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Novelized From the Play by Frederick R. Toombs
(CHAPTER XXVII Continued.)
une tu'to t'i crawrorasvtue tried to
fjiwik. but he could not. lie stared t
his hostess, w ho srn'lcd the smile of t tie
bndding debutante. His own open
m,.ntlipd astonishment was reflected in
tbe faces of Carolina and Hope Geor
gia as they observed their father's ex
pression. "Ie 't,r?t 116 wns lt Wash
ington. He not know he was a sen
ator. The fnet that he had ever even
tb'ioght of making a sieeeU was fur
thest from his mind.
What did it all mean? Had Mrs.
Siiaiipler pone suddenly Insane? Ills
"7 &F
"Great hravevs! I'm late, I'm late!"
lanshters what did they think ? These
thoughts surged through his flustered
bnln. Then it flashed over h!:u she
as joking i:i nome new fardilotiable
vay. He tnrnoj toward the fair wid
ow to laugh, but lier faee was losing
Its smile. A pained expression, a (sug
gestion of lu reuse Buffering, appeared
In her fa'-e.
"Why do yon so hesitate. Senator
har.gdn''" she finally asked In low
mice, just Paid enough for the two
tff.s to overhear.
The Jnuir.r senator from Mississippi
looked at his hostess. She had enter
tained h!m and had done much for his
tkoThters In Washington. She was
iloac in the world a widow. lie felt
iV.t he could not Fh'.iuie her before
"nmlina and Hope Georgia. His south-
tru chivalry would net tierwit tiiat.
Tliiii, too, she was a iao."t charming
juts in. and tbe tht.ujrht, "Why not
way not take her at her wordV" crept
iuto his ji.i; d.
"l'es, lather, why Co you hesitate':"
asked Carolina.
Senator l.angdou Clustered his voice
Into sen ii-e at last
Te becu tliiukt-s," ue eald slowly,
"Tu 't your daughters did tut know."
intern.;.; id Mrs, Spatigler, " i cur"
"Tue telephone lip-stairs is ringing.
EMdam." said a maid who had entered
l" ilrs. Spanglcr.
-he adventuress could not leave the
t.-t2t.ir a titl his daughters alone.
j-'Ugb she knew it ciust Its IV-ab .ly
filing her. At any moment he iui;:ht
-awa-bcr his speech and leave. Ai
late, be would still l.e later.
I'i High, because lie would Lave no car
r.?:e her would purposely be Co-
"'li'll the person speaking that yon
it? empowercsj to bring me uuy wes-e'!-"t
lii:it 1 cannot leave the dining
to'"." the said to the maid.
Vo f-aiu time und to hold the sena
t's titteutioa IJrs. Spanjiler allied
"V.'el!, senator, what was it that you
Vic ft ing to say when I Lilerrupled
T-n a few luomeals ago?"
J.n;'don bad been ratkiug bis brain
frcouie inspiration that would enable
ttui to save the feelings of bis hostess
r-3 Jet iudi-ate his position clearly.
wtjiiij ut commit himself in any
a.v. Ke wonij jump tip and pro-uwni'.-e
her an i:!i;ostor nret.
A.'ter a moment of silence bis cloud-
f v e lea red.
"irs. Spangler." be Ijepau, "your an
ti!'u:'.cemeut today I have considered
to I
"- ri mature." she suggested.
l i'A returned.
"Mr. Wall says Senator Lansdon is
wanted at once at the eapitol."
"Oreat heavens 1" exclaimed Lanfrdon,
priaging to bis feet and glancing at
J1' clo k. "I'm iate, I'm late! I hope
New and Elegant
Huiisaker Taylor's
I f"- ,v. A '
j 'or 0iir rapidly increasing trade.
V .tVV A
IQ 71 1 tl
i' ' ' Is
"Mr. Vall Vays a carriape is comin?
i"i r-.-uai.T lngaou," concluded
" e mnsi talk this matter over some
other time. Mrs. Spanpler." the M:s-tif-s.l'pian
cried as he sent a servant
f r his hat and coat. "I hope that
i arrive hurries, else I'll try it oa the
iu:i f 1 r the capital."
"It's a half hour away on foot," said
Mrs. Spangler. -Better wait. You'll
save time."
Eut to herself the muttered as
though mysiilied:
-I wotidi-r why l'cali. Jy changed his
mi:ij so suddenly? Why should he
now want the old l 1 at the f apltol?"
