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Wallowa County chieftain. [volume] (Enterprise, Or.) 1909-1911, August 25, 1910, Image 2

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Th Fa: ' A!4r l'i-E
S'.g '. it.b..t '' '
.-, is
-. i t 1
't -4
to urge all
i a:.d jti "o r-i "' r
ecr-i'a-y ee ' ,J"-':"
of ofc roi-ts.
1- stj 'ti . t.o :be ir-.A'-'':-voii)
a tor ass 'o i'a:bv.
i.or -.-.a' ' T. i id: ib "
t-.-o-i : cT'i:r.i7 .ll b
(i .-, s ;i a tors-- avi r1
'o-az. the tit:'.:, c ".i-rir
Another rj irrtiortar.-. zl'-z
., fv-rr br-:er ;:- "i- fo-j-.'y t
v it b: t wili fc '-i'" i i
ei dai.y. C-J .-- : t re Fa:r
ty the a-sA -a ".!"-:.. Tics Lrlr.c
t rr-ier cwi buyer tW.aer.
t,-. fros ii to'j-"? fci.oi.i:
ti .!& "r'i or; evbi it.
Tae -ces of th rorx-irj: Far. t
y.tiV.r. September 2-1 . 1 b:g ::
tau'.s-.:-:-a:'T taie-i abotr. by
c:.e th-j far bad from, and I: is
urgd '.ha you 'us'.t Fa:r" a--:
ail oj: !i&d.
To- fa'.t o' v.k t'3;"5 S'-a" " '
J '. F.T-ier a.-.fl f. P.. Ca:cif..
h o--z. ptTsiiir, 'or ne i:
ti U. H. f .ro-i';-. to jr. a". I'ortUr.'i.
b-r; d-'iiti i.-, fiior of" '-'i
crJ-rioar,--.. Th fi.-. i b .".? 3
Ia ;h.; tov-rr. rC to f. ir.ftl a 5'"
a: for ! a. T-r of tin.oer Ut.d i:.
I-ap t.Kgi.torijof!. o.' :,fori;:a
V.on furrjili! by V.'. T Knapp to
'.i. ff.: tea. Fiah'-r to aisooi
paVrCit hid tt iWi, Kid his
Ui:.d ri?n: for li.e L-efi. of Eiiiof.,
to whom Fishier a!'-rwards irasfr
z ri ih land. Telffrj'. Jud? Rar
Loid? tha. ti. iif;.i;-e do:-s r.o' s-j-f
UiD tae rorcpiaiij". arsd hi !isc:-
:be gut:. (crisjjfcra'or i:i".fr--as
Lain in ihe caiife by lit niar:y
acfjuaiatancs of '.ie parties iavolv
d. Tbert are tnacy sicilar ti-ji iz.
this par. of tLe :a'.f. but upo::
which no u!'s have Lfcn broight.
Th govemiEnt was TC-priertV:d b;
John ilcCourt, U. S. attor:if-y. a:ii
J. R'. Wratt, a&Utitit, whiie the d
fer-ae was aliunde! to by J. A. Fe
of Pendietotj aad D. V.'. Saiiii.-;, of
Cbtis'.ias church: Bib s-. hoi: zJ
O.T.j a. ro.; icorsing cbj. h .:.;;.-.
at 11 a. m. A bu3:r:-iis t;:'ir:g o.
th cor.gr?a.:ion wiii immIiat:;
f illow. Every c.aibe-r a-i-i o.'-'l' '
is urg-.d to bf, prefeiit. The pub!:1
ii ii:vi oi o worship. Gif;o.rd Er
z.ur, taitiior.
Coun'y K:ip-;rin"je:i(int J. C. Ton
isy, wili go io La Grand? S-a'-anlay
to mr:'. i!rs. Couley ar.d chiidien.
v. ho have ba inaiir ori ex'.'ndi'I
vi. iit with relatives a: Riv.-n:d ar.ii
various o'.i-.r piaffes in Pt:in;-1-vania.
