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,UU. I.15S.
. ofr.
JUANITA TEMPLE, No. 1, Pythian
itprmin kntkrhuse chaitek
lYlAuUNlUN'o. 30. Royal Arch Masons,
meets first and third Tuesdays of each
month tn Masonic Hall All visiting
Royal Arch Masons welcomed.
J. B. OLMSTED. High Priest.
D. W. SHEAHAN, Secretary.
WALLOWA LODGE. No. 82. A. F. &
A. M-, meets second and fourth Satur
days of each month In Masonic Hall
'lotting Masons welcomed
W C. BOATMAN. Secretary.
SO, O. E. S. mel9 first and third Sat
urdays of each month, in Masonic Hall
violtlnn Stars are always welcomed.
til . EAGLE CAMP. No. 10497, M
111. W . H . W. A Meets first and third
Thursdays In each month, In new Fra
ternal halL Visiting Neighbors alwayf
T. M. DILL, Cleric
.U.Yl. 536. W. of W.
A I. MOT A CIRCLE. No. 278. W. of W.
Notary Publit .
Collections made. Real Estate
bought and sold and all business
matters attended to. Call on or
write me.
Stock Inspector for Wallowa
A 8prained Ankle.
As usually treated a sprained
ankle will disable the injured person
for a month or more, but by apply
ing Chamber'ain's Liniment and ob
serving the directions with each bottle
faithfully, a cure may, in most cases,
be effected in less than one week's
time. This liniment is a moat re
markable preparation; try it for a
sprain or a bruise, or when laid up
with chronic or muscular rheumatism
and you are certain to be delighted
with the prompt relief which It af
fords. For sale by Burnaugh & Hay
fleld. Read the advertisements.
National Weeklies
Coleman Brothers
The Best Cigars, Confec
tionery and Fruit.
Stationery Supplies of all
First door east of Postoffice.
Summer Rates East
During the Season 19 0 9
, . via the
Oregon Railroad & Navigation Co.
Portland, Seattle, Spokane, Tacoma, Walla Walla
and all points on The 0. R. & N. line
To OMAHA and Return - - $60.00
To KANSAS City and Return $60.00
To ST. LOUIS and Return - $67.50
To CHICAGO and Return - $72.50
and to other principal cities In the East, Middle West and South.
Correspondingly low fares.
On Sale June 2, 3; July 2, 3; August 11, 12
To DENVER and Return - - $55.00
On Sale May 17, July 1, August 11
Going transit limit 10 days from date of sale, final return
limit October 31st.
These tickets present some very attractive features in the
way of stopover privileges, .d choice of routes; thereby enabl
ing passengers to make side trips to many Interesting points
en route. ' ,
Routing on the return trip through California may be had at
a slight advance over the rates quoted.
Full particulars, sleeping car reservations and tickets will be
furnished by any O. R. & N. local agent, or
WM. McMURRAY, General Passenger Agent, Portland, Oregon.
J. S. BUTNER, Agent, Enterprise, Oregon.
Waltotra County CMcftafo
County Pioneer Paper
Established in 1884. Published every
Thursday by The Enterprise Press.
Office East side Court House
Entered in the postoffice at Enter
prise, Ore., 83 second-class matter.
One year $1.50 Three months 60c.
Invariably in Advance.
In reducing express rates some
16 to 20 per cent the railroad
commission has done pretty well,
considering that the express com
panies have a monopoly in conjunc
tion with the railroads. The rates
are based on all the traffic will bear,
however, and njt on the value of
the service perrormed says the Port
land Labor Prew. To any except
the expert mind accustomed to the
vagaries of ral road rate3 It appears
robbery to charge under the new
.ates 60 cents to The Dilles aiJ
,2.85 to La Graide, when La Urande
Is but three tlmei further and the
rate should be but $180, The fact
that La Grande has no steamboats
running from Portland makes the
Throughout the noithwest inquiries
ire being received by various com
mercial boiie3 for manufacturing
Utes and openings. Any inducements
a community can offer to secure
manufacturing establishments helps
svery property owner in it. Some
Canadian provinces of the west ex
empt them from taxation on buildings,
itored products and purchased raw
material. Baltimore does the same,
and Cinds it profitable to all to do so.
