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G. W. Harris, work on coun
ty road 50 oo
If you are in need of a
City and County
Brief News Items
Mr3. V. A. JI03S returned Thurs
day from a visit with her people near
La Grande.
Gasoline engines, 2 h.p. and up.
See sample of best kind made. S. .
Keltner. 43c tf.
Mrs. E. A. Rosa and baby of Lostine
returned home Thursday after a
visit with Mr. and Mrs. S. Cray.
Full line of ples and fittings and
other plumbing supplies at S. D. Kelt
ner's hardware store. 43c tf.
Bread and cake for sale at Mrs. M.
Larsen's, three do:rs east of post
office. Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Browning re
turned home Thursday from the Seat
tle fair.
Get your suit or skirt cleaned at
Andrews & Berry's. Located i.i
Wheat Bdg.
Thirty round-trip tickets were sold
to La Grande, Friday, the circus
fcelng the attraction.
I. L. Johnson of Wallowa, who was
here a day on business, went to Los:
tine, Thursday, near which place he
is working.
W. P. Samms mauritian monkey
departed this life .Monday morning
after a brief illness. Mr. Monk had
been a resident of this great and
glorious country but a few months
but had already became so civilized
that when he shuffled off this mortal
coil he chose the very fashionable
and modern di-seass of appendicitis
to do his shuffling act. No operation
was performed which is a warning
to all to holler for a knife as soon
as a pain is felt south of your
Felts and Hides proprietor , PHONE 20
g Hack Calls to
g any part of the city
5 answered day or night.
J. C. SHACKELFORD, Proprietor.
First Class Rigs
and careful drivers.
i ll b
Choice residence property for rent,
See IS M. &. M. Co.
Jaaalac. varnish stains. Unseed oil
at Lurnaugh & Mayfield's.
Doors. WincoA-s, Shingles and
Builders Hardware at Keltner's. 43ctf
Sewing .Machines for rent, by the
we.k or month, at the Second Hand
Mr. and Mrs. I, S. Hotchkiss and
son have moved back to Enterprise
from Elgin and will reside here.
E. H. Church! 1, who had been
working in this vi-'inity for several
months, we.it to Imbler, Thursday.
Charles Stewart and family of Spo
kane are guests of his brother, Neil
Stewart, of 10 mlle3 east of town.
We are the sellers of the E. How
ard watches, the be3t on the market.
Call for them at Martin Larsen's.
Full line ssraen doors, window
screens, and sere in cloth at Keltner's
hardware. 43c tf.
Co and order a suit at Andrews
and Merry's tailor shop and leave
your money at ho;ne. Andrews and
Berry, located at Enterprise, Wheat
iMrs. W. C. Ketchum left Thursday
for the Wil amette valley to visit her
people. Lr. Ketchum accompanied
his wife as far as La Grande, re
turning Friday
If yoi want' excellent home grown
strawberries call up O. J. Roe, .Moun
tain Viiw Fruit Farm. Home Phone.
Chsrries and raspberries will be ready
in a couple of weeks. Order now.
-Mrs. Katherine Sexton and daugh
ter Pailine of Fenvllie, Ind., are
guests of Mrs. Sexton's brother,
Daniel Boyd, and family. They have
been at Loi Angeles and will visit
here a weak or ten days before start
ing for home.
Both Phones
Home Independent 40
Pacific Slates 45.
Our bus meets al
trains. Fate 10c.
within city limits
Alfa'.fa seed for sale at R. S. & Z.
A. C. Weaver accompanied his
boyhood friend, S. S. Adams, to Se
attle Thursday and together they
will take in the sights of the Alaska
YukoiiiPaciflc exposition. Mr. Adams
Is from McClure, Ohio, and stopped
off here for a visit with Mr. Weaver
and family.
Mrs, J. D. Carnielson and daugh
ters, Goldie and Leta, returned to
their home at La Grande, Thursday,
after a pleasant vi iit with Mrs. Car
nie'son's parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. A.
Lookout, and other relatives. Mrs.
Lookout, went oat to La Grande
with tier da ghte.- to stay several
Andrews & Eerry, the well known
n.e .chant tailors of La Grande, have
opened a shop in this city, Mr. An
drews being in last week and rent
ing the Wheat room on West First
street, just south of the Fraternal
building. They moved in a stock
of goods and are already open and
ready for business.