Gasie Y'arn demons arrsi!
three promiii':nt I-a Gran.i- me.i
Frida", lor siioo'.ing gro-j-vj or. of
J. A. Rjmbi of Joseph was i:: iht
city Thurvlay.
49 .
When in Enterprise stop at
I The Model Cafe
v ar d Rooming House
li'rs' meii's in town 23c and up
Rofm3-23c, 50c, 7Cc ar.d 81.00
v Steam heat; hot and cold watc-r
; w
In Rodders building on River
v Street, 3 doors south'of Funk
corner. Give us a call
: W. A. MOSS
Fresh Fruits
All seasonable fruits
found here. Also the jj
hnest shipment of for
eign and Dome s t i c
Cheese ever in the city
General Merchandise
With the en t i r e
stock kept brand
new at the lowest
prices the quality of
goods can besold for
All Hats, Shoes and
Cloves at Cost while
they last
An excellent quality of coal
at a conservative price.
Lay in the winter
supply now.
Riley j Riley's
to the
Portland Race Meet
Live Stock Show and
Harvest Home Fair
SEPTEMBER 5th to 10th
THIS v.;i! Le the greatest Live Stock Show
ar.d Fair ever held v est of the Rocky Moun
tains. Ever;.-cay v. ill be great-there will
I Die Srvcial Features.
A good racing card every day. Wednesday and
Thursday v. ill bo ihe grand prize days.
Tr.- Bankers Purse of Ten Thousand (SlO.fwj.OO)
Dollars for trotting horses.
Five Ti.ou.-and ?-5.00. l
two o: the features.
Reduced Rates
AsK Your Local Agent
C -i::ty f '.-:'. V.'. C. Boa'aiaa si?
r. i i,j rua. y itfiu:ri-i6 coacert
:ig tiit res'.o.-a.ioa of the lads ixi
i.e Ni-:or:ai Fo:e;'s that he reque-.
be ptib'.U:i.;os of tbe foiiowicg Izr
ormii.o:. :
Lf;artsr,e.!t of tb Interior, G-ri-
erai 1-ar.d Off:-':, V.aiiiaaxori, V- '.-
f."r,...e i- h"eby giver, that ih
;::,:i ia.i.is t ie foliowiag d
v-. ib'-d a:-:-.is a hi-. a were esolal-J
roa the Urca'-ilia, V.'ai.man. ani
Viiioa-A Naticr.a: Forests. 0.".o.
,v pro: iamat lots of the prt-J:de!it
latei -Vay -.. Z aad -T, IS 1-5, z-
p:'Jve!'r. i? not o"herwiie wiih-
or appropriate! i
irav,r,. leserved.
viii by authority of liie secretary
.'. the I.i'.ttior, be restored to the
j'jbiii; doci-iir, on October 22. 1 y I '-' -u.d
bicocoe su'j;er. to seltieruent
z: and a.'ter that da.e. but not to
ntry, liiii;g or selection until on
nil alter overu't.r
1, 11'.'. under
.be tisua! re.s ric'iins, at the Uni'
rd Sta-g&s Laad O.'fi e at Ia Grande,
j.-igo.:: It. T. .'. R. 2T, ". 2 Sev:.
4 and i;;ia T. R- 2,. S-;cs
.". IT to 22. inclu-.ive. 2T to .!!
:..:l.:; aii T. 11. R. 27; in T. 12.
2T. Sees. 1 j Inclusive. E '-i
iad NV Sec. 0. NE 2 Sec. (:
.. T. l'. R. 2i. W 2 Sec. 1'. Sf--.
Jl and 22, V 22 and 20,
-lees. 27, zi. 22 to 30, inclusive:
I.i T. 11. R. 2. Se:s. 7, IS, IS. 3W1,
;2 and SV :.. he .-. 22; ia T. 12, R-;..S-r.iS.
