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City and County
Rritf NVws Items
Stoves and ranges at Keltner's.
Popcom a:iU com poppers a'
Twelve postcards for 5 cents at
Jaekion & Weaver's.
Mrs. F. X. Marks, of Long Beach.
Wcsh., is vliiting her son, X. II
Marks, and family.
For prompt service call up Vest &
Vest market. C. E. Vest, transfer.574
Dr. and Mrs. C. T. Ilockett anil
children uerp Ernests of friends at
Lostiue, Thanksgiving day.
White Loaf Flour. $4.50 per bar
rel at E. M. & M. store.
Mr. and Mrs. S. D. Keltner enter
tained at Thanksgiving dinner .Mayor
Byram Mayfield, M. K. Hue. George
Hartsvigen and Walker Franklin.
Japalac, varnish stains, linseed oil
at Rurnaugh & Mayfield's.
The caiload of water pipe ordered by
the city has arrived but it will not be
enough to make the connections al
ready applied for, and another order
for pipe will have to go in.
Oliver Typewriter, best by every
test, for sa;e by Jackson & Weaver.
C. II. Overins'.oa of Woodland,
Cai..'.. aa eii tg salesman for the
.S;u.:a Usa Lea.iier company, speiu
TU.uiks.iiing and seve.-al days with
his veU'.ives, t'.ie family ot J. Haas.
Carbon paper tor copying, 3 sheets
for ' cents at Jackson & Weaver's.
Muskrat as a Delicacy.
The majority of persons are disgust
ed by the mere thought of eatiug musk
rat, but undoubtedly tins is due to
the prejudice against the name of rat.
However, they are greatly mistaken in
disliking this rodent, for it is oue of the
cleanest of living unitmils and is de-1
llcious wlien properly cooked. The ;
muskrat's home is built of marsh grass
heaped Into a mound and situated
above the level of high water. This
house is dry and warm, and the in
terior is always spotlessly clean
Feeding entirely upon lender roots
and hnrhs. this nenilitr little animal
water eve
.an-! n
n-riilw thoroughly in the
Mr of fiHid liefore it is
- if. mr tli.m many a bu
!f r Weekly.
Fine Pastry
JJ a inii-i, v r
"e i01CU Yolir Patronage :
P.iver St., 2 doors south of Funk's.
nwinii o
If You Prefer the Best Brands of
Cigars or SmoKing Tobacco
you can always pet what you
want here. Fine line of
The same is true of all our
Stock. Come in and see
Vcxt Door tn Hnnk
Enterprise. - - Oregon
Produce Farm
Rhcde Island" Red Chickens
V!' ' -t Ver- f-A J...'
a m. w.crrp, rrop.
The City Planing' Mill
W. F. RANKIN, Proprietor
Carries a complete stock
m lumber.
Aline of standard mouldings always in stock.
Satisfactory Mill WorK a Specialty
Five per cent diacount for caeh. All account balanced
at expiration of 30 day and settled by caah or note.
Doors and Windows and Builders i
hardware ot Keltner's. 57b3
Union Thanksgiving services were
aeld Thursday moniing at the Chris-1
Man church with Bermon by Uev. S. j
Harris. In t'ae evening a union mieet-1
aig was held at the Methodist
church. Rev. W. S. Crockett dellv-i
Jring a short sermon, followed by a ;
prayer service. !
Full line of Pyrographlc goods at
Jackson & Weaver's.
The many friends in this city of Mr.
and Mrs. Leonard Couch of Wallowa
deeply sympathize with them in the
loss of their baby daughter, Gladys
Grace, who died list Friday night of
tonsilitis and after effects of whooping
cough. The child had been ill for s
week but the symptoms did not indi
cate danger until just a few hours be
fore she died. The little one was not
quite two years and 8 months of age.
The funeral was held Sunday from the
Presbyteaian chapel.
numbing Fixtures, Paints; Qii
and Glass at Keltner's hardware
store. 57b3
The marriasre of Miss Gertrude
! Payne and .Mr. Frank Sheets was so'
iemnized.at the home of the brides
parent, Mr. and Mrs. L. B. Payne.
