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Fair Week will be Bargain Week at E. M. & M. Co's. Store
New fall goods are arriving daily and
we have ready for your inspection the
very latest Ready-to-Wear styles in
l'r.ss3i! Fsd-tians in the Men's Clothing Department
Ladies' Suits, Outer Garments,
Coat Sweaters and Dress
We can offer you the latest and most
attractive fabrics in
Fall and Winter Dress Goods
at right prices. Call and have a
look at thsm
15 00 pieces of choice Lciies
up at 23 PER CENT DIS-
COUNT. Cczie lz. take
Men's Oxfords in fine Patents,
Tans, Gun Metals and Vicis
$3.50 to -!. val-es $2.85
5-.'X' to .00 values S3.85
Ladies' Sandals. Oxfords and Pumps
2.50 to 5.00 val-es $1.S5
55.00 to -.00 vil-es $2.85
S.OO to 5. CO valres $3.85
See the New
They are the
styles of the
season and
they are made
up from the
most attractive
Fabrics ever
seen in this town.
And every inch
cloth that goes
them is Wool
cf the finest quality.
You vaU expect us
to charge yon a big price, but in this yoa'U be mistaken.
Please call
Aug? p W
k , j s .. i , ; . -js into
Beginning Thursday,
September 22, and con
tinuing: until there is
room to place our Fall
and Winter Goods, ve
are mating an extra
ordinary offer in Men's
Suits. Cassiniere, Wor
steds and Tweeds, the
regular 1910 patterns
and the usual careful
well-fitting mode Is.
These suits are great
values, look splendid
and will save vou much
by their unusually low
$13.50 to 15.00 suits
now only $9.75
$15.00 to $18.00 val.
are offered at-.$12.50
lafs IftbeJ It&mir
$1.50 values at 90c
per suit
$1.25 values at 75c per
Make c r store y-nr Let Quart
ers czrz g Fair Week. You vrU
receive a cordial ve'c-onie csA
eocrteous treatment.
E, M. &M.CO.
Thomw Bruce, .Manager
Anti-Assemblv 31en
To Unite On Dimick ?
Jijif Lowe Ures Cafnentm-cw
As Su Way ts But
lu-ie ?".e-ie: A. "Law
dj".Or. OC-rr it'. lie b?aiCe31 OrS. jE
fai wio woid iKdsr tie &.a".e aa!
r-iT b ii offi-e.
is tja.rr -5 tia: ir.. 'irr-
;or t T ata lis tt.j
; -Tie fj.: r '2z'j
u. in
?".a'.rs 6ei.a:.e
FiftK Annual
l? air
Of th
Wallowa County Fair Association
w2 be held at EXTERPPJiE, OREGON,
Six dajs begir.r.ir.g
I Monday, September 26, 1910
liberal Cai Prenrr.5 will be pfiii for eziJbits of
It is detemir.ed to riaie this fair a complete
eipositioE of the reso-rees of WaZlowa Cour.tr.
To accomplish that resuii the es-operatkci of all
the people of the county is invitei For pre
rdum list or other izl orrnation, write C. S.
Bradley, Secretary, Enterprise, Oregon.
-or lire um-.iw:
rax bi&t.
Ii as i&E-r"s-' -is tie Esr. Or--goiiat
la Jacse- sal Wiise
tioj-s of iie ii.-afis.t'55 Itrtt
res'j ;a litjr fcadjrj ".o coECi.'.ra-e
tiir "art3 cjwa Ja-ict Grant E.
Ijitk. Oreeo- C:"y. Jaist Lo
se ia.'s i o-jE-d ti as".:-ae3:-ts
&sl.'J.3jx,i IbZIt as s'-rocg is Porr.
aid as 3C i m iti oiir par- oi'
'&r s:a"e acd be dW,arei . j'.a oc;
undiia'.e acajt x.o trtan, -Ji
Wiiie is. Por".;acid lie jdce grai
ed lie o!lo-rjg iar.,rrTew eo&cen
iig tSi rtau. jxi:ir. a sl'.aaiioc
:o liw ForLa&d Jtrjnual:
I: a lir. a Joe a Qaesiio of
fre-E.bl' d4 aiii-a350!.'ii!j. k is i
Qaefciioa of prceresioa azajrje: re'.ro
eresiloc.. I; U a qaeJoa of wiei
er lie cew :ier of ij&gB !iaii
tvc'luui or Hhe B'.a.e gta gi La: k :.o
liie oid. I I: thai lie people of
Orcgjic vas.i y rtsaiE. fc tie aew
"la et Seljef arli-aaiexV..'
iarcs a&ci toceesira on Grii.:
B. Iirriufc for goeraor ai.d pi tui.
5a r-E ir.4ir.ioc."" ec&ii&aed Jacge Lo
"in b; beJef it j tetessarj
Jsr ii rer.-f.K(a of lie &e-w order
cif itjEie po-jii.al in Greg'ja so bta"
aj o-erxac Jor lie Eejmtaiti j ?n.&r.
rjoair.a:atiE lor generaor. Ji rs &oc atio
; Stada, Kai-sai zz.i lie if -.a.ei
j tai iave yoinvei lie wij iriij
I i. pitsi t ir iW s.i7 li Ore-
SjDgs. Ti5 m e!.aj froa
It ojd. Ai.-i it U 9tZ tjr liwia
0 d &c.
