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City and County
Brief News Items
Janalac. varnish stains. Unseed oil
at Burnaugh ft May field's.
School supplies of all kinds at Jack
son & Weaver's.
T P Colennn arrived home Fri
day from a business trip to Tacoma.
J A. D-snny and wife, the lmna
ha "mercantile firm, were lu town
the first or Us: we :k.
Game Warden Joe Clemons was In
last week from Zuaiwalt for a few
Miss Gladys Amey visited da
tives In Jojeph several days last
Hugh Riley returned home la it j
week from a two wesks trip to out- j
side points.
J. S. Cook and family, who left ;
here last spring, have moved from
Dallas to Independence.
Slates and tablets, pencils and
pens In fact everything needed by a
school pupil at Jackson & Weaver s.
Mrs. Angellne Hanson returned
Thursday from a short visit with her
daughters at Hool River.
The porch an! front of the Lewis
hotel Is being remodeled so as to
give additional room space.
Bread and cake for sale at Mrs. M.
Uarsen's, three doors east of post
office. The Commercial Hotel la very
much Improved In appearance by a
coat of paint.
Mrs. C. H. Zurcher and children
left last week for Seaside, where
they will enjoy the ocean breeze3
for a time.
Whirlwind Tablets are a guaran
teed remedy for rheumatism and
kidney troubles. For sale at Jack
son & Weaver's. 35b tf
George Harrison of Portland, for-
merlv meat cutter for Funk & Graves I
i . Mtv Mat eeV and !
will probably locate here-
Mrs. Annetta Styles of Portland,
grand matron of the Eastern Star
oraer In Oregon, will visit Wallowa
Valley chapter, September 23.
Miss Anna Richards of Enterprise,
who has been the guest of Miss
Nellie Morton for eome time, re
turned to her home Wednesday
morning. La Grande Observer.
Mr. and MT3.. Carl Roe and son
of Wai:a Waia came In last
week- for a few days visit. Mr.
Roe formerly published the Chief
tain. Tiiey were guests of his sister,
Mrs. C. E. Vest, anl family.
R. W. Hussey and L. M. Johnson
of Chlco, capltaliUs, met W. D. Hilts
ley of Snake river here the first of
last week and went with him to
his big cattle ranch to look over
mining proper. ies in that section.
Robert Rice and family came out
from Wallowa county yesterday on
their way to Puyallup, Wash.,
where they will reside In the future.
Mr. Rice has sold out his Interests
in the Wallowa. La Grande Star.
Rev. C. E. Trueblood has received
word that his brother-in-law, H. L.
West, who in company with his
wife visited In Enterprise recently,
has bought an interest in the
.Johnson Broi. grocery, at Nampa,
Idaho. Mr. West will be buyer and
general manager for the firm.
Miss Blanche Clarke of Fowler,
Ohio, left for her home Thursday
morning after a visit of several
weeks, with her cousin, P. 8. Trew.
of the water works crew. Miss
Clarke Is a teacher In the Fowler
schools, and stopped here on her
way east from the Seattle fair.
A Nature-Faker.
"Oh, see the tadpoles!" shouted she,
Beside the pool, in glad surprise;
"And" just to think, some day they'll be
Those horrid, wiggling things we see
La Grande Iron Works.
D. FITZGERALD, Proprietor.
Foundry and Machine Shop. 'Casting and Ma
chine Work done on short notice.
Sawmill break down jobs promptly attended to
Dealer in Harness,.- Saddles, Chapps, Spurs 3
and Leather Goods of all descriptions. 5
I will fit you out with the best goods for the least 8
money. When in need of anything in my line, call and
inspect my stock before purchasing.
All change J to gorgeous butterflies! -
Nixon Waterman In Woman "a
Home Companion for September.
Tha W. A. Eielra tent show pleas
ed a good crowd Friday night. The
performance started promptly at 8:15
and there was some hlng doing every
minute of the time until 11:00. It Is
one aggregation 01 me aina tna'
everything advertised and then
some. A fine band gave two con
certo ou the street.
Paradise, Aug. 30. Fine, harvest
The Flora flour mill has not start
ed, although quite a bit of grain has
been thrashed here and In Lost
Peter Fordney and Harry Red
man have sold 50 tons of hay to Mac
John Bowlin and wife. W. H. Coch
ran and wife. Peer Fordney aid
W. C. Straley were doing' business
with the local no ary last week.
