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Bad Breath
-tomach and used all kinds of medicines.
My tongue has been actually as green as
-rass, my bream naving a Dad odor. Two
vfeksago a friend recommended Cascarets
ii.l after using them I can willingly and
cheerfully say that they have entirely
wred me. I therefore let yon know that I
shall recommend them to any one suffer
ing from such troubles." Chas. H. Hal
pern, H4 E. 7th St.. New York, N. Y.
Pteaiant, Palatable. Potent. Taste Good,
no Cowl- New Sicken. Weaken or Grips.
10c. 25c. 50c. Never sold In bulk. The (en
gine tablet stamped C C C. Guaranteed to
an or your money back. 923
Hnt Keep Awake.
"When you gits a Job o' work to do,
aor," said Uncle Eben, "don't Imagine
yoii's a chicken on a roos' an' kin hold
7oh position by s'ine fas' asleep."-.
Washington Star.
Vroot of Lore,
So you Uilnk he's really In love,
"No doubt Hbout It Why, he thinks
she's attractive In auto goggles."
Louisville Coarler-J )urnal.
Where Women Err.
The trouble with a wo an pretend
ing to lii-lipve her husband when he
tells a falsehood Is thnt he Is encour
aged, Insti'iid of being ashamed. At
chison Olnlip.
Happy Day,
"Well, Johnny, do you wish you were
grown-up man?" ,
You bet I do."
"But why?"
"So people wouldn't ask me such fool
questions." Cleveland Leader.
Rtnmtlns; on Hla iMa-nta.
Police Justice Have you any way
Baking a living?
Vairrant I hev, y'r honor. I kin
Bake brooms.
Police Justice You can? Where did
you learn that trade?
Vagrant I decline t answer, y'r hon
youVe yet
comfort it aives in
the wettest weather
of its kind in the Northwest, we invite
the investigation of those who want the
best in a practical education. Let us prove
uperiority. Call, phone or write. Cat
alogue, business forms and penwork free.
"The School of Quality"
Tenth and Morrison g Portland, Oregon
A. P. Armstrong, LL. B.. Principal
22 Yeats a Leader in Painless Dental
Work in Portland
Out-of-Town People
remember that our force is so arranged
iWi ,NC5 FREE wh'-n plates or briilires are or
rlN. NO STUDENTS, no uncertainly.
for the Next Fifteen Days
"will Rive you a rood 221c sold or porce
lain crown for $3.50
gkbnduo teeth 8.50
oUr crown 6.00
feu? ornamel flllings 1.00
S? fillings 50
w rubber plates 5.00
i" beat red rubber plates 7.00
rainles. extractions 60
Dr. W. A. Wise
President and Manager
The Wise Dental Co.
GNC.) Third and Washing-ton Sta.
Portland, Oregon
No. 37-09
HKW wrltinp; to advartlsers please
1 miiV
.Ash t"
C d J
Nation Preparing Home Coming
for Arctic Explorer.
lident Taft May Be Reou.at.H t
Honor Man Who Hoisted Flag
Over Polar Continent.
alr.eI YmK ,Sept 4-eparation8
already are on tnnt u- u
. - ."ftn we Home
coming of Dr. Prdiriplr A ru-i.
event of national, and possibly inter-
.Wajwiuinos. ii plans outlined
today by member nf ttw a.;- -i..u
- - tlUU
are carried out, the welcome Dr. Cook
win receive in New York will be an
ovation in which
... - J t tM.w auu uabiun
will take part, while prominent explor-
. uwi lurmer rivals from- all
parts of the t'lobe. will rrotko. J
personal tribute to his achievements.
flaemuersoi the Arctic club hopse
President Tart m ho c-...u
J cdciiiw OUUD
an honor would be no more than fit
ting," one declared, "in view of the
fact that the eznlnrnr tiaa r.lmiJ tk.
btars and Stripes on the apex of the
worm ana aaaea perhaps 60; 000 Bquare
uinoo w me nation b territory."
Among the explorers who are ex
pected to take a
the Duke d'Abruzzi, Dr. Nansen, Cap
tain Ronald Amundsen, General A. W.
Greeley, Rear Admiral George Mel
ville, Anthonv Fiala and Tnntnin .Tno.
eph E. Bemier.
