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By J
Author ol the "Pillar of Light,"
"The Wings ot the Morn
ing" and "The Captain ot the
Copyright, 1909 by E4wrd J Clod.
Synop t of Previoue Chapter.
CHAPTER i Ovorhearingacwpi
raoy berweea her uiicte and the co
c;iiii of lia ship to sink the vet'l
aiiJ collect insurance, Iris Yorke se.
erei herself aboard the Andromeda
jus; before U salU tor soucnern eas.
Her uncle, who is her guardian aaii
has commanded ker to wed old DU;ky
li-inier, thinks she has run away to
avoid the distasteful marriage. II
I'hilip Hozier, yoang and hadnsonie
s.-oad officer of the Aadromeda, dis.
covers -..Us Yorke aboard, in iris
leus Hozier oi the pio; to sink
iie.. aad he keeps wat;h on Cap
tain Coke. Jiysterlous defect in the
s.eeriug gear discovered, causing the
Sii.p 10 veer from her course. Coke
treats the ma-.ter lightly. IV While
putting in:o a harbor at an unknown
island the Andromeda suddenly is
saelied by a mysterious foe on shore.
V Sao s wreck ship. Hozier is
wOvtueed and his life saved by Iris.
VI Survivors are hauled up on a
c.if by ropes ie: down by a party
of refugees, the leader proving to be
Dom Corria ce Syiva, deposed presi
deut of Brazil.
THOUGH iris gave such vnrllke
counsel, it would be doing her
a grave injustice to assume that
her genlie disposition was !
changed because of the day's sailer- j
ings. The erstwhile light hearted i
schoolgirl and youthful mistress of j
her uncle's house had been subjected
to dynamic influences. The ordeal :
through w -i. h she had passed, un
scathed L- tli y. but seared In spirit,
had left hur strung to a tense pitch.
Of course In this present clash of
emotions Iris little understood what i
her advice really meant. She was ap- j
pealing to heaven rather than to the
force of arms. '
Oddly enough, the only professional
soldier present condemned her project
roundly when it was mooted.
"In leaving the island tonight you
are acting cu an assumption," protest
ed Captain Sia Benavides to his chief.
"You cannot oe sure that the Andros-
y-Mela w ill not appear. The arrange- I
ment Is that she is to send a boat here j
soon after midnight, yet If this mad j
. scheme of an attack on armed troops j
by unarmed men is persisted in we
must begin t ferry to the Island long
before that hour. In all probability we
shall be discovered at once. At the
very moment that our friends are
eagerly awaiting us on board the ship
we may be lying dead on the island.
The noticn U preposterous. Be guided
by me, Dom Corria, and decline to
have anything to do with it. Better
still, let these English boors promise
to forget that we are alive. Then Mar
cel can guide them to the landing
place, where they will be shot speed
ily and comfortably. There Is no
sense in sacrificing the glrL She must
be kept here on some pretext"
The ex-president took thought before
he answered.
"I fear we must fall In with our
allies' views, faute de mieus. You
and I have to lead a headstrong army.
That little Hercules of commander
Is stubborn as a mule a mule that has
the strength and courage of a wild
boar. The younger man thinks only of
the girl's safety. He, at least, will not
consent to leave her. Both, backed by
their crew, will not scruple to sacrifice
us If their interests point that way.
Trust me to twist them into the course
that shall best serve our own needs. I
am now going to tell them that you ap
prove of their plan."
The long day wore slowly. The heat
was Intense. Even the hardened sail
ors soon found that if the atmosphere
of the cavern were to remain endura
ble they might not smoke. Eo pipes
were extinguished.
Unhappily Iris answered In French
some simple query of the dapper offi
cer's. Thenceforth, to her great be-
wUderment and Hozler's manifest an
noyance, he pestered her with eompli
nents and Inquiries. To avoid both
she expressed a longing for sleep.
When she awoke the ravine was in
shadow and the interior of the cave
was dark. Her first conscious sensa
tion was that of almost Intolerable
thirst Nevertheless she cried lnvolun-
tarny for water, and again she was
offered wine. She managed to smile
In a strained fashion at this malicious
humor of fortune.
Hozier, who had aroused her by
touching her shoulder, fancied he saw
the gleam of merriment in her face.
