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New and Elegant
i 1
;, !
Hnisa.fr & Taylor's
Same low prices that save money V
for every customer ai-d a.-counts .
for our rajid!y increasing- trace, jr
Notary Publit.
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write me.
by buying this
reliable, honest,
high grade sew
ing machine.
National Sewing Machine. Co.
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In nervous picetrauan and female
weaknesses they are the supreme
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b is the best medicine ever sold
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Foley's Honey and Tar clears the
air passages, siops the irritation in
the throat, SDoiei the inflamed mem
branes, and tha most obstinate cough
dissapears. Sore and inflamed lungs
are healed and s:re.ig-.hened, and the
cold Is expelled from the system.
Refuse any but the genuine in the
yellow package. For sale by Bur
caugh & JIayfield.
I.JX " i!L'"J
Summer Rates East
During the Season 19 0 9
via the
Oregon Railroad & Navigation Co.
Portland, Seattle, Spokane, Tacoma, Walla Walla
and all points on The O. K. & X. line
To OMAHA and Return - - $60.00
To KANSAS City and Return $60.00
To ST. LOUIS and Return - $67.50
To CHICAGO and Return - $72.50
and to other principal cities In the East, Middle West and South.
Correspondingly low fares.
On Sale June Z 3; July 2, 3; Auoust 11, 12
To DENVER and Return - - $55.00 .
On Sale May 17, July 1, August 11
Going transit limit 10 dayg from date of return
limit October 21st.
Tbee ticket present some very attractive features in the
way of stopover privileges. a-,d choice of routes; thereby enabl
ing passengers to make side trips to many Interesting points
en route.
Routing on the return trip through California may be had at
a slight advance over tbe ra'es quoted.
Full particulars, sleeping car reservations and tickets will be
furnished by any O. R. ft X. local agent or
WM. McMURRAY, General Passenger Agent, Portland, Oregon.
j. a. jbl lAtu, Agent,
Vallotra Ctmnttj Chirftam
County Pioneer Paper
! tUtabiished in JSS4. Published every
! Thursday bv The Enterprise Press.
I Office East side Court House
Entered iu the postoffice at Enter-
prise, ore., as second-class matter.
subscription rates.
One year $1.50 Three months 50c.
Invariably in Advance.
Old Scottish Words.
A correspondent f tbe Glasgow
Herald submits tbe following samples
i t oid Scotch words from East Aber
deenshire: alowse To say anything is
uae mowse means it is uncanny or dan
serous. Connacbed Spoiled. Clean
lonuached would mean utterly destroy-i-d
or rendered useless. Blaud To
Maud anything would mean to soli IL
A child would be told. "Dlnna blaud
your clean pina." Gardies or gaurdies
A child's forearm. Tbe last Is a very
old expression, but 1 have beard it
used. "Sic bonoie gardies be has"
means tbe baby has pluuip arms.
Evolution of Advertisement.
The word "advertisement," which
meant special notice, was not used la
our modern sense until about 1CG0.
The terra adopted was "advice." The
fees were distinctly heavy, and a curi
ous fact Is that It does not seem to
have occurred to the promoters to
churge for space or the number of
words. Important "advices" or those
ly important people seem simply to
have been put in capital letters and
ullowed more space without regard
to price. From "A History of Eng
lish Journalism." by J. B. Williams.
Origin of Pajamas.
J a jamas are being interpreted sim
ply "leg giirmeuts." Tbey were eager
ly udpted by Europeaus in India from
the Mohammedans, probably by tbe
Portoguese in the first place. Earlier
Anglo-Indian generations knew them
ns "long drawers" or "mosquito draw
ers" and still earlier generations as
"mogul breeches," under which name
they are referred to by Beaumont and
Fletcher. European Improvers were
nt one time in tbe habit of adding feet
to these leg garments, but a certain
London tradesman was not at a loss to
find an outlandish reason for this addi
tion. "I believe, sir. It is on account of
the white ants," be replied to an In
quiring customer. London Graphic.
Georga Meredith.
