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Cent a word single Insertion, 1
cenU a word 2 Insertions. Special
rates by month and year.
Slate Funds loaned, 6 per cent. John
p. Rusk. Atty. State Land E'd. Joseph
Farm loans if. 7 percent. Call or
write First Bank of Joseph. 68Wt
Good second-hand organ cheap. In
quire at Enterprise Livery Barn, bm
Wonder Washer at RKey'a. 27t4
Lots In Troy townelte for sale at
$20 and up. O. R. & N. railroad
Is now making final location survey
on Grande Ronde river, between
Kondowa and Snake river. When
road 1 built Troy will be the larg
est town and chief trading center
of the entire North Country. See
or write H. E. Merryman, owner,
liuUrprlee, Oregon. 27btf
New 8 room house and 3 lots in
souhteast part of town. V: 11 1 be
sold for $2000, the actual coat of
lots and house. If taken soon. In
quire at thta office. 27btf
Good cow for sale. Inquire of Mrs.
Horses, sheep or town property to
trad for farm land. See Enter
prise Real Estate Co., Wagner &
Conktaa, Enterprise, Oregon. tf
Good wages, working Modem Broth
erhood of America. Society stands
among the moat prominent in, the
field. Write me for terms and plans.
2111 W. 5th Ave., Spokane, Wash.
John. J. Goa.r sia'. manager. Ic4
Nominating petitions for county
and district candidates before the
primary September 24, for sale at
this office. Nicely bound. Complete
sets only $1 at office or by mall.
Nicaragua's Government Tottering.
WASHINGTON.D.C. The provision
al government of Nicaragua is totter
ing to its fall, the Madriz army la
demoralized, consternation reigns In
Managua, and Dr. Madriz, his gen-eral-in-chief,
Toldeo, and General Irias
are preparing to fie the country.
Packers to be Indicted.
CHICAGO. It is expected that the
federal grand Jury, which has boeD
investigating the methods of the so
called beef truat for more than a
month, will attack what the govern
ment considers the heart of the prob
lem by returning indictments agalnta
individuals of the packing companies.
Will Honor Real Estate Dealer.
ALBANY. An unusual honor is to
be conferred upon C. W. Tebault, a
real estate man of this city, by the
citizens of Lacomb. As a mark of
appreciation of the successful 'efforts
of Mr. Tebault In securing settlers
for that locality, a barbecue has been
arranged to which a public invitation
is extended. Two yearling steers are
to be roasted and other refreshments
Rains Help Canada Crops. .
WINNIPEG, Man. The total wheat
yield will be larger than was expect
ed two weeks ago according to state
ments made by grain elevator men
and elevator interests. The rains
Just before the harvest did wonders
and increased the yield to such an
extent that now tbe estimates for
the total yield run as high- as 120,
000,000 bushels.
Wheat Track prices: Club, 89c;
bluestem, 97c; red Russian, 87c.
Barley Feed and brewing, $24.
Oats No. 1 White, $30 per ton.
Hay Timothy, Willamette Valley,
$1819 per ton; Eastern Oregon,
2022; alfalfa, $13014.
Butter Extra, 33o; fancy, 33c;
ranch, 23c.
Eggs Ranch, candled, 30a
Hops 1909 crop, 1013c; olds,
Wool Eastern Oregon, 1417c per
Mohair 32 33c.
Seattle. !
Wheat Bluestem, 96c; Club, 90c;
red Russian, 87c. j
Oats $33 per ton.
Oats $31 per ton.
Hay Timothy, $22 per ton; alfalfa, .
$14 per ton.
Butter Washington Creamery, 33c;
ranch, 22c.
Eggs Selected local, 6o. '
Property Loss Will Be Close to
Million, and Many Lives
Are Reported Lost.
MISSOULA, Mont. Except for Wal
lace, Idaho, the forest fire situation
on both sides of the Idaho-Montana
iine is more serious.
Flames are sweeping over an In
creasing area, destroying small settle
ments and wiping out of existence
millions of dollars' worth of property.
The loss ot life will be large. It
grows hourly, and thenumber of in
jured is constantly increasing. In
and around Wallace it is estimated
here the death list is at least fifty.
In addition to at least 25 otherwise
hurt, it is said that ten persons have
been made blind.
The loss to the city Is estimated al
close to $1,000,000, aDout half of the
city being saved.
Forest Supervisor Geo. W. Welgel
reports that the region between Wal
lace and the St. John River Is swept
practically clean, with enormous los:;
Fires between Burke and. MuUan
threaten both towns and many worn
en and children have been sent out
At War Eagle tunnel six were found
dead and two were badly burned
Five of the dead were in the tunnel,
where they had sought refuge. Thej
lay face down In water, covered with
wet rags and blankets. Some hat
died from the fire and others, from
suffocation by smoke. The injured
were taken to Providence Hospital in
Twelve dead were recovered at
Big Creek. There were three injured
at the place. There are at Pine
Creek three dead, five blinded and
five otherwise Injured.