Mrs. W. J. Beich has returned
from the Seattle fair and visiting
relatives who live near Seattle.
Pete Bodmer U he.'e from I .a
Grande visiting hU brother O.ioar.
i Sturm & Osboin will nioe their
J sawmill to Lost Prairie soon where
they have bought land and C. F. has
a homestead.
I Mrs. Gilmore o! Flora was down
I last week trading with the new
firm of Fordney & Stevenson.
(Continued from third page.)
and his companions were now travel
lug, 1 a conil lerab'.e stream, winding
through a succes ion of bold and
beautiful scene;. Sometimes the
landscape towered into bold and
mountainous heights that partook of
sublimity ; at other times meadows
nuu Bmceiui uauunung vane.-a.
From thU point he describes the
journey on the wilder scenery of the
It Is easy, I suppose to commingle
Wal-o-wah, and other similar Nez
Perce gutturals so as to make the
modern name of the limpid, gurg
ling, transparent, scenic Wallowa.
So vaoie It be!
From La Grande Star.
That the government through its
foresteis I cutting a large perfect
j'vsteni of roadways through the
..allowa foreu reserve; reserving
.'ine camp grounds, and in other ways
making the fore it. attractive and
lectiring against Iire3, was the state
ment of Sheriff F. P. Childers, who
.eturned yesterday with a party from
in extended fishing trip on the head
waters of the Minam.
Among the trails being cut, one
goes over from Cove toward the Mi
nam, making a b cutoff In the road
from this valley. A second trail
goes up the noith fork, and a third
up the south fork of the Minam.
These trails are made as wide as or
dinary wagon i oids and re-ider pas
sage easy in case of fires.
Another wcrk of the foresters is
that of camp grojnd making. For
merly the rule of selfishness was su
preme and the sheepman who got in
first destroyed the grass and shade
about the lakes and brooks at will.
So campers or travelers could find no
grass or places of comfort In which
to stop. This Is all being changed
and camping grounds being reserved
and brooks and lakes protected.
Cabins, too are being constructed
about the lakes and along the road
fo the use of the rangers. In many
ways the forests are being improved
so as to make It easy and pleasure
able to traverse them.
Gotham- Both
Gay and Serious.
Tto Much Accredited to the Artistic Tern,
perament The Successful Career of
a Painter of Grizzly Bears Sum
mer Season of Grand Opera.
From Our New York Correspondent.
HAVE come to
the conclusion
that the so called
artistic tempera
meut Is not a
congenita affair,
but is acquired
by those who
uced It as an
apology fcr tbelr
own weird do
lugs. I kuow a
Gotb.im artliit, to-
dny the uicst fa
uious painter of
grizzly bears In
the universe, who
Is a case In point.
Twenty years a so
he was a farm
er's lad on the
Kansas prairie. One day when I was
about to approach his father in the
matter of an overdue subscription I
discovered the boy stretched nt full
length on the grass In the dooryard,
his spare little body convulsed with
ngony, bis sobs and moaus most piti
ful In their intensity.
"Why. Franklin," I asked him com
passionately, "what has bapieiied?"
"I've been wal-wal-walloped," he
choked with a fresh access of grief.
"Who did it, and why?" I couldn't
help Inquiring.
"Pop for spoiling the new horse
barn," he groaned bitterly.
Just then the parental cnstlgator op- !
peered, still Irate and Inclined to tc- '
gard the matter as unsettled. Ills
grievance was of such magnitude that
he began at once to offer me a share
of it
"Just come along with me and I'll
show you what a good for nothing boy
I've got," he proposed.
We left the weeping victim to strug
gle with his sorrow and indignation and
proceeded to the new horse baru. a
rather pretentious structure of pine
siding and sawed shingles, the whole
crowned by a cupola with bright green
shutters. Altogether it was far more
Imposing than the family residence,
and Its new coating of white lead
made It the most conspicuous object
in the landscape. Before we reached
It I discovered the cause of the erup
tion. The great sliding doors were
decorated across tbelr exterior surfaces
with a series of bold charcoal sketches
of heroic size.
"Same inside and all over the box
stalls," lamented tho father.