I Wednesdav evening at 7:30 o'clock,
br tljeJJfivrV. S. Crockett.
The r-retty home in Alder View
' wa profusely decorated with ferns,
j rases and carnations, the color
scheme being pink and white. Miss
I Hazel Pavne plived "Hearts aud
! Flowers" as the bridal couple en
j tered the parlor and toDk their places
in front of the south window where
an areh of ferns and roses made a
charming setting The music was
'ontinued very softlv throughout the
ceremony. The bride wore a beauti
ful gown of white silk, trimmed in
white jet fand beads and carried a
shower bouquet of roses
A we lding dinnar in three courses
was served after the ceremony
The bride is a lovely and accom
plished young lady, a graduate of
l--i'-o university. Mr and Mrs.
"v' and family came to this city
i few months ago from Gravity, ia.
r. Vieets' former home was Des
oities. Ia., and he also was educat-
v Drake Unlverlsty. Many friends
h m they have made during their
3iidne here are glad to know that
. will return to this city to re
u ;e after a wedding trip to San
Fra.icisco. Mr. Sheets will engage in
business here.
A 'arge number of handsome gifts
ire received bv the popular young
o ii-ie. among mem oemg iuu in
.! and $30 in gold. Many of the
presents wree from Eastern friends.
I Lathrope-West
A pretty Thanksgiving wedding
j took place at high noon, Thursday,
! at the home of John We3t of Leap,
1 when his daughter. Miss Mabel, was
j united In marriage to .Mr. Louis
i Lathrope. A company of relatives
j witnessed the ceremony which was
j performed by Rev. C. E. Truebiood.
of Enterprise. The young couple will
: ;;o to housekeeping on the groom's
j homestead, near Leap.
Roy H. Snell and Reba X. Lloyd,
' both of Imnaha, were married at
the home of the officiating minis
, ter. Rev. W. P. Samms, Thursday
: evening, November 25, at 7 o'clock.
Moldy Flour.
. Do not attempt to use sour or moldy
flour. Dry it out in the oveu and save
it for starch.
Alfalfa seed for sale at R. S. & Z.
of rough and dressed
In the old Electric
Theatre Building on
River Street
Fancy embroider 3 j
.vork linens at Funk's.
and drawn
(Continued from page three.)
Secretary of State Knox of Penn
sylvania. Secretary of Treasury MacVeagh
of Illinois.
Secretary of War Dickinson o f
Illinois (ntaive state Tennessee.)
Secretary of Navy Meyer of Mass
achusetts. Attorney General Wickersham of
New York,
Postmaster Ceneral Hitchcock of
Dis.rict of Columbia.
Secretary of Interior Balllager of
Secretary of Agriculture Wilson of
Secretary of Commerce and Labor
Xagel of Missouri.
Sauer kraut, cra.iberrle3 and sweet
Lotatoea at Funk's.
(Continued from third page.)
y-tien:, it alone has sold over eighty
thousand rural telephones within the
oast six months.
An up-to-date farmer once said that
ie would as soon think of mowing his
aay with an old-fashioned scythe as
of trying to conduct his farm auccess
rully without a telephone. These
ire the days whei agricultural Amer
ica is reclaiming so-called waste
and; is buying farm implements
that reduce toll and increase pro
ductiveness and the telephone is the
instrument that Is going hand-in-hand
with aU these improvements in the
rural communities.
The farmer or ranchman who sells
his products or stock keeps well in
formed on the fluctuations of the
market by mean.? of the telephone.
He sells at the top price and calls
iiis phone a Teal money-saver. If
there is sickness in the house he
can locate the doctor even If he has
to phone across the county. He can
?et in quick communication with the
veterinary surgeon if some one of his
nresious animals becomes suddenly
indisposed. For his wife and children
there is a means of enlivening the
iong day by conversations and ex
change of visits with neighbors.