Some persons talnk the essence of
representative government is that
the people should not choose their
epresentativej. Collier's Weekly.
Peary cooked his ojvn goose when
he began the mud-slingiag against Dr,
Union, Or., has a flour and feed
mill with a payroll of $200 a weak
An industry like this that manufact
ures local agricultural products can
not be too greatly encouraged locally.
Do not be persuaded into taking
anything but Foley's Honey and Tar
for chronic coughs, bronchitis, hay
fever, asthma, end lung trouble, as it
stops the cough and heals the lungs.
Dr. Abernethy, the great English
physician, said, "Watch your kidneys.
When they are affected, life is in
danger." Foley's Kidney Remedy
makes healthy kidneys, corrects urin
ary irregularities, and tones up the
(whole system.
-Many people delude themselves by
saying "It will wear away," when
they notice symptoms of kidney
and bladder troubje. This ia a mis
take. Take Foley's Kidney remedy,
and stop the drain on the vitality.
It cures backache, rheumatism, klJ
ney and bladder trouble, and makes
every trace of pain, weakness, and
urinary trouble disappear. Eurnaugh
& Mayfleld.
Oregon Outdoes London. .
Lloyd-George, the great English
statesman, points out that near Lon
don land which was worth $500 an
acre 50 years ago Is now selling for
$40,000 an acre. This may be going
some in England, but here in Oregon
we have land which wa worth $1.25
an acre 60 years ago selling for more
than $40,000 a lot. And some which
old for probably less than $500 an
acre is now worth $1,500,000, bring
ing In Interest cn that valuation for
ground rent alone. The producers of
Oregon have been more generous to
the owners of land than have the
British people Is the comment of
the Portland Labjr Press.
There was quite a menagerie at the
Oregon hotel today, said the Journal
recently. Mr. Tom Lyon of Paxton
III, tame m first, with Frank Lamb
f the News, Omaha, Neb. Mr. Lamb
was followed clo ely by Joe Wolff, a
eadlng membe - of the Inner ring of
he aKegel patato trust of Greeley,
Colo., aul Willi im Baer, who is not
related to the Pennsylvania Baer,
vha figured that he had a divine
Mght to all coal buried In Pennsyl
vania ground.
Charles Fox o'. Indianapolis, md,
was a later adiltlon to the menag
srie. When Wlff saw Fox he sprang
aigh in the air and started for him.
tndijatlons pointed that he was
;ol g to make a square meal of
3Vx, but developments showed that
Wolff and Fox were old time run
ling mates.
A middle aeJ gentleman whose
trips had just been taken br the
lap boy was attracted to the scene
5y the common jn. When Wolff and
fox stopped for re A, the late comer
grasped Fox by the neck and shook
him. "You sly devil, you," he shout
ed, vox gazed In wonder for an
instint and then shouted. "Well, if
It ain't Old Cat, the best half turned
out by Old Purdie. right from Posey
county, Indeeannee Old Tom Catt."
Then there ai much handshaking
Mr. Lamb shook hands with Mr.
Catt, and Mr. Catt shoak hands with
Mr. Lamb. And they all shook hands
around, and marched in to dinner.
The Lyon went in with the Lamb,
-he W'olif went in with the Fox and
the Baer went in with Old Tom
Catt. Later Bert Campbell, also of
Paxtsn, HI, an old schoolmate of
the Lyon, Joinel the party. Mr.
Campbell was Introduced as the indi
vidual that could ko eiirht dava with-
out a drink.
Air. Lamb ne rly broke up the
llnner by asking Dertlv. "whn tn
Helen Blazes wants to go eight days
without a drink!"
