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Prohibition Movement In Oregon.
Paper read by Mrs- W. C Wilson at tha meatinj
of the Enterprise W. C T. U July 9.
Of all the vital questions that come
before the American people to b
seriously considered. Prohibition
heads the list.
Any measure whioh helps to build
up home, community, and nation,
ought to be, and U e:couraged. Th it
which destroys and ruins, should be
crushed and rendered helptew.
The saloon la the nation's greatest
enemy, for into Its doors go honor,
health and noble aspirations, oat o!
them come sorrow, broken hearts,
misery and woe. We are on the
aide of God and Right, when we seel
by our example and precept to stor
it's baleful influence. So let us en
gage in this warfare with a Hnr
and steady purpose to raise the fal
len, strengthen the weak and woi'I
with our might In this great Temper
once cause, remembering' GoJ's prom
ise to direct and help us. If we b;it
ask him.
The modern temperance movement
may be said to date from the pabli
cation at Philadelphia in 17S" of l r
Benjamin Rusk's essay on "The e!
feet of Ardent Spirits on the Human
Body and Mind.-' We as Americans
are Justly proud of the fact that K
America belongs the merit of having
taken the first steps in this matter
In 1308, the first Temperance so
ciety was formed In Saratoga count;
X. Y. consisting of 43 members. Thi.
society still exists, lhe W. C. T. V
was the outgrowth of the Woman
Crusade which originated in Ohio la
1S72. The first W. C. T. IT. of the
United Stares was organized in th
month of November, 1877, and in 1883
the "World's" Temperance Uniou
came Into exis'ence. Prominent
among the earlier temperance work
em wefe Susan B. Anthony, 5Ir
Henry Wood, Harriet Beecher Stowe
John B. Gough and Frances E. Wll
lard, organizer and leider. The state
of Oregon has on 3 of the best loca'
option laws in the country, passed b
the people under the initiative amend
ment to the constitution in 1907, the
majority for the adontion of the l&w
being about 1,603. The result of the
recent contesU in the state was a
sweeping victory for us. Of the 30
large counties i:i Oregon, 21 have
voted entirely dry, thus excluding
the saloon from over two-thirds of
the state's area. At the first elec
tion held held in Wallowa county
there were six vo'e3 cast for Prohi
bltion, and I am proud of the fact
that a brother's vote was one of
the six. The result of the last
City and Comity
Brief News Items
Alfalfa seed for sale at R. S. & Z.
Choice residence property for rent,
See E M. & M. Co.
Doors, Windows, Shingles and
Builders Hardware at Keltner's. 43ctf
J. McKelvay, who has bean work
ing here, went to La Grande, Friday.
-Marlon L. Harris Is home from a
sojourn at La Crande.
Full line screen doors, window
, screens, and screen cloth at Keltner's
hardware. 43c tf.
Supervisor Thomas MeCarty was
out from Imnaha Friday. He re
ports 36 hours rain oa the river.
Mrs. Solomon Woods, a former pio
neer of Wallowa county, but for sev
eral years a resident of Walla Walla,
returned Wednesday afternoon en
. route home. ilra. Woods has been quite
sick for several weeks, but is now
regaining her stregnth. La Grande
Observer. ... .
Highest Market Q T7 rrit ricr
Trice for
Pelts and Hides
S Hack Calls to
g any part of the' city
Q answered day or night.
J. 0. SHACKELFORD, Proprietor.
S First Class Rijs -"
and careful drivers.
mmMMaiaaMMmnaBiMMMMBmBBm .miS
county election was, For Prohibition
1101, against Prohlbirlon 686; giving
415 majority for Prohibition That
doesn't look much like defeat does it?
.Miss Jessie Ackennau - and Mrs.
Leavit are among our foreign work
ers. Mrs. Henri itta Brown is our
state president and. Eva C. Wheeler
our state secretary.
The following i? from the "Stain
ess Flag": "Wa'lowa county votl
lry for the first time in June 1906.
ind that verdict was affirmed by the
oters of the county last year. After
i practical test of three years the
leople are well sa Ufied with Pro
hibition and the day of the open
taloou has passe 1 h ire forever. The
temperance forces of the county are
.veil united, The-e i a strong public
sentimeut for law enforcement and
he law Is very well observed."
Let these two words, "Oregon
.tedeeme:)," be thai slogan for the
oming campaisn. T.et "Oregon
teJeemed" be the l.'.ei uppermoi.
n every temperance pev.o 's mi. id.
t should be the prayer of eve-y
Christian man and woman, "Oregon
le.leemed" should be the subject of
uaiiy a sermon from the pulpits of
ur state and inspire many a conver
sation at sotial gatherings of the
lonie lovers of our state, and should
te held before the Sunday school
.-lasses by their teachers.