Captain Bradley S. Osborne, secre
tary of the Arctic club, says the ex
plorer is not expected here for several
"He is due in Cbnrnhflcrpn in thraa
days," said Captain Osborne, "and if
he came straight home would arrive in
New York about the middle of Septem-
Der, put his friends believe that he
mav mBke several Btin mi tha war
For one thing the geographers and sci
entists of Copenhagen will tender him
a Welcome.- Via mav da tn Phiiatiana
. . " j e.v " ... i.i mm
to meet Captain Amundsen discoverer
oi ine xsortnwest passage; it is likely
that he will visit Rplo-inm wharA ha
has been decorated for his services to
science and it is scarcely conceivable
that the Kritinh crpnornnhinnl anpiof ioa
would allow him to pass them on his
njr uoiuo niiuuut mi uiviiauuil lu
Santa Fe Will Put Fast Train on Run
to Coast.
Chicago, Sept 4. The management
of the Santa Fe railroad has about de
cided to put into operation a new fast
mail and express train to run between
Kansas City and. Los Angeles, with a
view to capturing the bulk of the
Southern California mail.
This adds another speed war to that
recently declared by the Hill roads in
the mail, express and passenger traffic
to the Pacific coast, affecting a differ
ent teritory between the East and Cal
The entire Southern California mail
is involved in the move, and this is
said to bring about $1,250,000 annual
revenue to the railroads. The Santa
Fe and Rock Island, in connection
with the Southern Pacific, now have
this business about equally divided.
The bulk of this mail comes from
the St. Louis gateway by the Missouri
Pacific. The reweighing period for all
the territory west of the Missouri river
and west of St Paul begins next Feb
ruary and on this account every road
in that territory is urging the disposi
tion of the mails for the yearly period
following the'10 days' weighing by the
government. Formerly the Santa e
carried the bulk of the Southern Cali
fornia mail, but several years ago the
Missouri Pacific put on a fast train
which captured the mail out of St.
Louis and the Rock Island put on its
Golden State Limited, which left Kan
sbb City just after the arrival of the
Eastern mails. At that time trie oan-
ta Fe was not in a position to change
its schedule to wait for the mails.
Cooke Estate $10,000,000.
TTnnniuln Rent. 4. The will of the
late Charles M. Cooke disposes of but
i:tfi nvnnortv th hulk of his holding
m,i,.o -- -
being the corporation of C. M. Looke,
limited. Everything is bequeathed to
the family. The will asks that the
oroperty be not appraised, that no
bond he requirea anu mot mo
i.tt;n An nnt nuhlish an inventory
of the estate. This latter provision
has been declared illegal Dy Aiwniejr
General Hemenway, owing to the in
heritance tax law. Some estimates
value the estate at ?iu,uuu,uuu.
Canada Won't Retaliate.
Mntrai Sent 4. While it is true
that there is resentment in this coun
try over the new provisions oi me
Payne tariff affecting the puip and pa
... ...j.f. it ia felt both at Ottawa
per iiiuuouj, - ,
and Quebec that nothing can be gained
by imposing export auues. iu
it ia announced will not take
any retaliatory action in this direction,
. . i . a.: onopf will
and any legisiaiion iu j
u A:.tA rather to a final settlement
than to aggravating the difficulties.
Hammond Is Buying Mine.
r : ru Qont 4. A deDOSit Of
HfltjAiuu vikj, - .
nnn i k.. marie in a bank here
by John Hays Hammond to bind an op
tion on the Santa Gertrude mine in the
Pachuca district of Hidalgo The pro-
nosad Durchase price ib ,v"U,
Frederick Cook. American Explorer,
Reaches Most Northern Point.
filf'Mh- 3 "After Pronged
fight with famine and frost, we at last
PoTe!"UCCeded " reachin fc N'ort
. Thus declares Dr. Frederick A. Cook
in a signed statement this morning in
the Paris edition of the New York
Tbe ttement which is
dated "Hans Egede, Lerwick, Wednes
day," continues:
"A new highway with an interesting
"rip of animated nature has been ex
plored and big game haunts located,
which will delight sportsmen and ex
tend the Eaquimo horizon.
"Land has been discovered on which
rest the earth's northernmost rocks.
A triangle of 30,000 square miles has
been cut out of the terrestrial un
known. "The expedition was the outcome of
a summer cruise in the Arctic seas on
the schooner Bradley, which arrived at
the limits of navigation in Smith sound
late in August 1907. Here conditions
were found favorable for launching a
venture to the pole. J. R. Bradley
liberally supplied from his vessel suit
able provisions for local use. My own
equipment for emergencies served well
for every purpose in the Arctics.