"If there Is no hitch In our plans,"
he said, "we should be on the Island
within five hours. We have every-
thirs: thought cut as f;'r as may be
In view- of the unknown. At any rate,
Mlsa Yorke. i!" we sii' oeed la getting
you safely al'.i'ie ou personally will
have but sliit cause f-.r fur'.lier
anxiety. The pr. ial is that Marve.
shall t.iUe you a: o;. e to tl.e li;:t of
au old couvL-i v. h 'ii; ho cm trust"
"A colivii-:'." she gasi",l.
"The population of l"ornatI No
rouha is aiuM'st entirely made of con
victs and souliers." he explained.
But am 1 to le loft there alone:"
"What else is there to i.e done: You
cauuot join in the attack on a fort,
and that oOers our only rhaie e. it
woutd seem, t.rautec au ecu--ti.e sur-
prise, we may tarry it. men jou. ;
guardian will Lr
;i:g you to us.
"What if you fall
"We must not fail.
he said quietly.
"Please do uit hide th
alternative ,
I from me," ,she pl?aded.
"1 have eu-
dured so nni -h. '
"Well, don't you see. this man who. ;
by the way. is married and has a i
daughter, aged fonrteeu will, if tieces-;
sary, reveal your presence to the gov
ernor. By that t.me. say in a d..y or .
two, the excitement will hive died j
down, the news of your es ape v.-iH be !
cabled u Euglaud. you will l e sent to !
tl'.e coast on the government steamer.
aud you can travel home by the nest '
maU" i
"That siuiids very simple aud THnr. - ;
pean," she said, aud the pathetic sur- j
casm was not lost on him. j
Holier was deputed to obtain the ,
girl's consent to the proposal he had j
aireauj pui Leioie uer. xie icareu iu.h
I sue vouiu reruse compliance, ior ue
understood her nue,teuiper better than i
the others. He was a young man-one
Uut Ulue erst"U lli lutr a3 ui vuicu
; vet some Instinct warned him that
there was a nobility iu Iris Vorke's
nature that might set self at naught
and urge her to share her companions'
lot even though certain death were the
outcome. '
They pas;d together through the
cavern. Watts, sound asleep, was ly
ing there. The majority of the men
were seated on the r:ks without or
i lounging near the entrance. TUoy were
i smoking now freely, the only stipula
! tion being that matches were not to
j be struck in the open.
; There was no hiding the desperate
' character of the coming adventure,
i The Andromeda's crew did not attempt
! to minimize it. The choke oCered lay
! only in the mauner of their death. As
to the prospect of ultimate escape, they
hardly gave it a thought. Some among I
of Eu-
them had served in the armies
1 uuu 1 u'-t i feu iiiA.
. t ; ... ! 1. ..n nt
; ueiusioit couceriuiij: iuc ui uu n-
i tack on a fort by less than a score of
I unarmed men seventeen, to be exact.
' since two of the ship's company were
! so maimed by the bursting of the shell
j on the forecastle us to be practically
helpless. It was by the rarest good
fortune that they were able to walk,
i Iris smiled at them in her frank way.
I "I hope vou will all be spared to
ship on a new Andromeda," she said.
"tttll tre soldisih throw ocb dead
No sooner bad the words left her lips
than the liiwught came us bidder., "If
my uncle ami Captain Coke wished the
r. fiir-i,Tx-n rtvv:v. iiufhin!? could
j hQve suiteJ the(-p pl.n)uSe3 than
this trat'l'' error."
For the in.sratit the unforeseen out-
1 eon:e of r";r Sniobiv afternoon's ulot-
, u. , a. h0 pei.Plul gar,ieu of Linden
j Houne held her Imagination. She re
called each Bvllahle of It. aud there
:h.- i. d in b-T brain the hitherto un-
dr- M.i'hl cf possibility that Coke had
:jr--u,!it the Andromeda to Fernando
N i-. iiha Id pursuance of his thievish
At once she w hiapered to Hozier:
"ii there anj. one on the bath be-
tow 7"
"No," he akl. 'I lie Brazilians are
with Cuke at the toiof the pully."
is it safe for us to go the other
"1 think so. But yon must be care
ful not to slip."
She caught his urns, little knowing
i tl:e thrill her clasp Bent through his
; frame. This simple gesture of her
t'ontidow'e was Idttersvveet. He reso
lutely eloped his eyes to the knowledge
I that this nil;.'ht lie their lust talk.