In hose days I had a very good opin
ion of my own artistic perception, nnd
I believed that I recognized merit lu
those crude ebon drawings, in which
the grizzly bear was even then a protn-
"you'll hav to wajt fob Toon money"
inent figure. . I was at an age, too,
when it Is a joy to launch an unexpect
ed verbal torpedo, and I seized the op
portunity. "My friend," I said, with the best
Imitation of the manner of an expert
I could manage, "you are making the
mistake of your life. The day will ! the popular ob
conie when that boy of yours will be ' tuseness la the
paid more than the cost of your barn i matter of grand
for a single picture. - Will it be cou- opera. It Is to be
vpnlent for you this morning to square educational and
your account with the Izzardvllle Ban-! uplifting, end
ner of Freedom?"
For a full half minute the father of
my embryo genius stared nt me as If
be were not quite certain of blinself.
Then he replied:
"You'll have to wait for your money
until tbat picture is sold."
The most amazing feature of this
story is that my prediction has been
fulfilled literally. It has come to pass
more than once that a painting by that
despoiler of the horse barn has been
sold lor many
times the cost of
that structure.
The story of the
boy's transfor
mation into one
of the most suc
cessful artists of
Gotham runs
something like
His father
could never be
convinced that
his son was a
genius and de
clined absolutely
to have anything
,to do with the
business. In time
the boy made his
way to New -York
and became a
pupil at the Art"E
Students' league.
Here he attract
ed the attention of Wllllnm SI. Chase,
UA 1. 1 u
nuv uou mouc um main uuu cuuiu
afford to be generous. The famous
portrait painter befriended the boy and
made It possible for him to receive the
best instruction to be had In America.
When be bad prepared himself the
young art student went to Paris. There
bU quaint manner and marked talent
secured for him admission to mitsy
tad los not open to the ordinary Anier-
When he returned he opened a srnaio ,
ai a downtown attic and beau to j
combine art nnd starvation. Even In ;
those early days he had committed !
himself to the grizzly and painted
nothing else. I have now in my pos
session one of those old time studio. I
a token of the artlsfB nppreclatiou of ;
my sympathy in the horse bam epl-;
sode. At the time I regarded It an an
Impossible affair, a grizzly perhaps cor-1
ret t anatomically, but too unpictur- j
esoue for everyday use. So I con. ,
signed the canvas to the top shelf of j
my cupboard without n thought that ;
some day it might become wy most
promising asset, us It has. j
Before long the young man found '
friends nnd patrous. I never could
understand why it wns that his skele-ton-UUe
grizzlies became popular. Per
haps It was for the same reason that 1
Chase's emaciated portraits of society
women became the vogue. Flis bears, j
however, "caught on" with n grip that
has never loosened, and hf can sell ;
them for more than a menagerie would !
j be willing to pay for their originals.
I Now, right here ii n p.'ml plae for
me to return ti my preliminary state-j
I nient that the nrtlsth' lemiwrament j
I must not be held accountable fcr ai! j
' the freak things done in lis name,
j For example. It has uothlng whatever
' to do with the successful bear limner's J
; choice of a residence. Ti.i'ay nt the :
; very top notch of bis vogue he Is liv-
lug. with his charming wife nnd fmir !
equally charming children, in nn old ;
deserted stable near Washington '
I square. This he has transformed nt i
J the expense of a few dollars Into a :
I combination studio unil resilience. It :
Is but a sorry shelter for one's lares
and penntes. fronting on a malodorous
alley, devoid of most creature com
forts, cold us the barn It once was In
winter and correspondingly stuffy In
i But it is not on account of the ar
tistic temperament that my friend of
the barn door decoration i.i living in
rinnegun alley. The real reason is
to Le found In the fact that the man
who has made grizzly bears produce
for him an Income sucli as few of us
enjoy is also possessed of n shrewd
business capacity. He knew that those
who were in quest of bears would fol
low him into the alley nnd that after
' awhile the portion of the general puli-
. lie known as "society" would find him.
j Time has proved that he was wise in
his belief. Today that rinnegan alley
studio Is one of the best known nnd
uiort frequented "sights" of New York.
It Is the fashion to b- seen there, and
cards to the bear painter's teas nre be
lieved to confer social distinction on
those who receive them.
The operatic millennium Is nigh. Mr.