It was not until George Meredith
was an old man that be began to reap
any reward from bis books. He was
at least sixty years old. if not more,
before be was able to leave the offices
of Chapman & Hall, the publishers,
where he acted as reader. A friend of
his speaks of this as one of the trag
edies of misdirected work and recalls
tbe fact that only 2 per cent of all
manuscripts submitted to tbe average
publishing bouse are fit for publica
tion. In addition to his other troubles.
Meredith's legs were paralyzed, but in
spite of all he was optimistic. "Some
men go first In their heads," he said.
"but 1 go first in my legs." Exchange.
Not on the Map.
"Say." queried the would be hu
morist, "where Is that place Atoms,
that so many people are blown to?"
"It's just tbe other side of Effigy, the
place In which so many people are
hanged." answered the solemn person.
Chicago News.
Whirlwind Tablets are a guaran
teed remedy for rheumatism and
kidney troubles. For sale at Jack
son & Weaver's. 35btf
Enterprise, Oregon.
The Brave and Daring French
man Pilatre de Rozier.
Ha Was the First Aeronaut to Los
His Life From a Balloon, and He
Was Dashed to Death With a Com
eanion From a Haight of 1,700 Fact.
Jean Francois Pilatre de Rosier, who
was born at Uett In 1750 aud who was
killed, a martyr to his seal, by a fall
from his balloon at Boulogne, France,
June 15, 17U5, was tbe first aeronaut
to lose his life In the dangerous work
of mastering tbe air.
Pilatre de Rozier, who bad made
ascents in the Montgalfier balloon, de
termined to solve the question of bal
loons as mediums for carrying passen
gers and could think and dream of
nothing but bow be could fashion a
machine that would carry him on an
aerial voyage. When bis balioon was
finished be made some twenty-three
ascents, nearly always alone, but occa
sionally accompauied by the Marquis
d'Arlandes, a brave soldier and one
who had faith in Pilatre's Ideas. The
balloon was always held captive by
strong cords.
Whenever he went np there was a
crowd to watch blm. Oue day there
was a thrilling moment Tbe balloon
drifted toward some high trees, and It
seemed inevitable that the tissues
would be torn by tbe branches and
Pilatre dashed to the ground. They
saw the young man calmly throw a
bunch of straw on his fire aud quickly
Itour over it two small bottles of oil.
Instantly the fierce beat sent tbe bal
loon up safely, and It swept beyond
the danger line of the trees. A mighty
shout went up from the crowd, and
when be came down Pilatre bad an
He now felt ready to make his
grand experimental trial trip, but the
king would not allow him to go, as be
feared to lose so brave and scientific
a man. Pilatre was In despair, and at
length tbe king said that be would
give blm tbe opiHirtunlty to test tbe
safety of bis balloon in tbe following
way: He would give full pardon to any
two criminals who were willing to go
up In it, provided Pilatre did not him
self go.
The scientist was very angry. He
said: "What! Shall vile criminals, foul
murderers, men rejected from the bos
om of society, have tbe glory of Iteing
the first to navigate the air? Never
while Pilatre de Rozier draws breath
After repeated prayers for permis
sion to make bis experiment be ap
pealed to tbe influence of tbe Duchess
de Polignac, tbe governess of the royal
children. To her petitions tbe Mar
quis d'Arlandes added his and asked
to be allowed to accompany Pilatre.
At length consent was obtaiued.
On Not. 21, 1783. Pilatre and the
marquis made an ascent from tbe gar
dens of the Chateau de la Muette. In
the Bols. They sailed safely across the
Seine, over the Hospital For Old Sol
diers, over the Military school and
landed about five miles from Paris.
Their return was greeted with wild
The marquis rode back, but Pilatre
had to go first to bis bouse and get a
coat, for some one bad stolen bis In
the mixnp of their coming down, when
the balloon, of course, collapsed.
Pilatre now announced that he would
cross the channel from Boulogne to
England. A wealthy Frenchman ad
vanced the money to construct an Im
proved machine that he was certain
could stay In the air as long as neces
sary. This new invention was a bal
loon filled with hydrogen gas. Under
it was a cylinder by which he expected
to rarefy the air contained in It so that
he could either ascend or descend eas
ily and so reach currents of air that
would take him In any desired direc
It was five months before there came
a day suitable for making tbe aerial
trip. A physician who loved adven'.ure
and believed In the success of the ex.
perlment went with him from Bou
logne. They cut the cords that held the bal
loon at 7 o'clock in tbe morning. Tbe
ascent was majestic, and when at a
height of 200 feet tbe balloon swept
Into a current of air that took it to
ward the channel. Suddenly a cross
current swept it back. '
Pilatre bantpned to let some cold air
Into the cylinder and in some way
made a rent In tbe balloon, Tbey were
1.700 feet high, and Instantly tbey
were dashed to the earth, mangled and
crushed frightfully.