Air. Campbell smoothed matters
over with a smile and the state
ment that while he could go eight
lays wkhoutadrink, he never would.
At a nearby tatle sit Mr n t
Hogg and daughter. Misa Hazi tt
- - 66
of Kelso, Wash. And at another
table sat John Byrdd of Caldwell,
loano. They were Invited to Join
the party.
Why Druggists Recommend Cham
berlain's Colic, Cholera and
Diarrhoea Remedy.
Air. Frank C. Hacrahan
lent druggist of Portsmouth, Va,
lays, l or the past six years I have
sold and recommended Chamberlain s
Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy
It is a great remedy and one of the
best patent medicines on tht mnrlfat
I handle some others for the same
purposes that pay me a lariter nrnftt
t this remedy la so sure to effect
a cure, and my customer so certain
'o appreciite my recommending 1
to him, that I give it the preference.--?or
sale by Burnaugh & Mayfleld
When the dimpled baby's hungry,
what does tin baby do?
It doesn't lie serenely and merely
sweetly coo;
The hungry baby te'lows with all its
little might
Till some one gives it something to
curb Its appetite;
The infant with fae bottle which
stills its frefui C;les
A lesson plainly teaches it pays
to advertise.
The lamb lost on the hillside when
darkness closei 'round
Stands not in silence trembling and
waiting to be found;
Its plaintive bleating echoes across
the vales and meads
Until the shehe.-d hears It, and, hear-
Ing. Mndly heeds,
And . when its fears are ended as
on his breast it na
The lamb hae made this pa'tenf
It pays to adva tl
The fair and gentle maiden who
me Dasnrul boy
Assumes when In his presence a
manner that in m.
She blushes and she trembles till
he perceivei t int
And clasps her closa' to him and
Kladly holds her fast,
And as he bends to kiss her and
he serenely sighs
This Fact la demonstrated: it Days
to advertise.
United States Land Notices
Department of the Interior,
United States Land Office at La
Grande, Orego.i. August 17,
A sufficient contest affidavit hav
ing been filed in this office by James
T. Moxley, contestant, against Frel
I.' Moxley, Entry, No. 15079-SerIal Na.
M843, maae June 20, 1906, for N'a
SEK, SEVi SEVi. NEK SW'Vi Sec 3.".
Township 1 S, Range 45 E. W. Meri
dian, by Fred I. Moxley, Contestee.
in which It U alleged that he ha
wholly abandoned said tract; that he
has changed his residence therefrom
for more than six months since mak
ing said entry; that said tract is not
settled upon and cultivated by said
party as required by law and that
laid alleged absence from the said
land was not due to hla employment
In the Array, Navy, or Marine Corps
of the Unite! States as a private
soldier, officer, seaman or marine
during the war with Spain or during
any other war in which the U.S. may
ue engaged; said parties are hereby
lotified to appeir, respond, and offer
evidence touching said allegation at
10 o'clock a. m. on October 1st, 190J,
before C. M. Logwood, II. S. Com
missioner, at his office In Enterprise,
Oregon, and that final hearing will
be held at 10 o'clock a. in. on Oc-
-ober 4th, 1909, before the Register
and Receiver at the United Statei
Land Office in La Grande.
The said contestant having, in a
aroper affidavit, fi.ei August 17, 1909,
set forth facts which show that after
due diligence personal service of this
lollce cannot be made, it is hereby
ordered and directed that such
notice be given by due and proper
2co COLON R. EBERHARD, Receiver
Department o? the Interior,
United States Land Oftice at La
3rande, Oregon, Se..t. 7, 1909
Notice is here'Jy given that Ira
Pratt, of Enterprise, Oregon, who, on
December 23, 1907, made Hometead
Entry No. 13722-Serial No. 052 12,
'or BVj NE',4 and NV NE4 Sec.
