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I V V- Iff
RE AC, to give bint bis full
title, doing all things thor
oughly, as befitted one of bis honorable
character, was uot satisfied with, as be
thought, disposing of Klrby's physical
existence, but considered it bia pleas
urable duty to effectually ruin what
ever little reputation bad survived dur
ing the other's downward career.
Kirby. presumably fatally wounded,
bad been carried ashore by Bunce at
the next landing, and. in those days
shooting and stabbing affrays emanat
ing from card games being only too
common, but little, attention bad beeu
paid to the affair. Cameo Kirby was
notorious the length of the river, and
such an abrupt and tragic teruituaUon
of bis career bad not only beeu fre
quently and cheerfully predicted, but
was. moreover, expected of all such
members as graced bis questionable
profession. Indeed, for them a sober
and respectable death would have beeu
considered bad form. Among the gam
bling profession there existed a certain
code, which in a manner served to link
those at the top. who. like Kirby anil
Bunce. wooed fortune honestly, to the
Moreau type, gracing and disgracing
the lowest rung in the gamblers' social
ladder. This code, if so It may be
termed, was an understanding to the
effect that in no instance, however
great the provocation, should the law
be Invoked. Wrongs, fancied or au
thentic, were to be redressed solely by
the bearer thereof, the Joint otace of
jude at:.: e ; inioner being vested in
ea.-h sei :i; iiH ami distinct Individual.
in view in this accepted understand
ing, Larkin Bunce had accordingly
made no mention of the fact that a
probable murder had been committed,
and. the passengers and steamship offi
cials dismissing it as a gamblers' quar
rel, whi'-h iv-is none of their affair, no
stigma ;iety was attached to the
; od ( '-eaii. who. claiming to
' . an .1 valued friend of Mr.
..audit.' i -"ue to the latter's state
room a in l brazenly assumed charge of
the body Bunce's laconic statement
was t'Xi pitifully true, for the old plant
er bint it'e 'nally ended bis life.
A?: u. r ; mna to Colonel Moreau's
t ppy fa. ill , .if doiug all things well,
ii was i i irii'teristic that to com
plete hi- ivvH:is:f against Cameo Kirby
he mm d'.d not hesitate to assume
charge ot Mr Randall's body, did not
hesitate t meet the son of the man
f.t vw . . -; r b he had been directly
i At ...t.iiue'u.i.t ouslltle, for young
"0111 Itand.iK I1.-..U r.dden over to the
I'laqueuiiue laii'lmjj in order to greet
lis father, whi e over at the old bonie
sread nil was bustle and excitement in
houor uf the im iter's homecoming.
Anxiously Tom Randall waited to
see the jovial and well known figure
of bis father march down the gang
plank, waited to catch a glimpse of
the familiar ami weather beaten green
portmanteau which the planter always
carried. The moments passed. Other
and numerous passengers stepped
ashore, to be eagerly welcomed and
claimed by their own, bat John Kan
lall was not among them A curious
ind aeemingly pregnant bush had suc
ceeded the landing of the freight, and
off somewhere In the darkness a child
whimpered shrilly. The boy's nerves
were set on edge. Perhaps bis father
was having a farewell talk with the
captain and would come dashing out
at the last moment with all his old dis
regard for time and place. It was time
the bell was clanging, the signal for
backing away, for by now the landing
of passengers and freight appeared to
so terminated. And still no John Ran
dall. The bo? walked along the string-
Professional Directory of Wallowa Counts
Office first door south of 'New ,
Fraternal Bldg Enterprise, Ore.
1 Practice In all State Courts and
Interior Department. Careful at- $
f tention to all business. i
' i
Practice In State and Federal f
'X Courts and Interior Department. 4
It you want good. feed for your
team and good treatment come to
White Front Barn. ' 97btf
We do drat-olaae job work.
oleee until llie Texas dei"". came me j
Liore prominently into view, the glow
from the open windows of the port
staterooms silhouetting the loan vis
aged pilot, absolute nuiuarcb of bis
realm, who uow that au easy stretch
of the river had beeu entered loafed
about while his cub took the wheel.
"Hello, on board the Sbotwell!"
shouted young Randall, looking up at
the pilothouse, "is that you. Mr. IIlx
by? This Ls Tom Randall. Do you ,
know If my father is ou board? We ,
were PXeetlng him by your boat, sir." ',
for reply Mr. Bixby. usually the ,
patteru of courtesy, offered a memo- j
syllabic atilruiutlve and turned from j
the window. !
