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Souieor.e has tru'-y said: 'Vhnst
mas cheer is good cheer chat should
Li-' .a" rhf V.-. i "
Did It Ever Occur To You
New Yorker Is Trying to Com
bine Al! Telenhone Companies
Dm-.-r har. old Scroose. Cher I n
- J
up. in ptr: .. ana ma-.o..a i"-.
wih re--j-.)r.a. !
If vou make or family of children, i
' . , t I
r-o:..- cht-d even be it your owl.. ;
tru'y merry, there will be a m:ratit !
wrousrat :u vou. Trv t- I
A foal car. preavh Christmas max- '
lms: i: ta
z ss
to prae'.iv
Wallowa cotury will spend a mer
rv Chris. mas, a:-d the amount of
whatever j
ruonov spent has nothing
ii- making it merrv or the reverse,
To all our readers, you: o:
r.-.c . ..... .., .
1 v-
fa:, paid in advance or "way is the
rears." we wUh & Merry, Merry
Christinas and lots of thm.
(From the Aso in Sentinel.
V."hi;e Asotin county is making c
strenuous fight to rid this locality of
hydrophobia that do- exis'-s among
the coyotes, it would sr.-'m that sorce
"-h.t ; sh'-'ttld be done in Ne Perce
co x'y. I taho, as well a Wallowa
" i . O-eron, ar.d Gnrfiold cour.
; la a --hirct-n. In fact, the first
rc-r-Jr:a of th;- existence of hydro-pa-jitx
asci? ti.e coyotes. caru
frao; the I iaho sice, in th vicinity
of Pi' 'y C -- : aad Captaia John
co ir.t
A: i: trie off.euils of
' :::. with tl.e aid of the
r "cr::.-i: .ar. au.d his adss-mt,
r hr. e shown thai hvdro-
3::-s T.ro:c.
:ch thorough exam
' - ! ? T. N-ison, the
. .. -a:, at Pullcjan, oc
r.-ii'U of iiZ'. .. that have bn j
tirr. it wo-ij! seea tha. tie '
tirre U opportune for N Perce j
cour-y to set busy. VLleis dras-ic I
s"-?is are talcer. at once to rid 1
th.o couttt-y of this dreadful &seo
a" " g the wild anlnjals, the safety
o tr.e . ret. caT-le, sbep, hogs
a. .d do? 3 is s-rij-iiiy Jeoardp'.2ed ;
ar. i hro'igh them lives of men worn -
e- i-id chi.drer.. The very existence i
of thi-s mala.iy going co be a draw- ;
b;.ck to the country ui.leas all sec- !
take prompt steps to ?et rid i
of Jt. It would sm tha: there had j
h-rii suffic.iiit. warning for all people
to take notice.
G-and Jury Leak Charged.
Chicago Defending her action in
refusing to submit certain decument
and i?.r to -.re federal grand jury
when "r
V". a:
': t., do so by subpeen-s,
CarUtcpher char-d in
J ' --l:s court that secrets o:
I'try rc-om had beet: be
! -: : - Brick Trxr by Caarles
... 'y i v..-;ion superintendent
e -au C investigation of tne
d-.-artntect cf justice.
-I-idg" Laadis ordered f 'rther pro
ceedings stopped pending an investi
gation of the charges.
Marr age Licenses.
Dec. 1? V. al er A. Carper. 3'-.
nier, Pronsi.?e; I.ula May Uoxrot:
Protuise. iCot-.se.:t of father, E.
HI. 1
M. !
tar on, filedj
Ijc. la John Simmons. 21, logger,
Joieph: Mary Harry, IT, Jos.-ph,
J. G Renr-ie returned Sunday from
Salm where he attended his fatier'a
Christmas exercise in the public
schools, Thursday afternoon, then
the schools will dismiss until Ttii
day, De.-ernb-?r 27.
