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J UpA r.' 'H
HE Journey to the Randall
plantation, occupying a full
day. marked an epoch In Eu
gene Klrby's life a fact of
which from Its Inception be was en
tirely unconscious. Without a single
exception It was tbe Brst time In fif
teen years that be bud been received !
ou a rooting or equality -even inu-
macy with that high type of woman
hood to which bis blrtb entitled hliu
and which hud been forfeited when ha
bud yielded to tbe lure of tbe river and
the wiles of evil companions. And,
even though he did not forget that his
present standing bad been won by
grace of a girl's ready sympathy, tbe
knowledge did not interfere with a
thorough enjoyment and appreciation
of tbe moment.
Cnder the Impression that they were
entertaining Colonel Moreau, benefac
tor and champion of the Rundull fam
ily. Miss Pleydell and Mme. Davezac
yielded the more readily to Klrby's
charm of manner, while the General,
conscious that be was acting in some
mysterious way ns the secret and
trusty friend of his bulrbrendtb escape
hero, bung ou the hitter's every word.
Indeed, a more Imiircciiiihla II liflitnrA
would have found their entertainer Ir
resistible, for Klrby put forth every
effort to please, his payment a laugh
from Adele or u Hush In her pule cheek
Nor were bis efforts prompted by ego
Ism, any longing for self exploitation:
rather. In fact, thy were spontaneous,
a tribute to the goddess Fortune, which
bad graciously associated him with a
type of femininity which he hud long
ed to meet and despaired of so doing.
Thus, with Its four occupants In the
bapptest frame of mind and on tbe
best of terms, the roomy, close topped
carriage. Its sleepy negro driver mo
notonously clucking at the horses. Jog
ged placidly over the sunlit roads,
while Auatole Veuudry, riding gloom
ily behind, winced whenever be beurd
Adele'fl fl'PRh illwl nnra If an limnhl.
It was an unwonted sound, and more
than once he caught himself comment
ing that it was as unwelcome.
Meanwhile Klrby's good angel If a
professional gambler may be permit
ted to own one was in another direc
tion looking after bis Interests with
unabated zeal, postponing his exposure
and consequently prolonging his in
timacy wltb the Raudulls.
It must be remembered that only
Tom Randall and bis cousin Aaron
bad met Colonel Moreau, and thus Klr
by's exposure as an Impostor could only
come from these t wo. Tbe hot beaded,
vengeful boy wus still busy scouring
.New Orleans for bis supposed enemy,
aud thus bis presence at tbe planta
tion would be Indefinitely postpoued
until be bud either succeeded In track
lug Kirby or bud abunduned all hope
of so doing.
On the other hand, however, Aaron,
heeding bis cousin's wishes, bod ac
companied Croup to tbe plantation,
where he confidently expected to find
Judge Pleydell, .tt bo bad preceded him
thither; but, learning on bis arrival
that the latter bud ridden over to bis
plantation, Aaron immediately follow
ed. It so happened, however, that
Judge Pleydell, completing bis errand,
bud returned to tbe Randulls aud, tak
ing a short cut through a lane which
connected the two estates, unwitting
ly passed Aaron, who bad followed tbe
highroad. Thus when Klrby aud the
ladies eventually arrived tbe old judge,
supported by a Jubilant crowd of ne
gro field bands aud domestic servants.
Professional Directory of Wallowa County
Office In Lltch building. Room
X 107. Enterprise, Oregon. ;
I i
I Practice In all State Courts and t
Interior Department. Careful at- X
f tentlon to aU business. .
Practice In State and Federal
Courts and Interior Department.
Office t,i Lltch Building.
Enterprise, Oregon.'
Was (be only one to welcome them.
Standing on tbe steps of tbe wide
veranda while she swung her bonnet
by Its strings. Adele, smiling and Bush.
Ing by turns, boldly introduced the
pseudo Moreau to her family's old
"Colonel Moreau, this Is Indeed a
hnppy and propitious occasion." warm
ly responded tbe Judge, while be shook
Klrby by the band. "And never in my
iif ha i .-, a u j r
OnmA tin allamtlnn t..
I the health and snlrifs nt ha
t... . "
mistress of this plantation. What la
tbe magic secret to account for so
great a change since last evening?"
"Ah, it was the ride!" demurely sug
gested bis daughter, glancing from
Adele to Kirby.
"The ride!" echoed Mme. Davezac.
