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City and County
Brief News Items
A. C. Miller spent Memorial day
a i La Grande.
Sberln ft Williams' paints guar
anteed at Keltner's.
Fred S. Ashley made a business
trip to Wallo(wa, Wednesday.
Mrs. E. J. Forsythe left Tuesday
morning to visit friends at Imbler.
Deputy Sheriff Crow was called
to Lostine Monday on official busi
ness. Blueflame coil oil stoes and Insur
ance gasoline stoves Just arrived
at Keltner's.
Mrs. E. A. Hart left Tuesday morn
ing to vlait frlnds and relatives
In La Grande.
Mrs. Fred' Faulkner returned Mon
day after an absence from Enter
prise of about two weeks.
, Fishing tackle all kinds and sal
mon eggs at Keltner'a.
Mrs. O. M. Corking returned from
Wallowa Monday where she visited
with friends over Sunday.
Ladies' Kahki Riding Suits, Just
received, at W. J. Funk Co's.
Martin Larsen returned Monday
evmlng from Elgin. Mrs. Larsen
ren.ained for a week to visit rela
te es there.
Garden Hose big shipment
sprinklers, hose fixtures, at Kelt
ner'a. S. F. Pace left Wednesday for El
gin and La Grande1 and other points
on business. He will remain for
several days.
Dr. F. E. Moore, osteopath, has
office hours all day Tuesday, Thurs
day and 6aturday In. Enterprise. Of
fice over the bank. 83btf
Stars shine brightest In the
darkest night; torches' are better
for beating; grapes come not to
the proof till they come to the
press; spices smell best when
bruised; young trees root the
faster for shaking; gold looks
brighter for scouring; juniper
smells sweetest in the fire; the
palm tree, proves the better for '
pressing; camomile the more
you tread It the more you spread
It Such Is the condition of all I
Go's children. They are then j
most triumphant when most '
tempted, most glorious when
most afflicted. Bogatzky.
Never say die so long as you
can get Harvey's refreshing
Ice Cream Sodas.
Clothing' iSale
Saturday, June 4th
W. J. Funk . Co.
We don't buy this space to
waste conversation. We ex
pect results. When we state
that we have cut our prices all
to pieces, 'we stand ready to
show Missourians." We don't
cut prices often, but when we
do, Oh My! Ask the women
they know! We sold some
remnants last week.
Remember the Date
$ Wallowa County Title &i
Abstract Company
A. C. MILLER, President
Office in Company's new brick building opposite front of X
new wun nouse, uiaest and most complete abstract plant I
in county. Abstracts of title furnished promptly and cheap- f
ly. Insurance written in largest and strongest companies. 3
Money Loaned at very
ItftH t M
Big, lucious strawberries, fresh, at
W. J. Funk & Co's. s
Mrs. V. T. Bell and Mrs. W. C.
Boatman returned from Saiera Mon
day where they tad attended the
funeral of the former's mother and
.he la iter's grandmother, Mrs. S. L.
Thatcher who diad there.
Carter's White Lead and Ltaseed
Oil at'KeltneT's.
Sheriff Marvin went to Wallowa
Tuesday morning ca, official busi
ness, returning in the afternoon. He
has recovered sufficiently from his
errible fall to be about, attending
-o the lighter duties of his office.
Poultrymen, call at Keltner's and
iee the Petaluma Incubators on ex
hibition. H N. Williams of Lostine passed
-1 rrugh Enterprise Tuesday on his
aay to Lostine. Mr. Williams' Is
j. It rested in some excellent min
ing properties in the EuterpHse
(ostine district.
Large shipment of new potatoes
Just arrived at W. J. Funk & Co's.
Four pounds for 25 cents.
