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City and Omnty
Brief News Items
Joe Allen returned Tuesday from
George Clayton is clerking ax W.
J. Funk Cos.
Miss Lily StubblefieU has cone to
Rose-burg on a visit.
A. C. Miller wa out to La Grande
a ccuple of da.vs last week,
Jonathan Haas went to Portland
Tuesday on a business trip.
Mx8. E. Donnelly Is still very se
riously ill of appendicitis at her
home south of town.
Todd Maxwell of Wallowa and Ray
Johnson of Imnaha were in town
and this vicinity several days.
Two ladles' suta at reduced prices.
Call and see before December 9, at
Mrs. Hug's millinery store.
Rev. C. E. Trueblood went to El
gin Tuesday to look after matters
pertaining to hid tract of land near
George Mitchell is ill of pneumonia.
He was improving the first of the
week but was not so well on Wed
nesday. Ex-County Clerk Jay A. French Is
confined to his home, corner River
and Alamo streets with stomach
William Daisley went to Los tine
Tuesday to meet a horse buyer who
accompanied him to his ranch to
look at a bunch of horses. .
The Ladies Aid of the Presbyterian
church will meet with Mrs. E. B
Knapp, Friday afternoon. Dec. 3. A
good attendance is requested.
A Curious Dish.
The favorite dish nt Egyptian harem
feasts Is a curious one. It appears to
be a lamb roasted whole, and It is. but
there Is much wore to It than appears
on the outside, fur inside the lamb is a
turkey, and inside the turkey Is a
chicken; the chicken is stuffed with a
pigeon, the pigeon with a quail, and a
becaflco. said to be the smallest bird
known, except the bumming bird, is
at the heart of this carious roast.
Bom Rapartae.
We beard this one at a garage yes
terday: "You're a bum driver," says one
"Say." says the other, "what I know
about automobiles would All a libra
ry" "Tea. and what you don't know
about 'em would Oil a morgues
Cleveland Leader.
R. S. & Z. Co.
A Large Stock of
Dry Goods
Fall and
Winter wear
R. S. & Z. CO'S
For Further
R. S. & Z. CO.
G. J. Wagner has returned to his
Portland home.
T. J. Michael of Sheep Creek spent j
a few days in town last week.
Tne county court met Monday and
allowed the circuit court bills.
Born to the wife of H. A. Galloway.
aaugmer, saiuraay evening, No
vember 27.
The W. C. T. U. will hold their next
meeting at the home of Mrs. C. Amey,
Friday afternoon, December 10.
Sweet cider made to order. Phone
3. J. Roe, Mountain View Fruit
Farm. 62btf
J. C. Shackelford made a trip to
:he North Country last week and
bought four mules, paying $150 for
u,e span.
Lunch and meals will be servad all
hours at Mrs. M. L. Larsen's. Lunches
10 and 15 cents; meals 25c. Board by
the week also.
Mrs. Charles Hug has moved her
u?" inery stock to the Boyd room on
Main street recently vacated by Jaik
lon & Weaver.
Mrs. Charles Hauprlchs of Wallowa
visited over Monday night at the
home of her uncle, H. A. Galloway,
lust north of town.
Forrest Ivanhoe of 1a Grande
spent Thanksgiving and visited sev
eral days here with his mother, who
is instructor in mathematics at the
county high school.
S. A. Gardner has sold his 3-acre
tract south of the depot to John Book
out who'is going to turn it into a fine
dairy and poultry ranch.
Eisenbeis '&. Lewis have bou-dit
more timber in the vicinity of 'hair
aw mill in the M. P. Miller wo hU
mi ; the mill Is again in operation
Warren Chandler shipped for Kid
die Bros., two car loads of cattle
fiom this station Tuesday. Tlx
were bought of Combes & HotchkUs
Mr. and Mrs. C. O'Nell. who had
been employed at E. A. Anderson's,
on Crow creek, for several months,
have returned to their homestead
northeast of town.
Dennis Tterney. of Idaho, who
worked for O. J. Roe of the Moun
tain View Fruit farm last spring,
has filed on a homestead three miles
northeast of town.
J. B. Selbert le!t Sunday for Grants
Pass, where he expects to engage
in mining. Mrs. Selbert and daugh
ter are visiting her parents In Los
tine but will also leave for Southern
Oregon in a few days.
