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City and Connty
Brief News Items
Rev. W. H, Gibson went to Blgta.
Sheriff E!gar Marvin was at Wak
lov.-a between trains Sunday.
?.!!s3 Florence Shlnn went, to La
Grande, Sunday, to visit a few day3.
Mrs. Jud. Draper, guest of Mrs.
Lily Bare, returned to Loa'Jne, Wed
nesday. Mrs. Nel Stewart and children or
e:vt of town ktft Sunday for Spok
ane to visit her j-eaplo.
Mr. and Mrs. R. B. Bowman of
Lo.tfine were to town over Tuesday
right an business.
For carrot r.nd rug weaving see
J. H. Man Joy, Bntorpriaa, Oregon -59b4
0. R. Sealr went to Wallowa, Wed
needcy ,to buy poultry for the En
terprise yeoit company.
Mrs. T. K. Jolwi3on and children
reutrned home. Wallowa, Monday, af
ter a visit, at the I. M. Young liome.
Take your eggs to Davis &. Ward
and get cash. 43btf
G. J. Wagner loft for Fortiand,
Monday, to spend the winter at h'9
home om Alblna Avenue.
Furniture rer aired and all other
cabinet and carpenter job
Holding, at Rodgers' Bros.
Lostine News Of
Special Interest
Local and Personal Items From the
Reporter of Decem
ber 1.
r.ioh Van Pelt came in on Wed
nesdays afurnooa train from R-9d-motud,
Ore., whore he has) beoa clerk
ing la a store. Ho haa. been away
for several rears and will remain
here on a visit. with, his panons,
Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Van Pelt, until
about the first of January.
Mr. and Mrs. Burnett and four Ht-
Je boys arri ved hare last week oa a
visR to hr parents, Mr. and Mrs. Dan
ial Ackley who live five railos south
of town. Mr. Burnett has been work
ing in the mines on Douglas island,
off iihe coast of Alaska, wu.re he and
bis family have been for 'the pa
several years.
Mr. and Mrs. James. Fitzpatrick
aid little daughter Gylene, left tWs
morning for Portland and from thxre
will go to Medford, Ashland and oih-
r Western Oregon points. They In-
.end remaining away all winter. The
change is made with, the hopes of
o&n.afltting Mrs. FUzpatrick'a health
which is very poor.
Mrs. 0. B. Rich, who has bean HI
Rev. Thomas Johns of Wallowa,
will speak every night in the Meth
odist etiurch until Thursday of next
Sunday af;o:ncon In the urch
-here will be a mot-ting for men onlj!
none under H alnrhtcd. Tiie subject
will be: "Samson and Delilah,"
Tihe theme for Sunday night W
be: 'The Great Prayer Meeting af
ter Death." Everybody cordially ki-vl-ed
to be present.
Regular Session
Of City Council
Library May Move to Room In
Court House Officers
Make Reports.
The asse-ssjd valuation of I'nion
county, exclushe of rai". roads, ex
press! telegraph and telephone prop-
erty is $13,709,145, or only one and a
iKlf times that of this county. In
1909 the as3esmmt, including the
property above excepted, was a little
over $16,000,000, and assessor Rine
hart estima'es aa Increase of a half
million whn th railroads, etc. that
ore now assessied by the atattia tax
commission are added to his total.
Miss Louisa Douglasaof La Grande during the post summer, died at the
who ha3 been visiting Mrs. Sam Lef-
fol, returned home Tuesday,
See the R. S, & Z. Go's. adv. in
this issue. . 69b5
County Superintendent J. C. Con
ley went to Wa'.lowa, Tuesday, to
v.'ait schools in that vicinity.
The fi'eahman football toam of
the county higih school dafttited .the
public school team, Saturday, 20 to 0.
Jake Smith of Omaha, Nobr., who
had 'been here looking for govern
ment land, went to La Grande, Wed
nesday. 0
All phone orders for bus to and
fro depot piomptry attended ta.
White Front barn. Home phone. 97b
Don't forget to attend the special
Bale at the R. S. & Z. Co'3. next Sat
urdar. 59h5
Mra, Fred Eaddeley, Agnes Mc
Eaehern and Robert Baddielioy went
to Walla Walla. Sunday, where J. A-
Baddeley is lying very ill. The lot
est word from bis bedside is that he
is slightly better. WlH McI3achern
accompanied his sisters and Robert
EwldraLey as far as Wallowa, Sunday.