4. :,. X j g-c. 8. Sec. 0.
.1 T. lo, R. 31, Sees. 1, 2 a :d ": in
I. 1". R. 3J, W'j W Vj Sec. 4. Sec.
and X Se . C; in T. 4. R.22.
S--.es. 1, 10. and ; in. T. 0. R. 42.
.V '.j S-.-. 20. a'i Se s. 3o, and 31
.nd W 2 S'.c. 22; in T. 7, R. 42.
Sees.5 to 8, inclisive, W -j Sec. 10.
Sees. 17 to 21. intl'isive. S 'r. Sees.
22, 23 and 24. Se,. 2",. 20 and 27; in
T. 7. R. 43. S Vi SH..li, W -. Sec.
2S, Sees. 2'J to 31 inclusive; in T
.. R. 4 1. V Ser 0. St. 7 and
.3 Se-. ; in T. 7, R. 4", S
XH 4. SEU and
W i
'i. S
S. 25.
: XW 'i
a.id SW U He.-. 24, a!! Sees. 2.". and
'S,. SE hi S10 u S.:c. 27. E Vi E
"i Stc. 21, ail Se s. 3" and 20; in
T. 8, II. 41. Sec. 1. X10 V, and XE
i NW U Set. 2, x:-: V-i XVs SB
UK SE U i-.ni E i XW U Sc.
12. E E K Sec. 13, Sees. 18 to 21
inclusive. Sees. 2,'j to 30 inclusive; in
T. 7, R. 40, S -i Sec. 10. ail Sees
21 and 20. S i-V Se-s. 27. 28 and 20,
Sees. Z0 to 30. inclusive: in T. 1, R.
17, Sec-s. 1 to 10. inclusive. Sees. 10
io 21 inclusive, Sees. 28 to 33, in
clusive; in T. 2, R. 47, W 1-2 See.
", Sees. 6 and 7. W 1-2 Sec. 8. Sees.
14 to 22, inclusive. Sees. 28, 23 and
3 ; m T. 7, R. 47, Sees. 2.7 to 30
inciusne; ali KOith and east; all
T t. r. linn ivn f n
Office in Lit. h Buiiding.
Telephone Connection.
For AU Kiad of
Artutic Paintia. and
Paer Hanciatf
0AKES, Contractor
'. B.-Iyrw Brtn.' Paint
The Hotel
lar jjacers
on All Railroads
T. 2. P.. 2; it T
i. 2. . 4. E. 1-2 S
F.. i-2
::;: ive; ic T. 4. R- Se.
;. ! -". 5. . 0. !'. and 11; iu T. 1.
R. S-s. I and 2 ar.J S 1-2 Se:.
;; i. T. 2. R.C. e.s. 2". 2v. and
; in T. 1. R. 1'-. 1 to 6. in-
.iusive; in T. 2. R. 4-,. 2. 3. 1.
S to 30. iaclasie: in T. 2. R. 4i.
3 3 Scs. S2. 3-J. 3J. a:id 3.".: ia T.
'. ". R. 40. Se-s. 1 to 12 iaciusive; it-
T. 0. R. 40. Se-s. lt to 2S. inclusive,
i iif.i. 21 to 20 iuc.u-.ive: ;n T. 1. R
' IT Set. 4. 5. and 0: La T. 2 R.
! it. 5ev.s. T and s. S i So. i. Sees, j
! 10 to 21 iac-iusi-.e. 2 to 22. j
i.-uciuslve; south half of f:a :iot.al '
IT. 0. R. 47; i!;T . 1. R. 4S. W v i
j if S-c. 3. S-.-s. 4 to inc'iasive, V. 1 f
! S-s. l- and 1", Se'-s. 10. IT a:;d
b T. 2. R. 1), S !; S-C4. 10. IT ,
Uad 1. Seis. 19. 2'.' and 21, W 3 Sr- .i
' 2T. Sets. 2S to 02 ictltisiv. and V V; j
! Sic. 24: all fractio ia. T. 0. R. 4v t
: ii; north and east. Wiliametie .Me.-i-
iian. Warning U berebv esprcjj.s:;
! ?!vea that no person wiii t permit-
' eil to gain or exercise ar.y rr'h
; aateer unjer any feeu.eaieat or
x-f-TiTjatinn beziir: atr lis- i'li 21. !
