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The two ensuing days were full of
excitement-pleasurable escltement
to Mrs. Saville. Her keen eyes shone
with a hard glitter as she thought that
her son was probably saved from com
mitting some dangerous folly, and
launched afresh on a career which
promised honor and promotion. In
truth, Mrs. Seville's hopes and ambi
Hons were centered on her second son.
Her eldest was an apathetic, well-bred,
briefless barrister, of dilettante tastes,
given to writing elegantly-expressed
papers In the more exalted periodicals
on obscure passages In Shakespeare,
and latterly In Browning, on the deri
vation of obsolete words, and other
such topics, in which ordinary mortals
took not the slightest interest
Mrs. Saville was'the only child and
sole heiress of an exceedingly wealthy
Sheffield manufacturer. She had mar
ried the accomplished, amiable, distinguished-looking
younger brother of the
Earl of Everton, an impecunious peer
whose sole means of existence was de
rived from the rent of the family man
sion and domains. Mrs. Saville was
an extremely ambltlouns woman; she
had a keen desire for personal distinc
tlon, and In her own mind had re
solved that as her eldest son must In
the order of things succeed his uncle
and become Earl of Everton, so Hugh
must marry a woman of rank and for
tune, and thus she would be free to
give the bulk of her belongings to
support the title which would devolve
upon her eldest son. He was a stead"
Irreproachable young man, but her
heart, her pride, centered In her Ben
jamin. Mrs. Saville's love was a somewhat
onerous obligation; she had a very
tough, inexorable will, and a profound
belief that she could manage every
one's affairs considerably better than
they could themselves a doctrine In
which her younger 6on rarely agreed.
Hi3 mother's greed for power was
greatly developed by her early widow
hood, though the deceased Honorable
her husband was a peace-loving soul
who rarely contradicted her. Such was
the condition of things at the begin
ning of this narrative.
Receiving no reply to her telegram,
Mrs. Saville sat up late on the follow
ing Wednesday, hoping her son might
arrive, and retired to rest weary with
unfulfilled expectation.
When her maid brought her early
cup of tea, the following morning, she
announced that "Mr. Hugh arrived
about half an hour ago, and has gone
to his room."
Whereupon Mrs. Saville ordered her
breakfast to be brought to her In her
own apartment, that she might not de
lay her son's refreshment, and pre
pared leisurely to meet him In her
morning-room. She was already there
to greet him when he came up-statrs.
"Well, my dear Hugh! I am glad
to see you. My best congratulations.
Have yon read the Secretary's letter?
I told Atkins to give It to you."
"Yes, he did," said Hugh, shortly;
then he kissed his mother's brow and
stood looking at her with a troubled
He was a fair, sunburnt man of per
haps six or seven-and-twenty, ratber
above middle height, broad-shouldered,
and seeming shorter than he really
was. His features were good, and a
pair of large handsome brown eyes
lighted up his face, which was square
and strong; his hair and thick mous
taches were light brown, with a red
dish tinge.
"Why, Hugh, you are looking 111 and
worn. Tou do not seem like yourself.
Why did you not arrive last night?"
"I came as quickly as I could; tbe
trains at this season are lnconvenl
cnt," he returned, still In an absent
tone. He had a pleasant, deep-chested
voice, and, though he had never given
much time to Its cultivation, could
sing a good second.
"If you had started on Monday night
after you had my telegram, you might
have been here yesterday."
"I could not, mother." And he be
gan to pace the room In quarter-deck
"Why?" persisted Mrs. Saville, with
vague uneasiness.
"Because I had a rjither particular
engagement on Tuesday morning."
"What do you mean?"
"I had arranged to be married on
Tuesday morning, and I could not dis
appoint the parson and the consul, to
say nothing of my fiancee." he return
ed with a grim smile, and pausing in
his walk opposite his mother.
"Married!" she repeated, growing
white and grasping the arms of her
chair. "Hugh, this is a supld, vulgar
jest" , .
"It Is not, mother. I am married
as fast as church and state can bind
me. If I look haggard and seedy you
need not wonder, for it isn't pleas
to leave your bride almost at the
church door. I can tell you."
-Madman!" she hissed through her
set teeth, while ner keen black eyes
flashed with fury. "To what adventur
ess have you fallen a victim?"
"Hush." he said, with some dig
nltr "you must not speak disrespect
fully of my wife. To-morrow or next
flayyou will see full particular. In the
What!" she almost TsrrAv1.Vrl a,u
grace to the world?"