This litt'.e hem is from the "Home
lerald'' ".Most of the stories about
he disasters which follow in the wake
of prohibition are falsehoods and un
vonliy of attention, but occasionally
-lie dally press reports one which
teems to bear the ear-marks of truth,
iuch a report comei from two towns
;n southern Illinois, where the women
ire up in arms because the long
eign of prohibl'bn has made it im
possible to secure washer-women.
Husbands no longer bend over the
ar and wive are not compelled to
bend over the board. The money
.vh icli once went to the saloon is suf
.'icieiit to keep mother in comfort
it home." This story, we repeat,
beirs all the earmarks of truth, for
lonie reason however. It has fal lei
to be copied extensively In the
liquor journals.
For myself I count it a great privi
ege to be identified with the W. C.
T. U. and the wearing of the white
bow is a real Pleisure to me and
now before closing, I must "Hurrah"
for the dry Alas'.m-Yucon Exposition,
the first in ojr history, may its echo
reach around the world.
Tapalac, varnish stains. linseed o!
at Burnaugh & Mayfleld's.
Paints, oils and glass at Keltner's
Hardware. 43c tf.
Mrs. Omer Stubblefleld went to
La Grande Friday to remain severa'.
uAlr. and Mr. W. B. Eddy of Portland
kire spending a week in Enterprise
looking over the Wallowa country.
Get your suit or skirt cleaned at
Andrews & Berry's. Located in
Wheat. Bdg.
A. C. Weaver, of the Jackson &
Weaver drug firm, I3 home Irom a
visit to the Seattle fair.
S. R. Haworth returned Wednesday
from Portland and a visit to the
World's fair at Seattle. Mrs. Ha
worth, who is residing In Portland
tailing treatment for her health, is
slowly but surely Improving.
Fred Dobbin of State Center, Iowa.
gue3t for a week of his cousin, Hon.
J. H. Dobbin of Prairie Creek, left
Friday morning for his home by
way of Denver. He had been to the
Seattle fair before coming here.
Both Phones B
. Home Independent 40 I
Pacific States 45.
Our bus meets al
trains. Faie 10c. "
within city limits &
Martin Larsen went to Elgin Fri
day. Daniel Boyd is away to the coast
on a business trip.
T. M. Littleton of Lodl, Cal., ar.
rived Friday for a visit with relatives
Judge J. W. Knowles and Court
Reporter Hanua returned to La
Grande, Friday.
Gasoline engines, 2 h.p. and up.
See sample of best kind made. S. D.
Keltner. . 43c tf.
We are the sellers of the E. How
ard watches, the best on the market.
Call for them at Martin Larson's.
E. B. Wheat was here Wednesday
and Thursday on his way to Lewis
ton, where he will locate, temporari
ly at least.
Mrs. Kate Brooks and Miss Letha
Marshall of La Grande returned
home Friday after a few days visit
with friends near here.
Go and order a suit at Andrews
and Berry's tailor shop and leave
your money at home. Andrews and
Berry, located at Enterprise, Wheat
Full Une of pipes and fittings and
other plumbing supplies at S. D. Kelt
ner's hardware store. 3c tf.
F. C. Batchelder left Friday for
his o'-d home, Mt Pleasant, Iowa.
He went by way of Spokane where
be will register for the land draw
ing. Colonel Graves and Charles Horner
cattlemen of the Imnaha and Snake
Iliver country, went to Wallowa Fri
day on business with the forestry
Cold Storage Refrigerators Keeps
everything perfect. See them at S.
D. Keltner's. 43c tf.
Mrs. Wm. Dalsley went to Lostlne
the first of last week, accompanying
her guest. Miss Ethel Bowman of
that place. Mrs. Dalsley returned
home Wednesday.
Miss Hattle Biggs of Lostlne, on
her way home from Joseph, stopped
a day here for a visit with her
cousin, Mis Everyl La Certe. going
on to Lostlne, Friday.
Frank A. Reavls and Miss Reta
Reavla of Enterprise are guests at
the Sommer hotel. Mr. Reavis is
connected with the Wallowa National
oank of Enterprise. La Grande Star.
July 28.
Flyer washing machine. Best on
earth. For sale at Keltner's Hard
ware. 43c tf.
Mrs. W. R. Foraythe of Klmbolton,
Ohio, a guest for the past month at
the home of her brother-in-law, E. J.
FoHythe, became very seriously 111
of appendicitis and was taken to La
Grande on a special train early Thurs
day morning, the train leaving here
about 4 a. m. She was removed to
the hospital and an operation per
formed, and last reports state she
is getting along as well as could be
expected. Her daughter Belle, Dr.