H. C. Laird and Julian. Ellis, of
Aider Slope, were the first two
lucky ones in the $10 gold prize
drawing at W. J. Funk & Cos Sat
urJay night, each getting a $3 goW
coin. The prizes are give in con.
ncction. wi'-h 'the big Red Tag Sale
now In' progress at 'the store and
that la attracting attention all over
tli s county..
Justice A C. Smith fell on an in
side stairway of the count house,
Saturday, bruising his face and head.
v.r Smith has not been very w11
laitolv. He was coming from his of-
f-ui otwI hnrl 1ust started dewn the
stairway when he was seized with
a dizzy spell and fell unconscious.
Luckily no bones were broken or in
ternal Injuries suffered, and aside
from a black ye and 'bruises on his
head he la just, as good as ever.
The public UbraTy was moved
Wednesday, to the council room, the
,s--!rWp: room of the third toT
of the court house. The library is
opaa Tuesdays and Saturdays from
1 to 6 p. m. Mfc Nanne Heaton
la the librarian. The library needs
new subscribers and plenty of them-
See one of the committee, Mes-
dames A, F. Poley, Fred Falconer,
t t numfiiich A C. MiUer. and
A. B. Conoway end pay your dues,
family home one mile northwest of
Wallowa early Sunday morning and
to body was Jald ito, reat In the Low
jr Valley cemeoery Monday, the funer
al services being held at 11 o'clock.
Tho causa of death was from a com pi 1
cation of troubles, she having been
isriously HI since the birth and Le
of their baby 3everal moniths ago. The
deceased was comparatively a youis
woman, and leaves her husband, one
.Ittle daughter, Erma, aged six years,
and two step-children, Fred rich oi
Wallowa and Mrs. Dodie Harris of
Arthur Mc Mullen with his wife,
laughter and three sons arrived henr
on Wednesday's afternoon' itradin on a
jisit with Mrs. Mc.MuBln's brouher.
D. H. Harris and family who live
iouth of Lostine. The McMullin fam
ily are old-time residents of Wallowa
coiinty. Mr. McMullin having been
a the photograph business in the
county until about four years ago.
For the past, several years1 they have
made their home In Canada, but ow
ing to the falling health of Mrs. Mc
Mullin they were compelied to come
south. They will probably spend lie
winter in Wallowa where another
brother, H. W. Harris, resides.
Hold Conference In
Presbyterian Church
Doctor Holt Coming Next Monday-
Supper For Ment at, Forsythe
Two cars of hay and two of grain
were shipped by C. S.Bradley, Monday. gregation is expected to atitand with
There will bo a conference in, ih
Preabyterian church next Monday af
ternoon and evening conducted by
S. Holt, D. D., of Portland dis
trict monary for the nontHwest
Pacific Coast.
Tho afternoon meeting wiill be in
the nature of a conference and wiw
iie rieht after the arrival of the
rain, about 3:30 o'clock.
Dr. Hojt wild make aa address at
he evening meeting which, will begin
at 8 o'clock.
Rev. J. E. Youel of Union, Presby
terian Evangelist, will foe present and
assist in both services
These services aire, open to all and
everybody is cordially invited to at
Supper For Men,
Next Monday evening the ladles
f the Presbyterian church wlli serve
a supper or banquet to the men, of
he congregation at the home of Mr
and Mrs. E. J. Forsythe; ait 6 o'clock
Every man of the Presbyterian con.
wvt la TV.imir ur a little i; both
Coast and Eastern markajs, and far-
lucre in the grain growing districts
are taking advantage of the rise and
salllnc. The Walla Wa.la Union re
ports a number of sales over .there
and a growing disposition on the partj
of holders of grain to loosen up.
a 19 ofift hushols was made
at Aiicel last weok at, 71 cents.
Presbytarkr. Eeverend Eabbege of
Rnndav scliool mossionary.
nulDit next Sunday
Marriage Licensee.
Dec. 1 Roy Dale,33, farmer, F
:rpnae; Lesta Brumback, 23, Enter-
Budget Of News
At Elk Mountain
Good Soil, Excellent Water, Abund
ance of Wood And People
At the council meeting, Monday
ight, Ooundlmea Ashley and Hock-
ot were appointed a committee to
confer with the county court for a
inn for the public hbrary and
i-ouncU room.