The high school entertainment Sat
urday night is praised as one of the
best ever given in this city. The
cantata. "On Plymouth Rock." was
the principal event on the program
A fair sized audience was present
E. A. Searle, the reliable music
dealer from Wallowa, has been in
town the past few days calling on
the music trade. He represents the
famous Baldwin line of pianos and
organs, consisting of the Baldwin
Ellington, Hamilton and Howard pi
anos which are well known in this
county. s
To Make) Room for Spring Goods,
Wishing to close out the remainder
of my winter stock at any early date,
I am giving a discount of 25 per cent
on all goods. Ladles1 fur hats and
caps, ladies' and children's dress and
street hats. Call and look the hats
Boswe'J and Son nave sold the Red
Front livery barn property to B. B
Boyd and S. D. Keltner for 4000.
Possession is not given until March
1 next, and Boewell & Son will con
tinue the livery business until that
The property includes four lots.
cornering on River and Greenwood
streets. It is improved with a large
barn, stable3 and sheds.
Walter Smith has bought the inter
est of his brother Fred in the old
skating rink property oa River street.
The Smith brothers bought the prop
erty last spring for $2000.
Diplomatic Objection.
"My dear." says the cigar manufac
turer to bis wife, "while It would be
very pleasing to you to have a Paris
gown, bare you stopped to think of
the criticisms and jests such a pro
cedure would insure from my competi
tors? It would hurt my business,
"Nonsense! How could ltT" asks
the wife.
"Why, tbey would point me out as
the man who didn't know the busi
ness any better than to allow a do
mestic filler to be put Into an Imported
wrapper." Life.
Horse Sale
At the old Shackelford livery barn in
Enterprise, Saturday, December 11,
commencing at 1 o'clock sharp, I will
offer at public sale, 25 head of horses,
all young draft horses of the Wade
stock. Terms: Six months time with
out interest if paid when due: 10 per
cent interest will be added if not paid
when due. Calvin Smith, i
Sam Pace, Auctioneer.
Mrs. G. E. Odle
will take pupils in In
struction on Piano or
Organ. Terms are
For further information
call at the home on North
River street, five blocks
north of E. M. &M. store
Mr. Arthur Brisbane, editor-in-chief
of the Hearst newspapers, one of the
strongest factors in journalism and
known to be the highest paid newspa
per man in the world, receiving a sal
ary of $72,000 a year, is a clear thinker
on all topics of public importance. His
editorial utterances are widely quoted,
In the September 9th issue of his syn
dicate of newspapers reaching to both
sides of the continent Mr. Brisbane
printed this as his leading editorial:
Osteopathy Is Thoroughly Scientific
Osteopathy is a science, and a science
of ths greatest importance. It cannot
entirely replace medicine: it does not
pretend to do so. It cannot, of course,
replace or do away with surgery, and
it does not pretend to do so.
But osteopathy cures, has cured and
will cure many diseases: it will save
many lives.
Osteopathy in many esses makes sur-
gery and medicine unnecessary.
There is nothing of the puack or the
transceddental faith healer about the
able osteopath.
When he understands his profession,
which implies that he understands
thoroughly human anatomy, blood dis
tribution and the distribution of the
nervous force, the osteopath is
scientific man, valuable to the human
Osteopathy, briefly, cure3 disease by
sending a fnll supply of blood to the
parts of the body that are diseased by
freeing nerves from pressure, due to
defective structure of the skeleton, by
stimulating through manipulation the
activity of certain organs, notably of
the liver and the spleen.
Many of the greatest living doctors
of the old school recognize the great
value of osteopathy, and all of the old
chool doctors, as they become modern
and open-minded, will call osteopathy
to their aid. just as the intelligent os
teopath does not hesitate to call in the
surgeon or the man skilled in materia
We are not recommending our read
ers to resort to osteopathy in place of
a trusted family physician. The selec
tion of a good osteopath is more im
portant and difficult than the selection
of a good physician. For a bad osteo
path may do much more harm than an
incompetent doctor of the old school.
We simply demand justice for the os
teopaths, with full opportunity to de
velop .their wonderful and useful
science. VV e trust that thev will fiht
to the highest court for what they be
lieve to be their rights. Osteopathic
Wills In Ancisnt Greece.
"is were introduced Into Athens
by Soloa. though in many other parts
or urecce they were discountenanced
Diogenes Laertlus gives copies of the
wills of several celebrated men. such
as Plato, Aristotle uud others. Before
Solon's law no man was allowed to
make a will, the wealth of the de
ceased belonging lu certain proportion
to the members of his family, uud
even after Solon only an Atueiiiuu iti
sen Dim tue privilege of bequest, the
estates of both xhives uud foreigners
Deing connaciited for the use of the
Not at Fault.
Proprietor of the Clarion (angrily)
What did you tnenn by telling H. B..
the man who asked If there was mon
ey In mushrooms, that there would be
more mouey fur him in toadstools?
Editor of the Question and Answer
Department (with air of one who
knows be is in the rlghti Because, sir.
I looked up U. B. iu the directory and
found be was an undertaker. Puck.