E. T. Schluer and Attorney J. P.
Rusk were at the courUiouse Thurs
day on matters connected with the
estate of the late G. C. Schluer.
E. T. Schluer says his brother was
suffering with appendicitis when he
reached Jersey City, and had to be
carried from the train. His death
followed an operation. The funeral
was from the home of his sister in
iHoboken. E. T. feels the loss of
this brother keenly. They were
twins and left the old German home
together 34 years ago, and have
worked and live I together, or near
e.vch other ever since. They were
pion3er settlers of the east side of
the county, and amassed comfortable
sums in ranching and stockraislng.
(Continued from last week.)
Fifth Day, July 12.
In the matter of the resignation of
L. A. Bedlngfielcl, constable of Joseph
Ordered that his resignation be,
and the same is hereby accepted.
In the matter of appointing a
constable for Joseph District:
Ordered that Ross Leslie be, and
he hereby is appointed constable
for Joseph district.
In the matter of the road petition
of W. T. Knapp et al:
Reliable Seeds
So much has already been said on the
importance of buying your seeds from
a reliable dealer that to repeat it is only
waste of words. K,U K,.
proved their worth our increas
ing business is proof indeed that
merit alone has made the
Chas. H. Lilly Co. fore.
most seedsmen on jhe
racihcLoast. Send
for catalog, 120
rjr; xjwee, iiius-
cms ARB
III II kl'
or any other kind of
over our
M. CO,
Now at this time the making of
the order to open said W. T. Knapp
road came resulirly on for hear
ing, and It appearing that an ap
peal lias been takea . on the
assessment for damages, ant
after the coart being fully
adviaed in the premises It is
hereby considered and ordered
that the matter of opening said
road be, and the same is hereby
continued for the term.
Third Day, July 9.
In the matter of the petition for
the bounty on squirrels.
Ordered that said petition be, and
the same is hereby continued for
the term.
General Fund.
W. T. Bell, salary treasurer
June ' 60 0(
Chas. G. Bllyeu, salary dep
uty clerk, June 73 00
Chas. Crow, salary, deputy
sheriff.June 73 00
Ella Daley, salary, stenogra
pher, June 40 00
E. J. Forsythe, lights, June 18 00
W. C. Wilson, Work in as-
sessor's office, June
Joseph J. Gill, scalp bounty
Wallowa County Chieftain
printing and supplies
The Enterprise Pre-is, print
ing and supplier . V
A. C. Smith, justice fee. ..
The R. S. & Z. soap, tacks
and wicks
A. C. Smith, Justice fees
C. C. Duger, witness state vs.
Schluer '
Lemard Duncan, witness State
h Schluer
Ge r&e Haml'ton, witness State
vs. Schluer
Tyler Thompson, witness State
vs. Schluer
R. Onse, witness State vs.
J. Wright
Alo.Mary, witness State vs
J. Wright
John Mclntlre, witness State
vs. J. Wright
H. H. Mann, witne3a State
vs. J. Wright
Chas. Crow, serving subpoenas
J. Wright ca3e.
John P. Rusk, legal service
58 73
7 50
78 95
88 50
12 05
40 i
8 95
2 70
2 70
2 70
2 70
2 70
2 70
2 70
2 70
3 90
State vs. Sutton io 00
Edgar Marvin, stamps, box
Edgar Marvin, expense of
guard for T. Tucker
-Mrs. T. J. Wright, telephone
4 8f
rent 12 70
Edgar Marvin, board of pris-
O. W. Humphreys, witness
State vs. Mary Haeen ....
37 20
5 00
klosie Hagen, witness state
vs Mary Hagen
Anders J. Smedavkl, witness
State vs Mary Hagen ..
Oscar Elliott, witness State
vs. Mary Hagen
W. c. Boatman, freight and
5 00
5 00
4 40'
10 12
IW. C. Boatman, stamua nn!