Take yor ega to Davia t Ward
and si ciih. 42btf
Graduate Chicago Veterinary College
Ex-President Society Veterinary
Graduates of Wisconsin
Formerly of Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Headquarters at
IT oirite 1 ivtrv Ql Calnc
V I , VJ
Stable, Enterprise, Ore.
' - ' til
i i r.e v:o..:e i - ... . 4...-.
. r- . l..'.. T 'in.'w- t-O'11-
paET- Gra: e. Hoade Lumber com-
poi-.ya.-u: :1 e Nlb.ey-Mimnatn l.uui-
j kt co:t.pa..y ca-. ar;-s
! ismr of 'Awir t-ml-er land
the rate fixed by A-rsor Ml'.':
I - r-iTi-.vct hr tht- .ou:fv board
v. i i- - .
G? ualiuati-.'.. t0 tU C-tvutt court.
I The rate U tlv at- av re or ... I-
U carter.
This is a;. '!:.. r-.i.-e cr .."
rie as-- :r.i.-. in be-
! :3g JOJli aa acre or a quarte
The Palmer con:;-a:.y aser
Hu ai; a.-re' ou CT.41. ::
Grande Koiuie coii.-u:.y on
..crc ai.d Nd.-i,y-.;iaiUe'a o.. 1 .-.''
The appeal ivo'ves ar. a----"?n'1!t
i'ZZZ.vif. iha: Itr'xg
of io.Ti an acre o:i a to
The oontpar.l.; in th:r comp-atr.:
ay the U..reae i uujus:, o:-e of
the- reruns cited letr.;r that rhetr
:.jili.:s in this cox.ty are tons:der
d a res.r.e supply of t;ai!er for
:aeir cuil in l"r..ou county, and thi
ass-jij-ajent would tir.pl itu-m to
-? off the timber at o:n-e.
Cousiderii g the b.z i::creaes or.
ill other elates of property, most
P'o'le who are i;.:'onr,d on tae sit
uation chii-k the :iu;:?r couipa:.-.:-
r:ot off lucky.
raroiers owning tillable Land sure
y thit.k so. for the i:-.creav on their
i.d ie i-iose to 1 1" a:. a'.-"e. or over
".d oa-sdsalf tiruei the incres
"n timber k:id.
The TC.T'lT a. r.;-; of tllluie land
-i: It'.-.1 a.- a.-.-e.-.-d a' f 1 ";i.''4". or
an acre. year the ".."-17
of --ll.able land a.-.?--.-h1 a;
tz.u-i.:: or icr.
'.re increour of
at. aver
t-vireo to a::
- as--.-
, acre or. tim-'er land.
I Another part of
! "he compar..'. lat.d.-
'orr. p
a "e
-atefly for the tia:b-r.
That may do io -ell a court bu'
uot to the poor. fol b-ni1s".-ati.jrs
J J. north of V."all-.wa. who s ji .i their
c.a.ms ;o the timber compaxtie. aud
ttow wa"n they w-jj.t to b'.iT tiien.
tuck are asked twi. e t-- ni'-h for
.iicec-u.: .an:; as tn- u.i
-r go; for lurji. timber and
S -Tit!
Special Christmas
Displays By Stores
All Fill Windows With Pret-y and
Appropriate Shows For
-;ies tae
ier.itid ai.d bOULiti-
i.oi. for the Obr.stn.as tnop
ne iits.ii.- of all lntrprt--ie
siores, near.;- all a.-.- udod to ti.-.-teautv
guy and interest of tie
s re-s-t scene bv apj.-oprti wind-t- !
usplays. Ma,n s.re-". Et. terprls-.. '
is just as fa.-i.inati:-.z and gorgeous I
far as it g--, as State- stref, I
Chicago, or Sixth Avenue. New York, i
Of course it doen"; go as far. or as j
--ep tin poo set i as tnose wor.u-ranoeG - an c.a:me o: ex-yueen Lilluokalanl Iowa county, Oregon, was Severely
taorougafarec. but our k;da end will pro-ably be introduced at the bitten by a dog thought to hava hydro
grownups enjoy it as much as the j coming session of the territorial legis- phobia. The brute killed about fifty
The big display windows of W. J. f
T'. - nk Sc Co. ar.d the E. M. & M. store j
are ....ed with god arid useful
Cnristmas gifts, tas efuliy arrar.-ged
-:r.d d-.-roratd with Chrtstca.-; grt-ea- ;
ery, oe..s, etc.