i jnd
'i). je-iper.iveiy. and pr:o:
'o October 22. 1010. and ali.s.ich st-
le-aea: cr occupatioa :s nereby to:
jidden. JOHX McPHAl'L.
Acting Assistant Commissioner oi
the General La.n! Office.
Approved July 2i, 1910.
"irst Assistant Se:re"ary of the in
terior. Georgia Minstrels
fireat Attraction
Advance Sale of Ssats Largest Sirxe
Opening Night of Enterprise
Opera House.
That the people appreciate tlif
pportunity to enjoy the biggest and
-st in minstrelsy was demoastrated
y the rush to purchase reserved
iSAts when the sa!e for -the Richards
r.d Pring'e's YiiuP.reis opened i
Monday morning. The advance sale
!as been the la:ges: oince the open
ing night of the house and iudica
iOiiK poi:it o aii awlience even Virg
ar than on that occasion. That thi.
j so j very flattering to the good
aste and discriminati.on of the peo-
,xle of Enterpsi e. aiid argues well
ior the possibilkles in the future
in the way of securing high grade
atiiac'-ioas. The big companies can
oe had on!y if p-rospecus seem to j Un
ify the ventuie and the' big business
ione by the mi sttis wiil be an act
ial d em ok a i ration along these lines.
W. T. Fell, j resent coun'y treis
Jrer. will be a candjlate for lh
nomination again. Papers are be
..ig circulated for the nomination of
vVaiker Franklin for the same office.
Xo!k- is hereby given- that the
regular Eighth Grade Examination
for Wallowa County, Ortsgon, will
be held in the several school dis
trlcta September 8 and 9, 1010.
Teacher having pupils for this
.xamination shouU report names of
applicants to thi office at once.
Re spetfuliy,
Superintendent of Schools.
rrom Sickness to "Excellent Health"
So says Jlrs. Cbas. Lyon, Pewria,
III.: "I found In your Foley Kid
oer Pill a prompt and speedy cure
or backache and kidney troubl
which bothered n.e for many months.
1 aro now enjoying excellent health
which I owe to Foiey Kidney Piiirf."
Burnaugh & Mayfiekl.
Tbr .""h jn '.a for,
-3. I:. !l'J7L t.'irr2
. I:ar -wf-f J. . C.
:h't t-.t.- '
Vr. ii"ot o l.. M. i-. ra-irn o.
C; -.. !.! Rev. F. i ' -1": fc. frf ,
.'a:t i ii bav iiir.e fif t-jrcli ;
J I HitniVt..-.: I i-r f i ' IJ. ('. i
i Km-ii. ri:i:- b- id- i
, :::d: Cove :r vit. lli;.ry a:::!:; j
i.iyii;- aad Vernot., f b- U-
; E.ai.. C. E. Tr:.-::-.,I; F.- !
and To V: CreV.. j
. l"---.!er i . lia.T.
l.-iiii, to
t--c it. fi
. E. V'hil- .
1. I. Har
L; ;:a:nl'.
jpp'J.e- . ti::zi
;M'.:e '
: J.hn
; Iff.bir. v:
l!av f;ri jit.
C. E. Ii i ;
I 1-. Giiiiltr.: Lf.nc "re i. L - s:p
i i 1: Lo-15 Cr:-:fc fir. r.. U. M. .
