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inll F.151
K ofP.
NITA TEMPLE. No. t. Pythias
No. 30, Royal Arch Masons,
and third Tuesdays of each
Masonic Halt All visiting
iivh Haaona welcomed.
m j b. OLMSTED, High Priest.
n VV. SHEA HAN, Secretary.
cilXOWA LODGE. No. 82, A. P.
V meets second and fourth Satur-
0f each month In Masonic Hall
fating Masons welcomed
ff C BOATMAN, Secretary.
w . t. mnnth In Xfnanntf TTb.11
rdlF 01
I VtiUins
iHS. MAUY E. 6TKEI-t 860.
Y1 Y,A.W. A Meets first and third
Thurday In each month. In new Fra
L..1 halL Visiting Neighbors alwayt
j. W. RODGERS ConsuL
r M DILL. Clerk.
iNEKOID CAMP, No. 8642, R N. of A.
W.O.W. 535. W. Of W.
HJ10TA CIRCLE. NO. Z78, W. Of W.
A Scalded Boy's Shrieks
horrified his grandmother, Mrs. Maria
Taylor, of Nebo, Ky, who writes
Hat, whon all thought he would die,
Bucklen's Arnica Salve wholly cured
him. Infallible for Burns, Scalds, Cuts
Corns, Wounds, Bruises. Cures Fever-Sores,
Bolls, Skin Eruptions, Chil
blains, Chapped hands. Soon routes
Piles. 25c at Burnaugh & .Mayfleld's.
Among the questions sent out by a
ichool examiner was the following ex
ample In arithmetic: "If one horse can
run a mile In one minute fifty seconds
and another tulle lu two minutes, how
far would the first horse be ahead in
a match race of two miles?"
A scholar returned the question with
tbis attached: "1 will have nothing to
do with horse racing.' -London An
iwers. C. R. Kluger, the Jeweler, 1060
Virginia Ave., Indianapolis, ina.,
writes: "I was o weak from kidney
trouble that I could hardly walk a
hundred feet. Four bottles of Foley's
Kidney remedy cleared my complex
ion, cured my backache and the
irregularities disappeared, and I can
now attend to business every day
and recommend Foley's Kidney Reme
ij to all sufferers, as It cured me
after the doctors and other remedies
iad failed." For sale by Burnaugh
4 Jlavfleld.
Boisterous Affection.
"Is Blujjer a kind husband and a
good father?"
"lie means to be," answered Miss
Cayeune. "but bis idea of making home
happy Is to bring around a phono
graph with a lot of dog fight records.'
-Washington Star.
Young Girl Are Victima
of headache, as well as older women,
but all get relief and prompt cure
Irom Dr. King's New Life Pills, the
world's best remedy for sick and ner
vous headaches. They make pure
blood, and strong nerves and build
up your health. Try them. 25c at
Burnaugh & Mayfleld's.
The Coughing Plant.
The coughing plant grows in the
tropics. Us fruit resembles the com
mon bean. It Is easily aroused to an
ger, and. what is yet more strange, it
has a horror of all kinds of dust. As
oon as a few grains fall on the leaves
the 8tomnta or air cells, wblcb ore the
breathing organs. Oil with gas. puff
out and throw off the dust with a
light explosion sounding somewhat
like the cough of a child with a cold
In its bead.
It is uu ornamental plant. One can
hardly Imagine the concert given by
two or three of these strange plants
In a drawing room, where the passage
of ladles sprinkles them with rice pow-der.-Sydney
Refinement of Cruelty.
"That was a tierce puulsbinent Swift
8t for overspeeding and not paying
is flue."
"What did they do to him?"
"The prison yard was being repaved.
and they put Swift on as driver of the
leum roller."-Boston Transcript.
Hack Calls to
any part of the city
answered day or night.
BAKER BROTHERS, Proprietors.
First Class Rigs
and careful drivers.
. ' Curious Dith.
leasts la a curious one. t
be a lamb roared whole, .od but
there Is much more to It than .e.rj
chicken; Ibe chicken 1. !
Poo. the pigeon with . quail. .
becafleo. M.d ,0 be the smallest UrS
sLV tb' bun,m,D bird, U
at the heart of this curious roast.
Queen Hatasu's Throne.
The British museum possessM a
chair the throne of Queen Hatasu
which was In use 3.500 years ago.
K peploe with, symptoma of kidney
or bladder trouble could realize their
danger they would without loss of
time commence taking Foley Kid
ney Remedy. This great remedy
stops the pain and the irregularities,
strengthens and builds up these
organs and there is no danger of
Bright disease or other serious dis
order. Do not disregard the early
symptoms. For sale by Bumangh
& Mayfield.