Jny M "e I you know at
once, he continued, not heeding her
nterruptlon. -My wife was Mlsi Hil
on. daughter of the late Captain Hil
iL!',Id cava,r-vmn. ot Rood fam
y. 1 believe; but that I don't care a
rap about"
"I expected th!s,- said Mrs. Saville
n a low, concentrated tone, and rising
In her wrath. ' Some Inner voice told
me evil would come of your long, un
accountable stay in that vile place.
Now leave me. Never let me set eyes
upon you asaiu. Tou have blasted my
hopes, you have destroyed my affection
tor you, you cease to be my son."
"Stop!" cried Hugh, in such a tone
of command that his mother obeyed.
"You must and shall hear me. Pray
sit down. I have a good deal to say.'
He resumed his walk for a moment,
while he strove to collect himself. Mrs.
Saville was silent watching hlra with
uel, glittering eyes.
"You have a right to be angry."
Hugh began, throwing himself into a
chair near his mother's. "You have
been a good mother to me, and you
deserve that I should have consulted
you but knowing that you would do
your best to forbid or prevent the mar
riage, even to the length of writing
cruelly to Kate, I determined to say
nothing till the deed was accomplish
ed. Now hear me. I first met the Hil
tons in Naples nearly two years ago,
when I was with the Mediterraneon
squadron. My uncle Everton was
there, and I had leave now and again
while we lay off Sicily: You know I
never bother about women, mother;
but before I knew Kate Hilton a week,
I was fathoms deep. I don't know
whether other people think her beauti
ful or not to me she is the best and
loveliest " Mrs. Saville made a
motion of the hands expressive of dis
gust and repulsion, while a contemp
tuous smile curled her thin lips.
"There, I will not trouble you with de
tails," continued Hugh, grimly. "She
sang well, like a prima donna, and
she used to let me sing with her, but
the more I showed her well, the feel
ings I could not repress, the colder and
more distant she grew. She drove me
half mad. Then I was ashore, as you
know, and went off wandering abroad,
hoping to meet her, as I did. Still
she kept me at arms'-length, but some
thing told me that she wasn't as In
different as she seemed."
"No doubt!" ejaculated Mrs. Saville.
"About six weeks ago, I went to
Nice, and found old Hilton very ill
so bad that I could scarce get speech
of Kate. They were lodging in the
outskirts of the town. Then he died
very suddenly at the last, and Kate,
unnerved with watching and grief for
the old man, who, though by no means
a good father, was never actively un
kind, broke down and clung to me.
She was friendless, penniless, helpless.
I took the command and insisted on
her marrying me."
"Have you done yet?" asked his
mother, harshly.
"Nearly. Have a little patience. As
a woman I ask you what opinion you
would have of a man who could have
deserted the girl he loved with all his
heart and soul in such desolation?
Could I have helped her, given her
money, protection, anything, save as a
husband? She was not her usual
proud self, or she would have seen
through the thin excuses with which
1 veiled your silence. Now, mother, be
tesder, womanly ay, and reasonable.
Make up your mind to the inevitable.
Kr.te is my wife. See her before you
condemn me, before you banish me.
Give her the protection I cannot stay
to give. I have left her with the kind
old Frenchwoman in whose house her
father died. I dared not endanger my
career, my reputation, by losing an
hour: so, for her sake as well as my
own, I tore myself away. I don't
think I ever asked you a favor; now
1 pray you, if you ever loved me, take
my wife to your heart; let her live
near you; give her a chance of win
nlng your good opinion, your- "
A scornful laugh interrupted him.
"Do you imagine I am as weak a fool
as my son? such an abject weakling?
No, I shall have nothing to do with
you or your wife. Go; I shall not see
you again. You have never asked me
a favor? Have I not paid your debts?"
"Yes, at Rawson's request not mine,
nor should I have Incurred them had
my allowance been measured by the
needs and habits with which I had
been brought up. Did you ever love
my father, that you are so hardened
against the first love of your son's
"I had a proper affection for my
husband, but I should never have for
gotten myself for any man. I repeat
it, you cease to be my son from this
hour. You shall have the quarter's al
lowance now due to you, but after this
not a penny more. See how you will
get on with the beggarly pittance you
derive from your father. To-morrow I
shall see Rawson about altering my
will. What wife will compensate you
for a life of poverty and obscurity?"