The bodies of the dead are being
burned where found. It may be weeks
before a complete estimate of the fa
talities can be made.
Elsewhere in the fire zone the out
look is bad. In St. Joe 18 men are
missing and it is feared that they
have been burned to death. The for
estry service has organized a relief
train well equipped with pack animals
carrying provisions and hospital sup
plies and will endeavor to get through
the fire.
CHICAGO. The first blow In the
$5,000,000 Illinois Central graft
scandal has fallen, and three officials
of the road were landed In jail.
It was a full confession from an of
ficial of the Blue Island Car & Equip
ment Company, declared to involve
not' only these, but numerous others
of the road's former officials, that fin
ally resulted in the arrests.
The men arrested today were:
Frank B. Harriman, former general
manager for the Illinois Central, re
leased on bond of $40,000; John M.
Taylor, former general storekeeper at
Burnaide, released on bond of $40,000;
Charles L. Ewing, former general sup
erintendent of the Illinois Central
lines north of the Ohio river.
Nicarafluan War Over.
MANAGUA. The Nlcaraguan war
Is over. This is conceded, following
advices received here that General
Louis Mena of the revolutionary army
has taken Granada, the most, import
ant city on the Pacific coast of Nicar
agua. President Madriz has resigned
his office, and Jose Dolores Estrada,
brother of the revolutionist leader,
has taken his place.
War Department Announce Oppor
tlonment of Fund.
WASHINGTON. The war depart
ment announced apportionment of
$4,000,000, the appropriation made by
congress for militia of various states.
Of this total fund allotted according
to congressional representation and
militia strength of respective states,
Oregon will receive $36,137, Washing
ton will receive $33,632, and Idaho
Enlisted strength of militia of vari
ous states is reported as follows: Ore
gon, 1415; Washington, 1244; Idaho,
The proposed international exhibi
tion at Bilboa, Spain, in 1S12, is now
practically a certainty.
The population of Canada on March
81 last was 7.4S9.781, according to the
estimate of the census department
A $3000 contribution for the relief
of tbe flood sufferers in Japan was
forwarded by the American Red Cross
to Toklo.
The shipbuilding concerns of Ham
burg, Germany, have decided as a con
sequence of the strike of 8000 me
chanics, to lock out their employes,
some 15,000 in number. It is expected
that this will stop all warship build
ing. The epidemic of cholera In southern
Italy is steadily showing an Increase
in the districts affected.
Attorney-General O'Malley, of New
York, in an opinion sent to Governor
Hughes, holds that exhibitions of the
Jeffries-Johnson fight pictures are not
violation of the penal law of tlie
The commissioner of Police of Nchv
Tork wants farmer boys on the force.
Accordingly, what is known as the
mental test of policemen will be made
less severe.
When the next list of the cities in
the United States of 25,000 or more
inhabitants is made up there will be
at least 220 of them, or 60 more than
were shown by the census of 1900. Of
these 60 two thirds are in the west,
two ninths in the east and one ninth
in the south. " .
The defeat of Governor Shallenber
ger of Nebraska for the democratic
nomination for governor by 100 votes
is admitted. Mayor Dahlman ol
Omaha Is the winner.
Hawley Harvey Crippen and Ethel
Leneve sailed for England on thu
White Star line steamer Me?antlc,
and are due at Liverpool at noon next
Politicians of all parties and all fac
tions will follow with Veen interest
the western tour of Colonel Roosevelt.
The ex-presldent left bis home at
Oyster Bay Tuesday and after a day's
stop in Utica, where he addressed a
meeting of farmers, he proceeded di
rect to Cheyenne, Wyo., where he is
to speak at the Frontier day celebra
tion. He Is scheduled to remain in
Cheyenne from Saturday until Mon
day, when be will depart for Denver.
Son-in-law of Ex-President Roose
relt, who announces that he will not
vote for "Uncle Joe" Cannon for
Although John D. Works, of Los
Angeles, has received 2000 votes more
than A. 0. Spalding, of San Diego,
for United States senator, Spalding
has the indorsement of the assembly
and senatorial districts. The result is
a problem which will probably be
passed up for solution to the next leg
islature. Representative W. E. Humphrey, of
Washington, one of the closest sup
porters of Speaker Cannon, In the
bouse, states that he would not vote
to re-elect the speaker. Mr. Humph
rey is being opposed for renomination
by the insurgents of his district be
cause of his relations with Cannon.
