Norton.
"Yo are Interested In them.' .
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or an: instant Uingdon seemed
about to step toward hlra, then be con
trolled himself.
"I didn't know It," be said.
"You have several things to learn,
senator," declared the congressman.
"I have things to learn and things
to teach," be said. "But go on. Why
am I Interested f
"You are Interested, senator," replied
the trickster, making bis big play,
"through your sou Randolph, who In
vested $90,000 of your mouey lu Alta
cocla, and also through your daugh
ter. Miss Carolina, who, acting on my
advice, has put her own money $23,-000-in
Altacoola lund also."
For a moment Laugdon was speech
less. It was too much at first for the
honest old southerner to comprehend.
"You mean," be gasped at last, "that
you Induced a boy to put $50,000 lu
Altacoola land when you knew I had
to vote on the bill? And you even
let my daughter put ber money in the
same scheme?"
"Of course I did. It was a splendid
chance, and I let your son in for
friendship and your daughter because
she bas done me the honor to promise
to become my wife,"
"What! You have my daughter's
promise to marry you, you"
"She admits It herself."
"Then I reckon here's where I lose
a prospective son-in-law," sneered
Langdon. "But that's unimportant.
Now, Norton, who's behind you?"
'I must decline to answer that."
Langdon looked at him sternly.
"Very well," be said. "You are too
small to count I'll find out for myself.
Now you go to my study and wait
there until I send for you. I must be
alone with my children."
When Norton and Haines bad left
them, Langdon turned sadly to the two"
children wbo bad disgraced blm.
"Can you understand?" be said. "Do
you know what you've done to me?"
"What father? We've done nothing
wrong?" protested Carolina,
"They told me It was perfectly legiti
mate," urged Randolph. "Tbey said
everybody Peabody and Stevens and
the rest were In It and Peabody Is the
boss of the senate."
"Yes, my boy," assented the old
planter, "he's the leader in the senate,
and that's the shameful part of all this
that a man of bis high standing
should set you so miserable an exam
ple." Randolph Langdon was not a vicious
lad, not a youth wbo preferred or chose
wrongdoing for the Increased rewards
It offered. He was at heart a chival
rous, straightforward, trustful south
ern boy wbo believed in the splendid
traditions of his family and loved bis
father as a son should a parent having
the qualities of the old hero of Craw
fordsvllle. Jealous of bis honor, be bad
been a victim of Norton's wiles because
of the congressman's position and pur
suaslveness, because this companion of
his young days bud wou bis confidence
and bad not hesitated to distort the
lad's idea of what was light and what
was wrong.
Randolph began an indignant protest
against bis father's reproof when the
senator cut blm short
"Don't you see?" said the senator.
"I can understand there being rascals
In the outside world and that they
should believe your careless, foolish
old father lawful game, but that be
should be thought a tool for dishonest
thieving by members of bis own fam
ily is incomprehensible.
"Randolph, niy son, Carolina, my
daughter, through all their generations
the Laugdous have been honorable.
Your mother wus a Randolph, uud this
from you! Oh, Carolina! And, you.
Randolph! How could you? How
could you betray or seek to betray your
father, who sees in you the Image of
your dear mother, wbo has gone?"
(Continued next week.)
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Joseph a few days ago, At least,
.such Is the suppose! reason for "Je
evidence of Insanity shown by the
patient who has been at the Grande
iRonde hospital since the assault at
Joseph and who until .Monday w
(believed improving rapidly.
A hearing was held Monday after
noon, followtng complaints Trom at
tendants who had Llncbartier In
charge at the hospital. The hospital
officials this morning were convinc
ed that Linebarjror was demented
and reported their findings to the
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Notice Is hereby glvea, that tlu
undersigned re'eree appointed by Hit
Circuit Court of the State of Ore-goi
for Wallowa Cointy, in the cause
therein pending wherein Emuia J
Churchill, is plaintiff and Nancy J
Lapham, Grace P. Churchill, Myrtle
Ward, nee Nora M. Churchill, Roy L
Churchill and B. R. Laphani, guar
dlan, ere defendants, under and by
virtue of a decree and order of snli
made and ente:ed In suld cause onllx
I7th day -of June, A. 1). 1909, direct
ing me as sjch re'oreo to make' salt
f the harenaWer de'icrlhed lands,
vill on the 14th day of August, A. D.
1909, at 10 o'clock a. m soil at public
sale to the highest bidder for cash In
hand at the County Court house door
in Enterprise, Wallowa County, Oregon
the following lands described in said
decree towit, Sojth Half of North
east Quarter and the North half of
Southeast Quarter of Section Thirty
Two In Township Six North, of
Range Forty Five East of Willamette
Meridian In Wa'lowa County, Oregon,
together with all right, title and
Interest the plaintiff and defendants
have In and to said lands.
Dated at Enterprise, Oregon, thl
2Kb day of June, A. D. 1909.
I7c5 EDGAR MARVIN, Referee."
Any person knowing of any viola
Ion of the game or fish laws of th
itate, or of persons not proporl.
'ceeplng screens over lrrlgatloi
ditches, are requested to notify
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one block south of W. A. MOSS, Proprietor
Successor to Boswell & Son
Wm. Miller & Brother,
t SUITE 204, Wallowa National Bank Building',
I Enterprise, Oregon.
T J( l e UtTlnn l Building. Home
X Independent phone.
f A. B. Conaway.
O. M. Corklns. V
I Enterprise, Oregon.
Culls attended ti day or night.
Home phone. KnUrnriae Ore. a.
Office in l.unk maiding.
Home phone both office audi,
In the County Coin o: tin State
f Oregon, for Wal'owa Co.inty.
n the Mutter of the Eslato or D.inl-1
Kiiinev, Dmeuscd.
NotUe is lieri'vv rIvch, that tli.i
iiideiHlgi.eJ executrix of the tibnvo
'State lias duly lllo.l with tho Cork
if the above entitled court her final
u'count as such executrix, nnd the
nkl court has flxo.l Suturdny, Aug'.uit
, r.0!, at the hour of ten o'f.iKk In
he forenoon of sa'd day, at the ( irt.
ooni In the City of Enterprise, In
;nld county, ai tho tlnio and place
jr hearing objections to sill final
.ccount and the sol I lenient cf tli
All persons InlTisled In slid
istat'e are hereby notified to file
heir objections tj said final uioitnt.
f any they have, on or before s ild
late, lu wiling, wi ll tho Clerk of
jaid court.
Dated this Cth diy or July, l'.)M.
MARY J. COULTER. Kxoulrlx of
he Estate of LuiiIjI Kinney. Do
eased. jc

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