The windows of the drug stor. !
!ijra:v:gh & :ayf 11.1 ai.d Jackson A
etLvor are acre-it -.0 the. town and
; attract lots of attention.
I Ashley's great windows are fjne.
j with el'.gnnt furniture, rugs, carpetu,
I pxjtos. e.c. The R. S. & Z.'s pec-
j ial in sleds for boys and girls.
i TLe toy and c jaffectionerv stores
Weaver & Weaver and-Prntk Ho
rn an have everything to delight the
i chjjiren. I
One of the pretti.jst windows and
one snowiag much work and plan
ning is the Christmas scene at the !
Fair store. A house set in spacious S
g-ounds, the Chris'-mas tree seen
-aru the windows of the parlor
while above, the unooriclou.-. happy
oblidren asleep in their be'ls. Soft-
.. la.-.jg snow comp.etes tne real
istic scene.
The peculiar properties of Chamber
laLTs Cough Remedy have bn thor
oughly tested during epidemics of in
fluenza, and when it was taken In
time we have not heard of a single
ce of pneumonia. Sold by Bur-
h & Mayfiold, and all good drug-
Seattle James J. Hill, chairman ot
the board of directors of the Great
Northern Railway, in an interview
paid his compliments to Theodore
Rooeve:t, discussed .lie future of the
railroads of the country, and consid
ered the case of the professional
"Theodore Rccsevelt, poor fellow
Vnn-.v him n-j'I n . l
" "c mcuue uut
4..-7. iia uau a ee& oi continu-
cus control of himself since he first
got into pews- v.'hen he gets a
cheering crowd in front of him he
simply loses all control, and that ex
plain; Mr Hill said the professional muck
r.'.ker is com, h all intents and pur-pc.-es,
cut of a job. The railroads
cannot uuuertake much needed new
construction unt:l taere is an entire
caane of public sentiment towards
tr.eiu Neither English nor French
bankers, he sa:d, would advance
money for railroad bonds in America
under existing conditions. The Amer
ican banks have too heavy demands
cn t:ie part of municipalities and
othr public institutions for bond Is
sues to undertake to finance new
American reads.
Action of Future Governor is Called
Philadelphia Senator Heyburn, of
idaao. Speaker Cannon and Represen
tative Champ Clark were among the
speakers at the anniversary banquet
of tae New Jersey Society of Penn
sylvania. Mr Cannon in hu address caused
a sensat.on by his severe criticism of
V.'ooiirow V.'il.-ton, G jvernor-eiect of
tae attitude he has
Uth'iL in me contact for the United
state; senators..ip in New Jersey.
Ki depijrid ti
e un
cue activity of
newly-rUen ituderi,
usurp, without autho
wao. he said,
tne rigat or
the i-rglslature to choose whom they
represent the state in the
x---oc&: Congress.
May Pay Queen "Lil."
Konoiuiu. A
u A bill to appropriate a
cf J200.000 as full payment
lump sum
Bibie House Damaged by Fire.
New York. Bible House, the home
of the American Bibie Society, tha
Christian Herald
and several Metho-
dist public-aMons, was the scene of an
ug'y fire. The blaze started on the
sixth floor, doing damage of nearly
S 10,000.
Whet Track prices: Club, 81c;
b'.uestem, Sic; red Russian, SOe.
Bar.ey Feed, $22; brewing, J23.