The rutnlile t,f wheels was heard
ou!i ic.
Hurry, fa titer !" cried Hope Georgia.
The senator hurried down the stone
steps of Mrs.
bpangler's resi
dence as rapidly
as his weight
and the exeite
m e n t under
WhleU he labor
ed would penult,
Opeulug the
coach door, he
plunged inside
lo ce-iue face to
face with Bud
Haines, who
had huddled
down iu a cor
ner to avcid fh
ser vance from
the Spaugler
Windows. Th
driver started his
uoi-s.-s i u ou a run.
Siru-.i:. lo regain his breath,
sei'Mur tiljJ:
-Wei!, what are"
-.Never mind Hew. But first gather
In all i say, senator, as we've no time
to lose. When i couldn't locate you
aLd 1 saw you probably wouldn't be
at the senate chamber in time to make
your speech on the naval base bill I
persuaded Senator Milbauk of Arkan
sas to ri.;e ai:d make a speech on the
currency question, which subject was
In order. He was under obligation to
me for son:e important information I
otee obtained for him, and he consent
ed to keep the Hour until you arrived,
tb'-uli he knew he would earn the
vciiL'eaU'. e of I'eabody. That was over
an hour and a half ngo. He must be
reading quot aipms from 'Pilgrim's
Progress' to the senate by now to keep
tbs Co'. r."
JHid pa us', d to look at bis watc h.
The Kemifor stretched his head out of
the window and cried, '-lrivc faster!"
-i let ynnr ppeeeh ail right?" called
Bud above the din of the rattling
"Ye-, he".." was the response, tbe
sena ' or tan;,..".g hn Inner breast pocket.
'Thou - hi itiaybe she" cried Bud,
ie!';:hig his !e-ad back in the direction
fro:!i which they had come.
The Mis.-'Issh.lau shook bis bead
Qccaiivcly at:d set his Jaws determln
et'ly. Tlie coach swung up to the eapitol
"Tell me." a -ked I.angdon, as both
Ju:u;ied out, 'how did you find out
"I jiiieiied the house gave a came
Pea. body uses"
"Great heavens, but how did yeu
know where to phone?"
They were ut Ihe door of the senate
tlt.i raker.
Norton gave me tbe tip-fur your
sake aud Carolina's for .ld time
stike, be said," was Bad's reply.
o.n ti:e ii.ooh or the senate.
TOO tsM'-h occupied in concentrat-
J g bis thoughts on bis speech,
:.,n failed to notice tbe
consmation on the faces of
, i. M-.ib
iOO irtT-h ccf-upic-d In concentrat
his cent in the senate. They had failed
to succxid ia getting Mllbauko con-
elude and consequently coul-l not push
the tiaul base report through. But
they ho'eJ the iassiug of over an hour
after their opponent' appointed time
B'ld had felt certain that be would not
appear at all.
The boss of the senate" leaned
across to Stevens and whispered bur -
"We" must tear b!m to pieces now
discredit hiin publicly. It's bis own
fault. Our agents eau sell tbe land to
Standard Steel. Our connection with
the scheme will be impossible to dis -
co-er after we have made the public
l.f.!io-.-e Baui-'do.u is a-crooK.
'But how about our su'.noset cr.n.b'
S. K. Clark
, .
Fill! line Of plumbltlg
Satisfaction Guaranteed
Shop at Kellner's Hardware Store
Leave Orders.
Ciiiif ) ( .i i'Kt
it'i.'.'i itiid Ili'ii.cf.
nation to :-Langdi-n
v, :
v.'tis. -W e ,
"No," anv
deny it, but v
will tell i::i. iv ;
U"t to talk ni. u
"Its cur clily
vor.s cauiiot:siy.
"Yes. and we
Sleineft," Went
v-:.; livt . l: :a ,;. V.
rs i L. t we j -.v:,
a it."
i ban; e," rej li.d S:e-
ewe it all to J:;:;e
oa lV-abvily. -That
"A lie, a iif." fcri"iiu1 .! ' it.
fellow Telfer do anythi -:g t-
please Jake. Jake has coin lie c 1 'iVi.'ei
that Langdon was resp-.n-ible l. r iia
defeat of Gulf city, and the mayor i
Wild for revenge."
"The boss ot the senate" r.i e ud
Walked to the rear of the senate t iia:!i
ber to issue .-rders t two if bij col
I leagues.