Oscar Ilnmmerstein is the man who
has announced Its speedy coming and
even set n date for Its appearance. It
Is to come off In New York Aug. 1C at
the Manhattan Opera House, nnd
those who expect to be present would
do well to prepare their white robes of
the most diaphanous material, for
Gotham is not in the temperate zone
nt that time of the year.
This announcement is the first gun
lu the energetic little impresario's
campaign against
VST 13 A
! those who know
! Its leader
h ive taken
of bis method:!
rro convinced that
it wll". be conduct
ed with skill and
discretion. A three
mouths' season of
grand opera given
Willi all the at
tention to detail
tbat characterizes
the regular sea-
son, a great variety of treatment, no
special favor shown to composers of
any particular country, nn opportunity
for new compositions to compete for
the populnr verdlct-these are some of
the good things promised by Mr. Ham
mersteln. It has been proved that Gotham Is
not opera moribund during the heated
term. More than one of the peripatetic
organizations which have disputed
space with dog days and the mosqui
toes has made good in even- wav ex
cept financially. Mr. Hamiuersteln
cares little for that phase of the matter-be
has said so. Nor does it dis
couruge him to be told that at that
time of the year no real Gotuamite will
admit that he Is In town. Although he
has made no public statement to that
effect, Mr. Hammersteiij knows that
New York is not eutirely deserted in
the fen-id period, that It is a time
when numerous visitors from all parti
of he country have the good seur.e t
make their annual nlleri
! nAtnll . .. . .. "v IUW
, ii"ioiia mm mat these visitors ni
' music hungry and have the munev tl
j atisfy their longing.
Has Friends.
"Don't fool yourself."
"I won't; I don't have to."
''''''' "'o
The City Planing Mill
W. F. RANKIN, Proprietor 8
g Carries a complete stock of rough and dressed 8
n lumber. 8
A line of standard mouldings always in stock.
Satisfactory Mill WorK a Specialty
Five per cent discount for
at expiration of 30 days
(Continued from page three.)
' way of Walloa County, Oregon,
and ordere 1 opened up and placed
in rcr-air. f .r travel according to
law. and that F. W. Hammack.
llo;ul Supervisor of Road District
No 2. the same being the road
dirict In which said proposed
road is located, be furnished with
copy of thi de -ree anil ordered
i.i open up said roaJ and pluee te
same in repair for travel.
In the matter of the Road Petition of
S. Miles, et 1-
Now at this time this matter came
on to lie heard, and it appearing to
the Court that the damages assess
ed and claimed, have not been paid
into the CU-rk, It Is hereby con
sidered nnd ordered, that the same
be, and it i hereby continued.
In the matter of the Gateway at the
Henry Ibberson place.
No- at this time this matter came
on to be he ml, and after the court
be'ng fully adxised In the matter,
it It hereby considered and ordered
that said UatJviay be left as It la,
until further notice from the
County Court.
Whereupon Court adjourned until to
morrow morning at 9 o'clock.
j Second Judicial Day.
i Thursday, Sept. 2, 1909.
1 Court met. purs a.it to adjournment
' when were pre ;ent as on yesterday.
The Journal of yesterday having been
; read the same i i hereby approved.
Tiie fjl.owing proceedings were had
to- wit:
In the matter of allowance of Mis
cellaneous BilU against County.
Naw at tills time the matter of
allowance of miscellaneous bills
against the County came on for
consideration, and the said bills
having been submitted to the
Court, anl the court having passed
upon and audi ed each of said
j bills separately as appears from the
I the signature of the Court thereon,
j Ir is therefore considered and or
dered by the Court that the said
hills be allowed and warrants is-
sued by County Clerk In payment
I of the same as allowed in classes
j and amounts as follows:
I General Fund.
Win. Cook, scalp bounty,
j Wm. Fraeudenberg, scalp
2 00
1 no
Howard Whittier, scalp bounty 2 00
!J. U, Olmsted, sa'ary, county
j Judge, August CC 66
j Edgar Marvin, salary, sheriff,
August 166 66
jW. C. Boatman, salary, clerk,
August 125 00
j B. F. .Miller, salary, asje3sor,
Aleust 100 00
J. C. Conley, silary, school
superintendent, August .. 83 33
W. T. Bell, sa'a-y, treasurer,
August 6o 00
Chas. E. Crow, salary, dep.