The entire Castro family, appar
ently, has been ousted from Venezu
ela. A dispatch to the state depart
ment from the- American legation at
Caracas stated that 6 relatives of ex
President Castro had been expelled
from Venezuela.
Use Peat For Eleotrio Plant.
Peat will be tbe ouly fuel used In one
great German electric power generat
ing station.
w J
Chronicle of Important Events
cf Interest to Our
Passenger Rates Will Ce Reduced.
SALEM. Notice of tlie voluntary
reduction of passenger rates soon tc
be made on the entire system of the
Oregon Railway & Navigation Com
pany has been served on the railroad
commission by W. W. Cotton, general
counsel of the railroad corporation.
The reductions arc not great, but are
sufficient to be materially felt by
those who are regular ratrons of the
main and branch lines of the O. R. &
N. The new rates will be filed with
tbe commission as soon as they have
keen printed, according to statements
f the railroad's counsel and will go
Into effect Eoon thereafter If approved
by the commlssison.
V To Eliminate Middleman.
THE DALLES. The Farmers' Edu
catlonal Union of this county has
rented odlces in this city. It Is the
purpose of the union to handle the
wheat and other produce of the union
and sell it direct to exporters and
millers, cutting out the middlemen.
Preparations Made to Call California
Troops to Fight Fire.
FORTLAND. So serious has the
situation become In the Crater Na
tional forest in Southern Oregon that
George H. Cecil, associate district for
ester, called a conference of the chiefs
of the various offices to receive' sug
gestions as to further procedure in
the work of fighting the flames which
are devastating vast areas of valuable
timber and threatening the destruc
tion of lives and other kinds of prop
erty. A message was sent by Forester Ce
cil to the district forester at San
Francisco, asking information as to
the number, location and disposition
of troops in California at the present
time, how many may be available for
service In Southern Oregon. The sit
uation is extremely serious, perhaps
the worst In Oregon history. In the
Southern Oregon country there is lit
tle likelihood of the timber fires be
ing extinguished by rain before the
middle of September.
New Road Is Probable.
FOREST GROVE. The construe
tion of a railroad from this city to the
Patton Valley district is one of the
probabilities of the near future. Tbe
projected road will connect at Forest
Grove with the Oregon Electric Rail
way and will have Its terminal at the
new townsite platted on the large tim
ber holdings of August Lovegren. a
J big tlmberman of Preston, Wash.
Harriman Estate Not Liable for Ore
gon Tax.
SALEM. According to an opinion
of Attorney-General Crawford, Oregon
will not be among receivers of rev-
enue from the inheritance tax now
due In several states from the Harrl
! man estate.' The state'satlorney holds
the heirs of the estate residing out of
Oregon are not subject to taxation
! under the inheritance tax law. This
j decision practically deprives the state
; of many thousands of dollars, as the
j Harriman estates In Oregon are of
' great value, and the assessments un-
der inheritance tax laws have all been
Willamette Survey Is On.
OREGON CITY. Chief Engineer
Thompson, of the United States En
gineer department, accompanied by a
party of 15 men, arrived here to com
mence a survey of the Willamette ri
ver above and below the falls, for the
purpose of determining the best site
ior iocks, ior wmch an appropriation
of $600,000 has been made by the
United States government and the
state legislature.
Panthers Killing Sheep.
ROSEBURG. Farmers and slock
raisers along the North Umpqua river
in the Deer creek section of Douglas
County, have offered e reward of $10
to any person who will kill one or
more of the panthers that are daily
reducing the sheep flocks.
Declare He Hat Not Asked for
Break W.th Sherman.
OYSTER BAY. Theodore Roose
velt denied emphatica'ly that he had
sent an ultimatum to President Taft
demanding that the jiresideut breal
with Vice-President Sherman.
The report had it that Mr. Sherman
was chiefly responsible ior the action
of the state committee lc refusing to
select Colonel Roosevelt as temporary
chairman of the New Yotk state re
publican committee and in recom
mending the vice-president Instead.
Tbe colonel added that he had not
sent Mr. Grlscom or any one else to
Beverly on any mission. He made it
clear that he had no Intention of do
ing so and recognized no situation
which could call for such a step.
SULPHUR. Okla. The select com
mittee appointed by the house of
representatives to investigate Indian
land matters and the so-called Me
Murray contracts and which also has
been Investigating the Gore bribery
charges, Issued the following state
ment: "Tbe committee has heard and care
fully considered all of tbe testimony
submitted and is unanimously of the
opinion that there is and was no war
rant for any person to use the names
of Vice-President Sherman and Sen
ator Charles Curtis in connection with
any Improper relation with any In
dian contract whatever"
This Is the opinion of the commit
tee after hearing scores of witnesses,
who appeared following tbe testimony
of Senator T. P. Gore. Senator Gore
declared that be had been approached
by Jake L. Hamon and that Hamon,
acting in the Interest of J. F. McMur
ray, had offered him (Senator Gore)
$25,000 or $.00,000 as a bribe.