France still remembers his enthusi
astic faith iu bis scientific efforts, and
in many places are memorials and in
scriptions that perpetuate his fame.
Boston Globe.
The Dental Ornaments.
Visitor (Dassinz through A
with little Tommv. dlncover tnlnM r.u
on sideboard! Heigho, but that's a fine
pie: w no made it? -
Tommy Gran'tna: she alwava mva
tbe pies.
Visitor Does she. Indeed? Well, ra
like to get my teeth Into that one.
-Jommy-loo would, eh? Well, gran',
ma's got ahead of vou. Don't von no
tbe prints of ber'n all around tbe edges?
Boston Courier.
Ton accuse this aviator of trespass
ing In your garden?"
Tea, judge. 1 caught blm among
my air currents." New Tort Herald.
Wind pnffs up empty bladders, opin
ion fools. Socrates.
A Special Luncheon.
The head of tbe bouse bad tele
phoned that be would bring home a
j-uest to luncheon aud a guest whom
Lis wife realised I bat be would delight
to honor. Preparations were made sc
cordingly. with results satisfactory to
her hospitable snd housewifely heart.
Unfortunately six-year-old Dorothy
came In a trifle late. Sweeping tbe ta
ble with one all embracing glance.
HuinT she queried audibly as she
climbed Into ber chair, "is this lunchr
"Why. of course It's luncheon. Doro
thy." ber mother hastily iutervened.
with a repressive gesture.
But Dorothy ' not to be stayed.
Well." she returned Incredulously,
maybe It Is. but It lookJ exactly like
Juuday dinner:"
A Kick For Consistency.
Tbe commuter with a grievance clon
ed the door of the geueral jinsseuger
rgent's department, pushed aside the
boy at tbe railiu aud stalked up to
the chief clerk's desk aud relieved biui
self as follows:
"Maybe 1 have no ki k coming rten
I go to tbe station oh time every ni.iro
lng for six weeks to catch the S:lS
train, only to fimi it from five to ten
minutes lnte may lie 1 haven't I say.
Hut when I get there two minutes late
m the first morning of the seventh
week, only to see tbe rear end of tbe
train disappearing cltywnrd. then, by
thunder. I hnve a large sized tick com
ing, and I'm here to register Itr'-Ex-change.
The Kohinoor Diamond.
Tbe Kohinoor originally weipbed S00
carats, but by successive cutting it
has been reduced to 10G carats.
An Old English Law.
At one time niilwtiys In Fnglnnd
were prohibited from carrying persous
olng to a prizeticht.
i v
Department of tbe Interior.
U. S. Land Office at La Grande.
Oct. 11, 1909.
Notice i3 hereby given that William
Davis, of Joseph, Oregon, who. on
lecember 27, 1907, made Homestead
entry No. 15731 Serial. No. 03219,
f ir Lots 3, 4, 5 and 6, Section 3,
Township 1 S.. Range 48 E., Wil
lamette Meridian, has filed uotice
).' inirlin to ma';e Final Commuta
ion Proof, to establish claim to
e laud above described, before
John A. Rumble. V. S. Commission
r, at his office, at Joseph. Oregon,
3 the 6th day of December, 1909.
Claimant names as witnesses: Ar
hur Dodson, of Jo3eph, Oregon; Fred
A. Gaylord, of Joseph. Oregon; James
Steen, of Zumwa'.t, Oregon; E. Frank
Sargent, of Enterprise, Oregon.
c6 F. C. BRAMWELL, Register.
Department of the Interior.
C. S. Land Office at La Grande,
Oct. 11, 1909.