Editor Shutt of the Joseph Her
ild, and Editor Lee Tuttle of the
Slgin Recorder passed through En
terprise Monday on t'lolr way to
31 gin. Both got off the train to
ihake hands with their many friends
Just received a shipment of mar
ble and am prepared to furnish mon
uments on short notice. Prices and
work right. Also agent for the cel
ebrated Stewart's Iron Fence. Char
les Willgerodt, Enterprise. lOObm
Samuel Mofratt, according to the
Union Scout, y.aiaed awr.y while be
ing taken from La Grande to High
Valley, lost week. He had been in
jured from a fall Into the turn pit
at La Grande. Mr. Moffat was tie
father of Mrs. J. Gale of High Val
Special sale of ladies' muslin un
derwear prices knocked stilly, quali
ty of goods considered at W. J.
Funk & Company's. r2cl
L. W. Riley Monday shipped a car
sad of hides to C off man, David &
SenibeU of Portland. This shipment
,will be followed by unother car lot
as soon as additional hides and pelts
are collected.
If you want good feed for your
team and good treatment come to
White Front Barn. 97btf
Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Perkins of
Eagle Valley are visiting iieir daugh
ter, Mrs. Ira Pratt, and old friends
In and around Enterprise. They
are accompanied by their little
grandaughter. They were formerly
residents of Wallowa county.
Plumbing, plumbing fixtures, pipes
and fittings, et Keltner's.
C. S. Haney le't Monday morning
for Lostine where he went in the
Interests of his mill business there.
The uvw mill is now ready to begin
operation", and will run steadily, once
June 4th
Lowest Current Rates .
MhM , m n 1 1
Every Day at
Sausage of all kinds Hams
and Bacon Sugar Cured
For Dinner Corn Beef and Cab
bage, Wienerwurst and Sauer
Kraut. For Breakfast Liver
and Bacon. For Supper A Nice
Steak. Mincemeat Chickens at
any time. Orders delivered in a
few minutes. Telephone your
order for a nice roast or boil and
it will be there in time to cook
for dinner.
Geo. A. Harrison
River Street
Mrs. H. T. Mitchell and little
daughter went to Lostltfe Monday
13 attend Memorial day exercises.
E. W. Rumble of La Grande, the
well known lumber and 'hardware
dealer of that place, was In Enter
prise Saturday.
C. H. Zurcher returned from sev
eral days' visit to La Grande Sat
urday. Mr. Zurcher went to La
Grande to purchase goods.
W. C. Eades and children came up
from Wallowa to attend the Memo
rial day 'exercisss, and speat a few
days on Mr. Eades' ranch on. Alder
W. A. Moss paid a hurried visit to
Wallowa Monday to look after his
restaurant interests there. Mr. Moss
has recently taken charge of the
LewU Hotel of this Ity.
Edgar Cofflnberry of Union was ac
cidentally shot in the back by a 22
calibre rifle while at vork in the
Park mill, near Union. lie was tak
en, to Union and later to the hos
pital at La Grande where he died
H. P. Lewis, of La Grande, the
pioneer representative of the New
fork Life insurance company arrived
here Monday. Mr. Lewis is a pio
neer of eastern Oregon, having liv
ed for forty-five years in La Grande
and has been writing insurance for
aat length of time lu tills section.
Mrs. O. C. Ebi and baby Elton and
her sister, Miss Amy Chambers left
last ,week for Arlington where they
will visit Mr. Ebl's people and
other friends. Mr. Ebl expects to
neet them there and accompany
them to The Dalles, their home.
.Miss Amy will remain until about
the first of August.
Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Funk and
daugh'er arrived here from Oak
land, Calif., Monday. Mr. and Mrs.
Funk are the parents of C. A. Funk
of this place. They will make quite
an extended visit to Enterprise where
Mr. Funk was at one period for
years engaged In business. Very
many old acquaintances of the fam
ily are de'ighted to sea them andi re
hearse old times with them.
Mrs. Perry Elanchard, wife of the
proprietor of the Hotel Enterprise,
has been serioualy ill for several
days, and her condition continues
aerlous. The patient has teen af
flicted with excruciating Internal
pains and has suffered intensely.
Her mcny friends In and about En
terprise v, 111 indeed be glad to re-
eive news of her complex recovery.
Superintendent and Mrs. 3. C.