"Poor we may be, but obscure, if 1
live, we shall not be," said Hugh, ris
ing, and looking steadily at his moth
er, while he spoke very calmly. "I
may deserve some censure for not In
forming you of my plans, but this
treatment I do not deserve. And yet
I believe you have a heart, though so
calked and coated with worldllness
that Its natural Impulses are hopeless
ly deadened, your natural good sense
blinded to the relative value of things.
What would the wealth of a kingdom
be to me, if I knew the woman I love
was groping her way painfully, with a
bruised spirit and bleeding feet
through the rugged ways of life with
out a hand to help her? No, mother,
vonr son Is man enough to risk every
thing rather than that 1 wHl obey
you and go. Good by. God be with
you. I will never see your face again
until you ask me and my wife to visit
"Then It is farewell forever." said
Mrs. Seville, sternly. "Take my thanks
for this repayment of all the cart and
thought and affection I have lavished
on you."
Hugh stood half minute gating at
her, then, turning sharply, left the
room without another word. Mrs. Sa
ville had risen to utter her last sen
tence, and now walked to the fireplace
to ring sharply.
"Tell one of the menloberAdy In
ten minutes. I want to send a note to
Mr. Rawson. It requires an answer."
she said to the butler. "And, Atkins,
I shall not want you any more to-day;
you had better assist Mr. Hugh. He is
pretted for time. I wish everything
belonging to him in this house to be
packed and removed by to-morrow
evening at the furthest You under
stand me," said his mistress, sternly;
"everything must be removed. And,
Atkins, telegraph to Mr. Saville. I
think he has returned to his cham
bers: he was to be away only a week.
Say I want him to come here to lunch
eon." The man, looking stupefied, quit
ted the presence of his Imperious mis
tress, who sat down to write with a
steady hand and a curious scornful
smile on her Hps.
Mrs. Saville's son did not come to
luncheon, and Mr. Rawson's partner
rote his regrets that the he.d of the
firm had left the uffl before Mrs. Sa
vllle's note had arrived, and they did
not know when -he would return, but
that the writer would wait on Mrs.
Saville at once if she wished, and
vould telegraph.
So the obdurate mother's intention
of destroying her will at once was for
the moment frustrated. She therefor
oidered the carriage, and, after paying
a round of visits, took a long drive,
reaching home Just In time to see At
kins Inspecting a pile of luggage being
placed on a cab. He hustled the men
who were assisting out of his lady's
way, saying officiously, as he did so,
"We have nearly cleared away every
thing. Just one or two boxes are left
for to-morrow. I did not like to take
them so lale Into a private house, and
it's a goodish step to Porchester Ter
"Do what you like," said Mrs. Ra
vllle, coldly; "do not trouble me.
And she passed through the hall,
thinking, angrily, "So that weak-mind
ed man Rawson is giving that mlsera
ble, ungrateful dupe, my son, shelter
and encouragement! I will call" him
to account for this."
It was a wretched evening. Mrs.
Saville was to dine with a distinguish
ed dowager, and, with Spartan cour
age, arrayed herself in her best and
went forth to smile and utter bland
nothings about her dear boy's haste to
get off In good time, about his good
fortune in being appointed to the flag
ship, and many more things about her
mingled regret and satisfaction polite
Inventions with which she vainly
hoped to throw dust in the world's
shrewd eyes.
Next day detection took the wings
of the morning and came flying in the
shame of Lady Olivia Lumley, news
papers in hand. Breathless, excited,
she arrived before mid day, a mark of
unauthorized familiarity.
"Oh, my dear Mrs. Saville, my dear
Elizabeth, have you aeen what is in the
newspapers? I came oft at once.
could not bear that any one should
break it to you but myself." And she
held out the paper doubled down at
the announcement among tbe mar
"No, I have not," cried Mrs. Saville,
savagely, snatching the papei, crush
ing it, and throwing It from her, "but
I heard all about everything yester
day morning. I have disowned and
banished my son. I will never see him
again. But if you have come here to
gloat over my rage and distress, you
will be disappointed. I have merely cut
off an offending member. He Is not
worth regretting. If you ever dare to
mention the subject again, I shall de
cline to hold any communication with
you or to give a reason for cutting
you. The world can fill up the blanks.'
(To be continued.)
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"I dunno exactly," answered the
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No; It was my fault" said the vic
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