' ''c.Titi': N-orti". PowJo." firf'tl. : f
i:jp,.:;-i: Nya.".-a arid A?'-adi. to be
',?;.i ind: Ontario, J. W. iiil e: Ow-
..'e- -5.--jit, if Lc a-jppiied: Pan
; i.iC lie c:r..-uiT. J. M. Johi.si;
j ?ralrii? Ci y. E. Iv?a-.o ; PromU?
t -ircu'.-t. F. G. Po 'er: S'in!n-,?r.i:.-j
-ire t:. H. P. l et.rs'jn; I'uion. W.
j . Winter s: Va e. H. E. AlcEeod;
''-'a lowa. T. Johns.
To k'- n.e-ting of
'-iCi will be at (a tlr.ei
i:e coiifer
! f
j "
The s'ockho'.d'-ns of the new En-rpris-.-
tte La ik me: Monday
Ut and e.tctel directors as fol
jt.s: C. E. Cuct;.!i&m. Pi'-i-lrnt
'.'tiser Xa.iona'. batik, V.'el.ser. Ida:
. C. Hintermac. cashier Conti
e.ital haul:. Salt Lake: Sam Wade,
".. B. Knanp, Sam U'.ch.
The n.w bani: is capiiaiiztd at j
2C. faliv fiubncriteJ stock, which i
."i.i in aii prjbaldlity be iucreats---d
a :lie next ye:ir.
A mte'.iiig of the dlrtors wa.i
;eid the foliowias i:U:"at and the or-
:a:i:zation was o;cp. '-'.d with tne
Action of Sam Waie prvsidvat and
V. C. Hin'.jrman cashier.
Jtr. Hia'eriaan departed Vedn?o-
iay morning for Salt LxJ:e to ciose
tp hio affairs Sheve. He ha:s rented
he newly bai t cottage of Jacob
j IU retuin hc.e as soon as po-
s.ie. l ue bank w ill be opened at.
;c-asi by October 1. It will be tem-
porariiy located in the Dinici Boyd
buiiding, this lelug chosen, becauw
of the large li.eroof vault. Xe
S .tiatioDs are under way wi'.h C. E.
funk "for the erettion. of a fine, mod
Jrn bank baiiling wes: of the Jick
sori & Weaver drag store.
In otder o reluce hia furniture
ISioUi G. I. Raicliif will hoi! an auc
tion saie of furniture at his store
Saturday, Ausu-st 27, at 0:i) a. in.
ind 1:30 p. m. His stock of musi
;al goods yill al o bt; c!ul out. in
jludiug vioiinc. g.ii;ars, banjos, phon-ogt-aphs.
(escepUng Edisons), organ,
'.c. There wili also be sold at this
t:ine a complete sit-ond-hand ho.isj
lieeping outfit (used le.3 than, one
Wallowa Pioneer
Dies At Turlock
L, C Cocp-, Old r.esidep.l of This
County, Passes Away at His Cal- '
ifofnia Home.
The funeral servi .? of -the late
Lemuel C. Cooper, whose death was
uo'Jced in thef;e column last weelt, f
was heid in the .M. E. church of ;
Turlock, Cal., Frl lay, August 5. at
2 p. m. Chaplain C. L. Taylor of the i
St. Helena anll3rium. officiated, i
The attendance of sympathizing '
friend and acquaintance of the ;
"eieoscd was very large, filiiti the ;
large church to 1 s fuiijst capacity.
1. was cs'.iraa el that about 400
were preent.
A wife, five children, and tv,-o
Lrothers mourn hi.; losti. The re
mains were Uil to rent Lu the Tur- j
V ceme err, th lot having been
..fcov br the de.eas.jd Jan before
n:s A'i ath.
Ez.cilv. rn'c wat renJrd by s,
, '!--.-.r: Iroid lj AdveniUl ihtircb.
The r::oKli:g oMiuary wan rad
: .-. Chaplain Taylor:
"Lernu-.l Cyrus Coorr was born
in Marion 'ouirty, oa, F'-b. 15.