Cou't-y will leave Wednesday morn
ing for an eastern trip. Mr. Con-
." will be gone only a few ,weeks.
returning in time for the summer
normal, but Mrs. Conley will spend
several months with relatives at
her old home at Riverside, Pa. Ji
W. Kerns wlU have charge of Sup
erintendent Conley's . office during
his absence and will attend to any
business matters that may come up
for consideration.
The local Masonic lodge has se
lected delegates to attend the state
meeting of the Order la Portland,
beginning June 13. Those selected
to represent the Blue lodge are: At
torneys' O. W. Sbeahan and Daniel
Boyd and W. C. Boatman Those
selected from the local chapter of
Royal Arch masons as delegates are:
J. S. Wagner, Geo. S. Craig and W.
R. Holmes. There will bo repre
sented at this meet every Blue lodge.
Chapter of Royal Arch masons and
every chapter of Eastern Star lm Oregon.
Memorial Day exercises were fol
lowed MoaJcy la accordance with
the program already published, con
eluding with a mot bountiful din
ner given by the ladies of the local
Improvement League. From the
doming awhen the graves ini the
cemetery were decorated, until the
conclusion of the dinner in the hall,
tho day passed In a continued appro
priate observation of the occasion.
As early as 8 o'clock friends of the
departed visited the cemetery, Btrew
Ing the graves with flowers and
greening life as symbols of remem
brance and as a token that though
many have departed still they are
not dead. Later ia the forenoon, be
ginning with 9 o'clock friends and
relatles of the departed living swell
ed the crowd at the cemetery, un
ill the lot wa3 well filled with Peo
)le. The decoratlona were made
with loving hando andsyropathetic
minas. uue Deauurul feature through
out was tne oecorating or graves
by others than the Immediate rel
atles, showing a brotherhood and sis
terhood unconfined to the limits of
l single family. In this ,way all the
graves were remembered, and the
Jlght presented by Wies, carnations,
evergreen, wild flowers, smllax, and
many varieties of living planls, was
1 benediction unto life and a joy
even in the midst of human sorrow.
Dinner a Success;
The dinner given by the ladles of
he Improvement League wa3 a
splendid one and netted a sum of
65 to tie league. The ladies of
the league desire to extend their
leep gratitude to all tho3e ladles not
members of the organization, who
came so generously and helped. aiake
he dinner a success. Also lo ex
tend their thanks publicly to tie
young ladles who so ably waited up
on the tables, both at the dinner
Ionday and at the banquet given by
:he Commercial club the evendng
X "Tom Richardson Day". Alto
Sether some $75 or $77 were taken
In at the Memorial Day dinr.er, and
hi that considerable of the dinner
was donated, the net Droflta .to the
p4gue were a large proportion of the
gross result. In this way the league
will soon have funds enough to car
ry forward their cemetery project,
ind thus meet the commendation
of all here.
Mr. and Mrs. Z. E. Fanning and
two little children returned to their
home Monday morning, in, Llnd.
Wash. They had teen visiting with
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Leffel of thia
You have the money. We have the
Clothes, lets Bwap. See our clothes
Saturday, June 4th. W. J. Funk &
Glad to Recommend Them.
Mr. E. Weakley, Kokoroo, Ind.,
ays: "After taking Foley's Kld-
aey Pills, the severe backache left
e, my kidneys became stronger,
he secretions natural and my blad-
ler no longer pained me. I am
Tlad to recommend Foley's Kidney
Pills." In a yellow nackase. Bur.
laugh & Mayfleld.
The White
If you want a high grade sewing
machine which Is a
The machine Is unsurpassed for
simplicity, durability and the char
acter of the work It will do. It is
made ia two styles, the Vibrator
Shuttle and the Improved Rotary
Shuttle. The iabtter machine sews
either a lock or a chain stitch.
There are a number of styles to
choose from and the wood work Is
the handsomest possible.
Fred S. Ashley
handles the WHITE MACHINE In
Two Big' Acres
Cood House, Barn, Fences, Etc
Running Water, Trees, City
Water, Electric Lights, Etc
Very Easy Terms
Enterprise Real Estate Company
Reliable Abstracts of title furnished on short
All Kinds of money to loan on farm property,
from one to five years; large or small amounts
Fire Insurance written in companies that pay
all losses in full.