Oats No. 1 White, 128 per ton.
Hay Timothy, Wll.amette Valley,
$:9-0" per ton; Eastern Oregon,
I 12122; alfalfa, $14.
Butter Creamery, 27c; ranch, 24c.
Eggs P.anch, candled, 42c.
Hops lf10 crop, 12 614c; 1909, Sc;
olds, nominal.
Wool Eastern Oregon 13 ft 17c lb.;
Valley, Kg 19c lb.
Mohair Choice, 32'g33c.
Wheal Blueatem, 83c; Club, 80c;
red Russian, 7&c.
Barley $22 per ton.
Oats $29 per ton.
Hay TtmcUiy, $26 per ten; alfalfa.
$19 per ton.
Butter Washington creamery, 35e;
ranch, 22c.
Eggs SelscUd, local, 4&c.
j Notice: County Health PhysLclan
j E. T. Anderson has received word
I from the Suite Board of Health.
'asking that anyone who kills a coy.
ote. dog. or an v animal wiid or do
meaticated which he thsik had the
rabies, to cut off tb head of such ;
animal and send by express to the
Secretary State Board of Health, '
Portland, Oregon. The State Board
1 will pay the expresasre.
Dr. Andeirson. county hea'.Ji jdiy
slcian who haj ba in communica
tion with the S;a c Board rega'dng
the prevalence of rabies in coyotes,
will take the matter up with the
county court as aoon as is meets.
Theme was a big cock and bull
R'ory in Saturday's Portland Journal
about a big coyote bunt in this
cjua.. .coxing oi tne K-r:u nas so
far been done or even sugg-eated. but
it might not be a bad idea. There
was one ia Asotia county last Sat
urday. Johnnie Bosiey of Grouse, who has
iea in rortiaiiu receiving asteur
treatment on account of havkg been
bitten bv a suppo-ed-Vr mad co'vote.
was sent home. Saturday.
Excitement in Asotin.
There Is lots of excitement in
Asotin county over hydrophobia in
coyotes, dogs and stock. All dogs in
the county have bean quarantined
far 50 days by Dr. E. T. Baker, the
assistant state veterinarian. Owners
of dogs must keep them tied up
for leDgh tlme
The Asotin Sentinel says Dr. Bak
er has succeeded in learning, on what
is considered the best possible auth
ority, the following:
That Victor Kendrickson. on Mont
gomery ridge, ha, lost three head
of cattle and or.e horse; James Rose,
of Asottn. one dog; J. T. Koiana,
Asotin, had one dog and cbicken bit
ten by a coyote, and same were
killed. (The heads from thia dog
s.nd chicken were sent to Dr. S. B
Nelson, state veterinarian, at Pull
man, and on a thorough analysis, mad
from a microscopical examination,
positive signs of hydrophobia were
found i : Henry Dlebel, Asotin, had a
dog acting suspicious, and same was
shot, and the head of this dog alno
sent to Pullman, but result is not ye'
known; W. A. Montgomery ofund dead
coyote near his corral, and this bead
has been sent to Pulimkn for onalvsis
u -rth xt.m
L; reported to have had several domes-
tic arlilua;a biuem but this report has
not been verified; vicious coyote kil
led near Jerrv by Madison boys; one
coyote, apparently mad, shot near
clover land; also three dogs shot m
ana aear Anatone,
Commend Commisaioners.
(From A sola Sendnel.)
Bly. Wn., Dec. 12 Editor Sentinel:
Luther Johnson, a sheep-herder in
the employ of Cramer and Efndicott,
shtep men just across the line ia V.'ai-
ship before he could be killed. The
commissioners of Asofin county
should be praised by all people for
their timely warning, that they mgh:
guard themsolves against coyotes
and dogs Very truly
Joseph B'y
Council Orders
All Dogs Muzzled
Quarantine to Last Sixty Days
Preventive Measure Against
All dogs in. Enterprise must be muz-
z 00 nd after December 26, for
a period of 60 days. This fa. the sub
stance of a resolution unanimously
passed by the city council Monday
It is designed as preventive measure.