-Beport of ti;e cot.itiuilee on naval
affairs," droned the clerk mei !ia::i ..I
ly. "House bill No. IK-:) is uuie::de.l
to read as follows" .Vnd bis vei e
sank to an uiiiiitelligitle iautnl.ie, f,.i
every senator piv.-cni he v. elj biu v.
i was aware tbat Hie a :.n ndun nt named
Abaci ola as the naval b ise Kite.
Senator Luugdoa rose hi bi seat
"Mr. I'rcsileiit," be called.
"Chair recognizes the go:"!', -r.i.-.u
from MissUsippl," sai l the pre .-i. ii;?
officer as be leaiad La. k to sj.e.;':; to
Senator Wiiian- c.f IC.in.--a-". wb
tpproaohed to the si ;e of ll.e r ....
The Ijingdo!) i-;,ee( I) i :i "'i'lrj
South and the South of tbe i
1 roved more than a cl ti .e nt
only to a reverent bitri ;1 i-i 'i .' ('.;
gr'-ssional Beoord. Alth'-ttg'i v.
at the start .wit-g t .) the c.-. i i:. .' b.t;
etiings if tile day. th" .M;--i- i; ;i i ;i"
ClltbUalastU for Lis cau.e ;-.v e i'i.
strength mid stlti.ulati- n a -; L.- pr
pressed. His vdi e r. i:. - i ;.:i,
as be came to the peitb-u; :r p i 1.
V.'i.-hid to ace i :r, aa;.-, si;;J cv. a tiio.-.
i') tbe Uppif.i: ! r-.v.s j:i the gilhii
could hear i.ls every word.
A C'itf clo e i f ills f. r:::al s--.--h '..
!! bi.s S!:,!ea:
f t:
1 1 f the nn v. 1 1 ji'.o'.-s
! lag cotiirol f Alt;
j attempts to rob the ;. i : t,v .e.
I be had predi -ted. tbe ei:',:e did '. i.
! up." The senate ilhi agree t. at a in v
'bind :t polili'S J .";;!.;.
Iiurbig this latter j-:'.rt of tic sp'-cch
tinny urloiis gboc-e.s - t-re ui!e-ted :tt
I'tabcdy and i-'teveiis. who sat In th;
I tame tier of scuts. In the middle ,f tin
I chamber, only an til.-le scparaiin .
'them. Through this choi e of ;a;
ithey could confer without leaving thoii
pia es. arlous tenatoriU u l lie
of those two men in ether deals fou:u:
it dbbcult io believe tU-!r cars but
was not old I.angdon ut Ibis laoinea'
narrating tbe u;:.a;i;g transaction oi.
the Coor of the f.enate? Would tin
statue on the pedestal s!ep down".
Would the sphinx of the de-ert speak
ihe story of the I ,st cea'.urie-? h,u!o
honor take the pia e of v.tpedleu'-y li
the affairs of state? What might not
., , , ., , ...
i'W l' m;!l li,1!;",
W-w that I c,Udy und bte veu, had
taUet, to U,r wba ,,;,y
termed the purple j-j.j of p,..;-.:!
j'.. fa,, J(,n,!;t of
Itituation es ape the aU-.-mi'-a of the
J reporters' gallery. Id 1; Cuiien ob
in-cd to llai!-".! of the I.w-ord:
j -virtue's g-uitc; so thick around
: nm, jfs a me::a e to i a", i -at ion."
"Blocking Ihe tralbc, eh?" queried
Hansel, ai.d both laughed.
I "llc-Uo! What's this?" es-laimcd Cul
, 0 a few minutes later. "Horton has
I been recognb'.ed. w hen the progratii
! wa3 to adjourn when the naval base
was over with."
, Ungdon's speech had proved the bit.
,JQ sl.nsatioii of the sessi m. After he
, concluded, amid resounding applause,
Iu w,i-v, 8enat rs Joined, as well ns
(vcr!)ants of the railcries, fceuator
li'rioii of MTi:a:ia rose und cauybt
lb.- presiding officer's eye.
i -I ask unanimous consent to offer a
j resolution."
I Hearing no objection he continued in
la manner that Instantly attracted un
I usual attention:
j "It Is my unpleasant duty" Pea body
land Stevens exchanged glances "to
lolace a mailer before this body that to
fine, as a member of this honorable
b(jd'y. is not only distasteful, but deep-
, ly to be regretted.