"Muls non. It was that charming
Colonel Moreau. I think be brings the
sunshine we have been waiting for so
While" the others, with the exception
of the moody and despoudent M. Veaq
dry, entered the bouse. Adele. offering
the excuse that she wished to see ber
roses aguln, sought flower basket and
scissors and, accompanied by tbe In
domitable Klrby, repaired to the gar
den. Anatole watching tbem with
broody, longing eyes.
Presently be became aware that an
other was as Interested as himself,
aud. turning, he found Croup at bis
elbow. Tbe old serving man contin
ued for some time to slleutly scan
Klrby's retreating figure. .
"Who you say were dat genaman's
nuuie, Murse Anatole?" be at length
"Colouel Moreau." abstractedly re
plied M. Veaudry.
"Yes. seb. Yes. seh," acknowledged
Croup. "Dat's de name what be done
give. Yes. seh." But be was far from
satisfied and, still shaking bis bead
and mumbling to himself, returned In
doors. Certainly neither Klrby nor
Croup quondam servant and youthful
master bud the rt motes t Idea that,
after a sepurution of so many years,
they bad finally met.
Meanwhile Aaron Randall had re
turned from bis abortive mission only
to leurn that tbe elusive Judge Jley
dell bad again left, this time to ride
over to tbe steamboat landing for ex
pected letters. But Adele's elderly cous
in was too excited to longer trouble
himself concerning tbe Judge's erratic
movements, for be bud learned that
Colonel Moreuu bad, after all, accom
panied tbe Indies ud was at that very
moment wltb Adele In the garden.
"Why, then," be exclaimed to M.
Veaudry, who bad been bis iuformant,
this can meuu only one thing Cameo
Klrby Is deud!" Aud he tersely relat
ed tbe meeting at tbe oaks even down
to tbe detail of Moreau taking tbe late
John Randall's pistol. "Tom secretly
followed the colonel." be Mulshed, "and
It's devilish strunge be didn't return
with him. I dou't understand it."
But M. Veaudry was only thinking
of this added advantage which bis
rival bad gained in tbe eyes of Adele.
"Ah, be bus one more privilege I
have to envy him!" be exclaimed. "I
see be Is a gentleman and does not
boast. Also It la that be would not
wish the ladles to know. 1 shall seek
opportunity to congratulate him when
he is not in thist presence. I should
not think it honor of me to be slow
with my felicitations Ah, I stuU do
it now."
Be turned as Klrby emerged from
the eii'den. Adele having halted Sums
distance down tbe path.
Jon, I....
I. W
Doors and windows and all kinds
of builders hardware at Keltaer's.
S. C. Himelwright, of The Park and
C. L. Puderbaugh, of Fruita, were in
town Friday. Mr. Himelwright will
be a candidate for county commissioner
at the coming election.
Miss Mella White, of Portland, came
Wednesday to visit at the home
of Mr. and Mrs. W. W. White.
Miss White is a teacher in the
Portland schools She is a niece of Mr.
Mrs. Martin Larsen has returned
from Hot Lake where she underwent
a surgical operation. She stopped off
at Elgin a few days on tbe return jour
ney. A very enjoyable evening " waa
spent last Saturday, August 6, at
the home of MIsa Ruby Fosner
in honor of her 14th birthday. Those
present were Murriel and. Herbert
ChenqweLh, Charley Lltch, Wayne
Wagner, Asa Hulse, Aubrey Haney,
Ronald Wagner, Zora Combes, Grace
Chenoweth, Ethel MoKlnney, Anna
Emmons, Zola Wright, Cecil Stubble
field, Carrie Falconer, Lela Pace,
Ruby Fosner, The evening was
spent In playing games, after which
refreshments were served. Many
beautiful preaenta were received.
twic. wtiu uow, "oi toe great privi
lege you have bad today. We know
by tbe pleasure to see yoa alive that
there la one great scouudrei which is
"Who's thatr asked Klrby. lighting
a cheroot
"1 offer you congratulation." pur
sued tbe young creole formally and
rather stiffly, "that you have earn tbe
gratitude of all good people."
"What forr
Because you bare tbe honor to kill
ln Ultneo Klrby.'
The other with perfect composure
gravely eyed his cheroot, while he suc
cessfully concealed all evidence of any
other feeling.
"Well." be said courteously, "1 al
ways hoped that nobody but myself
would kill that fellow. I suppose many
have wished to, but they didn't have
my luck."