There is no longer doubt coyotes, or
some of them have rabies, and dogs
are especially liable to the infection
from attacking the brutes and being
Wire muzzles must be used. S. D.
Ke'.taor has telegraphed for a bud-
The marshal was directed to kill
n!1 dogs not having muzzles or not
kPt under control by rope or chain
. during the 60 day perlcd.
That Gold and Silver never depreciate in value. That
money invested in articles made of Gold and Silver is
like putting: it in a Government Saving Bank. A Gold
Watch, a Gold Tin or Locket or Chain, a piece of Sterling-
Silver Plate will be worth as much ten years from
now as it is today. That's the kind of Christmas pres
ents to buy your wife, mother, sweetheart, or sister
yes, and husband, father and brother. Durham gives
10 per cent oft his regular low sale price. That's good
interest, isn't it? And you may get a Gold Watch free
if you are a good guesser. Come and see
j 4
Under New Management
BOESEN & RUGGLES. Proprietors
' Both Fractical Mill Men
All kinds of Rough and Dressed Lumber now on hand.
Prompt Deliver- and Prices Right.
Estimates cheerfully furnished.
I fi'Wff'ii'. i
la Grande Iron Works.
D. FITZGERALD, Proprietor.
Foundry and Machine Shop. Casting and Ma
chine Work done on short notice.
Sawmill break down jobs promptly attended to
Dealer in Harness, Saddles, Chapps, Spars
Z and Leather Goods of all descriptions.
I will fit you out with the best goods for the least
J money. When in need of anything in my line, call and
J inspect my stock before purchasing.
c. - .
High Grade Job
The steam planer was directed to
place a screen over its stack.
Following are the
Claims Allowed.
H. E. Merryman $15 75
Sam (Jotter, 42 0
Thos. J. Eraden, (City Platting
Mill) .' 12 50
You Must Read Thie If You Want The
J. W. Greer, Greenwood, La., Buf
fered with a evrs case of lumbago.
"The pains were o intense I w forc
ed to hypodermic Injection for xUef.
Theie attacks star.kl wi'-h a pain in
&e meal! of my back which gradually
became fairly paralyzing, ily atten
tion was attracted io Foly Kldoe-y
Remedy ar.d I am glad to aay ajfuar
ujiing thi wonderful niedicine I am '
no longer bother! ia any wV by my
old enemy lumbago." Burnaugh 4b May
field. X!r. and Mrs. T. W. Workman and
two younger chi.dren went to La
Gratide. Sunday, 0 remain until af
Uit the holidavs.
$1 aua Acre a T'onlh. Ko Interest. '
Perpetual waier right Tirat-class ;
land. Pe, f-et climate. Tracts ten
acres t.Ld up. o residence r- i
quirement Want salesmen in every j
town in Oregon and Washington. !
aerWella Fare I'srtUnd. resa
Enterprise Jeweler.
Work a. Specialty
All phon orders for bus to and
from depot piompUy attaaded tat.
White Front barn. Home phone 97b
The Last Call of
the West
Did you see this beautiful article
picturing Oregon in four colore In
the November SUNSET?
$25,000 is being spent hy SVX3KT
Mag'eziae on a seriea of articles
superbly illustrated in four colors
picturing and describing the attrac
tions and resources of the
W'e will send you the next three
issues of SUNSET commencing with
the special December issue in which
begins the best serial novel of the
year, "The Spell," by C. N. & A.
M. Williamson and a superbly illus
trated article in four colors on "San
Francinco the Exposition City;"
and in addition we will include a
copy of the November issue con
taining the beautifully illustrated
article on Oregon.
(Stamps or Coin)
Sunset Magazine
Wells Fargo Bldg. Portland, Ore.
iJta' 'C

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