Muskrat as a Delicacy.
The majority of persons are disgust
ed by the mere thought of eating, tnusk
rat. but undoubtedly this la due tp
the prejudice against the name of. rat.
However, they are greatly mistaken In
disliking this rodent, for It is one f tne
cleanest of living animals and Is de
licious when properly cooked. The
muskrat's home Is built of marsh grass
heaped Into a mound and situated
above the level of high water. This
house Is dry and warm, and the p
terlor Is always spotlessly cleajt
Feeding entirely upon tender, roots
and herbs, this peculiar little animal
invariably scrubs thoroughly in . ifitj
water every bit of food before H s
eaten. Be Is cleaner than many t, It
man being. Harper's Weekly.
3roup Curefd and a Child's tlfs
"It affords me great pleasure to
add my testimony to that ot the
thousands who have been benefited
by Chamberlain's Cough Remedy. My
child, Andrew, when only three year
old, was taken with a severe attack
of croup, and thanks to the prompt
use of Chamberlain's Cough Remedy
his life was saved and today he is
a robust and healthy boy," Bays Mrs.
A. Coy, Jr., of San Antonio, Texas.
This Remedy has been in use tor
many years. Thousands of mothers
keep It at hand, and it has never
been known to fall. For sale by
Burnaugh & Mayfield.
8he Did.
"Didn't some idiot propose to yon be
fore our marriage?"
"Then you ought to have married
"That's Just what I dld."-Bob VI
vant BOTH B0Y8 8AVED.
Louis Boon, a leading merchant of
Norway, Mich., writes: "Three bottles
of Foley's Honey and Tar absolutely
cured my boy of a severe cough, and
a neighbor's boy, who was so ill wtth
a cold that the doctors gave hini Wp,
was cured by taking Foley's Honey
and Tar." Nothing else i as safe
and certain in results,
Burnaugh, & Mayfield.
The Buddhist word "karma" means
action or sequence. In Buddhistic
teaching karma is the law of cause
and effect, according to which every
deed receives Its Inevitable reward in
kind. It Is nothing more nor less
than the Paulian doctrine, "Be not
deceived, God is not mocked, for what
soever a man sowetb that shall he
also reap."
Flies and Baoteria.
A fly bacterlologlcally examined has
been found to carry something like
11)0,000 bacteria.
A Methodist Minister Recommends
Chamberlain's) Colic, Cholera
and Diarrhoea Remedy.
t h.v used Chamberlain's Colic,
Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy tor
several years for diarrnoea. i
H thfl best Temedy I have
ever tried for that trouble. I bought
a bottle of it a few days ago Irom
our druggist, Mr. R. R- Brooks. I
shall ever be glad to speak a word In
Us praise when I have the oppor-tunity."-Rev.
J. D. Knapp Pasr
M. E. Church, Miles wove, r.
by Burnaugh & Mayfield.
Both Phones
Home Independent 40
Pacific States 45.
Our bus meets all
trains. Fate 25c.
within city limits
Th Bora.
"Tbfri is no such thing as perfec
tion Id tbis world.- said the ready
nde "Philosopher.
"No." answered Miss Cayenne; "the
only one who comes near attaining
perfection la the one who sets out to
be a perfect bore."-Wasblngton Star.
The Irritable Diner.
Gentleman Ton don't mean to say
that you call this flavorless stuff ox
tail soap, waiter?
Waiter-Tea. sir.
Gentleman-Then take It out and
let the ox dip bis tall In It two or
three more times. Lipplncott'e.
Whirlwind Tablets cure rheumatism
in this climate. They have relieved
hundreds and cured scores of cases
In Union and Wallowa counties.
positive proof, names, etc, furnished
on application. For sale by Jackson
Weaver, Enterprise. 20btf
A family had just sat down to table
when tidings were brought of the
death of an annt. Suddenly little Em
ily Inquired, with a longing glance at
the well filled dishes, "Papa, must we 1
cry now or wait till we have finished
Troubles of Its Own.
,plgh pitched, angry voices reverber
ated through the bouse.
, ,"t lost knew," hoarsely muttered the
skeleton in the family closet, "there
was going to be a quarrel between
them. . I could feel it in my bones!'
Chicago Tribune.
flood Cough MeMicine for Children
. . and Grown Folka, Too.
' W could hardly do without Cham
barlain's Cough Remedy," says Mrs.
ftbrit Despain of Bloyd, Ky. "I
butili it to be so good for croup and
Uv Used it for years. I can
heartily recommend it for coughs,
soidfl and croup In children and
grown folks, too." The above shows
the implicit confidence many mothers
place in Chamberlain's Cough Reme
ly, a confidence based on many
years' experience In the use of it.