"At sunrise of 1908 February 19
the main expedition embarked on its
voyage to the pole. It consisted of 11
men and 103 dogs, drawing 11 heavily
laden sledges. The expedition left the
Greenland shore and pushed westward
over the troubled ice of Smith sound.
The gloom of the long night was
relieved only by a few hours of day
light The chill of the winter was
felt at its worst As we crossed the
heights of Ellsmere sound to the Pa
cific slope, the temperature sank to
minus 83 centigrade. Several dogs
were frozen and the men suffered se
verely, but we soon found tbe rame
trails, along which the way was easy.
"There was an unknown line 460
miles away which was our goal. We
made encouraging progress. A big
lead, which separated tbe land from
the ice of the central pack was crossed
with little delay.
"We advanced steadily over the
monotony of moving sea ice and now
found ourselves beyond the range of all
life neither footprints of bears nor
the blowholes of seals were detected.
Even the microscopic creatures of tbe
deep were no longer under us.
"Thus, day after day, our weary legs
spread over great distances. Incidents
and positions were recorded, but ad
venture was promptly forgotten in the
next day's efforts. The night of April
7 was made more notable by the swing
ing of the sun at midnight over tbe
northern ice. Sunburns and frostbites
now were recorded on the same day,
but the double day's glitter infused
quite an incentive into one's life of
"We were now about 200 miles from
the pole and sledge loads were reduced.
One dog alter another went into the
stomachs of the hungry survivors, until
the teams were considerably diminish
ed in number, but there seemed to re
main a Bofficient balance for man and
brute to push along into the heart of
the mystery to which we had set our
"On April 21 we had reached 89 de
grees 69 minutes 46 seconds. The pole
was in sight We covered the remain
ing 14 seconds and made a few final
observations. I told Etukishook and
Ahwtslsh, the accompanying Eskimos,
that we had reached tbe 'great nail.'
Everywhere we turned was south.
With a single step we could pass from
one side of tbe earth to the other; from
midday to midnight At last the flag
floated to the breezes at the pole. It
was April 21, 1908. The temperature
was minus 38 centigrade ; barometer
29.83; latitude, 90; as for longitude,
it was nothing, as it was but a word.
"Although crazy with joy, our spirits
began to undergo a feeling of weari
ness. Next day, after taking all our
observations, a sentiment of intense
solitude penetrated us while we looked
at the horizon. Was it possible that
this desolate region, without a patch
of earth, had aroused the ambition of
so many men for so many centuries?
There was no ground, only an immen
sity of dazzling white snow, no living
being, no point to break the monotony.
"On April 23 we started on our re
Scientific Value is High.
WinniDetr. Man.. Sept 3. The Brit
ish association for the advancement of
science at its national meeting showed
great interest in the report that Dr.
Cook had reached the North Pole. Col
onel Sir Duncan Johnstone, declared
the expedition would be of the highest
scientific value if scientific observations
were made by qualified men. C. H.
Chisholm, professor of geography at
Edinburgh university, said magnetic
nhnarvntions that could be made at the
pole would likely be among the most
valuable results oi ine aay.
Justice Moody III.
Haverhill. Mass.. SeDt 3. Asso
ciate Justice Moody, of the Supreme
-t nf the United States, was remov
ed in a police ambulance from the
Bradford railroad station to nis nome
last nicht. He aDDeared to be
helpless during the transfer from the
train to tbe ambulance, j uauce muuuy
came here, it is understood, from a
sanitarium in New York, where be has
been for several weeks, following s
short stay at Hot Springs, Ark.
PIMahurtr Miners Win.
Pittsburg, Sept 3. The dispute be
tween the miners and operators of the
J:f.;f affuHno 18 000
flLU9UUf5 uidwivi, '
men, was setiiea vonigui. i
i nmrainra. the nation.
ence uemccu mo , -----
al executive board of the United Mine
workers of America and President
Thomas U iewis.
White Steamers Use Kerosene as Fuel
The irot l:it rcatlng announce-
ment ever made In connection with
the automobile In.luttry was un-
ioubU'dly that nmde a month or two
ago to the effect mat the new models
of the White Steam Cars could be run
on kerosene, or coal oil. Instead of
gasoline Everyone at once recog
nized that the use of the new fuel
would add materially to the advan
tages wfcloh the White already pos
sessed over other types of cara.