E. T. Anderson, and Mr. and Mrs. E.
J. Forsythe accompanied her to La
A pleasant social event was a part)
given by the "Forward"' class of
the Christian Sunday school at the
home of Dr. and Mrs. A. F. Poley
Tuesday evening. Ice cream and
cake were served and the evening
was delightfully spent in games and
music. The "Forward", class is one
of the organized classes and contains
28 loyal and enthusiastic members.
G. W. Franklin la its teacher and
John Wortman, Jr., is class presi
dent. Those present Tuesday evening
were: Misses Nina and Nora Miller,
Lilian Boner. Carrie and Eva Falco
ner, Mary Wagner, Julia Marvin,
Lucile Corkins, Cecil Chauvet aai
IMiss Rudd; Messrs. Walker Frank
lin, John Wortman, A. B. Conawav.
Arthur Pace, Ivan Jackson, Lee
Thomas, Elroy and Estus Ward.
The Crime Of Idleness.
Idleness means .trouble for any one.
Its the same with a lazy liver. It
causes constipation, pimples and
blotches, loss of appetite, nausea, but
Dr. King's New Life Pills soon banish
liver troubles and build up your
health. 25c at Burnaugh & Mayfield's.
Oregon fir is becoming a favorite
wood for car builders says A. B.
Wastell, secretary of the Oregon and
Washington Lumber Manufacturers
association, who has just returned
from the East. Not only is it used
for sills and heavy timbers In build
ing passenger equipment but for sid
ing and finishing as well. As a re
sult of Mr. Westell's visit, the Oregon
wood will be more extensively used
for this purpose in future.
Intense Colicky Pains Relieved.
r some years I suffered from
Intense colicky pains .which -would
come on at time and from which I
could find no relief," says I. S. Ma
son, of Beaver Dam, Ky. "Cham
berlain's Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea
Remedy was recommended to me by
a friend. After taking a few doses
of the remedy I was entirely rellev-
ea. 1 nat was four years ago and j
there haa been tin
symptoms since that time." This!
remedy Is for sale by Burnaugh &
ai ay field.
Scorched TabU Linen.
When the thive men sat down the
leader of the trio began a minute in
spection of the tnUecloth. Presently
he put his Anger cn tereral little
scorched iots.
"See thter he said to the wul.er.
"Yes. sir."
"Well," suid the roan, "just bear la
mind, wou't yon, that these holes were
here when we tame in if And when we
get through don't ta k a dollar ou t i
our bill to pay for burned table Iltieu."
"That's all right." raid the waiter.
"I'll look out for that."
The order having been given, the
cautious dliter elucidated his remarks
still further. "That is a trl.k those
fellows have," he sold. "Somebody
burns the tablecloth with Bpnrks from
a cigar and gets away before the dam
age is discovered, nud the nest comer,
if he happens to be a Biuoker, is blamed
for his predecessor's sins and is
charged with the cost of the linen. I
have bad to pay well for other peo
ple's carelessness, so nowadays I make
it a point to examine tablecloths nl
the beginning of a meal." New York
Bread and cake for sale at Mrs. M.
Larsen's, three dojrs east of post-office.
Chlco, July 27 Harvest has com
menced in earnest.
John Woods and his men started
for Walla Walla with horses this
A crowd of 20 people went fishing
yesterday. They went up to the
head of Chesnimnus and caught 500
Dallas Mays came out with a load
of salt today.
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Allen returned
home last Friday.
Leslie Wiley returned to Wallowa
Golda Hi:iman and her brother
Guy, were at Tippetts yesterday
Man wants a whole lot here below.
And wants It all his days.
Should all his wants be filled we know
He'd have new wants always,
For man ne'er Is. 'tis undented.
But always to be satisfied.
Kansas City Times.
Washington's Plague Spots
lie in the low, marshy bottoms of the
Potomac, the breeding ground of ma
laria germs. These germs cause
chills, fever and ague, biliousness,
jaundice, lassitude, weakness and
general debility and bring suffering
or death to thousands yearly. Kit
Electric Bitters never fall to destroy
them and cure malaria troubles.
"They are the be. all-round tonic
and cure for malaria I ever used,"
writes R. M. James, of Louellen, S. C
They cure Stomach, Liver, Kidney
and Blood Troubles and will prevent
Typhoid. Try them, 50c. Guaranteed
by Burnaugh & Mayfleld.
Washington, July 29. The Presi
dent has Just signed a proclamation
making a National Monument of the
Oregon Caves or ".Marble Halls" of
Josephine county, in the Siskiyou
National Forest about thirty miles
south of Grant's Pass In Cave Moun
tain. The caves are marble and other
limestones and consist of innumera
ble caverns, corridors and passage
way of various sizes, all of them
decorated beyond description in
crystallized carbonates. They have
been explored to a distance of two
miles or more, the lowest of them
being at a depth of about 2,000 feet
below the summit of Cave mountain,
the highest being some seven or eight
hundred feet above it. There are
many passageways and rooms which
iave never been opened, and with
these distant and unexplored open
ings the magnitude of the Oregon
caves Is practically unknown.