No one need hesitate to use this
remedy for it contains no chloroform,
opium or other narcotics and may be
given to child as confidently as to an
adult. For sale by Burnaugh
Why He Quit Wishing.
"I Wish I were dead." a man once
remarked. "That wish." said bia wife,
"la the only wish you can make that
you are sure will aome day come true."
Then When he got to thinking of what
she said be quit wishing It Atchison
The Attraction.
Mrs, Flxem I don't see what yon
men find in your club. Mr. Flxem
It's Wbat we don't And. Exchange.
8ick Headache;
This distressing disease results
from a disordered condition of the
slnmach and can be cured by taking
Chamberlain's Stomach -and Liver
Tablets. Get a free sample at Bur
naugh & Mayfleld's drug store and
t-jr it
Drinking Water.
The quality of drinking water may
be ascertained by filling a bottle balf
For sale by full, tightly corking it and then sbak
. Ing It vigorously for a minute or two,
On uncorking toe bottle If the slightest
disagreeable odor develops there Is
aome kind of pollution in the water.
No Chance to Learn.
"It'a no use for uie to go to school
nr more." said little Elmer. "I'll
never be able to learn bow to spell."
"Why not?" asked his mother.
"Because." answered Elmer, "the
teacher keeps changing words on me
all the tiiue."-Cblcajro V
Foley's Honey and Tar clears the
air passages, stops the Irritation in
the throat soothes the inflamed mem
b ranee, and the most obstinate cough
dissapears. Sore and inflamed hings
are healed and strengthened, and the
cold Is expelled from the system
Refuse any but the genuine in the
yellow package. For sale by Bur
naugh ft Mayfield.
Not at Fault
Proprietor of the Clarion (angrily)
What did you mean by telling B. B.
the man who asked if there was mon
ey In mushrooms, that there would be
more money for him in toadstools?
Editor of the Question and Answer
Department (with air of one who
knows be Is to the rigbti Because, sir,
I looked up H. B. In tbe directory and
found be waa an undertaker. Puck.
U UU nuw
"The Beast and the Jungle," every
drop of fighting blood in your make
up will tingle. Your indignation
at the conditions exposed will be
almost lost in your admiration of
Judge Lindsey'a game, single-handed
fight and your realization that he is
performing a magnificent public
You'll find the
a very tiabie magazine.
Professional Diectory of Wallowa Cdurify
Office first door south of New
Fraternal Bldg, Enterprise, Ore.
Practice lu all State Courts and
Interior Department, Careful at-,
tention to all business.
l Practice in State and Federal I
Courts and Interior Department, i
The Point of View.
Jean Paul Ijiurens. the famous
French painter, was the son of an
houest cart driver of Toulouse. At one
time when the painter was at the
height of his Parisian reputation It
bupened that two old women at Tou
louse were talking about tbe Ijiureus
"Let me see." said one "there were
two boys, weren't there?"
'What became of them?"
'Oh. one's a grocer here in Toulonsc.
He does a good business."
"And tbe other one?"
"Tbe youuger oue? He went off to
Paris and became an artist."
'Dear, denr! Aud his father such a
good, worthy man!"
Forced Into Exile.
Win. Upchurch of Glen Oak, Okla.,
was an exile from home. Mountain
air, he thought, would cure a fright
ful lung-racking cough that had de
fied all remedies for two years. Af
ter six months he returned, death
dogging, his steps. "Then I began to
use Dr. King's New Discovery," he
writes, "and after taking six bot
ties I am as well as ever." It saves
thousands yearly from desperate
lung diseases. Infallible for Coughs
and Colds, It dispels Hoarseness and
Sore Throat, Cures Grip, Bronchitis,
Whooping Cough, BOc and $1.00,
trial bottle free, guaranteed by Bur
naugh & Mayfield.
Some Good 8omewhere.
Little Clarence I'a. 1 honestly don't
believe it does me a bit of good when
you thrash me.
Mr. Callipers I begin to suspect as
much, my son. but you have no Idea
bow much good It soiuetimea doea me
to thrush you. Puck.
Forcing the Fight.
She Tou must take supper wltb us
tonight, and then you can ask my fa
ther for my band. He Do you think
It will be a good time? She Excellent.
Tbe girl is away, and 1 shall cook tbe
supper. Be won't risk having me stay
around to try it again.
Fall colds ere quickly cured by
Foley's Honey and Tar, the great
throat end lung remedy. The genu
ine contains, no harmful drugs. For
sale by Burnaugh & Mayfield.