N'eighbors on Western farms are of
ten many miles apart but they can
ie brought nearer than next door
with the aid of the telephone.
These are some of the many reas
ons why rural phane3 jumped 449 per
cent. In the United States and 2,350
per cent, in the far west in five
years. It can truly be said that the
country telephone has had its part
In the winning of the west.
Indian blankets at Funk's.
Individual silk waist patterns
(CopyriKht, 1!JS. liy American I'rf., Asso
ciation.! H was a pretty town, but iiiui'diiiaie
ly dull. The branches of the trees
formed au arch over the streets they
were rather roads giving In summer a
delicious shade. Hut few people walk
ed on tbem. aud where there was a
footstep It sounded loud. In winter
there was no sound at all, for snow
covered the ground, aud even wheels
could uot be beard.
He went there In midsummer. He
didn't go from choice. He was obliged
to go. There was a deal on. and he
must manage It from ibis quiet spot.
His work wns principally waiting for
people to make up their minds to sell
what they owned and for instructions.
The town possessed a dainty little
library. He weut there for something
to read. There was a cheerful ap
pearance Inside, logs blazing In a
broad tiled fireplace. The librarian,
a girl of twenty, stepped to the desk.
"I would like a book of some kind."
he said. "I'm cooiied up here with lit
tle to do aud insufferably bored."
.jrhere were booksjonjhe desk which
be took up and wanned listlessly.
' "What book would you liter asked
the librarian.
"I haven't the slightest Idea."
"You'll find- the card rack over
"Couldn't you susgest something?"
I Fictlnur
j "Yes."
t "El.nve you rend 'Robinson Crusoe?"
1 "Yes. wheu a boy. Wby sbould I
read that now?"
j "Well. Crusoe was alone on bis U
! land; you are alone here. You might
I pet some sugsestion from him as to
! how to occupy your tlnip."
"Thank you: I'd rather read this.
The Heart's Highway. I could do
better In recommending books to you."
"What would you suggest?"
I "'Pur Yourself In Ills Place."
i "That's Impossible. You are a man.
j I a woman. You are a stranger; I am
I at home here."
"1 niu a bachelor, and you. I pre
j sume. are a innid."
I "How would -When n Man's Single'
j suit you?"
"I think I should like It better than
'Robinsou Crusoe.' Would It help me?"
"Possibly. When you have finished
It you might take up this one: 'It Is
Never Too Late to Mend.'" She
blushed ns she said It.
"The oue appears to be a natural
sequel of the other. What's this, 'Red
as a Rse Is She?" "
She blushed still deeper.
"We are uot getting on. I wish a
novel to while away the time, aud I
don't find oue.
"You are right. This conversation
can do you no good, and It might pro
duce" " 'Ritter Fruit.' " he interrupted,
reading the title of a volume she
handed him.
She turned away, nnd he. going to
the card rack, fingered the cards for
nwhlle in silence, looking aside occa
sionally at the girl, who st by the Are
reading. Presently he selected a book.
She jabbed It with a stamp and. glanc
ing at the title, gave her head a slight
toss. It was "A Pnsslng Fuocy."
"Better take that," she said, handing
him "A Bit of a Rogue."
He came again the next day nnd the
next, taking out books and keeping
up the same sort of chat till the
autumn arrived. Then he finished his
work nnd before leaving weut to the
library to return what books remained
with him.
"I go tomorrow," he said, "Thanks
for the books. Tills one," laying "The
Wooing O't" on the desk, "I have en
Joyed very much." He looked at her
with nn unmistakable glint lu his eye.
"I thought you would prefer 'A Mid
summer Madness.'"
"I warn you that you may cast ridi
cule on my feelings"
" 'Once Too Often,' " stamping a
book of that name.
"Have you considered what I said to
you the last time I was here?" he
"Y'es. and I regard it" the stamp
came down on "A Flirtation With
"How can you say that? I told you
I loved you nnd wished you to be my
wife, giving you time for considera
tion." "And my answer is that I prefer this
retreat and independence to the city
and slavery to nn artificial life."