28; SVV &E14 Sec. 21. Township
I Suth, Range 44 East, Wlllame'te
Meridian, has filed notice of
intentions to make Final Com
mutation Proof, to enabli3h claim
o the land abave decribed, before
C. M. Lockwood, U. S. Commissioner,
it his office, at Enterprise, Oregon,
Jn the 18th day of October, 1909.
Claimant names as witnesses:
C. J. Sanford, of Eiterprlse, Oregon,
lobn E. Osterhoudt. of Enternrisp.
Oregon, u. B. F.o,d, of Enterprise.
Oregon, Charlei Thomas, 0f Enter
prise, Oregon.
3c5 F. C. BRAMW'ELL, Register.
In the Circuit Court of the State of
uregon, ror the county of Wallowa.
V. Lane, plaintiff, vs. Taylor Bishop
and Nellie Bishop, defendants.
I"o the defendants, Taylor Bishop and
Nellie Bishon:
tn the name of the State of Oregon:
You are hereby required to appear
and answer the complaint filed
igainst you in the above-entitled
;ourt and cause on or betore the 14th
lay of October. 1909. that j.oinr
:lme fixed by the court for you to
year ana answer herein and more
-han six weeks from the first publi
cation of this summons, and if you
'all so to appear and answer, plain
'Iff will apply to the court for the
eiiaf demanded in the complaint
For a judgment anil i,. ii..
. kual ule
plaintiff have and recover from said
aerenaants the sum of four hundred
(M00.00) do lars. nrinclnal of th t
and mortgage described in the com
plaint, for the sura of forty-one
flfty-SIx (J41.581 dnllnra nt.M,t '
said sum and accruing interest, anil
ivr une nunared twenty-five ($125.00)
dollars attornev'n
costs and disbursements herein, and
a uecree mat the plaintiffs said
mortgage, described
- - vviuiniil Li
be foreclosed, and that you and each
of you be barred and forever be fore
closed to and for any and all right,
title and Interest and nu '
demption in or to the following de-
-..uu premises situated in the coun
ty of Wallowa, state or Oro-on, towit:
the East one-half () ot tne Ea,t
one-half () of section 36, Township
4 North, Ranee
v wi cue VV ill-
amette Meridian.
This summons is Dnl)iiho,i
- uu;e tx
week for six succeaiivfl
iecutlve weeks by order of the Hon.
J. B. Olmsted, ludea nr th
court, of Wallowa County, Oregon.
susi iuin, 1909, directing
me first publication
the 12th day of August 1909, ana
n 0,8 23d da' f Septem-
First publication Ainmnf io.u .
1909. ' A- u-
Attorneys for Plaintiff.
In the Circuit. Court of the State of
Oregon, for Wallowa County.
William J. Knight and Alary A.
Knight, Plaintiffs, vs. Charles A.
Rltch, Defendant.
To Charlei A. Rltch, the above
named defendant:
In the Name of the State of Ore
gon, You are hereby notified and re-
mired to appear and answer or
otherwise plead to the complaint
filed against you in the above en
titled cause on or before the expira
tion of six weeks from and after the
date of the first publication of this
Summons, which date of first Publi
cation is Thursday, September 2nd,
1909, and I you fall to so appear and
answer or otherwise plead in said
cause the plaintiffs, for want thereof,
will apply ta the above-entitled Court
for the relief prayed for in their
complaint on file herein to-wlt:
For the satisfaction and cancellation
of that certain mortgage of record
In the mortgage records of Wallowa
County. Oregon, in Volume "E" at
page 374 thereof, dated February
10th, 1893, on the southwest quarter
section ten in township one south of
range forty-four east W. M. in Wa'.
lowa County, Oregon, which mort
gage was executed and delivered by
the plaint'ffs to the defendant to
secure the sum nf $1000.00 and in
terest; and for a decree satisfying
and cancelling said mortgage upon
the records of said county, and re
moving said mortgage as a clojd
from plaintiffs' tlt'.e to said lands.