They climbed down. Neither spoke j
! until they stood on the curving ledge
' that h:id proved their salvation. They
: rea' hed the place from which the Ilra
i Lilians had thrown the roje. They
' could hear the quiet plash of the water
: in the cleft, l'iled agalust a low ly
! lag rock were the funnel and other
debris of the Andromeda. The black
i hull was plainly visible beneath the
! surface.
"If we follow the others, will the
soldiers throw our dead bodies Into
: the sea?" she asked.
"1 want you to believe that you will
! be absolutely safe if we escape being
: discovered during the crossing of the
narrow strii of waur that separates
this rock from the island." he hastened
i to say. "That is your only risk, and It
; is a light one. Seuhor de Sylva is sure
; tli'it the troops will not keep the keeu
'. lookout tonight. They are still con
vinced that the insurgent steamer is
sunk. Our chief danger will tlate from
I tomorrow's dawu. Marcel reports that
, a systematic search of the island was
begun today. It will be continued to
I morrow, but on uew Hues, because by
j that time they will have learned the
! truth. The Andros y-Mela is not lying
in pieces at the foot of tins rock, the
r,roSident has not escaied. and everv
pr;,oti0able iu.h of Fernando Norouha
allj adjaeent Ulauds will be scour-
td in the hope of hud lug him. At first
sight that looks like being hi our favor.
ju reality It means the end If we are
discovered here. The soldiers will shoot
lirst and inquire afterward. 1 have not
the slightest doubt but that plenty of
evidence will be forthcoming that we
were a set of desperadoes who had un
lawfully interfered in the affairs of a
foreign state."
"I want to do that which is for the
good of all." she said at length. "Do
you nsk me to go to this convict's
h-iuse. Mr. Uozier?"
i urge it on you with the utmost
conviction. With you off our hands
we can act freely. We must deliver
an attack tonight. God in heaven, you
cannot think that we would expose you
to the perils of a desperate tight'."
His sudden outburst was unexpected,
, himself
He trembled in au
! agony of passion. Iris placed a timid
1.1.. 1. 1.-
wU, g0 .. sU(? wuisperetl.
do not be distressed on my accouut. 1
brought you here not to discuss my
own fate, but yours. These Brazilians
will not scruple to make use of you
and then throw you aside if It suits
their purpose. That man De Sylva
does not care how he attains power,
aud I know that he and the officer en
tertain simie plan which they have not
revealed to you."
"You know!"
"Yes. I understand a little of their
language. I have a mere glimpse of
Its sense, as one sees a landscape
through a mist. When De Sylva told
you today that San Benavides was
with you heart and soul, he was lying.
There were things said about n ship
aud midnight and a boat. I watched
1 the officer's face. He was wholly op
posed to the landing tonight. My mind
I uot s0 Vtt?ue UoW- I thiuk I can
grasp nis meaning. v as 11 uot. to
night that the Audros-y-Mela was to
i v
1 aPPea''
"Well, may they not hope secretly
that she will keep to the fixed hour?
Once you and I and the others are
on the island and an alarm is given
the Braruliaus could slip away unno
ticed. Yes, that i-s it. I do uot trust
them any more than I trusted Captain
Coke. Don't you realize that he
brought the Andromeda to this place
in order to wreck her more easily? It
was to supply a pretext for the visit
that he made uudriukable the water
in the ship's tanks."
That apiealing hand still rested on
Philip's shoulder. Its touch affected
him profoundly. With a lightning dart
of memory his thoughts weut back to
the moment when she lay, inert and
half fainting, in his arms on the bridge,
after he had taken her from the laz
arette. But he controlled bis voice
sufficiently to say.
"You may be right. Indeed, I know
you are right so far as Coke Is con
cerned. When I weut aft to find out
if one of the boats could not be cleared
I noticed that a steering gear box had
been pried open again. I had time
for only a second's glance, but I was
sure the damage had not been done by
a bullet. So the Andromeda was doom
ed to be lost, no matter what hap
pened." "Coke will stand by the rest of us
in our straggle for life, at any rate.
But the Brazilians"
"Have no fear of them. I, too. have
watched San Iienavides. I don't like
the fellow and wouldn't place nn ounce
of faith In him, but Ie Sylva has
brains, and be knows well euough that
no ship from Brazil will come to Fer
nando Noronh.t ia his behalf. In fact,
te dreads a visit by a government ves
sel, in which event our frail chance of
seizing that launch"
She felt rather than saw that he had
suddenly grown rigid. His right arm
flew out aud drew her to blm.