Refinement of Cruelty.
"That was a fierce punishment Swift
got for overspeedlng and not paying
nis nue.
"What did they do to bim?"
"The prison yard was being relieved.
and they put Swlfr on as driver of the
steam roller." Boston Transcript.
January 4th to. February 18th, 1910.
Practical work, lectures and demon
strations will be given in such vital
subjects as General Farming, Fruit
Culture, Animal Husbandry, Dairying,
Poultry-keeping, the Business Side of
Farming, Forestry, Carpentry, Black-
smithing, Mechanical Drawing, Cook
ing, Sewing, Dressmaking, ' Home
Management, etc.
All regular cour3e3 begin January
4th and end February 11th. Farmers'
Week February ltth to 18th.
A cordial invitation is extended to
all interested.
Good accommodations may be se-
cured nt reasonable rates. No ago
limit above 16 years, .no enmuu-e ,
requirements. Prominent lecturers
have been secured for special topics.
The instructional force of the Col
lege numbers 100. Excellent equip-
A special feature is the Farmers ,
Week which comes this year Feb
14th to 18th. Lectures, discussion, ;
and a general reunioa. i
For further information address j
Registrar. Oregon Agricultural
lege, Corvallis, Qregon.
Department of Public Instruction.
Salem, September 1, 1909.
Giving the sources of examination
questions for S ate and County pa
pers. February 9-12 and August iu-",
1 Arithmetic. One-fifth .from
Sta'te Course of Study, four-fifths
from Smith.
2. Civil Government. Strong &
3. English Literature:
February, 1910
A. One-half from texts: New
comers English Literature, and
Newcomer's American Litera
ture. B. One-half from the follow
ing classics:
1. The Gold Bug Poe.
2. The Ancient Mariner
Coleridge. 3. Silas Marner Eliot.
August, 1910
A. One-half from texts: New
comer's English Literature, and
Newcomer's American Litera
ture. B. One-halt from the follow
ing classics:
1. Franklin's Automograpny
2. Macbeth Shakespeare.
3 Am e: lean Poems Edited
by Long.
4. Geography. One-fifth from
State Course of Study, four-fifths
from Redway and Hinman,
6. Grammar. One-fifth from State
Course of Study, four-fifths from
6. History, TJ. S. One-fifth from
State Course of Study, four-fifths
from Doub.
7. Orthography. Reed's Word Les
sons, 8. Physical Geography. Tarfs
New Physical Geography.
9. Physiology. Krohn, Hutchinson.
10. Reading. State Course of
Study, White's Art of Teaching,
Oral Reading.
11. School Law. School Laws of
Oregon, edition of 1909.
12. Theory and Practice. White's
Art of Teaching.
13. Writing. Outlook Writing Sys
tem, Teats in Writing.
14. Algebra, Wells: Algebra for
Secondary School.
15. Bookkeeping. Office Methods
and Practical Bookkeeping, Part I.
16. Composition. Herrick & Da
mon. 17. Physics. Milllkan & Gale: A
First Course in Physics.
18. Psychology. Buell.
19. Botany. Bergen: Elements
of Botany.
20. Geometry. Wentworth: Plane
and Solid Geometry, questions on
Plane Geometry,
21. History, General. Myers: Gen
eral History.
An examination is required upon
the first thirteen subjects for a first
grade County certificate valid for
three years; upon the first eighteen
subjects for a State certificate valid
or five years; and upon the twenty
one subjects for a State diploma
valid for life. I4c4
Department of the Interior.
U. S. Land Office at La Grande,
Oregon, November 29, 1909.
Notice is hereby given that Julia
j,. bargeant, nee Neil, of Imnaha,
Oregon, wno, on December 6, 1904,
made Homestead Entry No. 13972
serial, ro. .04296, for NEW. Section
24, Township 1 North, Range 46 East,
v niamette Meridian, has filed notice
of intention to make Final Five Year
Proof, to establish claim to the land
auove aescriDea. before C. M Lock-
wood, U. S. Commissioner, at his of
fice In Enterprise. Oreean in til a
ma aay of January, 1910
Claimant names as witnesses: Wil
liam R. Davis, of Joseph, Oregon,
eion a. isk, of imnaha. Oregon
Omar J. Stubblefield. of Zumomir
Oregon, Elmer Jewe'J, of Enterprise'
u re gon.
13c5 Fji J3RAMWELL, Register.