There were some people, however,
who were sceptical as to whether or
not the new fuel could be used with
complete succers and, therefore, the
makers of the White Car. the White
Company, of Cleveland, Ohio, deter
mined to make a public demonstra
tion of the new fuel In the 1909 Glid
den Tour.
From the standpoint of the public,
no test more satisfactory could have
been selected. First of all. the dis
tance covered on the Glldden Tour,
from Detroit to Denver aud thence to
Kansas City, was 2650 miles. This
was certainly more than sufficient to
bring out any weaknesses, if such bad
existed. Still more Importaat was
the fact that the car was at all times
while on the road under the supervi
sion of observers, named by those
who entered other contesting cars.
Therefore, It would have been Impos
sible for the driver of the White to
have even tightened a bolt without
the fact being noted and a penalty In
flicted. At night the cars were
guarded by Plnkerton detectives and
could not be approached by any on.
Rare Experience.
Sunday School Teacher Now, Dan
ny, what do you understand by "right
eous indignation" 7
Danny Gettln' mad without sayln'
any cuss words. Boston Transcript.
Mothers will And Mrs. Winslow'f Soothing
Byrup the best reinedr to lias fur tnairchlldraa
Suriug lb taeUUug period.
In Paris there are thirty-two mllea
of underground railways, which carry
35,000 passengers a day. Twenty-five
miles more road are under considera
tion. Strong Winds and Sand Storms
cause granulation of the eyelids, PET
TIT'S EYE SALVE soothes and
quickly relieves, 25c. All druggists or
Howard Bros., Buffalo, N. Y.
Hemmed la.
Rankin Why don't you open a sav
ings account T
Fyle I guess I'll have to; they'va
hut down on ma where I've been run
nine: a spending account.
Maybelle That tall, slender chap
went on the stage made up aa a wom
an? How did he look?
Gladys Strictly up to data. You
know, he hasn't any hi pa.
Coat Toe Mack,
Meenlster And why didn't ye come
te the kirk last SawbethT Sandy I
had nowt but a ahillln' In my claes.
That's ower muckle siller to pit In th'
contribution box all at ain time.
Cleveland Leader.
Impoaalble Mow.
"There's a funny item in this paper
about an Ohio man refusing an offsr of
fat consulship."
"Where? Let me see it"
"There It is."
"O, you ninny. Don't you see the
headline over that collection of items?
'Happenings of Fifty Years Ago."'
Chicago Tribune.
afattoa la Iloaralasr.
Butcher What can I send up to-day,
Mrs. Styles?
Mr. Styles Send me up a leg of
mutton, and be sure that It Is from a
black sheep; we are in mourning, you
know. Red Hen.
Wroia Kiaa of Cook.
Mistress Jane, I can't have you en
tertaining company In my kitchen all
the time.
New Cook Faith, an' it do be your
own fault, ma'am. Yea should 'ave
advertised for a plain cook. Puck.
' la Baa Compear.
"Surrender, in the name of the Great
Jehovah and the Continental Con
gress,'' demanded Ethan Allen when
Tlconderoga fell. Congress was then
in much better company than it la now.
Detroit News.
Out of 0,500 members of the London
Diocesan Church Lads' Brigade over 8,
000 attended tbe annual service at St
Paul's cathedral.
Color more roods brUrnter and faster colon than any other dye. On. 10c package colors silk, wool and cotton equally wall
2SiJRara?S'ed? t Prie,ct ruita. Ask dealer, or we will send post paid at lOo a package. Write for . re. boaU4
ew to dye, blcban4 mix colsav MONKOE DKUO COMPANY, Quincy, LUnoi.