The Senator testified that Hamon
mentioned Senator Curtis and Vice
President Sherman as being "inter
ested" in the deal, Mr. Sherman being
named as the man "higher up."
WASHINGTON. After September
1 the new style of recording money
orders issued by tbe postoffice will
go Into effect. Instead of recording
the name of the sender and nam of
the payee, the number of the order
and amount will be entered by the of
ficials, and if the sender loses hi re
ceipt and tbe money order is also lost,
unless the number and date can be
iurnlshed from memory, there will be
no way of tracing.
Man Bitten by Horse May Lose Arm.
ALBANY, Orer There Is practical
ly no chance to save the right arm
of Jack Fisher, the groom, who was
bit on the wrist by Tidal Wave, th
famous pacer. Th Jaw of the biz
stallion crushed both bones In Fish
er's wrist and severed the big artery
In hi arm, and hi physicians be
lieve it will be necessary to amputate
the arm.
WASHINGTON. The Esperanto
Association of North America voted
to bold its next annual congress in
Portland, Ore., July, 1911.
Sherman to Take 8tump.
CHICAGO. Vice President James S.
Sherman is to take the stump in
Illinois for Representative William B.
MeKInley, of Champaign, regular can
didate for re-election in th Nineteen
Duke Josef In Accident.
NEWPORT, R. I. Duke Franz Josef
of Bavaria and Representative and
Mrs. Nicholas Longworth, who are
guests of Mrs. Ogden Goelet; Mr
Robert Goelet and Vincent Astor, son
of John Jacob Astor, all figured In
an automobile accident her on Sat
Coyote Bite; Then Rabies.
.ASOTIN, Wash. An unkaown sheep
herder was found along the Snake
River, 20 miles from here, in a very
precarious conditions with rabies re
sulting from a bite of a mad coyote.
Salt Lake Conference Resolves
to Participate in Conser
vation Congress.
SALT LAKE CITY.Resolvlng to
ake part in the proceedings of the St.
Paul conservation congress and adopt
ing a platform of principle directly
opposed to the Pinchot policies, the
conference of Rocky Mountain and
Pacific states governor went on reo-,
ord as favoring state administration
of natural resource, and It was quite
evident from the expressions of at
tending governors and representa
tive that, in their opinion, western
men are more capable of carrying on
the work of conservation than th
theorists of the East
Participation I Question.
The principal object of the confer
ence was to determine whether or rot
the Rocky Mountain and Pacific Coast
states should participate in the St.
Paul conservation congress.
The formal request of Governor
Marlon E. Hay, of Washington, that
these states be represented on tbe
programme at St. Paul was denied by
officials of the conservation congress
and this plain and positive manifesta
tion of discourtesy and unfairness
prompted Washington's chief execu
tive to call tbe conference of gov
ernor. A delegation of St. Paul business
men appeared before the assembled
governor and their representatives
and promised tbe West fair treatment
and that an extra day during which
all governor or their representatives
will be given a hearing, would be
added to th programme.
PANAMA. Acting President Men
dota resigned and has been succeeded
by Senor Don Samuel Louis, minister
of foreign affair.
Intense excitement prevails tnrough-
out tbe republic of Panama as a re
sult of tbe complex political situation
that ha resulted. It is believed bere
that Mendoza's resignation wa forced
by tbe United State government, un
der the stringent term of it treaty
with Panama.
Wendllng Captor III.
ALBANY, Ore. John Taub, who
discovered Joseph Wendllng, the al
leged child-murderer, In San Fran
oiaco three weeks ago and Is claim
ing the $11,000 reward for Wendllng'
capture, ! lying III in St Mary's hos
pital in this city. He was forced to
leave the train bere while on tbe way
from San Francisco to Portland.
Roosevelt Off for TKp.
OYSTER BAY. Theodore Roose
velt started Tuesday on a Journey of
(493 miles, which will extend over'
nearly three week and in the course
of which he will travel through 14
state. During tbe tour he will de
liver fourteen set speeches and many
extemporaneous addresses from the
rear platform of bis car.
Plenty of Chin.
"She talks twice as much as the oth
er girls I know." "Yes; she has a dou
ble chin." Cleveland Leader.
A fool' heart is In bis tongue, bnt
wise man' tongue la Id his heart
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