The reports of the recorder and
rcasurer were read cad pluctxl oci
Marshal Hllg was dlreMd to buiild
cross-walk in froat of H. C. Cram
er's residence.
Tho tax levy will be made at
adiourjied meeting Thursday nlglit.
FoUowing- are tho
Claims Allowed.
, J, Forsythe, street lighting $06 70
Chas. Dunbar, IS day labor... 3 7
Chase Hug, salary November.. 75 00
M. Dill, salary Nomtibor. .5 00
M. Lockwood, salary July.. .15 00
has. Thomas, salary Nov 15 00
Dale & Dale, teaming on
s'.reets 17 25
A. Lea, sharpening tools for
city 2 15
Joy Galloway, labor, cleaning
well 8 50
E.k Mountain, Dec. 6 Miss Church
il is making her home with Mrs.
2. A. Anderson,
Pat Loft us has taken his sheep
'-o Alder Slope to feed during the
Howard Anderson of Jleppwer, is
visiting his brother, E. A. Anderson.
Jr. Anderson will leave In a few
lava to work out 'the assessment on
his copper mines, near Snake River.
William Raed will help hdm do the
work. Samples of ore taken out at
ast working, assayed very promising.
Miss Iva Loftus, who is attending
school at La Grande, will visit home
lolks during Christmas holidays.
Mr. and Mais. James Dally aoe -vis-
ting on Prairie Creek.
Henry and James Loftus are herd
ing aliieep for Situibblefleld.
Road Commissioners Sasser and
Bunnel have greatly improved the
oad from Mr. Patterson's Bawmill
o 'the intersection of Swamp Creek.
Dan Dopier and Mr. Kerns are cut
ting wood and getting out fence
posts, on, Swamp Creek.
Horses and cattle are sMit doing
well grazing' around Elk Mountain.
AH wm to be doing well and
.jrospe-ring here. -
E.k Mountain, section of the conn
,ry has good soil, excelknt waber, an
lbundance of wood and good schools.
MnsiLor Gr.ru McFetri;e has
be&a sick d uring the past we-Jc.
Threshers' State. Convention,
The second semi-annual State
Thneshers Convention, will be held
at. La Grande Dec. 9 and 10 and ev
ery itthireslierman, and grain grower In
the state Is Invited to attend. Bills
to be submitted (to the coming Legla
lature m the Interest of ithredhermen
will be framed and many matters of
common interest discussed. Good
raids legislation will be given consid
erable attention.
Rev. Gifford Ernest resigned he
p&storate of the local Christian church
Sundav and th re';tiation. has
iaan accepted.
Mr. and Mrs. Ernest have not de
elded where they wtll move as hjlf
llan3 are not yet perfected but they
expect to leave here for auoiher fMd
of work.
During their short stay In this
city .they have male many wa-nn
friemds who regret to see them go
and wish them pood luck wherever
their work takes .them.
Mr KrnAat is true to his name
and its a splendid Christ lam gentks
mtji, who has labored faithfully and
well in the Master's vineyard.
A store's advertWng keere wtoreis
friondshliw In repair."
Tho alvTt ad-readoro fret the pVk
of the stor-bargaln l-y. Tho
MOST ALEUT are most, fortunate.
You s!iouldnt fall to seo what) your
favorite storo k; ahtvfciig today.
Whn your noAigKer com p-Mkor be
gins to uoe more newspaper pice
thia you, don a let anyone toll you
not to worry!
The prudent gift-buyer la wUUig
tho ado nowadays end) making soni
Christmas purtiases bethnea.
If banpaln-hunt'jvg to EXTRAVA
GANCE, Isn't It odd that bargaln
liuntors usually hare tle mony to
buy tho bargains they find?
The Youth's Companion Calendar
The publishers of the. Youth s Com
pen ion will, a always at thks season
present to every iAwitIImt whowe
ubsorUit!in ($L75) s paid for 1911
a beautiful Cak-nikir for the nnw
ycor. The pW-ture panel roproduco
water color painting of nn oM-tlmo
garden, lit a flood, of summer sun
shine, with a background of Lorobar.
dj ppJar tbrougn which one catou
esa gUmpse o( dkAant hills. The
pWture being in 1J coVirs, the-tvnes
of the original are fukhfuBy repro
duce i.
We do good )ob printing. Tr us.