He stood regarding her lugubriously.
Presently his eye, falling to the desk,
lighted on a book. He took it tip nnd
handed it to her. It was "A Woman's
Thus far the desk had been between
them. Lifting the latch to the gate
that shut him off from the Interior,
he went Inside. She was leaning on
the desk, ne stole his arm arouud ber
waist and spoke low in her ear:
"I came into this library n few
months ago to seek solace from loneli
ness. I found It. but not In the books
I have taken out. for I have not read
one of tbem. Nevertheless I appreci
ate them because they have nfforded
us a language of love. They have
served ns shields to that diffidence
which hedges n newborn affection. But
they are no longer needed. Let us now
talk plainly. Tell me, do you love me.
and will you marry me?"
"I will."
When he returned to the city he was
commended for his patience In remain
ing in a dull country town until every
bit of the work assigned him had been
satisfactorily closed. It was only when
the winter came on and they received
bis wedding cards that they under
stood the reason for bis acquiescence
in his hard lot.
Dentist-Wben did your teetb begin
troubling you? Patient-When 1 was
cutting tbem.-Boston Transcript.
He Came Home.
Hp-Sly dear, if m Dot Dotue t 1Q
don t wait for me.
She-No; I II KU for you.-Ju,Ke.
United States Land Notices
Department of the Interior.
United Statea Land Office at La
Grande, Oregon, November 11, 1909.
Notice is hereby given that Clair
H. Ford, whose postoffice address is
Zumwalt, Oregon, did, on the 4th day
of June, 1909, file In this office
Sworn Statement and Application,
No. 06629, to purchase Lot 4
SW NW4, WV4 SW4. Section 3!
Township 2 N, Range 47 East, Wil
lamette Meridian, and the timber
thereon, under the provisions of the
at at June 3, 1878, and acts amend
atory, known as the "Timber and
Stone Law," at such value as might
be tlxed by appraisement, and that,
mirsuant to euco application, the
land and timber thereon have been
appraised, the timber estimated
375000 board feet at $1.00 per M, and
he land $80.00; that said applicant
will offer final proof In support of
his application and sworn statement
on the 27th day of January, 1910,
before C. SI. Lockwood, U. S. Com
missloner.at his office, at Enterprise,
Any person is at liberty to protest
this purchase before entry, or Initi
ate a contest at any lime before pat
ent IsHues. bv filing a corroborated
affidavit in this office, alleging facts
which would defeat the entry.
13c F. C. Bramwell, Register.
Lands In National Forest, Notice 1
Hereby Riven that the lands described
below, embracing 472 acres, within the
Wallowa National Forest, Oregon, will
e subject to settlement and entry un
ler the provisions of the homestead
:aws of the United States and the act
if June 11. l'-lO-i. (34 Stat,. 233). at
ihe I'nlted States land office at La
.Jrnnde. Orewon, on January 10, 1910,
Any settler who was actually and In
,-ood faith claiming any of said land
lor nKrloultural purposes prior to Jan
lary 1, 1906, and has not abandoned
ame, has a preference rl;;ht to make
i homestead entry for the lands actu
ally occupied. Said lands were -listed
ipon the applications of the persons
neiitloned below, who have a prefer
Mice rn;ht subject to the prior right
of any such sult'.er, provided such set
ter or applicant Is qualified to make
tomeatead entry and the preference
lirlit Is exercised prior to January 10,
'910, on which date the lands will tx
lubjet to settlement and entry by anj
Itiaiii'iei! person. The lands are f
follows: The SE"i. Sec. 20. T. 4 N., R.
13 E, W. M., listed upon the applica
tlon of J. E. Hylton, of Powwatka. Ore.
-ton. List' 6-31. The Wfc of NEVi and
ihe Wli of SEU. Sec. 17, T. 3 N., R.
I ; E., list;d upon the application 01
lames W. Alford, of Chlco, Oregon.