"But most I congratulate you, M. le
Colonel," finished Anatole. bis voice
tremulous with emotion, "is that you
have earn so much gratitude here."
maklpg an eloquent gesture toward tbe
This time Kirby could" not conceal
his astonishment. "And why should
that have earned me so much gratitude
here?" he asked bluntly, Imitating
tbe other's gesture.
Before M. Veaudry could reply Adele
had joined the group.
"Anatole baa presented you to tbe
colonel?" she Inquired, turning to ber
cousin. Then, heedless of bis evident
amazement, she gayly continued, turn
ing to Klrby: "This Is our good cousin
Aaron. Aaron, you will be glad to
know that this gentleman is Colonel
Moreau. 1 buve tbe honor to present
"Colonel Moreau!" gasped Aaron,
aghast. "Why why 1 met Colonel
Moreau this morning!"
Adele started and paled as, too late,
she fully realized tbe truth. But Klr
by remained the same courteous, ami
able and care free gentleman of the
carriage, while be eyed Aaron steadi
ly. "Does it seem to you that 1 have
changed since we last met?" he bland
ly Inquired. "Perhaps you would
hardly know me for tbe same man?
In fact, if Miss Adele hadn't told you
that I am Colonel Moreau you would
not have believed it? But you take
her word for it. don't you?"
After a long, tense silence tbe bewil
dered Aaron gravely Inclined bis bead,
saving, "Yes, I take ber word."
"Ah, I thought so," gently comment
ed Klrby, and, bowing, be joined Miss
Pleydell and tbe General in tbe gar
den. "Cousin Aaron," said Adele earnest
ly, "I did Introduce that gentleman as
Colonel Moreau. I know Just what I
am doing. I ask you to trust me until
Tom comes, because I ought to tell
him first. Will you do It?" And.
again. Aaron, after a momentary strug
gle, assented.
When the girl bad rejoined Klrby In
the garden, M. Veaudry, who had been
an Interested spectator of tbe little
tableau, exchanged with bis compan
ion a significant glance of grave sus
picion. "He mus' have changed quickly, this
colonel, since you saw him this morn
ing," he commented dryly. "1 think
But who Is this gentleman?" turning
to confront Lark In Bunce, who, mop
ping bis Inflamed face with a dusty
sleeve, hud thrown himself from bis
weary horse and boldly entered the
gate. In fact, be bad ridden at a
breakneck pace all tbe way from New
"Your servant, sir." he greeted, bow-
Office In Li'xh Building. Room 2
121. Home Independent Phone, t
Office In Lltch building.
Room I
115. Home Ind. Phone in office!
ana resuoence. 2
. DR. C. A. AULT
physician and surgeon
' v ' Office In Bank Building.
X Home phone both office and,
J residence. J
Practice In State and Federal ;
Courts and Int. Dept. Abstract!)
Bldg., opposite court house. ',
Ing to Aaron. Tm lookln for tbe
gentleman who come here in tbe car
riage wltb the ladles."
"Ah." exclaimed Mr. Randall, close
ly scanning the other, "you're the geu-
tleman who came to see Colonel Mo
reau this morning. Do' you wish to
see him uow?"
Bunce started violently, turning as
pale as bis overheated conditiou per
mitted. "Good God, no!" be exclaim
ed. "But It was Colonel Moreau who
accompanied tbe Indies." explained
Aaron. "And, sir, bere he Is now."
The old gambler turned wltb a sub
dued exclamation of alarm, as If fully
expecting to see the ghost of the late
lamented Moreuu. But Instead bis
startled eyes met those of bis partner,
who, bumming softly to himself, was
calmly approucblng. a white camellia
In bis baud.
'Come, cheer up, Mr. Bunce. I hope
I see you well." greeted Klrby. Then,
politely turning to Aaron, be added:
"Mr. Bunce is confused. Ills long rldu
In the beut bus bwiti too much fur blin.
Mr. Bunce is my-secretary, lie looks
robust, but is. in fact, very delicute.
Might 1 so far trespass upon your hos
pitality as to beg u cooling draft for
Aaron bowed gravely and. accompa
nled by M. Veaudry, retired Indoors
Tbey bad hardly left when Hume's
long repressed emotion overcame him.