F. A, Clarke, representing a Bos
ton wool house, haa clo.ed a deal
for an advance on two small 'o 3
of next year's clip, amounting to
about 5000 fleeces.
The contract offered by Mr. Cflarke
leaves the grower the privilege of
elilfng the wool In ne sealed ibid
sale If ho prefers that to coni;n-
ment. The adivonce 1 EOc. a fleece
now and 50c. ton the early spring.
(Not Copyriglited.)
If lit Is a reasonable want,
advertising will supply It.
at the
R. 8. & Z. STORE
iMaking Pure
Is a
"Modern Sweeti
A Miuion Fulfilled
Patronut the "Modern Dealer"
Hadtn CwilKtioMry C., Klr., ftrtlmi, 0rta
Oar Dry GoodS man accidentally
bought more goods than our
means justified, therefore we are
Special Cash Sales Each Saturday
throughout our entire
Our first two sales have been successful beyond our ex
pectations and we plan that each Saturday's sale from
now until the first day of January, 1911, shall eclipse
its predecessors. Christmas is near and here is a rare
opportunity to get a sensible present for less than
wholesale cost. Take a glance at the following list and
see if you can find anything of which you arc in need.
Calicoes, Ginghams, Percales, Muslins, Sheeting, Outing Flannel, Hoyis
Lining, Wool Wsisting, Wool Dress Goods, Silks, Velvet, Underwesr,
Gloves, Mittens, Oorsets, Shirt Waists, Hose, Shoes, Overshoes, Rub
bers, Leggins, Wool Blankets, Cotton Blankets, Quilts, Men's, Boys'
and Children's Suits, Oyercoats, Sweaters, Weol Shirts, Duck Coats,
Wagon Sheets, Tents, Hats, Caps, etc.
You don't have to look for tags. Just
name the article and if it is to be found in
our large Dry Goods Department
You Can Have It At
25 Percent Off Regular Price
This is no guessing contest, no game of chance, no
blind man's buff affair, but a strictly business proposi
tion in which you buy with your eyes wide open and
know just what you ars getting befoJe you part with
your money. We have also a large Bargain Counter on
which we are selling rare bargains at 50 per cent off.
Just as good as any only the lines are broken and we are
going to sell off all the odds and ends before the first of
the New Year. Don't miss next Saturday.
R. S. and Z. CO.
out fall, and be prompt so as not to
delav the women who all want to
hear the address by Dr. Holt in the
church at 8 o'clock.
Whets'.r Soulhwick was given a
preliminary hearing before Justice
A. C. Smith Tuesday rooming, on
r.he charge of obtaining money under
false pretenses, and bound over to
the next grand jury fax the sum of
$400. Being unable to furnish the
same he .was remanded to JaB.
It is alleged that last May Sou'h
wlck uttered a worthless check for
$40 on the First National Bank of
Joseph, that was cashed by the Wal-
,., .vnin2 at the usual
rhnUt: There -will be mass
the En terprise Catholic church, Sun- lowa National Ecnk.
twomber 11. at 10 a. m
on Christmas morning at 8:15 o'clock
Everybody te cordially Invited. Rev
Nsw Suits Filed.
Dec. 3 R. Musgrav vs. A. A.
W. D. Greer.
This is prize year for Oregon, and
the "taking of premiums at outside
shows seems to have no end. Hood
River not only took the first priz
art Spokane for apples, but followed
it mp with capturing the sweep-stakes
at Chicago in competition with the,
whole country. Mediord took flret
prize at the CMiaUan Naionol Apple
Show at Vancouver, B. a Madras
man at the Dry Farming Congress at
Spokane with an exhibit; and now
comes a Heppner i.ock breeder who
receives the highest average price paid
for Shorthorn ca'tle at the Interna
tional Livestock Show at Chigo. One
two-year-old heifer so'id for $C"5. The
average price received was $380.
Tho recently establfahed postofflce
of Lyman, on Day Rwlpe, on tho Mur
dock form, haa been discontinued by
and order of the department; cause as-
! I slgirifed, lack of business.
If j
has just been awarded the
Grand Prix
over all competitors at the
' Brussels
International Exposition
The Smith Premier Typewriter Co., Inc , 1111 Third Ave., Seattle, Wash;
For sale and on display by JACKSON & WEAVER, Agents, Enterprife
Peter Heucl,

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