uly sheriff, Augu3t 75 00
Ella Daley, salary, stenogra
pher. August 40 00
E. J. Foray the, llg'iti, Aug. 18 00
J. T. Baker, scalp bounty 4 50
R. A. Richard Co., typewriter
ribbons and cirb.n 4 31
W. C. Boatman, stamps, Aug. ID 50
W. C. Boatman, exoroii 7 on
I The Enterprise Pre, printing 14 95
S. R. Ha worth, grading around
j court house and jail .... 469 66
- "aworth, payment on
court house contract .... 3000 00
McCulIy Merc. Co- county
16 00
I11- R- Nanna, copy 0t testi-'
mony in case state va AI
Jackson & Weaver. suDDl'les
2 25
for court house 1 45
Ford C. Potr tr.,it
I . u.v luajJBClur nu uu
I, aoo P. r 11. -
Class & Prudhomme, supplies
90 72
10 80
jsar .Marvin, e cpensej .. ..
I W. C. WilHOIl nnrlr l
1 in usdej-
I "or's office, August 31 25
E. T. Anderson, salary July
and August cl 20
J- C. Conley, .stamps and ex
'A- C Smith, Juitl-e'fees'.'.'
V'na M11,er. or in asses
I s.trs office . .
7 CO
7 20
21 45
20 00
1 00
U. H. Bronson, aist. examiner
teacher's examination .
Smith. & smlih. drvi
Aubrev C. b..,i,k ".
, -. ttaat. examiner
a c rfexao'inatton 2000
A. C. Sml h. juitlce feas .. 8 50
e Wallowa Chie.tain, print.
The En terprise Pre is, print.
44 05
cash. All accounts balanced
and settled by cash or note.
Ice Cream
Ice Cream Soda
Sundaes, Root Beer, Re.
freshing DrinHs
When extra CANDY
is wanted come to
Next Door to Bank
Enterprise, - - Oregon
ing and suPi Uei 6 95
Edgar Marvin, expense after
Arthur Hulje 29 05
Edgar Marvin, expense afier
Wm. Hunter 26 03
(Continued on last page.)
Rules of Color Harmony,
Much sound advice on the birlag
of rugs la contained in an article in
the Woman's Home Companion for
September. In regard to color it
says: "A floor should be the lowest
or darkest tone in a room, then the
walls, and the celling the HghteU
or highest. Thi is the natural wr
and the safe it to follow as a general
rule. It give3 a feeling of firmness
and solidity to the flojr, wherew, If
the order is reversed, and the floor
is lighter than the celling, one fee.i
that the celling is coming down on
one's head and that dodging Is the
only way to escape a blow. The
floor should support the walls la
color as well as In fact, but care
must be taken not to make the
mistake of thinking that strength
of color is obtruslvenese of color.
Strength of color in the right place
will make the scheme of decoration
a successful and satisfying one, but
obtruslvenese of color will make 1
hopeless failure of it.
"The chief color of the rug should
be the chief color of the walls not
necessarily the same tone- but harmo
nizing tones of the same shade. If
the walls are a so't yellow, a rug
with different ohades of brown, and
to give the needed note of contrast,
dull soft red and blues, would loo'i
well In the room. This kind of rug
would also go well with green or blue
walls. The proportion of the -different
colore In a rug may make or
mar It for one's special uss. in
choosing a rug it Is best to have a
feeling of one predominant color,
with the other colors adding the aa?
that contrast glvei, and forming
harmonious and delightful whole.
Keep Your Eye on Joseph, Now.
From the Elgin Recorder. )
Editor Lee Tutt'.e, publisher of the
Elgin Recorder, one of the best coun
try papers in th3 Mate, accompanied
by Arlelgb Russell and F. B. Hooper,
came up to Joseph Wednesday even
ing. They will a.wid two weeks
here, one week doing the assessmen1
work on some rich copper, silver
and quartz claims on tie moan
tain side a couple of miles fro
Joseph, and one week camping and
fishing above the lake. They ere
Jolly trio of boys. Joseph Herald.
The reader will remark that any
less enterprising trio would baV4
been satisfied with existing condi
tions and yojld have fished In tie
lake, or from the lake, or through
the lake, but they must take to a
atorl&m, for a new, sensation.
The Bakery
Fresh Bread
and Fine Pastry
We Solicit Your Patronage
ilivcr St., 2 doors south of Funk'i.

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