Notice is hereby given that George
S. Craig, whose postoffice address
is Enterprise, Wallowa Countv. Ore
gon, did on the 2nd day of Febru
ary, 1909, file in this office Sworn
Statement and Application, No. 03453,
to purchase the SW'v; of SEi, Sec
tion 12, Township 2 S., Range 43
E., Willamette Meridian, and the
timber thereon, under the provisions
of the act of June 3, 1S78, and acts
imenaatory, known as the "Timber
and Stone Law," at such value as
might be fixed by appraisement, and
-nat. pursuant to such aDDlication
the land and timber thereon have
been appraised, the timber estimated
-UU0O0 board feet at J0.80 per M,
tnd the land J20.00; that said aob'.i-
cant will offer final proof in support
r his application and sworn state-
ment on the 2sth day of December,
1909, before C. M. Lockwood, U s'
Commissioner, at his office, at En'ter-
)nse, Oregon.
Any persan Is at Ubert tn nrnot! I
.... jmcuase Derore entrv. or InitJ
lie a contest at anv time w
cm ,BBUes, py rUmK a corroborated
affidavit in this office. aiifcn
which would defeat the entrv
Sell F. C. BRAMWELL. Register.
Legal iinrtaiis
Notice ia. .r.v.. 4 ..
undersigned administrator with the
will annexed of th, estate of r
James Beard, daces
' " ii.eo njs
final account of the administration
- the Clerk of
Uie County Court of Wallowa Coun
i7. Oregon, and tha
Court has fixed Saturday, November
20th. 1909, at ten o'clock the fori
n fine a nA IJ
" , " "'"u oa-v m the time for
hearing objections there o
All Persons inipri..j - -
.. v . u ,D 8a'u -
Ute are hereby B0-lftad l0 f,ie -
objections, If any they have, withl. I
Clerk of said Co .r. ' . .
aid day. " vr uew,
la i . . . B' LEGATE.
lllsed ute R-Jam-
Burleigh ft Boyd. Attornev. ,or M.'
miuistrator. Aa j
Fass the word to your relatives and friends to come
To Oregon will prevail from the East
September 15 to October 15
From Chicago
" St. Louis
" Omaha
44 St. Paul
Fres Can Be Prepaid
epesii the amour, t of the fare with the nearest 0. R. 4 N. or S. P
Vv". i :..Hu i, - :) be dViver.-d in the East without extra cost
General Passenger Agent
.he County Court of the State
, 0:es;on f ir W allawa County.
a 'er of the Estate of
lir;- A Cramer, Deceased.
..o-ice is hereby given that the un
ersigned has fi'.ed with the Clerk
if the above named court, his final
account and report as administrator
ot the above named estate and the
Judge of the said Court has fixed up
on Monday, December 8th, 1909, at
-he hour of 10 o'clock a. m, at the
County Court House in the City of
Snterprise, Wallowa County, Oregon,
is the place for final hearing of said
report and account and all objec
tions thereto and why said estate
;hould not be closed and settled as
provided by law.
Dated this 13th day of October, 1909.
Conaway & Corkins, Attorneys for
Mr. F. G. Fritz. Oneonta, n. T,
writes: "My little girl was freaUy
benefitted by taking Foley' Orino
Real Estate Dealei
2-utchell Hotel Block JOSEPH. OREGON
To the Citizens of
It is our puqjose to handle any business
entrusted to us in such a fair and liberal
manner as to maKe the customer's rela
tion with this banK satisfactory and
profitable. I Aside from our excellent
facilities, this bank has the advantage of
a large capital and substantial list of
tockholders. It is also a State Deposi-
?0I7 If yu are nt a customer we
invite yon to become one.
SMprers and Farmers National Bank
Wallowa, Oregon
Wal'S Appleton. Flora lo Paradise,
tm PTTlse' F,ora ud Appleton Id Wallowa.
Good -"ionNurWus treatment and reasonable rat
E. W. SOUTHWiCK. Proprietor.
.'res? f any one interested in the
t-utc ior Oregon literature.
LAxative, and I think k Is the best
rerae -y for coosapatioo and lirr
trouble." Foley's Orino Ltxatlu a
mild, plecaaot and effective- and
curw habitual constipation. For stk
by Bumaugh ft Mayfield.
Watch for
ment Wallowa County.

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