oox rent 24 CO
J. C. Conley, stamps and
express . .... 10 CO
Home Ind. Tel. Co., telephone
rent 19 CO
we can supply you as
we have the goods on
hand and will sell them
to vou at a price that is
right. Come in and look
Aubrey G. Smith, eighth grade
examination 6
S. K. Clark, plumbing on jail 3
Lincoln Austin, hall rent June
election 3
A. V, Sheets, Justice teas
State vs. Sutton 11
Ula & I'rudlionime, supplies 37
Bushong & Co.. 1 gross pens 1
Ii'wiii-liodioii Company, books
and supplies 51
Stella Doud, county poor.... 24
L. I'. Rose, county poor .... 24
J. C. Conley, travelling exp. 29
J. C. Conley, s'amps, extra
phone 1
E. T. Anderson, salary and
stamps , 52
Frank Melotte, supervisor on
court house 115
i.Munn & Beach, supplies (Print
ing) 7
B. F. Miller, abstract of land 52
Nina Mil'er, work in a'Jses-
sor's office 22
Colon R. Elicrhard, money ad
vanced for opera' or look
ing up evidence against
violators of local option... 285
Sam Lltch, county commis
sioner 34
W. (!. Locke, county commis
sioner 36
Road Fund.
i. H. LaUirope, road work C2
Duane LaUirope, road work 85
46 ;
La Grande Iron Works.
D. FITZGERALD, Proprietor.
Four.dry and Machine Shop. Casting and Ma
chine Work done on short notice.
Sawmill break down jobs promptly attended to
Will make the season at
the ranch of Thomas
TERMS: $5.00 cash; $10.00 for season and $15.00
insurance. Either of the above prices be-
moving the mare from the county, v
C. M. WILLIAMS, Manager.
Joe demons, road work .. 37 so
E. A. Bishop, roai lumber io 29
G. M. Padon, road lumber.. 41 44
Gregg & Marvin, road lumber 80 15
Lafayette Wilson, bridge
lumber 29 76
J. B. Pace, work road super
visor 128 75
Olof Anderson, road work..' 60 00
E. F. Sargeant, road work 47 50
O. W. Chambers, road work 127 50
M. Crow &. Co., lumber .... 62 87
F. W. Hammack, supervisor's
salary 117 60
Thomas McCarty, road work 63 75
Geo. W. Wright, road work 66 25
iWm. I. Sannar, supervisor's
salary 67 50
Wallowa Merc. Co., road tools 12 00
W. J. Hammack, lumber .... 33 79
S. C. Hlmelwrlght, road work 47 60
J. W. Weaver, lumber 36 88
Lafayette Wilson, road super
visor's salary 48 75
J, N. Rlggle, road work .... 37 50
C. S. Haney, lumber 15 55
W. J. Hammack, road super-
visor 122 50
W. P. Hambelton, road work 4 50
Peter Kuehl, road work .... 15 00
Wm. Newby, road supervisor 150 23
R. L. Scott, road supervisor 47 50
W. N. Murrill, road supervisor 52 60
Geo. E. Courtney, road super
visor &1 00
II. E. Merryman, surveyor
Jas. A. Read road 10 00
H. C. Cramer, viewer 6 00
Jonar Trump, viewer ' 12 00
H. E. Merryman, surveyor
S. W. Miles road 3 75
H. C. Cramer, viewer 2 00
Jonar Trump, viewer 4 00
II. E. Merryman, surveyor
Bird Sarrett road 28 75
H. C. Cramer, viewer Bird
Barrett road 16 00
Jonar Trump, viewer Bird
Sarrett road 8 00
Luther Trump, chalnman Bird
Sarrett road 2 00
John G. WTay, chalnman Bird
Sarrett road 2 00
Bird Sarrett, marker Bird
Sarrett road 2 00
H. C. Cramer, helping Co. sur
veyor . . . . 6 00
W. F. Rankin, helping Co. sur
veyor 6 00
W. G. Locke, helping Co. sur
veyor 2 00
H. E. Merryman surveying,
plats and stamps 36 50
High School Fund.
Jno. W. Kerns, stomps 1 75
The Enterprise Fresu, printing 20 00.
R. S. & Z. Co., heater, brooms
and oil 30 70
Scalp Bounty.
W, F. Savage, 250 coyote
scalps 187 50
Guy Russell, one coyote ekln 1 50
Bowel Complaint in Children,
When six months old the little
daughter ofE. N.Dewy, a well known
merchant of Agnewvllle, Va, had an
attack of cholera Infantum. Chamber
lain's Colic, Cholera and Diarrohea
Remedy was glve.i and effected a
complete cure. This remedy has
proven very successful In cases of
bowel complaint In children and
when given according to the plain
printed directions can be relied upon
with perfect confidence. When reduc
ed with water and sweetened It is
pleasant to take, which is of great
Importance when a medicine must be
given to young children. For sale
by Burnaugh & Mayfleld.

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