I '"There has arisen ground to suspect
'a member of this body of having en
deavored to make money at the gov
ernment' expense out cf land which
; he Is alleged to have desired bis own
committee to choose a tbe naval base.
1 1
t::o3. m. mi.l
fi:st ."o.r svs!i f New
e.i:ui i;a.c..i.ie. t).e.
- (V:
i-.'k:.:-::-;:; :nn
Allt a." LS AT'LWi
'f " In a'l Sn j i -
I). V
rr.ieiiie la i-'taie a::d IV k-. a?
'')- a;nl I.ii,'n..r le!..ii-thie..i..
i i. e. . .. ... ,.. er t. i- r a ;
a'l: f. i- ,..o :; , .; .j.,.,.. ; , , in.
A-.i'l.. .;;g .- ; t..; i. ; 0
. 1:.: e:-."
1 I..:i:..d. II was Iidi :;-, v :; i-,-d over
this i-ew (1 n. l, ; ; ,;;ie
j l' b'eio.d -: t:i. ::.ii..r :,!.. r.t I e i!r d
"' . ho ..o.,, Vy. j
thai : I: ..-. ! ., . ; -.. , ,
I '''!;;, :'-'- tl ' f.f.o -r tin' naval
I tcisc-th.it the -i-.l:. a n! Mi i.
j mi hi 1 -e ii. lie r. e M ,v.-iy l,i ,
j ; -itl, vl.lle Ihe s ..n-.o ."i' ,1 wi.h
j the i::i:i-::i;!i" . f , v.) , i v. i en
1 f r Ii.. le tl -.;! i ;".Ti:ia-
ti a," be Le an v.ii.ai re ,1 !M,j
I : lur the pvsldesit f the ...-i.ale had
I ot;iidul with tbe a I t r.-st-ro
i.tilet. "so that this ho;; ; e"i c :: 1 'er
1 - - 'in; -riant matter m. ;c it ieh.ge.it-
S- ::at r Ii. -t a re e. s;:ld:
"I will tnl e ihe l.i.-r.y of rddleg
ta il tl e v-:;:!i r ae n , d I ; ;. ;-e i lia r
ih 'a the ;t:t: i ::;.;. r fra'.ti ML-sis-
l.::;r don's cjis hi i.ed. lie strode
ii'.-.-.j tly i.no Ihe ai..le.
"Mr. l ie hhi.:." he' crhd las.l-u-
a'.ely, "I km.'..- this is i.ot the ii:ne t r
I lace for a ll-v tt-..-bm like this, b::t
j e-i: th";t fenator: i! court e--y j crtr.it i:ie
j t- as'.;"-then be c-'in luil;. d streuelv
Kf-re be ouhl 1. e slopvcsl 'what is
the v ii'once It; rtippoi't of this pre
; us! i rein: charge?"
"This is all out of trd -r," nId the
): liliag t'lhar niter u lo;u-e. "but
in view of the Ir. um.Uai.i e.s I v. lll
entertain a motion to i: pend tbe
This in-t Ion 1 ttr.siiig, Hurt; u ie;li- d
lo J.an.ed.in.
"Yi-ur nan, e is s!iu-d to a contract
v.i.h J. I. Teller, mayor of tlu'.f Ci y,
Ml-., cylibig for 3.ooij siiar.s ia the
Gulf City Land company, and"
"A 11 .'. a ih-'.'- s,,-e.-.i!!i.d J.a:i;ih,n.
'Xb.a ohh i-.;l," vent i n Ib.rt. u cul
ly, "is tow In Y.'.l. hh;r;;t; u. He has
the contract tit.d will ;-v.;;'.r to c uii-vi-r.-"itt!-atss
v. i !.j y-u aid joar i-ei -p--lary.
His t-al.-.ioiiy will be corrobo
rated by no J, -s a j ereonage than Con
; :-...;;:: ;:!! ihai. u i.i' y..;r c.-.va di.ti-iet,
who s:.ys ji ii a il .d hi -a to conduct
; cit of the no, '-ah'.!'. .ii.t."
V.'!.-l I c.ij-.'il mil," ciiil Horton.
"th..l it i.s l.n.i-.,ii t-i iiioio lluiu one
Un-mbei- of till;; boti' rahle body lin.il
.'j bad cii.,v,u l.; a lain-iity leport la
i.nor of G'.ll 1 i'y te.an-c of your
ar;,el" at tbe '.!- it of ji,ut phui ;,
take the naval ba.;e aw,.y troiu Alia
i oc-ia."