Ust 6-36. A tract approximately 32
icres within what will probably bt
vhen surveyed. Sec. 4, T. S S., R. 4i
7, bounded and described as follows:
:ies;iiiniii- at a bowlder 30x21x24 inchef
vhence the mouth of Suuaw creek at
.Ugh water mark bears S. 2.80 chains
xtemlinK thence X. 53 deg. 30 mln.
rt'., 7.46 chains; thence N. 13 deg. E., 31
.-bains; thence S. 79 deg. E. 11.80
hains to a rock monument at hlgt
.vater mark of Snake River; thence
(otith alon the said high water marl
.0 the place of beginning. Variation 2P
leg. E. Listed upon the application ol
Vm. P. Gregs, of Homestead, Oregon.
-1st 6-U5. The SEti of NW"4 and the
'Vi of SWVi, Sec. 7, T. 2 N., R. 46 E.,
Isted upon application of Ira C. En
'i -ott, of Chlco, Oregon. List 6-204
'red Dennett, Commissioner of the Gen
ral Land Office. Approved, October 2t;
Vi0 Frank Pierce, First Assistant Sec
tary of the Interior. 12C4
Department of the Interior.
Uuiied States Land Office at La
Grande, Oregon, November 11th, 1909.
NoLice is hereby given that Mae C
iowlby, whose poatofflce address if
Enterprise, Oregon, did, n the 16tb
lay of March, 1909, file in this of
flee Sworn Statement and Applica
iion, No. 00969, to purchase the S
SEVt SE14 of NW14 and NBVi of
SW4, Section 7, Township 1 North
Range 45 East, Willamette Meridian
ind the timber thereon, under the
provisions of the act of June 3.
IS73, and acts amendatory, known as
-he "Timber and Stone Law," at
)uch value as might be fixed by ap
raisement, and that, pursuant tc
uch application, the land and tlmbei
chereon have been appraised, the
Cimber estimated 220000 board feet
it $1.00 per M and the land $80.00;
:hat said applicant will offer fina'
proof in support of her application
and sworn statement on the 27th
lay of January, 1910, before C. M.
Lockwood, U. S. Commissioner, at
his office, at Enterprise, Oregon.
Any person is at liberty to protest
this purchase before entry, or inlti
ate a contest at any time before pat
ent Issues, by filing a corroborated
affidavit in this orflce, alleging facte
which would defeat the entry.
13c F. C. Bramwell, Register.
Department of the Interior.
U. S. Land Office at La Grande, Or
egon, November 5th, 1909.
Notice is hereby given that, as di
rected by the Commissioner of the
Perhaps the most interesting of Eng
liah trials for witchcraft was that of
the Suffolk witches in 1605. for Sir
Matthew Bale was the Judge, and Sit
Thomas Browne appeared as an ex
pert medical witness. The two pris
oners were accused of bewitching
young children, a great point for the
prosecution being that out of the blau
set of an Infant suckled by one ot
them a great toad bud fallen aud ex
ploded in the tire like gunpowder. Im
mediately after the witch was found
at home scorched and maimed. In
Plte of unsatisfactory evidence, the
two were convicted, whereupon the
children's health at once began to lin-provc-London
Good at Learning.
Mrs. Post-Do you think you'll
smoke when you're older. Johnnie?
iney my t llmk(,g QUe awfu 8jck at
nrst. Johnnie (aged ten-I don't ex
Peel any bother over It, mother Jt
nsnt the slightest effort for me to
learn to awear.-New Tfork Life
General Land Office. UDQer
ion. of Act of Coigre
June 27. 1906 (34 Stats, B17)
will offer at public ,ale. to the hlrt
est bidder, at 10 o'clock a, tt
the 23d day of December lso .
this office the followlnescrihl
land: The WW SE Sec. u T ,
N.. R. 45 E. W. M Serial ,
06324. Any persons claiming adver.
!y the above-described land are T
vised to file their claims, or bfc
Uons. oa or hefore the time dealr.
uated- for sale. 12c5
F. C. BRAMWELL, Register
Department of the Interior.