i Y"f s A . - jjlin iss--iy.- - r'K-
The complete success of the now
fuel while on this 2650-mile nubile
test and the advantages calned
through its use were well described
In the following dispatch which the
correspondent of the New York Sun
sent to his paper at tho conclusion of
the tour:
"A feature of the tour which wns
watched with special Interest was
that the White Steamer used kero
sene, or "coal oil,' as fuel Instead of
gasoline. The new fuel worked
splendidly throughout the 2650-mlle
Journey, and all claims mado In Its
behalf were fully proven. First of
all, as regards cheapness, the White
driver secured kerosene all along the
route from 6 cents to 10 cents cheap
er per gnllon than was paid for gaso
lene. Secondly, the new fuel wns
handled without any precautions, and
It was not unusunl to see kerosene
being poured Into the fuel tank while
the crew of the car and an Interested
crowd stood by with lighted cigars
and cigarettes. At the finish of the
tour, the White was the only car per
mitted by the authorities to enter
Convention Hall, where the technical
examination took place, without
draining Its fuel tank. Thirdly, the
new fuel proved to be absolutely
without smoke or smell. Fourthly,
kerosene could be purchased at what
ever part of the route was most con
venient, and not once during the trip
through the ten States of the Middle
West was there found a grocery store
where kerosene was not readily and
cheaply obtainable. Finally, the
Well Roppllrd.
"I And it hard to kill time," de
clared the pampered pet. "I only have
my music, you know. How do you
"Oh, I do very well," answered the
other girl. "In addition to my music,
I have my sweeping, my dusting, my
sewing and my dishwashing." Louis
ville Courier Journal.
ia eonatantly increasing-. Tha big creamery eompaniaa ara constantly on the lookout and
are offering good pricas. A great many dairymen ara buying mora cowa Inatead of trying
to gat all tha proflta poaaible out of thnae th?y now have. They seem to think about all
that they can do ia to run tha milk throUKh a cream separator, never "topping to consider
whether tha cream separator la doing it duty as it should. If Ita an old-faahtoned, out-of-
We have a
in your,
He is a
good man
to know
amount of 1 u ! usd on the trip
showed that k'ror;ne Is at least
fifteen per cent, more elllclent, gallon
for gnllon, tlmn kiisoCiki. TIiu cur la
other respects nia.le a most creill.able
showing, and there wns the usual riv
alry among t?ie observers to be as
signed to tlm White so thnt'thuy
could ride with (!) imixfimim of com
fort The only iidjnstlivents or re
pairs charged awitnxt the ur during
the long trip were tightening a lubri
cator pipe and lrln 'inmaged mud
guard. These ieraltlc. were not In
flicted until more than 2000 mile
had been completed lth an absolute
ly perfect acore."
A particularly Interesting feature
of the new White Steamer Is that
either kerosene or gasoline may be
used as fuel. The noeussary adjust
ments so thnt tbe fuel may he changed
from keroseno to gasoline, or vice
versa, may he mnde In a couple of
minutes; hut bo completely successful
has kerosene proven to be, that It la
not believed that any purchasers will
care to use gnsollne.
The White Company report that
the demands for their new steam cars
both the 12000-model and tha
$4000-model exceed their most san
guine expectations. It Is evident that
the combination of steam the pow
er which everyone understands and
has confidence In with kerosene
the fuel which everyone has on hand
and can handle without any danger
Is thoroughly appreciated by
up-to-date purchasers of automo
A pure phoaphata
I puardn thai
na all that Ik.
huh priced baklnsi
fiowdrri will do and iomt
I b.-lter. It raiua the
dough and makaa light
er, iwlf and battel
riarn f odi. Sold br STa.
ri 2 5c par pound.
uu will aend as row
ill tend yon a book on health and baking powdar.
CPESCENT MFG. CO. Seattle, Wn.
. A Flavoring. It makes I
syrup better than Maple.
J. J Sold by
date or cheap machine It can't get all the but
terfat it wasn't intended to. Your dairy pro
flta can be increased from t to 10 par cant by
the use of
Tha Separator that ha won worn. Hon br tha
thraa tatt axpmttton., 8t. LouU, Port Land and
JaineHiown, and hu tha andoriMimmt of all
tha suarilnv dairy ("part. Ita uva aoiuullr
mean tha aavintr of a great amount of crttm,
It alw mana that your araam maktta hattar
buttfir and navar ha that f -para tor taata pe
culiar to cream nkimmad by other machinaa.
lb la la bacauna tha Iowa fa ao aaaily rlaanad
and iM'ver btMMHnira choka I up wilh ftlth and
dirt. Amm it many advantairaa ara thaaa
waiMt-low vupply ran; nrl-ed faarintf;
a4B of operatiirn; adjutubla crank; neat ap
peiranre: tntert'haniraithle partn; ate. IT 18
ON TUB MARKET. Sand for catalog ua.
Mast rompleft Ine of
Agricultural Implements
and Vehicles
on the Coast.
Prices and Goods Right.
nuMun inu paper.
Mexican money.

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