FiUt young Randall bail no time to
nurse his quick resentment, for now.
at last, his father had come ashore,
borue on the shoulders of two roust
abouts, while the captain and officers
stood with bared heads and thankfully
left the unwelcome task of explaining
the tragedy to the amiable and willing
Colonel Moreau.
"My boy," said the latter, now lay
ing a fatherly hand on young Ran
dall's heaving shoulder, "although I
am a stranger to yob. suh. I have
ventured to assume temporary control
of this terrible affair, fob I am a
southern gentleman, as was Mr. Ran
dall, and I feel bound to yoh all by
the ties of sympathy and country. I
was a witness, sub, to the events
which preceded and prompted this out
rage, and. although I am aware It ls
but pob satisfaction, still it Is some
thing to know that the scoundrel wko
was instrumental In causing yoh pob
father's death has already paid fob
it with bis life. My name, suh, ls
Colonel Moreau, and if I can be of
any further service to yoh all In. this
dark hour of tribulation pray com
mand me. sub. As an old soldier I
beg of yob to meet this calamity with
the fohtitude of a Christian gentle
man." witb which admirable and ploua
adjuration the good colonel flourished
his handkerchief and helped himself
to a generous pinch of snuff.
"I I thank you. Colonel Moreau, for
all you have done," said young Ran
dall stonily, looking on the huddled
thing at bis feet. "You you say you
witnessed my father's death?"
"Not exactly, suh. foh he shot him
self In his stateroom. However hard
to bear, 1 think yoh should know who
and what prompted his death. The
scoundrel, suh. was the notorious
Cameo Kirby. of whom, perhaps, yob
have heard."
Young Randall nodded dully, and
Moreau, entering Into the spirit of the
tale, continue'!: "1 fohmed an.acqu.ilnt-
t a nimr pmif a .
Office li Utch Building.
Enterpiise, Oregon.
The Extremes.
"Let's see, we sometimes call a man
Jonah, don't we?"
' "Yea, wbeu be briugs disaster."
"That's the tunny tbiug about lu
The original Jonah was a prophet,
while the modern Jonah is a loss."
Huston Transcript?
Practice in State and Federal 1
Courts and Int. Dept. Abstract '.
Bldg., opposite court house. ',
Something new-Kir3h curtain rods
and portier poles for the first time
in Enterprise. J Come in and see
then at F. S. Ashley's.
ance. suh. witn'yoh pob" rather when
he came aboard at New Orleans. lie
confided to every one that be bad sold
his sugar crop fob ten thousand and
had the cash witb him. and be was
in mighty high spirits because be was
on bis way back home to see bis chil
dren. Pob gentleman! As delicately
as 1 can 1 must state tbat he was not
quite himself, and by that. sub. I mean
tbat be had been imbibing a little too
freely. I don't have to tell yob. suh,
that there are certain characters on all
the big boats who keep a pretty sharp
lookout foh gentlemen witb money who
are In the condition yoh pob father,
sub, was In tonight, and I expect there
was more than one river gambler on
board who would have liked to get bis
hands on Mr Randall. But the one
who got him was the slickest and clev
erest of the lot. the Cameo .Kirby
whom I have mentioned This rascal,
suh. Inveigled yob pob father into a
private stateroom, plied him with mob
liquor and won from him not only all
bis money and personal effects even
iucluding a miniature of yoh dead
mother, sub but also a deed to bis en
tire plantation and all his slaves, every
thing which be owned. I was too late
to save Mr. Randall, but I knew Kirby
by repute, and 1 was so screamingly
outraged by the whole affair that 1 de
nounced him fob the low scoundrel
he was. 'Thereupon he drew on me, but
I was the quicker and shot him down
like a dog. They carried him ashore,
suh. at the landing below this, and the
river Is cleaner foh bis death."
"You have taken vengeance out of
my bands." said young Randall un
steadily. "The coward and villain!
For a stranger, sir. the attitude which
fin have displayed toward my family
has been most considerate, and I will
never forget It. The the hospitality of
a house In uiourulng"
"No. no. my boy," Interrupted Mo
reau. again employing bis fatherly
baud. "I am sensible of the honor,
but 1 couldn't think of It. This is a
time wbeu yoh all must wish to be
alone, and business calls me north. I
merely stepped ashore in yoh interests
as any gentleman would have done.