These natural wonders were dis
covered in 1874 by EHja Davidson,
while bear hunting, and the greater
Part of the exploration work was
done by F. M. Nickerson, of Kerby
Oregon, in 1877, when four floors of
levels were partially opened. Many
of the old ladders used at that timo
are still in use.
Cave mountain, the peak which
contains these
elevation of about 6.000 feet and Is
or limestone formation Th oi
openings around which the National
monument has been erectPrt t
an elevation of 4.000 fest ht th-
entire mountain-side for five or six
mnes shows caverns of vnrin ai,o
- wu UlfcCO
and In all probability Is honeycombed
throughout its interior like the
portion which has been xnij
Many 6man breams are found at
different elevation, and larger bodies
or running water can be heard in
bottomless pits so far as measured.
This running water probably accounts
for currents of wind that in some of
the galleries blow so hard as to ex
tinguish an open light at once
The Hme deposits take many beauti
ful forms; massive pillars, delicate
stalactites of alabaster whiteness
with the crystal d ran nf mnin.
Ing its minute deposit of lime from
which they are formal v.
sheets resembling drapery with grace
ful curves and waves that were cer-
' ' '
Located in Enterprise, with a full and
complete line of Imported and Domestic
Woolens. Have your Clothes Made at
Home and Secure a Perfect Fit and
Tailor WorKmanship & j&
Cleaning, Pressing and Repairing'
of ladies' and gentlemen's clothes
by an experienced tailor j&
M. GUMERMAN, Manager
taitily made by varying currents of
wind duriug formation.
In past years visitors have broken
off and carried away many of the
valuable specimens and this destruct
ion, as well as to retain these natural
wonders as public property. Induced
the recommendation to place them in
a National Monument.
The forest service has rebuilt and
Improved the trails leading to the
caves from each side of the divide
in order to more easily protect the
valuable forest surrounding, and to
make the caves more accessible to
No matter how long you have suf
fered, Fo'.ey's Kidney Remedy will
help you. Mrs. S. L. Bowen, of
Wayne. W. Va , writes: "I was a suf
ferer from kidney disease, so that at
times I could not get out of bed, and
when I did I could not stand straight.
I took Foley's Kidney Remedy. One
tlollir bottle a:id part of the second
cureJ me entirely." It will cure you.
jljrna'jgh & .Mayfleld.
Action taken by President Taft in
setting aside the Josephine county
caves as a National reserve meets
with the hearty approval of the peo
ple of this state, who are interested
In preserving Its natural wonders.
One square mile Including the en
trance to the caves has been made
a reservation, belonging to the gov
ernment, by proclamation just sign
ed. The caves make up a wonderful
collection of roomy caverns and gal
leries In the side of a mountain in
tlie Grayback range, about 30 miles
south of Grants Pass.
Seared With A Hot Iron,
or scalded by overturned kettle cut
.with a knife bruised by slammed
door injured by gun or In any other
way the thing needed at once is
Bucklen's Arnica Salvn to fliilirlua
inflammation and kill the pain. It's
earths supreme healer, infallible for
Boils. Ulcers, Fever Sores Vmn
.md Piles. 2uc. at Burnaugh & May-ifield's.
La Grande Iron Works.
D. FITZGERALD, Proprietor.
Foundry and Machine Shop. Casting and Ma
chine Work done on short notice.
Sawmill break down jobs promptly attended to
Will make the season at
the ranch of Thomas
TERSsr?i eVh $,0 0 f" "son and $15.00
'cSSEf8- E1,her f h above prices be-
moving the mare from the county.
C M. WILLIAMS. Manager.
.'& Berry I
Twas A Glorious Victory.
There's rejoicing in Fedora, Tenn.
A roan's life has been saved, and
now Dr. King's New Discovery Is the
talk of the town for curing C. V.
Pepper of deadly lung hemorrhages.
"I could not work nor get about," he
writes, "and the doctors did me no
good, but, after using Dr. King's New
Discovery threa weeks. I feel like a
new man, and can do goad work
again." For weak, sore or dKaasid
lungs, Coughs and Colds, Hemorrhage
Hay Fever, LaCrlppe, Asthma or any
Bronchial affection it stands unrival
ed. Price 60c. and $1.00, Trial Bot.
tie free. Sold and guaranteed by
Burnaugh & Mayfleld.
Read the advertisements.
by buying this
reliable, honest,
high grade tew
ing machine.
National Sewing Machine Co.
Belvldere. III.

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