"Sh-s-s-h."' he breathed and palled
her behind a ruck. Her woman's heart
yielded to dread of the nuseen. It
rmlsed violently, nnd she was tempted
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to scream. Pe
spite his warning
she must ut least
have w-blspered a
question, but her
l lie ligut cliug
chiic of an engine
and the cupping
of a propeller
came up to them
from the sea. The
steam launch was
nttproachiug. I'er
h;ivs they had
Iteen seen al-
ready! As If to itE TrrRrsT ms head
emphasize this through.
peril there was on Interval of si-
louce. Steam hint ht ahiif nff Tlill.
ip touched the girl's lips lightly with
a finger. Then he lay fiat on the ledge
and began to creep forward. It was
impossible that he should run and
warn the otliers. but It was essential,
above till ele. that he should ascertain
what the men on the launch were do
ing and the extent of their knowledge
He found a tuft of the grass that
clung to a crevli-e where Its roots drew
hardy sustenance from the crumbling
rock. He ventured to thrust his head
through this screen, following Domin
go's example some hours earlier. Al
most directly beueath his eager glance
found the little vessel. She was float
ing past with the current. He peered
down on to her deck as If from the
top of a mast. A few cigarette smok
ing officers were grouped in her bows.
Apparently they were more Interested
iu the remains of the Andromeda than
iu the natural fortress overhead. Clus
tered round the hatch were some twen
ty soidiers. also smoking.
One of the officers pointed to the
ledge. He was excited anil emphatic.
Tile man at the wheel growled an
order, and the euglue started again.
Though Hozier knew not what was
said." the significance of this panto
mime was not lost on him. The local
pilot was afraid of these treacherous
waters In the dark, but next day
Frade do Franeez (which is the island
ers' name for the Grande-pere rocki
would surely be explored if a landing
t-ould be made.
Away bustled the launch, but Hozier I ,
aid not move until there was no risk
of his figure being silhouetted against
the sky. Even then he wormed his
way backward with slow caution. Iris
was crouched where he had left her,
wide eyed, motionless.
"Good Job we came here," he said.
It is evideut they mean to maintain
n . , -
ud to which :Sj.l''T"-3
y were now i
atvustonied. iv Jxin
a patrol until there Is news of De j '. . ... '. rr
Sylva one way or the other. It will . An-T lsvat bb t0 pr0tf '
be interesting now to hear what the!,1'- H ore entry, or fa-
gallant San Beuavides suvs. If anv i :iat ft contest at any time before
ship comes to Fernando Noronha to
night she will be seen from the Is
land long before any signal is visible
ut this point."
"Do you think the others saw the
launch:" she asked.
"No nut unless some of the men
strayed down the gully, which they
were told not to do. The breakers
would drown the noise of the engines
and screw."
There was a slight pause.
"Will you tell them?" she went on.
- - 1
"Why not?"
This time the pause was more elo
quent than words. Quite unconscious
ly iris replied to her own question.
"Of course, as you said a little while
ago, we owe our lives to Dom Corria
de Sylva," she murmured, as If she
were reasoning with herself.
By chance, probably because Hozier
stooped to help her to her feet, his arm
rested lightly across her shoulders.
"I will uot pretend to misunderstand
you," he said. "If the Brazilians do
not mean to play the game it would be
a just punishment to let them rush on
their own doom. But De Sylva may
not agree with this fop of au officer,
and. iu nuy event, we must go straight
with him until he shows his teeth."
"You seem to dislike Captain San
Benavides," she said iuconsequently.
"I regard him as a brainless ass," he
"Somehow that sounds like a descrip
tion of a dead donkey, which one never
"Mademoiselle!" came a voice from
the lip of the ravine.
"One can hear him, though." laughed
Hozier, with a warning pressure that
suspiciously resembled a hug. These
two were children In some respects,
quicker to jest than to grieve, better
fitted for mirth than tragedy.
They moved out from their niche,
and San Benavides blustered into ve
hement French.
"We are going to the landing place
before it is too dark," he muttered an
grily. "We must not show a light Iu
a few minutes the path will be most
dangerous. Please make baste, made
moiselle. We did not know where yon
had gone."