I.au; d..ii tan!; i.,to bis lialr, be
wildered, even Htuni.nl. There v. an a
conspiracy ligabi it biia, but b .w coui.i
be prove it? The j;iotmd iceiued ciuni-i-ilng
from "mi ler bin: not even a
straw to cr.i:;i. 'i hell the old ll-hti.ig
i blood thai cuil.-d bi n nloii in JJuuu
j i'e;;;!ld's van tit.-; eJ at the vi.lees of
his heart, ivviv J hi s. bi , iaa through
UU vcliw. lie leapt d t bis f. a.
A noand as of a s-utlle-u b dy fall
ing heavily lire i,- nil i ;, e:s l.-.ji.i I.at:g
don to lh' l...-r f the r .a hi ai le. An
iHiihitant si: riant ill uru.s was lying
lace d jv.-nv.ar 1 oa the arpi-t. Aaotb-
r was vainly trying I.i hah) b.n k Bud
ICahc. .-", who, te.-'ii.ig hlanclf free,
I'.n.h.d tlown l- hi) -bhf v.iiviiig a
-beet of ii ap; -r ill the t. u.ilor a eyes.
'"ih- oj thai," ga n d liie secretary
breatbh's ily, r.nd be huiaied away ui
tl tide pas. -age way uial out to reach
lat-jrice Ca icV.y Pains Believed.
- somu jetw I si.'foreil froni
ift'-flase coiiclsy i an; v.-biih would
otiie oi a!, ti.n.e) aid frjia which 1
oald fail no K-Ii-Jf," sia I. S. Ma
son, of I.ev.er 1 a-a, I'y. "Cha-!)-.e.'ahrs
Colic, ciiole.ra r.nd Blarrh-nta
'emody v.as te'-o.-rioie id-.d to suo by
s fi".'c.nd. Af er la bins a f.-.v d)i.;i
it the reioedy I was eti'-iroly rellv
;d. Tiitif. v. as fo ir j e :r-J ' . ) at) 1
there has Loon no leuin of V.n
;v mpbars cia' e Uiat tb-te." 'i h'
&. ! i.i for -'' by Bu":ia i;sb C
di.v;;.h' I
j Refreshnientlla!!
Mineral Waters
I Sodas, Halting
Temperance Ccer
j And albkindn o." Soft Irin):a
'Cigars and, Cafctlbnery
Orderly IIo'jso Nj Minor. Allowed
Niw Fi ater.'iul L'tJi'. lat j yjr wt.t o! U. .-. .
BRIQHT6. siEG:;.y;;o
Duectory of Wallowa County
.:r i'v or h:re-t hands on
v . .. ... , ,
t vlum prairie vieouraaeu
i 'lu 1 i' .i vr u ile.nand a 10 hour
i .... j -
Th; Or.v ;i Tr.uik. bailding up the'X OtiUe Herland jtidhllng. Home
I e.. is on-l l.v John K K!..v.
' ' " i .1 I.e.! lie I I lllll CUv.,n
!vn r.-.ra;er!y eMef e ilnetr of the
. ; r.'iiawa ca ial. and i a trusted ad
r of Hill.
-' i'.aio lr;!Ra:i.)U convention I
1- asks t'oagresa for
$ i'(.roa to aid irrisatiou. Tho
- o.i (ki i..r ie ;o:irma tie
l T. lKK'KKTT. M. 1. "J-
Oifi, e upstairs In Dank lialld-
i:i l. I.oae plioue in ofileu V
.i ... r ii iie. !
: '' :?':'C!'siV
l .e MM."., ie ei e. i .ii- mvm ;.MI'I,I,
l.angih.m ipi.-ad the iaper before
bi n wbb c'.i.li aby with his trembling
binds. Slowly his whirling brain gave
him tbe ability to read. Slowly what
appeared b him as a Jumbled nothing
resolved Into orderly lines aud word.
"7'h; I t:.r is (.cn'd (Viorhs Norton." '
lie read and a-,;la sbiod before the '
tenate. which bad regained Its usual
conipo-ure alter the fallen sergeant at
muni hid regained bia feet and rubbed
bil bruises.