There goes the bell, and 1 must run
for It. Honored, suh. to have made
yob acquaintance, though of co'se I
deeply deplore the necessity wbtcb oc
casioned It. I will veuture to pay my
respects to yob family wbeu 1 return
south, and pray command me in any
occasion yob may have. Yoh servant,
sub." And witb a magnificent bow
the colonel turned and raced for the
gangplank, boarding the Shotwell with
a leap that shamed bis fifty odd years.
Meanwhile Cameo Kirby, a bullet
through his right lung, was making a
desperate battle against death, fight
ing for the life wbicb be bad consid
ered little better than worthless. Id
bis efforts bu was materially assisted
by the crude but faithful Bunce. bis
gambling partner, with whom be bad
played up aud down the Mississippi
for years. For two weeks this com
bat raged. Kirby hovering between life
and death, but at the end be emerged
triumphant as. over the gaming table
wbeu the odds were as heavily against
blm, be had emerged from many a
hotly contested conflict
To those who judged Klrby's charac
ter from the evil reports which gossip
bad spread concerning blm and to oth
ers who. In their righteous ignorance,
considered all gamblers legitimate chil
dren of the devil bis remarkable re
covery would have been accepted mere
ly as another proof tbat the evil one
favors bis owu, that the mills of the
god's grind slowly, tbat justice is blind
aud that a scoundrel ls difficult to kill,
together with many similar 'ancient
and redoubtable maxims which Igno
rance, aud. self rlghteousqess love to
Office Beriand Bu'lding. Jiome
independent Phone.
f Office upstairs in Bank Build- f
X'lng. ind. Home phone In office J
J and residence. j
DR. C. A. AULT 1
Offloa In Ft An If nnllrltn S
j TT ... ... .
noma puone ooia onice ana
residence, j
Oakes carries a full line of Lowe
Brothers' Paints. 108tf
Japalac. varnish stains, nmieed oil
at Burnaugh & Mayfield'i
distribute on every fitting occasion.
Among iKXisesMors of the last men
tioned attribute Kugeue Kirby was
regarded as a black sheep who. re
ligiously avoiding the whitewash
brush, was deemed beyond redemp
tion, for what man worthy of the
name would have acted as had the
last of the Klrbys? What If he had
been but fifteen when bis father died
a bankrupt? What if he had been
left au orphan, u pauper, with no Im
mediate relative to cure how be acted?
Wasu't the heritage of an ancient and
honorable name, the knowledge that
some of the oldest aud best blood In
all the south flowed In his veins,
euough to keep him straight? Most
assuredly It whs. There was abso
lutely no excuse for his drifting In
with wild and dissolute companions,
becoming ncommou river gambler and
rendering notorious and obnoxious a
name which had hitherto been the
synonym for honor and integrity.
Kirby bad been kept In Ignorance
of Mr. Randall's suicide, but wbeu at
length he became convalescent I.ar
ktn Runce. barking hack to the events
of that memorable night. Informed
hltu. and the Invalid, on his part, re
counted the occurrences preceding
Colonel Moreau's precipitation of the
"honorable" combat.
The news of 51 r. Randall's death ls
a great shock." he added, greatly mov
ed. "Lie was my father's friend,
Bunce, and when the devil played
havoc with our affairs did all lu bis
power to be of assistance. But for
my great pride 1 would have accepted
his offer of guardian and, under bis
suHrvlsion, 1 hope, would have been
a credit to the name Instead of the
disgrace 1 am."
"Now, you quit these here postmor
tems." remonstrated Bunce good na
turedly. but firmly. "You don't call me
a disgrace, do you? Aud ain't I your
old side partner? Bosh. If you play
the game straight I guess tbere's lots
of worse ways of making a living than
gambling. 'The sawbones said a- lot
of rest was coming your way. so Just
turn over on tbe other side and for
get It." y
"No, I can't. Runce. Don't you re
alize tbe positiou lu wbicb I am placed
by Mr. Randall's death? I hold a deed
to bis entire plantation, and i must
sign a release without delay. What
If it should ever be thought that 1 en
tered tbe game In earnest, with the
deliberate Intention of robbing Mr.