"TiK-refore. I s ciai tie sasws
Eiere g-:es 5r; sci lie ; j .c of
xsiex'&'T or ai"-a-rz:i:j. I; is a
?aestk of 'tie fe3rfa; as;.
ie rsiiiar. lie it asijcsi lie- oid.
Tie ac-aijj" it crjii.e c ".aie as
acit :o lie o'.i j;-6r.ea. Ti o
?o?d 10 :: are fisSscitg r.iii e-" jri.
"Oat or. lie "a'.e lis seiiniaesi
E".roje"T asaltait lie
JXid I Lave ten ia cl'fre tvaci.
:ii d-JTereiic se-tiins. Tie
7f lie tcaie geterallT ao- ai:
:o reirogaiie, - Tier as-i -.3 ai-
Coneentratian On' K;j
"Ear. lie lm..raa -.:y-f-.!i is
1 eerjc acl fef.-s:ie s'.rtr.i.. I'
js iisrei cp a-'d sa s.aj tii. m-s.
3ai: lie 10'e fe2Te teea '.a.;'.. To
iefear. -ciig r.f :h si wilt lir ik
esarr . toacelrai5. A spi: t:
aaeajB lie Loaxi.ra of Ei6er!ias..
ad f&r liii reavie. Ireil.-jo? i'r
Big Horse Sale
of High Grade Draft Stock
100 Percherons, Clydes and Shires
will be sold at Public
Auction, fnrrr-.gnnrig
the second day of the Wal
lowa County Fair, at
70 Head of 2 -year-olds
No Old Stuff
More Hares than Geldings
Every One a Good One
rEPM3:-6 months bankable note, with privilege of renewing
Ksici to be tie s'rourea: of lie
raidjia".e 5b tte fieid aaiisi &o
sracir.. I urge tiai a caati'.ra
effon te cae o u-oailta'-e ti.
hi tj oia".rj "ieT i-xi o
I.n.:i k a a a'e a na vio v
uic-te a safe fcoertor. Ke i;
4lrojjeer tfcaa 'f.tei .fir raiu.'ia'.e.
I fcai e beea nrsed to be-oare a taa-i.-ia-,e
!or lie uon-ic a:.:ij f.r
Eat I do io: Co te"
ie ra. 1 Xri'.ievt v. nij
TOf all kinds. TLf you believe in beautifying Enterprise, you
nust believe in making that beauty enduring.TConcrete is
endurfng-it will render city beauty a "Concrete Reality."
TSee us for any and all kinds of Concrete Work.
MAKES BROTHELS, General Contractors.
a joss"oa of &." It is a jaeiaoa ;anier' epiit cj tie ai,!
of priiir;sVf Jay EorEiaa 5 -i tiomioa'-ioo of
JierKKiai trLetA of Kate. I aiE:re j "Las icx ii nsare f.r.a!3. to S.l
"i mas, but if te weret 'o le pa". !t:g ha ntge-i ;o r-o. tji tft
-a tie sorer&or chair b wocid ti-us:aea affair tor. ajo i:..
feae a tacLA built before tie eui a I aalers-aL.i, Jad?e V.r.ej
ij ie-riB liat vocjd pu: tie t! ibas aj&o beeo cr?e5. tit I cier-ma.-ji:L.e
ear ia tie siae. ai.aad ttal be ta-i rfi.-i.-d no be a
Bovcrmas Machine Man. ( eaatfidate. Bar. I be'iieie- lia: tie
""Boersftais wu nLed S& Jlarioa ; ajrest a: tiSs 5a'js iae, to
eoaiitj. He plajs lie gaae as be l loAt ia t pit or. easdi
vaa taueii u I'J- it Li Marioa I'iaie aod tiat U bit 1 tav.fl ta do,
eoaaly is lie okl day, Ke i a 'I tnutviii
New Lin of
'"Superior Stoves and Ranges
See me and get my prices before buyin-j else
here. I carry also a full and complete line of
bath tubs, basins and bowls, and a full list of
plumbing supplies. First-class plumbing at the
lowest figure for which such plumbing can be
S K CLAIK Enterprise, Oregon

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