"A coolin' draft." he echoed, with
violent scorn. "I want a drink, and
let It be strong, friend. I always
knowed you was a fool. Gene Klr
by. hut I never knowed It whs us
bud as this. All the uumes In the
world to pick from, and you chose the
name of Jack Moreuu! Why, dog my
"Chance, Larkln, chance," returned
Klrby, quite unmoved. "It was the
angel of chance who gave me tbe
"Angels?'?!' Angels?" caught up the
other, his voice falut wltb the violence
of his surcasm. "Darned If I uiu't lost
my beaiiu'. I'll be dogged If I ain't
delirious. Skin me if it dou't seem like
I'm settin' out in a garden aud beasai'
Gene Kirby talkln' about angels. It
sounded Jest like bis voice. 'Angels
he says. Him Cameo Kirby! Poor
old Gene Kirby! Why. you mush
brained cbucklebead." be finished an
grily, "don't you know that Tom Ran
dall's been raisin' b- all over Noo Or
leans, try In' to ruu you down?"
"Well, what of It?" -
Bunce, making a gesture eloquent of
despair, feebly sought the garden seut
and mopped bis inflamed face anew.
"He asks me what or that," he wailed
to the surrounding scenery. "You
pore, wanderin' lunatic! ' You know
blame well that of all p luces ou earth
this is tbe last you should buve tum
bled into. Now," with sudden energy
and decision, "git rcadv to eit out-
quick! My boss In deud beut, but git 1
your angel to loan you one aud slope .
for the river. I'U catch you up at
jxl' hi
But Kirby calmly refused tbe prof
fered riding whip.
"What's all the reason 1 shouldn't
stay here?" he demanded. "Why
should I expect dauger from these
people Mme. Davezac, a Miss Pley
dell and ber father, a creole named
Veaudry and a Miss Adele"
"Miss Adele who?" bellowed Bunce.
"I don't know. That's all I've beard
them call ber."
Here the fates again intervened In
tbe name of procrastination, for before
Bunce could Inform his partner that
he was the gus of tbe family which,
thanks to the efforts of Colonel Mo
reau. wan bis sworu enemy tbe ladle
eutered. aud to tbe fleshy gambler's
Infinite disgust, anger and misery be
wus again promptly Introduced by Klr
by as "my secretary." Moreover, de
spite bis utmost efforts be eventually
found himself pledged to remain the
"But I dursn'i do It. ma'am," be bad
expostulated to tbe smiling and In
domitable Mme. Davezac. "Me and
Klrby 1 meun me and Colonel Mo
reau got to git light out of here.
There's some mighty pressln' business
wait In' for us 'specially for him,
"Ah. but you will make pos'ponethat
business." she returned. "I've al
ready bad your horse taken to tbe sta
bles. Colouel Moreau, be says be will
do us tbe honor to dine wltb us aud
remain tbe nlgbt. and that decides It.
You are his friend and secretar' So
I shall see you at dinner, M. Bunce.
Croup, the gentleman's room."
And I.arkln. making sn uncouth bow.
swallowed bis curses and followed tbe
old servant Passing Klrby. be breath-
ed scornfully, "If I was some people
I'd find out more about other people."
Alone with Adele. Klrby leaned
against tbe old sundial and attentively
watched her deftly arrange lu tbe bas
ket her freshly gathered bunch of
"Your friend evldcn'ly thinks you
are not safe bere," she said at length.
"Hut you won't go? I I know you
ure sufe bere."
"I doubt It," be calmly Interrupted.
"Why?" shnrply, looking up wltb
startled, wounded eyes.
"Because you are giving me a longer i
time to remember your kindness thao '
I expected, uud I'm afraid I'm flndlug ;
that that Isn't tbe safest thlug In tbe
world for uie." J
"Great dunger In that, sir?" she gay
ly asked.
He Joined In ber laugh, but his eyes
were half serious. "People who play
wltb flre"
"Ah. but 1 don't believe you are
coward, sir. Of whul was your friend
"Well, mainly be seemed disturbed
because I didn't know your name."
smiled Klrby.
"But you do."
"Purdou. I don't. This Is tbe first
time I've been alone with yon since we
started. I've only beurd you called
'Miss Adele.' I dou't even know whose
plantation Ibis is."
"Neither do we." she added sadly.
"I I want to show you something."
And. as If yielding to a sudden Im
pulse, she unfastened from about ber
neck a Jeweled miniature and banded
It to her companion.
Klrby Instantly recognized It as a
IHirtnilt of the late John Randall, and
In a breuib tbe full significance of
Hume's observations came to btm.