'.'"''., aid dl a'. TurIok, Cal., Au-
-;! Z. ItilO, a?l 54 years. 6 months
: ;r d 1 1 diys. The year Ih'JZ found
,m i.i Waliowa county. Ore., which
' f ir witrx-wid bis marriage on Jan
5 wary 1, to Cora A. Harbin of that
Five 'M'.dr?n were bfjrn to
. :uMaia:, Lu;y. Fred, Kate aiwl
hard. For many years brother
;' oo:-r was erigaw-d In the busi-
: f a-t!e iai4. but in
' :h rfrmove'l to Turlock, where lu?
:.zal In farming.
'About fo'ir vers ago ho became
i.-c-i,- in reiuiouK ma'Vtrs thru
of Elder C. M. Gardner
.r.d wat bapti.el. He did not, Uow
v?r. a", thit titre join the church be-
ause bf: beiie.ea tfie nauu i'
burco Uiing was not consistent wV.n
rue Christian profewion. But he
-as finaiiy and Instantly delivered
'rom the desire for the we-l, and
Walla Walla County Fair and
Rar.fi Mfifit
September 19-24 inclusive
Southeastern Washington's Greatest Fair
$20,000 in Purses and Premiums
Flights During Fair Week by Aviator in Celebrated Demoiselle Monoplane
Concerts Afternoon and Evening by Kuzzi's Famous Italian Band
Send for Premium List.
R. II. JOHNSON, Sec. T. H. BRENTS, Pres.
Enterprise Livery
and Sales Stable
BaKer Smith, Proprietors
I fl
j i
j J
j g
j '
j J
Fair treatment to everybody. Bus meets r.!l trains 10 cts
Commercial Trade a Specialty.
First Class Rigs. Phone Orders Carefully Followed
Horses Bought and Sold
Feed For Sale Open Day and Niirht
j a
i "
Pure Bred Black Percheron Stallion at this barn for service
.1.4 44.
Wallowa County Title &
A. C. MILLER, President
J Office in Company's new brick building opposite front of
new Court House, Oldest and most complete abstract plant
in county. Abstracts of title furnished promptly and cheap-
4 ly. insurance written in largest and strongest companies.
J Money Loaned at very Lowest Current Rates
"Superior" Stoves and Ranges
See me and get my prices before buyinT else
where. I carry also a full and complete line of
bath tubs, basins and bowls, and a full list of
plumbing supplies. First-class plumbing at the
lowest figure for which such plumbing can be
S. K. CLARK Enterprise, Oregon
TOf all kinds.IIf you believe in beautifying Enterprise, you
rr.uff believe in making that beauty enduring.TiConcrete is
t:,during-it will render city beauty a "Concrete Reality.'.'
'See us for any and all kinds of Concrete Work. '
MARKS BROTHERS, General Contractors.
tba It t-i be entered the commu
nion of Ls TuroJi Seven:h-IX;j
Advbntlst cbnrcb.
' About one year a;o ta w taken
.11 bud In December went to tlia
dt. Hiena Saivi tiri.no for treatment
und In Jttnuarr underweat an opera
Uon. The operation afforded tempor
try relief, bat la'er It was known
hat a ma'iiiuiant growth ol the pan
creas bvl deve'opei tnd that wilh
: ut divine n'.erveotlDn recovery was
"No'wl htanf?lng, Bro. Cooper was
perfectly reont-Iled. The speaker
bad freqi'ent cor.Tersations with
Mm and was assured that be was
rrMt-'y to go at any time. His only
('"aire for prayer was that the will
jf G:d might be done. His one re
tret was that he bal not been, more
jictlve In hi Ch:U:ian life, .and the
av. lew weeks or Dig life bore
iniplc testimony to the sincerity of
bi t'trret. He de'.Jghted to speak
o the nxmy sympathizing callers
ut the home about he blesssd hope
and when aioce time was spent
ir.rg'dy In prayer. Certainly he died
:a the er.joynienb of a bright hope,
a strong faith, an abounding love, a
;Ieep consecration."
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