8he Had Waited For It.
He (about to ask for a klsst 1 have
an Important question to ask you. She
(playfully)-l know what it is, George.
You want me to be your wife. Well,
take me. He (ratber taken aback)
This la somewhat sudden, isn't it?
She (tenderly)-l don't know. George,
whether It is audden for you or not.
but I have waited for It for three
What Would You Do?
In case of a burn or scald what
would you do to relieve the pain?
Such injuries are liable to occur in
any family and everyone should be
prepared for them. Chamberlain
Salve applied on a soft cloth will re
lieve the pain almost Instantly, and
unless the injury is a very severe
one, will cause the parte to beal
without leaving a scar. For sale by
Burnaugh & Mayfield.
A Misprint.
Tbe misprinting of a single letter oc
caslonally lands a newspaper Into an
alarming statement. Witness tbe ac
count of a public meeting addressed
by Disraeli when, according to a Lon
don Journal, "tbe crowd rent tbe air
with their snouts."
Mr. F. G. Fritz, OneonU, N. Y,
writes: -My little girl was greatly
benefitted by taking Foley's Orino
Laxative, and I think It is the best
remedy for constipation and liver
trouble." Foley's Orino Laxative is
mild, pleasant and effective, and
cures habitual constipation. For sale
by Burnaugh & Mayfield.
What Did She Mean?
Harold What did she say when you
turned out tbe gas and kissed her?
Rupert Said she felt as if abe never
wanted to see my face agaio. Phila
delphia Record.
Office over Bank. At Enter
prise except Mon, Wed. and
Fri. at Joseph, hid. Phones.
Mere Details.
Life Insurant Agent I'd !!: to
write you up a policy if you haven't
all the life Insurance you think you
need. Cholly Knickerbocker You'll
have to see my valet, old chap. lie at
tends to alt such matters, dontcher
know. Philadelphia Ledger.
; C. T. HOCKETT. M. D.
;; Office upstairs in Bank Build- '
! , Ing. Ind. Home phone In of rice ',
and residence.
The Bonneville sa!mon hatchery, '
the biggest in the world, which will
be the central fish hatchery for tht
sJate, was opened November 13th
with appropriate exercises. Governor :
Benson, State Treasurer Steel, Fish
Warden McAllister, of Oregon, and
Flab. Commissioner Riesland of. Waah-j
ington, together with a number of
prominent rannerymen of both states, 1
attended. The new hatchery is a !
model plant, and has a capacity of 1
80.000,000 egga, there being now
about 20.000,000 on hand. Nursery I
and feeding ponds are provided for
3,000,000 young Ilsh.
La Grande Iron Works.
D. FITZGERALD, Proprietor.
Foundry and Machine Shop. Casting and Ma
chine Work done on short notice.
Sawmill break down jobs promptly attended to
S Dealer in Harness, Saddle's. Chap VurT
Z and Leather Goods of all descriptions.
Z I will fit you out with the best goods for the least
money. When in need of anything in my line, call and
v inspect my stock before purchasing.
IlkM Market & HotchkisS INDEPENDENT
Pelts and Hides proprietor PKOKE 20
What Can You Expect?
What can you expect your business to
amount to without a Telephone? Do you
suppose a customer will lose time running
after you when you can call your compet
itor by 'phone?
Home Independent Telephone Co.
Wm. Miller & Brother,
SUITE 204, Wallowa National BanU'Building,
Enterprise'iPoultry and
Rhode Island Red Chickens;
Eggs; all ..kinds of Vegetables
A. M. WAGNER, Prop.
Office BerlunJ Hui'.iling. Home
Independent I'hono.
f Calls attended to da or niKht Z
living yuung, i-ii i7i ii iu ui c w
? "Sl
t Tt a i itt it
UIV. V, AtUl ah
Office In Bank IlulMlng.
Horn phone both office and!
residence. J
Kills Her" Foe' of 20 Years.
'The most nisrcllcs-i enemy I had
for 20 years." declares Mrs. James
Duncan, of Haynesvlllo, Me., "was
Dyspepsia, t suffered Intensely after
eating or drlnkng and could scarcely
sleep. After many remedies had
failed and several doctors gave nie
up. I tried Klectrlc Hitters, which
cured tne conipletoly. Now I can eat
anything. I am 70( years old and am
overjoyed to get my health and
strength back gain." For Indigestion,
Loss of Appotlto. Kidney Trouble,
Lame Hack, Female Complaints, its
unequalled. Only 60c at Burnaugh
ft Mayfleld's.
IM I.'i ' .' r ' -ia
M '
IBEBlEr""""" '

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