Auiazcd. he looked from tbe miniature
to Adele, then to the bouse aud buck
agulu to ber. Observing his emotion,
she whispered, "You knew my fa
ther?" "I met hlm-once." replied Klrby,
taking a deep breutb.
"1 was proud of him," sbe continued
steadily, refusteulng the miniature
about her neck, "and I am not the less
proud of hliu now. You bave beard
how be died? Then you uuderstaud
why we do tiot know whose plantation
this is; that we bold It at the mercy
of-Cameo Klrby." Sbe dragged forth
the name wltb an accent aud gesture
of uuspeakable four aud loathing.
"Your brother took Moreau's word
for wbut huppeoed that nlgbt, didn't
lie?" asked Kirby steadily.
"Certainly. Had not Colonel Moreau
shown himself my father's friend?"
she returned.
"It seems to me that Moreau's word
has gone for a good deal with your
family." he commented, wltb veiled
"Aud why not? Do we need any
one's word upon a notorious sd ven
turer who lives by gambling." sbe
asked, wltb some asperity, "any one's
word upon a creature wbo preyed upon
tbe weakness of a good man like my
"But bas It ever occurred to you,"
be returned quietly, "that possibly this
Klrby might never Intend to claim the
"No! " No!" sbe Interrupted vehe
mently, shaking ber bead. "He Is too
infamous. But 1 don't want to think
of him toduy. A change has come
over me. and and somehow tbe world
is a different place" Sbe stopped
and then, with Hushed cheeks and hur
ried breath, added: "1 feel as If 1 bad
been living a long time In tbe shad-
ows ehajows full oT darkness and
ngly thoughts. Rut It bas lifted today
somehow. What is It?"
8he turned, asking the question with
wondering eyes, ber face traustlgured.
And as If tbe heavens, bearing out her
statement, offered a slgu which pre
saged future peace and bappluess, a
surcease from all trlbulutlon aud suf
fering, the final and complete oblitera
tion of tbe shadows of tbe past, the
homing sun. peeping from over the dis
tant house, bestowed Its last caress
upon Adele Randall, transforming ber
i n)b,r dress Into one of gayety aud
splendor. True to M. Venudry's propli-
ecy. It appeured as If ber long affected
mourning was to be at leugth discard
ed; but, contrary to that gentleman's
long cherished hopes, bis was not tbe
personality to Induce the metamor
phosis. (To be continued.)
C. O. Knodell has received the sad
news of the sudden death of his
mother, Mrs. Elizabeth Knodell, of
Albion, 111., passed away at the
home of her son, Henry Kuodajl,
In Chicago, July 28. Mrs, Knodell
had eaten supper and had gone out
on. tbe porch when the family heard
the door hell ring. Answering the
call sbe waa found sitting lit a chair
by tbe door dead. She had evidently
felt tbe stroke coming and had rung
the belJ to summon, help. Five chil
dren, survive her. Deceased had long
beea a resident of Albion and her
sudden dealh la mourned by a host
of friends In her home town.
Join Williams, a sawmill man of
Wallowa, was klllol Tuesday while
cuttl ig down tre" for saw logs He
was struck by & limb from a dead
it which was s'.ruck by the
tree he was felling. Mr. Williams
was one of the firm of McLaughlin
& Williams who operate a saw mill
on Tear creek near Wallowa.
He was about 46 year old and
leaves a wife and four children.
Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Hinshaw, who
had been visiting their relatives, Mrs.
R. W. Bloom and family, left Tuesday,
for their home at Union, Iowa.
Mr. and Mrs. L. E. Jordan brought
their, little daughter Emily home
from La Grande Thursday. Tbe lit
tle patient Is Improving slowly.
Miss A. R. Merryman, of Denver, Is
a truest of her brother, County Sur
veyor H. E. Merryman and family.
Miss Merryman has been a teacher in
the public schools of Denver for a
number of years,
Mra W T V..1. J J V. ...
y , v, j-uiik aim uaugnter miss
Margaret, of Oakland, Calif., conclud
ed a delightful visit with relatives and
friends in Wallowa county Friday
momim?. They will visit a few days
in Portland before continuing their
journey home. Mr. Funk will remain
here until Suuday.
The iXed Front
Blacksmith Shop
by the reliable
W. P. Hsmbleton A Son
Machine Repairing " '
Same old stand
Enterprise Oregon .

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