Sealed bids will be received for the
work and material for the erection
of a steel bridge over the Grande
Ronde river at Troy, Oregon, bv the
County Court of Wallowa Countv
s '
uregon, up to Saturday noon De-
comber 11, 1909. The bridge Is a
single span, 175 feet long, and rests
on cylinder piers. Bidders shall sub
mit a lump-sum price for the construc
tion of . the sub and superstmctur.
and approaches complete, including
the furnishing of all the material and
labor, and may be required to f,,mi.h
satisfactory proof to the County
miw. m . V I . ....
ui iueir qualifications
ment, experience
and ability fnr twr
forming this work expeditiously and
satisfactorily. The evidence of a cer-
tifled check will not be construed
sufficient in this connection. All interest payable at the office of tie
bids, however, must be accompanied j Treasurer of Wa!Iowa County, or
by a certified check for five (5 per
cent of the amount of the bid, and
the successful bidder will be required
to put up a bond for the faithful per
formance of the work. Right is re
served to reject any and all bids
Complete plans and specifications on
file in the office of the County
Clerk, to whom all communications
jhould be addressed.
By order of the County Court.
W. C. Boatman,
County Clerk.
(Continued from first page.)
The growers have only five acres
in bearing orchard and had not ex
pec ted to exhibit at Spokane. It
was not until a large part of their
crop was marketed that they decid
ad to enter a car. No particular se
lection of the whole crop was made
for exhibit but only the best of the
apples remaining in the orchard. 01
course these were carefully caliper
ad and selected with reference to
aize and color.
finer Oregon growers won prizes
at Spokane and the victories show In
a most convincing way that this state
is the home of the finest apples.
(Coitlnued fram first page.)
ihey seem u grow anything they
Plant. I have seen some good look
ing fields of fall wheat. The plet-
rorros are covered with the cotton
bales. Cotton is 17 cents, and one
bale of 500 pounds to the acre shows
pretty well. I have seen the ox
team drawing the farm wagon, the
cotton gin and the razor-back hog,
but I wlU desist.
The weather is fine. I am stop
Ping at a good hotel that compares
with the Lewis hotel in Enterprise.
LT ...
"" "weai ooiatoes tnree times a
day and com. bread U you like it
Sealed proposals will be received
by the undersigned, un to and in
cluding Jan. 3rd, 1910, at six o'clock
P. M, for the purchase of $30,00j
Bonds of School District No' fi
Wallowa County, Oregon.
Said bonds to be dated Jan rd
1910, due in twenty (20 veara'from
date of issue, optional on and after
ten years (10) years from said date
bearing Interest at not to exceed six
Per cent (6 ner nnt) tu.
payable semi-annually, principal and
To list good, smooth Wheat Land
improved or unimproved as we
have the buyer for it '
Enterprise Real Estate .Company
Office over Harness Shop, Enterprise, Ore.
Fall and Winter
Wear for Men
Including all the latest ideas in
Shoes, Hats and Caps, Underwear,
Sheep Skin Lined Coats, Mackinaws,
Coat Sweaters, German Socks, and
All kinds of Rubber Shoes j&
BrandJNew vStocR of
Just Arrived
Quality and Satisfaction in All Lines Guaranteed
We are in Position
to do any and all kinds of Job Work
very Neatly and Up-to-Date, and the
designated Fiscal Agency In Nev
York City, as may be designated S
he purchaser, bonds to be In denom
ination of $300 or Tl,0u0 each, bU
lers to name the price and rate of
inlfeust at which they wiQ purchaie
laid bonds, or any portion thereof,
;ach bid being accompanied by e cer
tified check for five per cent (5 per
jent) of the amount of bonds bid for,
the right being reierved by the Board
of Directors of said school district to
reject any or all bids submitted,
Treasurer, Tallowa County, Oregon.
(Continued from First page.)
ing traversed by the crews could
jever be considered as tributary to
Salmon City unless the line was to
.ended to come to a western con
lection and thus become a trw
continental route.
"While the company has spent to
late much over a half million dollars,
jo person has yet been able to dear
y locate the parent organization,
the roan who first viewed out the
Salmon river route, making the WP
by boat from Salmon City to Le1
on, was J. B. Pope, an engineer
nose home is fci San Francicio.
His irip was made three years
Later Chief Engineer Bacon of the
Pitteburg & Gllmore, made two trip
lown the river by boat and
irews placed in the field this ye
it Is understood have been worldM
from the Teconnojssance data secored
by him. Bacon makes his headquar-
'.ers at Salmon City and Awnsten
rhB wnric f 4-hu Mid of the line 1
now being handled by Division En1'
neer Roberta, who Is malting
headquarters at GrangeviUe.
a constantly growing belief that
the Pittsburg & Gllmore and w
North Cnaai ithi SLrahom TO ad) r
auxiliary organizations of the N'o'
western and that the survey
be connected up within the next
Island City
Now Ready for Business
Robes and Furs of all kinds a
specialty. Work Guaranteed
and all orders receive prompt
attention. - - "

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