U. S. Land Office at La Gram.
Oregon. October 26th, 1909.
Notice Is hereby given that Carl
Keeler, of Enterprise, Oregon, who,
n October 13th, 1904. made Home.
Jtead Entry No. 13863. Serial, No
44255, for SE BW Section 5 E
A NW, SW14 NE. Section" $.
Township 1 South, Range 45 Eaet,
.Vlllamette Meridian, has filed notlte
it Intention to make Final five yetr
Proof, to establish claim to the bud
Above described, before C. M. Lock
wood, U. S. Commissioner, at hit
Dffice, at Enterprise, Oregon, ou the
22nd day of December, 1909.
Claimant names as witnesses: A,
M. Sasser. J. D. Braughton, Georje
Wagner, Newton Hammack, all of
Enterprise, Oregon. .
I0c5 F. C. BRAMWELL, Register.
Department of the Interior.
U. S. Land Office at La QratSle,
Oregon. I'""
Oct. II, 1909?w
Notice Is hereby given that George
3. Craig, whose postoffice address
is Enterprise, Wallowa County, Or.
son, did on the 2nd day of Febru
try, 1909, file In this office Sworn
Statement and Application, No. 03453,
o purchase the SW of SE4, Sec
ion 12. Township 2 S., Range 41
E., Willamette Meridian, and the
:imber thereon, under the provisions
f the act of June 3, 1878, and act
imendatory, knowa as the "Timber
tnd Stone Law," at such value a
night be fixed by appraisement, and
hat, pursuant to such application,
he land and Umber thereon have
leen appraised, the timber estimated
1)0000 board feet at $0.80 per M,
.nd the land $20.00; that said appll
:ant will offer final proof in support
if his application and sworn state
ment on the 28th day ot December,
'909, before C. M. Lockwood, U. 8.
Commissioner, at his office, at Enter
irise, Oregon.
Any person Is at liberty to protest
his purchase before entry, or initl-
te a contest at any time before pat
mt issues, by filing a corroborated
iffidavit In this office, alleging facts
vhlch would defeat the entry,
icll F. C. BRAMWELL, Register.
Department of the Interior.
U. S. Land Office at La Grande,
Oct. 11, 1909.
Notice Is hereby) given that Williar
5. Davis,' of Joseph, Oregon, who, on
)ecember 27, 1907, made Homestead
mtry No. 15731 Serial, No. 05219,
or Lots 3, 4, 5 and 6, Section 3,
Township 1 S, Range 46 E, Wil
amette Meridian, has filed notice
il intention to make Final Commuta
Ion Proof, to establish claim to
he land above described, before
'ohn A. Rumble, U. S. Commission
r, at his office, at .Joseph, Oregon,
n the 6th day of December, 1909.
Claimant: names as witnesses: Ar
hur Dodson, of Joseph, Oregon; Fred
K. Gaylord, of Joseph, Oregon; Jamef
iteen, of Zumwalt, Oregon; E. Frank
Sargent, of Enterprise, Oregon.
ic6 F. C. BRAMWELL, Register.
Lesal Advertisements
tn the County Court of the State
of Oregon for Wallowa County,
tn the Matter of the Estate of
Soloman G. Wood, Deceased.
Notice is hereby given that the tin
lerslgned has filed with the Clerk
if the above named court, his final
account and report as administrator
3t the above named estate and the
Judge of the said Court has fixed up
n Monday, December 20th, 1909, at
Ae hour of 10 o'clock a. at the
County Court House in the City ot
'Enterprise, Wallowa County, Oregon,
is the placet for final hearing of said
report and account and all objec
tions thereto and why said estate
should not be closed and settled a
provided by law.
Dated this 19th day of November,
1909. . - 69s5
If a town' will stand by its pape'',
the paper will be a credit to the
town. Oftentimes It is anyhow.
Get yor winter cabbage and aauer
kraut. A, M, Wagner, Enterprise.

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