C M. L0CKW00D, LocKwood S Bllvsn.
united Mates Commissioner
OOF enterpiusb lodqb' n
K. or P.
IUAN1TA TEMPLE, No. 1, Pythian
30, Royal Arch Maioni.
A. M.,
Mill I EAGLE CAMP, No. 10487, M
.VY.A.W. A Meet first and third
Thursdays In each month. In now Fra
ternal balL VUltlng Neighbor alway
ANEROID CAMP, No. 3642, R N. of A.
ff.U. W. 535, W. Of W.
HLMOTA CIRCLE. No. 278. W. of W.
Osteopathic Profession Grieves.
A telegram ha been received by
Dr. Moore announcing the death of
Mrs. Andrew Taylor SUU of Kirks-
tile, Mo., the wife of the Illustri
ous founder of the science of oste
opathy. Mrs. Still was about 77
ears old, and held a unique posi
tion in the osteopathic profession.
It Is realized that her loyalty and
faithfulness during the years of
severe dental at the time of the
Old Doctor's" (as he la lovingly
culled) discovery and development
jf osteopathy wan one of the Bua-
ta.'ulng factors In giving .the world
hib great healing sclonce. The
fcarly period of osteopathic develop
ment meant being scoffed at as well
as poverty of the direst kind, for
iKopie were slow to give Dr. Still
my encouragement aim uirougn
e.-.rs and years of reverses he con-
nmed to study the body and build
V fo iT.dutlon for a true system of
eu'inj; nnd through It all Mrs. Still
i'Cd loving loyalty arid' lived hr
iweet life uncomplainingly. So Mrs.
Still likewise wa considered a great
.'x.'iiefactor, and was finally blesued
vlth the contentment which follows
iuccess after great trials, and lived
o see , the "Old Doctor" reap bis
ust regard of one of the world's
greatest benefactors, while she en
joyed the love tnd admiration of the
jsteopathlc world. .
Our entire stock of men's and
boy's clothing go';a on sale at great
ly reduced prUj, Saturday June 4.
V. J. Funk & Co.
Modern Sweets
UvarantH f J'urt mnd
nPatronit the "Modern Dealer"
Utitn Cwfc(iMT C.. Wn., ftrtlud. One
What Everybody Ought to Know.
That Foley's Kidney Pills contain
Just lie Ingrelients necessary to
tone, strengthen and regulate the
action of the kidneys and bladder.
Hurnaugh & Mayfleld.
We start our sale Saturday be
cause, we want the people In the
country to have an equal break! with
the town, folks. Bring your butter
and eggs, along. W. J. Funk & Co.
t ftYrxiftsi
Managers p
S liead
Have you examined our
line of
Ladies' and Children's
Wash Suits Ladies'
Fancy Shirts: Waists,
Underskirts, Muslin
Underwea r , Hosiery,
Gloves, Etc.
Also a complete line of
Men's Furnishings, in-
S eluding the McKibbin
S ana stetson nats.
J Wc have just now the
S most complete line that
m we have ever carried.
We buy our Dry Goods from
one of the largest houses in
Chicago and have a large
assortment from which to
make our selections.
We discount our bills, which
gives us the goods laid down
in our store at the lowest
cash prices.'
We give our customers the
benefit of our cash buy. We
also give a discount on all
cash purchases.
S If you are going to build
can ana Jet us hgure
with you on Doors and
Windows. We have just
received a large stock of
same and we are going
to sell them at bed rock
S Company
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy is
sold on a guarantee that If you are
not satisfied after using two-thirds
of a bottle according to directions,
your money wlU be refunded. It is
up to you to try. Sold by all deal
Indispensable records for owners
of stallions, containing 4eaorlptlon
of mares, dates of service, time of
payments, and all necessary data,
printed on good paper and strongly
bound la boards with cloth back,
for sale at this office or sent post
ago prepaid on receipt of price, fl. .

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