.Randall? You know my reputation,"
be added bitterly, "and bow easy It Is
for a dog to earn a bad name. Bring
me pen and Ink at once. Larkin. If you
please, for I won't have a moment's
peace until I sign that paper. . '
Propped up on tbe pillows and sup
ported by tbe still grumbling Bunce,
bo wrote tbe following:
I hereby (urrender the absolute posses
sion ot all the property hereto described
to the child or children oi John Kantian.
"There!" he exclaimed. "Now I feel
better, and there ls no chance of my
old neighbor's children beiug defraud
ed out of their Inheritance."
"You worry a heap more about them
than yourself," observed Bunce. "and
tbere's no call for It Even If they
knew you bad got this deed , you're
reckoned as a dead man by everybody.
I beard from one of tbe boys tbat Mo
reau bad skipped to Mexico, but you
know bow the river calls, and he'll an
swer sooner or later. When the fine
old bucko Hoes return don't be fool
enough to give him another chance at
your back, for he's a painfully modest
cuss and prefers to stay In tbe rear
By rights be ought to get the same
dose be gave you, and I'd do It for tbe
.."Yon know jnn wouldn't," trt Klr-
Notary Publh ,
Collections made. Real Estate
bought and sold and all business
matters attended to. Call on or
write mo.
yfs" wf
ii I
: by simply. Tbe momeni 1 lehfu flint
Moreau bus returned you may arrange
a meeting for us. You can leave the
rest to me."
Bunce nodded. "I guess there ain't
any one who could get the better of
you. Gene, face to face. I ain't much
of a band at the gospel, but I'll scare
up a prayer or two for Jack Moreau's
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United States Land Notices
Department of the Interior.
U. S. Land Office at La Grande, Or
egon, June 3d, 1910.
Notice ls hereby given that, as
directed by the Commissioner of the
(.Jeneral Land Office, under provis
ions of Act of Congress approved
June 27, 1306 (34 Stats., 617), we
wil', offer at public sale, to the hlgh
ost bidder, at 10 o'clock a. m., on
the 2 1st day of July, 1910, at tbls
office, the following-described land:
Sec. 33. T. 1 N, R. 45 E. W. M.,
Serial No. 07406.
Any persons claiming adversely the
above-described land are advised to
file their claims, or objections, on
or before the time designated for
sate. 42c5
F. C. Dram well. Register.
Colon R. Eberhard, Receler.'
Department of the Interior.
U. S. Land Office at La Grande,
Oregon, June 20th, 1910.
.Notice is hereby given that Joseph
Allen, whose post-office address is
Enterprise, Oregon, did, on. the 2nd
day of September, 1909, file in this
office Sworn Statement and Appli
cation, No. 06986. .to purchase the
SE& NW, Section 14, Township
1 North, Range 44 East, Willamette
Meridian, and the timber thereon,
under the provisions of the act of
June 3, 1878, 'and acts amendatory,
known as the "Timber and Stone
Law," at such value as might be
fixed by appraisement, and that, pur
suant to such applica'ion, the land
a-.id timber . thereon have been es
timated and valued by the applicant
at $100.00 the Umber estimated at
J:0.)0 and the land $50.00; that said
applicant will offer final proof in
support of his application and sworn
statement on the 10th day of Sep
tember, 1910, before C. M. Lockwood,
U. S. Comm'r, at his office, at En
terprise, Oregon.
Any person is at liberty to pro
test this purchase before entry, or
initiate a contest at any time be
fore patent issue3, by filing a cor
roborated affidavit In this office, al
leging facts- which would defeat the
entry. 44cll
F. C. Bramwell, Register.
Department of the Interior.
U. S. Land Office at La Grande,
Oregon, June 20th, 1910.
Notice is hereby given that Mary
A. Elmer, formerly Mary A. Woods,
of Wallowa, Oregon, who on Febru
ary 25, 1904, made Homestead En
try No. 13458, No. 09106, for S
SW'Vi, Section 32, Township 1 North,
Range 44 East, Willamette Meridian,
has filed notice of Intention to make
Final Five Year Proof, to establish
claim to the land" above described,
before CM. Look wood, U. S. Com
missioner, at his office, at Enter
prise, Oregon, on the lOta day of
August, 1910.