This Summons is served upon you
by publication thereof in the Wa'.
lowa Chieitaln, a weekly newspaper
published at Enterprise. Wallowa
County, Oregon, and having a general
circulation theiein, for the full period
of six consecutive weeks and seven
issues of slid paper, commencing with
the issue of Thursday, September 2,
1909, pursuant to an order of the
Hon. J. B. Olmsted, County Judge,
of Wallowa County, Oregon, made
and entered on the 31st day of Aug
ust, 1909.
BURLEIGH & BOYD, Attorneys
for plaintiffs. 2c7
Milk on 8tiok.
In winter time milk goes to the buy
er In a chunk Instead of a quart, says
a Glasgow paper. The people in Sibe
ria buy their milk frozen, and for con
venience it is allowed to freeze about
n stick, which comes as n handle to
carry it by. The milkman leaves one
chunk or two chunks, ns the case may
be. at the houses of his customers.
The children in Irkutsk, instead of cry
ing for a drink of milk, cry for a bite
of milk. The people in winter time do
not say, "Be careful not to spill the
milk," but "Be careful not to break
the milk." Broken milk Is better than
spilled milk, though, because there is
nn opportunity to save the pieces. A
quart of frozen milk on a stick is a
very formidable weapon In the hand of
nn angry man or boy, as it Is possible
to knock a person down with It. Ir
kutsk people hung their milk on hooks
Instead of putting It in pnus, though,
of course, when warm spring weather
comes on they have to use the pans or
palls as the milk begins to melt and
drop down the hooks.
Slates and tablets pencils and
pens in fact everything needed by a
school pupil at Jackson & Weaver's.
Real Estate Dealer
Mitchell Hotel Block . JOSEPH, OREGON
To the Citizens of Wallowa County:
It is our purpose to handle any business
entrusted to us in such a fair and liberal
a luuianeme customer s rela
tion with this banK satisfactory and
profitable, Aside from our excellent
facilities, this bank has the advantage of
a large capital and substantial list of
Ct-1.L.1J T. .
oKnuiuers. it is also a State Deposi
tory. If you are not a customer we
invite you to become one.
uuu 1
Wallowa. Appleton. Flora lo Paradise,
From Paradise, Flora and Appleton to Wallowa,
E- W. SOUTHWICK, Proprietor.
Will Spend a Few Month. litl
County Be.or, Goin,
From La Grande fw,...-
Doctor Mo ire has decided u, 1,
a few months u.r. 4
. 0 UiO VU
of study next spring. h JJJJ
Enterprise and Jo h.
towns have never had an
and as there are many who ml
glad to have the opportunity JrJ?
ostor hie treatment. Doctor v'
will doubtless keep busy.
to Enterprise aton SeptenA "
In the meantime he is at hi, f,w
office assisting hh succer S
Zimmerman to get establiahj?
the La Grande field.
Airs. Moore, who is in the .
Join her husband within a mooi
If you will send twenty.flv, e.ntl
In .amps, three late issues
sent you so that you may
acquainted with It. Read ths folJ
Ing epleadld offers;
Ofier No. 1 McClures Magaxin.
Woman'e Home Companion and It,
Pacific Monthly, costing i,.M
be sent at a areUal rate of S3 00
Offer No. 2-McClure', Maga,
Review of Reviews and Th pd&
Monthly, coiting $6.00, will b m
for 3.60. . m
Offer No. 3-Human Life Mw
Home and Ths Pacific Mon wm
be seit for $2.00.
Order by number and send yoar
order accompanied by postal B0Dej
order for the amount to The Paclflt
Monthly. Portland, Oregon.
Ice Cream
Ice Cream Soda
Sundaes, Root Beer, Re.
freshing Drinfcs
When extra CANDY
is wanted come to
Next Door to Bank
Enterprise, - - Oregon
New and Elegant
Hiiiisaler 4 Taylors
Same low prices that save money
for every customer and accounte
for our rapidly increasing trade.
- .
and Piirniorr MoimTiQl R'inlf
m mi10 UIUIUUIU Uium

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