"I da not think there will bo any In- j
ve-ligatioa," be said, with decided of-
.'' -rt, struggling to down the emotion
that choked him. "1 ask this house to
bitten to the f. Mowing letter:
"Dear Ccnrtor Lanndon When you
icccive this letter I ehall b well on
my wry to tabs a slegmtr for Cuba. I
write to esk you not to think too
br.rt.l-.ly of me, for I will always cher
ish thot-2h'. cf tho friendship you have
chown n-.5.
"Pcafcoc'v rnd Gti-vcns hnva finally
proved tea much for ire. When they
fit c!d Tclfcr to swear to a forged
-ontroct nd vfcntcd ma to for your
-.in-,-5 in tbo l-md records at Calf City,
I threw up i.iy bands. Their came will
rl-.- eys p en, I suppose, but you gave
'.hem a shock when you broke up their
'.!'.. -.ccola craft schsme. And I'm glad
you did. They cast mo aside today,
r.ribably thinking they could jet ma
iain if they needed me,
"I am coinj on tho sugar plantation
cf a friend, where I can make a new
What Can You Expect?
What can you expect your business to
jimouut to without a Teh phone? Do yoif
suppose a customer will lose time miming
after you when you can call your compet
itor by 'phone?
Home Independent Telephone Co.
Win. Miller & Brother, I
SUITE 201, Wallowa National Banll Building'. J
Red Front Livery and
Feed Stable
First Class Accommodations
Best of Hay and Grain j
o k uuk k soi in of W. A, MOSS. Proprietor
lio'l'KL llMilUPKISE r
Successor to Boswell Q Son
, ?4M-l
. ;
... : . V. iv r, iu t u .l
; T
. II . . - . -r. ........
'? ""icpeimeni ruone.
K. T. AXDKllSOX. M. r.
, Calls attended to day or nlKht.
- ;' i"'one. rjuerprise, ore, jj,
f-K-i -K'-M "M- M 'J
X DH. C. A. AULT j
I Office iu Hank Building.
t Honu phono both offleo and 1
atari and forget that I ever wer.t to
I.angdon paused deliberat-ly. Tbo
senate was hushed. Tbe galleries were
stilled. Not even the rustle of a sheet
of paper was beard In the reporters'
pallery. Tho Mlsslsslppinn nazes!
around tho .senate chamber. He saw
Stevens mnl I'eabody craning their
necks across, the nl ie and talking ex
citedly to each oi her.
Then he stepped forward and spoke,
waving tbe pa,,.r In the nir.
"This letter Is signed 'Chat lets Nor
ton.' "
The old soul'icnier united triumphant
ly at the men who had sought to tio
nroy him. It was with dilllei-by that
the presiding ollieer could liancicr
down the burst if lm:nlebippluj that
arose lrom the trnll.-rles.
Senator Ilortoti, however, v. as not
satlslled with Iamgdons lacid.u as-ceuden-
"How do we know Hint Hint lei ler Ii
not a forgery, a trick," be exclaim.;..
"(Jo pet Congressman Norton- If you
caa-aiul j;ct his denial," responded
Tbe Junior senator from Mississippi
hurriedly pushed bis way out of the
foliate chamber. Ills day's work wa
Hown on k broad plantation alone
the Pearl river an old planter, w ho l as
borne his years well, as life goes now
adays, pusses his days contenti illy. He
delights in the rompiiigs of his gin.nb
children as they rouse the cohuM of
tbe mansion and prides hiaiself on the
achievements of their l.uher, Itnu
dolph, who has Improved Hie planta
tion to a point never reached before.
Sometimes be roevcs a I -tier from
his daughter. Mope Cn.rgiu, uuw Mrs.
Haines, telllnif him of her happy life, or
perhaps II Is a letter from Carolina,
describing tbe (rood times ihe Is having
In London with tbe friends she la vb.i
hijr. And Ihe old planter goes out on tint
broad veranda In the warm south
ern twilight, and he IlilnU of the
day that were. He leineiubers how
the Third Mississippi won the day at
Crnwfordsvllle. lie thinks of the day
when he fought the good light ill
Washington. Ills thoughts turn to tbe
memory of her who went before tin so
many year and whom he Is soon to
see again, and peace descends on tho
soul of the gentleman from Missis
sippi as the world drop to slumber
around hi in.
THE F.!).
dapahic. varnish stains, linseed oil
at Burnuugh & Mayfiold's,
U U3

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