Claimant names as witnesses;
Mark O. Courtney, of Lostine, Ore
gon, Jasper J. Chapman, of Wallowa,
Oregon, -Edward A. Crossler, of Wal
lowa, Oregon, William Whitmore, of
Wallowa, Oregon. 44c5
-' F. C. Bramwell, Register.
. Department of the Interior.
U. S. Lan 1 Orflce at La Grande, Or-
60!. ay 16th, 1910.
Noike is hereby given that Michelle
Baker, whose' post-office xddress is
EMerprlse, Oregon, did, on the 20th
day of July, 1909, file In this office
Sworn Statement and Application,
No. 06831, to purchase the W'SE
Sec. 8, and NBVi. Section
17, Township 1 North, Range 45
East, Willamette Meridian; and the
timber thereon, under the provisions
of the act cV June 3. 1678, and acts
amendatory, known as tue ''Timber
and Stone Law," at such value as
might be fixed by appraisement, and
that, pursuant to such application,
the laud and timber thereon have
been estimated and valued by appli
cant at $400.00, the timber estimated
to be worth $200.00, and the land
$200.00; that said applicant will offer
final proof in support of his applica
tion and sworn statement on the
10th day of September, 1910, before
John A. Rumble, U. S. Commissioner,
at his office, at Joseph, Oregon.
Any person ls at liberty to protest
this purchase before entry, or ini
tiate a contest at any time before
patent issues, by filing a corrobo
rated affidavit In this office, alleging
j facts which would defeat the entry.
44cll F. C. Bramwell, Register.
Department of the Interior.
U. S. Land Office at La Grande, Or-
egon, June 13th, 1910.
Notice is hereby given that, as
directed by tbe Commis&loner of the
General Lend Office, under provis
ions of Act of Congress approved
June 27, 1906 (34 Stats., 617), w
111 offer at public sale, to the bigh
at bidder, at 10 o'clock a. m., on
-he 28th day of July, 1910, at this
office, the following-described land:
The SE SW& Sec. 6, & NE&
'V14 Sec. 7, T. 1 S., R. 45 E. W.
1.. Serial No. 07432.
Any persons claiming adversely the
above-described land are advised to
file their claims, or objections, on
jr before the time designated for
sale. 43c5
F. C. Bramwell, Register.
Colon R. Eberhard, Receiver.
Department of the Interior.
J. S. Land Office at La Grande,
Oregon, June 30th, 1910.
Notice is hereby given that Fred
V. Harsln, of Enterprise, Oregon,
vho, on June 13th, 1908, made Home
itead Entry No. 16065, Serial No.
5466, for SW NWtt, Sec. 28, SD
IEK, B'ASEtt, Section 29, Township
I North, Range 47 East, Willamette :
ieridian, has filed notice of lnten
Ion to make final commutation proof
-o establish claim to the land above
described, before C. M. Lockwood,
U. S. Commissioner, at his office
at Enterprise, Oregon, on the 20Ui
day of August, 1910. t
Claimant names as witnesses: Jack
Johnson, of Imnaha, Oregon, Clyde
Harsln, of Enterprise, Oregon, J. E.
Patterson, of Enterprise, Oregon,
W. A. Murray, of Enterprise, Ore
gon. 46c5
F. C. Bramwell, Register.
Department of the Interior.
J. S. Land Office at La Grande,
Oregon, June 30th, 1910.
Notice is hereby given that Louis
Jeorge Peterson, of Rognes, Oregon,
.ho, on April 10th, 1905, made
lomesteed Entry No. 14271, Serial
'0.-02927, for SEVi BW, BWfc
and Ei SBV Section 23.
fownalitp 2 North, Range 44 East,
VUlameilje Meridian, has filed no
- or intention to make final tlve
ear proof, to establish claim to
he land above described, before)
V. C. Boatman, County Clerk, at
lia office at Enterprise, Orgeon, on.
he loth day of August, 1910.
Claimant names as witnesses: Nel
son K. Bue. Syvert Hovde, G. W.
lumphreys, Thomas Hovde, : all of
.tognes, Oregon. . 64c6 '
F.i C. Bramwell, Register.
Charles BrownRudolph Kuhl and
August Kooeps were in Enterpris
'rom near the junction, this week.
Vugust Keeps made application for
laturalization papers.
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