He took her hand. Philip followed.
Ue was young enough to long fur an
opportunity to tell San Benavides that
he was a puppy, a mongrel puppy.
After a really difficult and hazardous
descent they found the others awaiting
them in a rock shrouded cove. The
barest standing room was afforded by
a patch of shingle and detritus. Along
side a flat stone lay three broad planks
tied together with cowhide. The cen
ter plank was turned np at one end.
This was the catamaran, which De
Sylva had dignified by the name of
"Were 'ave you bin?" growled Coke.
"We've lost a good ten ininnlts. You
ought to 'ave known, Hozier, that it's
darkest Just after snnset!"
"We could not have started sooner
"W'y not? We were kep' whtan' trp
there, searchin' for you."
"That was our best slice of luck to
day. Had any of yon appeared on the
hjdge xpu would have been seen from
the "launch."
-Wot launch T'
The launch that visited lis this
morning. Ten minutes ago she was
standing bv at the foot of the rock."
I . Philip spoke slowly and clearly. He
! meant his news to strike home. As
; he anticipated. Pe Sylva broke In.
j "You saw it?" he asked, and his
.deep voice vibrated with dismay.
"Yes. I even made out. by actlmiB
j rather than words, that the darkuesa
i alone prevented the soldiers from eoin
I lng here tonight. The skipper would
not risk it."
De Sylva said something under his
j breath. He spoke rapidly to San Ben-
avldes, aud the latter seemea 10 De
cowed, for his reply was brief. Then
the ex-president reverted to English.
"I have decided to seud Marcel and
I Domingo nshore first," he said. "They
the gaf pIare for a ,and
lug. Marcel will bring back the cat
amaran and take off Mr. Hozier and
the young lady. Captain Coke and I
will follow, and the others In such or
der as Penhor Benavides thinks fit.
The catamaran will only hold three
with safety, but Marcel believes he
can find another for Domingo. Re
member, all of you, silence Is essen
tial:" iTO BE CO.VI'IHL'EU.l ;
Department of the Interior.
V. S. Land Office at La Grande,
Oregon, Oct. 2&:h., 1910.
Notice ia hereby given that Lulu
M. Bowlby, whose, post-office addreefl
is Enterpriae, vallowa County, Or
egon, did, on the 14th. dr.y of April,
1910, file in this office Sworn State
meat and Application, No. 07S91, to
purchase the SE SWfe, N& SW14 j
SW14, andSWVi 6V4 SW1-4 of Sec. j
-2. and the NEy, NW, S NWV4 :
NW14, and NWv4 N'V.'i, NV.14, Sec- .
ion 27, Township 1 South, Rana-. 4-"'
E9t, Willamette Meridian, and the ;
timber thereon, under the provie-
ions of the not or June 3, 1878, and .
acta umendatory, known as the "Tim
ber and Stone Law," at auc-h value j
as might be fixed by appraisement,
and 'that, pursuant to such appUca-
tlon.the laud and timber thereon have
een appraised, at $350.00 as being
chiefly valuable fr its stone; that
said applicant will offer final proof
11 support of his application onu
sworn aia-.ement on the l&th. day of
JBnuirv inn tonre w C Boat-
mr.E, County C erk of W-Jlowa coun-
1 . . r,urnris nro,
ae issues, by filing a corrobo
ned affilavit in this office, alleg-
.' which would defeat he
11 c 11
F. C. Bramwe!!, Register.
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Osteopathic Physician X
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t Tueadr.y, Thursday and Satur t
day. Phone In Rce. and office.
Practica In Rtata and Federal
Courts and Interior Department. X
X Office In Lltch Bulldln. Room j
3 121. Home Independent Phone. 1
Office In Lltch building, Room
lt'7. Enterpriae, Oregon.
, fr.,4---"'--
Practice in all Stats Courts an
Interior Department. Careful at-,
tent ion to all business.
, Practlce staU federal
courts ana int. uept. -twsn
t Bldg., opposite court bouse.
1 1
Office In Lltch BuikUwj.
Enterprise, Oregon.
! Notary Public .
j Collections made. Real Estate
bought and sold and all business
' matters attended to.
Call on or
wrjte me.
W. K. Holmes, Cani"
A. J. Boehmer, Awt Cashier
w, B

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